The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 20, 1915, Image 3

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Hat The Lnraset Circulatieti Of Any
Newspaper la Harney County.
-1---. -
Local News.
Scott Haley is in town.
See "The VoRue" hate at Clin-
Kan's Hat Shop.
Otis Sizemore was in the city
Moot me at the Hums Hotel.
That's the central place in town
Peter Hanson has been seen
on the streets during the week.
All kinds of grain including
wheat at Lunaburg Dal ton & Co.
Kdtrar Williams has been hob
nobSing with his young friends
in (own this week.
Kemembsr the annual Thanks
Kiving dance at Tonawama on
Thursday. Nov. 25, given by the
Mothers' Club.
l.ou BradfieR the old time
stockman of the Drewsey section
w is greeting his friends in this
city during the week.
Wanted -200 head of Block to
pasture. 1000 acres good stubble
with 20 straw stacks; one section
of pasture land in addition; plen-
Mrs. I. Schwartz was hostess
last Saturday afternoon at a
luncheon at her home when she
entertained the lady teachers of
this city.
Mrs. Millar has received some
of her Fall and Winter Millenery
and invites the ladies of this vic
inity to call at the Schwartz
store and see the display.
Geo. Marsden was reported
quite ill with bronchitis at the
Bear Valley ranch the other day
I but is reported improved at this
! time. Dr. Griffith went over to
minster to him.
Be sure that your next pur
I chase of bacon and lard is from
the local packing plant -it is up-
to date and guaranteed to give
satisfaction. Ask your merchant
ffor it.
Curtis Smith and wife return
ed from Canyon City last Mon
day where they had been to at
tend the wedding of Miss Hazel
Cozad and Ralph Miller, which
occured on Sunday.
Miss Drusa Dodson took her
1 "iarture for Portland last Tues
!ay morning for an indefinite
I .-ray. she will be loiiowea oyi
(her mother in a few days and
ithey will spend some time in the
; metropolis,
F, E. Purington and wife have
.mm' down from the mill for the
r They contemplate go
it. u to Portland to remain for a
dime during the winter as has
been their custom for the past
few years.
E. J. Catlow and Fred Allen
were here from the southwest
ijpart of the county this week in
eom pany with 'a capitalist who
wanted to purchase cattle. He
panted young stuff but was un
kble. to get what he desired at
juice, therefore will come back
train soon wnen a numuer oi
local stockmen will have
ilu . up for his inspection.
Statement Of The Condition
Of The
First National Bank
Burns. Oregon
At the close of business November 10, IBIS.
Irosns and Discounts I $836,240.96
U. S. Bonds 61,000.00
Bonds and Discounts 47,906.29
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 9,604.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 2,600.00
CASH 188.951.81
Capital $ 60,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 69,316.39
Circulation 60,000.00
DEPOSITS 485,786.59
Capital and Surplus 3100,000.
United States Depositary
Is lavltrej to the stroa. condition of this tannic aa re
ctcd by the above r.ect to the CCovernmeat which
how oar depeatts Inrjjer. oar resource greater
than ever before In the history of our Institution
Alma Davis was in town yes
terday. DRESS UP BOYS -Williams-
Zoglman Clo. Co. have the goods.
I still have some good golf
shirts at 3 for $1.00 I.Schwartz.
t)rt- rl.utJn M W.U 1 A I i
Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Hihbard, a
Pasture and all kinds of grain
and hay for sale. Phone or has
Henry Vulgamore.
Rolled barley, wheat and oats
for sale at market prices. - W. A.
Goodman's feed yard.
Chicken dinner Sunday at the
Overland 12 o'clock and also
from 5:30 in the evening.
New contractors on the chang
ed mail route are getting ready
to take charge of the routes,
and Mrs
Mexican Chilli at Mac's Res
taurant Mac's Restaurant wants to buy
100 dozen each week,
Stop at the Burns Hotel when
in town. Best serrice.
W. H. Robins was in from Crow
Camp the other day.
0. W. Ellis has returned from
a trip to Portland.
M. C. Athey has been in the
city on business this week.
Kinnis. Nov. 8, a daughter.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Hurlhurt, Nov. 16. a daughter.
Opening of a fine line of Fall
and Winter hats at Clingan Hat
J still have some good golf
shirts at 8 for $1.00--1. Schwartx.
Frank Heinz and Clarence
Fealer were in veslertlnv mnkinir
proof on thaif homesteads,
The new Hour made by the
Burns Milling Co. from this year's
wheat is every sack guaranteed.
