The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 17, 1915, Image 3

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Ha Th Larf.t ClrcuUtlon Of Any
Nwpprr In llwnn County.
LocrI News.
We do job printing.
Peter Hanson is over from his
Silver Creek home.
Dr. C. C, Babbidga was up
from Valley View this week.
Meet me at the Burns Hotel.
That s the central place in town
miss May me uozau is over
from Canyon City on a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Wm. Karre.
H. Hotchkiss has gone to 1 ,aki -view
where he was called upon
information that his mother was
very ill.
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared ;
for special attention to all dis-'
eases of eye, ear and nose. EyM
tested and glasses fitted. BOtf,
Corey Smyth and wife were in
the city this week for a few
days. He came over to look
after some land business.
For rent-200 acres, 80 on Hat
and under irrigation balance
grazing, near Burns, good house,
barn etc. Inquire at this office.
Ill 1 I'l l'( ll.-WM. I'.lll'l ,M utl
Presbyterian church, arrived
home from Presbytery last night
and will hold services tomorrow
at the usual hour.
1... 11,- I!.,,,...,, , ... I..,- . .1 ' I l...
It will pay you to see our new
jnrim. ,'ii 'I ti ,tri i,. , ,t" ii, ii-tin-
Ladies Tailoring Co., comprising,
hundreds of beautiful styles and
fabrics in high class suits, coats,
dresses and waists Clingan Mil
linery Parlors.
For Sale Registered Imported
German Coach stallion, 11 years
old and dark brown in color. He
i3 a sure foal getter, having more
offspring tharwany other imiKirt
ed horse in Harney County. I ).
L, Shingledecker, Burns, Oregon
There is eonsiderable talk of aV
local nrm putting on an auiu one
between here and takeview to'
run during the entire season for I
the benefit of those who desire
to attend the Panama Fair at San
Francisco. The low railroad fare
from that point makes it very
attractive as it is practically no
further to lakeview than Bend
and more direct to the destina-
The Geneva Lockes dramatic I
company has disbanded. She!
had booked dates at Tonawama
for the next week but now she
will not be able to fill the engage
ment. The management has
therefore arranged for the usual
picture programs for the week,
"The Trey O'Hearts" for Wed
nesday and the big six-reel pro
gram fyr Saturday. These Sat
urday .night shows have become
quite popular being of high class
and well worth seeing. The
house Is arranging to even im
prove this service in the imme
diate future.
The Dances of the Month
With the thought of the dances of the
current month the same problem which
you couldi't solve last month is before
you again bigger than ever. It's the
. problem of
Proper Foot Wear
If you can't work it, don't let it spoil a
good time. See a specialist there is
only one in town it's
Ladies' Patent Leather and Dull
Kid Shoes, also a complete line
of Spring Pumps. English
Walking Shoes for men and all
kinds of shoes for the little folks
- General Merchandise -
nasonic Building, - - Burns, Oregon
i ne cniet desire or the officers and directors
of this bank is to surround its business with
the greatest measure of safety and to render
to its depositors the best possible service con-
isllllll lirilk - I A Sfe n SB Hun JHt knaiHaaa HAAlltnrla
tm si nun phi C nun I II U trill UUIIICB IIICUIVUI
rilXJl l"N I ,UJm.L. Dni.
Burns, Oregon
Capital and Surplus - $100,000.00
United States Depositary
Chairman of llir Board
John D. Daly, President J. I Caull, Cathiar
C. A. Hain, Vice Prr.iJrnt A. C. Walcoma, Cathiar
Seed and feed barley for sale
,11. Vulgamore. Phone or call.
Children's hats at the Clingan ,iuite popular.
Millinery South Main St. Just, Stop at the Hums Hotel when
received a late shipment.
M. Horton and wife were
guests at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. II. M Horton during the
The Burns Steam Laundry
gives special attention to parcel
post. Send us your laundry by
Timothy and clover seed and
lean sm barley for sale. W.
T VandeVeor, on Pine Creek.
;jlire8s rjrew'sey Oregon
Ralph (at terson ami Dr. Hand
were tn the city during tne week
from Albritton. They have a,
Ford and can now make trips
much quicker and more conven-i
"OldDocYack" andhia "348"
are expected to arrive in this
city during the season. Watch
for particulars later and don't
fail to keep the date in mind.
