The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 30, 1915, Image 3

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H 11,.- UrfMl CirevUlion Of Any
N-w.paper la Hamey County
Loo. News.
' Harry Carj was up from Law
on Monday.
Sv "The Vogue" hata at Ctts
gan s urn nop.
M. S Davies' was a business
r visitor to our ctojr Thursday.
Met me at the Burns Hotel.
That's the central place in town
1 11. Wilfong was in the city
1 on business this week.
All kinds of grain including
wheat at Lunaburg Dalton fe Co.
Mrs. Arthur Turner and child
ren expect to leave Monday for
I Juntnra where they go to visit
with relatives for a week.
I'aul Finke was down Thurs
day having brought his cousin
Paul lilumo down on his way to
Lake county where he has min-
injf interests.
Wanted -200 head of stock to
pasture. 1000 acres good stubble
with 20 straw stacks; one section
of pasture land in addition; plen
ty of jjood water. P. S. Weitten
hiller. C. M. Athey, foreman of the
Blue Mountain Eagle at Canyon
City was in the city this week
look i nit up some business matters.
Mr. Athey was a member of the
Geneva Loekes Dramatic Co.
that played here last January.
Statement Of The Condition
" OITfc.
First National Bank
of Burns
At the close of business September and, 1915.
Loans and Discounts $343,896.01
U. S. Bonds 66,000.00
Bonds and Securities 53 878,08
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8.90492
Five per cent Redemption Fund . 2. BOO 00
CA8H , 96,620.61
$674,798, 6t
Caljital $50,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 66,849.08
Circulation 60,000.00
DEPOSITS 417.948.94
Capital and Surplus SI 00,000.
United States Depositary
Frank Catterson blew in to this
I morning growling because the
1 manager didn't send him a "dun"
1 occasionally and let him realize
t ne was in aeot. ne unt going
to be in that position with this
i concern for some little time aga-
Two real estate deals were clos
ed in this city last Saturday, M.
A. Biggs bought the residence
property of C. A. Haines and Dr.
Carl Griffith bought the residence
and office oroperty of Mrs. W. L
Ifarsden. Both are desirable
and nicely located.
Mart Brenton and wife and
Miss Mary Caldwell returned last
Sunday evening from their visit
to Lake county. They had a
Wm. Gray was in town Thurs
day. I still have some good golf
shirts at 3 for $1.00 I. Schwartz.
Fred Gehrung was up from
.Sunset yesterday after supplies.
Zoglman Clo. Co. have the goods.
Best of care given patients at
Mrs. Fireoved's maternity hospi
tal. We find visitors praising our
beautiful fall weather and it is
certainly pleasant but we need
Mrs. Miller will take orders
for the Palmer Garment Co., of
Job printing here.
Stop at the Burns Hotel when
in town. Rest service.
J. O. Alberson was a business
visitor from Denio during the
Opening of a fine line of Fall
and Winter hats at Clingan Hat
Remember the show company
at Tonawama next Saturday and
r. s. Weitenhiller went out
the other day on business con
nected with a real estate deal.
Jesse Vickers and wife were in
the city yesterday consulting a
Good barley ground at Chas.
JOm! I loss has been in town
this week
I still have some irood aolf
8nirtsat3for$1.00-I. Schwartz.
A now shipment of Colleare
Tarns at the Clingan Hat Shop.
SAY! Have you seen our New
Mackinaws? -Williams-Zoglmann
Clo. Co.
Carrol Cecil and son Homer
were over from Silver Creek
Rev. Flowers, pastor of the
Naznrene church of this city, has
returned from a visit to the easf.
A new consignment of hats
and Ostrich feather boas have
been received at the Clingan Hat
Walter ( .ross was down from
his Trout Creek home this week
on a visit to his wife and little
grand daughters.
The Walters & Murray Show
Co. will be seen at Tonawama
next Saturday and Sunday nights
in some good bills.
James Paul and wife are over
from their Happy Valley home
on businesss and greeting their
many friends.
The new Victor Ladies Tailor
ing style book and samples for
fall and winter have arrived.
Call and see them at the Clingan
Hat Shop before ordering elsewhere.
Sylvester Smith was a
W our city Thursday.
I still have somo good golf
ihlrtssl .'! fW $1.(111 I Schwartz.
Clarence Gary is in Ih city.
His mother is visiting his family
on Crane creek.
