The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 24, 1915, Image 4

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A Pretty Csmpllmsnt.
The "three beautiful UM r.iilmiliirs"
Stere In tliolr tlny-tvlil.ti trtt nftci MM
nikltlW Of the eighteenth eeulury hii.1i
fit mono tummies Unit (In- l.oiiiloti rrmvtl
often followed their raiTtllftl OB the
street and fairly mobbed any ibop they
were known to hate entered In tile ef
fort to get n sight Of llicin TtM huntl
eotnest of tlio trio, worn out by the IW
tivities of the London season, stayed
torn time In the etuiiilrv near n market
town. It III known In the nrlghlmr
bood that she wished to pass unno
ticed nnd was not well, and beT x t 1
was respeeted. Hut on the day of her
departure from the town there was an
unusual number of people at band to
Bee the couth Mart. A the lovely lady
tepped from the Inn door to the step
of the coach the hiuneh of Climbing
rose caught for a moment in her hair.
Instantly a vutee called frost the
"No. names, my luili, nnd no staring,
but three CI WW for the ipieen of heiiu
ty that the roses croWtH of lliolr
selves!" They were given with a will and won
the response Of n radiant face at the
coach window nnd a gracious hand
waring farewell.
Eggs Hatched In Rice.
John Chinaman hail a method of
batching eggs iirtllloially many gen
erations before there were any while
men In Amerlcn to begin to think
about providing a mechanical talwtl
tute for the mother hen. And John
Chinaman is still using Ills an. ant
method nnd refuses to rrarchate the
newfaugled lncuhator The Chinese
poultryuinn takes a ipiantity of un
busked rloe trblcb lie lias roasted,
This Is heated until It Is lukewarm
A three Inch layer of warm rice is
apread Into n tub, and n layer of egga
Is placed thereon Another liver of
rice Is added and another later of
eggs and finally a last layer of rice
over the fifth layer of eggs About
BOO eggs are placed in a tub Once each
day the egg are removed, the rlee
heated and the whole repacked. The
,tub Is kept well covered to keep In the
heat. In the course of three or four
weeks the chicks put In their appear
ance. American Hoy
How Napoleon Dressed.
Napoleon was always simple in his
dress and generajli wore the uniform
of his own guard lie M la cleanly
rather from habit than from liking for
cleanliness. He bathed often BOOM
times In the middle of the nljrlit-Ite-cause
he thought the practice good for
his health Hut. apart from this, the
precipitation with which he did eery
thing did u"l admit of ins clothes
being put on carefully, ami on gala
days and full dTBM OCCBalOaa his sen
ants were obliged to cooaall tugetb
er as to when they might anatch a mo
ment to dress him
He could not endure ibe wearing of
ornaments. The slightest constraint
was Insiipportahlc In linn. He would
tear off or break anything that gave
blm the least annoyance- Memoirs of
lime, de Keninsat.
Pepys and the Otacousticon.
As far back as lt'sis expetimenta
were being made with wbal savant
called an "otacoustieuii." which
brought distant sounds to tlie ear and
was a faroff promise of ti lung till
tance" and "wireless" messages ..r in
day. Samuel Pepys ui- abroad In
those days, nnd, of t ; . saw the
new toy. tried if and locations ll in his
diary. lie went with Lord Broum lor
to "the ltoyall ioclety,M ami "here, to
my great content. I did try the use of
the OtBCOOftlcun, which was ..ult ii
'great glass bottle broke nl tbe bottom,
putting the neck to mj eare. aud itiere
1 did plainly hear the .1 toeing of the
oares of the boats In Hie Thames to
Arundel gallery window wblcb with
out It I could. nt in Hie leael do '
Court Room Retort.
Two youug attorney a were wrangling
for a long time heron' Judge Knot
of Virginia over a point of law, UN
honor rendered his decislou, and tin
sprig who had Inst ImpudeUtlj re
marked, "Your honor, there Is n grow
lng opinion that till the funis are DOl
dend yet." "Certainly. " anawered the
court, with unruffled g I bumoi "I
quite agree with you, Mr. I! and "ii
gratulate you upon your bealtbj ap
pearance." Badly Matched.
Mrs. Y east This paper says.
matching of colors lias been brought
down to on exact si hue b the In
ventlon of a machine foi tbe purpoae.
Mr. Yeast. -You ought to gel tha peo
pie who run the atore where you buy
your hnlr to get one of the le machines,
dear. Y'onkers Statesman.
Very Trying.
"Dear sir," wrote the anxious moth
er, "I am afraid Johnny is noi frying
"Dear madam," replied lbs harassed
teacher, "I assure you that Johnny Is
quite trying enough, He Is the must
trying hoy in the claai
Power of Beauty.
Beauty gets the beat of It. I'oets.
humane organizations. aentlmentoJistS,
make a great to-do about tbe hiul
that dies o adorn a woman's hat.
But who has any sympathy for the
ben whose nek lu wrung to make a
potple? Dun Mariiiis
A Philippines Cuutoni.
