The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 24, 1915, Image 2

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Made In
25 New Patterns Received
Assorted Colors
$8 to $10.50
Leave your measure
today Get your pants
See Window
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailor., and Leading- Clotblers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
She Stmcs-i'iml
On. Y.r
Six Month.
Thraa Month.
100 1
Water Ajudication
Hearing Closed until July
Weter Commissioner Cochran
closed the hearing being conduct
ad in the contests for wati r
rights on Silvies river and ad
journed the matter until July 12
when further testimony will lie
taken. There were si veral
claims held over for that time
and it is expected the term a:
that date will last for a consid
erable time The contest proper
will be taken up then in addition
to the claims that have m t i"
heard during the past two weeks.
Mr. Cochran is spending the
day at the Island ranch of the
P. L. S. Co. and expects to look
over the water situation pretty
thoroughly. We understand he
will be the guest of Wm. Hanley
tomorrow at the P Ranch and
will go then to Riverside to tako
the train out for his home in I. a
Grande the following day.
Newspaper Man Boosts
Big Farm Operations
The Drewsey Sun says: Hani
man and La wen have an enter
prising homebuilder who has the
means and ability to make good
on a large scale, and Harney Val
ley is very fortunate in securing
such men in the homebuilding ol
that great valley.
The man in question is . l.
Howell, who owns 'J000 acres in
that section, and commenced op
erations last season with a 70
horse power Catapillar engine
and has 3000 acres cleared and in
crops this season, and will break
up 4000 acres this year.
He has a grubbing machine
that handles the sagebrush like a
common mower handles timothy
hay. With this great engine he
walks right through Mr. Sage
brush and leaves it in rows ready
to be burned.
If Harney Valley had about r
of such outfits with such men in I 0, On week days Holy Mass
control of them she would soon at 0:30 a. m.
get the long-looked-for-railroad. All other services, besides
The question of clearing the sage- those mentioned above will be
brush and preparing the soil for announced in church.
crops is a big one and is not ai All invited and welcome to the
job for the man of small meariKl(jjvjne Hervices.
to accomplish quickly. He must Sick-calls promptly answered
have a long purse and well filled. ;it anytime. Religious informa-
Again we say: Harney Vallo.v r ,j()M an(i instructions willingly
fortunate in securing a man with imparted at the Franciscan
the means, ability and desire to Regidenca.
tackle this big job in the best
way for success.
(That "long - looked - for - rail
road" is the key to the situation,
Bro. Beede. Had that been ac
complished Harney Valley would
have the twenty-live Howells and i
possibly more. The Times-Ilei-
aid knows of four other outfits
of as great capacity that would
have been placed in operation
this season had the railroad con-
tinued building west from River
side. )
Mrs. Millar has her new Spring
Millinery on display at Schwartz'
Btore and invites the ladies of
Burns and vicinity to call and in
spect it
Tonawama, Tonight.
Another litf picture program
of a most interesting and enter
taining character is billed for
Tonawama tonight There will
be seven reels in all and the man
agement has announced that in
future the skates are not RoinK
to interfere with show patrons.
On picture nights the full pro-
grama will lie rue, or at least all
reels run the - cond time until
P"-"" ,,ave "" the entin' ,r'-
'I'll.' Lust Volunteer" is the
title of a five-reel feature that
promises thrills. It is war scene
in which airoplanes are used.
I'athe News gives some inter
esting current events, tonight it
will Bhow among other things
Mine. Bernhardt, the famous ac
tress, the latest in hi-planes, Kng
lish recruiting, mimic war, etc.
"How Max Went Around the
World" is the comedy reel and
mills no fun her comment as
picture fans know "Max" is fun
ny. This i.-. a B lendid program
ami should It seen by everyone.
Nazarene Church.
Regular n aching services each
ounaay at u a. m.,and r2wp.n1.
Sunday-school at 10 a. m.
every Sunday.
Tuesday Bible Study at 7:30
i. m.
Wednesday Mid-week Prayer
meeting at 1 .'M p. m.
Saturday young people's meet
ing at 7: 'Mi p. m.
Will be glad to call on the sick
and needy at any time.
S. L Flowers, Pastor.
Christian Science Church.
Christian Scientists will hold
there services at the Presbyter-
I ian Church, Sundays at .'! o'clock
Wednesdays at 7:30 p. m. Sun
day School at 1:30 p. m. Read
ing Room at room No. li Masonic
Building and it will be open
on Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons of each week from 2
until 5 o'clock. This is a free
reading room and people are wel
come to come during those hours.