Lou Bradfield's tanious thor
oughbred stallion, Bonus Ress.
will stand this season at the T
Allen Jones farm near Burns.
Terms $12. 50 to insure. Mares
pastured if desired.
Lee Thornburg. who feared he
had become infected with rabies
from contact with a calf that
was mad, lias linistieii ins ras-
teur treatment and has gone to
his mountain home for a Wggon
to move the family up.
K. B. Hill is in the city.
Holler skates at Tonawama are
in town. Best service.
Emory Hill and S. Alberaon
were among our visitors during
the week.
Amos OtdfteM has cabbage
plants in any quantity for sale.
They will be ready at any time
called for during the month.
the first national bank OF
burns, capital and su rplus
$100,000. -the bank that makes
your $$ safe." accounts
n. .1, L. Rand is over from
',aker attending to legal matters
in connection with the water
cases now being heard before
Commissioner Cochran.
Mrs. Fireoved's Maternity
hospital offer! a most attractive
place for patients where the best
of care will be received and ex
perienced attendants look after
the comfort and welfare of guests
Betray Suckling brown mule
colt came tomy place fall of 1018.
No visible brand. Owner prove
property; pay charges and take
animal. Joe Hill. Hums, Oregon
Health is cheap at any price.
Sickness is a most expensive lux-
ury. My methods enact cures
others have failed.
Sincerely yours.
Or. R. I). Ketciium.
The farm house of Gail Barnes
up the river was destroyed by
tire last Tuesday from a defect
ive flue. The Times-Herald un
derstands but little was saved
from the building and does not
know whether it was insured or
K. Jaeobson, who has been a
traveling representative of the
,1. K. QUI Co. of Portland for
many years, was in the city this
week calling upon the trade and
his friends. Jake had not been
making this territory for several
years, being employed in the
house more or less, but finally
came back to see us. ,
The directors of the Fair Asso
ciation will revise the premium
list during tin- present month
and expect to have it in the
hands of the printers the first of
J next month and it will be issued
; and mailed out just as early as
j possible. The farmers should
keep the fan hi mind when plant
j ing arid also remember that it is
the intention to take the bait of
the exhibits and ship (o the big
fair at San Francisco after the
county fair.
For Sale Cows, pigs, horses,
wagon and hayrack, buckboard,
, bugvy, surry, harness, binder,
mower, hay rake, cultivators,
I harrows, disc harrow, 1 disc plow,
8 walking mouldboard plows,
Disc grain drill, wheel barrows,
a complete set of farm imple
ments and a cream separator,
churn and butter worker, milk
buckets, crearo cunn, etc. Will
sell for cash or take bankublo
note. This Is for sale cheap. I.
S. C1EI0R. Call on or address
Waldo (Jeer, Burns, Oregon, for
Link Button was over from
his home at Wagontire during
the week.
Mrs. Couch has been a guest
of her sister, Mrs. Firoovod,
during the week.
The Burns Hotel is the head
quarters for all when in tmvn.
Good table service, clean rooffli
and accommodating attendants.
Hen Koder was in town this
week and told The Times-llerald
that by next week he would have
ISO acres of land in Sunset seed
ed and was going to make the
stulV grow regardless of the wea
ther of rabbits. If any MM can
do it Ben can.
H. K. Donnelly, the engineer
who made the measurement of
water for the State Board pre
paratory to the adjudication of
the water rights of Silvies River,
is here attending the hearing be
ing Conducted by Water Commis
sioner ( 'ochran.
Mrs. P, M. Chanty and daugh
ter, Miss Tillie, arrived home
this week from California. They
spent the winter in Arizona and
later went to California where
they isited for a time. Their
many friends in this section were
glad to welcome them home.
L M. Brown and family and
Ben Brown took their departure
yesterday afternoon for San
Francisco upon receipt of a tele
gram announcing that their fath
er was in a critical condition and
his physician held out no hope
for his recovery. They left in
Leon's new car by way of Lake
view, that being the most direct
way to get to. their destination.
They Intended driving through'
to Lakeview without stopping
with the hope of getting the
train out from there today. The
many friends of Mr. Brown Sr.
hope they may find him improved
but his advanced age and' feeble-
noss leaves little hope
I M I I l MTATRS I '.n or r II K
I'limi. iiniini. vprll , I -I
Null,,. I. Ii.-i i-l,t (It'll II,. 1 Jul,, I .. . .
