The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 20, 1915, Image 4

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Scrap Book
Improving on the Author.
U "Forty Years on the Btage'' the
author. John at Ha roes, hat this to say
of Lucy Raymond, "that wouderrvl
"old woman,'" with whom ln often
"If It war poaslbls 'or Dor '" ,0
runnier thnn when site was spooking
her lines It waa when suo forgot them
Hat narnlaxltr wa MeitlttlnK. On
tba Brst night of II. J. Byron's "Our
Soldiers' aba had to say to Miss Kta
Bishep: 'Shakespeare says, "what's In
a namr I aay everything.' I ndaf
tha Influence of first nlkl'l nervous
neaa bar mind wandered tampornrlly
nit aha said. haltingly and simsmoil
loallv -Romebodv eava: "Who Is It?
la It Chancer or Sir Benjamin J"hu
aon or Shakaapear or some of t'iose
old gentlemen you see In wr-stmiimer
ahheT? What's In a nnineT
"Byron, who waa standing by. shook
with laughter and Immediately Mild:
'all, I can't write anything ns funny
as that I'll put that In." And it will
ba found Incorporated In the printed
book of tha play aa sold toaay.
Bisrra Pan.
I am Srs and dew and sunshine:
f am mlat on tha foamy wave;
Tm tha rippling nota of the field lurk's
I'm tha laws! hid In tha cava.
I'm tha lightning flash on the mountain
Ajxt tha cold rose red of the dawn:
fro the odor of p(n and the purple vine
I'm tha wlllewy leap of the fawn.
I'm the alh of the aoulh wind of autumn
Tha scent of tha earth at first rain.
The wild honker call of tha earliest fall:
I'm tba yellow of ripening (rain.
m tha muslo no linger has dreamed uf:
I'm tba picture from no painter's art;
I'm the rhythmle time of no poet's rime;
I'm Joy In the human heart.
Henry Meade Uland
In Perfect Accord.
Soma years ago there cane t tin
American cltv a delightful t.orinnn.
Herr von Bills, who bibanaM to sup
port himself by giving lesson In Ills
native tongue. When BS kasl bsesj
here aeveral month and hud secured
a moderate number of pupils lie went
one day to the mother of one of llieni
and. to her crest surprise, skel for
her daughter's band In marriage.
"But, my dear sir," siihl she. "uiv
daughter has no fortune "
The aultor smiled upon her In an ex
pansive generosity.
"Ma, too," said be reassuringly
"And. although we are not rich,
have thu far itcen Bble to gtva her
every comfort. She Is Imli-ctl oaad to
"Me, too," was the smlllug rejoinder
"But. Herr von Blitz, she will never
he able to msnsgn affairs."
"Me. too," rejoined the lover
"And I feel obliged to lell you IBM
my daughter has a very liliili tennier."
"Me, too me. too."
That wits enough The nioiher re
tired from the coutest. hihI Hie pro
feasor won bis suit
Took the Hint.
Once, when O. K. Chesterton was at
a dinner party, the hostess did not
give the usual signal for Hie ladies to
retire at the end of the meal so that
the men could enjoy their nine and
cigars, aa is the custom. "U. K. ('.'"
brilliant conversation seemed to hare
glued the fair diners to their seats.
Presently one of the ladles pointed
to onp of the caudles on the KM and
exclaimed: "Ob, look at that ni. he.l
candle! How it's amoklug!'
Chesterton turned to her with a sign.
"Lucky candle," be said enviously.
The hostess took the hint at asm
and smilingly rose and quitted the
room with the other ladies, leaving
tba famous writer and the rest of the
male guests free to enjoy "My lastly
Nicotine" in peace.
Sticking to tha Track.
Aa former Congressman Martin Ut
ile ton tells the tale, a railroad was
built through an obscure corner of a
atate where no railroads ever had the
hardihood to venture, before On the
day tba first train ran over the line
the engineer, pulling out from a small
way station, discovered that u coun
try boy waa riding a horse tietweeu
the rails a abort distance uhead
The engineer sounded bis whistle
again and again, but the rider only
lashed bis horse Into a gallop and
made no effort to turn off into the
farm lands which flanked the right of
way. At the end of a mile long cbnse
tba locomotive waa ao close Bpoa the
laboring horse that the cowcatcher al
moat touched It bind hoof. The pes
tered engineer leaned out of Id cab
"Ton blamed Idiot!" be yelled "Why
don't you get off the track?"