When a young woman of Hie 1'hlllp
pines marries her husband's name Is
added to her maiden name, if she be
comes a widow the hu band name Is
The man who was limn with a talent
Which he Is meant to use finds his
rrcatest happiness In using It. Qoetbs
Shifting Ihe Blame.
"Hsve you ant thing in any before I
Bibs sentence V"
"Yes, your honor. I would CBll JOfll
attention to tbe fact that the fool law
yer who defended me it as assigned to
the ease by yourself."- Philadelphia
Canadian Provinces,
The areas of the nine Canadian pint
incea in square miicH un- (jnebec, vm;
834; Ontario. 40TJS2; HiIIIkIi L'oluin
bla. 57,000; Alberta, 205,040; Hus
kiiti hrivini, SSOrWOj Manitoba, 2S1.832;
New Brunswick, 2T,080 Nova eotla,
2t,4i:s. and 1'rliue Bdward lalaod
Magnetic Mour)taine.
The inouiifjiliis of I'm to Ifleo are so
miiKiietic thin iii,' attract surveyor!
plumb lines, nnd i hi i,.. u found
that some old mrvea sis incorrect hy
half u mile or more
It's a Great School.
Dally Ufa Is ii university; Ihe home
Is a cellege: the offloe, the factory, the
farm are hlh hcliools, each with inure
courses Hum any university 'ti offer.
What a DrsasfteugM Costs.
Some Idea of the lighting power Of a
Prcadnnught may be gathered from
the fact that the extreme range of Its
guns Is twenty the miles, while the;
ran he very effective at a range of
twelve miles They are moat deadly,
however, at a range of between fire
or six miles
1 lie twelve Inch gun of a Dread
nought Is llt't.v feel long nnd If set up
hi end wmild he higher than many a
country church tower. The coat of
aeh gnu Is about 10,000, While each
lime It l.s tired 1100 vanishes Into the
As a protection against the guns of
tlie enemy n Oreadnought la covered
wltli armor costing fiat) per ton, and
is somellilng like MOO tone are uaed
n covering the vessel this means an
expenditure of close open
Hollers and machinery at CI2A.000,
motor and steamboats at (8,000, tor
pedo tulies nl t:t,(HH) each and tor
lailoes lit t.VK) each, and 50,000 for
learcbllgbta and electrical liftings are
itber Items in tlie hill which go to
make a lircailnought the costlleet ves
sel afloat. Pearson's.
Bees and the Kilt.
In his hook. "Torty-ono Years In In
dia," Lord Roberta tells the following
ionising stery:
"A curious Incident happened at the
Alnmhugh. I was employed inside the
Incloaore when all at once I heard a
nols,. ;iii, commotion some little dia
mine off (letting on to the root'. I
looked over the plain and aaw our
troopa Hying In every direction There
was no firing, no enemy In sight, but
evidently .something was wrong; so I
mounted my horse and rode to the
scene of cunfaatoD. where I found thnt
tbe Ignominious night of our troops
was caused by Infuriated bees, which
had been disturbed by an oftlcer of the
Ninth lainers thoughtlessly thrusting
a lame into their nest There were
no aeriutta roiwequeBcea; hut the high
landers were heard to remark on the
unsultffhlllty of Hull dress for an en
counter with no enemy of that desorlp
A Tinker Inspired Wagner.
A tlnkei lias established himself op
posite out house and stunned my extra
all day lollg with his Incessant ham
meting In tuj disgust at never being
I hie to Hud a detai hod house protect
.1 t r . mi every Kind of noise I was on
Hi.- i' hi. i ,.r deciding to give up coin
Misnu itltugether until the time when
his ludlspcii able condition should be
fulfilled Hut It was precisely tuy
nvei Mm linker that. In n inoiuelit
i Sstltit tilth mile me Hie theme for
lie 1 1 ml k rtirloua uutbWM against the
iuiiuIIiik Mime I played over the
lillillslllj ipiarrelsome I'olter theme In
' tnlnoi in m staler furiously singing
tbe words at the saute lime, which
made us all la Ugh So much Hint I de
i i .'"! In in ike .me re effort This
resulted in nit writing down a goisl
,'ai-t nl tbe Ural arena by the time Llsxt
arrived oil 13 lIMftth Richard Wag
tier in His Autobiography
Recreation and Mental Disease.
The problem of fatigue mid us rela
t Imi in .tin i. in j Is he. inning more and
more npHiBlletl In our Industrial In
sfltntiniis. an mm h so. Inileisl. that
ivi unit truthfully say that. In I tie
I iiiieil Stan s at least, the art of work
Is Is-ltai mustered lu a degree little
shurt nl pelleelhin Not so miieh ellll
lie said Willi reference to our uinstery
nf the art of play Let us not rorgei
iliat the art of play presents un un
porta nl problem wbteg requires sen
mis effort fu lis snliitlnn Heliuatloii
I rom the sin-, and tension of mod
erfl American III lite uicijd miieh tor
out tut mi- li sb-al, lanital Mild mural
health and .-III. h lay This la a tired
nation. iertwpa Uie most tired nation
on ..ii Hi New York Medical Journal.
