The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 27, 1915, Image 1

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The Biggest County In The State
Of Oregon, Best In The West
The Biggest City In The Biggest
County In The State Of Oregon
NO. 16
Suggestion in Rural Spirit Bring Local
Rodents to Mind and The Urgent
Necessity of War on Them. Since
Rabbits are Disappearing This Men
ace to Crops Should Have Attention
The loss to crop grower from
depredations of squirrels and
gophers is vastly greater than
one would believo. Grain by
grain these countless little out
laws every year levy their toll on
industry just as do thieves in
commerce. Birds have been ar
raigned time and again for ruth
less destruction of fruit and of
gathering grain from the fields,
but in late years, evidence has
been presented that these faith
ful songsters through their vora
cious apetite for hugs and worms
more than offset the less they in
flict to field and tree. The squir
rels and gophers, however, have
no defense. They feed fat and
sleek on seed which is supposed
to yield "an hundred fold."
Bad as these pests are in the
rain belt, in the irrigation dis
tricts the squirrels and gopberi
are joined by the mole in nol
only thinning the stand of crops,
but destruction of irrigation
works is likewise charged up to
them. One little scrub gopher,
squirrel or muskrat may di;: a
hole that will release the water
of a reservoir and ruin an entire
farming district, or they may
cause a ditch to break and dam
age crops through shortagt- "f
water. They are particularly a
nuisance in every field where ir
rigation is practiced by the cor
rugated system. A corrugat on
is made to carry a certain quanti
ty of water. The gopher diverts
the water from one corru
to another, which overflows and
breaks every corrugation down
the side of the hill and much
lime is lost repairing the damage.
The H-sky little rodents multi
ply and increase with remarka
ble rapidity and breed at a .cry
early age so that if no warfare is
waged against them they become
8 sou re- ' :' loss varying from a
few i' ;!- thousand-, depend
ing on the lite "i ill" fields. A
winter like the one now prevail
ing is ideal for the propagation
of the squirrel and gopher colony,
Burns Meat Market
Packing Plant
Fresh Meats, Poultry
Home Products for Home Consumers
E wish to announce that along with our
RexaU line of Medicines and Toilet
Articles we have secured the Famous
line of Family Remedies and Toilet Articles
Each preparation guaranteed
or money refunded
The Rexall Drug Store
The Burns
Beat Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outalde of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients-Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse In Charge
and by the time the seed is plant
ed these pests will be ready to
take their toll. Of all years when
loss of tins kind should be pro
vided against, it is this good year
of 1915 when high prices are in
The time to do eff ctive work
against these natural enemies is
right now. The investment of a
little money in poisoned grain
will pay remarkable dividends
Get the poisoned rain and have
it ready. At the first signs of
activity in squirrel world, begin
scattering the poison. You will
find directions with the grain as
to where to place it so as to get
the maximum results. Ru ral
(Hi 'in Oar Portland Cur respondeat)
Dates have been set and plans
are well under way for a tremen
dous celebration, extending over
an entire week, on the comple
tion of the Celilo Canal and the
opening of that splendid project
for the extension of rivr traffic.
l'n .-..dent Wilson has been invit
ed to attend, also Admiral Dewey.
Congress has passed an act au
thorizing the attendance of tan e
bona ton ami nine representatives
at the beginning Of the festivi
ties, May Oth.
A part of the preliminary plan
is to have the people at Astoria
and other lower river points,
charters steamer for the entire
round triii, proceed up the river
clear through to Lewiston, pick
ing up participants in the cele
bration at all river points. It is
believed that a very attractive
rate can be secured.
Commencing March 1, seven
tons of acclimated seed corn will
tie distributed among farmers in
tie- territory served by the O.-W.
