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The Tlincft-ltrrnlil goes re
gularly to more homes In Har
ney County than mi)' other
newspaper. If yon Wtah to
itmtti the people use these col
umns for your advertisement.
The TlnifH-Ili -raid In an old
-slnbllshi l f i lend of I he people
Ol II' rney County where Jl h.-ii
bee , h weekly visitor for thirty
jciii-n. -It's Job department In
equipped to in Id your needs.
NO. 34
Explosion of Gasoline Tank Causes The
Conflagration. Workman Narrow
ly Escapes Injury. Entire Contents
Consumed Only Partially Insursed.
Building is a Complete Loss.
Fire completely destroyed the Sum
mit Garage In this tity last Monday
forenoon. H wan caused by the ex
plosion of a gasoline tank which was
being welded. Peter Peterson, who
was doing the welding with the Oxy
Acetylene plant, narrowly escaped In
jury as the force of the explosion
threw him back some distance behind
some empty gass tanks and when he
recovered from the shock and raised
up the contents of a fire extinguisher
were thrown Into his race accidental
ly by some one trying to extinguish
the flames and this again blinded
him temporarily until when he final
ly got his bearings the entire room
was in flames and the exits closed,
but he got out the back door.
There were three or more cars In
tha garage at the time and these
were the only things removed, the
entire contents, including the tools.
tock. a portion of the books, etc ..
were destroyed, as the flames spread
rapidly from the explosion
The building was it mass of flames
r.-ltbtn a few minute following the lag the cattle from being removed
explosion end before the fire de-1 Xor time conditions appeared sot
partment could respond to tha alarm loae. bul It finally resulted In the
was so tar advanced thai no at- "Hell A" outfit filing a replevin suit
tempt was made to nave the building M Mr. Moss giving a redeliver)
but attention was turned to the Sum bond. The case to determine th own
mil Hotel on the opposite side of ership of the caitlo will probabl)
the street and to buildings in the come up el the November term ol
rear. No pther buildings caagbt. Court, la tl ' meantime Mr. Moss bat
jack McOulre, the proprietor of ft "" ol "' '""! Lakevhya
the Summit Garage informs The Kxa miner.
Times-Herald that the loss was In the I '
neighborhood of M.609 and there BOsMlttl col RnF.S ARE FULL Oi
was $2,000 Insurance on the on-I VAItlKTY AM) PRACTICAl.l'l V
tents. It is a severe loss to Mr. Mc- 1
Gulre as he had but recently en- The work of the Greater Oregon com
gaged In business and was getting to mlttee, Which always has for i Hilet
a point where l.e couid reall'- son e .purpose- the promotion of University
thing from his former labors in work-1 interests of every nature. Is devot
ing up the business and laying In the ' ing Its energies solely to obtaining
necssarv equipment and stock lie new students and to advertising tin-
may engage In business again If he
can find suitable quarters In a fire
proof building.
The building was the property of
Mra. Arthur Horton and this is a
otul loss as there was no insurance
on it whatever.
There were over 40 people from
this city to attend the big dance and
barbecue at the big ranch of Frank
Clerf at Alvord last Saturday night. ,
Those who went over from here re-
port a fine time and stated there
were at least 409 people from dif
ferent parts of the country to take
In the big doings. In all there were
(i automobiles.
A big granary was used for a
dance floor and it was large enough
to accommodate a big number of
da niters at once. The grounds invit
ed many as the grass was flue end
the weather delightful.
A big feed was provided by Mr.
Clerf during the evening and this tern and for high school and grade
consisted of everything one could ask teachers.
for in the way of viands. It was ' Speaking in general terms. It is the
conceived by some of the guests to desire of the University of Oregon
Miggest a free offering to the Ited summer school that no one shall
Croaa since there were so many to- leave the Institution In August wlth
gether and the spirit of hospitality j out carrying away a conviction both
wo generously displayed and as a re- of the profound Justice and of the
suit of this suggestion $158 were world Importance of the struggle In
oniribuied to the ted Cross.