Try it.
Mrs. Miller will take orders
for the Palmer Garment Co, of
Chicago. Sample book now on
hand at the Schwartz store.
The new Victor Ladies Tailor
ing style book and samples for
fall and winter have arrived.
Call and see them at the Clingan
Hat Shop before ordering else
where. Good bread and pastry is as
sured when the new flour from
new wheat made by the Burns
Milling Co. is used. Get it from
your merchant, the mill, or Hous
ton, the Secretary.
A letter from Archie McGowan
under date of Nov. 1 1 states he
and his family would leave Ash
land the following day for San
Francisco to take in the fair and
they contemplate going later to
Long Beach and other southern
Estrayed - One bay horse about
12 or 14 years old came to my
place about a year ago, branded
with J and lazy J or lazy 0 under
on left shoulder, weight about
1150, and saddle marked. Owner
prove property, pay all charges
and take animal. -J. F. Mahon,
Princeton, Oregon.
('heater Mace and Mrp. Jessie
Miller took their departure Wed
nesday morning for Boise where
they go to be married. The Times
Herald understands these young
people will return to this place
immediately and will make their
home on Chester's farm up the
river. The Times-Herald extend
best wishes.
Died--Last Tuesday evening,
Nov. 16, at the home of her par
ents near Lawen, Mrs. Mary Ot
ley Sherbern. aged 28 years. She
had been suffering from tonsilitis
but the immediate cause of her
death was rheumatism of the
Good barley ground at Chan. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
Wilann'a rniTl "TaTF M NMirrielC
""WIS. i ,. Or ufvOibr id, IMM
. .... , .- Su'! MlHt ! L. ItBVlS,
I slill nave otip p,oi noil . i ui i, iw.
-I.;-. ii e J i , i .. i II in., i. I I i, i .. nut, for MSI H . Ilni, ",
shirlMat .! for $1.00 I Si hw irtS. iio iiiaii..iu- Mfr
' Qlati, It.., Ii.imI nailer o1 ( l,l"' 'I"
A ( ,, h' nvu riom " - i. ! .i i ' 'ami
new shipment m I iIU'ie i,,,,,. ,i,rii..i i.i in' H.i.l !(
m. ... .,, . , . , iini'i , al linn, iiiixruri in ilia ! day of
Tarns at the Clingan Hal Snop. D.,,niu,r. . ..
(militant lurn" i, wiiii"w
I "ll , i .mill i i OB. Shil
Heiaei, iirtiuii i "i innate..!, iIimI.s h.
Mil Iti.lril, ImiIi i.l HurnOrFuli.
vh rasst.rieilatsr.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Mc-fheart. Deceased was a member
have moved down from the
mountain place in order to place
their daughter in school.
Williams Bros, have all kinds
Best of care given patients at
Mrs. Fireovcd's maternity hospi-
Lee Thornburgi Ul-
W. D. Huffman and family
were here from their home near
Andrews during the week.
First class potatoes $1 per 100,
tend a meeting of the Junturs
Burns Telephone Co,
The Burns Packing Plant soli
cits your patronage for their pro
duets and guarantee the quality.
The prices are right.
C. M. Faulkner and wife left
Tuesday morning for Lakeview
where they go for a short visit
with relatives and friends.
Rust Proof Corsets
Red Fern M
Brassiere "
Perfection Waists
" Skeleton Waists
Sanitary Belt
of rough lumber for sale at their Car lots delivered at Riverside,
mill 15 miles north of Burns oni Junturn and Brogan. -Caldwell
the Canyon City road. Potato Growers.
J. R. Jenkins and. I. F IfshonN Lady desires general house
were in the city this week to at- j work, ranch preferred. Address
Mrs. N. M. Stowe, Narrows, Ore
gon. The cheapest and best flour on
the local market is that made
from new wheat by the Burns
Milling Co. As your merchant
for it.
W. J. Altnow was over from
his home in the Drewsey country
during the week attending to
some business matters and greet
ing his many old time friends.
Miss Martha Hanley returned
home several days ago from San
Francisco where she attended
the fair and visited friends for a
time. She had a most enjoyable
time and wished she could have
stayed longer.
We may bo inclined to complain
about the storms of the past ten
days but it has done much good.
We generally have to wait until
the following morning for our
mail and auto trips are not made
for pleasure, therefore we stay
at home and attend to business.
