The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 20, 1915, Image 1

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The Biggest City In The Bin,t
The Bigt County In The State
County In The State Of Oregon
Of Oregon, Beet In The Wert I
NO. 3
R. E. Strahorn, Railroad Builder, and
Portland Financiers Meet Central
Oregon People. Promise Burns
Main Line Railroad Under Condi
tions. Development League Elects
The several delegates sent from
this city to Bend to meet R. E.
Stnihom and his delegation of
Portland men who are taking an
interest in the projected lines
covering the Central Oregon
country, returned home Thursday
night and are enthusiastic over
the prospects of transportation.
While they have not outlined
the entire program to the writer
at the time this is written, they
seem to approve of the scheme
and believe that Mr. Strahorn
will make a success of the under
taking in the near future. Just
what will be done locally to furth
er this scheme will depend upon
the attitude of the business men
of this city. Should Mr. Stra
horn's projects be given suffi
cient support to -start on a big
scale that all points may be reach-
a direct line to the west than we
of this section. It is of course
desirable to get direct connection
with the wholesale houses but
still more important that we have
rail connections with the outside
world. The quickest way to se
cure this desired end will have
While the scheme is of general
benefit to the entire! interior
country it is not without 'the
selfishness of business interests
and therefore each community is
going to work for its own good
in so far as possible.
One of the Burns delegates
brought back a special edition of
the Hend Bulletin giving accounts
of the meeting there and in re
spect to the Development league
it says:
Reorganization of the Central
ed with rail lines without undue, Oregon Development league was
delay it is quite probable the
matter may be taken up unitedly.
On the other hand should it show
effected at meetings held here
yesterday afternoon and evening
attended by over 250 delegates
that Burns is to wait foi an in- from v-ry community in ccn
definite time to get railroad con- tral Oregon except K lamat h Falls.
nectiona it may be that immediate ! Both at the afternoon
arrangements will be made to ', held in the Dream Theatre and
build independently. '" evening, during the ban-
According to information given uuet given at the Emblem Club
the writer Mr. Strahorn offers to by the Hend Commercial Club,
put Burns on the main east and I enthusiastic speeches were made
west line provided $200,000 is pledging support to Mr. Strahorn
raised for the purpose. The plan and pointing a way to the ultim
being to build over Sage Hen ate successor his railroad nor
frorn Silver Creek. This is rath- jeets. ...,.
er a difficult route from an engi- Aside from Mr. Strahorn s de
nuding stand itoint and would ftntte commitment of himself to
require much more money than the undertaking, the speech made
to build from here to Crane Creek in the afternoon by A. I, Mills,
(j ,uf the Portland committee, arous-
' The Central Oregon Develop-'ed the greatest enthusiasm,
ment League was reorganized at Coming, as he said he did only
Bend and is reported there was a to look, listen and learn and then
most representative attendance go back to Portland to talk. Mr.
ok both Portland, aid Central Mill's willingness to talk her,
Oregen citizens. The railroad was received a meaning much
proposition of Mr. Strahorn was to the project.
given first consideration in all "I already nave learned much,
discussions and the Portland men said Mr. Milk "I have learned
showed a disposition to back him the falcity of the statement that
in every possible way. It is fea-; Central Oregon is sparcely popu
sible and Portland needs it juatilated. if you take into eonaidera
as bad as the interior, in fact tion the spirit of the people, and
from a business standpoint Port- I am convinced that no big rail
land is more vitally interested in road interest is back of this pro-
Breakfast 5:30 to 9 Dinner 1 1 :30 to 2
Mas' Rf sjaqrwit & Bakery
Located in the new Levens Building
W, & McCuwtion, Prop,
Cream Chicken Soup
Freeh tAfru , jrU
Steamed Clam
Fried Columbia Rie.r Sal
Freeh fried Halibut
R ew and vegetable 'c
'oka made head ebeeee and potato ealad 36.
thicker, giblete on toa.l
Road ooh and aeilH
Smothered chickee) coyntiv Hjrla..
Koaet br.,1 and brown pre
Ko..t pork and apple eauce
M..hed poUtow Fried carrot.
fibd heeti Cl'
Apple, Mince and Lemon fie
Supper S to 8
Short order at all hour
Victrolas wraiow-w
Make your long wlrfter evenings
short by having on In the how
ftlS.OO TO $400.00
l Brpg ire
"Grandma" Martin, Widely Known
And Highly Esteemed in Harney
County, Died at Ashland Nov. 9.