The guests are loud In their praise
of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs.
clerf. Kverythlng on the ranch was
free. I
o '
(a fine time. Lunches were taken with
Sheriff Goodman has been in the them and the Journey made to and
vicinity of the Narrows this week In- j fr0m the farm in autos. One of the
vestigating a matter that has not ladles In attendance stated It was a
been made public as yet. It seems decided success and a very enjoyable
a dam was blown out of an irrigating affair.
stream In that vicinity lately and par-' it was claimed by some of the
ties engaged In exchanging shots, but party that such occasions always
the writer does not know sufficient ' brought a rain, so we move the Bap
facts to Justify giving names or going tists have another picnic about the
farther iflto detail- . Grsi of the week. ...
It required but a short time for
the Jury to reach a verdict of ac
quittal in the case of the State vs.
V. . Moss, charged with the lar
ceny of cattle. From the testimony
submit!. mI it appears tltat plor to
the enact inent of the present brand
ing law Mr. Moss used a "Hell A"
brand similar to that now used by the
"Hell A" outfit of Harney County.
After the new law became effective
It became necessary for Mr. Moss to
change his brand, and he therefore
rebranded Ills cattle.
Twenty-nine head of cattle WW
Involved, and at the conclusion of
the case (he cattle were delivered to
the "Bell A ' outfit of Harney Conn
ty. The cattle were started home and
taken as tar as Plush where they
were i orralled for the night. While
in the enclosure Mr. Moss, on the
advice of his attorneys, placed a lock
and chain on the gate, thus prevent
splendid courses which Oregon has
to offer high school graduates of this
year, college graduates who desire
additional work to prepare them for
war service, teachers asd anyone else
who feels the urge to be learning and
to keep pace with the unprecedented
events of the present time.
Altogether than will be thirty-three
Instructors, each a specialist In his
field, and the courses will Include
art and the history of art, biology
food administration, general science,
history. Journalism and literature
everything which the ordinary winter
curriculum Includes.
Particular Interest Is manifested in
the military courses and Ked Cross
instruction, as well as In the French
courses. War cooperation will play
an. important part in the summer
school program, and in addition to
the military and Red Cross phases,
there will be a special opportunity
offered to women to prepare them
selves for teaching subjects formerly
taught by men, and special physical
training cousaes for intending sold
which the country Is now engaged.
The Baptist Sunday school had a
picnic at the Vic Gibson farm yenter-
day. There were some 75 In at-
I tendance and all report having had
"Work or Fight" Order Requires
New Classification of the War
Registrants. Urgent Need for
Man Power Recognized.
From Adjutant Qenergl'l Office
federal authorities are getting rat
d to institute' a merciless campaign
to run down and punith a new form
of draft slacker.
This new Blacker Is the draft reg
Intrant who was granted deferred
classification at the time of his reg
istration, hut whose status since has
so changed that ho no longer Is en
titled to exemption, yet who remains
silent about this change In the hope
It will be overlooked.
There are estimated to be hun
dreds of such cases In Oregon, and
thousands of them in the Dotted
Stud's. Suspicion partially has been
directed against a great niBiiy of the
deferred classifications granted for
Industrial reusons. .
It now appaers that the status of
many of these men Is not the same as
when they were granted deferred
licsstftcntlon. Yet they have failed to
notify their Local Hoards and contin
ue to enjoy exemption from military
service. In some cases, also, the ori
ginal classification was not Justified.
Many cases where deferred classi
fication was granted for dependency
alao have changed In status, hut the
registrant has not notified his local
With the time at hand when the
Seed for man power is so urgent that
every . callable man must either
work or tight," and when lower
IflcatlOtta are tO be revised in
order to make more men available
for Clat 1. this form or evading mil
i: i service will nol be tolerated.
