The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 15, 1918, Image 7

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    DR. B. F. SMITH
Physician and Surgeon
Hums, Oregon
MSto and residence, Geo. Young house
Phone No. U83
Physician aud Hnrgeoti
Physician and Surgeon.
Rurus, - - - Oregon.
i .1 i. - in. i..
i.i r uii srrouu n'Kir loimnumn nogi
'Phone Main 86.
Physicians and Surgeons
'.ii I inWWWI promptly night or ln
Thone liurriman.
Harriman, Oregon
Or- Minnie Hand
ysician and Surgeon
Direct Telephone Connection
Albritton. Ore.
h. E. HIBBflRD
Ofliee first door east photo gallery
Borns, Oregon.
Attorney at Law
nnd Ulrice rraciice
Land Scrip for Sale
Vale, Oregon
Attorney at Law
I. O. O. F. Bid., Burn. Oregon
Attorney at Law
ontests and practice before V . . Land
OfSee a specialty
pSice: Fry Bldg. nest door to poet othc
Barns. Oregon
i, -
Burns, - - Oregon
Practices in the State Courts and be-
I..,.- the U.S. Ofice.
Chas. II. Leonard.
L riful attention given to Collec
tions and Real hetate matte.
Pire Insurance.
Notary Public
Burns. Orkoon.
Meals At All Hours. Short
Orders and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Rates
Give Me A Call
Opposite Times-Herald BalMlaar
lake This
Bring That job to The
' W
n 5eH-BSs33m1 - 1
Plan and Specification! Prepared for
Building! of Any CUi.
Orfteai-Raeia , Odd FaNowa RulUin,
Barns, Oregon
F. C. Diixasd A. O. Faolknbk
rormerljr Awl. EogltiMr Formerly Cklef KB
la U. 8 Reclaaalloa avr- Idni ol Sol
vice. Western Ky.
Eastern Oregon Engineering
Bams, OrtKM
""-A , fM
Joweler. Optlciuu
Fine Watch Repairing A
TO. ffoJfA
Lovv CuArvuMv y- owvu
vumA. n CAvarvvtQ,
In eUMA4, GGma,
rotnXiM o OatolotLo.
XaaXUw owvcL -OMrvicc.
)evwtA -Cairtacu);
$1500 Reward!
The urrnoB, (al
tlornlsaau Nevada
Livestock frot.c
Hon Aaatx-latlanof
which the under
lined In msDiUrr
reward tor eft
deuce iesdlna to
Hi- arresi sad rou
viviiuii of as par
lyer partial sival
ii'K kureea. ratUi
or mulr lieloucliif
U aor "I Its laeia
lasddltiOD to Iks aUtva. tke anderslgoed
uSers tke aesae ovadltlou IWV.W for all koraea
krssded korse-skttd bar oa kutk er sltksr Jaw.
draad recorded Id eight cusutlea Haul
Harney. I.akv and ( ruuk rvuullM. Iluraea
eated wbesaoid.
Noes nut grows kvrsfs sold ssd ealj la
iarge kuackea.
W. w.bkows rils Oraia.
Surapter Valley Railway Ca.
Arm al and Departare Of Trams
No. 2, Prairie
Arrives Baker
2:35 P. M.
4:15 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8:3 A. M.
Sant er 1:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:1 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with O.-W. R. & N. Co. No. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland 6:15
P. M., arriving at Baker 7:55 A.
M. and No. 17 from east arriv
ing Baker 6:50 A. M.
No 2 connects with No. 5 (Fast
Mail) arriving at Baker 7:55 P.
M. which picks up Pullman at
Ba er, arriving at Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
0:45P. M. fo points East.
Room Yours
Whether you are building a brand
new home, making additions to the old
one or merely repairing; walls, you can
have a room like this if you use genuine
Beaver Board.
Beaver Board walls and ceilings are more
handsome, more tubitantial and more sanitary
than any other kind. They are the eaiieat
walls to build. No Uth or plaster therefore,
no litter. Beaver Board always gives satisfac
tion. But you can't expect Beaver Beard
results unlets this trade-mark is on the back of
the board you buy.