British Life Guards.
England's femooa Ufa guards were
organized hist after the restoration.
lln y were rm rutted from the old cava
liers who fn ught for I'rlnce Charles
Stuart, aud In llit'.l they were formed
Into three troopa, then known as the
King's out,, the liuke of York's and
the Duke of Mlavtuurle's. At that time
it was alwajS demanded that one troop
should he raised In Scotland In honor
of the house of Stuart Loudon Tit
On Way to Use a Poullio.
"DM that onion poultice 1 sent you
do you any i:osi?"
"Did me a heap of good."
"Those external applications are of
ten elilcncioua."
"I applied It Internally. The onions
smelled no good that I ate It" Kansas
Tty Journal.
Horst Sanaa.
'Tin- phrase "horse sense" wss dis
cussed In class, and the teacher told
one of the boys to write a sentence
containing that phrase. Tbe boy la
bored fur ten minutes and produced
this. "My father didn't lock the bum
dim. and he ain't aeen tbe burse
sense "
Petsr the Great.
What Alfrtsl Ihe (J rent is to early
Britain that Peter Hie Oreut, In his
crude way. Is to llussla. If ever a
race of people found uileipiate exprea
sion In one person that race was the
Slavic race In their great ciar. Cen
tury Magazine.
Hardy Ans.
Aids can stand extremis of heat or
mid I'oriy eight hours eiKsure to
frost will not kill lii-m. nnd one son
has I. is n observed to build Its uesl lii
the Chinks in a blaeksiullh'H forge.
Hope springs c tolling on triumphant
Sing.- ItnriiH
To Clsafl Watch Chains.
odd or --liver watch chains can he
ele .1 e.iih ii very ctcelleuf result.
no in, hi. ! whether ihey tie mull of
pollhiil nt hiylni; I Ill-Ill for II few
si i .mil in tune aiu.i uiiiiuonlii. They
are then rinsed i,, Hlcobol nnd Umiily
slnikeii in . leu ii sawdust free from
BBnd M. iln nl lleriild
Naval Mines.
The llr-l recorded nppearanee of
mines us Instrumci of naval war
fine ttiiH ut Ihe siege of Antwerp lu
1080, When they were employed hy the
Dutch SgalUSI Ihe Spaniards
Took tha Hint,
A tvcni led young holy hastened Ihe
departure of a tudlouii culler hy re
miirklutc ns she looked out ol f.fn win
dow, "I think we are going to bays v
hellllllflll siiiiriau."
Reverse Cenditiens.
I'lUNhiiifin-l say, old man, I'd like
change for a five. De Uroke Would
you' I'd like live fur a chauge.-Hoe-
loit Transcript.
A ftiflien Dellara.
"1 wonder If we reaUae when we
talk of a billion 'dollars what an enor
mous sum of money It means We all
know how rapidly an expert counter
of coins will niiiiilpuliite them. You
can scarcely follow the motion of his
Angers us he shifts tlie coins from one
pile to another and muni them. The
treasury esperts will i until t.tmo silver
dollars lu an hour aud keep It up all
day Ions', hut Hint Is their limit
"Working eight In. ills a day, then, an
expert counter of coins will count II'-'.
000 sliver dollars In a day, but how
long will It take him at that I'Hte to
count a million dollars' Thirty out
days Hut Hint-Is only tlie beginning
of tile measurements of great llguies.
for If this same man were to go ou
counting sliver dollars at the same rate
of spetsl for ten years he would Hud
that lie had counted HIMRXMall of
them and that to count a billion dollars
would require 1081 years of steady .vork
at the rate of eight hours a day during
every working day of every one of the
10 yen is. ' u I'. Auatln. H'ormer
Chief of the llnronn of Statistics
At Night In Alrioa.
Htcwttrt Edward White, writing In
the American Magnslne on lion ml ven
turcn. comments ns follows mi the rav
ages of wild anliiinls lu Africa sfter
"We spent the short it Piling each
In his own t.istiluii I lu my ciinvas
chair smoking, the men siualtod iu
their heels around Iheh tiny tires eat
lug ipiantltles of meat nnd com meal
Outside out tittle dome of light the
night businesses of the veldt went for
ward Only the most formldnblv or
tbe must bislgnllli aid creatures misc.!
their voices except III alarm or warn
lng. Lions run red. Insects hummed
and Chirped Hill there lu the dark
was a different world from rbat In
which we mured sn freely during the
daylight In hi is ii dangerous, tragic
world Nell da We would find evi
dences of the fact I have seen killed
liy i Inn -i Hie renin Ins of every sort of
creature except buffalo and rhinoceros.
(John are said occasionally to kill even
buffulo. though rarely "
His Idea of tha Best Soap.