V, iihImi orvaou, wuo, ud Marah I i i madi
II, .H1..1, .i Kntry, n.i M -1 ., 1.. 1 ' ',1 1 and
K',',, i-.-.i,.i, . 1 i, ,, .I,,), .1. ... rUiiM,
.11, K Willainatta Meridlau, liaa iii! ttutln
,,i in, ot nut lumaka nnaloommiilallun Prool hi
patabllali 'Uiiuii, ihr UikI abofa daarrliirtl
i, f.,i- Hrgl.ttn a ii. I Hfralfat hi HtirDa.Ongnii
MM Oil' I III 'I.) ..I Mil. 1 i
1' la 1 in 1 uatnaa al lim ... .
t-mnh nVivman r. . .1 Nobla roll i. 1.-.11
1. htlor. nil "I iitMt'ir. Oit-K'Hi
, w I UNI, 1
NO'lli K
ivui ITIaM
1 Ht 1 1
1 111 it LAND SAI
I ".I t I I' I . I . I hNI, ' . . I
Muni., oit nun, Ki l.nt.i , ri
Noflra la taorabj Ki.rn tlim. aadlractad '
(in i'iniui..i.iinT i tin- .t natal i urn iSh-i
uiiilvr iiiiiu.iiiin of Act ol t uuari ., a iprtjvod
Ion.- . IviM I Miata,, 517,) iiurauaui loih. ii
juration ol Ittibvrt H. rlrowo, Sana No uli
wa miU ofTai al pui.ll aala, to Ibi blgbitl Mil
!.. r . i. mi i.i ii.. i laat limit .' i.i par aora, al i"
.. . I... . M . mi II.. IMIl .la. ill V .r I. I i
'.!.'. il.,. i. .,...! i,, in,, i ui i ami;
W'.vwv -,. ... i. ii W.M
1 I til. 1 1 m-1 I it n .1 mil, On in it r a ft .hi it
ibowtbs Unit o.i- Kit-ait i portion, tbafaol la
mountainous oi loo rough lor cultivation'
i !,.- .iiin win mil h- ki 1 1 open, but will be
.Ui-1 mm -I t loci ! a in ii Iboaa praai ul hi tba hi ui
namt'i baveoaaaarl bidding. I In paraon inal
Ina tin- hiitiif.i iiitl win i.t- n iiulrad tn Imnia
illitlt-iy pa) In tin- it-1 alVCI On- mni i ii. '
vnt poraonc claiming; advcnrlt the abova
-I. .i i ui.. i ara aili laad to Ala ball rl.nn. .
or oblartlona. on or bclort tin lima deal
(in i!i
u I tn nit.
.. M MtirilKKIIK tn. K.'l ri I
N.iin.- of Appointment.
Ii) tlit mallei nl tlit CStAtg ul John I
riiiniiiit-tiv. i,ff sst ii
Nutlet- it lit-ii-liy Bjivga In nil vl)tnn it
mas concern the undtn&gnrtl bsi
Ik-cii iltily Appointed bj lln I Hiiiilt
Court el llitiiit-v County, Urexon, tlit
jitliiiinittlMltil ul I lie rittltc lirtt-iii itlinM
nionril, anil Iiiim ttiltv tilalilit-il, all pel
sons naving clsJpus saalnsl said estate
nrr rctllilcit In Jilrti-lll Ihr Miiar with
iio'h-1 viiiiflu-i , ami prepared 'in hy
law it-iiuirril, to I ht- linilri si'nt-il at hi.
residence at Venntor, Orejfon, oi at tin
office of In. allnlilt-, Ii. A lit inhiiltl, :il
Km i)i, I Iicihi.
Dated March IQth, LUIS,
I H i 1'iiiiln itiuii March 80, tulfl
1 ' II AM. M I'l 1 I I1-.HN,
il nil i attn
Notice of Slirriff'i Sale.
