The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 24, 1915, Image 4

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Light Engin.
Toward the close of that summer s
day It was the whim of that arch m.i
Bger of theatricals wbOBji Brefl rail
JfBte to ta;e an aru:,-l ni.iv In tit
midst of a vaat and hill ripUM "f
desolate middle MMm coetBlr) i
nidt and ru;.ed dik of earth which
toaated no human teaaac aithla a
Circle of lta far (tuns; hotlBOB Mid "
bisected, not neatly, rather irn-Kular-ly.
by the flowing double line Of steel
ribbons which marked the railroad
right of way over the old .V
80 much for the sUki- tax (hi
facta were provided exclusive!) t the
crimson and purple and cold 1
tentous aunset. the properties tin
ployed were simply .1 I
what Is known .is a light c:
tax a locomotive handicapped bj
caret; audience there was none, if one
except the actors who were one and
all far too deeply BtWOCCapted u
Interpretation of their rolaa
to be aware of the show
They were not ma:,-, n
perhaps half a dozen aboard tbi
cial train which waa 1
faat as it could run inward the glory
of the sunset; as manv mora aboard
the light engine
It was the engineer who started the
trouble After bringing 1
to a full ;
paaaengera ail no!
excuse- -tlolentb Mr Alan
Law for al. "i-e 1 '
man's trus'fuln
man 1 climbing '
der) IgorouI a; ; la . Ii !
They bad b. n engaged
men assert- rtgor nothing
more dangerous than a tjuirk run
across the prairie? la fart
the unspecified plans of Mr Alan I-i,
and nls companion, miss juuitn irme
After starting out. they b
and maliciously baea bribed
aaid U to put and c atch up
with the s;.er:ai laordei might
reacue from the latter a yi - roman,
his bride to be and the alater 1 f Miss
Hut ar.d i.- re was
they hadn't bargained to al
with pistol- And prat -
rage had been jut npoo during
nd subsequent to the BOOK Dl of res
cue It waa unhappy Mr Han til bo 1 r
clpitated the affair Tliu gi ntU-tnan
was suffering from a rain to
his tana ol di n ant prrde
ice of M: r be
trothed, .Mr Law, nan ii bad I
ened nil fai t and bai '
ebony and had garmenl
the garb of a Pullman porter, -rendering
himself to boa errlea
to those aboard the
their btaolaav and 'a
murmur, bit with the 1 : - of a rath
mounting ever higher in b
And now. when it he bad
won his fm
cus servitude, it was onl) '
at and vilified, as a r by
railroad hands!
It waa tho Bran in who
brought tho row to a focus by 1
Ing reference to thai 11 and
misbegotten dinge." .
He repented qaite protnptl) Mr.
Barcus Jumped for his tbroal with a
bellow of rage 'J be l.r ki man leaped
for his shovel and brandasbi d it threat
eningly Mr ilarrus luade nothing of
that he closed In without limitation
and got the fireman bv the throat, pro
ceeding to shake the breath oul of bis
body with the gri-ale.i good ll and
dispatch in tbe oourea or ibla astar
talnment the tlreman litppt 1 on the
cab platform, trod on nothing, and
went over backwards, taking Mr. liar
rui with hi to to the ballast
At alrnoht tlie name moment Mr.
I-aw, attempting to restrain the i-fijfl-neer
from going to the I UUMS of
his felloe worker, dusked Ifl under a
vicious awing for bis tint., grappled
with his foe. tripped bun Up and went
with his to tbe ground on ibe oppo
Kite hide- of the loeOBOtivS from that
occupied by Mr Han us utid the lire
man Kor tho nest te .. he waa
rary busy Indeed bawpiag his face out
of th- ballast 'I he engineer waa a
heavy man. but active and Infuriated.
He fought like a demon ,1 1 hnliied It
waa all very axcltlug. Alt i-aw was
.bbbb. ' T'.B
SSaSSSBaCt bbbV ' ' 1
Cnc of His Arms Was Around Hr
even beginning to enjoy It when he
heard a woman ah: tab. At the same
instant revolver began to pop
Mr I-aw released hta foe almost as
i r.ikly as he waa r leased Both rose
as tie man. to ft: I Judith Trine be-o!-
them a little smile of excitement
playing round her lipa as she looked
up the tra k, and watched the special
slow down to a atop -several persons
on the bark platform plying busy trig
ger fingers all the while.
