The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 25, 1915, Image 4

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Hat The Larfc.t Circulation Of Any
Nfwipiprr In Hnrrrv County.
I oon News.
Uoy Human! is in tin city.
tin in clock.-. :ii S;il
Lem Lowe wus down from
Harney yesterday.
Meet me at the Burns Hotel. '
That's the central place in town
All kinds of grain including
wheat at Lunnburic Dalton A Oo.
Ed Howard was over from hill
ranch home near Drewsey during
this week.
Chicken dinner Sunday at the
Overland 12 o'clock and also
from 5:;) in the evening.
George Marsden was a business;
visitor from Hoar V alley the early
part of this week.
I am closing out the toilet and
manicure sots. You can get one
cheap at Salisbury's.
Geo. W. Cawllirl.l was regis
tered at the Burns this work
from Narrows.
Mrs. Millar has made a gener
al reduction on all her millinery.
See her at Schwartz store.
The way to better telephone
service can be had by subscrib
ing tor a .luntura-nurns tele
phone. C. A. Sebaper and his daughter,
Miss Bertha, were over from
their home near Diamond (luring,
the week.
Mrs. Wm. Gray and her little
son Wilher were up from their
home near Harrimun Thursday to
have some dental work done.
For Kent -Furnished
First National Bank
Burns, Oregon
Burnt, Oregoivj&ec. 18, 1915
To Our Friend and Pntren:
A we approach the Evening of the Ye ar, we
again consider it a pleasurable duty to formally ac
knowledge our deep appreciation of the continued
support and confidence reposed in our institution
by our many friends and patrons.
The year has dealt kindly with us, it being
one of the most successful in our history, as has
been evidenced by our several published reports.
A greatly incseased volume of business and grow
ing clienttle has necessitated additional office help
and we have installed the very latest records and
nn up-to-date book-keeping machine in order that
our present efficient service might fully conform
with the most modern methods.
With the approach of the Holidays the sea
son of Good Will and Good Cheer we desire to
extend to our many friends our best wishes for a
merry Christmas, and to express the hope that the
new year may bring you, each and all, an abund
ant measure of prosperity.
Very Sincerely Yours,
Bare bargains in clocks at Sal
isbury .leweler.
with privilege of bath and one
unfurnished outside room. In-1
quire at this office.
The many friendsand admirers
of Dr. Benson are pleased fo
learn he has decided to remain in
Burns until after the New Year
and will occupy the pulpit at the
Presbyterian church on Sunday,
January 2.
All millinary at reduced prices
for the holidays at the Cllniran
Hat Shop.
Harry Car; and Walter Gray
were Pusmess visitors inun i.uw
en this week.
We do job printing.
Mexican Chilli at Mac's Res
taurant Paramount pictures at Tonn
wama next Monday night.
Herman Ituli and wife were
Rolled barley, wheal and oats vj:.,it(,rs to our city Thursday.
tor sale a) market prices. W. A.
, ... i ... i Best o care given patients at
Goodman s feed yard. ,, ,,. '
Mrs. I'iroovod s maternity liospi-
Mrs. Rose Henderson was a la
business visitor t our city this
, Mrs. I rank ( ole came over
from Jim turn to attend the fun
Tule Circle will give a masked (,raj ()f AJrs yrd
hall :it loiiawatn.t on Jan. KB
Swyth left Tuesday1
r Portland ami Corval-
Geo. A
morning for
lis to visit with his son Fred
during the holiday vacation per
iod. He was accompanied out by
Mrs. rarnesf Music and Mrs.
John Gemberling and her daugh
ter isora, who go to visit with
relatives for a short time.
Miss Lillian Hendricks arrived
here Saturday evening for the
purpose of caring for Mrs. Julian
Bvrd. Miss Hendricks has be
come a very proficient nurse
since her graduation and her
many old lime school friends are
pleased to learn that she p
a most creditable examination be
fore the state board to be it reg-
Kthel Haiti"
nish music.
irehestra will fur-
Mixed timothy and clover seed
istered nurse, passing with high y :u
credits. Miss Hendricks is a mate of the hospital for many
urraduate of the Harney County , months and his demise was not
for stile. W. T. VanderVeer,
Drewsey, Oregon.
Marguerite Clark, famous film
favorite, in "Wildflower" Tona
watna Monday night.
He sure that your next pur
chase of bacon and lartl is from
the local packing plant it is up
to date and guaranteed to give
satisfaction. Ask your merchant
for it.
Mrs. Millar has "received some
of her Fall and Winter Millenery
and invites the ladies of this vic-
inity to call at the Schwartz
! store and see the display.