R. & N. railroad by c. L Smith,
the company's farmer. It is 1 1 1 -intention
to .-ee that each farmer
ivc iveS enough seed to plant at
least two acres, which will t-n-
nble him to prove to his own sat
isfaction that it can be made a
success. The high price of wheat
making impossible the use of
that grain for stock feed, a
grenter acreage of corn will be
planted next spring than ever
before and special efforts, will be
make to preserve the fodder to
take the place of hay in feeding
A trail from the Columbia to
the summit of Larch Mountain is
to be built by the co-operation of
the Portland Ad. Club, the Pro
gressive Business Men's Club,
the Mazamas and other civic or
ganizations. It will not be avail
able for automobiles, but Will
make it easy to climb the moun
tain on foot or horseback.
It is stated that in th Willam
ette Valley many farmers are
plowing up clover fields, and even
clearing up brush lands, for the
purpose of increasing their
M heat acreage, indicating that
the coming season will see the
biggest grain crop ever turned
out in Western Oregon.
Governor Wythycombe has it -sued
a proclamation setting aside
Friday, March, 12. as "Canned
Salmon Day", and urging the
people of the state to use as
much as possible of that food on
that day.
Cattlemen Like The
New Branding Law
Some 400 prominent range
stockmen of the Northwest were
present last week at l'rineville.
when the Cattle and Horse
Kaisers' Associations opened its
annual convention.
The passage of the uniform
branding bill by the legislature
is the source of satisfaction to
the cattle men of Kastern Orejron,
who used all possible influence to
push it through. It was originat
ed by the Cattle and horse
Raisers' Association. The fea
ture giving the inspectors the
power of sheriff in making ar- J
rests is one that will be very ef
fective, as any effort to break
the law when cattle are driven
from one county to another can
l.c halted at once by the inspec
tor, who wilt be the appointee of
tiie Governor in the recommen
dation of the association. The
recording of the brands with
tie stat" veterinary, and doing
sway with duplication of brands,
will Ik' a great protection to the
shippers at the Portland stock
yards, where stolen cattle can be
del. cti d at once.
How to Prevent Bilious Attack.
"Corning events cast their
shadows before." This is espec
ially true of bilious at tacks. Your
appetite will fail, you will feel
dull and languid. If you are!
subject to bilious attacks take
three of Chamberlain's Tablets
as soon as these symptoms ap
pear and the attack may be ward
ed off. For sale by all dealers.
We do job printing.
OI.OKUI: tOON fi op.
S. Meals At All Hours. Short;
Orders and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Itates
Give Me A Call
0Mlt Ttata-arM SalMiu
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival ind Departure Of Train
No. 2, Prairie
Arrive Baker
2:35 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker
8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Prairie 2:10 P.M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with 0.-W. R. & N. Co.' No. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland 6:30
1'. M.. arriving at Baker 7:55 A.
M. arid No. 17 from eaat arriv
ing Baker G:50 A. M.
No 2 connects with No. 5 (Fast
Mail) arriving at Baker 7:55 P.
M. which picks up Pullman at
Baker, arriving at Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for ints EaBt.
Solons of Twenty-Eighth Session Com
plete Their Labors at Salem Sunday
Morning. Prohibition Law Consid
ered Most Important. Change in
Tax and Election Laws Amended
K.iVin Tin- Itttl tilrnnlal session
l Ifca lafltaiatuV 1h mntUr of Ills
tors 'lit.- cloetaf hours altnasssd ths
MUftl contusion M4 toiiK'-Ntliiii am!
iii addition then was u deadlock i-'
twees the hoass ami sssasts whit h
threatened to beooms ai-rimm
The oonflld arose over the refusal
of tin' senate i" recede from Its
amendment to the ohnehel house
noinnenssillnii hUL The hones refused
i in :i iii- senate amendment re
ducing, the Bherehlp f io lado
trial in cull tu nommtsston to one mem
ber unci in retaliation dsollnod to sees
tin- Mfiiutf I. Ill rinifenine. upon the
governor w appointing imuni sa ths
seen nmy he the powes f remoeal of
sppolnli ni nny tlnm mill II"' bills
aomsol Ida tins, the Inearsnos etui -ir
porntiiiii departments sad ths high
way unil ntuto i-iiKlm-rr'a oriii os. Ths
rinht im snllvaned by s letter from
Mi Pern Hohhs offset! to r-sinn
her ptaee no the iwhiairiai sodden)
nommlsefon if thu seemts nronM pass
Ihr bOUSS bill. An urn iiiHiit wan fin
ally ri'urhml whi-rcliv in li bouse- N
ended (rem n position
The agreements 604 In ono sr
tii alar The bonne did not i" 1 1
bin oeneoltdsllni iii' otflass ot i 'r
nornUon ami Insoranos eoounlsstooer.