Aa these la-t IbrsW open the plat
form gates and dr ; . ed to tbe baltaat,
till perforating tbe air with many bul
lets. Mr law. Miss Judith Trine, and
that late belligerent, the engineer,
turned simultaneously and lougbt tbe
rear of the tender
t'li th. opposite side they found
K se Trine and Mr Barcua standing
uti above the body of tbe fire
man, who. it appeared) bad stunned
himself in falling and remained In
sensible '.he upiearam e if law and Judith
frr.m behind the tender, closely pur
sued bv the anglnai r who waa In turn
closely pursued by g. utlemen with re
volvers, stirred Marcus and Rose to ac
tion Aiin name 1.1m at a round
pace, pausing olIv lu: enough to selie
Rose and drag her Ith him toward
Iks apex lal Judith flung him a phrase
of wellm-uut advice In passing
"t'oine along vi .1 ipleton unless
yo'i ant to bit t'ul i wn where you
Mr Ban us actsd aa that advice, aa
'. atelv as 11 ntfully Judith
was little b- ft re him at the
f the Cullin :. Mr Law had al
aaalat d Ho a ui..ard Mr Bar
ci. s ungracl gava place to the
lady his IngrsiMd hlvalry sorely
trained b) bull-ts that kicked
among the ballast restnd his feet
"'oiiie Inside ' Law buggeeted. "and
introduce me to the braketnan I pre
I ve got to tn tilings up with
if there s really an doubt In your
as to that.' Ban is said, rising.
I don't mind telling you you're right "
He paused as Al.,-. ntered the car
blm and eaa greeted by a storm
I : 1 II ( ,.rly blistered
tin- panels of tn.- l-u in u Mr Seneca
Trine, helpless lu ail Invalid chair,
thus celebrated bis ,i,tr durtiuu to IhS
fO ing man i. on. t !.. d never before
aaefl whose life he bad acbenieil to
call Ills heavj
rolce boomi i through te
car like tfu soul d v a tocatn
Alan made no . I : . 1 0 respond, but
- d witu his b a 1 critically to
one tide and an eve. .rating expree
sum of deep 1 iti rest informing his
nance until Mr Trine was
it of breatb and vitriol, when
the younger 11.. n bo . ed Ith the slight
est shade of 1.. sraeri iu bis manner
and waved a tolerant hand to Ilarcus
He has, no doabt Alan bsqtjlred,
bis ow n private 1 II ..board tbla car1''
Taa sub' ' Ban us agreed, aping
well the manner of I - apparent caste
and 1 olor "Ain't dai de troof'
"Take blm ai. v then." Alan re
quested wearil; i' ou please'
"Vas. sub'' Barcvg replied, with
nimble alai rlty s : ; tbe bark of the
wheeled hair and '.Inglng It round
for a spin up tbe It ugth of the iai
Before Trine bad recovered enough
to curse him pro,,, rljr, the door to his
drawing room was dosed aid Ilarcus
was ambling back down lb 1
His grin of relish at this t . ::ig of
the ta hUss on tin- monomania 1 roved.
however bhort hud it 1 r.i I Itsel'
In B twinkling when Judith ibe ildsrsd
reugl.l. past blm. wianii I
and forbidding rout. tenant -. and Bung
herself Into the drawing room with
her father
The cause of her temper wae not
far to seek at the far 1 ml of tbi 1
Alan was bending aoUcilousI ovei tbi
chair In which Rose was resting One
of bis arms was around lu-r shoulder
Her fa e was lifted cuhndeiitly to bi.i
Barcua mused morosely on bis ap
prehension of trouble a brew sin
Ing over the wailng Are of thai SI
woman's Jealousy He didn't like l
prospect at all If only Alan aid Rose
hadn't heeu so deeper.. iel in ov
that they couldn't keep awuy from 001
another If only Alan bad been sen
sible enough to outwit the v 1, man and
leave her In hliid when i.h started lu
pursuit of the special' If only there
had not been that light engine In pur-
lult aa Ilarcus firmly believed It mi '
tie loaded to the guarda with 'In ie'1
unscrupulous hirelings!
