The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 27, 1915, Image 4

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It KUl Lilt M'uW and Can aallv
Snak Whela.
Til rarest and moat valuable bird In
the New York aoologtcal garden ar
tbe etraage pair of soeretarv Mrt's iniiir
terad tn th oetrlch lious. "Bvrctary
bird" they ar called becaue of tlio
crest of long dark plume thai rataa
from th hack of their head. tiMtig
them th appearance of Ctaf -Hli n
bunch of quill feather beautd hl 4r
lt' an aristocratic mime, but t ho thing
tbat make th eecretary bird valuable
I not Ms looke. The natives of louth
Africa lore him hsflSsMs be can kick
Ilka a mule.
Toaa Into hie rag a nunkc. no mull or
bow Tldooa, and the unlit baatoa i
mediately. Th bird cautiously an
proacbM th anak with frlnga wide
epread to Mcape th sudden long hj
flight If ntoeatnrj, once, rwie. tar
times perhapa the aunko Iuiiros. Tn
bird dart back, waiting bu caanra,
At last It cornea, and one of tfcoa '
hard lege ahoota out Ilk the boot at R
mule, landing quarely oi llio snake's
head. It reela and falls back etutiued
to b knocked out completely by a sec
ond blow. And then It Tlctor pro
ceeds to awallow It whole.
In South Africa the birds nro ragaitf
ed as a great protection. Tlicy IN "f
fectlonat mate and always trawl to
gather. When pursued tlicy spread
their wings and mako off over the
ground with th speed of n malng
bora. Every Week.
Th Term May Hav Had Its Ori0in In
th Far East.
Th origin of the term "Imllun sum
mer," Ilka that of the word bllaxard."
has been th subject of much iv-i h.
It baa been traced back only as far U
tba latter part of the eighteenth .en
tury, and it did not Isjcoiue coiumou
until after the first decade of the nine
teenth. Many explanations of the name have
been offered, all of which assume (lint
the term "Indian" used lu this comae
tlon refer to the American Indiana
A recent not to th Monthly VTaath
er Review call attention to a totally
different uae of this term. In which the
reference Is not to the American In
dlans. but to Bast India
Under the British hoard of trad rag
ulatlons one of the load lines marked
on ships bears the Initials "1. S.." this
being the maximum depth to wlil. h
vessels can be loaded for voyages dur
big tha "Indian summer"-1, e . the Bag
season In the Indian seas.
How long baa the term "Indian sum
mer" been used In this aaaaal It la
not recorded In any dictionary nor ap
parently to any work on UlaolagJ
I it poaalblo that our antomnal In
dlan summer was so named by sailor
or traveler who saw lu It a rearm
blanc to tbe One weather attending
th northeast monsoon In India?
When te Stop Advsrt.i n.
An English Journal requested it num
ber of the largest advertisers to !vc
their opinions concerning the lx-t time
to top advertising, and Ihe fMtoWfcg
replies war received:
When the population cease to mul
tlply and the generation that crowdad
on after you and never heard of yon
atopa coming on.
When you have convinced vrybody
whose life will touch yours that you
hav better good and lower prices
than he can get anywhere . t-e
When you stop making fortunes sole
ly through tbe direct use of this mighty
When younger and fresher boo 1 lu
your line cease starting up.
When you would rather have your
own way and fall than take advice
and win.
A Candid Caller.
A amall boy bad been coerced Into
making an afternoon call with his
mother. Be bad rebelled vehemently
over the calling business, saying: "Aw.
what you want to make mo go there
for? She hasn't any boys, and It won't
be any fun."
But. dressed In bis best suit he bad
pot on his company manners nud had
behaved very well Indeed, and when
their hostess served refreshments he
began to feel glad that be lind come.
When It came time to leave be held
out his band, saying gallantly:
"Ooodby; I've had a good time" and
then, right while his young mother
waa beaming ber approval, he added
bonesUv "a whole lot better time
than I expected to have." Indlunnpo
Us New.
A Bsnsvolsnl Refusal.
"Senator, I wish you would give me
a Job aa your private secretary."
"Oh, my boy," responded the oily
asnator, "don't get mixed up with the
government service. Nothing to It
Ruins a young man. Besides, I have
promised tbat position to my son."
Kaoaas City Journal.
"I be a good after dinner speaker?'
"If there la such a thing as a good
after dinner speaker I presume you'd
call him one."Uetrolt Free Tress
"I aaw Mabel buying rouge the otber
"Tbat give color to tbe report that
aha patnta." Baltimore American.
