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newspspci. If you wish to
reach the people use these col
umn for your advertisement.
The TlmcN-Hcrald la an old
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ol Harney County where It has
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year. It's Joh department la
eulpped to serve your need.
NO. 28
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Actnal Figures Not Obtainable.
Each Community Credited a
Soon as Compilation is Made.
While It Is not definitely known
the exact amount suseribed to the
Third Liberty Bonds In Harney
ounty. because both the Manager
Donegan and his secretary, Wm,
Farre, are out of town. It appears
that Harney County has almost
doubled its quota toward the .sub
scriptions for the Third Bonds.
On 'last Saturday afternoon. Just
after The Tlmea-Herald had none to
press Mr. Donegan and Mr. Farre an
nounced that the banks had reported
subscriptions to the amount of $18?.
800.00 and that there were 1148
suscrlbers, but since that delayed
mails have brought in quite an addi
tion to this amount and It Is evident
that the amount totals nearly $210,
000. Harney County's quota was fixed
at $110,000 and this amount was
reached almost the first day of the
campaign but solicitors continued
their field work and every individu
al in the county had an opportunity
to subscribe and the response was
most gratifying. The organization
preceding the drive was a feature to
ward its success and the splendid
support given by Mr. Donegan and all
those taking an active part made the
task easy as compared to former war
measure campaigns. This splendid
organization and support will be ex
t.;nded during the entire period of
the war as the several committees
appointed were for all war measures
tpd the same people will take an ac
tive part in each community In the
coming Red Cross Drive.
Mr. Donegan is absent at the P
Ranch on some business and Mr.
Karre was summoned to 1'ortland
early this week to attend as a witness
in a case before the Federal Court,
therefore The Times-Herald is not
able to give a more detailed account
of the result of the Liberty Bend
Campaign. It is the Intention to give
the several communities credit for
the amounts subscribed, together
with the names of subsclbers but this
cannot be done In the absence of
these gentlemen.
It is gratifying to note the success
of these war measures as they ceme
from time to time. We must do our
part in every way possible. Every
loyal citizen of Harney la ready. We
are going to use substitutes, when we
an get them, for flour and will go
the limit in cash contributions to any
war fund asked by Uncle Sam. We
are sending our boys, too. as oc
casion demands, and have more to
The following letter of apprecia
tion has been received:
Mr James Donegan, Chairman
Harney County Liberty Loan Com.
Hums, Oregon.
Dear Mr. Denegan:
on behalf of the State Executive
Committee of the Third Liberty Loan
and the Bute Executive Manager Is
entirely fitting that I should convoy
to you the sincere gratification we
have felt at the magnificent result
which was attained by the State of
Oregon in winning the first National
Honor Flag.
The excellent manner in which the
campaign was handled in your coun
ty in itself a tribute to the patriotic
ardor of yourself, your sub-chairmen
and your co-workers who labored so
earnestly and effectively to make the
campaign a success. While none of
us has worked for a reward, or for
u public expression of appreciation
for a patriotic duty well done, it Is
nevertheless the wish of the Execu
tive Committee that every volunteer
WorkfT ID Die Stale should under
stand how commendable his work
lias been.
1 take pleasure in em losing here
with copy of a message to all Hie
volunteer workers which I have re
- iveil from Mr. Qaorga K. Wei k
f.'cnerui ( ampeigu Manager ol 'in
'livolffli Federal District, comprising
tha seven Paoiftt Cos I Btatas With
i very county in ut, Kluto of the
Twelfth Dlslrlcl showing an nvir-
tubeerlpuon of Its quota, tba hearts
of the good people ot Ihls section of
the country may well rIow wllli pride
;.l this splendid n oinpli.ihmcsl
Cordially .'ours.
EDWARD cookingham,
Executive Chairman Oregon Stale
Central Liberty Loan Committee.
Tho regular monthly business
meeting of Harney County Chapter,
American lied Cross, will be held on
next Tuesday evening, May 14, at
8 o'clock. All those Interested la the
work are urged to bo present.
Secretary gf the Treasury McAdoo
has made the following special appeal
to the farmers of the nation to get
behind the War Saving Stamps cam
paign :
"It Is a matter of supreme national
Importance that the Treasury of the
United States shall be supplied at all
times with the amount of money
needed to furnish the food, the cloth
ing, the guns, the ammunition re
quired by our soldiers to fight suc
cessfully for the safety and liberty
of America. To pay the allowances
made by the government to the de
pendent wives and children of these
soldiers and to pay the life Insurance
which the government permits every
soldier to buy from it, the Treasury
must also have the necessary money
to extend credit to the valiant Brit
ons, Belgians, French and Italians
who are fighting alongside American
soldiers on tho bloody battle fields of
France, Belgian and Italy. If the
American people fall to lend their
money to their government for these
noble purposes, how can we gain a
victory in this glorious cause? Every
one who can help by lending their
money to the government. They do
not make a gift of their money, they
merely lend It on Impregnable securi
ty and are paid Interest on the loan
at the same time.