No telling when tbey might 1 atel
Tbe fear of thla laat catastrophe
worked together with his fears ol I
ditb to render that night u llei
one for Barcua He spent 11 in a
whence he could wt. h both the dool
to the 1 oinpaiiu.i nt Judith bad bo 1 ,
for her own Iformerly MaTTophat'l
'luartersi and the etellens ribbons ul
steel that swept beneath ihe tracks
But nothing happened Id- nap(M I
uneasily from time to Uate, SI
with a start of fright, but alwa; I 1
find nothing amiss , Judiin
topped behind that closed door, and
ever the Hack behind Wag Innoi nt 1 '
tbe glare or a pursuing headlight
Nor did anything untowatd the
progress of the Diorulng--unlers, In
deed Judith's protracted sessions
with her father behind the dosed
door of Ihe drawing room weie to he
counted ominous
Kver since lunch time the girl had
been doaetud with her fatb 1. Barcua
had been getting some , earned and
aorely needed rest lo his tjuarters.
Alan standing hla watch ou Ilia obser
vation platform, la company with
Hose, and lbs tralu booming along
through en.uutoutb wilderness of aria
rpni.i.t ni . mesai and eue
amitten iit's grrea o r to the desolate
genius of sagebrush
Whatever had be.n the tenor of the
communication betweeaj father and
daughter. Judith eventually emerged
from the drawin room In an ominous
temper Ban , coming drowsily
away from his eorapsftagsnl al the
same time wai (erred wide awake by
sight of the foreboding tountenance
he wore, and after a moment of doubt
followed her I .1 k to the lounge at the
rear of 1 1 sj
He got there la time to sea her at
rigid itaadatlll, atartag steadfastly at
the to llmiri'i so close together on
the observ nth u pl.itfortn But on
his .11; linllih shook heraalf
together snatched ap a tnsgailne. and
plunged wrathfatlj Into an eaay chair,
buryitm- bei Boas between the pages of
tbe publication with aver) Indb atloo
Of dei 1 it. tail
Mr Ban bi sorer had learned
I the less. D of bill v.; erlenre to the
I effei 1 ml bearing of
Mis Judith Trine was no sure Index
to her inward humor unless, that Is,
It might I"- laksa to Indicate the di
rect contrary of lta semblance;
though even this win no reliable rule.
Reminding himself or this, he there
fore Invented a morbid Interest In an
other ffiagfltlflt round the edge of
which be kept 11 wary eye upoo the
young wornnri
.'or all her lansratkM, Judith con
tained hex '' i 1.. 1 r than might hava
been expected Her continued show
of placidity, Indeed lulled Barcua Into
a dangerous ! ling of security Per
suaded thai t to behave, hs
gradual!, c. sed to watch her as nar
rowly as at Brsi I lost himself In a
morosi . vihjf. t waa tbe
seem I: . ' tn urnlng Into
which he had ptaaged bis far and
Mrwah lfc Caboose With a Craah
hands for the 1 ". as f his mas
querade stain n them a shade of
aajd water and
scrub! effect wbutever And
be bad it 1 icruclaMng
i bin salt upon the
! tabi u advantage of
hla coi old bias the In-
aradlabla de whoa he was roused by
' flight of a magazine a roaa
the c 11 i: ng h - band by a bare
two Ii nd the bang of a chair
('v.;' lb) 1 id lb us she Jumped
up Si d I ' furiously toward
the di or
Just what 1 - i- Led on the oh-
rer itlon I reus didn't know,
but be Kill believe that the
lovers I !:!, .1 In aome eape-
BOd long drawn out
He . : Imlitli none too soon.
In are snt aha would bava
had her r bv the throat If her
1 e bad not been to throw Rose
bodily overni ard, as Ban ua suspected,
as riitck onhle feet
I hers; and almoat before
be hid .- ped the situation, be had
( led her arms and
draw 1
t the s in
snd end.