Good bread and pastry is us-
J ,,,l,,,,. l.,. iw.iir ll..iif ti-,.y.i
I -tj ,:iuini h ii ii i iiiJ uvw i i'mi i a win
f .,-... ---S- " m . . I . I . . . t k . . . llltHHil
, new w neai iiiiiur uv im: iiuni.i
Deceaaed bad been an in-; ..... - . . .. , ,
the hospital lor manyi ",... .. ... ... ,
your on ii iiaiu, '.in- mm, ur iiuun-
You know Mac has prepari d a
big Christmas and Sunday dinner
for you at the Restaurant and is
expecting you.
Marguerite Clark in "Wild
flowdr, " recommended by the
Woman's Home Companion at
Tonawnma. It's a Paramount!
Dr. Griirth was called to Dia
mond Wednesday to see Henry.
Hamilton, the old and respected
pioneer, who was quite ill. The
Doctor left the patient improv
ing. Died Monday, December, 20,
at the county hospital In this I
' I am I' i rci
High School and has many
friends throughout this Valley
unexpected. He was an uncle? of
Dan Varien and bad been a nsi-
Where the family resided for so dent of this Bection for many
many years. The young lady j years. The funeral services wera
will likely make her home in conducted Tuesday afternoon
this city and follow her profess- ( from the Baptist church, Rev.
ion. McRae conducting the service.
He can solve your Xmas problems.
Articles appropriate for presents are
now on display in wondrous profu
sion and variety. Gladden the
hearts of the little ones, with a trip
Place your orders early for
Table Delicacies
Fresh Fish and Oysters,
Fruit, Vegetables, Walnuts,
Almonds, Dates, Mince Meat
.Candy, Pickles, Olives, Cran-
ies, etc.
ur Shopping
ton, the Secretary.
Jas. Stephenson, Jr, who has
been here for the past month in
connection with a report for Kast
ern contractors on the Silvies
River Irrigation project left Wed
nesday morning for Chicago, go
ing out via Ilend.
.J. P. Mahon and wife came
over from their Anderson Valley
bona Wednesday to attend the
funeral of Mrs. IJyrd. Upon
their return they were accomp
anied by their foster son, Harvey
Marks, who will spend the holi
day vacation with them
Tom Allen .and wife came over
from the P. Ranch early this
week and Mr. Allen took his de
parture Tuesday morning to
.vpi'iid the holiday vacation with
his son Fred who is attending
school there. Mrs. Allen will
remainin this city during his
Mrs. M. II. Hrenton underwent
a very serious operation last Mon
day at the hands of Drs. Griffith
& Saurman for gall stones. The
patient was removed to her home
and while her condition has been
very grave she is really doing as
well as expected, Mrs. Hrenton
is a pioneer woman of this sec
tion and her many friends hope
for her speedy recovery.
The reception at Dr. Geary's
for Dr. and Mrs. Henson having
been cancelled an account of
death in our midst, the Presby
terian Ladies Aid gathered at the
Manse Tuesday afternoon and
presented the gift that was to
have been a feature of the enter
tainment. It is a beautiful read-
ng or piano lamp with electric
Wilson's Creamery Mutter at
("has. Ronii was in the oily
from Albrilton this week.
"Where The Trail Divides" to
night at Tonawama Paramount.
The new (lour made by the
Hums Milline '. from this year's
wheat is every sack guaranteed.
Try It.
Mrs. Miller will take orders
for the Palmer Garment Co., of
Chicago. Sample booli now of!
hand at the Schw.ul. .'.tore.
Charley Foley, son of Mr. nndl
Mrs. .1. ('. Foley, arrived home
last Saturday evening to spend
the hollidav vacation with home
For Sale Four head yearling
mules, 10 head brood mares in
foal. Pair large work horse sev
eral head yearling, two year old.
and weaning colls. II. Dennutn
Harriman, Oiegon.
We are making up our first
directory, which wiil go to press
about the nth of December.
You had heller subscribe for
your new 'phone in order that
your name or place of business
may be listed.
.luntura-Hurns Tel. A Tel. Co.
A lift!.- uon of Mi :owl M ru
Fre.d Denstedt had the misfor
tune to have his thigh broken
some ten days ago, the break be
ing so close to the hip joint that
it was necessary to nail the bont .
Drs. Griffith ftSaarmanprefom -
ad the operation ytsterda.