Nnln-1 in lii-ifl.v k vrn, until r
itnil hy ui tin-u( a Writ til Alliu luiiiiil
Kift'iiliuii unit iinlir nl ault n(
propsrts iltily i -mi 'i hy tin i'it-rk ul
lliu Ciriuit Conrt nl llariny CoUDtJf,
Klnli tif I Irfgun, tlatrtl I hi- "'ml tiny nl
April, 1016, In n nrlnin artimi in tin
Circuit Court ol "ahi County snd Btale,
wlioti in .1 l sii, plaintiff, recovered
JUtlgltit'lll ni'iuii t t ii-ti. W. 1.1111 sad
I.t. Illn I. lit i, mill iili ll i,f Iht'lli, ihft-li'l
nut. hi tin Mil in n( U 11.10, with in
tnrrat tht'lfi'li Irnin 111" UOtfa tiny nl I uli
rimry , 1018, at tin oito nl d par t nut nr
itiiiiiiin. mnl fin t-iittiKtiiiii dlsbnrsseisnls
UUWd ul IM.00, ami .ii'ii in iu sostl mnl
SSpSUBSfi mnl lof mi tirilnr nl nih nl at-
itiriiiiil proparti licrelosltsi described,
I will mi Miuiilat , Ihr Mnl tl.iy nl May
I'.iiii, hi lim 'mni iiniiu ilmir in Barns,
111 Mini i iniiiiy ni llarnay uml st.iit ol
Oregon, nl 0 o'clock lu tlis tllemoon.ol
H.ti-l tiny , irll ill public niirl inn tn I hi
lligiu'Hi snd hi-Bt bidder lor mnh, lbs
lollowing tie i n I ifti ui i in lull 1 1 ui prope'a
ty lii-we. All lim light, lilli Inltri'il
mnl BSlStS nl lh I'fli'iiil.iiilH liin. W.
I. mi ami l.ti'lit- I. mi in rilhtl ul
litem, in Slid In Inlx ') lllnl 0 ul Sit. '.'I ;
Lulu HI mnl II nl Sit I : , I.i-Im I, a, II
Mini I til Si r 07 j ami l.til I ul Sim. D0
nil in 'I'ii. U H, Et :i-"j Ki W, M in
llsruey Uouuty, Oregon, together lili
nil nml niii;'iil.ii llu lilii'iimiitM huiiililn
ini-iilH -tii'l )i)iin tniuini'iH tlii'iiuiut'i h -
longing oi in saywlss sppsrtslnlng, to (ho ludgaoat sbovs m i.-i to
grllu-r Willi luliuin-t, i'iihIh ulnl ilialmrNi -uuml,
mnl aruiiinig t unlit anil I'X'iriii.nii
ul mili. an provided in huIiI juilgiuoiit
mni order ol nls
Paled Ht Bums, Otegon, this tird day
ul April, lOlfit
W. A. (llM 'IIMAN,
In) ill nl llmiiey ('utility.
S. W. Laythe was in town this
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundry. 4tf,
Kvon though wo're all talking
water thin week it still remains
very dry.
.lames Brandon was over front
I'ine Creek earlv this week on
business and to visit his wife and
We do your mending and sew
on buttons, without extracharge.
See the Steam Laundry about
your work.
Mrs. Miller will take orders
for the Palmer. Garment Co., of
Chicago, Sample book now on
band al the Schwartz store.
Dr. Griffith went to Lawen the
fore pari of this week to consult
with Dr.- Hand in connection
with some complications that had
followed a case of mutnps in the
family of R. B. Sit.
For Sale P, L. S. Co. proper
ty in Burns. One half block with
fine large house. Garage, barn,
stone cellar and all improve
ments. Price 14600.00. Address
P. L. S. Co., Burns, Oregon.
For Sale All or part of 1080
acre ranch 12 miles east of Riv
erside. 1200 acres tillable land,
400 acres under cultivation, some
spring irrigated and some from
large reservoir; best of range;
school i mile; postoffice 14 mile;
telephone. Price of whole tract
$."10.00 per acre, parcels according
to quality. T. K. Beers, Creston,
Malheur County, Oregon, 20-23
1 1 head of good young horses
will sell on easy terms or trade
for land. Oregon and Western
Colonization Co.
Stomach Trouble Curad.
Mrs. 11. (J. Cleveland. Arnold,
I'a.. writes, "For some time I
sutfered from stomach trouble. I
would have sour stomach and
feel b'oated after eating. No
thing benefited me until 1 got
Chamberlain's Tablets. After
taking tWO bottles of them 1 was
cured." For sale by all dealers.
. lliilli. I 't. I I.t Nil. IMOl.'i
Hurii. iiii-kuu, Apr. 3, i-l.