Frank Johnson received a
gram Wednesday from Prineville
I announcing the serious illness of
his mother and left Thursday for
her bedside accompanied by his
brother James. Mrs. Johnson is
83 years old and one of the high
ly rcsiiected pioneer women of
Eastern Oregon where the family
has resided for many years. It
is liocd she may recover but her
advanced years makes it rather
I have just received my new line. The largest and
most complete ever shown in Burns. The celebrated
line manufactured by
list following gives just a slight idea of the stock
$1.25 to $3.50
. 35c.
Tht- merits of Warner Bro. Corset
are too well known to require any
extended mention. This is simply
to let you know that the above men
tioned goods are here, and you are
cordially invited to come into the
tore and inspect them.
- General Mercliandise -
riasonlc liuildlnj., - - Burns, Oregon
Baptist Church Doings.
Neither Sunday School or
Church services have been ser
iously affected by tne sturmy
Three different partieB have
very kindly offered to provide
the pastor's family with the fes
tive bird. We are very grateful
but can only use one. But Chist
mas time is coming.
Subjects for next Sunday: -morning.
"Where and How to
Dwell." Evening. l"Tlw Proclamation."
of a pioneer family of this county
and a young woman who was
held in high esteem bv her many
friends. She had been teaching
in this county for several years.
The funeral was conducted Wed
nesday afternoon at Harney by
Rev. Dr. Benson of this city, in
terment being in the Harney
cemetery. 'Many friends of the
family express deep sympathy in
their bereavement More ex ten -ed
notice will be given next issue
when more information is obtainable.
SAYI Have you seen our New
Mackinaws? -Williams-Zoglmann
Clo. Co.
A new consignment of hats
and Ostrich feather boas have
been received at the Clingan Hat
The usual enjoyable time is as
sured at the annual Thanksgiving
ball given by the Mothers Club
Thursday evening at Tonawama.
The Burns Hotel is the head
quarters for all when in town.
Oood table service, clean rooms
and accommodating attendants
Mis. Ollie Robinson
son Dewey arrived home from
Portland last Saturday evening.
Dewey has been attending school
down there.
Hum., OrSgea, n.'iolior Ml, IHIft
Xeilit in lt.-i i,y ilviiii lhai sHoba.1 llsrs.r.
ul Viilimiu, iinn. in. Dim mi May ai. mo. mail.
I..iii.l.-ail Klltiy No. IM767,ior HM.NWl Nja
, ln Iii.l Ii
I'lalui lu I In- lanil ahove licacrllwl, balum K.i
- ', N w 'jSK".. . ;. Tw
v in..iiiiiii' M.rlnlai.. au
II" ii ii. niak. final flv.-yi-ar iool, lo Isu.UU
M.lur KVtS-NW,, NW
wp. a7 H.,Knirmit. notli'. iiMi'i. ii
I.Iit anil Hwalvar. ' Hlinia. Olflim. mi ill.
..Hi day "I NimflillMT. Itln.
11 in a l I il am i an wmii'Mca
till, hlahl. IliM Iniiiiiliiii Milmlis OlilSf
Mil l.r I lla.i-km.all "I Hl Ullllllll
Ufa Kin HI. Ili'glaur
I'srraii Statu I.anii orrirr. I
Mum., orvfon, October I. IvIM
Nollo. inli.Ti'liy slyi'ii lliITrtncJ UrDoii
aid. "I lluiiia. iiiiuoii. who. nil AVI II M. 111
"ihiIi II .1 !.. I Kntly, Nil ., Ii.i
i NI liV'.NH',. N'.sW '4, and l.ol I, H 6, Twu.Vi
iltld herN.IUim.. .1.' K.. Wlliammli. Mallillan,
in. ul lulmilliiii 1" Miami nnal inri ynat
Proof. 1" rlaiiii lu III. latnl almvr -la
m fiU-il, l,-for. IL-jflKli I ami lli-i-tvi-r .1
Kiiim lln-Kiiu, mi Ilia illli ilav ul Nuvi-mli.r.
Olahiiaiit liami-aaa allii.awi
r. W. Irl.ka, Jank J"ln aou, H.JII lilrk.nauii,
Bawara of Chaap Subaliluto.
Iii these days of keen competi
tion it is important that the pub
lic school should see that they
get Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and not take substitutes sold for
the sake of extra profit. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy has
stood the test and been approved
for more than forty years. For
sale by all dealers.
NO. Ml.