Man's Adventurous Sids.
There Is always a temptation to
cross a bridge which has been con
demned, man being an iiiLvoniuroin
cuss at heart.- Atchison Clolie
Tbe confidence we have lu ourselves
give birth to much of that wo have lu
others. La Rochefoucauld
In Good Company.
When Professor Walter Ruli-lgh, an
Englishman, wbo Is a direct do
aceudant of tb orlgiual Kir Waller
Raleigh, waaaaked to lector at Prince
ton college Professor Root of I'rln, s
ton went down to th station to meet
tbe distinguished visitor nud
him to bis rooms. Professor Root did
not know Professor Rslelgh, hut he
took a chance on being able to locate
him to tbe crowd tbat got off the
train. Walking np to a uiuu thai be
thought looked like him, bo said:
"I beg your pardon, but am I ad
dressing Walter Raleigh V"
Tbe man looked at blm for a mo
ment and replied:
"No; I am Christopher Columbus.
Waiter Raleigh Is In tbe smoking room
with Queen Elisabeth." Ufc-
The Treadmill.
Tbe drat use of the treadmill waa In
China, where It did lervlcs lu remote
times tn Irrigating tha laud. It was In
troduced Into English prisons In lhlT
as a mean of punishment
FaUur after mucb perseverance la
better than never to bava bad a striv
ing worth calling a failure.
.,. by Wbleh VmmIs May ImH
Thslr Tor) AH.
It n ili surprise attack which to
aoariy rr case anahhw a aubtoarln
to torpedo hoatlla ship. Thor ar
i MBMvm by mvans of which
a ship run lil'k 11 submarine. Several
have dlvertel tmptslo bv
swinging round their stein until It
points In in direction of thumlerson
i.iii In lota way th waah of the
Hellers has deflected the torpedo
from Ita course mul It has sped harm
(Mat it mark. Another success
ful m., I lu --loke up th furnacoa of
, ,, vhuted ly a subroarlne, and
in i . blink amok tielchea from lis
funnel ami cumIui th vessel lu n
relive threat In this way the aub-
iii, nine gunaen are eonfud and can
in, i peftte the oorret direction In
Hlil. Ii to send their torpedo.
A sitatdj ship whh-h roiiow an er
railc itoaag coura praaenta a poor
mark 10 u submarine. When a toriHdo
I .llspalihcil imnliisl a fast traveling
raaal It Is directed to a point Just
ahead of its mark, and the craft lit-
crall.v runs Into tho death dealing d
1 1, e This obviously cannot hnpeii.
h i If a ship Is swinging rapidly
from side to shle and alternately point
Inn tho narrow expanse of Ita bowa or
stern to tho undersea marksmen-
A Hiilmiiirlne seldom attacks a vaal
If It I not alone, for It can only attack
one nt a time, and while It Is launching
torrwda M Its drat mark tba second
veaavl has so excellent opportunity of
ramming the submarine, which ran b
toratod i-.v lis telltale pertocope.-Per-Kim's
Make It Suit Net Visiter, hut tha Os
cupsnts f th Mem.
Is anything new to be said about tb
eutrauce hall? Tba smallest room In
most houses. It Is usually given to th
plans an amount of attention thai
might seem out of all proportion to tb
rei ..r the house And yet th ordi
nary entrauce, whether It be a mer
vestibule, a snaclou ball of th colo
ulal style or, aa la our present day
fashion, a part of th living room sat
off by an archway, la gult unsatlsfac
tory. It hi unsatisfactory for this rea
sun -that the entrance way hi designed
and delimited from th standpoint of
the Impression It makes on visitor,
whereas the impression w should k
Is not that made upon guests, but upon
ourselves. Ihe occupant of tb house
Too often we give tb ntraoc te
tere treatment that Impresses tb stu
dent of beauty or tbat amass tho lea
discriminating visitor by tbe other ex
treme of lavish display. But bow does
either of these two typaa of entrance
affect those wbo come Into tb bouse
many times every day. th good man
and his good wife and their children?
Is It a room tbat by Its suggestion of
rest and repose tempt on after a
hard day' work at tb offlce to drop
into the flrst easy chair that comes
along, or doea It Irritate tb nerves and
keep one going, restless and uneasy,
wandering from tb entrance to tb
living room and from tb living room
tu tin- study and thence to tb attic by
way of th Iiisrmul7- Uood Health
Suppressing Swearing.