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10 a. m.
Wheat for sale 0. W. Cleven
ger. Wilson's Creamery Butter at
You hear so many wise people
say. "My back has nothing to do
with my trouble." But did you
ever notice how they stand or
move? Their spine is never
straight and when they bend or
turn they move their baeks as
little as jiossible. Think it over
and then come up and ask me
why. It will cost you nothing
and may lead a way to a happier
Dr. R. D. Kictciujm,
. 0. Q. V. Bldg.
Seth Bower Passes Away.
Seth Bower, one of the highly
respected pioneers of this county,
passed away at his home in Har
ney last Monday morning. He
had been in ill health for several
years, but seemed in his usual
spirits that morning, spending a
short time in the store, directly
retiring to the living rooms in
the rear and sat down in a chair.
Later his daughter, Mrs. C. W.
Ijoggnn, came into the room and
noticed her father's hard breath
ing. She Immediately called her
husband but Mr. Bower ceased
to breath before Mr. 1-oggan
reached him. Funeral services
were conducted Tuesday after
noon by Rev. Dr. Benson from
the home. Several autos went
over from this city loaded with
sorrowing friends who desired to
pay their last respects to this es
timable man whom many of them
had known for years. Much
sympathy is expressed for the
bereaved family.
Deceased was one of the best
known business and stockmen in
Harney county. He was born in
Ohio Sept. 10, 1880) was educat
ed and grew to manhood in his
native place. When war broke
enlisted in the Fifteenth Ohio
Artillery and remained in the
service until the closeof the war.
He was in hard service and was
with Sherman on his march to
the sea
December .1. lKt5. he married
Miss Mary Weston moving later
to Kansas where the family re
sided until ISH1 when they cross
ed the plains with teams landing
in Granda Ronde valley where
they remained until 1884 when
they removed to this vicinity.
going to Harney in 1897 where
the home has been since. In ad
dition to the stock business Mr.
Bower and his estimable wife
opened a general merchandise
tore in Harney, the wife taking
active charge of the store while
Mr. Bower devoted his attention
to the ranch and stock until his
failing health prevented his fur
ther activities in this line.
He is survived by the wife and
two children, Herbert S.. and
Mrs. ('. W. I.oggan.
Additional Locals.
We do job printing.
Ground feed at Hagey's.
Tboa. llowser was down from
Harney yesterday.
For Sale Disc harrow and
sulky plow. Cal Clemens.
.hums I'irie was in the city
yesterday from his home on Cow
I M'l'l.
Finest alfalfa, timothy and red
top hay baled may be had at the
Goodman feed bam is south Burns
CM. Faulkner left for Boise
yesterday morning on a short
trip. He expects to return next
Supt. Cilcrest of the P. L. S
Co. is back from a business trip
to California and other outside
The Rotarian Male Quartet at
Tonawama on May 14 is going to
bo the most enjoyable musical
nt ever in Burns. (Jet your
n tervationi early.
Clingan's Millinery south Main
St has received a late consign
ment of the latest in all lines.
( .ill and see the new Mary Pick
ford bonnete, etc.
Mrs. Thus. Masson was over
from hi r Crant County home
during the week in the interest
of her work as a subscription
i for the Portland Tele-
gratn. That paper has been
conducting a campaign for new
subscribers and among other
prison offered free trips to the
fail it San Francisco. Mrs.
Ma i waj trying to be one of
i ho u to make the trip.
Prof. H. T. French of the Ex
tin on Department of the Agri
cultural college, is here from
Corvallll conferring with County
Agriculturist Shattuck and Supt.
Brelthaupt at experiment farm.
Prof. French is well pleased with
the crp outlook in this section
jit-1 ul present. He m particu
larl pleaaed to note the advance
m ' lio alfalfa crop and says
thai alfalfa is going to revolu
tion . this country. The gen
tleman alio notes the advance
men I in agriculture in this sec
tion al th(! greater acreage un
der cultivation. The work of the
experienced men sent out and
work i nil in connection with the
coll ; beginning to show re
sults in this county and the far
mers are taking hold in a way
that i most gratifying.
Hon. I. L Rand, who was
here attending the water hear
ine . link returned to his home
at Baker. Attorney Treadwell
will also leave for his home in
San Francisco the flirst of next
Have your picture taken at the
Sayer Studio.
Skating all evening tomorrow
at Tonawama.
Ed Egli has brought in I new
Chalmers car which had been or
dered by Wm. Hanley.
Mrs. Homer Mace, who has
been quite ill the past few week: .
is improving at this time.