Kach Wednesday evening more
people greet the screen story ItfJ
"Million Dollar Mystery" a'
Tonawama. It is the most I brill-
ing serial picture story ever wit-, V
nossed in Hums and the double JR
number each evening give i p - n
trons a full evening of enl. i ;.im W
inent even though they have not ;'
witnessed the opening chapters. iJb
This being Christmas week J
and the members of the IJailliv?
Road Committee being too busy an
to devote a. much tune as was
expected In consideration of the
railroad plana mentioned in the
last issue of The Times-Herald
no definite action for th" general
mass meeting has been made. tn
However, the matter is receiving 13
seriou-i consideration and the
committee has promised a definite ' P'S
plan would be ready by next J
Tuesday. The general seiiti-ijJ
mentofthe people of the city iW
is evidently in favor of spe
carrying out the proposed
Julian Hyrd, the Swains and ar
olllif l'i l:ll!.,'. -IIP liVil-U'tlilmi il - i
...ill. .r..,..,..,!,. I'..- I I... n. ......
null KIUIIIUIIC I'M lie ni.iii. JJ
kindnesses and expressions ofji
sympathy from the people of!H.
l-liirMu i rwl 'iiJ 1. 1 f r ill ivitiir t iinit
IMII II.' (tll'l I II Hill 'llllllll. 1(1' II
trying bereavement. The many
evidences showing how Mr .
Hyrd was esteemed and loved by
bar acquaintance i certainly was
reflected in their manner toward
ill'' i . 1 1 1 1 1 . s iiiiiin;', nun lILTI' u.
grief. The members of the Fast- j Jr
ern Star, Presbyterian Ladies', k?
Aid, Library Ciub, the schools, IS
the respect shown by the busi-1 ir
Mrs. M. J. Hoffeditz was in
the city lliis wei k.
(tiHid barle) ground ,ii I
Whole and lolled bail for
ale. Phone or see Henry Vul
The Hums Hotel is the head
quirtafi for all when in town,
(lood table service, clean rooflli
and accommodating attendant .
$100,000. "1111. HANK IHAI MAKES
VOUR $t$ SAFE." account
Stop at the Rums Hotel when
in town, Bi i i rvice.
The best bncon and lard is on
sale at the local stores and the
Bumi Meat Marital and is packed
by the packing, plant of The
iiuriis Mih ii. Try it.
Vale i. ir N., M film Nn, (Hivu
VhL-. nit -hi .tl. ' .' , Itfl i
i" itb Klvt'i. ill i iiiv Ntirthorn
I'r ill - Ciiimi in i , . Ih.m (mat tilth I'
Mil'iMHM Sl. I mil.MlulHinttM liMK thia .'.'(( ol
M.i inin i, ii'i.'t iiifi iii iht . iiiif ntpplie
llnii IU P'h'l'l lh. i III i nil tin ul llllt
(I t i i m, in. . . i jiii) i mm uu i
..II,,; , ;, , r...- .w I
NOTlUiC KOH l'i ' l-t' t I '
l'NirliHlim I.AHI'UHI'i
Ihiiita, ui.'i'iiii, jiM i-mln i 16, ii' i
Ifotlimll lii-ri'hy nlv.'Ti Hint William II. hnwimi,
..( Ilu'tm, ()rfon, w ln, on Knhruitry 18, l'H
mail A.l'lltlutml llineaia'1 Knlrv N.
I.r Hr.4t Hf-Pllon .', 'Iiiwnahlp .',- Hmith Khukk
tl l-nal, Wllliiiiii-llr, Mtrldltfa haa llli'tl DOilC
l iriltMititm In MiHkt' Ileal Ihi'j'i'tr PftHlf , tfl
-Ulillah i'IhIii, til (lie Imtil tboVfl ilfm i II" d,
i" forn HmUUi mnl HvtlvrRl Uuroi,Oruii,
nn lit Itin Jtj ol lanuftr) ii'ifl.
i 'in nthtit ii nn. rtH WllllfaaiK.