I'm fane as wall a legal oath hav
been tbe subject of many parllamen
tnry measures tu Eugland. No fewer
than th e separate bill having tb pre
ventlon of swearing for tbelr object
were presented during tb reign of
James I., but It waa not until ItSSI
tbat au enactment waa Anally carried
dedolng and controlling tb offense
In 1U33 a public department era e
tabllsbed to collect tbe line enforced
by this law The olBcinls of this de
pnrtineiit, of whom on was appoint.!
In every parish, were allowed '.' si
In the pound ou the money thus col
lected, and the balance was paid over
to the bishop for the benefit of tb de
earvtM iswr. Thee penalties ceased
to I - enforced after tbe restoration,
hut were revived by a statute of Wll
Ibim and Mary and atlll further lu
creased under tleorg II.
Strci Surveying.
There I In tie terocopb method
of pliotngTauhlcaurveylng. I'botograpb
an- taken at two point with a eurvey
Ing camera, th plate being exposed lu
tbe vertical plane passing through both
station. Tbe developed plate, or pos
itive from them, being then placed In
a stereoscopic measuring machine that
comblue tbe pictures, a brief calcula
tlon glvea tbe exact poaltlon of any de
sired point Tbe effective rang of the
Instrument I put at about Bv miles
and tbe method Is Mid to b of partk-u
lar advantage tn mapping large area
of mountainous country.
A Rssl Grievance.
Magistrate How com It tbat yoo
dared to break Into this gentleman's
house lu tbe dead of night? I'rlaoner
SVhy. your worship, tb otbr time yon
reproached me for stealing In broad
daylight Ain't I to be allowed to
work at all V- London Telegraph.
Her lea.
"The spelling book's all wrong, mam
ma." "Why so, Etbair
"Because It don't look right for a lit
tle thing Ilk a kitten to bare six let
ter and a big cat to ouly have tbree."
Youkers fltatesinan.
Cause and Cffsol.
-When I sing I get tears in
rye. What can I do for Hilar
Stuff cotton In your eara."-Clilcao
'1 hi- one prndeni e of life I coucen
tint Inn; the one evil Is dissipation -
How They Are Ueed and Haw They
Are Sarvsd In Publlo Places.
Tbe uae of chopsticks is general lu
Japan, except among tbe richer claas-i-h.
who bar adopted ICuropeau knives
and forks, and, to some extent, tbe
European culalue. Small bowls of eht
uu or lucijuered wooil are tb usuul
Hilda eiiulpment tfter tb various
solid porUona of tb food have been
lifted to tbe mouth wltb chopsticks the
liquid remaining Is sipped from lb
lu tin- case of rice, which would be
tedious to pick up grain by grain, tbe
bowl la often raised to tbe month and
tin! rice shoveled or pushed la wltb tbe
chopsticks. It Is slso customary to
pour ii little tea Into the rice bowl aft
er It bus been nearly emptied, and In
this way tbe few remaining grama of
rlie are waabed down as lbs tea I
At public places tb chopsticks at
t-u'.b weal must bo new. This Is Indi
cated by tbe fact that tb cbopeUcks
ar mad from on place of wood and
nro left joined togtbr, aa war
matches at one time la the United
Htates. These new chopsticks are ln
caaed In a thin paper envelope, ld
at tba end, aud bearing Japanese char-
m.Osfs iulwnimi! either the hotel or
some flrtu tii..t ha inrnistxed them free
to tho proprietor for tb eaka of tha
publicity thus gained. Toothpicks,
Which ar freely usd by all Japan
at meal, are also Inclosed lu envelop
Ibat frequently bear advertising mat
terNew Vork Time.
T I. Great latent They Ar Dsvslsp
msnt o( Firework.
Wgr I a wholesale firework calc
ination. A giant llrccracker la really
s dangerous homh, and ride grenade
are but small rockets, carrying high
explosives and tired from tides Ureal
fort destroying pniWtllea look simply
Ilka gigantic rockets.
The drat uuigaslne gun waa a Ho
mau candle The drat prujectllv pro
pelled by uu explosive was a rocket.
The drat shrapnel was a bomb dis
charging luminous stars Instead of bul
let. Modern warfare Is, to speak, a
development of I , nirth of July Ideas.