Kodak films developed 10 cents
per roll, any size. Prints Be each
All orders of 2 dozen prints film
developed free.
A. II. McLain,
Care of Sayer Studio.
This office received a letter
from Dr. T. L. Harrison this
week postmarked on train in
Idaho, stating he and Mrs. Har
rison would be back to their
homestead here in the near fu
ture. Drewsey Sun.
Warrant Call.
Notice is hereby given that
there is money on hand to pay ill
general fund warrants registered
prior to March 1, 1914; all mad
warrants registered prior to June
1, 1914; all high school warrants
registered prior to April I, J'.n.r,
and all rabbit bounty warrants
registered prior to March I. 1916,
Interest ceases April 28, 1916.
R. A. Mil. l. Kit.
County Treasurer.
A I'utr for Sour Slomaih
Mrs. Wm. M. Thompson, of
Battle Creek, Mich., writes: I
have been troubled with indiges
tion, sour stomach and bad breath
After taking two bottles ol Cham
berlain's Tablets I am well.
These tablets are splendid none
better." For sale by all dealers.
Petition for Liquor Licrnee.
Wo, ihr aailsfrigptil, legal eotarao.
llarriman Piactaet, BsrM) County,
State of Oregon, rsapaoUvalj patlilon
h Hon. ( 'mi n i Conn ol Harney Conn
ty, Biain ul Oragoa, le) grant Llcance
to Allir.ttnti It.. i.l. Cum. Kohn, Man
afar, In mil Spirillum. Mail and V'lnoui
Liquor In Ii'kh iiiniitilii k loan "' gal
Ion In llarritnan I'rtx nni lUim-y C. on
ly. Slate of Oragoa, toi Ibe pariod ol
Ma Month, an iniliitv pound Wa Will
ever pray
NAMES, I li lark, I I. II.. I Dg,
K. I.. Smith, Cbarlaa Kohn, II. I
r-'renrh, (I. B. Parkar, arohay Unlet, (
W Kfllogg, N.I Poabaag, I. 0. Ubrlt
ton, l. r. larder, N J Uray, Thoa
Koutirv. KuiinaC l.ihbv. A. J. Hand,
W.C. Ilalrtl, Tltoiua- It. I.tbl.y, Mrn. U
C. Iiaird, K. Foabang, t. Kohn, H
liurkhanlt, It. Barkhardi J. w. Ileitis,
Frank Tliompeon, . J. Pot, Mm. I
I'oa i K. Coir 0. I'. Lea, It. C. Helm
II. Ileinuaii, Mi. .1 W. Il.iii-, B I
Clear, Ifaaa V Pea, I, I Kloaper, t J.
Helix. C. I. C'ary, lien Klaalar, ' '
Mchola, B. Ilaii'l, I ml U rang, P. P.
Betas, J. W. Carpantar, J M.Jooaa, l
it. Joui'K, A. H. Utllaawatar, Josephine
(Jillenwater. V Kern, J. I. Kellogr, J
L Millaap, i W. Millaap, A. D. Brown-
log, Thomaa BoMat) Jl . J. Ii'l..n .lr .
Jaiuei Cary, llanrj N Maaanor, I. M.
Miller, J no. it. Doogharty,
Notice Ik hprrl.y glraa thai on W..I
neaday, thu Mli tluv ol May 1916, the
underalgncd will apply lo il.n llonora
ble County Conrl "l Haraay County
Oregon, for llitt lloanoo Benllonod iii
the foregoing prlltlon.
CBAH, KUIIN, Manager,
All.ritlon llotvl.
Conihiiiittioii link, injury, nccldanl
and death l.riirili pfOlocUoB al mini1
lutiio cont. il'.uOihi doslh banal)
11,000.00 for loan.. I limb or aeaajgbtj
faom 15.00 to lift. oo workly Mob oroo
ri.hint Ih.ih la, JI.imiiii I iiicrulicyra-
lief iH.iK'ilt. Coat ...i pt.r year;
no othnr iliit'K or bhkckh uln. In Dill
Inauriiiii',' all nifii an. I woiot'ii are placed
on an etiiul bitain, regardlof of oeonpa
lion. Kvery parSOB mskM lha aiiii
form of apptloalion, payt lha amnti
amount. .f pri'iiiiiiin and raeaifoa tin'
aaoin anioiint of Ih'MiIH. M it an. I
Wooino batwaan th k''m of 10 and AS
art-at. .1 No ruHtriitioiia aa to of
cupatlun, only Itallroatl nan employed
employed on track, train or rooiuul
houae, ran not I . - nooaplad, CluiuiH art
paid within aity dajTI BOywh u tin'
U. H. Canitdu or BBfopa. id reliable
luiiirmii'r Company. s,,n .. on
8tat iIik.kii an a prolarllon for polloy
holdem ami to guiirmititt tin- payment
of slalma. 1'Hi (arthor Iran Information
addreia (iiiatuvc B. W'tru.r, Baoralarjf
and I iminai Manugtir, Itoi IIS, Buffalo.