It was a
Ing Ave I
forcibly behind her back, t
I Inglng her round
I '01 propel her back
an sire Job For tbe enau
lOtea be bad bis hands full
Of viol. nil,
sbli i
reeentful and superbly 1
-ng woman Only with
the great' d 'l.e'.lty did he succeed
In wrestl her up the aisle and to
the door of I." r compartment, where
an art furious resistance for
1 - addll 1 nal minutes prefaced the
Its ' . ' of the door upon tbe
1 tod JadlU Bean then he might
aw a free breath there waa no
of locking that door from the out
and b" dared not leave go the
I lest the girt again fly out and
ri ' . the battle
iv Ing aside Alan's proffer of aa
I .0 ::, advised that gen-
II n to return to his poet of duty
d not let bis Infatuation blind blm
al any moment loom
on the track behind them Barcua
'he door agalnat the glrt'a
1 ' mpt to pull it open and through
her I" : at I she 00 upled her-
Its panels as If bope-
bieak t.g 11 way out A long
I lowed IP heard no sounds
from ' In Ami wearying, he won
devil she waa up to
,.' nitrated tbe barrier.
is 1 ul 111 and not unamlable:
in us!"
he replied, startled. "What
t n." oul."
cb "
b) ih- fact that she hadn't
I ' in per on hearing bis refussl,
I. It was very true that be
" 'i 'ay there forever, holding on
la thai r.nob.
.1 "Lucille Love" did t
Will, you'll like "The
' ;it arts" better. Tona-,
1 VVednfatday niKht.
$1500 Reward!
JUO OronrUD, Cl-
"i nla and NrVgvltv
Iiti Atock hoii'i
Item AwocUlluD Ol
which Iht unfler ! iticmlror,
wfli gl ftl.UOO t I
ir warn ior r? l
li'Ii'i- Ira'llilK lO
the iif'iin. 1 eou
f lfllou ol 4uy pr
tir p4rllM ital
k tinriM. camt
or nnilea l.t-IOltf Insr
Ul al ! itl tiirni
I'! al I
Hum .
ttit' bIh.,0, ttsi) unUralajn.l
1 !. iiiiuii I-4JM4) u,t all bur
ii.i'l bar on Xh,U or tithar Jaw.
uli I lii i... rountlai Kaiifa
k. mikI r.M.k 1 oiiollcfl. Mori
.. ui. ! 1 tol4.
S..11U bill nriiii iioraia auM tod oulrSa
ii I 1 1 ' l, i,
W W hKOWN flit,, Oir.oa.
I 1
atom. afla?-x4rxt-
B WS JI K 1 aBBTaafaaVBal B seawft I W aaXfanS fanaaBBBBTaV anant
eSrBBB. I 1 1 M I IsbbbbbbI bbbV aBBxaaW. Ii afcaaattl
Will y-vu t 1 1st
"No more ahenairgan?"
"I promise '
"Word of honor f"
"If my word of honor means any
thing to you you have It '
"Well . . '" he said tint ul;
la tbe eame humor he turned nnd re
leased the knob, promptly Judith
opened It wide and swept out In'o the
Corridor, her mixnl now one of really
fetching mockery
"Thank you so mccbl" she laughed
Into his fare of dlo omBlare . and drop
ping him an Ironic rirtsv she turned
forward and swung into the drawing
room occupied bv 1 1 ne
"Wonder what she put that on for''
he speculated, with reference to h
ankle long i'lillmau arapper wbidi Ju
dith had 11 lit to don during her
period of captivity Heaven know
lta hot enough without wearing more
clothing than decern demands
But you never can !! I about a wom
aa . . I bet a dollar I 1
blithering ass of axyaell -lattiag her
loose at all' '
He took hla doubts aft uiutil-
catlng them to Alan and RanM
And hla long COaf sacs with Alan
and Rose on tin- aba rvatloa platform
afforded Judith ample 1 f mlty la
which undetected to suborn the train
crew to treachery
Whether she did or not. this Is what
happened In tin- course of the aextt
hour the special was forced to take a
aiding to make way for tb- California
limited, eaat bound, and when thla had
paaaed. the engine of the gpsrhtl
coughed apologetic all . and
wlftly out, leaving tin- Pellmaa stalled
on the aiding
From the rear of lha tend, r the
brakeman and fireman waved affection,
farewelli to the I
Llks the Esploaion of a Cannon.
