The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 31, 1915, Image 3

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Ha. The I MfHl Circulation Of Any
Newspaper In Harney County.
1(1 milcli
Local News.
Qnund food at Hajrey'a.
A little rain with cooler wea
ther. Rice (Moth, l'oplin and Peque
just arrived at Schwartz".
Pit DoMggn was over from
the r Ranch durintr the week.
Meet me at the Hums Hotel.
That's the central place in town
Seed ami feed barley for sale.
II. Vulcamore. Phone or call.
Mr. and Mrs. Dot Davis are now
domiciled in their neat little
bungalo recently erected.
BURNS. CAPITAL AND S 1 1 R l 1 1 1 S '
Thos. Cleveland and wife were
over from their home at Van for
a few days this week, the guests
of relatives. They came over in
their car.
Miss Marguerite Mers, secre
tary of the State Water Hoard,
arrived yesterday to be in readi
ness for the opening of the water
cases next Monday.
All varieties of vegetables at
Dodge's. Delivery to any part
of town. Special prices for hay
ing camps. Parcel post orders
tilled. M. V. Dodge, phone 513.
Kodak films developed 10 cents)
per roll, any size. Prints 5c each I
All orders of 2 dozen prints film
developed free.
A. EL McLain,
Care of Sayer Studio.
Geo, Hopkins was accompanied
over from Bend on the truck his
last trip by his wife, who was
formerly Belle Hart, and was at
one time a resident of this city.
She had a nice visit with former
First National Bank
Burns. Oregon
United States Depositary
Oregon State Depositary
We do job printing.
Cedar shingles for sale.
Tonawama, tonight.
Tonawama tomorrow night.
All millinery at reduced prices
!. W. Clevenger has decided
not to stock up heavy with furni
ture for the present but will take
orders for anything desired that
is not in stock, giving the cus
tomer the benefit of the whole
sale prices.
Iee Thornburg and wife and
little daughter came down from
their mountain place Saturday
evening. Lee broke some part of
his engine that is used in his saw
mill and had to get it fixed before
he could resume work.
.lames Gilbert Slid wife were ( at the Clingan Hat Shop,
in the city Wednedsday. R L HaM wag up from Nar.
Rice Cloth, Poplin and Peque rows Thursday.
just received at Schwartz'. Stop at the Burn8 Hote, whcn
drain pasture for horses 1 A in town. Best service.
miles from lim'ti W (' llmun I ..
" unuuncy cummins came over
C. T. Lillard and Carrol Cecil; from his home at Westfall this
were over from Silver ('reek week.
Tuesday. Mrs. Miller will take orders
For bargains in stockmen's! for the Palmer Garment Co., of
bed sheets and tents, go to J. C. ; Chicago. Sample book now on
Welcome & Son's. hand at the Schwartz store.
Found- A bunch of keys on a For Sale Good second hand Hi
ring. Owner may secure them Studebaker wagon, also one work
by calling St this office. horse. Mrs. Will Gates at the
The Burns Steam Uundry ' (Jates Hou8e
gives special attention to parcel , Mrs. C. K. Beery was in from
post. Send us your laundry by ' her Sunset home Thursday doing
mail. i some shopping and calling upon
Lou Bradfleld'i famous thr-! friend-
OUghbred stallion, Bonus Bess
Of ill wtiinii this st-itsim ;it the T
Mrs. Henry Dalton met with a jA,len Joneg farm Mar Burns
pamiu. bcchmhi. u.c uiuu uMi-Vrnis 12.50 to insure
pastured if desired.
President John D. Daly of the
First National Bank was over
from his home at Boise last Sat
urday attending a meeting of the
stockholders of the bank, lie
has returned home.
J. L. Gault of the First Nation
al Bank of this city took his de
parture Thursday morning for
Portland where he will join Mrs.
Gault and spend his vacation at
the metropolis and other places
of attraction.
by being hit in the eye with a
rock thrown carlessly by her lit
tle nephew. The stone struck
her glasses and the broken pieces
entered her eyelids and also
scratched the eye ball. A phy
sician was summoned immediate
ly and removed the broken glass,
but not until it had injured the
eye ball to some extent by rub
bing against it. She is recover
ing but has been compelled to
keep the member bandanged in
an ice pack and remaining in a
dark room.