Over hi (boulder the frightened
yokel flung back a desperate retert:
"Naw, sir! Ef ever you got me out
yonder on that there plowed ground
you could ketch me In a minute!"
Saturday Evening Post.
The Top Hat' Tyrnny.
Speaking about the top hat. nn amus
ing Incident, of Its tyranny may be re
called. At an International exhibition
held at Milan a few year ago Hie or
der waa given out that the wearing of
the chimney pot would be rigidly en
forced at the inaugural caramon
Many provincial deputies had never
worn one In their lives ami were n
little uncertain us to the scope of Hie
order. Wbeu they turned up It ni
found that aome of them lind not only
bought top hat for themselves, but also
(or their wives. Londou Chronicle.
Something Saved.
"What aoccesa did you have raisin;
"Vary little. Some escaped, thieve
stole others and a large number died
of mysterious disease."
"That waa tough luck."
"However, I beat tbo Jinx to the last
"How was that?"
"Before anything could nappes to it
I had It killed and put In n plo."-Blr-eotngsas
Gladys Why are you going to all
that trouble to open that letter so care
fully, Msud? Maud Ob, I had a qua,
ral with George and intended to send
his letter back unopened, but I Just
thought I would sew What he said be
fore I returned It
Mr. Willis But why don't you take
your bank book in to buve It bal
anced? Mrs. Willi I don't want thst
looking cashier to know bow
ch money I've got In there. Pitts
Greyhounds Can Nun a Pail as Car-
rier Pigeon Can Ply.
( oiupnratlvely few people realise of
what remarkable speed dogs are ca
pable. The wolf cau run between fifty
and sixty miles in one night, and the
aivtle tot can tlo quite aa well, If not
hatter, rvajwan met one of these foxes
on Hie lee si n point more than seven
tv miles northwest of the Sannlkow
territory, which Is ( miles from the
Asiatic const I sliimo and Siberian
dogs can travel forty-five mile on toe
(g in live hours, and there I one case
H record In which a team of Eskimo
dogs traveled six and one half miles
In I wen 1. 1 eight minutes.
Kngllsli Keller und pointer hunt m
Hie rale of eighteen to nineteen miles
an hour, slid they cau maintain the
;i ,i rot at least two hours. Fox
hound are extraordinarily swift, aa la
proved by the fact that a dog of this
laced once u-nt a thoroughbred horse.
covering four tulles In six snd oua
half minutes. Greyhounds are the
sw II test of all four footed creatures,
and their eed may Is regarded as
equal to that of carrier pigeons Eng
lish greyhound which sre carefully
selected and which are used for cours
log are aide to cover St full gallop s
iietwcnu eighteen and twenty
three janl every second. It I said
that a bare at Its greatest speed never
joes faster than at lbs rate of sight
ecu yards a second. These Interest
ing statistics fully profs Ihs right of
the gre) houuds (0 ran as the swiftest
of the .uadruiied.--prUBllsld Bapub
On Indication I the Immediate Sea
ting In ef Rigor Marti.
Mote than once tha question of
w baths a person baa died a natural or
unnatural death turns upon something
grasped III the band. The object I
held because the hand stiffens through
what Is known ss rigor mortis (pro
Bounced rye-gor mortis), a stiffening
of the muscle of the body after death.
Now. if a person dies naturally this
snivelling or the muscles does not tsko
place, as a rule, until two hours or
more slier death, and tbea It comee on
slow l.v In case of violent death, how
ever, rigor mortis sets In Immediately
It Is through this that many s mur
derer has been caught and many a so
called occidental death proved to be In
tentional. One of the most remarkable effects of
this sudd; stiffening after death ap
pears In the accowj of the charge of
Halaclava. Captain alaiaa white riding
at the bead of the noble aU hundred
hail his cheat torn open by a eUssetan
Tba arm he was wsvlng In tba ate at
Hie moment remslned high uplifted,
snd he retained bla seat on his horse.
which wheeled around and paaaed
some distance tariMgh .the ranka before
the rider fell.