APan and Barcua win: .. ed In
the front d's.rwa.
Hand Car.
"Well'" Mr Bur 1 I ke a silence
whose aaaaaasce ma) not be trai I
In print can you l
' Not with this oittlt Alai.
ted gloomily
"But - damn It ' we?l i- ' '
"1'rufahlty run vours, my frit
won't make this Pallman move wl
an engine "
"All the same, we can itop here
like bumps on a log waiting for that
gang of thugs to sail up la the light
engine and cut oar bleeped throats "
Mr lat answei.,1 th; anal
able contention only with a shrug.
Then, stepping out ' rward
platform of the 1 ilia cast a
hopeleu eye over the I
Raw, rugged hills le mined In the
right of way. hills wl . , Banks
ware covered witli dsaaa thlchi
meequtte, ahapparal, aagebraah and
cartl, the haunt . ' owls and rat'le
nakee and aolll f
cape from that pea ki ' lis otb-
er than by the r
He lowered I 't.,ka
and aiding and atarted
' Kh what BOB ' i
Ith Interest
'Home thoughtful bod) baa lift an
old hand car over th i ditch,"
Alan replied ' Ms I yond
aervlce "
"With im go I power,
I suppose' '
"Horse Isn't the w..n!' A! m 1 or
re ted istlculously ; and 1 - ipad the
other'a wrath b) drop . doe n to the
ballast am) trotting over to tba ditch,
where the hand 1 at l.r.
"Look as if it 11.' lit work he an
nouncrd "Coma alt ag and lend ma a
"Half a minute, 11,,,. . ,,: iwered
dodging suddenly b U k Into 1! ir
, When he n-apja-iired. after Soma five
minutes. RoOS 10 1 bun and
ilarcus waa amillt.g as brilliantly aa
though noiliing whatever
with hla world
"Sorry to keep . u waiting, old top,"
he explained, bit 1 was imltteo with
an Inspiration There dldn'l seem to
be any sense In lining the amiable
Judith loose upon this fair land, so I
found a coil of stirs m tba porter!
closet and wind the handle of the
drawing room door :,i 1 to the bars
across the aisle. It II take lor oomg
time to get out, bob without
Ten minutes more had paaaed before
the two grimy and Bel piling gentles
men ggaaaadsd la plat mg the band car
Upon the Hacks
"It'a a swell little hand" Ilar
cus observed grimly "no wonder liny
threw It away "
"What'a the d'.rr. t. oaa bow It looks,
aa long as It will go I"
Kodak Film Developed and all
photography work done in first
class shape. Prompt attention
I'SIHIi Illl-IlM uni.),
hurna, UragoD, 1 1 briwi Ii, Ittl t
Notirti i$ hari y t(lvii that, aa Ilrr. t..l b
the 1 oinmiMi"iirr of iln liui rol Ltud or! I. ,
under ur ,
jum 37, Ifi
v it ion i.r Attol on.t. a aiitovl
fiaJU LU hlttU ,M7, ..,igiiaiiM.. tt.ti hi
itllratlou 0 ufaf t Imytli urUI Nil nil
will Offer al tale, lu the lilihiat
hidflar, ttil al ihH Iaa Ihau 'i.U0Mr rrt, at
lOo'clorh AM. nt, iht Mlh tlav .if A1.11., I ) .,
at thla oft I re Ihe fuliowlliK Ira. f ,t InIiI
Vv'jUWI. Nt'.Hr. U, I I , .
, fli, j..wr., it -il ft , . in.
, "'I hla liarl ! orh rel Into Hi. mtrltolona
hOsTlni thai iIm- Kit ( r porlluO tin rool
MouiitalhUha or loo roUlli lor Ultlvttluu.
hiftl will nut he kt-. i . 11, ul vtill ln
ltx-lare'1 cloai'l wheo IIium pnaetit at Iht liolii
igstned have reaal l.tihllh; I he poraoli maa
lug Ihe hlg.H'il hl'l will he rt'jUlreil to liinue
il lately pay to the rtM I wr Ibe ftmoliollbi KOI
Any baraona clalinliil ailvfelj thf al.o.e
dcm-riUrtl Iftiid are ftdvlied lofllti tbutl la una.
or ubjeclloui, on or belrv Ihe time ill aUualeu
lor Ml e.