Pioneer Resident of Oregon Where
She Took Active Interest in Affairs
A letter to this oflice form the rabid coyotes are still a mat
Archie Mr-Cowan announced the : ter that should be given serious
death of his grandmother, Surah ' consideration. He says:
E. Martin, at the family home in
am convinced that' Mr." Strahorn FORMER BURNS PIONEER
is playing the frame alone and he ' k- .. ..,. .
at i "i. ? ; f LADY PASSES AWAY
not sit on the bleachers and criti
cize. I personally want to get;
into the game and mean to if
permitted. Optimism and co
operation made the country and
we must have co-operation now.
Tho man who refuses to help
should be drummed out of the
country. Our influence and ef
fort must be exerted morning,
noon and night for the develop
ment of Central1 Oregon."
The Emblem Club hall was
crowded to capacity forthe even
ing and dinner, over 260 being
Preceding the speaking pro
gram the business of the develop
ment league was concluded with
the election of officers as follews:
president. W. S. Worden of Kla
math Falls; 1st vice president,
John & Bell, of Prineville; 2nd
vice president, H. C. Levens, of
Burns; 3rd vice-president, B.
Daly of Lakeview; Secretary -treasurer,
R. W. Sawyer of Bend;
assistant secretary-treasurer, T.
S. McKinney, Silver Lake.
Resolutions were adopted pledg
ing the co-operation of the league
to Mr. Strahorn and touching
on other matters of interest in
the development of this section,
including roads, restorations of
the Oregon Immigration bureau,
irrigation, mail service, and equi
table legislation affecting rail
roads, and other large enterpris
es. A constitution and by laws for
the league were adopted.
Ashland on Nov. 9. Her last ill
ness was of brief duration and
the end came in a beautiful un
conscious sleep.
"Grandma" Martin was one of
"The Pacific Live Stock Com
pany discovered eight head of
cattle afflicted with rabies last
week in the Star Mountain coun
try, and the carcasses of some
twelve or fourteen others were
the lovely old pioneer ladies that 'found, which had died presuma
put courage in the hearts of i bly of rabies,
many new settlers in this Valley "I am acting in the capacity of
in the period when it was a real Government Trapper in the upp
pioueer country and hardships er country and would be pleased
were endured by the few who to see more publicity given the
were brave enough to come into subject or rabies, as so many
M oo
0 00
Irt 00
I 50
14 10
Harney Citizen Honored
A recent press dispatch to the
Oregonian from the Oregon
Building at the San Francisco
fair gives favorable mention and
honor to a recently acquired cele
brity of this county when the
event of the day was the unveil
ing of the bronze figure 'The
Huckaroo, " This work was done
by A. Phimister Proctor, one of
the most noted sculptors of Amer
ica. The article says in part: Mr.
Proctor is one of most noted
sculptors in America, having
worked a great deal abroad and
traveled the world over in his
study of Mulijtcts. His great
imceH has been with animal life,
particularly with Western sub
jects. Il- has lived in the West
in Colorado and other places -and
loves the rugged rawness of
new countries and the strength
and sinuous beauty of virile ani
mals in their native haunts. Hi.
nlans include trips' -already map
ed out in detail -into the most
animal-ln-habited wilds of Africa
and of India, that he may know
animal life untouched and untam
ed and make it live again in
bronze for all of us to know.
A couple of years ago he was
attracted to the Pendleton Round
up. It was an opportunity to see
the native Western horses and
the horseman in attitudes that
belong to the range and the cat
tle life so rapidly passing into
history. He camo he was con
quered; he sent to New York for
his family and he has been here
ever since, with no immediate
prospects of leaving us. So in
terested has he become in Oreg
on that he has acquired a ranch
in Harney County, where he
means to make a hprne for him-1
self and his family.
We do job printing,
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Amval sod Departure Of Train
No. 2, Prairie HMf A, M.
buppter ?i3P. M.
Arrives Baker 4i00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8i30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
Np. Makes good connection
wlthO.-W. It. & N. Co, No. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland t:80
P. M-, arriving at Baker 7iW A
M. and No, If from east arriv
ing Maker 6:60 A. M,
No 2 connects with No. 6 (Fast
Mail) arriving at Baker 7:88 P.
M. which picks up ruuman niji
Baker, arriving at Portland 7:00:
am aIko with No. 18 at
this isolated district. She was
always deeply interested in the
affairs of the community and took
an active oart in all public better
ments and was such an agreeable
character that she was a most
welcome guest at any home or at
any gathering. Having coim to
Oregon in an early day, settling
on a donation claim near Cottage
Grove in 1833 and after the death
of her husband coming to Harney
Valley in 1884 to join her child
ren, she had many entertaining
tales of pioneer life that always
peaaed her hearera
The writer feels a personul loss
in the death of this estimable
lady as she had been such a do M
friend for thirtyyears. giving him
much advice during the forma-
tive period of his boyhood troubl
es and pi asures. She was none
the less dear to many others of
this country who had the good
fortune to know her.