Hardware Co.
Burns, Oregon
Times-Herald Off ice
IttirtiH. Oregon, June 6, 19 1 H.
Not let) Ih hereby given that Rollle
A. Vllller, of lillt.i'ii. Oregon, who,
on May 18, IBM, made Homestead
Kntry No. 07476, for SK'4l Soc. 20
and SW',, Sec. 21. Township 34 8.,
Range ,11 K., Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make
final three-year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore C. K. Tulloch. U. S. Commission
er, at bis office, at Beckley, Oregon,
on the Uth day of July, 1 ft 1 S .
Claimant names as witnesses:
U. Q. Crltchrield, of Beckley, Ore
gon, Isaac N. Stuart, Thomas Q.
UlbbH. Wiley It. Uyram, of Blltzen.
V. (I. t'OZAD, Register.
fNITBD states LAND office
Hums. Oregon. June ."), I '.i I ,
Notice In hereby given that l'i iirl
It. Mil. formerly I'earl M. Miller, or
Blltssn, Oregon, who on July 18,
1914. nindu 1 1 inn. v.i. -.i.i Kntry, No.
07619, for KV4. Section I, Township
3S Range 31 E.. Willamette Meri
dian, has filed notice of intention to
nmke final three-year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above de
scribed, before C. B. Tulloch, C. 8.
Commissioner, at his office, at Beck
ley, Oregon, on the 11th day of July,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Almi.D ('. strain, Isaac N. Stuart.
Prank McBuruey, and Ilo Miller all
of Blltzen, Oregon.
V. O. COZAD. Register
Notice Is hereby glvtu that Kmma
Moomuw, Administrator with the
will annexed of the estate of M. A.
Hembree. Deceased, has filed her
final ii'' mini In the County Court of
the State of Oregon for Harney
County, and said Court has appoint
ed the 3rd day of June A D. 1918 at
the hour of ten o'clock In the fore
noon thereof to hear th.) same. Ail
persons having objections to said fin
al account are hereby required to file
the same with the County Clerk of
said county and state on or before
said time set for hearing the said
final account or they will be forever
barred from being thereafter beard
Dated this 27th day or April A. D.
Administrator with the will an
nexed, of tke Estate of M. A.
Hembree, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed ad
ministrator or the Estate of Joshua
T. Pry, deceased, by order of the
County, Court of Harney County
Oregon, duly made and entered on
the llrd day of April 1918, and has
jualiriett as such administrator. All
persons having claims ugalnst the
aid il'cia.ed or his estate are here
by noil! led to present the same, duly
verified as by law required, either to
the undersigned at his ranch in Sun
net Valley, Harney County. Oregon,
or to his attorney Charles W. Kills,
ut his office in the Masonic Bldg.,
Hums Oregon, within six months
from the date of this notice.
Dated April 24. 1918.
Administrator of the estate of
Joshua T. Fry, deed.
lu the matter of the Estate of
Harry H. McClure, Deceased.
To (Mora Clyde McClure, Lawrence
Chester McClure, Walter Robert Mc
Clure, Alberta Marie McClure and
Nora Beatrice McClure, Greetings:
OP ORKOON, you are hereby cited
and required to appear In the County
Court for Harney County, Oregon,
ut the County Court Room at the
Court House at Burns, Oregon, in
the said county and State on the 27th
day of May, 1918, at 10:00 o'clock
in (he forenoon and then ami there
show cause, If any oxists, why the
Honorable 11. C. l.evens. Judge of the
County Court should not issue an
order to sell the following described
real property, to-wit:
SWViNW',4. 8WV4NKU, NB 4
8WV4, NWVi of SK'4 of Section 22,
Township 24 South, Range 34 K. W.