Tortious of tha bslr sad ctetfclng of s
murderer have often been found la tba
bands of the victim, while bodlea re
covered from the water have brought
with tlo.ui clutched In their Angers
weeds and tuMd from the bottom, show
ing that death uccasred In the water
and not on Und. - i-otxtea Answers,
Natural Aee ef Man
The question aa to what la the nat
ural eg of men Is by no mesas set
tled, of course, but msny srs of the
opinion thst the Frenchman I'louren
wits not far out of thai' way In bla eatl
mate of the time a ana should live.
Taking bis ubaeivalawis trut the
group mammalia, of the class vet-tartars
ta, a having the closest reaemblsuce
to man snd uci species as are ier
milted to flv Abe full term of their
natural life esafer qircunietauccs not
admitting of errsr uf .doubt. Flouren
found that their natal life .extended
to about five time the ported of their
lives from birth up to maturity Ap
plying the rule thus obtained to tm
man life and taking the age at which
the body Is fully matured to ba twen
ty year, be concluded the natural
duration ef tba Mfe f nan to ba 100
So sooner had we eat soot an the
first swell of plsln than I became
aware of what looked like a herd of
elephants, half a mile ahead. They
did not move, and slowly It dawned
upon roe that tbla waa etaaauenge. A
few minute later, seated wVbte the
circles ef those enormous stones, I wss
Biking inyelf tha old question thst
so msny travelers bars asked. For
worship, at leatt, these rude masses
were erected; that seems fairly certain
And t commemorate a battle. If one
may Judge from the barrow that
crown the neighboring hillock. 1111
glon and war tha two powers that
have charmed and rated and tortured
the world. So mysterious ta the. whole
of life, alike moral and physical, thst
the haunting wonder of Rtoaeheuge
wa neither Increased nor lessened by
what then I ssw.-Scrlbner'.
Msny Speolso af gtenai.
The bsnana as a substitute for the
potato would havs oua drawback. Jt
has been found that those who live
mainly upon this article of diet soon
tend to becoms what Is politely called
"tubby." Tbe bsnana with which wa
are all fuinllUv la only one of many
useful species. Cochja ,Chna produces
a single fruit that ut sa ample meal for
three una, and lu East Africa an lu
toxlcatlng drink Js mads from the us
tlve I hi ua ou. Mm4tt , Chronicle
The R.e.
"Tim first yser of inanied sta t al
ways tha most troublesome. After a
couple passes thut safely the great
danger of separation is over."
"Why do you say that?"-.
"Jt usually takes s man s yssr to
learn ths futility of arguing with his
wife "-Detroit Free Press.
Tearing Soune.
The ear can ba Islued to aovostoin
Itself to the sound of ths tearing ot
various materials. The noise sccom
panylug the tearing of oatton Is uullks
that of linen. Tbe warp ha It voice
and tbe filling quite another, tba for
mer being shrill, while tba latter I apt
to be dull.
Theee Dear Qlrla.
Alice (Just engaged) What da you
think Jack ssld ta ma last night? That
If he bad to cbooee either ma or $10,000
he wouldn't look at tba money. Maria
Dear, loyal fallow! Wouldn't Ilka la
dsfc the temptaUon, 1 auppose -Boston
To fa1gi.
'iii-fu- Has foil ii n never ewked
at Brown's door? Whits Oh, yes, feu
Iirowu didn't dars open Jt for fear
'twaa a bill uHaotorl-Naw TorJi
rbe man Chat leeae sad isjugh must
Th Walter Smmed to Think the Order
Pitted In Admirably.
Obviously the young man who led s
flr much younger to a table In an up
town restaurant a few evenings ago
was n I'omniutir Roth seemed Just a
Uttls self ronrh,n mid apparently vary
lunch pleased with each other' soci
ety. He was more Hiun ordinarily so
Mcllntis to see Hint she wss comfort
ably located, too, and his attention
were, while gentlemanly In ths ex
treme, marked enough lo lie) noticeable.
