The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 11, 1918, Image 2

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(Krom Cadet Itaplds (Jnietiei
('resident Wilson in about to sIrii a
lili which lakes ltd place In history a
the most liberal legislation In protec
tion of a nation's fighters tvor
known. It Is good enough, strong
enough, to be called the national ten
commandments, and In effect thui:
Thou ahalt not evict, for nonpay
ment of rent, a soldier's dependents
under penalty of (10,000 fine.
Thou Khali not cut off a soldier's
life Insurance because of delayed
Thou Bhalt not foreclose a mort
gage on a soldier's -property.
Thou shall nol take away a sol
dier's home on which he has made
part payment.
Thou shalt not sell a soldier's pro
perty because of his fnilure to pay
i In- taxes, national state or local.
Thou shalt not settle a lawsuit
against a soldier during his absence.
If a soldier sue, the Court shall
postpone action mill ho can attend
to It.
If a soldier have a mine or timber
or farm claim, assessments on which
ure overdue. It shall he held for him.
Honor thy soldier and sailor that
thy days may be long In the land of
No man hath greater love than he
that offereth his life for tho world's
sake, and it is commanded that neith
er lawyers nor the loan shark nor the
gatherers of tithes shall fatten on
The people of this country have a
lively rn -ollectlon of the diiys fol
lowing the outbreak of the war In
Kurope, when the Oerman ships were
driven from the seas and Imports
into this country from Germany ceas
ed. The distress In many lines of in
dustry emphasised the extent to
which wo had come to depend on
Oerman-made products. We cannot
recall tho occasion of the submarine
running the blockade with a cargo
of dyes and with the joy they were
received In thla country?
The war awoke ua to the humiliat
ing fact that this country came far "hod.
I ho only notion hM" lo help In re
building the war-torn countries. Knli
nation will strive to enlist I he ; III tr
this rountry, and It Is not Improbable
that several may combine for the
purpose. It Is with tho latter con
tingency that "The Message of tho
Mouse" deals.
The story relates to a plot by five
European ambassadors to divert fifty
billions of dollars from American
banks and Industrial Institutions to
their own countries, with the result
that Europe la aasured of reatoratlon,
while thla country writhe In the grip
of panic, bank failures and Industrial
paralysis, attended by riots and blood
l.tWH OK TIIK MAD AS itr.l.M I l
The laws of the road as
by the Legislature of Oregon, and by
ordinance of the town of Lakevlew
Vehicles proreedlng In opposite
directions shall puss to the right, giv
ing one-half the road to i ach vehicle.
Vehicle.- proceeding in t h Hume
direction overtake and lass by pass
ing to the left.
The overtaking Vehicle, shall main
tain ft's speed until cleur of the over
taken vehicle, and for such distance
thereafter as shall prevent dust and
mud throwing on the overtaken ve
hicle. The sign so to pass shall be given
by one blast of the born, bell or other
signaling device.
Should the ovetaken vehicle then
iiot give way, three such blasts shall
be jlven. and on failure to comply
the overtaking vehicle may at the
next suitable place safe to both ve
hides go by without further signal.
It shall be the duty of
short of being self-sustaining. It
demonstrated to us Hint without the
goods of other eountrlis, Germany
especially, industrial nnd social life
In America was badly crippled
Hut the war has another effect
It has caused us to se k out the lines
of endeavor In which we were df
flolent and to set about to reined v
that deficiency. This we are doing
more ruiiy as the time passes. For
Instance, we near no more complaint
of tho scarcity or Inferiority of dye
stuffs', from tho fact thr.t American
niado dyestufrs have fully taken tho
place of tho German article and ap
pear to bo giving general satisfaction.
Oeneral Chemistry la also a Hue
In which we have heretofore relied
almost wholly on Germany, this from
the fact that American, chemists were
not willing to undergo the rigorous
study and research necessary to at
tain high standing In that line. But
this too is fast being changed, and In
very short time, if not alnady,
American chemists will be fully the
equals of any In the world,
defined ' '" fCt' " "" J"St nOW wakl"" u"
! '" nm ici inui mere are a number of
lines or industry, wherein we have
heretofore been content to rely upon
other peoples, that, if we are to main
tain our position among the nations.
! we must master and conduct for our
j selves. We have been too deeply '
absorbed In what we termed the big
The story Is extremely vivid and
plausible and the plot Is foiled only
through the efforts f a patriotic
American girl, portrayed by Anita
icings in ure. and many smaller
matters that, nevertheless, play an
important part In the economy of
Hie, ha e been neglected.
If the war. viewed purely from an !
industrial or commercial standpoint,'
shall of caused us to stop and gather
up ine loose ends or iudustry, it will
at least not have been all bad.
HOW iionli COWS PAY.