M containing 160 acres, more or
Wltiu-HH the Honorable II. C. Lev
eiiH. Judge or Hie County Court of
the Stale of Oregon, for the County
of Harney, with the seul of said
Court affixed, this lMtli day of April
A. D. 1918.
All,-.,t CHF.STER DAITON, Clerk.
Hums, Oregon, May 20, 1918.
Notice la hereby given that Joseph
II. Morton, of Riley, Oregon, who,
on October 8, 1(14, made Home
stead Entry, No. 07760, for NEK.
Section 10. Township 23 8., Range
26 E., Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention to mske final
three-year Proof, to establish claim
to ths land above described, before
Register snd Receiver, at Burns,
Oregon, on the 27th day of June,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Rlnehcrd Hlrsch of Riley, Oregon,
Walter Kesslnger, Fred Sturges, and
William S. (llbsou all of Suntex, Ore
gon. V. Q. COZAD, Register.
Hum. Oregon, Juno 7, 1918.
Notice Ih licreliy given that Jumes
K Kendall, of Hums, Oregon, who,
on February 2f., 1914, made Home
stead Kntry, No. 072B2, for NKVi.
Section 6, Township 26 8., Range 31
Willamette Meridian has filed
notice of intention to make final
three-year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
Register and Receiver, at Hums, Ore
gon, on the 10th day of July, 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Paul Well and Carl Well of Burns,
Oregon Elmer James and Arthur I).
Jones of Narrows Oregon.
V. O. COZAD. Register.
Hums Oregon, June 6, 1918.
To Louis Valerdl of address unknown,
Coa tests:
You are hereby notliied that Peter
Ybar who gives Beckley, Oregon, as
his post-office address, did on June
5th. t'M'-. file In this office his duly
corroborated application to contest
and secure the cancellation of your
Homestead Entry. Serial No 08178
made June 4th, 1916, for SW4
NW4, NV48W4, BEKSWVi. Stt
U, Sec. 29. and SVbSWH. Section
28, Township 33 8.. Range 33 K ,
Willamette Meridian, and as grounds
for his contest he alleges that said
Louis Valerdi has wholly abandoned
said land ever since October 1, 1917,
and for more than six months last
past, and has never resided upon or
cultivated said land, and said alleg
ed absence is not due to his enlist
ment In, or being actually engaged
In the military or naval service of the
United States as a private soldier,
officer, seaman, marine, national
guardsman, or member of any other
organisation for offence or defense
authorised by Congress during any
war in which the United States may
be engaged.
You are, therefore, further notifi
ed that the said allegations will be
taken as confessed, and your said
entry will he cancelled without fur
ther right to be heard, either before
this of rice or on appeal, if you fall
to Hie in HiIh of fhe within twenty
days after the FOURTH publication
or huh notice, as Known lielow, your
answer, under oath, specifically ro
h Kind Inn to these allegations of con
ic t. together with due proof t hut
you served a copy of your answer on
the mii Ul contestant either In person
or by registered mall.
You should state In your answer
the name of the post-ofrice to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to you. ,
V. O. COZAD, Register.
Date 1st publication June 15th, 1918
Date 2nd publication June 22, 1918
Date 3rd publication June 29, 1918
Date 4th publication July 6, 1918
lu the Matter of the Petition for
an order authorizing the ap
pointment of some person to
execute a Mortgage for Geo
rgia McKlnnon, an Inaane per
son binding her Inchoate dow
er right,
The petition filed In the above-eu-tltled
proceeding having been filed on
the 22nd day of April, 1918, and pre
sented to the Judge of Hie above-en-tltle
Court at Ontario, Oregon, with
in the Utli Judicial District, durng
the April 1918 Term of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon for
Harney County and it appearing to
the Judge or said Court that It Is
necessary to such Incompetent per
son Georgia McKlnnon that a mort
gage binding her dower right In Hie
real estate named In said petition
ShOUld he executed, and that It would
not be detrimental to Haid Georgia
It Is therefore ordered and direct
ed; 1 That the Bald Georgia McKln
non having no guardian and there
being no persons Interested lu the
real estate described In the said peti
tion, other than the next of kin of
said Georgia McKlnnon, the next or
kin or said Georgia McKlnnon, viz,
W. J. Claybrook, residing at Green
castle, Missouri,
Ellen Claybrook, residing at Green
castle Missouri,
Jap McKlnnon, residing at Burns,
James Albert McKlnnon, residing
at Barns, Oregon.