The riemlsh pennant writes a cor-
rcsKiiuh m. has no more aversion to
water than the ICugllsh peasant I
happen to know a good deal alsiut both
of them. There Is, naturally, a kinship
between the Flemish nnd Dutch slid
Dutch are universally regarded as
among the most cleanly of teoplee, St
any rate where domestic affairs are
'nm i Tnei! The an.. .nut of scrubbing
and house washing that gtMss on In the
villages of riniideis and the rest of
Helglum Would In' regarded as silly by
Kagtteb villagers And. from tbe
health (Milnt nf t lew ihnse who literal
ly earn Ihell bread hv the aweat of
their brows don t nets! so ill nth of
the bathtub iis those who consider
thelllsettes more reSHS'tllble. As e
I ini.l i.i Li. 1 1 r ii marked to uie,
T' ls-1 hi ... u water, I aweat!"
I.uiiiliin MM I l tot
When the Kdl Was Barred.
At one nine Hie kill was forbidden
it is Interesting in nsiill ihe wunla of
the until Iliat was nl i -s-i ed lit i'orl
William and elsewhere in tbe High
lands In 177 M I . do swear, as
I shall answer lo I tod nl Hie grenl day
nf Judglllelit. Hull I lime lint mil hnl
have, lu my poaeessiuB nut gun. sword
pistol of am arm WbafsiajHfef', and
Hint I never use larian pluld or any
part nf Hie lllglilauil garb, and If I do
so may I In eiirsed In my uiidertak
ngs. famllt ami property-may I urv
ei sec my wife mid children, father,
mother or rehitloua-iniiy I In- killed In
buttle as a .uward nnd He without
i fills! lan burial lu a strange land, far
from the graves of my forefathers sod
kindred, milt nil this come senate me
If I break wy oath "-lamdoo Chron
icle. Points en Carving,
The expert carter should choose s
iliulr which brings Ihe arms Just a few
lln lies alsite the meat to Ins carved
and make Ihe movements easy and
natural The platter should be large
enough in hold ihe entire bird or
Joint, placed near enough to tbe enrver
lu bring the center of the knife blade
uter the fowl when Hie enrver s arms
are est ended and slightly bent at the
elbows The carving knife should have
4 lo,jorui edge moderately sharp aud
slightly ruugb r rugged The rsw
edge is better for run ig meat than a
smooth edge -Washington, aUgr.
Elizabeth Fry.
Elizabeth I'ry's greut work for prleon
i.nrm was all done alter tier marriage
It was In MM Unit she paid her first
and iiiemoiiihig visit to Newgate prison
unit in 1st 7 funned l)ie Association
I oi the Improvement of Keuiale I'rls
nners in Newgale, which minuted such
nlde-piead Interest Her efforta were
not unfilled to (ileal Itrltaln. many
iiiiitlin nliil i!hiii being the better for
her labors London Hull
Animale and Cold.
Of ihunestli animals sheep come first
ns culd icsisters. Sheep have lived for
weeks burled lu snow When the greet
hllzzurd of March, isut. swept Devon
shire sheep were dug out nllve from
(he enormous drifts twenty-four dsys
later, finals and pigs inke respective
It sei mill and thhd places.
A Moths,'. Pride.
I Title, suid Chiirles IHekena, Is one
of Ihe seven ileiulli sins, mil It esnuot
he ti" luiiic of n uml her lu her obll
dren for Hun Is u . ouiHiiind of two
iiinlliinl tlriues fulfil mid hoie.
Tin I.- Is un hrjlcr linlliist for keeping
the ii In I ou Us (.eel uml suiIiik
It fioiu nil risk of i riiuklm-its ihun
I. in i a Lowell
Mary W. Chamberlain
General obstetrical and
aur(lcal nursing
ISrHe or phone Lswen, Oregon.
$1500 Reward!
'I'I; Omaoii, Hal
Ifurulsaiiii Nevada
Mveilloek froten
lioa Asaoclatlun of
arbloh the under
slsssit la member,
will five 11,000 is)
reward for evl
deune leadlna to
the arraal and sou
vltitfou of any par
i J ur parlies Sleal
las Boraea. ealtls
or mule l.ulouf fua
fn any ut lie mem
In addition m the above, lbs anderalsned
a. is tbe same uoudltiou luuu.uo lor all borsea
branded bursa shod br ea both sr either Jaw.
in. uu r.irui.iixi lo elaltt spuailaa llauf
Harney, I. ska aud Uruea rtun'laS Hon
tasted wbuoaoid
tare In tha Daytime.
"Wbere are the stars in tbe day
timer a child Baked, and the wlae
man aald:
"Tbe stars In tbe daytime mv Just
Wbere they are at night, and If some
thing could be put over the sun we
should aee them again. Something Is
put over the aim sometimes, for the
moon cornea In the way, so Hint for a
time he cannot be seen, even though
It hi daytime and there are no clouds
In the aky. When thnt happens one of
the moat wonderful things In the world
la to aee the atara "count out again "
They were there all the time, shining
as brightly as ever, but Hut sun Is ao
very much brighter to us, because be
la ao very much nearer to us. that wo
could not eee them.