It is well known that dairy cows,
to be profitable, must bo compara
tively large producers, yet few peo
plo reallte the remarkable rate at
which Income advances as production
Increases. Tabulations of 6.687 cow
testing association records from var
ious parts of the Cnltod States, cov
ering a period of four years, shows
that as the average butterfat produc
tion increased from 160 to J00
pounds, the Income over cost of feed
advanced from $21 to 984; that Is
a gain of 60 pounds, or 33 V4 per
cent. In production gave an increased
income of 02 per cent over feed cost.
The next gain of 60 pounds raised
the Income over cost of feed to 160.
the next to $63. the next to $74 the
next to $87, the next to $100. and
the last to $118.
As the butterfat production In
creased from 160 pounds to 300
pounds, the income over cost of feed
advanced from $21 to $63; In other
words, as product Ion doubted. In
come over cost of- feed advanced
three times. When the butterfat
production Increased from 150
pounds lo ii,0 pounds thut Is.
feed advanced from $21 to $100, or
almost five limes as much.
ill P & $
Oregon's Need
A Trained
Business Executive
Your OPPORTUNITY to elect TRAINED men to head your etftt govern
ment, one who tiAl never been in politics, who ft a stall rich friend of the
workiiitfiiiau, who litis a ucoeeefol business record of twi'iity year, whoso
energy tuts been aU wo UK Hit, whose experience hat mad j htm ,a BUILDER,
whose training has made him a THINKER, and whose ability hi a made
him a LKADKIt;
OflffOfl is found in
to elect THIS type of a man (lowrnor of
REPUBLICAN Candidate far the nom'rallos for
GoTeYMr la the Primary Friday, May 17, 1818
Your Kind of a Man for Gavernor
Paid Ad. issued ly
Simpson for Gover
nor LeaKue.
That the stockralslng homestead
law, passed by Congress In Decem
ber. 1916. Is not likely to become
every j operative In Oregon before the end
overtaken vehicle to turn to the right or n"' coming summer or next spring
and give one half the road. I ,s evidenced by a communication
Vehicles approaching an intersect- ' from thc secretary of tho Interior to
ing road, street, or highway shall be
under control, so as to permit the
vehicle in the right of the vehicle
upproai liiiig to first cross the inter-.-
i ijon
At all intersections, the vehicle ap
proaching the Intersection from the
right of any vehicle approaching the
intersection shall have the right of
All vehicles approaching an In
tersection of a street, road or hlgh-
ii. i . Rills or this city, who made
Inquiries regarding tho matter some
time ago through the office of Seu
ator Chamberlain.
According to the author of the
letter, the law, although enacted In
December, 1918, carried no funds for
l administration. Ah appropriation
was first made In the sundry service
act, passed in June of last year, and
Immediately after the creation of the
organization for the nvestlgation and
way with the Intention of turning ClaJHWlcattoB of the lauds coming
thereat, shall, In turning to tho right. : HHs act was undertaken,
keep closelv to the right, und In turn- During lust summer partial of ex
ing to the left shall run to and be-1 amt"',K " placed, in the fields In
yond the center of the Intersection. ' "'" northern stuies. the Dukotas,
For example: A vehiclo coming up ' Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Ore
Center street with the Intention of,80- llecause of the great acreage
turning the iuterectlor. at Center and j f,r lttl,d '" these slates It was not
Main, must give a vehicle on Main ap- j l"lble to complete the examination
preaching the Intersection at the ,,t'rr" ,n' 'Pining of winter when
same time from the direction Of r,'WH ",'rJ moved to the south-
Happy Hooligan Is In China, and it
Is a great pity he couldn't have taken
his brother, (iloomy Ous. with him.
I Hut he left him on this side and we
are still an II. led with him. We mi et
him on every corner. He Is in evi
dence wherever men roregather, and
i his pessimistic forebodings are as a
j wet hluukei on the brightest enthusi
asm. He Just knows we will soon
be fighting the Huns from our shor
es. He can see no cause for satis
faction In the magnificent stand of
the Allies in Flanders, but sees the
On man hordes a In-id,- pouring ovei
fair France. He bemoans the slow
ne of this country, but It Is notice
able that he has done nothing to
speed up operations not even to the
purchasing of a Thrift Stamp. Hej
is a veritable rain crow, and it Is not
permissible to kill him. he should be
n '
Steel and copper have each given
up a magnate to war industries. Hut
silver and gold are paying for tlit
war. .
N tit KM-; HI ItCH
, Itev. I.Miian (trough. Pastor.
A cordial invitation ' is extendi it
to you to attend our services . The
hours of the service on the Sabbath
j are as follews:
Preaching at 1 1 A. M.
Sabbath School at 1$ A. M.
Young Peoples' meeting at 6:46
P. M.
Song service at 7:3$ P. M.
Preaching at 8:00 P. M
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30
P. M.
.oil Kor Tin? Whole I'.uulU.
Kvery family requires a safe and
reliable cough and cold remedy. Mrs
John Potter, 20 Shupe St.. Mt. Plea
sant Pa. writes: "I have used Foley's
Honey and Tar .'or colds for years
and highly recommend it to all fami
lies." Contains no opiates. Checks
bronchial and grip coughs, croup and
whoplng cough. Sold by Heed Itros.