Jlt-port ul lb. PomHllon ul tha
at num.. in lb. NUI. at orefon, al Ska oloaa ul
iiuiiaa. Sanahai HHk hi -
araui a. ai
loaa. .ad ia.-,,uni. t'f
l.'.H. Hnli4lail.b-i.lli -I In.. . mi i Inn
lltlmi'frtf TilntJ tajunv
ll.M.lluad. iilodg.4 In m-i-uru
II. H.dupoaiu aai vsiui-i r.,uuuuu
V h Uiuda pli-dKe.l toai-rur.
r.i.1.1 Havlu,. .. 1,00000
I . M. ihjiiiI. i.ttii.'-i ami i. ii
iilMlatid r,O0UOU
TuUI l!.H. II.Hiil.
kiacorllla. utbitr tliai, I K. Huuda,
l uulinl and ini.l.d(ril
Hi.irka oilior tban rsdvral ltpa.iv.
Hank Nlwk
Sunw-ilptlull Ii till
h film al It-ai-r . a, k 1 1 .ini i
la. amminl uiipald aitOW
Krai K.lalt- " I iitli'-i Hian Hank
I I: llllU.I-
Nat aanuiinl da. Ii-nu l.-l.ral
lirarv. Hani
Sri aniDUlit dm- from ai
ifliv.d niolvu a. III! lu
N.w IfaTa. Cblaafo aaa Si
l.uull ii,
N.I aniiiunt dnr fium ap-
liruved ii'iiiu' nai-nia lu
utbar rast-rv. ililaa W.Hs.iVl vi.rtd M
N.I aiiiiniiii -liir from lianka and
liaukm. nlhri llian ai.-mi.-i
Olll.r rln-vka uu lianka In lliiaaiui
illy or tnwii aa ri."iiiiiK bank
UUl.ldS cbri-ka and "tin I raali llrim.
yr.ilXI, Irsrlliinal i urrrui y, uli kli-a
ami i-.uia, IM.Tt
Nulia nfotb.r Sallunal Hanki
Vvdi-ral Kaai-rv. linlt-a
l,,i.iii. ktuaar Itraaava IN H.
liilal aata and i-rllfli-al.
i...i mili-a ...
41.XK4idiiiiitiii"ii I'ni'i wllli I'.N.Traaaurnr,
V..- f
H Istal
a f, i.-.i
.i, hi
S W77
:tuxi7 1.7
V'.ia M
H v.i
v:Ui uu
i ii
l". tin 16
I ii.. I n Il--"
iti-r runt un rlrru-
l I. .ii
14. . VI.! I v
laiiital aUnk -al.J III . la.DOOtlU
K.i,lu. fund.. A.-.tlUOOU 7,'JtJ0
ln.llvM.d BteSsti I,IU67
l.iaa . I it Mirmi-I, III
I.H.lauil talc. ,ald ,I7 4J -i III It
l ii.-ulalliia lii.l.a i.iltalandlo l,7uuOU
IMinand i!ti-iaila
lanllvldaldliiMialiaaunJ.i'l lot-bank J-II.107 M
. ,.nll(.i. il...ili dti. in '.ai
Iban ;m Max
aakli-r all .oka uuiaiandlua
(laita-d mala, daposlla
raaUl arlu(i
Tulal d.Miauil ('runalla J7,7II l
Tiata d.peaita: (aayabla aSsr W oaf!
oi miir. iintlsat:
t .:rttri-.taul tli-iioslt
illlu-i lluiad.poalla
1,1.1 Hi... .1. paslll ,! aa
lltadlai-iiuul Willi r-t)di-rai noaaryo
iu ok
I ItbU W
Ma :ni
1 .
I ikniiiii
NoUeo of Final Sattlaataat.
Notlt-a la glvttu I list ilia nntlar
sixiiial ailmldlalralur of lite MUla '
Jaspvr liavia.ilet-eaaatl.has flloJ his fiaa'
.uruiiiii !( liia atimliiiolratioo if aaitl
slata Willi tltaclark v4 thaCt.iinly Cmirt
ul ilia Htata il t'lfittin. (or llaraav
t ' t v , ami Unit said court ha made an
order apuiiiiilinK Monday, liiix-mlaar 20,
I'.Hi, at Uu- hour ol tan o'clock A. M.,
at tin- County Court loom in Hum,
llartmy County, Orrgoa, ai tha linn
ami ilart- lor tha hearing' of said Dual
lu-couiit anil tlm at-ltlfuitiil tlieraof, and
all ohjeclioui that may be Iliad Ibaaalo,
All anriuns InUtreated in aaitl aalatu
ami having .ii.j.i tiuiia to aaltt Una) ac
i nint nr iiuv parlor item thereof are
Imii-liy mill lirW to prvaaut aaid objactious
ami (lie the amine with lor elrrk of tilil
i - nrt on or said date.