N. Y. atalr aga, lag, oooupailon ami
nantlou Dapl. II. 172.
Don't monkey
Many u nun BjuHlgeyi wnli .,11 lorU
of rOO&Og, until Ins ittnl trAs ,nnl
deitroyi. the eonicnti ul In,-, building
Follow the uiumI jiiilnjiiiiit ul
expericnted builder! and una
Malihoid it' a one roui vm t an
depend upon we 1. ...,.! ymj
know ui
Harney Valley Lumber Co.
Burnt, Oregon
Rolled barley, wheat and oats
for sale at market prices. W. A.
Goodman's feed yard.
Nolle ol Bia. for Wood.
NeAlaa In lierebr given that the County
Court ol Uaruey County will reieiee
I.I.Ik n. ti 12 o'clock A.M. May ii, ".
fur M cord of lire! quality pine wood,
and .If. cord of flret quality (nationally
h,,.hI, l lie dellreil at tlia court houae
and Hit' Ids" heel, In Hum, OFaJOB,
mi tir In-fore September IB, lUln. IN
County Court raaorvoa tlir fight to
re'ivl any and all hlda. Illda will ba
OOmMend (or rltliar kind of wood nonn
raloly If daaired. Illda aliooltl I ad
drSSHd, Healed, to Hie undernltnad and
niark.d "Illda tor Wood."
It. I III i.lll.l.
County Clerk.
rUtSJ liiirm iw Mai No. uaom
UaiTai)HTTaLHiiiirrit ,
garaa, oiagaa, MareaB, !" i
Notlee ! Itaral.jr glvru thai tli Nt.riliarii
I . in. Hallway Oofcaaay, wh..a iwa umrm
K.l.ltt-M la HI. I'aul, Mionaatita. mi H'r IK
,Uf of January lula, nia.l In llila ulrira In ap
. i. Kii.o. in .let i uudrr Ilia tint
,,. i. it . niitfri-at, epnrureil Jiiff I. lJ(uHial .
. -iii .a .tifu.itMi iiyiiie Aft ' Oaagraei
.........vftl Mar 17, men
NK'.Hr-t.H.'.' K.T. rf'.M.H UKaal. W M.
Hartal No. uaota
Any ami all baranita rlaliiilnf atlraraaly Ota
lamia ilre-rllied. "r ilaalrlbad It. obl-nl lcauaa
.,1 Hit- Mltlrral t-haraclfr ol Urn lano, tir any
olbar ....ii. In Hi' ilianoaal to appll' am.
Iiinil.t lilt. Unit afllilavlla ol pruloal In tlila
offlee.onai li..itltr I7ih .lay ol May mil..
Wa i . ..... i .."
liurita. oraun, April a, Kin 1
Null. .- la I,. 1. 1. 1 (Ivan Ibat Adna K
..f Hil.f. iirainu. who. on Dee. an. '. ntatlt.
Il.iiiiaifatl rfnirr. No oauea, lur HWU, Haf. .
Town jaH .Kanga iSlt.. Wlllaiuatl. Marlillau
haa nollir ul liilaulloo lo ittaar final
ntr war I i..,.t. Ittaatalillab rlaliu ... Ilia land
liora i. . . ii.'i. ! !..' Hralatrr anil Mi alvar,
at linriia uragiiii, ou lha lilb day ut Ma Itla.
t laluiant namaa aa wltneaara
I ... r I Hmllb, I. ml. II llrrl.tti Shalltili
imir, Ckafeaee I lluffoiau. oil cf Hilar, ir
Wa Patua Haalatar.
iiNiTaiiHTATkK i.ANDnrricg i
llitttn. itiriiiu. April ft. I'U'' i
Nolle la h.-,rl.r lvn Imrary V Wlllona,
ul LaWfa, tiragott. who, ou July iv, 1911,
i.... II .. tit i-alaad Knit). No. o' tor
-.,'.. i iui. i'.. Towitahlp H,HtniI.
v. !..... .. Mvfltllaa haa flla.1 atHlt-a of
... t.iui... to u-aav flualthraa ,aar l'i"'. lo
i-alalillalt tlalui to tha laud auora d.-a. ill... I
... -, .1 . I. gt... i and Kri alrar, at In,. ... PraaOB.
oa tlir I lib day ol May, Hit.