The merner nf the bbjhesj sad stsvts
engineer's offices a secompllshed.
Prohibition Law Moat Important.
What man) regard as ths tn
portant pises i'f Ii-alalatlon BMSSd St
this ssandon " the prohibition bill
to areas sffeot re the prohibition son
stltntlonal ameadmeat vblcb m be
coma effective leaner) ' IMd '' '"'
hiii permtta the Importation from with
mil Hi.- stats nf a Htnnll quSjBtit) Oi innkia nm.-ilci s' n SlptS huh
lie records sad prohibits Honor aJur
UaiiiK ami solicitation at orders
Nest t the prohibition net, u.
laportanl pis f legislation I
a in . ii. i . .1 ihr aorfcmen's sompeaaatioa
ait 'I I"' iiim-mlimiil" pSOVidS Pet
itiO staastfti stlene of risk. h mi
rates different radnetrles snail pap
intn the fiimi. rednee tat papax
saaatopas and etimlaats lbs
rhtcb gave the Injured workmen th
rh.. I..- i.f r.illli.i' lull or 'in a
at law
Tax Measures Pataed.
Two taa ii. .. io i of Importai i
have bees paassfl One Is ths r
ham bill allien (ilares a limit on the
smoasl of revenue ihat maj bars d
In any 0BS )ar Tin- Other lag la
iiiMiii On tea pap meats bate two Is
stallmeau If die first half la not pa I
by April & 11 ilrawa Internet at I I
cent a in. .nth. a pt salty os unpaid
tans )'m-h act uitn h until Novemhei
5, w hi-fi 'i per cent U sdded
Tin- pahtta aacoagtancp department
has tH-i'fi t'llmlnati-.l
Eltttlon Liwi Amended.
The sieetitm ia-. u-- been smatni
i in Important particulars A u ih
od for usi wan1 at raghttratlon hi
provhli-il A tee ipetem for w
I UK candidal. I ili.-h will Stake ths
paid aame aottaitors aaaeceeearp, bnl
tin avaiiahic. has haea adopted II)
II..- I. Tins of the latti'i' hill tin- aspir
ant for nomination pays hla moat
into the iiiitiv eosmt) nasi nttp
ury laetead petition peddlers
Another election inw restores the
full frum his. to the uiii ih in eiectiOQ
of aelegatea to national oonvenUona
1114. i gllmlnatep ihs ii?njriit of data.
Kati-a' sapes i of the pnblb
Special Election Ordered If Needed.
A pi- lai .ii tiun to be held on t in-
firat TUOedej after Che flrst Monday
In NovitiiI." r iur thr piirposo of MS
idiriiiK im-HMiri snaetsd hy ihs n
cent hclHluln c aeaalOttS was pasM-.l
The hill dot a not prm iilc rr un shM
th. 11 nnli-sa the referendum 1.. nu.k.-il
ajcalnst any af the in. .. ires i.assml
hy I hla aeeaion.
Krh lids of the prohlhlliini miii-utc
were partu ularly tatSMatai ' have
the hill, as the) fear a refercn
diim will be
Most of the no iiihers of Ih.- legists
inn- resjard the sesalon as hsvin
auonsssfnl. partJenmrip in the mailer
of seoaom 1 at appropi
11.. . salon win total shout l,;
or abOUl l.'''"""t. less Ihun thus o
Ihi j.n 1 ffdlng session
Uea.alatOfS Jayful an Adjournment.