"When you are listening to thunder
or to a cannon you do not hear the
quiet sound of your own breathing, ul
though the thunder Is far away ami
the breathing Is near, nnd just us the
great uolae swallows up tlie utile
omul ao the great light of Hie sun
swallows up the little light of the
atara." Kan sa a City Star.
The Falkland..
Hurled lu bsnks of fog. drenched In
driasllng rains, swept by bitter winds
from the Antarctic, tbe Falkland Is
landa are surely the most dlsiual of
(irent llrltnln's family of nrganl.tsl col
utiles The rain ceases only when the
wind blows the fiercest. I lie fog hangs
low aud heavy except when tlie gules
whip It lo shreds. It Is a treeless land.
part iHirrcn risks and part grassy
slopes. A day of sunshine Is u rare Joy
Tlerra del I'uego la lis nearest neigh
bur. The people, some aVOOO In number,
are sturdy descendants of Scotch lin
migrants, nnd Ihe sheep Hint lirnwse
ou tbe eternally dump hills are lliolr
only source of revenue Yet there Is a
capital, a government nnd n governor
duly apHintcd by the crown and sent
to suffer virtual exile for n lime among
tbe moist shepherds of the uutlpmhs
The Falkland Islands npsnl lo tin Im
agination us the remotest, loneliest nnd
leaat desirable of all hinds Inhabited
by Kuropcniis Cleveland 1 ' lit In Dealer
With the exception of the one OCCB
sloii lu IHUI. when the quoins of the
states did not fill up ns rapidly as de
sired, Ibere has been im const riptlnn
In Ihe Hulled States Tlie draft rlul In
New York was Ihe oulcome of tills
conscription, and. us It happened. Hie
muater rolla were tilled lu the menu
time without need of Ihe men original
ly drafted
Cons, riptlnn was ruthless ut
time In Kiigliind The worst form of
conscription was employed lu connec
lion with recruiting the navy in Nel
son's time No one was safe from at
tack by the redoiibluble press gangs.
snd the victories of this flortODa epoch
of Rughind's history were won In part
by men who often kicked and tilt and
tussled to break away from tin- gmigs
that hurled them Into Ihe uuvy New
York Hun.
Harder Than Diamonds.
Although Ihe diamond Is generally
regarded as the hardest of nil sub
sinners. It Is a fact thai f here Is it sub
stance even hinder This Is a inetnl
known aa tantalum, n rare inetnl. al
though not one of Ihe rarest Just bow
hurt) II is may be Imagined when It Is
mentioned that n thin sheet of It was
once placed under u diamond drill
worked day nnd night fur iline days
The only effect was n slight ludentii
lion In the tantalum and the wearing
out of tbe dlnuiiitid Tantalum Is very
difficult to prialucc, but when It can be
obtalued In sufficient itiiintlllca It will
Imp all exceedingly useful substance
Among Its oilier uses It will he em
ployed to cut dhiinunds anil in make
Ida incuts for electric lumps It
of the few aubalnnces Hull nr
without being brittle
The "Death Watch,"
The so called "death watch." with
Its mysterious ticking ut night time. Is
due lo nothing more serious than the
furniture beetle. The larva of Ibis lu
sect burrows In the furniture, making
tbe pin boles which are often to be
aeeu lu old furniture It la (luce years
lu Its pupa condition nnd at length he
comes s little brown Insist with u
great talent fur shiiiiiiolng death, so
that It Is not very mm h observed
These beetles ufteii strike the I of
their galleries with their heads, and
so produce a ticking sound which Is a
call to the mate.
Slightly Sarcastic.
"I sin font Inced Hint lu iniiiiy re
speets I leHcinhln (ieoi'ae H'ablUgton,'
aald lbs nooinoua uiiiu.
"It set-ins unfair." replied Alias Cay
enne, "that un mi iilelit of chronology
Sbould hllte phu-isl you ut such il dls
adviintiiK'e Merely ln-cnnse Wtiahlng
U)f) was born first penile sny you re
asmhle him lustend of saying he resein
hiss you. It reully l.-iw uufalr."
vVashluatou rltur.
if thou art lerrlhle to many ttieu lie
rare of many.- A iironlus.
An equal
equal - lsw
tills lint
power over an
Notice of Sheriff. Sale.
U. A. Uembold, plsiuiiil
Nora IMchardann, James If icliardsou,
Henrietta Hlrliurdsoii, Madison ifiili-
ardson, Htihy Hielisrtlson, ami I . on
M. Brown, tlufendsuts.
liy virtue of s writ of execution duly
leaned out of the Circuit Court ol tint
state of Oregon, for Harney County on
July 1, 11)15 in the above entitled suit
wherein aald Court rendered a judgment
snd dei.ree ou April I, IBIS, in tutor ol
the plaintiff ami against defendants.
