The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 28, 1915, Image 2

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    The Man who knows Clothes,
who realizes there is a difference
in the way Clothes are made
come to this store before buying1
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - Barns, Oregon
Additional Locals.
wu in the
tkt 8iuif0-3$eYxfd
On Ymi $2.00
St. ItMlk. 1.00
TWhMmIm .7
The Coming of The Railroad.
The coming of the railroad to
s new country invariably moans
a period of prosperity and de
velopement The people living
n Central and Eastern Oregon
know this and are consequently
hailing with delight the extension
of theO, W. R. & N. line beyond
Riverside. The prosperity that
comes with the railroad is caused
chiefly by two things, the open
ing of a way to market for the
products of the country, and the
investment of new capital in var
ious business enterprises. It is
rather hard to get men with mon
ey, into a country very far from
a railroad even when the oppor
tunities for investment are fairly
People who have all their lives
lived near a railroad can scarcely
realize though that the railroad
means more than material pros
perity. The ordinary convenien
ces of our modern civilization de
pend largely on rapid transporta
tion. Few people in these days
are content to be without the
news of the world and they ex
pect it within a few hours after
the events have happened.
Many things in the markets can
not be taken to a country that is
reached only by stage lines ex
cepting at great cost and incon
venience. The automobile and
telephone have made conditions
vastly different than they were
some years ago for the pioneers
of the country but for most of
the people the ordinary conven
iences which we regard as indis
pensable do not come until the
railroad is built.
There are other ways in which
a community changes perhaps for
the worse when transportation
facilities are increased. The old
neighborly spirit is likely to dis
appear, while various fads and
fashions will be imported from
the cities. The new people who
come do not fit into the older
habits and customs and soon the
old inhabitants themselves are
lost in the new tide. Ontario
:. Where one-half of the 1914
taxes on any property was not
paid before April 1, 1915, the
entire amount unpaid will become
delinquent on September 1, 1915.
and be then subject to a penalty
of ten percent and interest at the
rate of 12 per cent per anum.
For instance, the taxes as origin
ally charged on a certain prop
erty amount to $100.00; if paid
in full on September 16. 1015, the
total amount required would be
$110.50. a oenaltv of 10 nor rent
($10.00) and interest at the rate 8U,CK wlurt inty wore at worK-
Geo. M. Bailey, president of
the Northwest Townsite Co..
with headquarters at Philadel-
Mn. C. E. Beery
city this wesk.
L, F. Allen, of Wallows, la in
the city on a visit to friends.
Harry E. Smith had the mis
fortune to have his leg broken
last Monday by a horse falling
on him.
A son oi' Charley Carter wsa
badly cut with a wood saw yes-
t?rday KteFneen. The cut is
some ten or eleven inches long in
the thigh.
John Gilcrest, who had his hip
dislocated and the bone broken,
is getting along well. It wsa s
serious injury but his physicians
are well satisfied with his pro
gress toward recovery.
Mrs. John Robinson and her
sons Dewey and Nick have mov
ed in from the ranch where they
spent the vacation period, in
readiness for school. Nick is
offtriiiK i Com an abscess on his
Two men wero hurt at the
Island Ranch yesterday, one get
ting his ankle broken and the
other his knee sprained. We did
not learn their names and under
stand the men fell from a hav
Additional Locals.
"Rip Van Winkle" at Tonawa
ma tonight.
Best of care given patients at
Mrs. Fireoved's maternity hospital.
The little sons of Mr. and MraN
Henry Dalton have hern sick
this week hut are improving.
Ths story of the "SLACK
BOX" was written by K. Phillips
Oppenheim, the highest priced
writer of mystery fiction in the
Mrs. Gault went over to Cal
low Valley Tuesday and brought
in her sons, Wellington and 1 .es
ter, who had been spending the
vacation over there on a ranch.
While we are complaining about
the dry hot weather and for phy
sical comfort would like some
rain, the fsrmer is having just
the weather he needs for his har
vest period. Rain would do very
little good at present and would
retard harvest work. Water is
becoming quite scarce it is true
but s little later we shall all pray
for rain snd get it.
Wilson's Creamery Butter at
The Burns Hotel is the hesd-
quarters for sll whsn In town
Good tsbls ssrvics, clesn rooms
and accommodating attendants.
