The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 26, 1918, Image 2

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For (lie pur pour of IiuIIiIIiir up the
-sod of our new country Inxurlng iut
MMM fertality and readily con
vertible caiih InvoMiinciit, (he irinal
4rmng Is that In which a large
portion of the crops are marketed on
four legs. Pure bred and high grade
livestock farming la particularly
adapted to Crook and Deschutes
countlon and the fame of the Ochoco
eteer Is well known throughout the
late, nefore the war a ton of al
falfa gold off the ranch took with It
About five dollars' worth of plant
food. Feed this ton on the place and
that valuo In manure and fortallz
Ing eOBltttVtntl will be returned to
the soil. Few records, If any. show
is an Improved livestock counlry
that lias decreased in value and pro
duction. While, we are all familiar
with the deplorable, Impoverished
condition of the soil brought about
in the Ned River Valley and other
atettoni clour to home by the con
tinuous cropping of wheat. For
these reasons, as well as because
some kind of livestock farming fits
particularly well In our farming pro
gram. Central Oregon farmers may
well consider this industry at the
present time.
The United States department of
Agriculture Is urging farmers In all
sections of the country to Increase
the production of meat, milk and
vool. All classes of animals are
bringing unprecedent prices and the
world shortage of food producing
livestock will prevent a serloua de-
Industry presents great possibilities
for the Central Oregon farmer. At
the same time the farmer who i
livestock is not only aiding Ills conn
try In her hour of need, but Is en
gaging In a business that should be
permanently profitable.- Hy H. A
Ward, In the Portland Journal.
wakns ri'ei'i.i: OF ATROCITIWI
A single wolf in Colorado took a
toll of nearly 13000 worth of rattle
In one year; In Texas, 2 wolves kill
ed 72 sheep valued at $9 each during
a period of two weeks; In Oregon. 4
coyote In two nights Idled 1G pure
bred rams vnlucd at $20 each; and I
bobcat In New Mexico In one month
killed ill lambs, 1 ewe, and 1 goat
belonging to a single ranchman
These points are bought out In a re
port on the work of the Hiireau of
HloloKical Survey of the I'nltcd
Slates Department of Agriculture for
the flcal year ended June 30, 1917.
The destruction of such stock
killing animals has a iliresct bearing
on the increased production and con
servation of the Nation's food sup
ply. Their control means that stock
and poultry raising can be conduct
ed with safety, and with this In view
the bureau employs a force of 175
to 300 hunters and trappers who
hunt these animals. They accept no
bounties from any source, all skins
of animals taken becoming tho pro
perty of the Government. Last year
the proceeds from this source
amounted to approximately $36,000.
During the year 30.G12 predatory
animals were taken. Including G56
.crease In prices for a long time, even wolves. 22,342 coyotes, 107 BOM
after the war Is over. tain lions., I,0 bobcats, and 60
It musl be remember: d that the bears. Hears are generally consider
ommctvial stock of domestic animals I 'd game animals and ure nol molest-
in Furope, especially In the war zont
Warning or tho atrocities, "horri
ble, brutal, beastly, and consistent
ly oflrial," that American soldiers
soon will be suffering at the hands
of Germany's Inhuman army, was
voiced In an addreaa hore Wedneaday
night by Major Orayaon P. Murphy,
formerly In charge of the American
Red Croaa work In Prance, who re
turned to thla country Sunday. MaJ
Murphy resigned from the Ked Cross
to Join the staff of General Purshlug,
says a New York dispatch.
"I cannot describe the
things (hat Germany has done In
women and children and the poor,
old suffering people In coUnrles
where she has set her drcudful foot,''
Major Murphy said. "Ilritlsh offic
ers told of scores of wounded Kng-
llsh soldiers piled In heaps and then
bombarded with band grenudes. It
will be but a short time before our
boys are going to suffer those same
things. You have got to build, and
sacrifice, no matter what It costs to
heat, that beast."
Muildlng up the spirit of the peo
ple behind the lines In Kurope Is the
great work of tho Hod Croaa, the
speaker declared. Contributors to
the lied Cross In this country have
thus become one of the largest fac
tors In the war, he said.
"Up to this day. Germany la vic
torious In this war." Major Murphy
continued. "Any peace that is made
on the basis of today's conditions
WOttld be practically a complete vic
tory for Germany and for the German
Idea Germany has lost nothing In
Germany's rhlef occupation these
davs Is coaching the Kumilan bear In
the correct form of that proposed
"scrap of paper".