! $100,000. "THE BANK THAT MAKES
mares invited.
ome good milch cows tor tale,
Inquire at this office.
Rice Cloth, Poplin and Peipie
just received at Schwartz'.
All kinds of grain including
wheat al Lunnburg Dalton A ('.
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundry. 4t f.
Best of care given patients at
Mrs. Fireoved's Maternity hospi
tal. For bargains in stockmen's
bed sheets and tents, go to J. C.
Welcome & Son'H.
Miss Kthel Brown was in the
city for a short visit with friends
early this week.
Boiled barley, wheat and oats
for sale at market prices. W. A.
Goodman's feed yard.
C. K. Peterson was in the city
Thursday looking after some bus
iness matters.
Chicken dinner Sunday at the
Overland 12 o'clock and also
from G:MO in the evening.
Mrs. Anna Sprague returned
home last week from an extended
visit to the fair and other outside
Williams Bros, have all kinds
of rough lumber for salo at their
miles north of Burns on
the Canyon City road.
J. W. Buchanan and family and
L. M. Hamilton and family were
in the city Monday to attend the
funeral of the late Mrs. W. B.
Wray's Auto Stage between
Bend and Burns leaves here each
Wednesday and Saturday. Pas
sengers may take all their bag
gage. Vera Gibbs. agent.
Rev. A. K. MacRao and family
have returned from a visit to
Hermiston and he has again re
sumed his work as pastor of the
Baptist church.
Inspection of horses will be held
at Burns Aug. 11, Harney, Aug.
12; Riley. Aug. 18: Warm Spring,
Aug. 11; Narrows. Aug, M; Hap
py Valley, Aug. 16. Morses are
for the French government and
must weigh from 1MMI to 1250 lbs.
A. K. Richardson.
Commisioner Cochran of the
State Water Board has been in
the city all this week, having ar
rived with the other members of
the board Saturday evening.
and further hearings in the ad
judication of the rights of Silvies
River will be resumed next Monday.
Wilsons i reamery uutter at
Have your picture taken at the
Sayer Studio.
Harvester whips at J. C, Wel
come & Son's.
Bom To Mr. and Mrs. Ira
uavis, Thursday , July 2H, a
I. L. Poujado and wife were in
the city Thursday the guests of
relatives and friends.
J. C. Duncan was up from his
home near Waverly this week
making proof on his homestead.
The Bums Hotel is the head
quarters for all when in town.
Good table service, clean rooms
and accommodating attendants.
We do your mending and sew
on buttons, without extra charge.
See the Steam Laundry about
your work.
Mrs. Chas. Rohn was up from
A 1 In i t on during the week and we
are informed has taken her de
parture for an extended visit to
Indiana and other outside points.
Tonawama has secured a mag
nificent picture production of
I,ongfellow's immortal poem,
"Evangeline," in five parts, for
next Monday night. There is no
other attraction scheduled for
that evening, therefore all may
have an opportunity to see it.
The explosion of a gasoline
torch gave John Gemberling a
close call to not only disfiguring
his face but having his eyesight
destroyed the other day. His
face was badly burned but not
deep. 1 1 is glasses were sufficient
protection to prevent his eyes
being damaged to any great
SXtsnt, but he has a deep burn
on his arm. As it is John's
beauty is temporarily impaired
but it hoped no lasting scar will
be visible on his face. It was a
bad accident and might have re
sulted very seriously.
Job i nil ne here
Baptiit Church Doing.
My talk this week will be mostly a
I have on hand about 85 golf shirts ranging
in value from $1.00 to $2.00 each. They
are slow sellers, and I need the shelf room,
so I am going to get rid of them at the nom
inal price of
35c each
or Three Shirts for $1.00
You'll have to hurry to get these, because
they won't be here long.
I am still selling harvest shoes
for $2.50 and $3.00 per
pair. They are sure world
beaters at the price.