II....I T ..L.i. U.. ' J L...U.T
i hui i-iuvner iim reiurneu iimite
He started for Germany to ten
der his services to the Kaissr
but was not permitted to reach
there, being captured by the si
lies, suspected as s spy and hav
ing altogether an experience
that he doesn't wish to repeat
he was allowed to return to his
American home. The Times-
Herald would like to give a de
tailed account of Mr. Locher's
trip but it is rather hard to tret a
clear account from him.
Th T wanly Yoar Tail.
of 12 per cent per anum for 15
days ($0.50) being added to the
original tax.
4. Section 1 of chapter 156, phia. was in the city this week.
Laws of 1915, amending Section The gentleman is also interested
3682. Lord's Oregon Laws, and in s Carey Act reclamation pro
providing in part that 'The first ject over at Paisley and has gone
half of all taxes legally levied to that point.
E 23eT ' ?J7UZZ Chief Justice King sports
-w " all WV V It" II 1UI-
iuwiuk, anu me secona nair on
or before the fifth of October
following," has no application
iniei justice King sports a
new Ford car and last Sunday
learned that even the Ford can
go some on its reputation at the
same time it requires a little gas
incidentally. The Times-Herald
family found he and some friends
stranded out on the road that
evening and had to get them
some gas before they could come
on in town.
whatever to taxes charged on
tax rolls of the year 1914. Ssid
section will become effective in
1916 and apply in ths payment
of taxes to be charged on the
1915 rolls.
5. Sections 2 and 3 of Chan
ter 156. Laws of 1915. amending "R'P Van Winkle" is the fea-
Sections 3683 and 3687, Lord's turo a Tonawama tonight It Is
Oregon Laws, are now in effect. a fanttleur Pl'y to msny, taken
Therefore, the Tax Collector is trom Washington Irving's short
to make his annual statement stories, suggested by the charac-
and tax return, also proceed to ter8 '" tne "Legend of Steepy
collect delinquent taxes on per- Hollow." This program was se
sonalitv, on or immediately after lected as in keeping with present
October 5, 1915, instead of Sep- Wf,""er and general feeling of
tember 1 as heretoore. wf Pr souls who can't afford a
trip to the fair or even themoun-
Baptist Church Doing. taJn"- A comedv is ddi to help
, Pnng you to life.
The meeting in the Wolf Creek E. R Greenslet arrived Isst
school house last Tuesday wss a week to take up ths work of soil
success. Every seat was occu- and duty of water investigations
pied and some were standing, for the Silvies River irrigation
Meetings will be held every interests. This will consist of
month there. soil analysis and classification,
rtvin urinntilittit v Irutolltn st ....
, ... , , . , - v' f-"""-.r. twM.iiuM ji vvBfcvr
ocrvii; win ue neia in nsrney plane, and general irrigation and
on Sunday at 3 P. M. Three drainage conditions throughout
members of the band will assist tne Harney Valley. Mr. Green
slet has been associated with
We hope to place an Evange- similar investigations carried op
list on each outststion field this t,v tne Government for ths past
fall. five years in Idaho, and came to
Oregon last Anril and han ann
By request the pastor will whis- i this season in an investigation of
No So Straw Attar All.
You may think it strange Unit
so many people are cured of sto
mach trouble by Chamberlain's
Tablets. You would not, how
ever, if you should give them a
trial. They strengthen and in
vigorate the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions natu
rally. Mrs. Rosie Rish. Wabash.
Ind., writes, "Nothing did me
the jeast good until I begun using
Chsmberlsin's Tsbjete. It is de
cidedly ths best medicine for
stomach trouble I have seel
used." For sale by all dealers.
"Some twenty years ago I
used Chamberlain's Colic. Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy,"
writes (Jeo. W. Brock, publisher
of the Enterprise. Aberdeen, Md.
"I discovered that It wss a quick
and safe cure for diarrhoea.
Since then no one can sell me
anything ssid to be "just ss
good'. During all these yesrs I
havo it and recommended it many
times, and it has never disap
pointed snyone." For ssle by
ali dealers.
Node for Bid I Km Count y Poor
Notice is hereby given that the
County Court of Harney County,
Oregon, will consider bids for
keep of the county poor at the
regulsr September term of said
oourt Bids should be Huhmitted
for s term of one year and in ac
cordance with the classifications-
thst msy be gotten by applying at
the Clerk's office.