However, gunpowder the Oral ex
plosive waa Itself mere play stuff for
at least thouannd years liefore any
body thought of nslug H for war pur
poses It waa commonly employed la
China for fireworks and cracker dur
lug the earliest centuries of the Chris
tian era. Tin- Imtnbs nowadays drop
ped by military aviator are children's
torpedoes magnified l make I Hem
Really an Incendiary bomb waa tba
famous "tlreek flr" of th cruaadera.
It has heeu aatd that abaapnal Is a
mutinied fireworks bomb. It ha tba
form of a cylinder, which, si a dhv
tance from tb gun innaal suitably
timed iy fuse, blow lis own bead
off, throwing out 1KW or more lead bu!
lets tbat travel mi their own account
with a velocity of 400 feet a soound -IMilladelhplii
Cmtrls Whr Women Qsi.
Krlday. the Sabbath or Ihe Moslems,
wbeu all true believer of th maw-it
Hue gender make a point of going to
church, their wives, sisters and daugh
ter resort to the cemeteries and wall
for the dead. Hut all their time I not
spent In weeping, and sorrow Is nt th
only emotion they display ou these oc
casions. They take wltb them buncbea
and garlanda of flower and decorate
tbe grave of their relative and pray
and weep over the dead for a time
Then when this pious duly Is perform
ed they gather lu Hill groups and bat
a good time gosalpltig about the living
Thus tb day of mourning I vary popu
lar among the Moslem woman. It glvse
them almost the ouly opportunity they
nave of cultivating tbe acquaintance of
tbelr neighbors
Crowns by Whlls
It la told of one of the ancient king
of Egypt that Ids coronation proces
sion occupied a hole day In isxaatug
through the city of Alexandria and
tbat a.Mtti . towns of gold wer carried
by the sei vut. On crown was thr
feet lu height and twenty four feet to
circumference. There wer also car
rled In the is-ocrseloa sixty-four suits
of golden unuor. two boots of gold,
four nod a half feet lu length; twelve
golden basins, ten large vaaae of per
fume for the baths, twelv wer.
dfty dlahoe eud a I urge number of ta
ble all of gold. Tweuty-thre of tb
3.2U0 crown were valued at (334.4UU.
and It hi not surprising tbat lb pro
cession was guarded b) lXMJtkJ soldiers
- Kt. James' tlaaett
Lai Her In on This.
"1 believe a man should b master
in his own house." said Ihe newly mar
rled uino "There mu he ouly one
head lu a family, mid I mean to be It'
"That's s very good bleu.' answer
his friend, who bud been married
more years thiiti lha otber bad lived.
"a very good Idea Inileod Have you
spoken to your wife about It'.' Hi
Louis Post llpuliii
Trs Laavs and Wstar.
Ash t.-iiM-. are i-auilil of taking up
uKin- wale tlinii those of nisi other
trees lu a hundred im I- of ash
leaves are eighty Ave of water. In the
'uuie weight t U-i-eh leaves seventy
five, of maple slitv. of pine fourteen
Hid of tlr ten
Naturally 8.
Hbe'-i lieen n eon. elled slni-e they
nuiniigiil to get a player piano"
"Well dear pluyer plmm owners do
ss n gt t ml thing put on airs."- Bal
tliiime Xiuerhan
Scrap Book
A Oalicat Distinction.
An Irish fin mer wus particularly
i .ml f siiiiKiige-i. aud one Friday lb
,io Mi priest iiilllug unexpectedly
niille Ml.iiiul MTBJ nt dlnuer, found bbi
iiiiiHliliinei enJoyliiK sauaag. "Ml
Imol. ' suid ibe priest, "you must not
indulge In meat ou tbla day." "Hur,
father, it's not meat I'm eating; It'a
sausage" "Hut, Michael, saussga la
meat." "Ob, no, your reverence; suu
sag I not meat!" "Wall, Michael,
you know better, ao I'll aay no mure,
but I am lu need of fliwwood, aud you
may bring m a load."
The next day Michael appeared at
tbe pi lest' residence wltb a load of
sawdust. "Michael, I did not want
any aawduat," said lb priest. "It waa
wood I wanted." "Hur, father, It
was wood I brought." replied Michael.
"No, It was not; It was aawduat," an
swered tba father. "But, father, If
sausage 1 meat Isn't sawdust wood?'
aaki-d Michael. London K I press.
Thus Spak Zorosstsr.
Pollute thou not iny spirit; keep it purs,
And 1st thy pathway be tha way of truth,
For truth la loftier than an earthly crown,
Tlslds honor aud nobility to kins.