Admlulalritor of the oalalr
of Jaapar Pavla, daceaard.
Suras, tin sun. Nuivmliar 10, lais
Si-uir la bsrolir itv.u tbal Marlsau till,
el law.n. tlragos. wbo, on Mar A, lull,
mail. Iliiiii-ai.-ad, huli Na I" i N vl ',
-.ill. .ii . .. luwn.hip .-4. south, Hauar .t.-'t K.
W llllaini-lti- Marldtau basfll.d uutlra uf latSS
I I'-ii Uiiuakr nnal (loaiatutation aruol loaaiat.
Ilib i-lalui U Iba laud above daai-rlbad, befiiru
lli-sl.i.r and Kt-i-t-lvvr, al Hurna, ttrvfuli, un
lb. laih -la. ol tii-i itabcr miA.
rlaluiaiit naim-a aa wlturaa.n
Henri k Huntlry.ul law.a, Oraguu, Harry
J. Jo klah.uf llarilman.Orricon. 'laurgs Hrrti
inc. -il law.n iiicKiin, Jul. n H . Iiouglvcri), ul
llarrluian. Ori'guil.
WM. rasas. Haglsur.
M. II. All." all ul Hum. ilri-vull
Wa. Kas. HiiaUt.r
IlKlTili HTtaa l,n(lritr, (
I'. i; ma. nirguii, Oi-ioUr IB, IVKi.l
-.'..Hi i. la Ii- i.'hjslvan lli.l Hslslhl.l M Tsllait,
..( II ai i inn. i., i iifi-iin. wlin, un J an nary Mt. lvi .',
.mil Aptil V. Iiii.i, mad. Hr-im-aicad Kuirlra
Nil. li'.-au and umm, n-auerilvi-ly, lur Kt,,
Km-llun IB, 'I'.iwualilp ' Houlb, kaujra
TIKaai. Wlllaini-lli-, Miil-tlau has II lad nolle.
ut luiriillun lu inaki-final ibrim-yaar proof. lu
iiatabllab claim to lbs lsud sbuva d.arrlb.d,
tii-li.ri- tti-glatnr and M.rrlv.r, sl Hurui.Orsgon,
uu tin-vird day u( Nuvmnoar ItlA.
I 'nlmaiil liaiiu-a aa wllliraa.-:
it I- i. iar. :. T. i ary, A II. Curry, U. I.',
t ri-n-li. ail ..I llarrluian. Or.ton.
Vim. rasas, Hrgletar.
Ituriig. oii'Kou. ictiilcr ii, ':
.ul 1 1 t- la h.-tft.j kIti'ii that Joint Kuivk.ul Nar
riiwa.tJrraiiU. wliu.un Ma v !. JJHi. tnacU- lUiuif
aal Kiiiry,Nu.iMrMlllurr4l((4NW U-l l.Med w
Mild a .IUI 4. rH'C. , I Wl 1 , KIUI SUB..
Wlllaiui'tti' Mtrl.llau haa died noltit ul
intvotluu to ir.ftkM dual Hv-)ravr frtwl. to
efjeauliin i'ialni to iitn Jan.. aiKiva drarrllHl
b(ur l(sllraiid Itniircr.slliurni, On-gun,
nil th 'iVth ilajf at Novi-mlror, ly).'..
i lalnmut i.auiaiao witiU'skHM:
H. L Hw, Clifford OronatMWk, William J.
imtt.i. Krai ik iircwn, an or rsarrowa.urvffon
W Kabbb. ItaRlBlBI.
Huina. (iftiuu, October ., IV16 .
Notlr la h.-tuby Klvau that I'arry K. tfarfl.
ut Hurna. orvaou, wbo, uu Juua 18, iwU, raada
Homi-aiaaT Kolri. No. V7M4. !r -.WU.
Hat' i ion vl, Townablp aa Mouth, Hbuk
oo K., twiiaiiifiu Meridian, baa dia-J uo((o
of un iitloo to mikt) dual rommntBtlou proof
to 'atalillah rlaho to lb land abova do
Hriaksd, 1m-for- Ksfflatarand Kacvlver, at Hurna,
iiirniiu, uu ilia Win! ilay ul Novaaabcr. 19I&.