Both scanned the menu carefully,
and tlnnlly Hie .votiug girl made her
selection. The .voting man seemed,
while the waiter stood at attention, to
be trying to persuade her to change
her order, hot she appeared to Insist
that her choice should stand llo ds
clded fin' bluiself very quickly and gavs
lb order to the attentive waiter, who
by this I line had btstuue rather rest
less, ss though such a modest order
did not hold out much hope for any
considerable tip. Ilolh apparently or
dered salad, but nf different kinds. To
s middle aged observer seated at an
n BsrsaTBU rsa osvaa.
adjoining table tha waiter's eyas ssem
ed to twinkle Jut a little bit as be re
peated the order loud enough to be
huurd aeveral tables away, with a
giant's first at the young man atul then
at tha girl aa he .did ay
"One lobster." as ha nodded ty (lhe
man. "atxl seH chicken," wUU a ftaff
bow to tLe girl-
Several other utuiaers beard the
waiter, and every one of them smiled
In appreciation The young folk looked
a gacb other, the girl blushed, and
than bath bi'vudeiiist Into a smile as
each accepted the situation a one iu
which they had pho-ed themselves.
New fork Hun
A Bit ef Poetry.
H'hstever your . upstiou insy ba
and boH'ayer crowded your hours with
ulfsll. don't ("U to secure at least a
few minutes svsry day fvr the refresh
ment of your Inner life with s bjt of
iMsHry.-Cbarks Eliot Norton.
Impracticable Advlcs.
A Chicago physlclun tells this ene:
"I had taoltfd at the patient s tougus.
felt bis pulse, token his temperature
snd wss about to teste cue fuftm. when
I itopped and -aid (n the all's tutu's
" '.Miiilain. in addition t l lie ld
film I have prescribed. I wish you
aAWld see that every inoiiilog your
busbead bus a shower luitb '
"The ttouiuu ;..!,.., i worried. But,
doctor.' she said, 'rvbsl HW J Jfobj' to
do the morning. Wr doni hwfi
e Mtf
showelsV -UpplUfott's
Hod Hand II Before.
While engaged lu s conversation two
wvpuiinctit iiollce magistrates began
telling rjortcs of funny cases that had
la-en brought Jufoic l hem
"Probably Hie ftmnbuj 1 ever had."
leiiuiil.ed one. "wus gu aged ndored
man bearing the e.irtnurk of His south i
w hn jtpjdlisl to me for a warrutil. The
iffciioVr, i had been hlasphctu
iik' llusfu Isloi arei he had then
ippsaM to ins for mM StoMdipg 1st
'ore in v desk, he pioet'disl a follew:
" 'Vo bonaii. i wants a warrant for
laorgg Wn-liluglou lies dat cokiretl
nun vvluii vol.i told to Is' good two
weeks mo but he's tmvl) worse'ii evah.
all I nil "land liliii no louMaU '
"'lliunpb' I remarked casually
Seems to uie I have heard that nam
siine where iM'fote '
" 'Ves, ash.' be iinswered, with alac
rity: 'two weeks ago. sail ' "-Philadelphia
Tsstlng s Nsw Herss.
A Welsh tourist tells of an experi
ence which hrll Id iu during S visit
to a country house In. 1sland Ills
friend, tbe boot, sent a car to tba rail
way station to bring him home. He
bad not gone far wbeu the bona be
reins restive and finally upset tbe csr
Into a ditch. Ths visitor asked ths
driver how long tbe animal had been
used In harness. "Half an hour, eur."
"I mean how long I It slues ha was
first put In harness?"
"Bhitre. I've told you half sn hour.
l-ur,' answered the driver, "an1 tbe
rwj'ytr said If he carried ye safe be'd
bay him" Vidlff Western Malt.
Oet Hur.t
Doc I'owsrs, Ibe Athletic
who died a few year back, always
had a line of peculiar chatter ta hand
hi pllcher. As be caught each ball ha
would say:
"That's a peach."
"''hill's a ilpin."
'7 us ilsi" picking cherries."
For sis liuilnge In one am when
f'owers ws young 'Mm Ifurst enjoyed
this chatter I-'lunlly Hurst called a
batter out on a hall that was a trifle
low, a be afterward admitted, which
I'owers declared was 4 peach-
"Lai ting (lie catcher umpire Ida
gam for you, eh! Ixelug your nerve,
I guess!" ware tba words bunded to
'rim iiurst by tba core and disgusted
batter. It had just tbe effect that the
hitler desired, for Tim Immedlslaly gut
after I'owers In Impressive phrase
"Young man, you may he a grand
judge of fruit, but you're not on a
farm- This Is a ball game. Duiiug
tlu rest of the game I call tbe ball
and without any agricultural
remarks from you. .tytberwlse I will
ha forced to request you iff he It"
Powers bad wo further commaiu.