Rata the lowly born to Virtue's throne.
Pay fervent homes unto nature's lawa
And all the wondroue works of Ood sd-
Th oeeana that reflect th dying sun,
Tli mountain what y pi so departed
friend. ' a,
Tha atara, th aklsa, the earth, th wavsa,
tha air.
And tin. Isst do thou avsrmurs ka
for from th earth spring forth th nad-
d fruit;
Th balmy lr eoiitnliis tiia breath of Uod;
Th water that y drain support all llf
So from polloiloii keep all theas aecure.
- A. I-'. Ar4etr-llrinanck.
Hard en Har Husbsnds.
Tbe subeditor In charge of tb "per
sonal Inquiry" column opened hi aev
entletb letter with a groan.
"I have loat three husbands," s lady
reader bnd written confidentially, "and
now hav tb offer of a fourth. Shall
I ucei'pt III in V"
With a look of uttar boredom tb
subeditor dipped hi pen In Ibe Ink
This was tbe last straw.
"If you'v loat tbree buabauds," ne
wrote, "I should aay you are much too
care) to b trusted wltb a fourth r
I,oudou Ulobe.
Maintained at ertmuth rr Inllslad
Men f th Navy.
ronsmnulh, N II. has what la
claimed to be ill only rlubliou In
tb country for tb eaUstod men of
tb navy. There are Y. M. C. A. hulld
lugs in Newport, Brooklyn, Norfolk
and Philadelphia, hut the Porta nib
clubbouae. kuown fl the Reading
Room, I something unite different.
and Ita unique Ideas and the extent of
Ita success bava made It famous wher
ever a ship or the American navy Is
There are no dues nt this einii and
no red tape. The only requirement Is
that on must be an enlisted man of
the navy, lie then becomes u full
fldgd member of the club, with the
privilege of howling on Hie latent im
proved alleys for !',' cents a string or
!I0 ccnta an hour, or of playing pool er
hllllarda at Ihe same rate, or having
all the privilege of an up to date gym
nasium, with shower baths, soap,
towel, etc., for 50 cents a mouth, or
of "sitting In" at a game of cards,
checker or chess nt any of the numer
ous tables In the game and reading
mom for nothing; or of rending, free,
tb uew from homo in the thirty
paper from all seel ions of the ceuntry:
or of iMsstng the time in perusing,
without coat, what bo likes lu thirty
tuagaalnea. sclent Me and popular; or
taking hla pick lu th mnlmgnny fur-
iilahcd library of 1,51)0 volumes of
book without coat or trouble
All this la In addition to n big dan-e
ball, where ha ran hornpipe to his
heart's content. - Cleveland Plain
There Ar a Thousand Waya, but Only
On Right Way, Says an tspsrt.
"Tb right way of a thousand waya
to make roffre." ay an esdjkxft, "i" to
take tba fresh product and grind It
vary One, but not pulverised, i'luii
place It In an earthen Jar In propor
tions of a heaping tnblospooufnl for
every cupful required After tills pottf
on boiling, bubbling water, let II stand
Ave minutes and then atlr with a
spoon. After Ave mors minutes pear
off carefully, and It will then possess
all of the good that should lie in cedfe.
It la then without th bitter which la
Incidental to iMillliig and without lb
metal lte which la Incidental to Its
contact wltb th pot. The whole se
cret lie lu the water -It must b huh
bllng, boiling because the oil will not
fuse with water until It Is bubbling.
"Here Is where the cook most al
waya fall UUO time out ,.r IjBM
When the vapor Is rtrl observed com-
Uw lha si,,, ill or the not tile
I i.miu..Minis ,,r ih water Is about
190 degrees I' . while at tin- taihhlllig
point It should register lift And al
waya remember that lu hoiking roffue
It la beat always to let the "pen.lilnlu
deal out tbe coffee mid In making lei
let tbe miser deal out the tea "
Tbe eiHrt was nskisl xroj so many
people who write for a living drink
bad coffee. II simply replied that the
secret In tba making wus the bubbling
In the wer.- New Vork World.
Qrast Man Born In Wartime.