( laimant uainoaaa wUaaa-
tUnrj I'tasf Kwa Rlugvr, Kdlth Hlngfr,
t liarira N.nK.nia.all ol Narrowi OraajOS.
Wm. KABaa. Ket later.
I'NITKU HTATIta I.awo (irrii'i
Hurna. rraou. (Kiobar It. tffU.
Noilralabarrbrilvan that WilfordA. HandW
utauol Narroura,Uranoii, who, on Hvperabery,
lUl'i aml January IV. UN. biada UouiMlead
Ki.ui.a. No o.J7 -OTaW., r a i a 1 1 v v 1 y .
for NMKJi. BWU, piNW'4l Urctlou ifi.
Tuwniul. 3ft H.. Range II K. Wlllamrtit
Meridian, haa tlted ootloa of lutantloti to inaki
ilual tli r. yrmr prool, to eatabilah claUn
Ui Ma land above ! nU-tl , balore Kegtaler
nint Hi-i titer. at Hurna. Orejtou, on tin Jam tlay
ol NokinbiT, llflb.
t'lalinaul namva aa wlliieaaea'
t haa HaiBbatta uid A. 0 Joins bob ol
Huriia. Orettou Kdward KoneutBOu, ol .iar
rowa, itragon. I H. Tyhir, of Hurna. Oregon.
Wm. KAaaa. Kegtaler
UNITKbttTBTgalaAKO Orrlrg,
Hurna, Oregon. Nuvaiobur Id. v...
.Solid In hereby a I ran thai Franklla W. Varitn
ol Harney, Oregon, who, on Jain It 1914 made
humvateail mity No.07M, for xa I, a.H1, NK!4
'-- -.. Twp, a h., Kaiigo :w Kaal. Wlllamatte
sin i Han. haa Hied i.oilre ul InteutioD to make
nimii oitiuiiiiailon (otHif, ft. iatabllab claim
In the land abova aeaerlbad, helore H.-eiia't-r
and Kecelvar, ai Hurna. Oregon, on tbr'i n 'day
ul I ) timber lulft
rlaliuaiil uautea aa wlluaaae-
II. Klchgair. have Tudor, 1. I.. I'oujaili' and
r. a. Varlau.all ol Harney, Oragon.
Wm. KAkBt. Heglalfi
Hurna, Dragon, ttclobvr It, l-ils
.Sutli i-la iii'iili) (IV.O IhslHydu.v H. Ilugbra.
uf Hurna, Uraguu, wboull July Ii-, I'll 1. inaili
lluun-.lrail Klitry, No'i, fur Wt,NKi,, HU
nw, HU'i,rtri- m, lownahipi ri., Hangi-kl
K., Wlllamatls M.rldlao. haa DIihI nuti.r
uf int.iiiluu to ntsk. finsl ilirn- proof, lu
raial-llali rlaliu Ul lb. Isoit sbuvv dai-rlb.d.
in I. in lUgl.t.r aud K.rlv.r. st Hurna. or. -O'l,
un Un- ','ind dsy ul Ntiv.roli.r, 1116
i laluiatil nam., aa wlllu-aara.
KiankHwaarlna.u, Wllllstu ulun
- i. mi n. 1 1 am Sl Npry.all ul llama, tir.-guu.
Wm. Kaass. Kaglti.r
Hums, uiffuu, ix-Uibar "Jo, 1,1...
Nullr. I. In-r.ty hiv. u tbal Jubn Tbosasa
I' ,.il Kll. v. Oregon, wbo.uu Nowmbsr 77,
Ivos, nail, glilry. No OSS lot
thi. nr, i.-.T. H.. Kaag. id X . vtlli.,,,
it.: Mwtl'ilau, has ill.d noilt-a ol lutsatlou lo
in a k a dual br. 1'ieof la sslsbllab
lalui lu tba laud abuia dwK-rltM9d, balur. Ki-s
lai.r aud H.uslv.r. sl Hums, ursgoa, on lb.
.tub day ol November, il.V
t'lalmasi tiauiaa a, wltevaaaa:
nana 0, Hlbi.l., Clyd. a. tilbboua. K K.
