The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 02, 1918, Image 4

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Tim Mssrtes .... n
i "CAMtmtkm" h the riegaR M 7e haw m dupotltton to .ni
i M American DM, and It I. a good ' mlo lb. Hiip.iriiinee Of thi If W
RioRn Bat it thoald apply to " ii... Rortniaval ordering imi
government an well M to the rftfcMM. I.trntlon of all alien enemies We
Although doublleu our official, at should have been 'I,..,,- at
Wa.hlngton are doing their utmo.t time we entered the war. I tit
, lu thla direction, yet there la In the we greatly fear that even IBM
rank and file of government em- move will not put a .ir
ployeea. large room for Improvement, the machination, of the enemy
Some month, ago when the food In thta country, from the fact
con.ervatlon campaign opened, there that hla readleat tool, are not alien..
wu appointed In a certain atate a but cltlien. of thla country. The
publicity agent who proudly announ- alien I. an ea.y peraon to watch but
ced that he had left hla own bu.l- the tratltorou. cltlaen sometime.
ne.a In the hand, of employe, while baffle, the be.t effort, of the .police,
he aerved hi. country without pay. And. humiliating a. It la to admit It
HI. flr.t act waa to dlapatch tele- we have a number of these. Some of
grama to every newspaper In the them would doubtless balk at actual
state calling attention to the nee- sedition, yet every .lay of their llvos
easily of co-operating with the gov- they are aiding the RMM of the Hun.
eminent, and urging the support of They kick and knock and find faul
(he WW to the fight for food con of every act of our government, and
servatlon No sane man can doubt If they were men of e-eifhl their
that everv one of these telegrams pesslmlstl. influence would Ml dla-
were paid for l.y the government ai astrous. Happily for the country,
full rates, when a two-cent stamp however, the great majorltv of our
would have taken each one. and got- people are loyal, and the soon place
ten It to Its destination In twenty- these gentry where tljey rightfully
mi OMMMM I'lionifTH kiiiht
The Octopus lt Mag Hurt
Mull ortler houses do not look with
faor upon the awakening of the
small towns.
They do not like the facts regard
ing the menace the mall order house,
brought to the attention of folks who
live in the small town.
They do not like the position rome
of the foremost magazines have tak
four hours.
There Is such a thing as "saving
at the spigot and wasting at the
bung". The government machinery
Is the bung and cannot be watched
too closely.
belong - outside the pale.
The commandments this season
are entirely new. Incxpenslveness
looms ud a. a vital eon.ldera'.o.i,
America', egport. have again aet and the problem of .electing a spring
a high record, having, according to hat assume, a different aspect. To
the report of the department of com I quote from an article in the February
merce. pasaed the 18, 000. 000.000 ' Oood Heusekeeping:
i, i- iaiT with imi.orts of less "As In previous season, the flr.t
of the foremost magazines -"- l thi. leave, our' dictate, of fa.h.on are .mall. close
.. of trying to preserve the .mall , "" J" ' .. ... morft th.n fltt.ns turbsn. of ..tin; some .re not
towns where life Is worth while In "- o,i-i.i In their
preference to aggrandizement of the 1 $3,000,000,000
.. ..' . - a i a.- I i ngTliriUif i.i thu htit. Willi olhtTM
'T. rUy, ?; V'larSflcU'Tt'n. oTel: doubled our ability to to- ' feature brims in a MdU..
,-rlnd and health sacrificed to the .hnik .. m.nner Some small hat.
tJod of Commerce.
They do not like the practice of
the modem small town merchant of convince him of his error
reat Germany from a financial stand- wholly new manner Some .mall nat.
point, a sight of these figures should are popular with a brim turned down
The over the face with the effect of an
exhibiting wares of the mail orde.
house alongside of his own. and pric
es of each set forth In plain figures
Thev do not like folks to learn
ii....i tit.t.. i. the ret creditor ' eyeshade. probably designed by the
nation of the world today. The pre- Fren. h so that they might escape
paratlons that have been made for b a turn of the nean some ... .,..-
Ihe BtTUgfta have scarcely scratch
many mail order articles ar I Hi Igl of our resources
.heap ! cause tiiey ar- "second.'
aaltt wans wlii h lo.-al m.r
chant, who value tbetf goad name
: , i! itomeri
i.iirmrs of the war that surround
them Main of these little kail have
Hi. brim rolling upward m the hack,
10 thai wliale.r was lial brims
an blown by the aiada of taehlon,
ti,.. on M. r nf m one t nhraj i
And the ciiiouraging featarn of
the situation bj that the pOOB.
of all tins raw wealth are nnettnti d-
'V',". ,,. y placing it at the dMpoaal of their certain to be ... style
Thte spreading of th.- cnliKhtinK ' m ",v
MiinR to cripple the room country.