L.t- i,nHinlrr. AIL.'ii It PorUr, llijr Hl'ihl,
t'lmrlra V. Kiel, all ol Hurna, UNfDD,
M. KARRK, Ri-Klal.T.
HMTI'li KIAII.M I ANI llll'iu,
IttiriiM, orvicon, ItoVtBlbtr 19, 1916
NhIH,' la hi-ri'li) hviii that Alton I.. Ilowanl,
tillltitita, i hi'ifdii, rt Iio mii SoVfmlnr L , II.
niitilf llMiiifatrnd Kntrv. No mill, for IoIrIU.
ami HJAWI,, Srrtlim J, I w t. 'Jft M ItilliK-.i
I UrllUffloiU MriMiMii, haa notlci
.-I' ii.ii-hi'iMt In inahit llnnl llin-n ror pruOf, Ul '
mnl. halt tliilin hi tin Imxl nl.ov , ,lrs. i II., -!
i.iiuri ReRiitsi land Rooelvar, m Hiirnt, Ore
t:i-i, nil Hi,' th ilar "I Jmii y, I'll i.
t Iminaiil llNMH-a w ICBMtM
lUvliii llr.M.ka, llntrv I Vmitiurti, l'all
v Rrmki man JejflTvrMt if, I hum nn, all I Mar
vrl) , fin k""-
W , I a it H k, lti-lait i
lliili i in i" i
H , --ii ui helm. i
i i 1 1 i tin !
. t- Id i I, n .ii i ftUM
Il . l, III pit)
ulipllia I.
,u .-ft I Hit
i i. i. . til Joiitl
. .lu.NKS lU'K a if,
hnnia, Oregon, NovomlivrW, Ivlft I
Notlrt uiini-iiy kIm'u that Mwftrd i 01b
OH, WllllM POii ""i' i- m 1 1 1 a la Manny,
UnrfUU.dld.Onl IhdnrOf Mnn-h, I'.'ll, fllif
In inltofTlruHworD tfUtornentnnd Api'lliatloii,
N'. 'i, !.(, in iitirohMi tin- NWUNKU.noctlouM,
liinnalilii .! s , Khiiki' L'I. vi tllaini-llu MitI
'Urn.aii'l i In lltuliiT UiiTi nn, under tin-pro
rjatoni ! tin- ait ol Jui'i- ;, ItTS, ami acta
iimm ti'latnry, hiniwn n Ilia "I IliiluT and HUill
I.n.v," at ain-ti vnlin- n in I tit i-f tlxed ! an
pralWntDt, nml thai pUrtOUll In null alipll
i mi inn i hi' In ml and 1 1 iii Iii-r I hereon havt lifn
pprnlsWa, in thoiUOt of (109 Hiiiiilml m tiara.
th- ilinhi-r i t 1 in nTi-l 10,000 00rd feet af 11 Ml
pit M, and Ibo lati'1 linn), that aahl appli
am mil inii'i nnai pmni in u upon
ol hia iipplhiitloii ami awom UttnaOl mi I hi
.-ii'iii; .. oi February, ititf, bworoiio Keuiah-r
nii.i Kti i lfr, at tin ma, Urognti
,n !! mimi la at lilftrtf to ptulrnl t It In pur
i linn' mloN i-uti v . ui Inn lai i' a rout cat at any
1 1 imp Ih-fon- put I'tii I am tea, hv II linn a rnrrohora
led afililnvit In ihiaoilli'i', alli-Kli'K fart which
WODld 1i-l'Hl tin' mi i I
Wm Fahmk. HrKliter.
Unriien Toiuilin
of Vuriii
Wmit jtt th
Statin and StPtctA
for a J i otpetouA
Z000mr 30, SS.
MM housos doting during tho
funeral services the many lloral
Offtrinfl, as well as other mani
festations of sorrow have made
a lasting impression upon those J"J
who mourn her and will ever he ' rj
k- iiiiii!C TT ! 1 l nfTnT?
duki no inav t jparanrp duki
HOW. m m T ?1 HDW.
co. SAlsXs CO.
In order to make room for other lines
we will place on sale beginning Monday,
Dec. 13, our entire line of Chinaware
and Ornamental Goods, consisting of
well known lines as Haviland and Ba
varian Plain and Hand painted goods.
rdilylv .
i hcoc guuua win iiiouvc vcijr ucauui ui
'$ Christmas Presents and will be sold at
r prices regardless of cost any quantity
S of one piece up.
Other Suitable Presents
t Ml KH .--I riCM LAND 01 I M i
It ii ma. ' IrOfOtl, Nul ciub i uiii, . i
In ItuLi rl M i in. Lit 'I uf r ol I I'm in, UrtfOU .
i OUMtli 9
Vou an h. i. I i ullfUd thai Worthy I. Wit
Mm,WbO i:l Vi a In hi.'Iick'Hi, iin Inn bUtl OfllCfl
aihlnai. llhl OU NuveUibtl 0, 11&, flic In lhl
Mtii r his ilniy ' ui 1 1 xoiKini Hp (ru I Inn to con
hVt hi -I tm iif IL i ii i.i 1'iiftin can r ho inn
In. nt Knitv. rterUI Nn, ",-M in.i.l- :,.. .ih,
l"li f. .1 -I.S-W',. ei ii, N,JM'.',.Nh'(N'4l
y,H ' , N'y-'W 4, r-.-c .i, owiiablu N H.,
lianiVW I'. W MiiliHan, am us KmUtldl loi
hu i -ui 1 1 nt altoioa thftl Kotieri i Diwfiird
hfta Dl v i Lull I litis kin 'I of i Mh-lM c t In- i .