'I ;., draft regulations are Verj
plain and blunt In prescribing the
penalty ur failure! on tha part ol i
man granted deferred classification
to notify hie board al ohce if tiia sta
tus Is changed:
"Ever) registrant shall, within fiw
!a.- aftaV the happening thereof
.report to his local board any fact
Whit h might change or effect his
elassifieatton," wya leettan 111 i
'lie Kegulatlons.
Failure to report change of sta
tus as herein ri'iiulred. or making a
false report thereof. Is a mlsdemaa
nor puuMiiihlc by one' year's impel
The campaign to run down these
draft Slacken will be started vcr
coon, and it will be a rigorous cam
paign. Men guilty of evading mili
tary service by failure to report when
they should be re-classified, need
look for no mercy.
"Every patriotic registrant who
has been granted deferred elasslfl
utlon. but whose status has changed
n that he Is no longer entitled to
that classification, will report the
change Immediately to his local
board." said Captain John E Culll
40ii, In change of the execution of the
draft law in the office of the Adju
tant General.
"Those who have not the' patri
otism to report voluntarily will gain
nothing by It. They will be found out
and not only re-classiried, but will be
subject to severe punishment.
"If a man In In doubt as to change
of status, he should see his local
board about it without delay."
Necessary steps were taken for t he
three adjoining school districts to
vote on consolidating with the P.urns
district a the annual school election
last Monday but In Poison Creek and
up the- Klver they voted In tho nega
tive while Sagehen -voted favorable.
The result shows that there was
more or less misunderstanding as to
the merits of (he proposition as some
were under the Impression that
should they vote to consolidate with
the Hums district that they would
he liable for any bonds the city might
issue for railroad or any other pur
pose. However, It was a matter for
the districts to decide and some day
thay will ask to Join when they find
the actual benefits.
620 new ships were built In Amer
ica during the first five months of
this year. "We have our ships a
sailing, s sailing on the sea."
July 3 Given Over to Entertain
ment of Harney County's First
Families. Banqueted at Nigl t
By Citizens os Burns.
wiiije- ft urn i win nol celebrate the
I Hi as li has In former years It Is
nevertheleai going to be host to the
ploneeri uf this county on tha -"-ri
ami this win b i m the particular
features of the celebration as suita
ble entertainment win be provided
for that day for the benefit of the
On the' day of the 4th there will be
the usual patriotic program of music
and speeches and sports to follow.
The pioneers are going to be ban
cjuetted by the citizens of Hums dur
ing their reunion and In the evening
the Honor Guard Girls have arrang
ed for a vaudeville program follow
eel by a dance at Tonawama. They
will als have charge of the evening
entertainment in tin- hall on the
night of the 4th.
A meeting of the executive committee-
of the- War Savings Stamps
was hold on Wednesday and tha mat
ter of preparation for the pledge day
campaign discussed. I'ledge cards
and instructions had been received
from headquarters and these sup
plies were sent out by Secretary
Mot hers head to the War Measure
Committees that had formerly been
organ lead,
Mrs. Clark, who is chairman, ar-.
rlv-il home Thursday afternoon and
the eomnatttee again met thai even
Ing and w-e-ni over the situation with
bar and the matter taken up as to
wayi and means Of work. At tin-
pre-yious meeting it was de dad to
hai-- the Honor Guard Qlrla taker
charge of the work In this vie-lnlty.
Mis Urusa Dodeon, Leaded was pre-
i-iM and m.i III her glris would be glad
to help In an) way possible, therefore
in- edited them together that evening
and assigned the work, giving cer
tain terltory to delegations of the
Honor Guard Girls. They will begin
the' canvass early next week In order
to have' It completed by the ISth,
which Is designated ax War Savings
Stamp Day all over the United Itatee,
These young ladies will take pledges
and have all necessary supplies for
the work. If one refuses to pledge
any amount they are asked why and
record the antwef.
Another feature of the drive was
brought up for discussion. In some
plai'cs the stores keep War Stamps on
bund to give out an change. This Is
being considered as a part of the
campaign next week and the stores
will likely have supplies of stamps on
hand for such purpose. It Is under
stood this will not be compulsory In
any respect but If the customer will
take War Stamps In change they are
to he given.