Wheu that registration of alien
enemies la completed, it ia safe to
predict that tho Rogues' Gallery will
be enriched with a choice lot of new
Cor Miller and C. Bts.
Sunday High Mass at 10:30 o'clock
Week days Mass at 7 o'clock.
Instructions for children Satur
horrll( J days at 9 A M
Itev. Minier 1-rancia, v. r . m.
Rev. Lyman Rrough, Pastor.
A cordial invitation Is extended
to you to attend our sorvlcea . The
hours of tho service on the Sabbath
are aa follews:
Preaching at 1 1 A. M.
Sabbath School at 10 A. M.
Young People' meeting at 6:45
P. M.
Song service at 7: SO P. M.
Preaching at 8:00 P. M.
Prayer meeting Wedneaday at 7:10
P. M.
have 1 11 seriously depleted, prncli-
cally wiped out In some Instances,
and that following the war there
should be a large export trade in
breeding mares raws, ewi l and towi
to replace thla loss.
ed by the predatory-animal hunters ",Ih wur ,,ul hlood. She has rought
exupt In cases of Individuals known HO f"r "" US territory of others. She
to have the habit of killing stock. In ,,MM ''fawn from the territory of
addition to the capture of animals OUHTg vast supplies of materials and
by means of traps and shooting, ex vnH H,I"IM Ol money. She has had
i.nsive poiaOlBlag pglgns wore between 40,090,000 and GO. 000, 000
eon. In. led, and It Is couserial ly People working for her for praetl.
siinialed Unit at least 7.'..M0 nr da- '""'' "" M rially iih slaws. She
destroyed la this otOMlahod bar carted bold on
Tie i:r - of gr-i a:, r Bttppli
lei of meal during Ibe war bai I n'to) snimala were
generally remitted. The bureau of manner. v" ll,:i "" Torteoj and on Bulgaria,
crop etimatea or tho United States At r.-suit or this destruction or ""l has at her fool murdered
department or Agriculture sires the tocU-kllling animala a mrmm savins ""' rl ' ' ;""' unfortunata Knmanla.
.is or stock bogs on tho farms
of the United States on September 1,
1916, as 05.645.000. while on Sep
tember 1. 1917, this number has
fallen to fio,, a total decrease
of 5,427,000 animals. At the same
ol cattle sheep, goats, boi n sine. A i-.uk1iIi woman toi.i me tiiat
nu.i poultry bus he.n affected, In ad there was a threat of a Oerman
ditlon to reducing greatly the danger 'oatoB, ths women carriod poison
to human lire from rabies, Stock-1 ' them lii save Iheiie elves from
men have shown much Interest In the I " they would fsOS ir German
work und In instances 'troops landed. "
time the demand- on tho country for have contlbuted funds for eo-opera-
lome ii.- consumption anil for ex
port require an Increase of II per
ent in pork production In 1011 over
the production of u normal year.
This Is in DO way intended to urge
the farmers of Central OrOgOD Into
the hog business as our local feed
auditions ure adapted to hog produc
tion on a large scale. At I he same
time, however. It Is felt that there
tion. The States of Nevudu. Utah,
and Washington are also 00 op rat
ing. having appropriated substantial
ran I for the purpu .
The damage done by predatory
animals has been Increased by the
prevalence among them of rabies.
This disease spreads from the point
of origin In Oregon Into the States
of Nevada. California. Idaho, and
Is room on every ranch for two hogs Utah. Cattle and sheep were destroy
to consume garbage and waste. The cd in large numbers and hundreds of
"two-hogs-on-every-ranch" campaign l" rtOBS were bitten. As u result of
i- being inaugurated In many states the Campaign conducted by the
aud it is worthy of consideration bureau In co-operation with local
hire. It would In a inea-iire, solve authorities and stockmen, the spread
our local demand for pork and re- of the disease has been .becked und
!eBe that much more; for export to conditions have been greatly luprov
our army and its allies. ed." It Is believed that with the ..hi
Another branch of the livestock tliuiiince of the work complete eradl
industry that will bear Investigation cation or this alarming disease
or adaption to Central Oregon needs among the wild animals of the af
1s the establishment of farm flocks, reeled States can be accomplished forage and sheep feed goes o
to waste on the average furm to care
for from 15 to 20 ewes throughout
the feeding season. With wool and
mutton at present prfegg and a great
depletion in the range herds of
ttheep, the maintaining of u small
riock or ewes on the average ranch
will tin round a profitable Invcitt
inenl. Our local climate, neither ex
tremely cold in winter, nor excessive
ly hot in summer, simplifies ths
problem of winter maintenance and
makes the growth or lambs in slim
mer. Bhsep are quits easily bandied
Oregon poiiltrymen want to help
I... -l,. a..,.. ...i.. !... - u.. ,
, ... . .I..... n.i. in,: war uv Krownig
more poultry and feeding less wheat
as be requests them to do. but they
also say that they need a little help
In return The Oregon Poultry
Producers Association at farmers
Week passed resolutions to Ibis ef-
li II i and sent OOpiSS to In adiiai I ers
at Washington.