A. H. Curry was in town Thurs
day from his home near Harri-
visitor ; Chicken dinner Sunday at the
. OvVrland 12 oVliick and also
rrom r:.?u m tin- evening.
William Bros, Rave all kinds
dI 1. null lumber for tale &l
mill 15 miles north of Boras' on
the Canyon City road.
Warrant Call.
man on land business 1
. Notice Is hereby given that
1 astun and oil kinds of grain thmj ,, money on hand t0 pay
and hay for sale. Phone or spe a geMnl fund warrantB ngit.
"e,,ry v'inmore. tered prior to April 1, 1915; all
Rolled barley, wheat and oats rond warrants registered prior to
for sale at market prices. -W. A. Sept. 1, 1915, and all rabbit war
Goodman's feed yard. rantB registered prior to Aug. 20,
Lady desires general house 191B Interest CMKl Monday
work, ranch preferred. Address October 25, 1915.
Mrs. N. M. Stowe, Narrows, Ore- R- A. MILLER,
gon. " county ireasurer
, Oreaou, who mi July l. !'ll,'
il Kiitrr, No M,U, lor W'tNUl,, K',
FU, Hoi' ii. loanatllvii H , KaiiKr "I
Chicago. Sample book now on physician in regard to the latter's
hand at the Schwartz store.
As usual the chemical engine
did not preform its duty at the
fne that destroyed the hospital.
Mrs. Millar has received some
of her Fall and Winter Millenery
and invites the ladies of this vie
! apparatus.
very nice visit with relatives and j Burng neei8 better fire fighting I inity to call at the Schwartz
store and see the display.
Frank Nutley and wife were in
the city Monday making proof on
their homestead. Bailey Hayes
and wife were with them as wit
friends. Mart has one bad hand
as the result 01 getting it m.xea , rm FRJJT NATIONAL BANK OF
up with the gearing of the car in ; 8UBN3. capital and surplus
some manner but he says it will 100.000. -the bank that makes
soon lie alright. your $ 9 s $ safe- accounts
E. Jacobson, the old time rep
resentative of the J. K. Gill Co.,
vas calling upon the trade in
this city during this week. Mr.
ii.nrMnn namia hprp rrnni I .iiki.
.; itkx. u , .'. ; ' Buchanan
1CW. Ik It-CHI "" !. HUH." Ill 1 1 ,L
,. , . J, ti,-, .a u. I were also in town that day.
Ins long service on the road that
he ever made that territory. Rev. Dr. Benson of the Pres-
The proposed net work of rail- byteriah church went over to
roads suggested by Mr. Strahorn Silver Creek yesterday evening
Leo. Buchanan made proof
on his homestead Tuesday. He
was assisted by L M. Humil-
jton and John Liehner. .1. W.
and Geo. Buchanan
caused "Jake" to investigate
that section and he hopes to an
nex it to Portland as a trading
and talked to the people of that
section last night. The subject
being the San Francisco Exposition.
I have just received my new line. The largest and
most complete ever shown in Burns. The celebrated
line manufactured by
The list following gives just a slight idea of the stock
Rust Proof Corsets $1.25 to $3.50
Red Fern - M0
Brassieres " fi5c.
Perfection Waists - 35c.
" Skeleton Waists - 25c.
Sanitary Belts - - 25c
The merits of Warner Bros. Corsets
are too well known to require any
extended mention. This is simply
to let you know that the above men
tioned goods are here, and you are
cordially invited to come into the
store and inspect them.
- General Merchandise -
Hasonlc Building. - - liurna, Oregon
S. W. I .ay the was among our
out of town visitors during the
week. His son Willard was a
student in the high school here
during the past two years, is
spending this winter with his
grand mother in Iowa.
Next Sunday morning Dr.
Benson will preach on Good Cit
izenship or Patriotism. What
does good citizenship mean?
What are the ideals of a nation?
How can those ideals be attain
ed? Must we change our patriot
ism with these changing times?
A. S. Swain came up from the
ranch Tuesday accompanied by
Mrs. Swain who had been visit
ing him for a few days. Mr.
Swain hurt his leg one day re
cently and had to use crutches
for a while but is again able to
navigate without artificial aid.
W.R.McCuiston returned home
last Wednesday evening the from
a trip to Bend and northern
part of Lake county where he
has a ranch. Mr. McCuistion
arranged for more improvements
on his land the most important
of which was the fencing of 160
acres with rabbit tight fence.