Sarah E. Martin was born in
Alabama in 1827; she was the
daughter of Col. J. J. Turpin and
Cynthia Maddison Turpin and
was married to Lewis Martin in
1847, the family crossing the
plains in 1853 to tane county.
After coming to this Valley in
1884 Mrs. Martin made this bet
home until her sons removed to
Ashland a few yean ago, She
was a member of the Robatelh
Degree, I. 0. O. F. of this -it y
and also a member of, the Elk
Ladies at the time of her death.
She it survived by four child
ren. John E. and E. J. Martin,
of Ashland, Joseph Martin of
Klamath and Mrs' Geo. McGowan
of Taggart, all of whom were at
her bedside when the end came
as well as her grandson. Archie
M,cGowan and his' wife, The re
mains were interred in the J. O.
O. f. cemetery near her home at
Trapper Says Mad
Coyotes Still a Pest
A government trapper, at work
in Malheur coimty, is quoted in
w Vale Enterprise as saying
people treat the matter as a joke
till their animals are bitten and
it is too late to save them,
"The coyotes have been great
ly reduced during the past year,
but have not been annihilated by
any means, it is my opinion that
now is the time to put on the big
bounty, while there is an oppor
tunity to exterminate them. The
cost will be less now that the
coyotes are fewer; but if the
bounty is reduced or taken off
now, they will soon increase and
be as numerous as ever."
The Oregon Countryman
The December number or the
Oregon Countryman, the student
publication issued by the agri
cultural club of the College, will
le put out by the Extension div
ision. This will be a special edi
tion of about 80 pages represent
ing by story and picture every
phase of Extension work as con
ducted in Oregon. The feature
of the edition will be a descrip
tion of the organisation of the
division, its operations and co
operative activities, and means
by which the Oregon farmer and
other citizens of the state may
avail themselves of Extension
service. This article will be
written by Professor R. D. Hetz
el, who put agricultural extens
ion into Oregon.
Claim Presented Against The
County at The November
Term of The County Court,
This store has its own
Lens Manufacturing
Plant in which can be
ground lances, of any description-
This, enables
us to guarantee absolute
accuracy in filling your
prescription. Quick ser
vice on your repairs.
Duplicate juinieUIately
any broken lens, whther
originately made at this
store or elsewhere, You
will find this, great con
venience try iti
Jeweler and Optician
C.eneral F4
Name What I'urpoee Ami. AIM.
Ilr 00 (IriHItli, wlary, county
liylrln 160 00
Kviler limn, niplle, court limine 19 SO
iila. ,V 1'ruillioinme Co, do... Ml 78
llurm Oaragu, gasoline imiup
houw H 00
Lumpnlilru'i (iurage, do ... U' 80
U T lluglii'l, tamp, ale. for
offlre . ... IM0
lii-vil Urol, Rupplltut, t V'.'.V' huu i SO
l.utialiy.rK, lUUoii k (', mipptlcl
court huuta 78
I. M llumllton, (tamp, phona is M
I. M llaiiiillnii, ll. for ImvolliiK 100. 00
Oftaos ShUv Library, bwdjl (o
nhooii . . , 371
lioiu'a'Hii A Logyaii, I it tire uco. &S HO
llurnuy County New, printing '7 in
N I'-mwii i Sum, luppliet, Jail,
elc 44 00
B trie legal 4 VWr Oo. Huhl
court houe II o
llniou l'u I A Tel Co, telephone
trvtss, t'luinird 17 III . 2 (18
Juninri-lurnTtl Co, toleplioue
theiHf u7
I J Mi'liiitield, lnilMiiijr "Whtne
intd 61 75
DA tU'ik, work on do 60
1) I Slier, liauhug luuiUer. .,,, , 1 76
II AaPU'ld'MHon, do 4 00
Kay , TntvlH, Ifil ooi,U ol pine
wood 108 00
Arthur Turner, tawing- U0 cord
pine, wood, nti! 15 76
Cha A KIuk. hauling rabbit
eulp , WOO.