They have been asked to double
are highly efficient in their consump- the productioa ol poultry and eggs
ol feeding staffs, and leave .heir during the coming year and are will
droppings one of tin- moal highly Ing to do so whether they make mon-
value. i fertaliaors. There are addltl- e or nol At Prof. .Dryden told
oual reasons Wbj our Central OrOgOfl thom, It Is not now as formerly a
farmers should lake up the farm purely badness proposition in which
flock id.n :i range state. Oregon thoy should grow only so many
Is a great producer of wool and mut- ' chicks us could be raised ut a pro
ton. The whole business, bowei.r, III Patriot ism must be mixed with
has been revolutionized. The range business. And they agreed.
lias been curtailed, early lambing lint they are also asked to use but
, come to stu. more Led must be ten percent of wheal In their feeds,
used in winter maintenance and, be- and this is where they need help
i ause of an Increased International corn, barley, oats sod karrir are the
demand for WOOl and mutton Willi usual substitutes fOf wheal, hut corn
no Corresponding increase In produc 000001 be hud at all ut a fair price
lion, high prlOOS are probably a per- anil the oilier grains ure scarce and
Bwnont oond'tion, Bwea worth S to I higb and going higher. Bran and
14.00 per h ad a decade ago now short! are hard to gel and ol poor
MMt from Iio to S 1 8 per bead. QUA! It) although the fixed print M
The demand tor eattls ami booty these i, tho Ooroomonl is roa on
Iran horses suitable tor form use, able.
wifi undoubtedly kn-p pace With the The Oregon poull rymen want to
lernnnd for other onuses of llvostocBV, got corn prices fixed al reasoosbl.ii
Henry draft geldings art al the prei figures and supply placed on the
ni nme Bringing a premium In ths market, Boms aueh provision la
Chicago i :',.:. ,, ,,. ,,,,,,. mfi i, t li x are al.l
Jill lllllull(il. I.I.I II. ..I II II I i II 1 .
' ' ' '..'.... in li u si- no low l lie ai I nil III 1 r;i I In a ,
the range oayu lay Ths Government was also petition-
From tlw brief resume of tho Uvs ed to increase the number ol
stock situation, which hog touched In army rations U the United Stati
but lightly upon two of Hie more to In lp Offssl tlie high grain COtl as
i.iomlneiit llveiitock topics, ii can J well us save red meat for shipment
.readily bg seen that the livestock to the ullles.
of Stanfield,
Umitilla County,
Candidate for
United States
Senator from
The Man
Who Believes
in the Develop
ment of
EfyouhsWi not received
complete cony of my prin
ciplMj write me at Stanfield
R. N. Stanfield
T3B IsssB
Its purity .'it tended
ly iiil'-rnal ioillll PX
pertj its efficiency
nri'liiiim-il li trrate
fill housewives. The
si andard for 1 wenty
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some -Economical
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double acting
Baking Powder
I .n't the frowrm of our enemy
Wf) ifeOVM fear, but UM Ti mi Ii
Unit hldeM behind the smilon of a
Ing Ferdinand has deelrted to
I his son thn throne of Knmanla.
i not stated what erlm the young
i Is guilty of to deserve such
ere punishment.
The Oerman crown prince at least
irrven commendation for the
racefulness with which he takes de-
Mud The irlp Three H'eessI
wnn .niiniiii) iimii'i "i Krlag
l.lliKerlllK eoldM SSJggj In , . ,ri I
nystem ca unlng one to m he all os
feel ferelnh and chilly, tired, his)
and drooping. Mrs. Llssle TrJ
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ter had lagrlppe for three wrekt.
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