. laluiant uaioaa aa wltnaaaaa
i.rli WlUaagi Oacar Wrat, Marllu V Inn a.
II ol I awrit, in, . .a Ward Wallai.ol Hun. a.
r a aaa. Hralatrr
rvirait inm t anh orrim,
Iiiiiii,....'.i . Apt II 3, SfJ)
N.tllt-e la hrrahy glrrtt that lion l lilrklna.iti ,
ut llurlia, tiragon, who, tut .Nut. 11. lilt , iitadr
lluiuaataad Kutry, No tx.'.v., ti.m'.Ml',. l.-ta
I and i, n II. .u 1, Towaahlp vl H ,, 31
g . niaiu. -tia Marldlan had nlrd nolliatil In
irt.lloii ... loaaa final thraa yaar I'ruol to
labllab .lain, lo lha land aoora drat iiIm-.I ba
torr Haa latar aod krt-alvar al iiu.i.i. tnrvoo,
..i. ihr tutu day ol May. ivl'.
i laltiiBulnainra aa willtraara
I ail II Vtallaca, A II liaaa, t itlo I. i.aai h
and 'ravra Itilr. all ol Hurua, llitfuu
Wa Ilrilai. .
1'MiTit. umia I. ami Orrn B I
aaurut, urvgou, April It, ivl .
Null. M l i'n.1) flvru dial I (n Ulllrr, l
I irl-le. ' ii.-gi.ti, wl.u, on Juur Jtt, lvil. hhI July
. I'Jii. matlr Ilium atral fulriri, UVI9
:. reiKithalv, .. h -,S I . M-.' ,."
JV, H'a.HU NK'tvHC1.,, Hr JU.Tuwil SIM , KAIigr
ll.. WlTleUiMU Merltllaii. bu niexl nollrv ol
it trillion to iii a Br Bualtbrc yrai t'roof, inn
tabllah rlalkti l.. Ilm lan.t aUi.nlrir(il.ri, l.r
fun 0 K I ul-" li (' H oinin laei'ilir (. at I. It
,.1U9 at i. a r , i'i. oi.. OB tlir IIOi 'lay of
Mr iii
t Uhnant naiiii a aa liiiraa. a
I -iMia l.vorfit, iilhtt Mil '), tlrorffo 1.
4 IN, JollU Milrili, all of MlMl, 'i. k-i.
Wm Kiui, hrgiet. r
i num. kiaik- LAMBOffftOa.
Huiua. Oirgoo, Ma) 0, l"l'
WeUaa la haieaf gteea j..a. i. m. aalt ear,
tit Attdrawa tlrafou, who, ou January IvM,
mada ll..ui.-atrad Kulry.No 07177. lor ',-'..
-r. lluu I, Towaablp S.'. Houlh, Hauga
K.. VMIIauialla Mi-ildlaut. ha flla.1 nollrr
...' i.' I.... lo ittakaflual Ulraa yaar prool, in
.-a t a 1. 1 1 a It rlalfti to tba laod al.n. dt
I'Mhad.orlora t .K Tollorb U M t'utuailaaltitiar.
athlaolflca at Hrt-kU-y, tirraoo, tin tlir IJth
da) ul Mat 1VI'.
. lalinaul uaiuaa aa wltnaaaaa
t haa Tliroar, Wllllaa, H.itTluan.ti. Malvlu
I, John kum u. all of Aadrawa. (iragtii. .
wa. Paaaa, h. . t
Hurua, in....... April a, ivl . i
Ni.ll. r la hrraby alvru that t'arollua Hiitlon,
ut rail. ''. wbo, on Ma, 'M. lull), nadr
li.ant I and Hairy, No 04779, lor HK'.
MeUoa U, Towaahlp .t. Houlh, H :i Kaal,
vi illaturtta Marldlan, haa (Had notice ol
1 n i.-n ll.iu 10 maaa final proof, lo ralahllah
1 lalin to the land a hot. daat-rtbad, batura Krgla
i.-r and Hacatrar, at Hurua. Uragou, on tha
lib .lay ol .May, 1(16.
gj. iKln.atii iiauira aa wlli.raai a
I luniiaa lluttou, 1 ha, It 1 .'ii.- , .a. Alfra.1
I. tan aud It I.. Hull. in. all ol Kgll, Oragun
Wa. raaaa Kaglairr
Vala. I.lal Nu W
Harlal No. UMta
initio aTATaa baSS mini
Vala, Uragou, It l.tuart ., Ivli
Nniirf la baraby glvan Ibkt Iba Northaru
I'aiifli Hallway liniipauy, whoaa poal ufll..