Kdna Black, residing st Burns,
Roy McKlnnon, residing at Burns,
Oregon, and
Julia McKlnnon, residing at Bums,
Oregon as well as the guardian
ad litem for said Roy McKlnnon and
Julia McKlnnon, minors, hereinafter
appointed, are hereby directed to ap
pear before the Circuit Court of Har
ney County, Oregon, at the Circuit
Court Room in the Court limine In
mild Harney County, on Ihe 2nd day
of July 11K. at the hour of two
o clock r. M., lue Haiiie being a ilid-
not less than four nor more than
eight weeks from the time of the
making of this order, to show cause,
If any there be, why the said mort
gage should not be directed to be
made by this Ceurt: That the aaid
Georgia McKlnnon, residing at 500
West Pierce St., Klrkvllle, Missouri,
as well as her guardian hereinafter
appointed shall be likewise directed
to appear as herein stated:
2 The said Jap McKlnnon.
James Albert McKlnnon, Kdna
Black, Roy McKlnnon, and Julia
McKlnnon, as well as the guar
dian ad litem for said Roy McKinuon,
and Julia McKlnnon, minors, herein
after appointed, residing in Burns,
Oregon, and the said W. J. Claybrook
and Ellen claybrook. residing at
Ore. -nca it If. Missouri, end the said
Georgia McKlnnon. being alleged in
the petition and having been found
by the County Court of Harney Couu-
ty to be an insane and Incompetent
person, being outside or tbe State
of Oregon and residing at 600
West Pierce St
Klrksvllle. Missouri.
It Is ordered that a copy of the here
in order to appear and show cause
as well as a copy of the petition here
in be personally served on the said
Incompetent person her guardian
herein after appointed, her next of
kin, including the guardian ad litem
for the minor' herein named, and
furthermore that a copy of the said
order to show cause be published 4
successive weeks, being 5 successive
publications, in The Times-Herald, a
weekly newspaper printed auu pud-
llsbed at Hums, Harney County, Ore
gon and that a copy of aaid notice,
as published, be" forthwith deposited
In the United States Post Office at
Burns, Oregon, be sent to each of tho
persons named in this paragraph, the
guardian ad litem, for the minors
named. Included, under sealed envel
ope bearing first class postage and
addressed to them st thler addresses
as given In paragraph one herein:
3 That no guardian having ever
been appointed for the said Georgia
McKlnnon the Court therefore ap
points M. A. Biggs, a discreet person
of Hums, Harney County, Oregon, as
her guardian for the purpose of In
quiring Into the propriety, good faith.
and necessity or the petition herein,
and as such guardian he shall have
power to reslat the application and
petition and subpoena and take de-
positions to disprove or show the
Impropriety ot granting the same:
That the said M. A. Biggs, as such
guardian lor Georgia McKlnnon shall
be served both personally and by pub
lication with all notices in this pro
ceeding, the same as all persons men
tioned in paragraph two herein:
4 That It having been made to
appear to the Court that Roy McKln
non and Julia McKlnnon, both of
Burns. Oregon are minors, aged, re
spectively 11 and 7 years, and thai a
guardian ad litem should bo appoint
ed for them, It is therefore ordered
that M. A. Biggs, of Burns, Oregon, a
discreet person, be and he Is appoint
ed their guardian ad litem and as
such guardian ad litem he Is to have
the same powers to protect their
Interests as he has to protect those
of said Georgia McKlnnon and given
him under paragraph three herein
and the law under which this pro
ceeding is had; furthermore, he is
to be served both personally and by
publication with all notices In this
proceeding the same as all persons
mentioned in paragraph two herein
are to be served :
6 The said M. A. Biggs as guard
ian for said Georgia McKinuon and
as guardian ad litem for said Roy
McKinuon aim juna Mcivinnon, mm-
ors, Is not to give any bond, but upon
his appoint menl herein mude he Is
to lake and file his oath that he will
support the Constitution of the Unit-
ed States and of the State of Oregon 1
and perform his duties us guardian
ror said persons faithfully and Im-1
partially and accordng to Ihe duties
or his trust
Dated May 31, 1918.