Wu r'tiill. Ui-Klal. r
riau Martial. -hi to u
"But win Itr Karens deatned
Somewhere far bash aloac tbe Han a
locomotive booted mournfully
"It's got to'" Alan replied, helping
RanM aboard. "If we can only get out
of sight before tbey get bare"
"Don't worry," Barcua advised:
that's a freight whistle "
' Maybe you can distinguish tbe
whistle of a freight from thai of a pas
enger traln--l don't say you can't;
but I'll take no rhancee on your Judg
ment being good Hop aboard here If
you're coming with u'"
Slowly th hand car itlrred on Its
gresse hungry snd complaining axles;
slowly It gathered momentum and
eurged noisily up the track as Alan
and Ilarcus. on opposite aldee of the
handlebar, alternately roe and fell
bark; slowly It mounted the ellgbt
grade to the bend In the track, rounded
It. lost sight of tbe stalled Pullman
on the siding and began to move more
wlftly on s moderste down grade.
Behind It the thunder of an ap
proaching train grew momentarily In
volume lending color to tba theory of
Mr Barcua that what they bad heard
had been the whistle of s freighter
rather than of the light engine But
just as Alan waa about to advocate
leaving the tracks snd taking tbe head
car with them, to clear the way for tba
train, lta rumble began to diminish.
gn a leei and beautifully leas, and was
"What do you make of that'" Alan
panted acroea tbe racking bar
"The obvious Uarcua returned.
"The freight ha taken the elding to
wait for aome other through train to
pass We'll have to look sharp and be
ready to Jump "
The grade became a Haws more
steep; the car moved with lea reluc
tance "Istl go." Alan advised "It'll coast
down the balance of tbla Incline and
we'd better save our strength "
But they bad barely regained their
breath and mopped the streaming
sweat away from their eyee when a
second whistle, of a different tone,
startled both bark to their leak
Catching the eye of Barcua Alan
nodded despelrlngly
Afraid It's ell up with u now." he
, groaned, 'that Bounded precisely like
the whistle of the light engine "
"Sure It did'" Ilarcus agreed "It
wouldn't be ua If wa bad any better
lurk The saint be praised for tble
.'or all Its age and decrepitude the
tuind car made a very fair pace at the
irg of the two who rose and aagged
again without respite on either side
the hanJIebar. and ths grade was hap
pily bug. turning and twisting like a
snake through Ihe hills
A little grace waa granted them,
moreover, through ths circumstance
taa they afterward discovered! that
the light engine had stopped et the
siding long enough to couple up Trine'
Pullman - thus automatically ceaalng
to be a light engine, and becoming a
It wa fully a quarter of an hour be
fore tbe growing rumble of tbe latter
warned tbe trio on the hand car. Just
as It gained tbe end of the grade and
addreaaed Itself to a level though tor
. njo stretch of track
And at tbla point discovery of tbe
switch of a spur line that abot off
loutbward Into the hills furnished Alan
with his Independent Inspiration
Stopping the hand eat after It had
' Had over the froga he Jumped down,
set the switch to shunt the pursuit off
to the spur, snd lesped back upon
tho car
Hardly had they succeeded In work
ing the hand rar up round tbe shoulder
1 eit bend when Ibe special took
the switch without pause and the roar
of Its progress, shut off by an Inter
vening mountain, waa suddenly stilled
to a murmur
But even so. there wa neither reet
'. r the weary nor much exruie for
-If congratulation, the rumble of the
-;- was not altogether loat to hear
ing when the thunder of the freight
n l laced and drowned It out
Of a sudden, releasing the handle
bar. Alan stood up and signed to Bar
cus to Imitate has example
Well '" thla laat panted, when ke
had obeyed
"Jump off leave the band rar where
It la they'll have to atop to clear It off
the trark "
"And then"
"I'll buy a lift from them If It taken
my laat dollar In tba world." Alan
promised "It'a our only hope We
can't keep up thla heartbreaking busi
ness forever and It rant be long be
fore Trine and Marrophat
their mistake!"