Nora Kiehardaiui. .lumes Iticlinnlson,
llenriellit Kichardson, MiuIimoii Rich
srdson snd Uuhy Hit'lisrdsou, in thu sum
ol 404.od ami Internal llureaa from
April :i, 1016, at thu ruto of 10 ier cent
psr annum, and the further sum ol
140 attorney fsit no. I ensta uml .lis.
hurseineiits tsied ut I7.'2t) and Ion-
closing a mortgage nnd ordering the sale
of tbe property therein described, and
i artlculsrlv depcrined lieieultei ,
Notice la hereby given l)uil wil on
the 7th dsy of August 1U16, nt thu Court
house door In Hums, Oregon, uttvto
o'tloi k p I he of saiil day, sell
at public auction to the highest bidder
lor cash, the said pioperty, lining de
scribed ss follows ;
ImIi sis, seven, sight, nine, leu mid
slsvsn of block seventy eight nf the
Fourth Addition to the City of Ilurns.
Harney County Oregon, or so much
tbsrsof, as may ho necessary to satisfy
tbe atore said Judgment together with
the Interest thereon, uud all costs and
ecerulng coats and disbursements.
Dated July I. JVJ'-.
W. A (ItJOHMAN, rd.erlJ.
Hy THOH. HJ'ltAlilJi:, Pewit
In Hie mutter of the estate ol
ilullll X. U illllllus, de. eiin-il
the umh'islgned has been duly and re
giilarly appointed executor o( the estate
of John X Williams, deceased, by order
ol iln- Honorable II. C. Lcvciie, t'ouuty
ludge of Harney County, Oregon.
All persons having claims against the
said eatale aie notlfletl to present the
lame, duly verified as by Isw required,
In I bit undersigned at his reiiilencii at
Fli Id", Oregon, or M. A. Higga, tils at
bniicy at Hums, Oregon, within six
imnilhs (rom the first publication ol this
Dated at lluma, Oiegon Ibis today ol
July, 11)15. I itst puliliiallon ol this
null.,., llv 17th, lUlo.
(Signed) CLYDK L. Mt KKLVliY,
Ixisoilor of tbe ontalajof John
X. Williams, ileceaaeil.
Notice of Sheriff. Sal.
Thomas lluitou, plaintiff
T. I'. M.itiiry uml Jiilut Mutiiey,
I'.! tirtuo ol a wrilof execution issued
mi July 1, I ill. i, out of the Circuit
Comt ol tin- Slats of Oregon for llinnry
( oiiiilv, in Ihr above untitled suit
wherein sul Court ii-ndrtri! ii pidguieiil
ami deorea ou Mnrch su, iuir, m beat
of Hut plaint ill an, against Ihr drfen
dsiila, in Ihr sum of Kitten t hoiiemid
MM bandied and sr vciii v and '.tllfNI
Dollar ($11,170 90 with Interest there
on fioiu March 111), I'.U.. slid until paid
at the rate of H jwr cent per annum, slao
Im live hundred Jollitreallornry fee with
Interest thereon from March ,".i. I'M.'.
until paid nt the ntti. of ' sir rent pur
siiiiiiiii, iiiul (or Costa and dlaburaeuietila
'.axtsl ut f .'o ni, and lorecloslnga ceitain
iiiurlusge and ordering tlie salu ol the
.ioiciit therein described, and partuu
la r ly described hereafter,
Notice is hereby given that I will ou
the seventh tlay of August 11115, at the
Court house door lu Hums, llarnry
County. Oregon al two o'clock in tbe
iilicinui.ii ol sun I day, sell al public suc-
ti.ui to the highest ladder lor cash, the
aid property being described ssfollows
South ball ol Southeast ipinttcr, North
west ipiartcr ol Southeast quarter, A.
Southwest quarter ol Northeast quarter
of section six ; Southeast .piurt. r ul sec
lion eight . Northwest quarter of section
seventeen, ail in Township Iweuty-lour
south of Itange thirty-one Kind, W. M.
SaM Ibe Northeaat quarter ol Northeast
quarter ol section thirty, Southeast qum
ler Southesst quarter ol section nine
teen, Weal hall of Southwest quarter ol
-titioii twenty, all in Tuenship niiie
iccii South ol Kauge twenty niuo Last,
W. M. ilarncv County, Oregon, Includ'
mg sll wster rights and other rights and
appurtenances thereunto belonging, ur
so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy the aforesaid judgment with the
interest thereon together with all coats
miii. .1 or which may accrue.
listed ut Horns, July 1st, 11116
W. A. tJOOIiMAN.HIierlir.
Hv THOH. SI'ltAcil I'., Deputy.
Kodak Fila; Davalopad and all
pholoaraphy'work'dona'in first
class shape. J Prompt attention
Don't drop
Ue it in the right way and you'll
never hear a complaint about it.
Malthoid rrndcrt a roof service that
t Jiituit be compared io any other
lor Malihoid is one rooAng thai;
always makes good.
Harney Valley Lumber Co.
Burns, Oregon
Jjbh. ME? :
Wl yaiWN- 1Hf
i in!f I Z9ttoaitfHI tYmanmMmml ViSSmm
GQing To Paint?