- General Merchandise -
Hasonlc Bulldlnjf, - - Burns, Oregon
If it is the local news you want
there is no better way to get it
than through the columns of this
great religous weekly. It covers
the field most thoroughly.
I). A. Brakeman was up from
Waverly this week and told The
Times-Herald man he wanted
him to hitch up "Doc Yak" and
come down. He wants us to see
whether anything can be raised
on the land in his neighborhood.
Mr. Brakeman has a fine crop
this season.
The Christian Scientists of this
city recently purchased lots just
back of Mrs. John Robinson's
home on the corner toward the
court house and this week
bought the building recently oc
cupied by Tom Jenkins and will
have it moved immediately upon
the lots to be used as their church.
They have secured a nice location
and with some repairs to the
building purchased they will have
comfortable quarters.
B. L. Allen of Laurens, Iowa,
who is associated with P. S.
Weittenhiller in considerable
real estate in this Valley, arrived
here the first of this week and
has been putting in his time look
ing over the crops, visiting his
friends and incidentally
shooting some sage hens. Mr.
Allen is optotniBtic in viewing
conditions this season, finding
exceptionally good crops, and
with the railroad starting con
struction, he feels we are coming
into our own.
Joe Raker came over from Cat
low the fore part of this week en
route to outside points to be ab
sent some time. He reports
bumper crops inCatlow, but that
the rabbits were becoming thick
again and he had fed several hun
dred during the past few months.
He finally got his hay cut and
will be satisfied if they leave the
potato portion of his garden.
Mr. Raker goes by way of San
Francisco to take in the fair, then
around through the Panama
('anal to Philadelphia where he
will join Mrs. Raker and the boy.
He will be absent for Home time
and Charles Hansen will be in
charge of the ranch during his
Franks. Miller and wife arriv
ed here from their home in South
ern Oregon last Wednesday even
ing, coming by way of the Des
chutes country in their car.
They came in the usual way, un
heralded and surprised their many
friends. They were none the
less welcome and have our per
mission to stay here just as long
as they want to.
The Times-Herald has but re
cently learned that Mrs. Amanda
Alberson, widow of the late W.
K. Alberson, a pioneer family of
this county, died at the home of
her son Solomon Alberson on
June 28. She was buried at the
Wild Horse cemetery. Deceased
came to this Valley in 188 and
was well known to many of the
old time residents.
C. B. McConnell returned home
Thursday from a trip to the Wild
Horse section iji company with J.
0. Bailey, the assistant to the
Attorney General who has been
assigned to the P. L S. Co. land
case. Mr. Bailey was taken
from that section direct to River
side and will Stop off at Ontario,
Weiscr and Baker on his way
back to Salem where he will
make further investigation of the
Carl D. Shoemaker, editor and
publisher of the Roseburg News,
was a pleasant caller at this office
the other day. Mr. Shoemaker
was recently appointed Game
Warden of this state and was
out getting acquainted with
the country, meeting with the
deputies and discussing the prob
lem of game with the citizens.
He is a young man of ability and
showed the right spirit in meet
ing with people, ascertaining
conditions and suggesting co-operation
along the line of protect
ing the game and fish as well as
propagation. Ho gave The
Times-Herald an interview along
this line which may be found else
where. This shows the attitude
of his department and that it is
to our advantage to work in har
mony with him. Our local Rod &
Gun Club should keep in touch
with the game department of the
state und take advantage of the
opportunities offered. Of course
it is an expensive proposition to
get game birds and fish in under
present transportation conditions,
but as soon as we have the rail
road in the Gap we may stock
our preserve and streams with
birds and fish.
The pastor and his family had
a good time while away on their
vacation but Burns was a wel
come sight.
When the car was run into the
garage a large steel tank of gaso
line was there. A present from
one of our freighters. Needless
to say it was very much appre
ciated. Plans are being jierfected to
make the revival, to be held this
fall a big success. Our old friend
Williams will conduct same.
Rev. Lone reports good atten
dance at all meetings during the
past tWO weeks.
With Mr. Loree's assistance
the band has made rapid strides.
Subjects for next Sunday,
Merning: "Give ye them to eat".
Evening: "Weeds".
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10 a. m.