He sent a large quantity of seed
oats to the place from here last
spring by parcel post and it was
seeded but the rabbits harvested
it for him. He says it seems
good to get back' to Burns again
where he finds business better
than at any other point he visit
ed. As the result of a whole lot of
talk and argument V. G. Cocad
and Chas. Schrier left here Fri
day morning for Harney lake in
order to prove that they could
make the trip in 86 hours and re
turn with 60 ducks. They left
here Friday morning and were to
return Saturday. They were to
make it in the specified time and
kill the limit. The probabilites
are that if the shooting had been
good would have returned within
the specified time but they struck
the shooting grounds at a bad
time aa only a few ducks were
Hying. They remained ovsr Sun
day and then failed to get the
limit. -Blue Mt. Eagle. -
Team of gray work geldings
weight 1200 and 1400 pounds,
good set work harness, :i', inch
Lewis wagon, if sold soon $175.
Will sell separate. Inquire at A.
S. Swain ranch. Iiawen, Oregon.
Jack ( ! ruddock came over from
his Silvies Valley home the latter
part of Inst week bringing Mrs.
Craddock in for medical trent-
ment. i'lie lady is in the hospit
al but improving rapidly and
they hope soon to be able to re
turn home.
rour hogs, two red and two
sandy in color, were taken up by
me about the first of the month;
were found in my garden. Own
er prove property, pay expenses
and take animals.- C. II. Mc
J. C. Turney and wife were in
the city from the oil well this
week. The Times-Herald under
stands the piospects remain
bright for oil, although Mr. Turn
ey had nothing to say to a repre
sentative of this paper for publi
cation. Estrayed-One bay horse about
12 or 14 years old came to my
place about a year ago, branded
with J and lazy J or lazy 6 under
on left shoulder, weight about
1150. and saddle marked. Owner
prove property, pay all charges
and take animal. J. F. Mahon,
Princeton, Oregon.
Paul Blume was in town the
other day en route to Plush after
spending several weeks visiting
his cousin Paul Finke at the lat
ter's mountain place. Mr. Blume
says his mining property in the
vicinity of Plush is quite promis
ing and he and his associates
hope to establish a 15-ton mill in
the immediate future to take care
of the mine. Owing to its isola
tion from transportation they
find it is not profitable to ship
the ore out so they will put the
mill in.
Dr. J. L. McCool. the eye specia
list, who was hero us a guest of
Dr. Saurman, preformed several
operations while in this city and
gave consultution in many cases
of eye trouble. Dr. McCool is a
very pleasant gentleman and
showed his skill in cases he treat
ed. It was indeed most commend
able that he take time during his
pleasure vaculion to minuter in a
nrofessional way those afllieted
but it was certainly appreciated.
He left for Portland yesterday
morning. The doctor had the
misfortune to loose many of his
surgical instruments in the hos
pital fire.
( ;. P, Greenman and wife
have returned from Portland
where they have been for sever
al weeks and have gone to the
homestead in Catlow. Mr. Green
man has ordered the lumber for
a new dwelling on his farm and
Bays they are going to be just as
comfortable as they can out
there. He is authority for the
further encouraging information
that a big tractor has been start
ed from Bend for his section of
the country and will be put into
use upon its arrival. This will
help materially in thodevoiinu-nt
of the land of Catlow, giving the
farmers a chance to get their
land in shape under favorable
conditions toward crops. The
moisture is none too great in that
territory therefore the handling
of the soil at the proper time to
save what moisture there is will
greatly help in the production.
Relinquishment of 100 acres of
land near Lawen for sale. In- NOTICK FOR PUBLICATION
quire W. A. Rendleman, Narrows, '
I. II. Smyth and Bon Claude
were in city this week on busi
ness. They were accompanied
by their wives.
First class potatoes $1 per 100,
Car lots delivered at Riverside,
Juntura and Brogan. Caldwell
Potato Growers.
The Burns Hotel is the head
quarters for all when in town.
(ioxl table service, clean rooms
and accommodating attendants.