Another plan Is to give a quantity
of stamps to young girls to go out
and sell direct. This Is proving at
tractive In other places and might be
worked with good results here. The
girls are to be Instructed to be cour
teous In their solicitations and not
to Insist where one does not show an
Inclination to puchase.
TITE. The Times-Herald Is lnfomed by
iiie-inbers of the committee who had
charge of the proposed Institute later
In thee season. The committee held
a meeting and after discussing the
suliji'ct and considering present con
ditions decided it would not be pos
sible to hold It before the 4th or ne-xt
month and us that put the date at a
time when every available Individual
Is needed In the harvest field it would
not be possible to have such a rep
resentative gathering from the Aux
iliaries, therefore It will nol be held
until about the first of September.
He! ween this time and that date set
for Institute II Is hoped that repre
sentatives from the Parent Chapter
may visit the several Auxiliaries and
confer personally with active memb
ers as to the most convenient date.
o '.
Herman Huh Is up from Lawen to
day and says his neighborhood Was
overlooked by the rain yesterday.
A. G. Clark in Harney County to Urge
Importance of Pledging Purchase
of Baby Bonds. Goes to Crane
Tonight at Liberty Tomorrow
The following workers were at the
Ked Cross work rooms during the"'"1 ''"' l '"" JUU wmm "uiosee. w
week ending yesterday:
Saturday-- Mrs. Julia Smith and
Mrs. Hreiiton In charge. Helpers:
Mrs. llertha Smith, Mrs. Foren, Mrs.
Kunhc Thompson. The following
were visiters: Mrs. 11. M. Horton,
Mrs. Kills Hennett. also Mr. K. F.
Foren with another treat from him
self and Mart Hreiiton. Mr. Foren
has become a most welcome visitor.
Monday--Mrs. Mace, Mrs. Harron. stamp campaign in the usual Har
Florenec Thompson. Mrs B. J. Thomn-j ey euty stylo when war work is
son, Mrs. Kunlee Thompson, Mrs. ! expected of them. Too many people
a t i , 'i i . 'linn ii, s in. i i 1 1 ii i i i i Tr-.: 1 L.,rl Mr-, I I 1 Pc l w
Maude- Horton, Mrs. Sklnes, Mrs.
Hardwell, Mrs. Julia Smith, Mrs. Hol
land. Mrs. Huston culled.
Tuesday- Kunice Thompson, Mrs.
Shields. Mrs. Stirling. Mrs. Hreiiton.
Mrs Gould, Mrs. Geo. .Sl.i'tnore, Mtk.
Julia Smith, Mrs. Gault, Mrs. John
Hlggs, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Geury.
Mrs. B Week i Mrs. Leonard, Frances
lllblmrd. Mrs. Ilu-lon. KranUic We-I
tsome, The following were callers:
Mie. Thos Cleveland, Mrs. Frank
Bbeehan, Miss Bather Hughet, Mrs.
i lorence Daltoa.
Wad need ay Julia smith and Mrs.
Brenton In charge. Helpers: Mrs.
Etotchkiaa, Mrs. Bkient, Mrs. Lamp
(hire Mrs. Foren. Mrs. Howard, Mrs.
ft lack , Frankle Welcome, Mrs. liard-we-ll.
Mrs. Swei'k, Mrs. Cault. ftaa
Hole hklss. Mrs. Keller. Mrs. Moullen.
Kunice Thompson. Milton llruwn
helped for an hour with his step lad
der for which he Is extended thanks.
Visitors were: Mrs. It. J. Williams
and Mrs. J. T. Slrields and daughter
Mamie, from Sliver Creek; Mother
Whiting was also a visitor. Mr. Hreii
ton and Mr. Foren again came up
with a treat.
Thursday Kunice Thompson and
Cold ic Reed in charge. Helpers: Mrs.