For once. In a wsy. It fell out pre
cisely as Mr Law bad planned and
Constrained to pull up tn order to re
move the obstruction from th track,
the train crew of the freight choked
down It collective wrath on being pre
edited with a sum of money In th
hopes of further largesse It lent Its
. . uiiiiiiii ear to Alan well worn tale,
which had so frequently proved uaeful
lu similar emergencies, of sn eloping
couple pursued by sn unreaaonlngly
vindictive pareut, and had Its hopes
rewurded by tbe price Alan bargslued
to pay In exchange for exclusive use
of the rabooee ss far as ths nsxt town.
Ho that it waa not more than taa
minutes before Hose waa aettled to
rest In surb comfort aa the taboos af
forded, while Alan and Ilarcus eat
within lta doorway i.nd smsksd
Neither he nor at v other aboard the
freight suspected I ir an Instant that.
In the box car next forward of the ca
boose, a woman In man's clcfthlng lay
perdue, nun and ag"1" chuckling;
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by all dealers.
(1..72) Buroi IIS. till No.
UNivan mvatss I.asd omca, I
iliirus, Orsioo. rabrBSf MB, 1 vi . I
Nolle Is bsrsby given last His Nurlbsrn
I'si lilt- Hallway ( on pan jr. mi.,m post .,Tli.
sililrisa Is Hi I'sul Btlnussols tbla Tilt dsy
.,1 lii-i i-uitsor lull licit IB this oSJcs Its siillrs
Unit In ai'lsol unilsr lbs nruilsiuosot Hit art
ul i eittfrvss. sparovsd July I, Isss tauatai :;.
JUj ss i iii-inlvil by lbs slI ol l.'oosrsss spprnv
e.l vi. j 17. lea. lb.
US '.ss;'t hoe ft. Ttsu H N.. H. rsst. VV. II
HsrlsINo U7S77
Any sail all parsons rlslmiug silvsrssly lb.
lauds described, or daslrlns loobjsil brrauss
of tb nilncisl lUsraci.rel Hi land, or any
olber reason M lbs disposal taapplk-aoliSbouli)
file ibslr sfBdsvlla ul protest lo Ibis uli i, uu
... in lets tb.- dsy el April, lata
Wa rtls b.jl.iir
Impishly to bersslf la anticipation 01
tbe time and tbe event shs was biding
with aucb pstlsnrs as she could mm
The whlitl of a locomotive . ,.r
taktag ths freight sounded the signal
for bsr to tsks action on her cherished
Rising, shs glsnced out of the open
door. A curvs In the trsck below the
freight, laboring up a aleep grade ag
abled her to catch a glimpse of a head
light, followed by a string of lighted
windows, Indicating a single car ths
speclsl. beyond a doubt
Without hesitation since the train
waa not running at epeed. she dropped
out to the ballast, wheeled imartly
about, caught the handbar at the end
of th box car as It passed snd IB mg
herself up between It snd the caboose
A trtfle later the freight gained the
summit of th grade and began to run
more amootbly
(limbing to the top of the box rar
she peered keenly through the gloam
ing, which waa not yet so dense that
She might not discern two heads pro-
axel -axaV aut
' laxa! Baa ati
Judith Uncoupling th Cabocs.
trudlng from the window of tb
ctai'a engine, one on either side
At a ventura. ahe snatil...
coat and waved It wildly in the air
An arm answered the signal fri.m
ona window of the pursuing locomo
tive Marrophat. of course!
tibs turned snd peered ahead Ibe
freight waa approaching a treat!
spanned a wld and shallow gull)
So much th better '
Dropping down again betwoea tlm
rars. she set herself to solve the prob
lem of uncoupling the rabooee
In this she was successful Just a
the last rar rolled out on tbe trestle
Its own Impetus earned tin- 1
to the middle of tbe tnstl- 1 .