N I" !r.l Klv.n thai hc Notthrrii
I'a i lli Uftllwal niiiimliy. hi.H' j.oel ultli ml
illieK U H t'llll I M 1 II lla-paitM. ll MB I Ma ' '1 1 . il
April l'l ii. i In Hilt o.Tlir Iti ftppUOMlOB
tuni'lo I mi -Iff Ihr pint i nl 'lie of tha act ol i on
Kife,Hiiioitl Jul! I, lAW (M Ml ;''. . 0JUJ.
I.ul -. . , I p . , H , It H I-ei. V, M
; .. No. llMH.i
AlljraiKl nil J rraniie ilaliullif atvtie'U thr
lands dMcrlbml or il eiiinii to oblvct bwiON
Ol th- mili. ml liaiai irr ol Ihe ami, or for any
oMmT rrtiBMii in tln l)ioeal to Bplfoftul,
bOUld lll- ihili -il.'lawls .it protrat in thll
nflli-1 mi ui bafota ihr Mtb -it of Mftj r-i .
M h. fAHHR. ltrtfteTrr
i mi BDIT4 m i mo ornci,
lnm-e. OrtfOB. Mn l. It, 1 VI
' In -n tbl .him. Ihal Oakar onral
JohiiBoii. ut Hume. uri-K'iii, m ho, on January
.-o, I'll. mail. .tlliHiNl H.. meet, ad KlttfT,
Nn "'. fr h'-gHK1,. hn-iliiii 'f ami NJMWC4
villuii K, luwiiahlp .' H, Itfttitfii MR. Wl I
Imiim-Ui' Mvil'llaii. hae Mi-1 noli of liiU-ut lm
lu i mi I, i- I! tin 1 IhrM tinr proof, to valahlleh
In mi ui tin IhimI abova i e ni.i'-i, bafora Id'
ia'. i an 1 KaOatV! i at ll it r i.a. OfPgOB, OH tM
lllh !..) ol 'lll. 1 'i .
riaimani nam. e aa a Itoaaaaa
lehinvl I vim, Hen Kt.ilii, )i f t 1'orU'f , Kmih
.-si i araan nil ' Burna,Ora(N
Wn 1 AHRK. Ki gleUf
Miirm iirtKUii, Aptll. 1. 1. l.'l . i
Nt.ti. . ii it r t ft Van (hat (JUJ K I'll kt-lie"li.
f Karrttwi Uieno. who on Auicuat 17, ivti,
inaita llo i. eti mi voir No ufiAtfl ,lor M-.'-t'K',,
aV4SK' u.ta -' aifi B -." Hon H. Towuantpfc
H ValiK""i' VMllamidi' Mcilillan bH tlinl
Dot lea of lull'-n to male final lliti'e )iir
I'iihiI, U i-alahlleh lallii to Ihr laixl abOVa '!
.nl... I l .Wort) llo Raflitar ami Him i-lvr, at
liiiriia. orrK'ni, on thfinihilav oIMai 1M-
rlalliiatit UQNU ltiuaBet
( harh 'iarl. Ftkbk Mi'ltu Morgan PfUlai
ami Km oat I uraa all of I aaraOiOremtt,
VS -4 Kahnb lU'wlelt i
i NITKDU1 a rU I AMI (iKKIt'K.
HoiiiB OVBfOB, April Ii., I'll .
Soil, i la In r.l.y gif. n llial An.lnw 1' Hall.
ol llu i ne , i in Ki.h, who, on July I, 1900, ma di
ll mm .!'" 'i Kutrv-.No OMW, for sK'.HiH-t Ion .t.'.
Pownahlp a., RafigaittKaal, WlUuiatla Mai
i.lliin hae lllct notlcu of InlMilloillo inaki'
llnal flva rai l f, to retahllah i I a 1 in
to t,.- inn.! abuva iii h riiM.i, bafora Raciatei
mnl Iti'i river, al Hume, on K"ii, "ii thr ivih tlav
..I Mas I'l'i
latmitiii uamaa wllnwBN
MUi I. h. a, 11 Qaga, S. K I',
Alhi'it Moo. I, all of llunx, (iTOfOU,
v m I t iikk, KiKlatrr.