J W M.epacd, tlkllng tue rb
lai liouao 10 75
II H latri, liingleH li.r rabbit
Iwumj 14 60
W A Uoodinuu. egpeuaea In tun
veyiug pilaumu to uu. "' 85
If ti CrllehltrM, Moving ou
nejuK, ew na oo
jiuipHli((e' Oarage, gaaoline,
Ktu lor dierlfl IWS 10
Hifii (laraga, do , , . . . 30 36
W A (loodman, hoard of prlion-
ar 1048
Trilby Wliltaker, ervlow deputy
heriff ....
VI A (londman, trnvellng x
pi'iiiw 4 10
Blbert li urge, auto hire for
ahurlff1 8 00
W A (looduiaii, ilaniiw (or of
fl 7 88
0 M Trimble, Mrrlng warrant,
Anilruw Irwin, guarding priaon-
er IS 00
(!ha Klgga, do 18 00
M I, niotl, atenographar, din
nlty fl 78
)llif DarMry, meal lor Juror . 18 SS
W It MeCoUtion, do 4 86
Mi I, (lata, do 4 66
I'nwbytorlan Udie Aid Hociaty
do 6 60
Mr Ktta Co nun I m, keep Co
poor 2 mo 1 1 06 64
Hurry C Hmlih Stag Co, tag
lar county charge
1 sehwart. aopplie (or Mr
VVelrome 1'harmacy, ippplle
rounty hoapital
Marvin MoUee, barber work, for
county charge
I.unaberg, Ihdton A Oo, auppll
county charge 28 00
C W llolbroob, uurlng Ban
Kern-, claimed $84 00 tHaal'd
Welcome I'haruiacy, auppliea
county charge 14 00
I'ortvr-Hit z Co, do IS 30
Juntuia Utage Co. itam fur .
county charge
H W Olevenger. burial conntv
liritllth A Hauriuan, nrrlce
Mr Hall
A A Traugott, aoppllea Mr
W Y Kiog, Ineticu fee tate v
W Y King, jnatlce lee itato
II BarUatt
A II Ourry, juttice lee atat v
F Iirael, claimed $8 00
Jonothau llartlett, conaUbl fee
late v K larael
A II Curry, jutic fee lat u
i and t M.r.hall. el.lmed
(10 116
Jonathan llartlett, conatabl fee
Ut v J and K Marshall,
claimed $63 70
C C Barn, wlln do
A H Wolfiel, do
Bert White, do
i Tiarlio Moore, do
D HHinylh, do
t VV Mnrrhall, do
loiiathan Huillell, l,am hire lu
conveying prlaouer
.la A Maddux, refund of te
claimed 138 86 Dlaal'd
Nora Maddux, do claimed $17 00 DUal'd
Swan M Milloer, do 396
N Nelaon. juror circuit coort 6 80
K I' S) Neater, do SO 0j
S II Tetherow, do ... 2300
(loorge Ilatt, do 2 00
Jap Mckiiinou, do 0 00
II. II Willbargar, do 88 60
I'realley Hmyth, do 3000
C. 1'. Ilorrowdale, do 34 00
Scoll llayva, do 8 00
A. K.Brown, do 16 00
A. I. Juhiiaoo, do 3 30
Kdw. J. Callow, do 16 60
M. M. Itouii, do 16 60,. 0 80
0. A. Harlan, d,u 6 80
John A. fcucrlc, do ..... 6 80
N. t. Smith, i.o 680
Piatt Kandall, do 620
J, li. Hounaevelle, do 16 SO
W. It. Oawoiu, do 16 80
A. W. Hurlburt, do 8600
tlail Barnct, do 18 40
W. It. Uy ram, do 36 0O
('rank Matuey, do IS 40
1. It 81 00
Cary Thornbcrg, do IB 80
Kred llarron. do 83 60
A 1880
J I. Millwp, do 36 00
IVter Uanioo, do 88 00 8000
Frank Baker, do IB 80
K. C. 38 00
Allen Jouee, do 18 80
Karl lloritinaa, do 87 00
W L Hpeooer, du BJ 00
Alli,ol 8v40
Alex Roger. do 23 40
Q I. Jamea, do 3100
(Irani Keatereon, do 1U 40
J K rjixeuiure, du 36 30
Cha. A Klug, do 18 80
K 0 Kggleeton.du 18 80
Frank Swarlnga,du 80 00
CurtiKuiitii,du 6 80
Joe I, Marvhee, wltneaa circuit
Mr Geo, lUukln, do ,
A W ...
Wm. l'ratt. do
C W llolbrook, do, 1Q,Q
A I Johnaou, do H 40
13 00
203 60
316 00
11 68
46 10
12 70
7 10
1 10
7 10
8 10
13 00
Change in Routing and Schedules Will
Upset Business for a Time. New
Contractors Must Get Ready on
Short Notice. Mail Route From
Burns to Bend Received Favorably
J W Walker ,..,
VW KUby, do. . .