Kuli and good lillowsln. reigned nil
prime In Dm halls ol Ihi oapitol Hun
day mornliiK. followlnK adjouriunent
by the two houses 1 he bouse ad
loomed preclnl) at Z ininiile . ufli r 7,
but Ho BOBBta wax In session an hour
Member ot tbn bouse ware Joyful
fi. i the) bad eleanad up their work,
i...i b) Representatives Uttlefleid,
Old, Stewart and tiill they gathered
iboui Miss 'low ne' desk and sang a
aeries ol popular and patriotic aonga
While the house member wsra In
the mldl of tl.elr alngliig ai.ui. DM
ausKested: " go over and aere
ade the senate-"
Ih. Idea prered popular. The whole
parly, consisting of nearly 4i mean
bers, man lied around the rotunda and
atrslahl through the door of the sen
ate (, where the BSaSfl
aenstor were awakened by the strains
of "Auld Lang Syne."
The senators, led hy Senator Day.
gatbarid aiound Mia TaVM and gave
her three 'burrahe" and a "tiger."
I in- house member returned the
compliiiiei't to Mlas flarke, the only
woman senator.
With a few mlam uinmlaalons tbs
following la a list of the Important
bill passed by ths leglalature:
Houaa Bllla Signed by the Governor.
It, by laeheon oeaatp deii-Rntion
In seds SUtboiity In Outer lake na
iii. mil park in United Htute govern
un nt
... by IHIIuril Ahollshlnn state een
PI by iiIb.ui Bxsmptlng barnyard
fowls, itc, I nun elocution of attach
110, by Smith (Multnomah) To pro
.ill. n sdvertMng on stale roads
111, hy Rlapcbard Rgempt civil war
M '.ihi. Ii .in paying Kllllle license
i .'. b) Judiciary oommlttae ite
pi uiinr frog ti xil.ook law.
113, by Huston Conferring age of
majority on unmarried mothers
I'm, hy Mlclnlhook To make conn
1 1 boot superintendent member of
fuir board
by Hare To ciic couiitlea a
ibare of money oolleoted in fine from
. Inlstlon oi gams law.
ISO, b) Inn. i To enable district
KJ io... un ipn.tlon of lUi-NtiK-k ruti
nine at liinte
b Hine) To enable eltle of
lliuii piipuliilion to own public utilities.
4 'i by Jones To correct in knonl
eili inents taken hy notarle after it
I'M . I Ion of comliihisloll.
I4n, hy committee on printing lie
. Hon nt IHI statute reipilr
.1, -un I m IumiI clerk to audit
m Uttlefleid Prohibiting sd
i el lis. -IIH Ills lOllclting divorces
ih i . lltnkla tiaiiiK qualification
of l-ouot) School auperluteiident
i - in i.nii.s -Km powering di
in. i bonndar) boards to review school
i lariea
. i n hXralring isiih parties
to n sun io deposit Jury fee
by luiluril ReqnJrtag majority
ii .mi ol ilintrlct lo lorm a
. hool,
I Hi, b) Thomas To require eltlea
an. I towns to reMirl to county clerks
unil ssasssrtn an change in bound
an lines
1. 1 taafleld To limit liability
of-bank for aonpaymenl af check
1 b) ilaatoa amhnrlilag the
i-.. ernor lo fill racaneiea m the nffies
oi I n ' .1 Btates senator.
Changing term of
.hi., ol notaries public from two
-.. r,.ur years
tern Oregon dalaajaUoa
I.. .i election of one railroad
from eastern Oregon,
ii tern Oregon and one from
bj Dave) Authorising I boot
porated eiuas mid town to control
i b) Forbes Ratifying leaae of
I thert lakes
Senate Bill Signed by Governor. .
i. .in ick xlHillsbiug emlgra
85, by VintOO To penult appeal
fi. in Interlocutor) dearaea of dlvoroa
115, bj Leaggath TO repeal law
relating to ileath Inasmuch a aboil
Hon ot death penalty obviate lu-ce
ity for aansa
l. - nl'ollitt To provide for
joint action by eonntlea hi construct
bi idi between counties
I .;, kloeet To provide for use of
public schools as dels rentera.