Burns, onui'ii, i-i'iii lit. in . I
Nitllii' la In it-l.r Klvt utliitl Hunt J Jukliili
ul II ul I Hum. , Oil-Klin, tt lin, nil Nut flnl.i'i 1.
I ' iiin-l lli.nii'.li ml l'iiiir.N.,ii. -u.l lin Nl.',
Kit Hun J. l.mii .-l H . It. i. ,(. .u K , Wlllaint'tii
Mi'il'llnu, lia III. 'I Until t ,.l inti-iitliiii III in" i -
tlliHl in. -..ui lintil in I'lalui lt
Inn. I Hl'.itt' ilt'iirll.i"!. I.i 1,'ti- Ui Kl.ti i ni.'l
llt't i-ltir.iil Inn i n. inn mi lliti 1M Ii tUy t,l
M.iv I Hit.
I 1 hi iii n ill imiiit'N an it iih-hhn
lli-nry K lllilitlt't nl I awt'ii, ilrttiitill. In II
liiiiiiiali mnl .Inliii lltiliui, hi , IkiiIi til II. nl
until i iii'Kin. t tin rii ttiiini ni Uswso.Oras
Wm I- tn., i iii .-I -i.-i
I'm i hit hr I M I ni U inn
iiiirtie, uragoa, Uarob ITih uu
Nullra ! barab) flvap thai William Ulaa.
o Hhi im . (lr Koli, ulnl, on Ma) U, ! hi ami
i'trmli.l '.. l',l I J, init.h Mi in. at. it .1 I til, r,
Nu. hiiii.iim.ji.'.i. r.-eprt'iivilv, for Lota i. -'. I I.
K'W)i, -V,m.i HuMon oiilownahlp Jl s ,
IduiK' 1-rwI. W IHmiiu'IIi- Mfilillan, baa tlliHl
UOtlt'f "I Inli'lil Lilt to inaki' filial Mm- y.u
I i. ml, i,, , alnhllnh rlalin lo the laml ahovr ile
a- lll.i.l, lu-foiu lU'Klal. i iiihI Kcrrlsi'i, nt
Hiirni in.-K.rn, on ha r.ih of May 1 1:-
lalmaul uamaa aa Hlinoaat-a:
I . A lu it JiihiB, of hurna tirt'uon. rli'VitUml
liooillow, PbaoUora imiin. J, il Ulobmao,
rii of mhiiiii, i r agon
W H 1'AtlHK, K.xJtrl.
i; a.-, o,.;..
Jewelor. Optlolan und
Fine Wultlt Ut'puiring Spe
Head "The Trev O'Hearts"
antl see it iiietuie.'l at Tonawama.
A. Figli and wife tame in from
their Wngontiro farm yesterday.
All Kinds of grain includrnK
wheal al litinabing Il.illon A CO.
The I'rahl A Johnson shearing
planl begun operations on the
15th of April al Riverside. Any
one having dry sheep to be shear
ed early should notify the plant
as lo dates.
For Sale New Ilehring piano,
oak bookcase ami writing desk
combined, (lat top ofliee desk.
Underwood tpyewriter, China
closet, block walnut chairs and
other articles. Mrs. Frank
(apt. A. W. Cowan has bei n
officially notilied of his appoint
ment as attorney for the State
Land Hoard, vice Charles W. Kl-
lis, resigned. We understand his
appointment was without solicit
ation from anyone.
W. A. MeCutchen. an uncle
of Koy Dwyer, spent several days
in this city this week the guest
of the Dwyers. He was on his
way from his borne in Nebraska
to the fair at San Francisco and
came by to visit Koy and especi
ally to see the daughter.
Mrs. Cibbs is agent for the
new fast passenger truck now
plying between Hums and liond.
This is a comfortable conveyance
and makes fast time going
through in one day. Fifty lbs.
of baggage allowed each pas
senger but any amount of bag
gage may be provided for.
leaves Hums Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday of each week
See the agent.
J i His, ritiiiuiii
Ivliuci I'liikrt.