Kred II nine, do
Jamca I'irle, do
lieuule Book, do. .
Mr, 1. Book, do. .
U A Preelove, do
It M Weill, do..,,,
I'err,y Vvwe.du
Jute Uarclii, do . .
Htcphen tiHrcla, do.
17 60
H 0(1
18 40
10 00
10 00
24 00
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12 00
39 00
29 00
Ml 00
l.umibiu (, Vliujl 4 Co, aiipplie
fvr m laouui 8 76
llrant Huynold, taking care of
Krland Carleon, du 89 00
It I. Hinrt, do 880
l( . llaiue. do 8 80
W A (toodmau, do 8 80
W A Uooduiau, do 880
Frank 1 liowau, d 8 80
Frank 11 Clerf, wltu,. Urand
Jury 8400
Ivdgar . . . .' 84 00
IStlu Mickey, do 84 00
Kred Hatne,do 6 00
Iauac Addition, do 84 00
Jamea WrU, do 8 60
l.illie Book, do 8 60
Lenniu Book, do .... B 60
C M Suliibur v. do 8 80
J Mahon, do 14 00
The Times-Hereld received in
formation early In the week that
the changes in the routing of
mails had been made and several
contracts had been let to take ef
fect the first of next month.
While there was a vigorous pro
test against any change at this
time the department did make
the change and the business in
terests must adjust themselves
to it.
Cole & Selby secured the con
tract for a six times a week ser
vice from Juntura to Drewsey
and the same firm was awarded
the contract from Juntura to
Riverside for three times a week.
C. W. E. Newell was awarded
the contract from Riverside to
Burns three times a week.
H. Denman secured the con
tract from Harriman to Narrows
three times a week.
A. P. Hall secured the contract
from Burns to Buchanan three
times a week. There was also a
contract let for a twice a week
route from Voltage to Diamond
but did not learn who received it.
These ohanges are effective
December 1 and the respective
contractors are now busy ar
ranging to begin operations. It
has upset business conditions in
this section and it is certain that
another upset is due in the im
mediate future as it will not be
practical to continue these con
tracts after the railroad has
reached the valley early in the
There is a movement on foot
to discontinue the Prairie-Burns
line and inaugurate another route
from Burns to Bend. This will
receive unanimous support from
the entire county and should be
pushed at once. The delegation
that went to Bend to meet Mr.
Strahorn and his people were to
look after starting the ball roll
ing for the ultimate consumma
tion of this project and there is
; every reason to believe it can be
accomplished in the immediate
This is the most feasible route
I for a mail service from the West
and will bring our mail the most
direct route, besides giving us
! quicker service. It will give this
interior country direct connection
with the railroad both east and
Since the above was written
' the writer has interviewed one
' of the delegates to Bend and is
informed that strong resolutions
I favoring this route and that defi
nite action will be taken at once.
Effort is Made for
Open Season on Does
There is a possibility that hunt
ers may soon be allowed to shoot
does again, because of the fact
that they are becoming plentiful,
whereas it is growing more and
more difficult to shoot the bucks.
Deputy Game warden George
Tonkin, of Pendleton, is now en
gaged in gathering data for a re
port to the state commission on
the success of hunters in Uma
tilla county during the season
just closed. So far he has learn
ed of but three hunters who se
cured the limit of three during
the season. A nuir.her bagged a
couple and a good many secured
singles and many others never
got any. Mr. Tonkin also ques
tioning hunters as to the number
of bucks and does they saw dur
ing the season.
ChamberUin'a Tablet.
This is the medacine intended
especially for stomache troubles,
biliousness and constipation. It
is meeting with much success
and rapidly gaining in favor and
popularity. For sale by all deal-era.
Burns Meat Market
Packing Plant
Fresh Meats. Poultry
Home Products for Home Consumers
SPCIAjL inducements offered
TO SHEEP men and rig orders
Made From New Wheat : : : : Every Sack Guaranteed
Quality Right Prices Right Special Rates to Buyers in
Quantity Lota. See Your Merchant, the Mill or Mr. Huston
The Burns Flour Milling Co.
Yom Patronize Home when you deal here
To be Given Away
Every Saturday at 8 P. M.
Be'aure and bring your coupons
you may be the lucky one....
The one haying the number
nearest to the number under
the seal will be the winner
iQ'MP. M forpilnt But
prleoiiar. claimed 40 00 Uiul'd
( 'onUnuml 09 i tmol