It Is pointed out that during the first
year of tbe last century, from UB0 or
1810 to 1NIB. wlieii nil i:uiiiM was suf
fering from the Niisileoiili- wars, all"
gave birth to almost every great man
who was to guide her better destinies
for ! years to come, lu tbat
period of travail llrlluln gave birth In
War!!, Oladatolie. lulslen. Ilrlght,
Uruwnlng, Tetinyam, Hlmfiesbury and
many otters. Italy bad favour, Mas
tin'. Oarlbaldl and Vbtor Kinmaiiiui,
the four men who aecurts the liberty
and onlty of tba Italian kingdom,
America gave us Wsndell I'bllllps, Wll-
iiam uoyd oarriaun, Harriet it.-e.iier
Btowe. Henry Ward lieecber aud. moat
gloriou of all. Abraham Lincoln-
British Weekly.
Spaniah Silkworm.
Pour hundred year ago the silk of
Hevlllr. tbeu the moat fa vis In the
world, were exported to all eiiuntrlc,
for Bpelu waa tba flrst tuition of "tat
rn Euros to lako up silk culture
Tba climate of Kpaln Is exiullcut for
tbla Industry, mid flue sllkworuis. sin h
aa were employed when llk cnlllva
tlon waa at Ita height, lire nvnllalilu
In the foothills of (lie Sl.-rni Niiiulii,
near tlrnuudn This umirf luis u life
of fifty days, during the llrst thirty
of which It grow tu ulsnit ii.rssi times
Ita original weight. Ninety six tlum
sand small eggs of the silkworm weigh
on nunc.
Th Extinct Potto.
Tb disln, a bird bigger tlinii a tur
key ami too Ininy tn By, us lis wing
wer only rudimentary, was very cast
mon lu MauiilliiH when tbiit Isluud
was discovered lu HMI, but Its ilesh
waa ao good to cut nud It wus so In
capable of aelf piiilisiliiu Hint within
forty year It Isn'uinu extinct
Reaolt Wanted.
"Wbo Is tlml voting man that calls
on daughter?"
"A budding poet, father."
"Well, tell lllm In ..line in, mild when
be has blossomed and Is it bio to show
the fruit of his labor." Kansas lily
They Said:
in the Northwest. Hut corn is grown here- good corn, small cobs,
deep kernels, solid ears, and plenty bushels per acre.
Every farmer - every live stock owner
every dairyman knows what corn means.
Wbsther oroul you know tliali-orii la a aiieeeasful crep la this aountrr, so aud th mult
of aoaiapslau for inoru .orkud h.-lter pork, in. ir rltl,raor dairies and sllist, tad bsltsr
Irii.-a at lbs
Information and Premium List Free
upon application to
General Passenger Agent
Portland, Ore.
A Diplomatic Offlolal.
(iniiiiu the reign of Emperor Napo
leon 111. be aud tbe euipr visited
Normandy and had arranged to spend
a couple of daya at Bvreus. M. Jan.
Her d la Monte, who was the prefect,
lea mod that tile revolutionaries intend
ed to bias tha sovereigns as thay pasa
ed, aud so ha summoned tbe leader of
the movement and told tbe in tbat be
know of their plot. "If you carry out
your plan." said he to them, "you will
get six month In prison. If you do
not your friends will accuse you of
cowardice and treason. Aa a way out
of the difficulty 1 propoae to look you
up at once until the emperor baa
gone." The conspirators accepted the
lerins offered them, and ao tba emper
or was greeted ouly by cheer, aa the
revolutionaries, frightened at the ar
rest of their chiefs, bad not dared to
utter a sound.
Th Tall f fish.
A Ash's tall la Ita wlnga. Owing to
the machinery of muscle set abmg Ita
spine aud to Ha cleaving form a trout
or salmon can dart through tbe water
at a tremendous pace, though Its rail
Id (lights, unlike the bird's, are not
long ones. II I soou tired The water
la not ao friendly to Alghi as the air.
The stroke of the Ash's tall Is ou of
great power, and by means of It mul
th writhing, snskellk flexion of lb
Ik sly a high spd I readied, Th
strength behind this spaed I ahowo In
the way a flab or aea mammal out of
the water will rats It tall and strike
the ground or boat
eight column capacity
F. 0. B. Maywood. ID.
Sold on one year's
credit or 3 per cent,
discount for cash.
American Can Company
Chicago, Hi.
p. booklet dJ8CriD-
"ee iena tooki tiewtrip-
, tive of American Adding una
, . i tJn Mtachine
nfe WxHCnine.
('lipped from.
Please mention this paper
answering this ad.
Regular preaching eervicea each
Sunday at 11 a m.,and 7:80p.m.