The right to reject any and all
bids is reserved by the Court.
R. T. Huciikt.
County Clerk.
j By order of the County Court.
"-' ' .".
rNlVKIlHTATK I.AK1) orKIl K, (
Sura. Oregon, auiu.i I, int.,
v.tii.. lUenlBet 0r A.T. Nwrd-
llinil, OI lltirni. irou, wbo.on March!, III.',
mam- iiiimeeia oft for .nwujc.,
.. i'. a H Ken if li, viliiainclic Mr
MUfi, ! filed notice of Intention lo inak.
dual ihraa-year proof, la aetabllih claim
i.i th ini .in, .ir.i nu... uforo fteltr
mill llecelver. . Hum., i in, .on, oa lb 7ik dot
..I Mfli inlwr Kit
Claimant name m wltn;
hi; iinrti. Junei I'earaou , John Bevd.
rna l Ill.fkm.r, illitl Hum.. Ore.oo
. Kin, Hcfl.icr
Browns' Quality Store
We want you to call on us be
fore making your purchases.
We can supply your wants in
anything required. You will
find Quality and Satisfactory
Service responsible for our sue
Burns, Oregon
We do job printing.
Sum. Oregon. Jul . lilt I
N.iitn. l hereby i that John M. Polaader
hi luiiin Oregon, ttbu, ou rahruair . iviu
man Kmrf. Mo. uilaa ,.,
OMITUf Iflfll I. a Mi. Drink
LftaUeUw, Orofou, AuguM IT. 1V16
Nolle li hcrvbv ft.vcn Ihtvt J..irs M. Wilion.
or rlm, 4 rook (outily. Oregon, whn, ott Ahrll j
isjjwi, sj nusBBjsnsjsiM nnir
nWM. H
iJwmt iiwasisBBnsjsui untry ,ia. uca4. t,r
Kaai. Wliumvtl Uandlaa baa flint nolle
of latonlloa to nak anal thro ., proof, 10
aaiaouan rial u tfea land i.H .,
Diori.'bM. A. h.ria.n. ti. h l.'omralMlonvr.
t ft'SkOrofoa. oa lb tb dr of Ociobvr. mir. '
. I.MMUI nwaa, a wi,oar
Jit. t BVMSa. Hltcr
K Allen.
tS'.xr'., M.llon . NUNS!. NKUliar
h. thn KL li.wnitlili. :i-j n..i,iii It....... L. v-J
W lllamell Marhllan. baa fllad nutlea of !. loinak Rlial ll yaar proof, to eclahllab
claim to Hi laiMtaboia Uaacrltxl. iMfor M
J hi rill nor, U.N ommlMh.n.r, at I offle.
at Ihiiln. Oregoa. na ibr Ord ilajr ol Auauat
I'lalmant nam a wltnvaaai
Je Aitwrwa, 11111 it. Albroa. Arthur
A rim I'.iUnilrr all of ,nh.. Oiraon
W. f. Kilai.
Amanda.1 Liu.
national ruanrr-Noiir u i,.i.. ,,.,,
that lb laeo daaarlbwl boloir.,.,
tavaera. Vltbla 111 Malheur s.n...,.i r...
Ml. Oratua, will b nib)ot to ttluiui and
uir, uaJ.r la pralionol ibr h. .,.. n.i
law ol lb Ualiad BUM na lb act ol Jum
it, itRM (Stat.. at), i u, uaiiwim.tea i.
"". oraj, oa apiaioi an, la
I'SITKD RTATta I ami 01111 ,.
HMriii. tirajfua, Aummi i i :
Noiica hbr (lin thai Sofcail I ku.mii,
of Solr,iiMoa, ako.ou April lum aii.j
Normkr 10, 1. wa. II,. n,, m, .,i iiun,..
No 0471 and IrTUn for VS',. ',-('.
aad Bi,HH.i,. a. ci Inn ., r.n. .,li. . .s.inli
Raaa II Cut, HUUoiiie Mriiln i
flhld nolle of ttrlvhllou In inalia final
tfcr rear prwil, lo aatahllah to n.r
land atoea daaerlbe.1 twforc f. K 1
tT.S, I'orawlBBliiix r at bla niri. c .t i
.... .... luk. ... . A. H
' M. WW IN. (UH UP U. nWl.'lll Ml ,
I'Mlaiaat at, wiua
Wltr H. Soklr, llrvr Kiiii.Ii III-.,,
(i clarion, William hi. Carroll, all ol In., klaj
Burn, oreaou, Jul It. lilt.