The wheels of the Husslan war
machine are accomplishing many
. The golf drive Is near being driv
en out by the more prominent drives
Ibis season.
With modern facilities to care
for all Auto ailments
Familiar with all make of Cars
H. C. SHIREMAIS, :: Lampshire's Garage
I Catholic)
Cogswell street and the right of way
arrow the IntertecMoo,
The parson In i barge of any re.
hide proposing to turn at an Inter
sactioa must give a plainly visible or
audible signal of his intention so to
Kvi r vehicle shall be kept upon
the right half of the street and no
vehicle shall overtake and pass any
oilier when the view ahead Is not
i lear for at least 100 feet.
No vehicle shall be run at a great
er speed iicin one mile in four minut
es, or in plain Kngllsh, II miles per
hour, on any of (he city streets.
No vehicle slrill he opprated on the
street with an excessive smoking or
noisy exhaust.
Owners of vehicles should attend
promptly to dimmers for their front
A special Act was passed by l lie
Legislature at its last session govern
ing the driving or operating of a mo
tor driven vehicle by a person In an '
Intoxicated condition, flxng the pen
alty at not more than $100 or Im
urisoniuent for a period of not more
than 100 days, or by both .m ii (log
v nd imprisonment.
western slates. "As the gaaann
openg, they win move north," says
the writer, "making the examinations
ns they go and it is expected that by
the end of the coming summer all of
the lauds In Oregon will be classifi
ed." The commissioner of the general
land office reports that more than
00,000 applicants have already been , Uay ttt 7:30 1-
Cor Miller und C. Hts.
Sunday High Mass at 10:30 o'clock
Week day. i Mass at 7 o'clock.
Instructions for children Satur
days at 9 A. M.
Hev. Father Francis, O. F. M.
(MCIMTIW NCI K.N' K six I in
Services at 11:00 0 'cloak. Sub
ject of Lesson,. Sermon next Sunday:
"Adam And Fallen Man '
The Testimonial Meeting. Wedues-
It's an III wind that blows nobody
apd. The draft that wafted drover
Alexander away from (be Culm lias
probably supplied Uncle Sam with an
excellent bomb thrower.
Brown 's Satisfactory Store
Walk Over Shoes
Stetson Hats
Bon Ton Corsets
We curry khhN advertised on the
l : Oregon
II nine Products Pane"
made under this act, luvolvlng be
tween 25 and 30 million acres of
land. As the land all has to go under
classification, none of the applica
tions has yet been granted, especially
In this state. Bend Bulletin.
Kvery American will find food for
thought lu "The Message of tho
Mouse," the Greater Vltagraph Hluo
Ribbon feature which will be the at
tracton at the Liberty Tlieate on
Sunday, May 12. Written by George
Randolph Chester and Lillian Chester
the story carries a warning to Ameri
cans of tho dangers that will con
front, tills country when (lie war Is
ovt r.
Publicists generally have recogniz
ed the perils that will be faced bv
The reading room In the church
Edifice, is open on Tuesday and Fri
day from 2 to 4 P. M.
Sunday School meets on Sunday at
10 o'clock.
Pupils may be admitted to Its
classes up to the age of 20 years.
The public Is cordially Invited to
the Church Services and to the
Reading Koom.
Oermuny having fixed the amount
of the Allies' Indemnity at one hun
dred billion marks, Foch and nil
armies are proceeding to Infill al
many of the "marks" as possible.
Helps To Keep lit.
iin- United Slates, Including Induslrl-tl Thlti give
al depression, commercial warfare' '"" ""Vilng I
When the digestion Is out of order.
II throws tho whole physlcul being
out of gear, II. II. Ilavwnrd, I'nu
IdtlU, (Ja, wi'ilcr,: "Foley's Cuthar
ine qulakar relief
have ever tiled "
H l cKiiiiTasiuT J I
The requests that we conserve both
wool and leather are puzzling to the
feminine half of the Ion
( should shoes bi shorter and skirts "'d financial stringency. Kurope, It ' ",:V n'l'"v" bWOIWMM, bad breath,
longer? What would the people who; ls reapftrfaad, will bo bankrupt finan- ,,I,,U,,"K. Kas tudlgcsilnu and con
are concerned willi morals say If the' clally and economically, and the ! ""I"'1'"'1- No griping or nasuea.
hot . -n- lower and iklrti snorter? I United Hiutes, h hi preetnwd, win be 'S(,l1 ''' ","1 ,iv"H-
It costs no more to
be sure von ixet
your money ' worth
Ask f o r (JrcHctMit
I'inniimnn, Nutmeg,
Pepper n n d other
ii groceri
Better Spices
Brunswick Phonograph
at Thc
Come in and see them and hear
their beautiful violin like tone
They play any Disc Record made
The price is within the reach of alt
On display and being demonstrated at the
House Painting Paper Hanging
and Decorating
Hardwood Finishing
Fresco Painting
t slim ate. furniehed on application. Samples shown