Sunday-school at 10 a. m.
every Sunday.
Tuesday Bible Study at 7:30
p. m.
Wednesday Mid-week Prayer
meeting at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday evening at 6:45 o'clock
young peoples meeting.
Will be glad to call on the sick
and needy at any time.
S. U Flowers, Pastor,
Job printing here.
Chamberlain's Tablets.
mi..-...i j--i- t.i..j.jTh( Ufollette
l nut in me niroacinn iiuenum
especially for stomach? trouble.
biliousness and constipation. It
ia meeting; with much success
and rapidly gaining; in favor and
popularity. For aale by all deal-
Christian Science Church.
Christian Scientists will hold
there services at the Presbyter
ian Church, Sundays at 8 P. M.
Wednesdays at 7:80 p. m. Sun
day School at 1:80 p. m. Read
ing Room at room No. 6 Masonic
Building and it will be open
on Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons of each week from 2
until 6 o'clock. This is a free
reading room and people are wel
come to come during those hours.
These features alone are
conclusive evidence that
we hold the strictest cen
sorship over business in
trusted to us.
Gen. Mgr.
ornouL Diaacroav
rrsTB oaaeoa i
t! a
lOeo. g. chamberlain
Harry nsiir
W 0 llswlrr
lit i siiinoi
ti: N
tlturuer Oanaral
UrorfsM Hrosii
,aiH wliajfromiH-
Mx-rsfsri ol
aa w. oii-i.i!
S4. fublti' lutlrscllon
UU rrtsUr
1. II Kay I
. I A Oiun hill !
Joba lwnliin- ;
I r. A. sioora
I Use H Saru.-i I
(ftobi Kskn.
asnat Jadass K. a. Haa'
I 'lliua A. U. Hill. I
Hsarr. I.. Hanson I
l Isiwrsar T .Harria
NINTH JPPIiiAi. insrait T
liusrlrl Jade PsIiob H.
l ousty Altorssy IIMi, I Nuamii
(.'brail Court th ant Moad- In
A aril sd Irat Meadaj la OuUbsr.
lulsl aasator
loloi kasrsaaoUUta
I. V -I. s.,1
liana ia-
oocavt- hasssv:
Coabtt Ju.le
Assessor .....
aehael Ssprlutsileut
II. C. '
It T ll.iiii.. l
K A Miller
W. A.
t . 4 . I'onraai. ,
I. M llamilion
... W. i l. .. ii.. -John
illni Hem
stock laear
. It H..l,Mi.
Ceaslr ttoart weal the arc Wsdnewlaj in
Jansart, Msreb. Mr, Julr. Sptmbr u.l
Nov bet.
abssv r. s. use emit:
Win Ian-
Staslver Hani Motberab.-.!
lit SISa
MaeUaa ol list Coaaell ry SMond sml
fourth wsdaasd
,. H.f. t.rrii.
Hoy Vsn Winn.
llanrr I'
,.R. L.llalu.a
lorg Kry
( i mill Smllli
I i. S. U,aii
I sBa Muiiiarahuail
If You Want ALL. The Home News
Rest Job
wj .jl. li'V.vb'H t"'3fcsrwiT
Scrubbing Unnecessary
Enamel your walls and woodwork and secure a
finish that is hard and smooth, non-aksorbent and
sanitary. Enameled surfaces do not require scrub
bing. An occasional wiping with u damp cloth
will keep them looking clean ami fresh.
are easily applied. They cost no more than ordinary
paint and save you time, trouble and worry.
Our "Home Decorating" booklet tells you how
you can "do it yourself" at trifling cost.
Ask for a free copy.
Burns Hardware Co.
Agents Wanted -To iwprMWit
Nursery Co.
. rlnlnnl)m
ITUWIl I" i ,raui viii
4000 feel elevation and without
irrigation. Best trees for Cen
tral Oregon. Everybody wanta
them. Write for particulara.
Theodore Hubbard. Box 72,
Prineville, Oregon.
Save Your Coupons.
With all kodak finishing
asBfiiintimr to $2.00 I will glven
8x10 enln wment of your favorite
! film .!'. Film" developed 10c
I per roll any size. Packs 26c.
i prints Be. postcards 5c.
Sayer Studio. Burns, Ore.
Wilson's Creamery Butter at
$1500 Reward!
