The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 29, 1918, Image 5

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Your Last Chance!
, ,.
For The Complete Disposal And Closing Out of
Schwartz's Entire Stock
li.ui't ronfuse I hi'. with
tin' 111:111 so-called ipntlwl
sales to unload, ml so mon
ey or reduce stocks. TIM 111
health of Mr. Schwartz, com
pels us (o make this desper
ate .111.I finnl effort to close
out our stock, and if peo
ple could onl realize what
the lire going I"" com
pelled to puv for merchan
dlse net Season, they
would appreciate the Im-poitani-c
of this sali- for we
TO actually selling every
(lay need- and neeessjlies of
life for less than the pre
seut wholesale or market
alue today.
Albirs genuine wheat flake.
it-Kiil'ir price BOe, on sulc to
close out per package
We have been with you many years and have stood the acid test. Every word, every statement and every pro
mise we have made during our business career has been lived up to to the last syllable we shall follow the same pol
icy, the same business principles, until we close our doors for good. We are now negotiating for the sale of this entire
stock to other parties, but before making the deal we decided to give the people of this vicinity one more chance to
buy not only present, but future needs, at prices less than you will ever be able to buy at again.
If we tell you the end of this sale is going to be one of the greatest and mightiest merchandise slaughters you
have ever witnessed, you know what to expect, for it is positively a SACRIFICE, positively a cutting and slashing of
prices unprecedented in the history of Burns, and right now at the time when merchandise of all kinds, especially
9 SHOES, FURNISHINGS, DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, are going up sky-high in price, so you may go as far as
your imagination will carry you, then come to this store and sale during our last days and be sure of not being dis
We say it is not only the duty of every man and woman to come to this sale, but that one would actually be
committing a crime against himself and family by neglecting this wonderful opportunity. Think of this great sale,
coming as it does during a time of war, when everyone is urged to economize and save you can positively purchase
groceries and every day needs here for less than present wholesale value THINK IT OVER. Think of the savings,
then you will realize the great importance of this sale, which is absolutely and positively the end of I. Schwartz's
Men's hlghct grudc bib
overalls, waist 42 to
4(1 are Mg dosed out ut
per pull'
I .urge cans of Hattsfu tion
Tobacco are being closed
out ut per can
The best parlor inatilie-,
while our stock lasts, will
be closi d out at per bOS
.Men's highest grudc bib
overalls, waist :ts to 40
arc hclug closed out at per
$1 85
The famous Arrow and Hall
Maik dress shirts values to
KS.OO are being closed out
One large lot of Men's felt
hats, worth to over $;1.7.",
choice to close out ut
Kvtra special, the best out
lug flannel, worlh our :)
wholesale today. I being
closed out at
1. 111.i1 10 yls. to customer)
Men's $I.2."5 genuine pig
skin gloves now on sale to
close out, per pair
A I hers genuine IVnils of
Wheat, USe values, now 011
sale per pin kng"
Men's Tour In Hund neck
ties fl.V values, to close
Men's Hport shirts, all,
values to 2.50, are being
closed dut ut
We have on hand a large stock of choice
quality dried fruits which we are selling at
greatly reduced prices; in fact, so low it
makes competition impossible. People should
hurry and take advantage of this sale, as it
cannot last forever for just as soon as our
purpose has been accomplished we will sell
the balance of this stock in bulk and close
our doors for good.
One big lot of Men's felt
huts, values to over s.i.v.,,
choice to close out at
Men's dress shoes, Kngllsh
last, worth over S.V.IO
today, on snle to close out
per pair
$4 25
on can bttj the best mm tr
oul at this (losing out sale
per package
One lot of Men's medium
weight underwear, small
sizes, worth M.2.T, choice
lo close out lit
We are closing out the
soda crackers during
sale at 1 pound
t'rystul white Laundry Soap,
while it lasts, will be sold
ut per bar
(Limit 'JO bars to customer)
The best mid genuine Shus
tu Jelly, assorted flavors,
on sale per tumbler
l'. cry thing you eat Ls go
ing higher and higher in
price, and right here at this
store and sale you will find
thousands of dollars worth
of staple groceries being
sacrificed at less than whole
sale cost in almost every
instance and with few ex
ceptions, there is no limit to
the amount you can buy.
We will consider bids from
merchants for any or all of
this stock of groceries.
Women's large size straw
huts, regular He values,
now on sule at
Choice tomatoes, the Tip
Top brand, will lie closed
out ut per can
(by the case ttf.ftO)
Here are only a few of
the Many Bargain Prices
Every Article in This Immense Stock Sacrificed
Please Read and Remember:
We are positively retiring and quitting business for good.
This is the last and final call for this stock must and will be sold and
the affairs of I. Schwartz settled and closed forever. Because of the
ill health of Mr: Schwartz all speed possible must be made in the fi
nal closing out of this stock and there will be no let up to the cutting
and slashing of prices until every dollar's worth of merchandise is
sold. Nothing will be saved. There will be no dilly-dallying about
this greatest of all closing out sales. Everything must go and go
quickly regardless of cost or present value of merchandise. Please
bear in mind this is the last and final drive and remember it is a mat
ter of only a few weeks when we close our doors for good; so by all
rncftlM take advantage of this last and wonderful opportunity to save,
for the great world's war is not only sending prices up in leaps and
bounds, merchandise is going to be scarce, hard to get and of an in
ferior quality. So let this last call be a good warning.
The More You Buy, The More You Save
Burns, Oregon
Going Out of Business
Men's large straw huts, reg
ular He values, ure being
closed oul at
We are not only selling all
of our shoes ut old prices,
we ure muking a special dis
count to close them out at
I -5 off
.Men's best grade waist over
alls, sizes ;IH to III now on
sale mt pulr
John li. .Stetson huts for
men, former .price $5. no,
now (sti.oo, choice to close
oul ut
The famous Arrow brand
collars for men that sell
every place for 20r, choice
to close out at
One lot of Men's spoil
shirts small sixes, values to
93S.OO, choice to close out at
Due lot of men's raps, val
ues to 91.2.1 are being clos
ed out at
Men's solid leather work
shoes, worth over $,YOO, nrc
being closed out at per pulr
Men's best grude waist ovcr
ulls 42 to 4(i now on
sale per pair
Every man, every woman, every child
should take advantage of this opportunity
and buy shoes for many months to come. We
are actually selling shoes at this sale in many
cases for less than half the present wholesale
cost and in almost every instance less than
any merchant can buy the same goods for at
wholesale today. We are selling men's bib
overalls in regular sizes for $1.85 per pair,
and they cost wholesale $2.50 today. Think
what all this means, then make out a list of
your present and future needs and buy as you
never bought before.
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