-iiillli, Hli.ii, Auitnurl, all ,.l HII.T, lllntau,
Wa. Kasss. K.stiU-r.
i M 1 1 ii -I At K-. MMiiir'rirr:. i
Hurna. Ursgoa. t litubrl JO, 11.'. I
'-..ti. i la slvra tbat Jssa. 1.. Hradr.u,
--I Hv kli-v. orrguu, who, oa Juua lu. Iv-I.-,
mad. llouirstrad Knlry, No. OSIAJ, lor gW.
.-if.',. HgHWU, gar. tt; Ki.WU. !(,'
rirrllnn r. '. NESjNW HrrUon M, Towtiablii
:l HuUlti. Ilsug. .N Kaal. M.rl
Han, I, a. filed uuili-. ol Ini.nllou lu saske
llnal ibiv. year Proof, ui sstsbllsb claim to
tbr laud abuv. drscrlla-d, balora C. K. TulliM-b.
U.K. t'uiniulaalnuor, at hlauBlc. at Hecklsy,
hi. ,o,,. oa tin Jtth day ol Ntiv.mber, mi,'..
I'lalinaiit natui-a aa wlluraeaa:
Augiiailus tillb.rl. HoL.rt Nslaun, Jsuirs
frail, liavld CroW, all al Brnkti-y, n, .,;.,,
Wa. Fiasa. Ki-giatsr.
The Obliirstion of this bank to the depositor
does not end with the mere keeping of books,
the receiving of money and, at the demand,
paying it out. There ia a deeper covenant
than that, for our duty as we see it, is to
remember always that without the depositor
the bank could not exist. Therefore, Thanks
giving seems the accepted time to wish for
every one of them
and also to asuure them of our keen interest in
their welfare and desire to help assist them
along Prosperity Road.
To individuals, business and prolessional
men, this bank, with total resources of over
$400,000.00 not alone cordially extends the
benefits of a service that is the arch of satis
faction, but it takes a lively interest in your
Harney County National Bank
Burns. Oregon
Progress with Safety
llaiTsii HTarss l.nn urnca. I
Hurna. Oivguu. ot-touer lit, lll I
Settee 1. hereby glv.u tbat Austin t'sinutl
i H . BaugaStt B.. lied
ul Kill lialiH". llii-,,-li. whu.uil iiilobor 1. 11'.',
tusde A'l-iiii.'iiai iiuioi-atesa autry. no. USB73
lorN'NKt, ilKNKl,, NtWhk-i.
'. f
nullr. ol luivutlun to uiak. dual ibres-year
l-ieuf. t-i lalat-llah rlaim tu ih. land sbnv. d.-airlu-d.
U-tiir. HeBlatar aud Hsselver, sl Hurua
Hi.'gun.uu in. Ji.lli dsy ul Nuv.mtK-r, il.'i.
llsluiaut nauii-a as wllusasaa:
William 1 ol Hr.wst-y.Ur.guu
Albert hii' lialiau. 1.,-oige Bucbanau.
William A . l.'ali-lauu. allot Harbsusli
Wa. rasas. Hsglatsr.
U hitbd HTTaa .a Orrit B I
Hurna. Oregon. November i 1VI&,
Nollrr la hereby given that tllbton I'. Borrow
dale, of Itfi u . Oii'iiii,nh(i.uti A pi 1 1 17, ivTi.
Ol Mouifite(t rntry, No. U0a77, for
N't., ttoctlon ii. Towiiahlp H H , Kange 80
K.. Willamette Merhtlan, haa nlatl not he of
mi. mUm lo tuaka final throB-year Proof, to
nalabllah tUiinlo the land above 5rill' il
before C K. TuKoch I . I 'utiinilaafuiH-r.
hiaotlivv, at Heekley. Oregon, on tha oth day
of Dwentber, Ivlis.
Claimant naineaaa wlliieaaia
W II. Wllkinaon. Roy A. Johnenu. Krank
Kmllala.A ft. Jnhnaoii, all of BurOugo, Ore
gun. Wm Ka aaa. Register
HaiTKUgTATsa l.arin turn a. i
Huiua. ur.gon, Uolubar Ik, HIIAI
Null-1- la liur.lit bIv.ii tbat Krank W. I rlaka. ol
Hurna. tir.gou, vliu, ou Juuu 1&, ivii tuadi
II, ,u,, .!... I Knlry Nu. lalnla, lor f.'.Mrt',. 1,1...
and I. H.-i- in. Tw. .'i a., Rang, ti Isal,
Wtllaiuoll. Mi-ilillau, haa fll.d uotlcs ol
lion to msk. llnal proof lu .itah
Kali - lalui tu tli. laud above daeurlbed, balor.