..ii.... la Ml. raul.Mluuraota. haa Ihlajktbdkv
1 1 . ittiair. I'M', fllad In 11. la ultl.a Itakppllt a
linn to aalat't uudarlba provlalonaol tbaat-l
ul 1 1.1111 aa. approval! July I. Inva .H) Hlal. .'.v..
1 ..i 1 Hrtiltiu I SIH I:. K W. M It OOacraa
Any and all uaraout vlkluilug adrararly Iba
lamia ilrai rlbrd, or daalrlng (0 oblrrl brrkuar
ul ll,. Mln. 1 a i Iba land, ..1 an
other raaaoii, to lha dlapoaal 10 appliraui.
1. ..ul. 1 Ilia 1I.1-I1 airi.latlia ol prolral loil.ii
ollee, on or balura iba irtbday ol April mr.
Tiloa Jonaa, Baglatar.
1 Mini hi tin i.anii uriiii,
Hurua, Dragou. Mairb .'v, ivl.'.
Nttllia la barrby glvru thai Hill.. . HtTi.1.1
Htu'klfiy. ul Hri'klay, Uragou, who, on May lv
1 hi, auii Nor It, IVIS uiada (luuiakli .a.l Knlrlra
No Uti4.'i7 070K1I rf.iui ttrly lor I ma 1,1 M
HijNK1,, H',,MI ',. Kti 1 u,ii s, Townablp )ih ,
Itanga 31 .a.l. Willamette Mi 1 1, Han haa
lllt'il 11. II.. ol ll.l. l.l!. 11 III loege filial
ihrrt. raar prtMit, u, aatabllab clalui lo Ihr
land above .Ira. tll.i-.l, l.rfurt- I. K Ttlllot'b.
t'.H. . ...ui.. at bla i.fll. r. al llriklry
. in gun, 011 tba lib day ol May, Itfl.'t
I laluiant liainaaaa willtraara
I 1 an. 1. k 1 lat t..n. J tia.iul n Hardugil, Hohrrl
I hiiunii, 11 amy Kugllahall ol in. Mr , tn.
Wm. 1
IlKITkllHT.Tga I.ANII (irril'g,
llurlia. iiit'gou. Mat. ii 91. ml; . nri.u, Hutu 111.1 akiiiiaf jatiirv
ul Hurua, Oregon, who on ilrlttbi r 17, mil,
lltiitnatuad l.i try, No uIKUia, lor HW',, H.u
tloii ill. Townabip '.'a n , Kaugt 1 K , vVlllain
la hrreby glvan Ibat glinar Jann-a
i-ttr matt.. tan, uaa inrtl liutlir Ul liilaulluli In
111 a k a lluai I Urea yaar I'mol to ralalillrh
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lata, and Kaorlver. al Hun. a, orrgoli, tin lb,.
nu.iat.ui ma, , ivi.i
1 lalinaul liatttea gg wllnraa.-a
iliarlea Nawall, Maeula Nawall, Ibarln)
liatkbuiiaa, Jamra Kaudall, all Nanuwa, Ota
Wa It.-, ian,
Huiua ill.aun. Matt It .;. lull..
Ntiiii 11 la hereby given tbalUaorge K. Orabaiu,
..I llurlia. Oragun, wbo, ou March 'it. Ivu
lluuiagiaad Kulry.No UMttJ. lor NK'J. Hrcllon a,
luwualilp a totiih. Hauga ai Kaat, wlllauialta
Murldlau, bag ilad autlre ol lutaulluu
to make flual three-year prool lu aatahllak
tlalui u lha laud ahuvr deatn I I.e. I befura Hag
laieraud Kai'elver, al Hurua, uragou, ou tba
lib day ol May, Hit.