New York Bu
- ' p
A On ef tha Heir t It, ths Qrm,n
nearer I Vary rtemote.
In answer to the question, "Was the
enqieior of iletniany ever ronsMnrsd
an heir to the Kugllsh thr ind did
Queen Victoria have a law passed to
exclude li I in from the succom.Iou V" the
Philadelphia Press any:
"The possibility of the Herman . -in
peror ever succeeding ta I he tluouo (
England Is so very remote ns to cause
Uttls thought. There was more or less
talk on the sllbjei I at the llnio of the
marriage of the kaiser's mother t the
heir to the tier man throne lu INoM. hut
ws are uuable to lind Hull nnj pntiia
mentary action was taken even then
"After King Qeorge come Ids the
sous and one daughter and their ehll
dren, If any; then King Ooorge's sis
tsr IrtUllse, Duchess of Fife, her two
daughter and the lea of Hie rfcjer;
then Princes Victoria. Hien Queen
Maud of Norway und her son making
thirteen at present llyluu lu Hie line of
succession. After that Hie succession
revert to the descendants of the lute
King Edward's brother, Alfred, duke
of Edinburgh; Arthur, duke of Con
riaught, and ltopold. duke of Albas.
As these sll married and bad BnTusmui
children and gmndchlldri n. there I a
long Una of heirs to the throuu before
the succession would conic to Hie de
ccendiint of the oldest sister of Mug
Edward, the late Empress Frederick of
lleiniiiny, the lltsi of which tine is I'm
peror William."
task f Csntrel Will Bender Ulet
AH Other Ability.
"U iny lei) years' connection with
tbe Auiericait league a umpire I havu
agon the fact proved again and again
thai control s absolutely necessary in
win success," writes HUly Beans In Hi.
"The more one studies Hie different
features of the art of pitching the
nigra clearly docs bs see the value that
control play u tha success or the
"f lbs pitcher knows the weakness
of ha bailer and Intends giving him a
faat bail OU tba liisldo and then dellb
erately pitches to the opposite side his
knowledge of Ihs batter I or no use to
hiss. .ct nf colli ro I has rendered his
knowledge useless
"If be kuow the shortstop Is to as
er and then pilches a ball lo the batter
Ibat makes It easy for him M hit
through the position vacated by the
shortstop bs nullifies the rtreugth of
bla Infield Issck of control Is again
lbs cause.
"If tha patellar signal for a kTSSaf
ball In order to be In n Utter position
to throw out a runner trying to steal
and Instead he gels the ball rbjht over
tba plate he I handicapping the
catcher. lank of control Is again the
"After all, most of the finer points i
of tcbjng are bases) ou ability to con
troi the ball "
by Which Thy Ar Cured
and Flavored.
Tli famous Weatphailnn bnms,
slilcli are eaten without cooking, sre
cured by gu ajjajiurata process that lis
been "olki-d oilf putlcnll; and skill
fully by generation of BSpsTl ".
meu. A artier III the New Vortl Mm
thus des. rliss the isiMVes
After Isdng rubbtsl tboroiigily with
i solution In which there era ItiO
Ulrlla of salt to one BSBSjg of Mill
er. ti,u hn;ns sre placed on cement
sics, or lu tats, ami thickly strewu
.villi salt Tbey lis under salt (Of two
week and tin I) pass to a rat that cou
lulu a 331 per ceut solution of brine.
Tbey remain In that solution for eight
sen days. Every day tbey are shift
ad h) tba vat: the hams ou the bottom
are brought to the top, and vice versa.
At ths and of the eighteen days the
bams are mi kisl. one upou another,
In a cool, dry cellar, where tbey re
mate for four weeks, In order to ripen
that Is, to take on asaft and become
Render. Then the salt ia washed off
ansa a SfUy tirnsn tupptsi in ttikownrm
water, and thu bam are put to soak
for twelve hours In fresh wrtec. Alter
ba tbey are ready for Hie tuiok
house. Tile smokehouses are two or fbfBS
stories high, with bole bored lu Ho.
flooring Tim lire nts kttullid on the
ground tier, and the meat Is liiing on
Jbe sis'oud and third BOOTS Tin- tires
sre Htdv gllllrely or beach wood, but
tbe workmen cnrisianJj fArow Junlpar
berries and Jiinli i-r twigs On tbe n
bars. Thu lire burns brightly. It Is
chaajtrd with beech wood sawdust
wheuster ij bnrnj too briskly,
The smoking continue for about
eight ds Isold Ho; an lent CUrlSJ
methods,, lo haUsf were of
ten kept In the smoke hMSM for six
week, and It I by this latter method
that llu' (jest hams are still made by
tbe country folk u( WeNtpluilla.