Defendant )
TO Kl.MKk I'AltkKK llll
Aiim i-
ll the MOM ! llu Mati ut Oftgon,
you im lirtcbv required tu nppeftl am!
aniwi i tht Complain! file I against jrou
in 1 1 it- iiinivr cut it lcil actloD) un oi before
the Mill day ' April, 191S, thr same
Ih'iiik the luil ilie v if llu tunc pic
cribed la tlic ordti "i tbe Oonrt direct-
iiij nrr ut- ol Stiniinoiu in (bit MM tO
Ik made l pul'licnt ion, nml il u I.ul
to m appeal and answai Raid Con
plaint, foi wan I tlicicof, tlic I'liinlill
will take judpneat againal vonfortbe
autti ol $VL'. 1 fj with i n t ci est tlicicon lioiu
tlu- 10th day f M.inii, 1916, ut the
rate of 10 cr cent pel uniiiiui foi t In
further auiu tf (3S.0U uttoiucyn Ice.
uml the plalntiflTi eoati uml disbnrw
menti herein eipended, ami loi ,m or(et
ot t he ('out t to kppl) t he auiu ol 66 no
caafa attached herein, to the judgment
herein Mcnred; laid attached money be
Ing in Harney Connty, Oregon
Vim will lurthei talti notice that tbU
SuiuinouH it Krved upon yon by publicn
ii.iii, nndei uml by rirtnc ( un ordei ol
I lie Hon II. 1 1 I. evens, ('utility Jmle ol
llai Bey CoWty, ' 'i i' in, n Inch sun I oi
lei uraa made and dated March 10,1916,
and directed tbifl Summon! ie published
OBOe each week foi me week a in I he
Timet llcinld, (lie same hrnu: a newn-
papei pabliahad m the Cuuuty arbere
thiN action in roinuu-nted, lo wit, liar
in County, Oregon. Tba date ot the
tlrat publication of this Summons is
March KI, HUG, ami the date of the
taut publicntion ot this Snmmoni li
April ji, 191C.
Attorney foi the Plaietlff.
Hurtle. oiimi, Man Ii til, I'M
Snllcf la hi-re by kIvi-ii Hint ' Ion RiaokM
ui itiii , Oregon, who. on A.i a ., iiis, nadi
UonaawM Bo try. No BMI, -- Nu i : i. for
NKl4, Mr. Hun ;, rovnstalpsm., Ranga . i
W II aiuutle Mrrhtlaii, liaa fll t notu v ot int. n
lim. to in a hi' Klnal tha ear l'r of, loaatabltah
claim lo (tn- lain) iUnt dt-aci il t , bafON Rag
leter aiii Itoerlwr, at It n r lies Oragun, uU tba
l.iti ta ol M-nl. 101 '
Claim an I uamoa iv Itoaaaaa;
Jaime hulherlaml, hlnior K. Mmth, hnl
Kaii. ui, I eg it Br blm, uli ui Hllaj . Urtgoo
y Koihk, i i, i i
I'hlTBllHTATKII I.AHIt llllli K. I
llurita. Iltriciiii, Man Ii lu, I II i
Stillrt l. Iit'lt'li) (imii Uml t'llii i l I'nlil,
ol lawen, trtKtni, ti lit, tin IiMhhii 11, lit.'
iiimiIi lliilui-RttiHil Kuli. Mo DMBMt Im SKi-4,
l-ii'fl lull 17, ToWBBllIp :'l inn lli. It KIU I, t.t
IN lllauii-llt Mttrltllall, Im. tllvtl lliillco of lllli'li
Hun In iimkt' II ii Hi tlirt'i tt-ai ittiuf,tu tatatilllli
i I Kl 111 III lilt' litlnl itlmt , ilti,-illii-il, lt,,rt Kt'tl
t.-l anil IttiiulVt-r, al llilim, llli-gnti, on tlit
I ill tUjr nl Airll, I'M.,.
rinlniant nitllii-. aa witiif.Mit
Martin V inn it. niitKi ii i ..i.t.. Mm it,.i,,
M iinlllii t'ulili, all ut l.aut'li, i in ttnii
Hi. I mm Itt' I
Notice sf Sale ol Rt-al Properly.