Howard, Lizzie llanley. Mrs. Good
man, Mrs. A. W. Gowan, Mrs. Sweek,
Maude Horton.
Friday Mrs. Mace and Mrs. Joe
Thompson In charge. Helpers: Mrs.
Goodman, Mrs. Lon Klrhardson, Mrs.
Chester Pulton, Mrs. Howard, Mrs.
SkletiH, Mrs. Moullen. Cullers were
Miss Kthel Me-Gee and Mrs. Linton.
Make this war a personal mutter.
Oo noi depend on others to do the
fighting or to finance the govern
ment. Do your share. It Is as much
your war as your neighbors.
Buy no unnecessary articles. Prac
tice economy and self-denial. Unnec
essary buying means a waste of ma
terial and labor; means that you are
competing with (he government for
labor and material.
Invest your savings in War Savings
The President or the I'nlted States
has called on the people of the nation
to Indicate- their self-denial by pledg
ing themselves on June 28th to pur
chase War Savings Stamps for the
remainder of the year.
In order that the citizens of this J
city may not fall behind other com-
munltles in response to the call, I
hereby proclaim Friday, June llth,
as War Savings Duv for the City of
Hums, upon which day all persons
rfhall give their pledges for the War
Savings Stamps at such time ami
places and In such maimer as may be
appointed by C. 8. Jackson, the War
Savings Director for Oregon, acting
under authority of the Secretary of
Lthe Treasury, and pursuant to the
Proclamation of the President of
the i mted States.
Sidney McNeil, of the Eaitern Ore-!
gon Live Stock Co.. Is up from Crane
on business for his company today.
Field Commissioner A. G. Clark of
the War Stamp State Committee, Is In
i Hums today to confer with county
and clty wrker8' Mr Clart states
bo the generating of enthusiasm in
communities visited, but cftnfeasen
that Instead of bringing enthusiasm
to Hums, he Is going to absorb some
of the Harney county variety for use
In less progressive districts.
Mr. Clark says that a re oril Is the
only thing that Is Improved hy break
ing It and Is looking forward to Har
ney County exceeding the speed limit
In putting across the War Saving
Mr. Clark points out, have regarded
the War Stamp as a chllds variety of
war Investment security and no great
er mistake could be matle.
A. G. Clurk
Oregon S quola for till is -even-teen
aad one-half million dollar -,
which In amount is equal to the Or -gun
quota la tin- flTBt Libert.. Loan.
The State mis been slow to take ap
the sab- a. in put t h.ises of War
Standi and in order to sustain our
reputation of 'Oregon First'' it will
be geoieeagrj to g-ur ap tor only two
speeds- high and higher.
This eampalgn, which Is to r -hi h
its climax on June 28 Is not a local
affair, but Is a nation wide movemei.t
Intended to have the people pledge
themselves to saving enough during
the balance of the year to Insure
the nation s quota on War Stamps.
We are known as a nation of
spendthrifts and President Wilson
slates that if the people will form
thrift habits, the benefit to us as s
Nation will more than Justify the ex
pense of the war. -'
One penny saved every day by our
100 million people would make a
million dollars per day.
Two Thrill Stamps bought every
day by our entire population would
enable Uncle Sam to pay the expense
of our War and Including regular
government expense every day.
Mr. Clark speaks at the Coinnn -r-cial
Club this afternoon unf. Is to ac
company the Hums party to Crane
and Is to make an address there.
Arrangements ure planned to have
him make a 4 minute talk at tho
Liberty Theatre Sunday night. Mr.
Clark is an enthusiastic inemhev of
4 minute men ut Portland. Knllste-d
for the War.
A large number of our young peo
ple contemplate accompanlng the
Honor Guard Girls to Crane tonight
to take part in their dancing party
and witness their vaudeville perform
ance. o
War Savings Stamps help provide
without stint or limit, the righteous
and triumphant force which shall
that Force, force to the utmost, force
make right the law of the world,"
which President Wilson says must be
used against our enemies.
'' ."3h,
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