The power and mlnlit of Al
baa decreed the doom of lierniau
that h.c- hean laying the golden egg
The attitude of the mall Ordl t
houses baa turned from Indignation
to resentment into a eryataHsod
determination to do something.
The unsuspecting public upon
-hich they have waxed rich must
not be lost never!
So an orsanized plan for influenc
ing small town folks, and extracting
'heir hard earned dollars which
should be kept at home to lav ree.t
their land values and general pros
perity. Is now being formulated
The Institution behind this plan
proposes to establish newspapers in
two thousand small towns.
Their mail order propaganda is to
he advanced through these newspap
ers. The work of this advance agent is
to t followed up bj personal soli I
'ution for business
It is proposed to eventually broad
m the plan to embrace the entire
United States.
How ii mud .trafe thus.- hanghtj
flyer crews to be compelled tO take a
lillinf while a bat'' red old coal
autocraoy and katoerlam. with all the train irawis by aad limners up on
atrocities tiiey staiul for
the track before them
Hail to thy returning festival.
Old Bishop Valentine!
Great ia thy name in the annals!
Let Joy and Gayety Abound!
The Girls National Honor Guards
Most Cordially Request Voor la Costnsne At
A Colonial Ball
Tonawama Hall
Bring Your Dollar
Our ambition is to get your trade, and HOLD
IT, We know that the only way to hold it is to
DELIVER THE GOODS, and make good on every
We buy with this end in view, and we sell with
it in view. Our every act has this end in view.
Therefore, we invite you to bring that dollar to u sml watch it iter
form. No where In tbie whole community will it do more we lo not believe
there ft single place wbeje it will ! hh much.
It ts the goodi liMv the BEST Kds the M M8T goods and it frets
Consider one fact Hourly all of your Iriendi trsde here. And they trade
her. because they can do better hers. so. can ver:
Men now Kfown will have l I
,le,.. nn.l probably MMJ rorgolten be
foro experleme. an.l eoinlltlon. now
..-..v-iiiii will asaltt take plare
It I. aurely hope.l that war. .ueh
a. now prevail., will nver aRaln b
vl.lted upon mankind.
Yet It ia the war that brought
about the preaent rlrcum.tances.
We have passed from the ordinary
to the eitraordlnary condition of
moil everything.
Conervatlon and cooperation I.
the general order of thing..
We are a.ked and we give freely
to the requirement, of the Govern
ment, but we owe alo a duty to the
Immediate community we call our
home city and .tate.
Aiiioiir the big demand. MM
made. Ih that of saving In car equip
ment; car. muni be relea.ed wherev
er poa.lble for war u..
There ha. been, ami continue, to
be. a duplication of effort that will
eventually be prohibited why not
voluntarily fall In line?
Whv ahlu lumber to a distant
point, make flnl.hed product, and
hip back to Oregon?
Why raise grsln and ship away
while other state, forward the fln
l.hed cereal to u "
And o It goe.. In endles. variety,
ship and resblp, and why?
Borne one pays all this needles.
It I. the ultlmste consumer who
csrrlea the load.
The dealer claims that It Is the
consumer's demand that causes him
to stock the good, made elsewhere,
but which are also produced here in
like quantity and at similar price.
Does Mr. Retailer really do his
part In exerting extra effort to en
courage sale of home produets or
done be .imply pass alow? b th
ea gleet route any goods that may be
asked for. without thought or eon
ilderatlen of the community wet
rure? Onl of the dollar Sfssji 'or
goods made ileewaete rorbIMji ji
. , i.i r. Mi.iin in Orcfoa, while 'b
principal end profll both May hire
if an home nrii. ie be oll
With millions going oat of Hi
.State in Kiiiqx.rt or ninny VOftttJ do-
t-.ipii- made upon u . asoaf of It
ni'ti r i ORM back.
Doge ii ' rOf Mtrlke the av. r:i.
. illen we milKl IMIUaerre for the wel
fare of our community.
The ship Industry is one of tin
I Ml lexKoiiM of Ho- b.iieiit of payroll
Mow can any merehani adopt
melliod tbut operate against ()rKon
paroll. With SUrb evlilenre b.'lor
Not one but seeks with avidity the
benefit to be derive.l from payroll,
itome one else builds up.