that in- Iihn in m reaidi'd tin nun i in. I In- ha
lull. 1 1 nn lAhllah t Mil. h ' i Li" i on ttUbtltaU
iii on I In- ii fill 1 1. iti,: t In trnii Ih, 1 1 li Ihii wboll)
bI.Hm'LiIi.iI aftld Inn I llmt hi linn not I i on oil
an L I ihimI f.-i ru-ii m., 'ii mill laal wi
thai In . i Hi Hi I I..' pi in III rt Itiii-M n hailld
not InteiKl toiln i,.ilhli'U null raid lulu I ainl
Vlabftd hi i MiiLi H I i' H-llii'ini'ltnH'lu li It.
Vnn an , lloriloii, (nith oilhail ihnt Uh-
aahl uil.'tjut lona Mill Lc t.tkin ,ia i on ii m 1,
ami ymit roti'l intiy will bo cam -i-. ffllboui
iiiithi-i i Tiit ( M beard, Ithar hufou- ihia
oltl. . ,, Ml, ,if , il )llll M, ' t III,' III llHH
i, tlii i' will, in t unity ilnt a alter Iba I H'KI II
pllhllrntl'ill il thin tinlhi', n bOWU UOlOW,
Mini ihinui r undoi "iii, iNMli1 uii) i ipniid
Iio- in I Iii m ulii'k'iiii me ol nonloat, logoiboi
win dug pi oo l ha i loll Inm1 nnril i opy of
y HVWH 'in bi -ui'l iMiiiiahini li hi i In
pi taiin 01 l-y rrt(li'i-i'.l iiinil
Vuil ahoiihl a 'ii in in vnn I unaiti-r I hi- Dfttne ol
II,.' M t nllh-n to wnll h "" dOtlru fnlnn
iioiii i to In- Hem in you
W I I' i , H- ,'lr-li i
hut,- ..I Iiim piitil.. at 1( 1 1 Id . .' i imp li'l,.
llUlc i.f aul'lllld p.llilli'HlloU Inriliili' I .illi I I
hull"! thli'l pnhlh'allon J All Oft!) I. IVlfl
Hud m km i tn pnhlicHthiu Jannai B, 1910.
I -i i i ii i i K i iNO OtfH R
Burnt, Ortfon, m tnbur lo, lulfl
Nnihi ih bfioby Kton Ibai rbonmi itnaatii,
oi VoUtMt, Oregon, w ho mi Jum 11, I'M.', niadu
llniiMali'll'l I Mm So, UilnU.loi V ' I',, I.1,
hW'.hi.ctloii I. Tnwnalili'.'7HuuLli llaiiii' 'l .
W HliiliH'tlr Mm lilliin, ha iHoil notiri- of Intilli
linn to uiaiii' llual thn in piool, In ualnbtith
iit i ui in the html almvu di arrihud, In'), m It a
later anil Kmelvei, at Hurna, tri'on, nU the
mih day oi l iinoii i , iMi..
I Ul i. inn t u uin i ii- wlliieaaea
Ihuilial Iiiiiin :i. Il ma 'I I ti It li ,ntna
tun li.O.M,, ' K ln , , nil oi .lln
,' Wm. KAHltK, Iteglah I
CrKITID r'i 1 1 h i, ash 01 riO '
lliinyi, OtttfOUi I'ei i inher 'J, lul.i I
Nntlen la In iely l yen Ihiil II Inn eh V. Itiifb,
ol Hni ui, iawiiii. who, on ApiK h, inn, uitde
Rodger Bros.
Aluminum Ware Bpf
Many useful and appropriate articles
Coaster Sleds
for the children
Clark Heaters for cold weather driving
New Standard Food Choppers
-"Shamrock and Virginia Graniteware .
potions and an onyx shade
R I ID M C UassaisnIZ.
ted with brass filligree
and Mrs. Henson are
II UUi ' J,LrBBBW'lluy, rn n ei, mr M ' ,,
iWlmhlp .'1 Hnillll, Urtliu.
I. La- h ml itolh-r
r..iotWatM..ii pinol