Wife the house, barn, fence, kitchen flqqr, walla
pr anything else we will gladly tejl you what kind
to we quaimty required, the cost, and hpvy h should
be applied. W have
Paint! Enameli, Stains and Varnishes for refinishing
any ahabby surface indoors or outdoors.
Glad to show colors and offer advice whether you
decide to paint or not
Burns Hardware Co. Agents
eaaasIJLslAlia .... "
Hssdseha and Nerveusneit Curse).
"Chamberlain ' Tablet! are
entitled to all the praise I can
Rive them," wrjtea Mrs. Richard
Olp, Spancerport. N. Y. They
have cured me of headache and
neryousneng and restored me to
my normal health." For sale
by all dealers.
In the Circuit Court of the Htutr of Or
egon, for Harney County.
Kllie II. Smith, plaintiff, I
ve. v
Arthur K. Smith, deiendiint. )
To Arthur Ii. Smith, the ubovr tuiincil
In the name of tlie State of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and
answer tlie complaint filed against you
in Ihr ubovr entitled court and suit on
or before the last day of the time pre
sciiIk-iI iii the order lor publication of
this summons upon you, which period
of time Is six weeks from the ditlrot Ihr
hist publication ol this summons, to
wit: within six wseks from the -'Itli
day of July, I HIS, that being the date
of the llrst publication hereof, nnd il '
you fail to ao uppenr and answer said '
complaint, the plaintiff will apply tol
court lor the rrlief demanded in said
complaint, to wit: a decree til suid court '
lorever dissolving the uisrriugr contract
now editing bet ween plaint ill nnd de I
Iriidiint. and that plain lift have the :
care, i and control of Lctnh
Sniiili, ii minor child, the Issue of suid
marriage, and lor general relief.
You are lurlhrr untitled that this
summons is servsd upon you by pubU
cation thereof in The Times-llrrald, u .
weekly newipuier puhlishrd in Hums
Harney County, Oregon, pursusnt to I
..a order of Hon. II. C. I.rvrus. County
Judge ol Harney County, Oregon, made
uml dill. I the ISta tlay of July, 1 '.' I ...
tlie date of the Drat publicnllnn being
July 34th, I J Id. snd the last publics-
lion thru-id will Im- un Srpfrnilitr lib,
J. S Cong,
Attorney lor I'laintiff.
.lowolof. Optkiiut aixl
Fine Walfli Kfpnirino; A Spe
anoKuii foon ptop.
Mealn At All Hours. Shorts
s Z . . . . s
e ortlfrs una 1'romot iierviee e
With Reasonable Kates
Give Me A Call
a e
e a
e Oaaeelsa Tttaea-HeraM Balldlat e
Combination sick, Injury, aecldenl
snd deat)i benefit protection at mini
mum cost. $2,0j0.00 death benefit .
$1,000.00 for loss of limb or eyesight;
I laorn umi ui fio.uu weeuty sick or ac
i ii lent Ih-iicI'i t ; f 1 ,000.00 Kmergeticv re
liel iM'nefit. Cost is lti.00 pur year;
I no other dues or assessments. In this
i nsiii ii nee all men and women arc placed
on an equal baais, rrgardlea ol orrupu
lion. Kvery person makes the sa
form of application, pays the same
amountof premium and receives the
same amount ol benefit. Men ami
Women between the sges of lfiaiuln'i
are sccepted. No restrictions ss to at
cupallou, only Kallroad men employed I
employed on track, train or mound;
house, can not be accepted. Clsima are
psld within slaty dsys sny where in the
C.H. Canada or Kumpe. Old reliable
lusuruncr t'ompany. $100,000,110 on
State dsptsilt sa a protection for l'ollcy
holders and to guarantee tbe payment
of claims.' For luri-hpr free Information
addresa t.imt.ivr Ii. Werner, Hocrcfary
and tinneral Manager, llo Hl.i, llulfalo,
N. Y. stale age, aes, occtipallon ami
intuition isspi. it. i,.'.
anjmit.iiiitttifiH tutumiimmutmi
House Palntlna;
Paper Hanfflng
and Decorating
Hardwood Finlshinc
Fresco Painting
EatlitMtea farnlahed on mp-
pllcatlon. Samples shown.
TIM ins TV?
CALICER Repeating
Rifle in the WORLD.
Mad.' in two uiodelii one
for .Hi Short It. !'. car
tridges -the oilier for .91 Long
Hill.- IL I
Handles Is ,M
Short snd It .fS-
long rifle cartridges.
Send for handsomely
iiiin.ii.ii. it mile I ata-
lof and " How to Shoot
Pistelsaad nilaaaa
from your Healer.
l. O. Boa BOOS.
ti a.Bsaal
lOSO K i iisuiberlaln
1 Barry fane
I w 0 llswlry
. IN J SlBDOtt
I .11. sn us.... I.
Attorns) Qauerel
i. ui .oil...