"The farmers of the nation can
render genuinely patriotic service by
lending all the money they can to
their government and encouraging
everybody else to do tho same. It
makes no difference how small the
loan. It will be helpful. Those who
an buy 'only Thrift Stamps should
buy Thrift Stamps. Those who can
buy only War Savings Stamps should
buy War Savings Stamps.
"The government has now put
these loans in such convenient form
that there is no citizen In the land
who can not help to some extent if
he Is patriotic enough to do so.
"The farmers are already perform
ing patriotic service of the highest
value In raising the foodstuffs need
ed by our own military forces and
civilian populations of the great
nations associated with us, but they
have a further duty to perform. Tbey
should Invest all their available mon
ey in the obligations of their gov
ernment. In doing so they will not
only benefit themselves by saving
this money, but will be helping to de
fend their liberties, their rights and
their farms against the threatened
aggressions of the most powerful
autocratic and military government
ever created
"The farmers of the nation traditi
onally are freedom loving people. I
know that the American farmers of
today are just as liberty loving as
their heroic ancestors. I know that
tbey will Join with other Americans
of every business and profession in
providing the money which will en
able their government to fight to a
victorious conclusion this great war
for Liberty, Justice and America's
acred rights."
The Tiroes-Herald Is pleased to
learn from those actively engaged In
the work of extermination that the
poisoning campaign against grass
hoppers Is effective artd results are
satisfactory. At first somo were dis
couraged but later when the weather
conditions Improved It was noted
that the poisoning was doing Its work
and the pests were dying by the mil
lions. Mr. Thompson has been at work
most of this week and has several
volunteers to assist In mixing the
poison and spreading H over Infected
places. The first application was
watched with Interest but was dis
appointing, but upon being convinced
the cold snap had something to do
with It, In fact later denomatratlons
proving this to be the case, renewed
effort Is being put forth and the hop
pers aro getting what we are prepar
ing to give the "Hun."
Mrs. M. V. Dodge, county food
administrator, goes to Portland nest
week to be present at a conference to
1m held there during the meeting of
the State Council of Defense, May 22
and 23, She had been commanded
to be present at this conference and
expects big results irom it. So far
there has been a disposition upon the
part of some to pay but little atten
tion to the requests and now there Is
to be a move to compel obedience.
Mrs. Dodge informs Tho Times
Herald that so far there has been no
response to her request that wheat
be turnod in and apparently no heed
taken to the order that no household
shall have more than 30 day supply
of wheat flour on hand and that the
limit Is 1 V lbs. for each person for
a week.
Mrs. Dodge further states that all
wheat not turned In before May 16
wilt bo requisitioned without fall
this Is also obligatory and must be
complied with.
Parties have been out In Poison
Creek, Sage Hen and the districts up
the river with petitions asking that
the consolidation of these districts
with tho Burns school district be sub
mitted to voters of the respective
districts at the annual school elec
tion in June. The petitions were
I readily signed by all who were ap
proached in the outlying districts and
were given boundary board for ac
tion In the afternoon.
This is a question of much Import
ance to the districts named and the
voters are asked to seriously consid
er the matter before election time.
Consolidated schools are attractive
and have advantages over the one
room country schools that should ap
peal to all concerned. The subject
wilt be discussed during the next few
weeks and the points brought out.
Capt. Poage Of the Home Guards
received a circular recently from the
acting Adjutant General of this state
outlining the requirements of an or
ganisation of militia companies. The
matter was submitted to those who
were out for drill-last night and tak
en under advisement, the expression
of all present was favorable to the de
mands and It looks favorable to the
acceptance of the regulations and a
formal application being made in
proper form for the designation of a
company in this city. Those who did
not see this circular and who are in
terested, may consalt with Capt.
The Times-Herald Job department
has printed the announcements and
class roll of the graduating class of
the Harney County High School. The
commencement exercises will be held
In Tocawama on nest Friday nlgbt.
May 17. when the' class will be ad
dressed by J. W. Biggs and awarded
their diploma.
There are eight In the class this
year: Carmen Donegan, Patrick
Donegan, Othel Ooff, Violet Harkey.
Ray Skeins, Esther Sweek, Juanlta
Upson, James Young.