Si .ii. I. hur.ty g iv thai Aacval Haarirl-h.
' WSiTVrlk. tlrsratun. Whll mi At -Ml tail.
!""'' llmctiBlf7Lr7o tttawlor BUN ;,:
. . ii. Tu.jik..lUaaiaK Tliii.2 u, ,aa tied aoele ol Intoatloa la
- v ...... Mirn-rnr rrooff to tbllb
claim lo lb load abora dweribad, baton K
latr au.l l(clrr,ai Sura. urta. on lb
Jibday ol Au.u.i. m, """" "" "
i lalmaat nan ai wllntaaai
Karl Uorataaaa. Thuu a m...,. u.l ., Or.foa Auiu'la llaaralrlrb.
ilranllbompaou, both Wa. rl. ii,rru
Wa. raaaa. Hiir.
aaaaaaktBBa fcaa .m
Huiat, union, Auf an u. wi I
"""" " rw, urwoB, ob Hplaawi a, mi r,.
Wf ,, wb1 waaaotaalljrand la gaol falih
cllloan7of aald land for aarli 'untiral i.ur
Ppon i prior lo JaoBary I. INI, aad baa not
laA B lli.a aU - as a lkaa - .
riaai lo
--w..w u, . a praiarvnc
raaaaa aoartM Bir lor lb landa actually
owaoted. aald lad wr lliiad up..,, ib. .i,
BlleaUoa ml lb parwnt of.,jon-. olow,
III i, I j"'',w rl, i auhjei i t
w a.w. H. ui ,ui rut n
Bb Miliar or appl,i,i
raAS rkoarwioad atr)r sod
f tar ttrb Millar. cr,,l,l, I
or aualleanl la uualifia.1 in
toad amr nd lha i.rrf.r
btla irelaad trior In Hc.tpaai,-i a i,.-, .
wblabdat lb landa will ba ui.iM.. ... ui.i-
mat aad anlrr br an uuallflad uron II,,
""aaraa roilew: in flWUHHLi Ilir.H
llld iim pplleaUouof Hu t'amplioll. Jr
Sum. Oram. Araaiwla.1 imliu.' ...,'.,..'
-. .
114. 1). K. rAHIHlTT Aella Au,.....,
ralaatoaarof lb. u.un.i land nmee
. raaat. r
tie Sunday evening.
Subjects for Sunday: A.
"Harvest Hands Wanted."
M. "A Bridge of Escape. "
Job printing here.
the Cheweucan nrojaot in Lake
i County under the co-operative
State and Federal plan. This is
, the first systematic work of this
i character which has been under
j taken in this section and will un
jdouhtedly prove of great Interest
and value.
I'alTBoiiTiTial.iHiiiirrii i
Hum, orcton, A uanii i.
Nolle libarabjrflBihii, m ri.i ii Edward,
ol Lawa. Oragon, who. on i. i. . t ; n itn-i
aad llomeatad cinrr
SWirfiKaetloo 17, Tow,ibl -I - Hang nu
K, WHImli Mrrlihan. baa rllad bull I
Inlalilloo lo roika nnal nc .(hi I'roul lo
Mlahlllta clalnj lo lb laml alio
twfor Hafjlltar and J.iilvr.t Humi un lilt .!) of H.leiiihcr. lul .,
Claiiatat nmaa wlin,..
W. S.,. if vviibar.
Bo, all of wn. Orviron. Mr. k
oi n
, , "...u, aura inn William K. Ilolma.
in ado AddnoaaT Hamettead Satrr No owou. for
itA..?""'"" m- Towa.iiio a ., luua, at
K.. Wlllamella Mrrldlan. bad Iliad nolle ofla
lenilon id ra.k. final fir., ear Proof lo mV
lal.llib r t lu In fh. I.nrf .k... .. ...Ji
b elalm t., Iba l.,.,i .L,u ......,. a lT
Ion. iii...T..T. -rr" "'T. M ".w" oo-
.T 7. T..L7i"" "aaaanr.ll nurui, llreaoo,
on b J?ibdarofBOplaibr, 111. '
I laimautaain wlloaaari
J.nir Plrle, laador L. foujad. Itobart
oSSiZ ' "rb" ' aTafflssT
. raaat. Ke.i.r.r.