2. On week days Holy Mass
at (i:H0 a. in.
All otner services, nesiues
those mentioned above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Nolle of Sale of Stale Lands.
Notion in htttby 1M llml tlm Sliili
I, illlil lliilllil of I lin Hluli" of lllryni will
iTiiliT ..'hi. .1 l.i.l' in, 1. 1 10 o'clock A,
M., .ii(iii. i I, MH.ri, lor tilt fulluwIiiK iln
irriliit.l Istidll
HccllniiH 111 mi. I .'III, I 21 I K, 48 B.
r'nirtliuiiil H', IxtliiK LOU I, I, I, I,
Hit. Mil, T. 211 H It. N B. Nurlli of Mai
hi in I nkn.
Suci I., i iii (ml :m. T. 17 8. It. il IC
Mottoes in mni :m, r. M . it. 41 B,
settee in, T. hi , it. k.
1 i-ciii.Mx III nnil .'III, T. N H. It. :m K,
Mottos Hi Ii .11 B, it. iii g,
Section III, T. .'II S. It. .'HI B,
Ail bill iini'ii in- SFOOtnpsnicd 1
rumilarly SSOODtod aiilicnlion to pur
ohSStaed ShOOS 01 'lutft for Hi Ifiml
III" lift I I (if III!' Illl, ...III! Illll.
Tin' liuiiril rcHci vi'H tlic mill to reject
miy uml all bill.
Appllratioiia anil blila kIh.hI. I Im ml
ilrcMKcil to l. (J. Ilrown, Clerk Htnle
I. ami lluanl. Salem, Origan, ami iiihiIc
eil "Application an, I Iii, I to paroblM
"lllle III 11, In "
li. 11. BROWN,
(,'lcrk Stato I .am I lloanl,
I'uie.l May'JS, Ills,
Statement of Unclaimed Deposits.
Nlntctnciit of tlic 1'irat National Hank
ol Hunts, County ol llarncv, Htale of
Oregon, ahowlOg tlic amount Mainline;
to the credit of every dopOOltOr July I,
IBIS, who Iiiih not made a deposit or
who haii not withdrawn any part of Ml
deposit, principal or interest, fora period
of more that aeven (7) yenra immediate.
Iv piior to h,ii. I date, with the mime,
lOOl koOWO place of reaiduncc or post
othec uddrcaii of such depositor, and the
fact 'it ins dentil if known.
Nm, Posl OSJaM Dsail if Known Amount
$2.50 PER YEAR
Burns, Oregon
ii, dead,
H :ih
B oo
7 !0
G. II. Meldllilcll, llllrltn,
(J. I,, Newman, Venator
Jul. O'Conncr, Hums,
bus Turks, lltirna,
Mm. I,. Kiu'ine, llu
K. W. Price,
II. C. Shnw,
lieu. II. Smith, Hums,
w. w. Wilson, Boras,
Fred Keller,
Thomas (lawsuit, Huini,
0 0, Iluiikin, t Intai to,
Oi A. Dims, fin, lliintiv,
F. B llollulav, I he wary.
J. T. Gates, Dtnio
t 'oiiuty of Hartley J
I. J I.. Gault, lietiie; tirst duly Kui.rn,
depoft aiid say upon oath, that I ant
tint ciikIiii'I of tlic lust Motions Hank
ol Itiiins, County of llarncv. Htutc ot
Oregon, that the tofSgoittg Btatcuiettt ts
n full, true, comet nnd complete state
ment, SbOWiSg tint name, last known
lesideiice or pustollicc nddtcss, f.u t ..I
death, if known, and the amount to the
credit of each deKisitor as rcijuircd by
the provisions ul Sections 737S-7.'!SI ,
iuclinnc, Lord's tlieon Laws.
J I.. I'.AILI.
Subscribed and swum to before me
this 7th day of July A. I). 191 Si
A. C. U i i ' .mi .
Notary l'tililic fin OlSSjOB,
My commission eipircs May 8, ltl Hi.
Estate Creditors Notice.