1 lalinaul namaa aa wlluraara
Andy Hall, Olio Uaacb, rhailat ltlgga, N
I I'ai.lrr, all ..I Huiua. Oraauu
rlu K.kKk, Kaglaltr
New Spring Goods
Now on Sale at
Spring and Summer Dress Materials
that are positively the Latest
New silk gloves, Veilings. White Goods
trimmings, braids, new fancy buttons
Royal Worcester Corsets
New Silk Skirts and Kimonas
Burns, Oregon
Hurua.urrgoii. eprll e, 1 II 1
1. :, .i.i.i alvrnlhat nihil lliutnlli
t hlupa.ol Hufbktian, uragou. who. on ml. I
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HK'. Hrrllou IU, I ow mlilp .1. foillh, KaUgl
y. Wllllainelli' Mrrlillan haa Hit .1 mil ' I
iriitliiti t.. inaka flual Ihrar ysal prool to rata
ll.l. 1 1.1... 1. 1 ihr ian. 1 kiHivt- daarrlbrd ' '
Itrglalrr and Kvrelrar, at Hun... Uregoli
lha I.l. .fa, ol May l-.l .
rlalmaiilliainraaa wlltiaaao.
I,. 11 Mill. all and A P. M.rl.all. both
Hurhanan, nragoii, J HoBrdita, ..I uawi
iiaaon J in.l uf ll." ".. if"..
Wa rAaaa, It.glalt 1
1 niikii htatkji i.anii i.h i. i.
Hurua, ilrrguii. April III
Nutloa Ik hereby glfanlbkl William J 1
ul uragou. Oho, fin N... ml., t I, I - lloiuralaa.l Klltry HO O.WI-. I".
I I. aud HtN "'"' ,l"" J luwnahll
HaugrMl,aUit W iHlknirllr Mrrldlan, .taa ill. I
utillrr of liilaulluli niaki- final llv. t .1
preol lo aatabllab t-laint In ihr Ian. I au.t. di
Klltird.iirtura Hrglatrr and llr.rur, al Hurl
(Irrgutt, ou iheotb day ul May, I .1 .
1 laluiant aatura aa wllnra...
Aii.l'v. I'.lrraon Jamra' an. both ol la irn
tllrgt.n. Wllllkin H f.ra). ul Hail I man. lilt
goa M II llayra.ol Hiir.ia.urrgoii
Wa. Paaaa. Hrglan-t
Hurua. tlirguu. Ma.. 1. .' - Itl
Nulltc la brrrbyglvrn lltat Kridlnatnl K1.1A
Tbuitia. ul KHry. tiiaguu, who. on Feb 1 1
uiada llutnaalrad Kmry Ni. u... I"
M.Tuwu Vih, Kaugr'.l,..IMIIamrUr M.
baa nir.l i.otlt-a ul lotoolaoa le Dkahl
Ibroa yrar prtHil to eaiali'iah 1 latin
abovr tlaorrllitp.1. brlttrr Hrglalrr an. I Ha 1
at Hurua, urrgon.un lha Mb day ol M
1 lalnaol nature aa wltnra.ra
Huwaid 1 Hahrer. Ionia Waleeanli ., Maih
rwa Wrleeenlela. Jobu I' - ' BH . ""
Ma r.aar. Uegleb 1
nan i-t . 111 1 kODOerii
Htirna, tirrgnit, A pi ll I, Itl
Null, r la hnrl.v glvan thaljalni-a I gl
ul laat't., tiirgoti, wlui. on Uoeelubei
ivl I. mada Hoiurataad r.utry. nu u .
Ng',. eat'tlou U. Townabip ." 1 . Hal ...
: , lAlllaitirllr Mrrl.llau. haa hlr.t null
Intrnlluu to utakr final llinr tmr It." I
aalahllili . lalin to lha Ian. I abbva drarrllit '
oeloia Kt-glalrr ami Hai ttrar . at r..n ui
gon. tba atn da) til May, Ivl'i
1 lalmanf namaa aa wllllraa'-a
William J Klyuu, Audraw IV.. a.m, l"'
ut lawan. liragtia. Mary t,. unman:
Hrlui. '.Hi ulllarrtiiian. Oragtin.
M y.aar K.gun 1
DHiraotl a 1 1"- LAMUOI 1 11 h .
Huri.a, urrguu, Marth III, Itl t
Notlt-a la hrrrby glvru thai K J.Mat brut ..
aud hair ul l-m Mat. ctereaard. ol
uragou, who, ou Marth 1, l-v, mad. Ho 1
ataadgntry.Nu o-jaw,, ,li l.h.i- I K',N',
aud N'.NW'kg hectlun I.Tuwitahln .', g . Kan,
.j Kaat, Mlliamaltr baa 1 1 holli 1
ol ltitautiun to utakr final five year prool to
aatabllab claim to tba laud abore dcat rib. 1
tiaforr Hagtalvr aud Krt-rler, at lluri.a.t.i.