I'NITKn STATU I. ash un i, i
Sura. Orecutt. Jul -.'i lal
S J?"!0'!!'?- " oa rbruar, . ll, made
SMtlaa ai, TdWaablptt Pf Sla 'B"?
Wllaro.ll Jd.rldKaF ha. Bl3aotle o
to t. final ibrw-rMr Kroof
!S!!i,tfJli2, s tBaaad aba aartbad;
otalnavaa BalaTlaWMa m aB " - a tai-... L
Diirnt. urifi.ii
r Albert
r. Cartar,
I'Kirai, Br.Ti. I.cmi. ojru a.
Mnrni. Oregon, Auauit 11, V
an '?.' ''"b.rit'un tbIMo,t D.t'MllSf
. !' 1!:"1 """ "" npttr It, mi, made
Add f . loo.T llomMload SBlrr. ifa. irMu. lor hl,
W ' , of Mae. it and NUN WW. Se. to. Two -a ?
Wlltaaaati kUHdiau. baa Ah
.St, Twp. a. H.
W KahKk, Hrgliler
Instructions to Tax Collectors.
Sheriff Goodman has requested
The Times-Herald to publish the
following letter of instruction
sent out by the State Tax Com Cem Com
misseon: On February 26, 1915, this
Commission sent instructions to
each County Treasurer (then tax
collector) advising on certain
matters of procedure in tax col
lections of the current year.
Such instructions are here re
peated, in substance, with addi
tional advice which now appears
in erder:
I. Where one-half of the 1914
taxes on any property was paid
before April 1. 1915, the second
half may be paid any time before
October 1, 1915, without penalty
or interest; if the second half is
not so paid it will become delin
quent on October 1 and be then
taojeci 10 a penalty ot w per
cent and interest at the rate of
12 per cent per annum from said
L date.
2. Where one-half was not
paid before April 1, 1915, a pen
alty of one per cent for each cal
endar month or part thereof, on
the total amount unpaid, cumula
tes during the period beginning
April 1 snd ending August 31,
V 1915. For illustration, if a tax
.- bill sa chsrged on the roll totals
$100.00 snd the full amount is
paid in the month of August, a
penalty of 5 per cent ($5.00) is
to be added thereto. These cu-
l mutative penalties are not to be
collected on or after September 1,
1915, being superseded on thst
L date by the penalties and interest
W applicable to delinquent taxes.
," ....rui oil to nur final a v wear
i.i.-.i to MUbltak alalia to lha laad aborda
cribed.batura Ktt(r and SoTr. at Hum..
"rcauii. iLa tffr, dt ol SBui,oar. ilt.
i lairnani nam a wlia-
mini na
" o.,it!e I Heal
Muitar, w Mian, A
The Universal Car
The following piiit'H f. o, b. Detroit, effective Aug. 3, 101(1:
Ford Runabout $390.00
Ford Touring Car 440.00
Ford Town Car , . , , , , . 640.00
No wciloiiitrr included in this ytar't
equipment, othcrwiac car full Cajuipptd
Tliereeiin IwnoiiHHuriuice given iigaiimt .iinmlvMifein tlu'w
psirsssl at nny !. We guarantee, however, that there
will ix' no redaction in them prUmpitttrUi Aug. 1, 1U10.
Profit-Sharing with Retail Buyers
On August 1, 1914 wo made the announcenienjt that if we could
make and sell at retail 300.000 Ford cars between August 1, 1914
and August), 1015 we would share promts with the retsil pur
chasers, to the extent pt from $40 to $60 on each car. We have
sold over 300.000 Ford cars ii the time specified, and profit-sharing
cheeks of $60 each will be distributed as rapidly as possible after
August 16, 1915. Retail purchasers who hay not yet mailed us
their profit-sharing coupons, properly endorsed, should do so with
out delay.
Our plan to profit-share with retail purchasers of Ford cars during
1914-6 hss been most successful. Wo thoroughly believe in It,
but. realizing the uncertainty of conditions generally makes it
advisable to defer any announcement of future profit-sharing until
a later date.