Rurue, Oregon, October Id, HID
NhIIi . Il birebvelviii (h.l Hyiliii-v K HiiKh.l,
11I Hurui, Oregon, who mi July I.'., lull , ruaile K
N W . . H '
K.. Metiiilaii, Iim (iinl nulli'.
of I11t.11l11.11 10 inaku dual lliri-i. r.r proof, to
i!hMi1i rlHiiu in tin' uiiii ataji iiearrleeil
lii'lorti Keafater and Ker-elver, at Hurna, (re
ui.i, mi thn .'ml itx 11I November, Itflb.
t'U 1 in am name, aa wltnraaea
Frank Mwaarln.en, vvijliaui Mil.aton, lilon
rl..uins, llarr) M Hiit-y.all u( ItDrna, iim-kuii
Wm. Karhh, rUflaler
Dr. H. M.
from Bend
assisting in
drug store
Horton has returned
where he has been
the transfer of the
and stock recently
purchased by himself and the
Reed Brothers. Nollic Reed and
wife left Tuesday morning for
Bend to make their home there.
The Times-Herald force went
out to the Experiment station the
fore part of this week to observe
the work of the new road machin
ery and found the elevator grad
er piling up dirt very fast It
was certainly wading through
the dirt in a manner that looked
k''-d to those observing it and
will cover a big territory in a
short time.
Mrs. M. V. Dodge and three of
her violin pupils made a week
end visit to the Double O ranch
last Saturday us guests of Wm.
1 1 an ley. The party went over to
entertain Mr. Proctor, the sculp
tor, and his family but it turned
quite a mutual admiration party
before the guests came away as
they found the Poctor family
most interesting and in turn the
family were delighted with the
music of the violinists. Besides
Mrs. Dodge Kathleen Jordan,
Kathrine Farre and Gladys Byrd
went over.
Hurna, Oregon, October -JO, lyl6
Notice laharvtiy nlven that Michael llmkir
of Voltage, Orof on, who, on May M, 111 to. maile
llutnrauail Kntry No. lM757,lor BW'.NW',, V,
w, Ni,HK,li. lM,i,Ti. V H.,IUne.TiK,
iil lie Meridian, nal tiled nolKOol Inteti
ttini tu make una! five-year proof, to eatabllih
i'UIdi to the land almve deecrlted, before Keg -later
and Heeelver. at liurna. Oregon, on trie
7th day of November. Ilf..
Claimant nature aa wltm-i.f
Hue Mali), llert liounlux, Nli'holea dialer,
Ml. hail Marker, all of Voliagcoreg.ui
WM. r, Kegletor
These feafures alone are
conclusive evidence that
we hold the strictest cen
sorship over business in
trusted to us.
Gen. Mgr.
UNirgn Dram I.ahii orrtCK, I
liurna, Orvgun, Oi'tolxir It, 1VI6. 1
Notice In hxrehy given that Terrene. J. Mellon
aid, of tturua, Oregon, who. on April i. loll,
made H.imealeDd Kntry, No. 0Mu, for
-tvt'.NW',. NttHVYi and Lot 4, Hec. i, 1 1, H
.Itatigerl K.. Willamette Meridian, ha AIimI
notice of Intention to make Dual three year
I'roof, to ratabilah claim to the land above d
acrlhed, before Heglaler and Receiver, at
Hurna Oregon, on the '.ih .lav oi Noyeuiher,
Claimant iiatneaaH wltneeeea-
V W.Trlaka lai k Johnaou, Hon lilt
II. It Allen, all of Hurna, Oregon.
Wat, Kjaer. Kegleirr
UliirtllHTATSN I.AMtHlri h r, f
llu rim, orrguii, Oi'toLe-r I. i , t
Motto In hereby (iynthi MalsiiiU I i JalUit,
f llarr hneii.orfgou, wliu. on January Ito, 111;.,
.mt : IMS. mad. ItVtiH'Si. ad Knirlin
Mo, uu;. and ununi, ). (Il), for h'.
. 'i. !. l.t. Township x!V HoiitlT. Hangc
:-', VViriatuvUw, bit uini uoitre
of iuttiiiMun to n.nkt Una! hi-t-r i-ar TrXMif. (u
fsiai-llsb claim to the latnl Im.v iltswrlbeil,
. for HcnlsUir ruiI Kecclvcr.ftt Hurnt.Orcjrmi.
00 iLu ?:tnlda at o,iiilttr IVlh.
1 'aln.aitt tiaini'H at wIlUMWa:
W r. fJrar. f, rj. a II. i:urr, II I
Kreti- li, all of Marrlman, Orvgnn.
W.rasiK. Hcglgtcr.