Heglal. r and HM'alv.r al Hurna. nr.gull, un Ik,
J4tn day of Novsnluer, Ikls.
rlatiuanl nami-a aa wlluaasas.
Niiaoli K I'ardus. T. J. Mi-l)onsld. W. J. Mi
lt Inula, Hani. I Jordan, sll ul Hurua Ur.gnu.
. IASBS. K.l.lrl
W'aTSUKIIttr.l.l'N, I
.ul g uf llaimy. I
I Iruu M. Ilruwil, t aaiilii .1 ui. ""
i.ain.d hsllk. do mlitiniill tisr lliat Ih.sbo.
etaumeal lattualuih. Ui.iuf wy kaowl.dgs
aud b.11.1.
I. sun M. Bhvwn. UMhtai
guusorllie-l sndwuru tu l-alnta tua litis llb
d ol Nuvoiabat, Isld. WM
iBMl, Nuisay I'ubllo-
0, r. MtKiNkSV
1, kl. IlilTOX
u, A. Haasuio
Farmers' & Homesteaders' General Exchaoie Store
Specials for Coming Week
Spuds, $2.25 per hundred
Onions, $2.50 per hundred
Five kinds of winter apples, $1.50 per box
Prize Pumpkin, 2c. lb.
Fall line of California dried fruit
Italian Prunes, 10c. lb.
Apples, lie. lb.
Pears, 12c. lb.
Apricots, 12 l-2c. lb.
Figg, 12c. lb.
Three kinds sugar cured Eastern hams and bacon, 25c. lb.
Come In end arrange to trade any
produce you have for winter supplies
Phone No. 384
One block eaat of Lampshlre's Garage
sasBgarv 'SsaaaaTanaaaBTanBefaSJ
' ks Cja)ej
-" -' '
- Almiaejy
I mR Pfr IJi
a eS, , L-af
the Shabby
Shabby surfaces detract from the
appearances of your home. Floors,
furniture or woodwork that are
marred, scratched or scuffed give
your home a shabby run-down ap
pearance. Make these varnished sur
faces bright and new with
s There's an Acme Oualitv Varnish
for every purpose; a floor varnish
made to be walked upon; a quick
drying furniture varnish that imparts
a brilliant, durable lustre, and var
nishes for all outdoor and indoor sur
faces in any quantity desired. Which
do you need?
Screen Cloth for Doors and Porches
Water bags, nose bags
Ice Cream Freezers
Builders Hardware
Paints and Oils
Barbed Wire
Farm Machinery
Implements of all kinds
in steck: Seeders, Plows
Disc and Drag Harrows.
Binder Twine Barbed Wire
Nails, Doors. Windows, Roof
ing. Building Paper
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Crockery, Tinware
For its wonderful accuracy, its aaf ety and con
venience, and its effectiveneaa for small game
-and target shooting, you should buy
quick i
pump-tu Hum r
lUl feusi
t FiSr I
tu. i. .ph. Haa i
lakes duwn bmUv.,
M'l MloliaT. aalcly ana.
litis., VUiLie Katoiit.i It
lakes du-wu easily Yyu csuknik tlnwusiK ilia
sVeurel it cleajtB Irum sWck BtMs.
Its eMM SIsmITb pnitstcu your fee bbJ M
lakjiy ma mhmaf cemUteje. hum sheila,
MM. TtaB aUaU atjeOtUB, flalOWS sj.slls Swe
Up aaajTOeB fmtf lUM it MM.
AW osLiass
Repeating Rifle
Mwlel 20. as illuetiatetl. 24-
inch oclsnun bsrr.l, IS or
23 sltuts,SII.U.
iiii.i I.. .a
soaassr sad "s
y lu uua aula
lisaaiaaa eS AS easH , .11 Uas ape .Is laaeaHHe ewtriaaaa. includ-
us at aafkmp.iiiii huniina caiuiuaM. AMmat. a 200 sataa, A v
Sua lur aUU.. muuida. hawk., mi, olc
sysae -21 rauaaiar. also luad. with 1k actiuai aaa your aseler.
fltJMar&HrarmuCm, TtkVmJSZ
I Wallow at, Nawllavasa.runn. Ua .UU aTJaESeJl.
sJ i.l no i t-.L
iitiii barrel.
I) shots.