Hut how many tr to iMffWMI
those already her.-, by en. ouraglng
the sale and use of local output in
all lines''
This business of patronizing home
industries is not an idea invented in
Oregon we have no patent on It.
The truth is, wo are miles behind
jour sister States in the loyalty with'
whlrb they stand by the factories!
that do so much to make prosperity.
It Is not a question of sobs, sub
sidles or sympathy.
It is one of duty and orders
The government advises the nation--"Buy
Local Products."
It la patriotic to do so and the tier
son who falls Is in the slacker class
He Is keeping step with the man
who boasts that thi. Is his own. hi.
native laud, but refuses to buy a lloud.
Don't be a slacker don't watt to
be drafted be a volunteer for Ore
gon products.
Services at 11:00 o'clock. Sub
Jut of Desson Sermon next Sunday:
TIM Te timoiilal Me ting, Weilnes
day at 7:30 P. M.
The reading room in the chur.h
Kdlflce, Is open on Tuesday anil Kri
day from 2 to 4 P. M.
Sunday Kchuol meets on Sunday at
10 o clock
Pupil . may be admitted to its
classes up to the age of 20 years.
The public Is cordially invited to
Hie Church Services ai.d to the
' Reading Room.
New Subscribers
Since Dec. 1, 1917
Brought & I'.vfimn lie
HurriH Commercial Club
Cobb, (. M., Utdimm
Chow Iee, IteMtrttirent
Club Cafe, rii-Htnurant
Donegan, J . 1 ., Office
iviton. H. K., Resfdesm
(Jr. ff, Frank, Residence
Newell, Devero, l'H-
Ninctv-Six Bunch
Peabody, Kaiph.
HichardHon, Jan.
Shireman. H. C,
Sawyer, Frank I)
Smith, Chip (J.,
Sutton, Win.,
Welcome, F. W..
Wbeelon, Burt
Weaver, .1. W
Crane, On-.
.1. E. WILTON, Se-. nnd Hen. Mrr.
There sre a million soldier. In
thi. country who would give ix
month', psy for the opportunity Dr.
Law, the kalaer'a Amerlcsn dentist,
so csrelesaly threw away.
The Chicago Boy.' Brotherhood
Republic advertises for "the mesn
e.t boy in the United States" and
guarantees that in U months he
will be 100 per cent good. They
may be able to make good all right,
but ita a safe bet they will hare no
a. r. t M.
K K H O L I' T I O
A Word To Mothers
Mr..K J. Bedard. Cowlch, Wash.
saya. "Foley. Honey and Tar is the
best I have ever u.ed. I a I way. keep
a bottle in the house for the child
ren. A quick cure for cough, and
.olds... It heals raw. Inflamed aur
looseiis pbl .-Km. eases hoarse-
;u..l dirfh lilt breathing, che.k
raikliiK COSgtU Sold b ROtd Hro
Oo-d-by: "Breathe on the n
lamp and let it go out' . Thu tM
lei P Reynolds, an esteemed ai
ber of this lodge paid tin debt
nature and passed awa mips
rnl sleep on January 24. 1918.
Honesty and Industry were
i !i tint companions and the tr
board of his life will pass ir:pstj
In the land beyond the rlwr
To his widow and s.rr. :ng ftl
Urea we extend our .incr. m
gad may the Lord lift upon rhea
iigfct of bis countenat.'
t h.-tu peace.
Fraternally sub (!
Wm FARai
J. M fj
Given by
COUNCIL No. 8888, P.P.P.
Friday February Twenty-Second,
Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen
Boys Vaster Eighteen Years Not Allowed To Dance
TICKETS $1 OO K Formal Invitations Will Be Issued
1, j
Snow, wind and extreme cold caus
ed more colds this winter than In '
years. Foley's Honey Tar proved
Its worth lu thousands of homes.
Mrs. Kdward Strevy. It. 37, Clinton
O . aays: "I think Foley's Honey and
Tar Is the only medicine for coughs
iiinl rohls recommended it highly."
Klne for . hildren. Sold by Reed
Bra i.
Open Every Night
with a series of Strictly
High Class Pictures
Popular Prices
A good wuy to insure ibe defeat nl
the Oerman nraiei would be t fur-
nisli .ii. in a few hundred thousand
gallon, of bout leg linker such us i
prevalent in prohibition sections of
i in i, 1 1 1 Oermani liquid tire is
mild In .ouipurlson.