CHiTti. MTaTga l.axudmc
tlurna, Oregon. October 19. i.-t
.Mill. el. hereby given III at Wilford A. Kendle
tnaoof NarroHra,lregiiti, who, on Hepemlwm,
tvl'i and January le, iwu, Made lfomeetea.1
Kntrl.a, No. 0Hw;-i7"iWl, rctneiillvel),
lor NUHKV HY,' H',N... Heell.,1.
ruwnaulp U M.. II..,,,. HI V Wlllaul e
Meridian, baa Hied notice of luteutlon to make
dual tbreo-yemr firooi, to ectalrilab claim
to the land above deecrlbed. before Keglatei
hi 1 1 Ravel. liurna. oregou, ou IheiOrd day
i.t NovcuilMir. ivlr..
i latmaut uamva a. wltmeeoe'
tlim Mavkllaua and A l June, both of
Hurna. Oregon Kdward maun, of NaJ
roea, Oregou I N Tyler, of liurna. Oregou
KAaaa. Kcgletsr.
You Should Own
A Savings Account
There is no question in your mind as to the
value snd importance of hsving money in tba
bank earning interest for you.
You may never have quite gotten down
to the business of accumulating money, but,
meanwhile, the months are gliding into the
past, and less productive days may be coming,
when the interest earnings from savings would
be a source of permanent income.
Is there any reason why you should not
own a personal savings account at the Harney
County National Bank, when you can start
with One Dollar? Accept this invitation to
start your account this week.
Harney County National Bank
Burns, Oregon
Progress with Safety Depositary
t'MTguHTATka l.imitirrii r,
Uutue. Oregon, October IV, ivt t
.'ollie la hereby given that Kiank W Irlaka. ol
Hurna, oregou, who, on June It, uu made
Unmeet, ad Kntry No.Mlaa, tur r.HHV lUI
-.mi . e, . mi, , w(i. iff b, nauge a.' r.ei
Willamette Meridian, baa tiled notice ol inU i
Ion to make Dual thre, nrtait to ealal. i latin to the lend above deecrlbed, l. font
itegiitcr aim ueceiteret liiirna,iiregoi.,on the
.'tin day of Noveinlier, WIS.
claimant nam, a aa Wjllneaeea:
Neleon K 1'ard. e. T. J. Mcllouald. W. J. Me
Klnnle, liaulul Jordan , all nl Hurna Oregon.
W. Kaaag. Heglaler.
jaf &n
- v-
e ML li
the Shabby
Shabby surfaces detract from the
appearances of your home. Floors,
furniture or woodwork that are
marred, scratched or scuffed give
your home a shabby run-down ap
pearance. Make these. varnished sur
faces bright and new with
' There's an Arm Oualirv Varnish
for every purpose; a floor varnish
made to be walked upon; a quick
drying furniture varnish that imparts
a brilliant, durable lustre, and var
nishes for all outdoor and indoor sur
faces in any quantity desired. Which
do you need?
HerUI No. SABftO
I Nil hi. nTATKa LAND limil,
Hurua, Oregon, aeplatnoor U, IVM.
Notice la hereby Ml ven that Mery Ileal, ,ii. bv
i, it Mel. coil, her Attorney .n reel, the Coal
nil,, aildrcta of Attorney in fact, being
AMlurta, on gnu. haa thla Mtli day nl rteiilcm
l r tw.'i filed tu thla office her aii,lti allnii to
elect uuder the brovtaioi.e of the act of ton
greia auprovou July I, IMM (tar dtat., tot. HVUi.aa
eilei. lie) by the act of t'nngreai annruved .May
17. loon.
Mr'aHn .'ii. loHtiahlp'JuH. II. Ill Kaal.W. M.
iNuiin ..I Malbeiii Lake. I
Any and all nereoua eiatmiug adyertely the
laud, deacilbed, or dealrlng to object becauae
of ma mineral character of the land, or any
nlhei reaaou tolhedlapoaal Oaiillcaut,ahould
file their adidavtta of i.roteat lu ihl. iitncu, on
i.r beloru tin Mb day ol NoVI Sen, Ills
Wh. PaiiRa. Kegiater.
Ii ii i in. oreguu, October I J, In .. I
Notice la hereby ulveu thai I'eter K Ifein.
of Ha rlman. Oregou, who. on l)i loin r H, ItllJ,
ami March :m, inn, made lloinealead
1-1,1.1,1 No. ih. . ,1. il. II.' reieetlvely fill
,. K'.N',.W',N ',Vc .'II, NKkHKU,
K',NK',. reeilnn . II, I nivnalilp .' M , Itange ii
K Wlllauictle Meridian, haa lllc.l notice
of Intention lo malic final thine year I'roof, to
e.tablUh elalui to Ihe laud above deacr ll. .1,
ilegUtei and Heeelver at Hurui, Oregon
in tlic Lull day of Nuveinbea, lyift.
t'lalitiaut name, aa vrltneaaea:
Ularenoa ater, Itobert t Helm, t'arl
Keraog, le.1 llayc. all of llarrlmaii, Oregou.