goi. on Iba Jt.ih day ol April, t5.
claimant namaa aa wltnraara
llril 1.. Mllllauia. liruiga II. Willlama. Join
Tampla. Krr.l I'ctrra all ol I'rlluiloi. tlreguit
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Hurua, uregun. Mar. h a, 1
Nollrr la glvan Ibat Ml. hurl P. Hit. I ... .. 1
I in tin, ut. gun who, on May 6 1 .1.1 ami Ju,
1911, mada lliiiuaatead goirlet. No ui. .
lor loll, HK'.HW1,. HSSK1,. Sec I, and I ol I
NKAgNWl,. 'irNI,-r. HrtI
Hauga '.-.I K , Wlllainrlla Men. Han, 1.11. IHt-il
uutitr ul lo make final thret
prool. lo aatabllab claim 10 the i.n 1 ., .1.
a. tll.rd. balura Hrglatrr aud Het' at Bur in
' org. .u. ihr ,.MIt day ol April, Itl
t laluiant i.ainra aa wlluraara
I. N. Hughrl, tittla Hli ore, ..linn '
llughrl.A W Hit. II. nil. all ul Nt ... .
Wm K.iik . Higi.n 1
Hurua, Urrguu , Manti gg, Itl
Nullt-a la baraby glrali thai II a, r W
utea, ol llarriman, tirrg, .11, win., nu i.. ...... .
Itll, mada lluinralrail Knliy. Nu In 1
Kl.g',,l(.-.iliiu II. ' IH . IU... I
Wlllaiurtla Murldlau, haa lllr.l 11. .11. ul ml. 11
tloii to niakr rouiiiiulailuu prool, n. aalabltah
claim lu tba laud abuvc ibat in c.l. bel in
Jlatei anil llacalvar, at llurna, Oregun, tin the
rd day ol May i"i
I'lalmauluaiuca aa tvltucaaca
Mr I. I. Van Hunt. Mr N I' Hldtlla, M.
Amy Vau Horn. Mi. II I lilinmra, all ul
11 .11 1 iitiau. urrguu
Wa. Faaaa. Begigb
I .Hi I' HIAIk.l I M OH-1 1 I
Huiua, Nii'iiiHi, Man It .' . I II
Notlif ll Imrrby ilvmi that Willi a Ul I Vol
HLuiU, ul Drttwii-j', Oii'Miin. hit mi Mm 1 li
aud Julia 1ft, yl. maita Moim-al. ml Kill r li
Noi, fin M , ,-iy v:iaiul M',-t
tlllll U, IinMialilp Hoiltll, HtUgl
WtlauiuUe Uerldiau, bu Illfd notlci ul li li
tltiti to 111 a ac flual threo )tar Proof. Ui valali
clalui (u Ilia laud aU.M dvarrltittl. In-lnii I l
llrrde, V. H. Ciiiuiulaaioiii-i . Nl Itla ulllt I Hi
Orawaer, orvgon, nu the huh i u ol Ua, IVI
Claimant uainr aa n in . , . -
laltck oiaini, Martin Mntw, Arthur (ii
t'hailrv llo .'ii , all Oravvtuy , Onami
Wn. t-Miin . Keg lit i.
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! - : LOIN1: : -
a UliOKUI. I OON li op. o
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a a
eMt-alu At All Hours. Shurfe
Ordfrti'itml Prompt Sirviiv
With Btltimihh Kalis
i:.v.. m..' a r.iii !
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O OaaotHo Tleaae-Herala Hulldlna a
a at
Now on. Call and see the big
reduction in prices. Listing
of goods will appear in this
space next week.
County warrants taken at
par in trade.
My general line of
Is Complete
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
Agt. Buick Automobiles
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Haled Hay For Sale
Free (amp House and.Feeding Privilege in Corral
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
W. A. COODMAN, Adjoining Fair Grounds.
We have a complete stock of
Seasonable Goods
Come and see the great variety
For Everybody
The Burns Department Store
s wni ijuava v
JjA '
iW'm B& v
Sale by Lunaberg, Dalton & Co. and Reed Bro..
iiuiur Kon instant BaaL
m:i.u 1 Aug.
!,.iVr7,,qulrr,!' .0Pier. prairie doge, .age
L.iT". fSSV. ,'r,y la.B?r,.n "'' lleui.gie
I? ttTJL.f from Vlut..r a aK-op. Money taci
!.2' ..!!!. '" Wooa-lrk" for II yaarl
MlA-,vVy U,u "" roP Inauran.-e
Clarke, Woodward Drug Co.'