Notice in hereby Kivcn by the under
Binned inliiiiiiiMr.itri' of the estate ol
frank Adrian, deceased, to the creditor
of and nil persons baviti claims ac.on-i
the said deceased, to present the same
with the loccHBiiry vouchers, within sit
months after the Hist publication of this
notice to J (!. Iteatty, I Vino, Drogofl,
my authorised atrcut, in all mutters ci. li
ne, c. I with the ssi. I estate.
Firs! publication June IL', I9U,
Nazarene Church.
KeKular preaching services each
Sunday at 11 a. in., anil 7:30p.m.
Sunday-school at 10 a. in.
every Sunday.
Tuisday Hible Study at 7:30
p, m.
Wednesday Mid-week 1'rayer
meeting at 7:30 p. m.
Saturday youiiK people's meet
in": at 7; 30 p. m.
Will lie n'latl to cull on the sick
and needy at any time.
8, L Flowers, Pastor.
Christian Science Church.
Christian Scientists will hold
I here services at the Presbyter
ian Church, Sundays at K P. M.
Wednesdays at 7:30 p. m. Sun
day School at 1:30 p. m. Read
iii'. Koom at room No. G Masonic
liuildinj., and jt will be open
on Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons of each week from 2
until 5 o'clock. This is a free
reading room antl people are wel
come to come durinR those hours.
Cmiii. Static 1,m- 0FPIC& Irvv. (JruKUli. Jul) V. C'l.
Notice In hereby given Ihftt Jamd s Moon-, of
H( OrvMiHi. wlio on July , vu, malr Unit. c
nl' a. I r'ntiy, Heris.1 No. o ..,ii . ;,,i - v , U ,
HgtOUoQ 14, ftli.1 W,SV'4 Hi,,. NW'W,,
Mtlon M, lotttiaMp M Sunlit , Hung! a
Kant, v HlNiiiiMtu MorMluii Iiki flit! nUi.
ul inii niton in iiihLs- lloiil tin. ,- j. -Ht iiroof, to
esUtihah claim lo the lain! fcbOYt dMOiilMdi
Iti-fiitr ( . .1 HlauftVr, at Htauffer. (ireKoit.ou
Um Jlit ilay o( Augtiat, I9U,
Clal man I nsmi aa VllDMtM I
Itoli't K'lyi'iioii. (if Kltr, Oregon. Jack
.i.i. i. n.. Wm. Hlurgla, Hurl Willoir. all ol
Itlli y.oruaton.
Ja. I" 111 HOgah, ItcglNd r
V '"viiMltlra -J
the Shabby
Shabby surfaces detract from the
appearances of your home. Floors,
furniture or woodwork that are
marred, scratched or scuffed give
your home a shabby run-down ap
pearance. Make these varnished sur
faces bright and new with
There's an Acme Quality Varnish
for every purpose; a floor varnish
made to be walked upon; a quick
drying furniture varnish that imparts
a brilliant, durable lustre, and var
nishes for all outdoor and indoor sur
faces in any quantity desired. Which
do you need?
1'NlTSI'HTATKIi I. ANIi llllli K f
Hun. . oreituii, Jul) 1, I'M .
Noltee l lierel.y gtVOn 1 lint II alj. lUilitlev.
of I. SMOO. Oie Klin, wlio mi AprilflO, IH14.lil.ile
IIiiiiii..I"i.I eutij No fffm, (Of Kj,' ',
M',.Hee 1,1, I W V.'. S ,I(iik,.;i."., K , HI Usui, tie
Men. Hun, hs Hie. I DOlloS "I IliU-lltlull to Innki
r iiiiitHiiuu I'niof. io DBtttl'ltiti .i'lii.i tn
tin In 11,1 hi... v, .!,. i il.. -.t. I.etule Iti'Slatei lad Ittirtm. ori'icu, un Ibo Pra ilsynf
Auuilsl , ii
1 TsllllBUl liminin" srltusjaaii
I...I..II -iiiill., t't'ter Mil viti't, rliss Ullune.