Wm. KAaaa, Iteglalar.
UmriD htatm LANDOrriuB, i
l.ur i.-, Urvffiiu, Ociobtjr IB, I'M..
Notice U in Mt. kIvi-m that Auatlu uminlufi.
it Hocha'.ian. Oregon, tfrlolMr l. Vif2.
niailtf Aai1u loikkl lluiiiuateail Kutr , N
lurNUNK', -h'iNKH, NJCteSKUfeo.SIi, Twi
l H . iUiitfn HS K. WllUiiiPtlu MvrMlHit.IiM Died
in-iUt ut iitit'iitiun to make final three year
ii il. U.. I'StaLHsli rlaini In thf luntl abttvt dsv'
HlibM, Lifure Keg later aud lUcaJver, at liurna
OMOn. oo tbtJnth day uf November. U1&.
i laimani nauifs aa wmieaaeg;
William 1. Vait-1trvert(nl lirtniity. OMfOD
Albert I, liinlianau. iirorge Hiiclianan,
Wllilauj A . Catereun, allot But baiian.
Wm. FaRttsa. Kaglatar.
IT)itk.i hTATKM l.kttu orruu.
Hurna, ort'iion, rttitembvr in, Mfi
NotlralalitfTebr nlvuti that lluury II. Hrun, ol
I'rltit'etuii Orefon, who.uit A,.t il . .' i .').. inn.
lltiuteatcai) Kntry, No ofn7, lor NIC' (too itA.Twii
. m , Haute , Willamette Meridian, haa 111
cd nntb o of Intnittlon to make final I hrrytar
nri'itf, to t'Hialillah claho lo ihe land abuTS U-xi'i-.tu'd.iiffinc
Kt'giaiiM and HtK-i'lviT. at tturua.
Otinit, mi the 3rd day of November, itilh
t laimani uainea aa witn
(ieo'gf WlllUma, latil WillUnm. M. Hi-aU,
i . lit sati mi i mt riiii.-i'i-iii, tiii-gt'ii
Wn, KAHHK, Keglalfr.
I'HITallHr, II. I.IM. Ill Hi k i
liiiina. tiregou, Svslarahar -7, itii.'i.l
Noili, i, beret, y given that t.'llillon I'. Hoin.w
dale, nl Hut kle) , Oiegon.w lin, on April 17, tin .'
made lloinealead entry, No UnV77, foi
N),, tksctiou Jt, Towuaiil M H, Itatigu m
K, tVlllamelie Meilillatl. haa tiled uollic.u
iiitentloii to make tltial three-year I'roof, to
ealabllab i latin lo Die laud above deecrlbed
before Heglaler and Heeelver , at Hurna. i ire
gon, the Vud day uf November, Win
Claimant nainca 11. witneaaea:
II. A (lllelillelil Kreilerlek l.oyl, l.iilli ol
Heckley. Oregon. 0.4 r-recline, I I.. Kiec
love both uf Hurna, Oreu.ui
WM KAfcHR, Heglaler
Farmers & Homesteaders' General Exchange Store
Specials for Coming Week
Spuds, $2.25 per hundred
Onions, $2.50 per hundred
Five kinds of winter apples, $1.35 per box
Fresh cookies, fancy and mixed, 15c. lb.
Walnuts, 20c. lb.
Heine beans, two cans, 25c.
All kinds of grain
Come In and arrange to trade any
produce yon have for winter supplies
Phone No. 284
One block east of Lampahlre'a Garage
Screen Cloth for Doors and Porches
Water bags, nose bags
Ice Cream Freezers
Builders Hardware
Paints and Oils
Barbed Wire
Farm Machinery
Implements of all kinds
in steck: Seeders, Plows,
Disc and Drag Harrows.
Binder Twine Barbed Wire
Nails, Doors, Windows, Roof
ing, Building Paper
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Crockery, Tinware
For its wonderful accuracy, its safety and c on-
venience, and its effectiveness for email i.'niue
and target shooting, you should buy
ta oaLisat
Repeating Rifle
Model 20. aa illu.tral.
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