The IndUpenaabl Boy.
Caller Haw l your tuvv gates boy
getting ahum tBesa sars1 Lawrw
Oh. fine: He's got lblus so mixed 1 1 1
now that I cuuldti't net slang wlthoul
blm. Iloston Journal
Tbg li'l'IDlf of fame slntids II ion the
grave Tw 01"" IMWP " allaia l
klndlsi) frote ths sshvs of Hie dead
They Said:
' YouCan't Raise Corn'
in the Northwest, liut corn is grown here -good corn, small cobs,
deep kernels, solid anwa, and plenty bushels per acre.
Jvver;' farmer- every livestock owner
every dalrymao knowa what corn means.
Wliulbcr ur uol )iai buns Iksteorals ,111 rc.nful crop la tiiloountrf,ouM -. Hi rulu
ef a awaalga far star serk sad belter pork, ater saltle, avars asjtalat M lfo, ts hettr
line si lb.
Information and Premium 1,1st Pree
upon application lo
General Passenger Agent
Purtlund, Ore.
m oSjWbj
eight column capacity
V. 0. K. Msywood. III.
Sold on one year's
credit or 8 per cent,
discount for cash.
- essaSsaeasaWsaa i i iiessssessssiis issi
: sje.sjams.SMSj
American Can Company
Chicago, IU.
Please Bend booklet liescrip.
tive of American Adding and
Listing Machine,
Clipped from
Please mention this psper in
answorinc this sd.
These f eaf urea alone are
conxlusive evidence that
we hold the strictest sen
aorehlp over business in
trusted to us.
Gen. Mgr.
"TVe7 "fB
Christian Scientists will hold
there uervices at the Presbyter
ian Church, Sundays at P. M.
Wednesdays at 7:80 p. m. Sun
day School at 1:80 p. m. Read
ing Room at room No. 6 Masonic
Building and it will be open
on Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons of each Wawk from 2
until 5 o'dock. This is free
reading room and people are wel
come to come during those hours.
Nazarene Church.
Regular preaching services each
Sunday at 11 a. m.,and 7:80p.m.
SMnday-hop) at 10 a. m.
every Sunday.
Tuesday Bible Study at ?:80
p. m.
Wednesday Mid-week Prayer
meeting at 7:80 p. m.
Sunday evening at 6(46 o'clock
young peoples meeting.
Will be glad to call on the sick
and needy at any time.
S. L. Flowers, Pastor.
Job printing here.
i! llwMesmssal aJ I
Barn Reader. Can Na Laager Doubt
the Evident e.
This grateful citizen testified
Told of quick relief of un
doubted benefit
The facta are now confirmed.
Such testimony Is complete
the evidence conclusive.
It forms convincing proof of
L. Greenwald, prop, shoe re
pairing shop. 414 Lincon St..
Pendleton, Ore., says: "Back
ache and soreness across my kid
neys troubled me day and night.
The kidney secretions pained in
psssage and the flow was too
frequent and scanty. One box
of Doan's Kidney Pills comnlet-
ely cured me." (Statement given
May 17th, 1910.)
TiaeaWa Never Returned.
Over two years later, Mr.
Greenwald said; "Doan.s Kid
ney Pills cured me and the trou
ble has never come back."
PriceSOc, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
the same that Mr, Greenwald had
get Doan'a Kidney Pills-Foster-Milburn
Co., Props., Buf
falo. N. Y.
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( ftp W ALL The Home News
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Scrubbing Unnecessary
jELnsmeJ ypur walls end woodwork and secure
finish that js hard nd smooth, non .tUorpent and
MtUteiy. Enameled surfaces do nm require scrub
bing. An occasional wiping a damp cloth
will keep them looking clean tied fresh.
ire easily applied. They cost no more than ordinary
paint und save you time, trouble and worry.
Our "Home Decorating" booklet tells you, how
jrou can "do it yourself" at trifling cost.
gsk fox a free copy.
Burns Hardware Co.