Ill tlit ('utility ('unit ul tlit Si, ilt- ut lit
ci('iii, lui lim ni y (uiiiil v
In tin iniitUi til tin tStSti ul V. ('
i.vni'ii. dscsessd
NotlM i iiinby gtrcn thai undw snd
liy ii lui til ml unlet' ul ssls in. ul" nml
fiitrtittl in tin sboTS I'lililK-il t-iiiiM i n
tin I7tli iliiv ul IVIiiu.iiy, l'.U.i, I, ih
limit imkiiiiI, uiliiiniiitliiitiu nf tin ii Im vt
clitil'rtl fitlntf, M 111 Sell lit 1'iiVfltt- s.ilti
lot cimli in lnintl, limn mnl ullcr llic L'Jiul
tlav ul Mmcli, Ullfi, lin o lowing ili-m-iiIiciI
nni )iiiiKiiy belonging lo .. mi
OHlUtC, lil-Wlt
I. uli. 1, I mnl 0 in Section SiuhI
l.ut 2 mnl lite NW4 ul llu- SV
. of Hcctioii '.) in Townsalp -7
S. of Steal :t" ' W. M. Min
ute 111 lim 111 t'lilllity, I 'it'.'i.n.
i int Holies is puiiiihiitii im a . 1 1,1,1 ni
I, un ooimui iilivn Hicks in llu I inii-i
llruilil, ll MWSpgpW pilliliallctl nml u
lcitct ;il ciiciiliiliiiii in llmiity I, m, Ht
Orsgun, iiinlci uml ii virtus "I sn unlet
ol tin Hun. II. 0t la-vent., in. I)4i u ill,
nlitivu till il It'll ('uml, iniiilc mi llu ITtl
illlV ul I'clil un t . I'.llfl.
The silt nl iiniciiv itliim- tit
sciilioil will In aulijfcl (o cuulii uiiitiiin
by (lie ul hi vc i nliikil Court i
Uiiuii ut iiiiniN, Oregon, Ibis i'.iiii
iluy ol I'Vhiumy 1111,0,
Ailiiiiniati utnr ul thr i.-ii.u,. ,.i ,, t
Lynch, Dcivuattl
To the Women.
We appreciate the patronage of
the women.
Their business with us is already
large and steadily increasing.
If you are not one of our custom
ers, please consider this an Jnvitation
to become one.
Aluminum Ware
A New Consignment Just in
The World's Best "Quality" Brand
Special! Special!
We have a big stock of dishes
and are offering some at re
duced prices at present some
See our line of
Heaters and Ranges
Builders Hardware
Paints and Oils
Farm Machinery
Implements of all kinds
in steck: Seeders, Plows,
Disc and Drag Harrows.
Binder Twine Barbed Wire
Nails, Doors, Windows, Roof
ing, Building Paper
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Crockery, Tinware
ve iridic p.
and target
Tl.r m.irfim .71
-at tin repeater liai
quii k nir
trui linn
on. Ila rnaiKln. vimti o Urn
iaiu and ah on it. lately om-
i'l" .1. ,-. u . ., .,t, . You rmi Ink ll
mer. t
ll.'llfcll tilt
bairel H Irani lu-in Lutti cmU
III Sulill Sl'i-I 1 nu iihilni la vnui ( m ainl rira at
miuiv I i ilcln livfi i ..MuJMea, I at.rlls.
aaai 1 hq bid a Ejvt. lion Omw alirlli away l
iir v. i u m nM yum line uf ain ki .
lUiMllra all .21 ahurl. .21 lunu and .22 lonu
ma iti IimII.iw point iinniiiiH aarUriuaa A i mala
HHii lui ilil-iU, a-Uiula. liMWka, uuwi, etc.
aVit 21 lepoalera ajao maJa with lever at tiun;
77i 7Ar' firearms Ca ,
4a Wiiiow at
New Hmvch, t uiub
''Your Home Institution"
This shipment includes one
piece Tea Pots, Coffee Per
colators, Double Boilers,
Preserving Kettles, Milk
Pails, Comhination Funnels
a most practical article,
with various attachments
permits it's use in many
ways Skillets, Tea Balls &
Strainers, Salt and Pepper
Shakes, Collapsible Cups, etc
A 20-Year Goarantee
For its wonderful accuracy, its safety aik! con
and its effectiveness fur sniull Kama
shooting, you should buy
Repeating Rifle
odel 20. s illuatratril, l
inch octagon barrrl. It Ol
.l.ut.. Jll.tll).
- rainst
Model 20. 2 1 in. I
(i.-wtln sinl
llie n.le
lUUtlil I'.ui.'l
15 .Im t.
lift. . ailnJu, . in. luj
to 2a0 i J. A iieifoct
aak. your dealer
Send 3a poslauc for tomplvta tat-
ua tilUa sJdigiiui
aloif ul all SWjb re