We are, however, confident of our Inability to reduce costs for
several months, and therefore can offer no proflUshsrlng for cars
delivered during August, September and October, 1915.
Ford Motor Company
BURNS GARAGE, Limited Agents, Burnt
a wltataaaa
WOOdl O. Seat. Hanlamln W
i .ill. all of Hilar, oragoa
Wb. rata. afitr.
laa total dar ol Aueuil. lm
"jalratnt nam w wltaaaa :
Wm. baravit In, lioolb. I'eic, rwlvraon,
in, crrrlou.
WB .. tUfUler.
t'aiTio btatm Laud Orru
Sum, Urafoa, Jul; 91. Itir, I
Noil It brbj flr.n thai Jamr. IMrl. I
did-eT. Ki"srb.nrr...c?.""n.'i'. "'v
-' -w waa aaiaww wi iri,lljiw . I 1 I a n I a) IK
Tuesday Fruit Day at
Watermelons. Cantalouns
Peaches, Apricots, Rasp
berries, Loganberries,
Bananas, Oranges, Lemons
Special price by the crate for
canning if you will leave your
orders a few days before hand
Remember we will have
everything in the fruit line
Friday, each week
A. K. Richardson I
General Merchandise j
Agt. Buick Automobiles F
wmwwi aieaat aad A pel
0T7i, to Bwraaaa la SWUNSU.
llealtoit. No.
neclltio .':
lllaui. lie
uS",0!TI,U,orncB, i
baro. Oratoa, Ao.uat M, itl&
ii!;".'it".?t" '"I ' ''hoaur Paraooi, ol
arrlmati, ur(on.wbo,aa March II i iwioid.
il .. in c . i e d Knlrr No. oVju ii, !m?.
. tlou M, TowaahlB t S. Sanaa a Hi"
Wlllam.lla M.rldbro'hC bLi?if . -.'.
ii."!. it." sassm? sssrs sst
i . . . .,u" '"'" aooro tirerlbd bhn
"afa ST.' ;?l.r,'!, ". "B""t 0 u3
.ih daj ol Spimbr, lilt.
lalmaai u am el a wlln
Jc HBIB. MM Hblm llarnaaa ,.!..
KW. Hlddl...ll o"Hl.B,S'4Ju,','
Wb. Klai Kdlalar
Umitbo StAtM I.4KD UrMii I
Burn. urgoB, AU(ut St, MU.
I" Mamnai Mcbueldar,
Tn.K.klh , a
--".e w a
r:.?.rc.!i,,.C "." '"?. under lb,
prorltbtn ol la act ol Juae, i lf, and at i.
iTJ" Zr2:i . "i 'Tiar aad hioi...
??w ! sr.iwiiii "" . i'.,',".
Bi".:," ."AJlV.'.4"b'u"'l.
.i"w" -
Anjr pra
lima ha lor.
Ud alfldailt
would dlal Iba anlrr
wmwtyw'. a ourua, uracon.
a w a llbartv to proiMi 1bi pur
iartkbvra7 :t :?"'ru""r
".-WflUI ittftS WBM I
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Z tan,P "" wid.Feedin Privike
or Hum J1, ., A T":K
Wtt. run
1 Bkl, Oragon,
V.tii are barebr null Had tbal ulll Koblnou.
alio alvoa Num. nnuHiH ,.-- ZS ":"
-. ..... ...... ,,., avpiieauoa to eon
teat audaoeure tha ti.u.,... ... .. ...
lead Km,., No. Harlal. NonmVada MaVli
u, lot lint land I Be. U , ST n and"
I ula I, 1. Sand I and lb MUSWU a.ii,,,, i
lit. '" .! K.3L . T-s. sS ,0Si
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or Barn.
W. A
GOODMAN, Adjoining
Own Stock
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Jta t. Btiauaaa, Ke.liicr
We have a complete stock of
Seasonable Goods
Come and see the great variety
For Everybody
call or siant toot, orders
The Burns Department store
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Datrxl Augatt 7th, 1015.
Ohablss W. Ki.i i.
I'lrtt pub. Ang. 7, 1916.
J.Mt pub. Hop. 4, U)1B.
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tainted in accordance with leaul
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