Agents Wanted -To represent
Th- Lnfnllotte Nursery Co.
Trees fcrrnwn In Central Oregon
4000 feet elevation and without
irrigation. Best trees for Cen
tral Oregon. Everybody wants
them. Write for particulars.
Thoo'loi'' Hubbard. Box 72,
Prlnoville, Oregon.
Save Your Coupons.
Willi nil kodak finishing
amounting lo$2.00 I will given
8x10 enlargement of your favorite
film free. Films developed 10c
per roll any size. Packs 26c.
Prints 5c. postcards 6c.
Snyer Studio. Burns, Ore.
Wilson's Creamery Butter at
$1500 Reward!
Theorem, Cal
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ttoo Aasertetlaaef
which tbe under
treed I smber,
wTn giv i,ob5 M
rewera for .vi
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the sad eaa
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ivitrnartlae aal
in Sore, esstlt
or mute, belenala.
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Bsrasi iirrsuii. October ta, 111.1
S'litln- in h.r.lir slv.n thst I'alti f. Kiln.
nl It. llliiau.iitk,ih, who. ou October M, 112,
ml Mann 11. I'll, ntd
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lerltrilr (or
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lan in.- v. ruler, Hni.irl c Hsle. Carl
itrtniJK. led I'ayia all of llarrlman, Oreges.
Kass. Hegtoter.
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Rifle In tbe WORLD,
Mini. In two modi-lm 00a
I Short It. F. car-
triilgra thr oilier for .OT
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Hsniiiisj) lav- .St
Sbort and ft ,M
king rifle cartrldate.
I for baadsoeaelv
uatrstrtl Rifle CaU-
lou-nil "How to Shoot
11 'M your Dealer
P. O. Baa SStM,
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a year
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Loaf I
PSyslflst 4 srtil ' na
Bt'livx i 1
J. tXI. CBflRY
Phrsiilsn sri'l Sargana.
Burns, - - - Orison,
Offloo nn sreotiil ilM.r Tafias am Blilg,
'PlirniM MalfiSS,
Physicians and Surgeons
Calls saswerwl prumptl nlglit ar Oar
'Phone Hiirriiiian
swer'sl ,r.iii,.iy 1,11,
t Hiirriiiian
Hsrrlman, Oregon
Dr Minnie Hand
Physician and Surgeon
Wrect Telephone Connection
Albritton. Ore.
It. E. fllBBARD
Offloe first door cbkI plMto galiars
Bonn, OrSgDB,
Attorney at Law
Uatg Office Practice
Land Scrip for Sal.
Vale, Oregon
' Attorney at
Vaagrtlr Bldg., ttmnm, Oregon
Burns, Oregon.
Attorney at Law
Contests and p'rsitin.. lAoliire V. 8. Ijiud
OIBee a cially
Offlee: Fry Bldg. net 4oof to it office
Barns, Oregon
Burns, - - Oregon
Practice lo Mm Btata t 'mini snd be
fore the U.K. Und Offlca,
Ohoa. II. laounititt,
Attohskv-at-i AW,
Careful attention gjirtn lu Culluc-
tiona and Ileal Kstat- mattara.
lire hignrsni a
Notary Pabik)
Buknh. Okkoom.
State Courts and United States
Land Office Practice
Three doors South of the
Harney County Nutional Bank
Burnp. Oreeon.
ISBftaU 1 '.
F. O. I)U.abii A. O. t-.ii 1 a.u
raraiariy Aa.1. BJaajtasSf I'lrranlt l'bll gp-
laU. a Sclmatiu rr- glnisir ut Bole, k
vte. ..u-rn Hf.
Eastern Oregon LngiDeeriog
ierss. Uretjsa
Meals At All Hours. Short
i-VJ a n . ' e
vrvpn ana rronipt bervipf;
With ReaHfjn.ii.le Rattta
Give Me A Call
lut.t.. .:;:::;:::. ::
Hofue Paint inn
Paper Hanglmf
and Irccorattaf
QatHlWOSMt t-iitishing
Preaco Painting
asaslsMtes furutsii.d )H .
pUcmUon. rtaBipUv. shown.
arra him a chance
-- rrssscsff&g
Jeweler. Optician uti
Fine Wstih RepairlBg A Spg
Tonawama toniuht
burgh Proas.
sura da wrH.Vout.