Tb Oreeva, 0a
Hotel a
l.lvs steal
ik rtstes
ttoa AMoslsUoeM
huh ihs uaaei-
Isasii is awtisbet.
will lv. H.OM.s
rswartf lev
deaae leadlai te
lbs arrsit sail mm
vleueo e aa? aar
troraartlas steiuV
lut Sanaa. U
or mntssbslmaiag
tu sar uf us sen
In s.lfiiii'.i. in i in- aUivi-, lb
.,11. it i in- ami) in million HOO.W for all fe
him t.-i beetl kea bsron bother either lew.
I Miami riH-oniwi In i-lsbt roaattes Rase
lllsriisv. Ik ami i 'riwh poaatlss. Haras
Ki.ns MM srown horses sold sad ealr I
rsi beat in
w w li how N rtls. Orsaom.
l!KiTsrnTATl,Ab Ornea,
liiiiiia,irean, Nofsnsber It. 1Mb
Nun., in hereby l rea last SrwakUa W. Van)
ol Harney, Oregon, bo, on Jun It. 114
hommra.leiiiiy No wais, for tola l.t,W itU
-.-, ,. In I, 1 - . KaBIS as Ksst. Will MU
Mml'lliiu liaa II led liotll Ol lUlODliO U, BMk
film I i.iii in utal Ion .iHt, to astsblls, elslst
1. 1 the lami d.arrtbsd, tstfore SsgltUr
nil I:, i rlrsf, a', i-iirua.orrfoa.oa thsnadgay
,. liee.ititier Itlft
laimaiil nam.-, as wlissss:
II. I.,, i.ii.i. Hare l.i.loi. I. L Poajsds as
i A lien, nil ..I llaruev tlrssou.
Kaass. Bsclsui
Til I
.i. .22
Rifle in the WORLD.
"' la III tS.I IIIIkI.'ISI
..r . Short It. F. car-
ImIk.-s Uu- idbcr for .19
lilllo It P.
Handle IS- .SS
1 1ST
Short and If .ft
Ions rilte catftrhbra.
Sriul for handsos hr
lilnatrstnl Rifle Crta-
liiKanil "How to
Order St
li.ini your Dealer.
P. o. too.
jrLf-4LLA' J
Loaf I
Jp" AlmT
U Ji
f '7J
. falaSsssMhwas
a year
Fh yak-la r s m d But not
?. Ui. CBflRY
Phvsklan ami Surgeon
Burn, - - - Oregon.
Offloe on aeeond fleof Tonaaama Hlilg.
Plume Main S5,
Physicians and Surgeons
Call answers I promptly niiilil or Hay
'Fboste llarriman.
Harriman, Oregon
Dr-Minnie Hand
Physician and Surgeon
Direct Telephone Connection
Albr'Uon. Ore.
Office first door rat khote ir.illcry
Born. Oregon
Attorney at Law
OlYlc Practice
Land Scrip for Sals
Vale, Ore, on
Attorney at taw
Veegtlr Bldg., Horn . t h. K.,n
Attorney -ii l-1. ,-iw,
Burns, Oregon.
Attorney at taw
Contact and practif I, (,.. C. H. lM,i
Office sperialty
Office: Kry Bldg. next ioot to it offlm
Burns, Oregon
CHflRliES W. EbiilS
Burns, - - Oregon
Practice in the Stain tiinrta and be
fore the U.K. Uud (Jfli...
Char. 11. i . i.iinnl.,
Careful attntiuii given to Collec
tions and ki-ril Kstiin- inaitsira.
l'ire IiiMir.tin .
Notary l'ul'lir
Burn. Okkuon.
SUte Courts and United States
Land Office Practice
Three doors South of the
Harney County National Bank
Burns. Oresron.
r-aaarljr Ami. Knrli..-.-.
tD. S RerUniailun - i
A. O. I M-.ENBa
lormeriy Cbtsf Kb-
Bimt-r ot aoi. a
ITtslata Ry.
Eastern Oregon Engineering
Bsrss, Oiykos
Meals At All Hours. Shorte
Orders. and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Rates S
Give Me A Call
te TlatswHcraM vafMtaa
Ullllllllirrommt nt::::::::ntint:nnt:
House Painting
Paper Hanging
and Decorating
Hardwood Finishing
Fresco Painting
I Batlaauttea on ap
I UcUa. Sample shown.
JOHN (iKMIthltllMI.
Fine Wsich Repairing A Sp
Tonawama tonight
JsaSCSK- W '
ssrSaVsg. .