As this happened Alan and Harms.
already warned of an emergencv b.
ths slowing down of the ear, al
Bonis time sllve to the f.'rt that the
apeclal was again tn pursuit, reaps I
oul upon the ties and helped Ii
il-u Hi ee u
Already the last of the
whisking off the trestle Its erea thus
far unconai lous of their loss
And behind them the special v.i
plunging forward at unabated speed
There waa no time to execute -plan
of the first desperate Inatant to
run along the tie to mfsi
aolld earth the distance w .
great; tbey could not possibly tnaae it
With common Impulse ths ' I
glanced down to the bottom of lha
gully, then loed at each Other with
syss Informed by common Inspiration.
II a reus announced In a I
"Thirty feet not more '
Alan replied "tan foa 1,, ;j tba
weight of the two of us for half .1 1
Ilarcus shrugged "I ran trv Wo
might aa well even If I can't.
While speaking, he was b
himself between tbe ties.
"All right," he announced br
With a word to Hose Alan slipped
down beside Ilarcu. shifted his hold
to the body of the latter, and el I
down over him until he wus sui
solely by the grasp of his two '
on Ilarcus' ankles
Instantly Hose followed him. slip
ping like a snake down over lha two
men till she In turn hung by her graap
on Alan ankle, then ralaxu ,
bold and dropped the balance of tho
distance to the ground, a leant taa
feet, landing without injury
A thought later Alan dropped lightly
to her side, staggered a trifle, recov
ered and dragged her out of the .
Uart-us fell with a heavy thump and
went upon his back, but daaaoni 1
hts Isck of Injury by lintneilint. ly pick
ing himself up and Joining the
In a mud sc rumble for safety
Overhead the special engine, bur.
tltng onward like some titanic bolt,
struck the rabooee with a crash 1 1 ko
ths sxploalon of a cannon It nollapeed
upon Itself like s thing of past, h ird.
That It had been construct. .1 of
mora aolld stuff waa abundantly
proved by the shower of tlmh. in. splin
ters and broken Iron that ruined iboul
the beads of the fugitlvi -
For all that, the gods gmUad Hpoa
them (or their courage, they escaiuj
wlthuul a scratch.
lo Is- roiitiiitinl
In tliemsttsrof the RaUla ,
i'. Citvvs Crestoa. Dae'd
To W. T. Croxton, Mary I. t. ,
Robert Cruxton mill Natali Crolton,
Ol' OBKUON, you aro li.ruliy otlad .in. I
reiUiroil toai'iir lulho I 'mint v I'mirl ,.
tbe Siut of Oraaoa. inr Uarnaj I ouatj .
at the Court Boom tlnre ol .it I'.inn , in
the County ol llarni'v mi Moudav. tin
lfith iluy ol Miucli. ifta, at 10 o'l lock
in the (orttnoon of that day, than ami
there to show csuse, it' any ssist, m In
ths Reul propetty, ti.vvit 1.'. U ,
anil Lots Uaml J i.t Bac. 1, I ivi. .'.,, i
s., K. :ov i;. v. If,, Lx-t.,11;
estate ahouhl not Is- sol. I.
WITNKHK: The lion. II. C, l-uvens,
Judge ol the County Court ol tin Mtals
( Oregon, lor lha Ciiiinty ul llurnet
with Ihe ri'Bl of sut.l Court allur.l
this l.'lthday ol lib , A. h in .
B. T. rJajbat, lark
Hy Walter T. Struck, lieituly CletL
pjuii::::::. .;::.:: UiiiHIHIIIIinilllim
Hoafte fainting
Paper Hanging!
and Decorating
Hardwood Finishing
Fresco Painting
tsii.i. ii s furnished ay an
plication. Samples afcowau
8:::.::::::"-:-" t:::t::::ixuusi ::.::;
r : 22
Uni MLB.
for ti l-ong
' Handles la .te
.Short and II .ti
, 1 SICI
lung rifle eartrnia-ev
S r.i I c hauilvitni ly
II ittr ited Itirle I ata-
I 'How toSboot
, I Steves Rifles -
7 '-l'bls snd Shetgsas
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New Home
Sewing Me.)
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Ni other lil
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The H:n Worn Sewing UicIIqi ttftt
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job urinting.
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