W 1 1 II n nt k ti, nil ul I iiMsit, OraflOi
Wm l ntki,, Ki'iilHtt'i .
i ni isi. Hi i i.ahii urn. s, i
lllirns, ilieK'ili. July 118, l'Jl..i
Null' I 1 1 hen In k I veil Hint Iteliiiees K HKnuiiil e
ulNsriUWB, till, nil Hi'lilemlii'l I, 1IKM,
iii ii .i e lieiiii leml Kutiy. No, uw",i, (or
Mt',SW'( Hsetliin II. Township tl H , Its.igs
II I lll. lllanielle, Mill, II. Il bSSlllllll llOtlOS
ill liilehl h,h I., nii.k.' filial 111" .te.l I t. Ill
ii.tsl'llslll'lsllii to III" ImimI nh.ivu iluseillie.l,
liel'ini Uesl.tei suit Hiiei'l vit, at Hurui.ln, ...,,
Oil till) Un I -Illy ot He(.teiiihei ItH.'i.
I IllllllRlIt llllllieHHS wltiiussus.
WIIIIhiii .1, ul Hums, OriiKoll,
Aiiiusiiis w llullisrt, Alius II ul hen. kiitili V
M ....ii , sll n( Nstiows, orugoii.
Wa. KiSSK, Itei-I.lel
Oregon Trunk Ry.
Central Oregon Line
From Central Oregon Points to lite Sea
shore Resorts, Clatsop Beach, East
ern Cities and the California
Inexpensive Hotel, Camp and Cottage
Accommodations. Manifold Amuse
ments and Surf and Nalalorinm Bath
ing. Round trip from Bend $13.95.
Direct or Circuit Routes to Any Point
Daily Until September 30 Return
Limit October 31. Chicago, Direct
172.50. Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth
or Winnipeg, $60. St. Louis 971.20,
New York 9 1 1 0.70. One way via Cal
ifornia, with stopover to see Exposi
tions, at slightly higher rales.
Oregon Trunk, North Bank and the
Floating Palaces, SS "GREAT NORTH
Sailing every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday from Portland and San Fran
cisco. 941.10 round trip from limit,
including meals and birth on ships.
Rail rale same without meals and birth.
Ask for Exposition Folder.
J. H. Corbett, Agent, Bend, Ore.
Screen Cloth for Doors and Porches
Water bags, nose bags
Ice Cream Freezers
Builders Hardware
Paints and Oils
Barbed Wire
Farm Machinery
Implements of all kinds
in steck: Seeders. Plows.
Disc and Drag Harrows.
Binder Twine Barbed Wire
Nails, Doors, Windows, Roof
ing, Building Paper
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Crockery, Tinware
For its wonderful accuracy, its sufety and con
venience, and its effectiveness for small gume
and target shooting, you should buy
The aaVsC 22
pump-action i"i"
aterhaa i
qulik inr.ii.jtii.iii and m, aafrly cm
ah in dun. 1 l-a aniillile, viaiLlr liantiiiri It
takaa duwn aiily. You can look thruuvh ili
banal it i lioiu both enda. 1
In Solid 3tl Top pioltHU your faca anil avea avainat
injuty In in (lafacliva carlndaaa, fium tK.lU, powd.r and
VMM. 7 lis Sid EJ.clitM- thiuwa .. away to tit. at d
never up airoaa your Una ol aight.
Ilandlaa all .22 ahorl..22 Imi and .12 Ion. ilfl. carlrUlu.a. in. Iu.1
inf Im liollow pt.iMt hunlins cartriugaa. At.uiai. iu 200 yaida. A pci
huh inr rauoiia, siiuiuaii, hawk, iruwi, alt:.
ffltirttt i-l rapaalara alao nuula wit It l.ver acliuti; aak your d.alcr,
S4mI 3 Doataaa for complvle
Repeating Rifle
Model 20. as illustratnl. 24.
h i 'i i. in" it li.iii.l, I i of
25 shuts, $11. SO.
luuml battel,
ii feci
15 shots.
7z.. 7W Ft Ml r Satad 3a noatauafur
m fiA f rm i i i mi i i ins a r : -
,. Mm..m ,. .. vt .Iwgol all JKarxrViatrauaat-
n, v nun. lug rui aud aitutMu
4U Willuvv St.,
Nw llvan