-. i I. 'SI . ..I -Isle
I M ssiin i
Sll.l. fill, in- lnslriii Hud
Hlsl.- I'
Hawaii) Meal
Hen W oiaatl
. 1 A i l.un lilll
W SUualwar
i Kobi gakln
T. A. Ui'Brld.
ilea n Horoett
' -ut.rrtiit In 1n.n
K S. Beau
I P. A. Moore
Biatrial I Halloa Bless
1 mini) tl'i HHlHBIil,
i In. in i ...oi iio-rte t,e first
Mouilar la
April aud Oral i is m oi-tober
tol 111 Heiist .1
folnl k.'t- .-..ntslWe
II Brooke
t llotnan
coi-sTt iisasar:
1 mill!) Ju.fgi
i ! is I
tosut TboiapsoB
K T II us l.s 1
K A Miller
I K. Beery
A. K. Kiekardaua
J J. Uunesaa
I. M ll.sillioo
ti. W.cievennr
Sin . ,
-111 , I ..I
I ii 11....1 Bupsrh i
i oroaet
in., k ii ats . !..i
I IlllOll.hhl.i.,. Ik
I I'll 11 Kul.l
IS. p. Sylseeter
II hue Bala
Count) i
o is ihe nisi Weilnredar In
Janiisi). U
. h. Msjr, Jul), September aad
u i i e. - i.tM, ernes:
Wm rarrs
."sin Uolbetatiead
Ms. ..I
Beoortit i
. . . Sam Molberahead
n..t V.n Wlukle
lleitrr lisliou
..K. I. Ilslnee
A. -'. Wsfcoiae
I ..ti... Ilnii-i.
I James lamtahlre
. l: J Mi Kli.n.iu
I'otiiirll every seeond sod
MSI in kk
Kollllli Hi
nl Hu
ll 1. 1
The New Home Sewing; Macllii Ciitiit,
tiltvnt.K, MA 33.
Tonawama tonlgbt
... lV fjl M
, c. i-r-iuuaarsjarasnaBSMaaisn
1 ( ZMh)
Sye-I ipifaasjainsWaaaH
I M pj BgT 1
" Tlio only y to l 1, -s "" "M
A (rt tin; iftnuhiQ i; ag ft.
f New Home P? 1
.Vs-vsiiik; Machine) I JmW j
I it to buy ihe tiifecKio fl
I Witt Lett r.aiuo NEW JB
1 ! ! ME -ii it.c um I KAaalBl
H mi! in .Tic Irgi, UffvK
m vvsirnulasj fur ll M $',- "
I"11"- elTai " " . j
ff No oilier like it JJT ja.i-1
I No olhcr as good B i
We do it right
If You Want .rlLL The Home News
99,00 a year
Best Job Printing
physician and Siiiyo-ms
BUBPCS. iniK'inv
J. LU. Cr-Atf.
Physleisn and InrgenB
Burnt, - - - (i,,, ,,,
OlfloS on Second floor lo mm nun
'Phone .Mum h ..
Pfcyalclan hhi Nurgeon
OBBse la Teaawaaaa Huiidina
Saaalal slt.sllon ilesa dawassa sf Hi. .r., ear
aaaa aaS iKraai:
Drugleaa Physician
Nature Methods and U.el.ry Advice
Chronic Disease, a ei inlt'y
I. O. O. F . B Ida . II u rn . , Oregon
Pbygclns ;ind Surgeons
Calls answer's! promptly
Thorn, llitiriiiiiiu
i day
HdFrlman, Oregon
Dr- Minnie Hand
Physician and Surgeon
Wrect Telephone Coiincition
Albritton. Ore.
OfflcrifjritiltHiri'ii-i ,,!, , ,ij-r
BnrriN, OfCgOB
Attorney at Itw
Voegtly Bldir., Ilurns. iir. cn
A ttrtrill v-ll' I ;i it ,
Burns, Oregon.
Attornc at Law
Contests snd practii l I ,,. . s. Land
otlice a peeialt)
Offlee: Kry Bldk-. mm .1 ...., t. postOtSos
Hums, io, ,.,,
Bums, - . Oregon
Practices in the Mai.-i oarts and lie
fore the L'.S. I Jin. i 0J, ,
Otuie. H. itinatti.
Careful atUtutiun nivt n to Collec
tions and Real Bglate matters.
Fire Insurance.
Notary F'ulilio
( liinniN.
State Courts and United Suites
Land Office Practice
Three doore South of the
Harney County National hank
Burns. rreffotv
Attorney at Law Notary Public
Caaeerancine. M,, t..,.i,ms. RaSaSSjaBsl
Afcso.ti. . II S. Land OHk. P,.Cic
OaDee between ll.rn. i
and lauil nil , ,
ml,. nisi Hank
F. 0. I'll I tun
i. O, FetUatga
il I. lot .
-.I H..1..I a
tt.k-. in ui.
rormerl) Asst. Ba(rneei
lull. H Ht'ilaiiisiuii, Si i
Eastern Oregon Enineeriojf
Bums, (Instiii