Circuit Judge,
Burns, Oregon, May II, 1918.
To Guy L. McKelvey or Fields,
Oregon, Centestee:
You are hereby notiried that Jesse
Defenbaugh who gives Fields, Oregon
as his post office address, did on
May 26th, 1918. file In this office his
duly corroborated application to con
test and secure cancellation of your
Homestead Serial No. 08283 made
July 20th, 1915. for NEV. Ni8W.
8BKSW. Section 3, NEV48EV4, of
Section 4, Tewnablp 40 South, Range
84, Bast Willamette, Meridian, and
as grounds for his contest he alleges
that KHid (Juv L. McKclvev has who!
,y alwndoMd ,,, entry. tnat he
never established or maintained a
residence or made any improvements
thereon, and has absented himself,
changed his residence I herefrom ever
iiluce Hie date of entry; that the
eiitrymaiis alleged gbstaos from the
land Ih not due to his employment in
; connoctlon wlth operations in mill-
tury service rendered in connection
with operations In Mexico along
and borders thereof, or In mobiliza
tion camps elsewhere, In military or
naval organizations of the United
States or the national guard of any
ot the several States or Territories
of the United States.
You are, therefore, further notl'fl-,
ed that the said allegations will be
taken as confessed, and your said en
try will be cancelled without further
right to be heard, either before this
office or on appeal, If you fail to file
In this office within twenty days
after the FOURTH publication of this
notice, as shown below, your answer,
under oath, specifically responding
to these allegations of contest, to
gether with due proof that you have
served a copy of your answer on the
said contestant either in person or
by registered mail.
You should state in your answer
the name of the post-office to which
i you desire further notices to be sent
to you.
1 Date of 1st pub. June 1st 1918.
Date of 2nd pub. Juno 8th, 1918.
Date or 3rd pub. June 15th 1918.
Date or 4th pub. June 22nd 1918.
V. G. COZAD. Register.
Burns, Oregon, June 12, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that Nathan
A. Webb, of Beckley, Oregon, who,
on January 21, 1914, made Home-
8tead Entry. No.07205, for Lots 1,
o numu, s,c. 2; Lot 4. gwu-
NWK, NW 8W, 8ec. 1, Twp. 34
S. Range 30 E., 8V4SE, Sec. 36,
Township 33 8., Range 80 E.. Willa
mette Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make rinal three-year
Proof to establish claim to the land
above described, before C. E. Tulloch
U. 8. Commissioner, at his office, at
Beckley, Oregon, on the 17th day of
ju)v 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses:
A. It. Johnson of Sageview Oregon,
Chas. Hockley Robert I. Kooutz, and
Willis C. Beckley all or Beckley, Ore-
V. G. COZAD. Register
Hums, Oregon. June 12, 191S.
Notice is hereby given that John
, Webb, or Beckley. Oregon, who, on
' January 21. 1914, made Homestead
Entry No. 07204, forNEU. NVfcSEVi
NK'SWVi. SEV4NW4, Section 35,
Township 33 S.. Range 30 E ., Willa
mette Meridian, has filed notice of
Intention to make final three-year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before C. E. Tul
loch, U. S. Commissioner, at his of
fice, at Beckley, Oregon, on the 17th
day of July. 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses:
A. It. Johnson of Sageview Oregon.
Chas. Beckley Robert L. Kooutz. and
Willis C. Beckley all of Heckley, Ore
gon. V. G. Cozad, Register
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punish any person convicted of ori
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