Tbe Times-Herald Is reliably In
formed from a private source that
we are almost certain of government
aid In Improving the pdst roads be
tween this city and Crane and also
between here and Harney. We should
be In readiness to take advantage of
tbls good fortune and with local aid
together with the county funds avail
able we may secure a real road In
this country. It is a pity to have the
fine dirt road cut up so soon between
. here and Crane this season, but tbe
heavy traffic over it simply It too
much for that class of road. Gravel
ing these main thoroughfares during
the present season will be an impor
tant link in an east aud west road
Citizens Patronize Liberally and
Committee in Charge Grateful
To All Who Contributed to it.
r , ' ; '
I I vv j -
IV-a. itia I
W'ilirfrrT VaTJfao linl
A Great Net of Mercy drawn through
an Ocean of Unspeakable Pain"
eAmericanRed Cross
IBulgfea- I..,' JFr'. -
The Call From No Man's Land
Principal Sutton of the public
school announces that lie will have1
an interesting program of moving
pictures for exhibition on next Sat
urday afternoon, consist ing of two
real! showing the manufacture of
run nia in pens, on one of Albers Bros. !
mill products and another showing
the use of cement on the farm These
are In connection with the regular l
school picture program uud is being.
placed on the Hcreen on Sal unlay for
the benefit of the count i- people who
some In on that day to do Iholf trad
lug. Arrangmeul have been made
with business to d fray t he
expense ol this production and h will
iikeiy be followed by other program
of Kiicii character.
I. Wdiisliin. the I.av.en in. n haul
wus in town the lore part pf tlii
week to meal Mrs, vYtlneteln aha'ar
rived Irnni Portland on tho VVia.
stage, sin! has gono to Lawan to
look after Mr. Wclnstciii and the
hoys for awhile
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4r"!&jjp T jrf 4 S amKaY Bcm' "Ma 4JfBa IT K
r Bsr A.- J && ,ifir ?' $ ' n7,
The Times-Herald is Informed by
Mrs. Lewis, Chairman of the com
mittee In charge of the Red Cross
Bazaar held at Tonawama last Sat
urday, that It was a most satisfactory
success from every standpoint and
that the net receipts were a little
over $506.00. That's going some.
The writer has not had an oppor
tunity to interview Mrs. Lewis since
all the proceeds were in and neces
sary expenses deducted but over tho
phone tbe lady was bubbling over
with good feeling toward the splen
did aid given be committee and the
liberal way the people of this vici
nity patronised the undertaking.
The Times-Herald published the
several committees in charge of the
affair In a recent Issue. They were
all workers and proved the wisdom
in choosing them by results. The
Mother's Club should be added to the
list of workers and given duo credit
for the excellent manner in which
they assisted in the way of the cafe
teria supper, as they fed some 360
people and sent them away feeling
they had a square meal
During the afternoon and even
ing several raffles were pulled off for
articles including pigs, turkeys, cakes
on a voting contest for the ugliest
man or best looking woman, etc.
Every booth was liberally patronized
and each game had players crowding
around, one of tbe roost popular be
ing one to "Swat the Kaiser" which
gave the player the privilege of
throwng baseballs at the head of the
(termini Emperor at so much per.
Card Of Apprecution.
The unqualified success of the Red
Cross fla.aar of May th at Tonawa
ma wus unothi r evidence of the loyal
ty and patriotism of the people of
Harney county, and the committee
having the lia.aar in charge, rcullz
ing that this would not have been
possible but for the loyalty and gen
erosity of both donors and patrons,
wishes to publicly acknowledge Its
appreciation and gratitude to all who
so generously contributed In every
way to the splendid success of its un
dertaking. MRS. ZC. W. LEWI8. Chairman
All householders who can entirely
eliminate the use of wheat until the
next harvest, about September 1,
should do so.
Householders who are obliged to
use wheat should not use more than
a total of 1 Vj pounds of wheat flour
or prepared wheat, in any form, per
person per week, including the wheat
flour In Victory bread, aud Including
the wheat flour or prepared wheat
in crackers pastry, macaroni, break
fast and other foods.
In estimating flonr consumption
every 1 pounds of Victory bread,,
which is bread manufactured by bak
ers under the Regulations of the
United States Food Administration,
may be considered equal to one pound
of wheat flour.
This rationing requires a more re
trlcted use of wheat than that asked
for by the observance of whcatluss
davs and meuls, which are no long, r
obligatory; but in pracUiv it will l
found t hat even wider and miiro strict
Observance of whe:Uless dg and
meals will aid griatly in limiting the
household consumption of win al
flour uud other prepared wln.u i.i
1 Mi pounds por person per weeU.
Householders In towns ami cities
may not buy more than a quarter of
a burrol of flour at any one t
Hon iholders In the country nuiy I ol
buy more tliaii a half barrel of
4 any one time, In DO event .)i . I
purchaser have more than 80 days'
i npply on hand.
The llindenburg line Is ObgUj
wllli disconcerting rapidity, but tho
bread lines in Germany keep their
place from day to day.
BAT PCI ATOM 1 SAVi: wheat;