101, h Hiinlik In repeal law of
(111 leeeton regarding administration
of snsssthstlfe.
7, 1 Miner Requiring advance
payment of Jury trial feea.
17. by KlddlS To prohibit holding
of court sessions on Sunday or on
serts n lewsl holidays
yz. b) Meeer Ta provide for man
ner ..I lore, losing Hen on mortgage.
, i, i staser To provide farther re-
U I I .r WidOWS Under widows' pension
1)4, by Vinton To enable eourta to
summon witnesses for distance of loo
i i. .i.i limit ia 20 mllea).
II. by Hiiuick Providing organixa
lion of St hool district.
Itt, by Oarlaad Racmlrtal county
treasurers to deolt redeemed orders
w nh i lerk every Monday
LI, by Htruyir Tn piovlde a atate
r. urdar Of brands
10 In l.angKUtb itepi allug law re
quiring sheriff to make report of ft es
collei teil to district attorney
IPS, by committee on horticulture
'J.' give welfare commission authority
to regulate hour of women working
in canneries
0, by Maw Icy -To amend gat I Inn
Lord's Oregon Law, lo provide
that ... i lion day shall BO Btlhool holl
lay mils when huilillng Is used lor
poillni . .
t. i . iMinll. e on . .intstloii To
n dm . r. i lot (ugohers' tate terli
t:!7. t.y Moer To preveut dlcrlui
In payment of salaries iii pay
Of male ami female school teacher
i iioiiis To authorise u eoi
leclor to cancel taxes on laud old
p) slate and forfeited.
III, by at os sr To autiiortie attach
ment ol iiihuiauce money III certain
Hg. hy Hay To fli alsndards for
weights and measure
BI t') 'lo provide for offlee of
i 1. lit deputy scaler of weight and
:.- ami four district deputies
throughout state.
b) iniiiiuee mi Judiciary To
em ml coda to relieve persona wllhout
funds pulling up I... ml lo guaraip
ig oi eases la justice cuurt
House Bills In Hands of Governor but
not yet Signed.
tig, I... Tom lirowu To levy racist
tai on trading stamp
by Korbes- -To ermlt school to
gas sinking funds to liquidate la. mis
PI. by Hunt To enable county
court to fix road districts ludepeud'
ni oi muah ipaiities
ttP, by coiuuiili. on banking -To
i.m. ml hauklliK laws to conform with
.1 reserve i
I'.-i by Judiciary and revision of laws
committee To provide for permanent
registration of voters
df by aasessmenl and taxation
oiumiitie Iroiidlng budget system
for all lux levying dlslri.i.
t b) coiiiuiltlee on aahi-hsmenl
ami taiatlon I o niull penaltl-- due
sea under the- 111 tax law.
tii, by Allen To provide organixa
lion r,i -mnit iiiiions.
tPI, by Hfanii, i.i Regolatini gale of
foreign meats snd requiring meal ship
peil Into slate from foreign ooontries
to be hiiu'ieii
I'"1! hi Allen To require denier In
iiiipori.-1 . ru. lo label their contain
152, by Litllrfli'ld To make build
ing and loan association suhlei t to
corporation acl
IPS, by Bianchard To provide for
oi "iiiiizHin.u ot oo-operativs organlss
h, it v Kelly To restore in collect
lag power to Bounty sheriffs.
1(0, by (llson To prevent ini,.i..r.
sentatlon ol mstallli srth le offered
for sale
IP, by Olson To enable persona to
I... .un' candidates for primary noin
Ii til ing h PS i mi' 11 fee.
4 71, by committee on assessment
in i taxation fixing April I snd .
tuber r. in taxnnying dates
1X7. hy Klshy AutliorUIng and leg
ulatlng the pructlcc of chlropiai Hi; In
zoti. by Huston- -Providing for slso
tiou or iimry ami fond commissioner
tin I lire i rllilng Ills (iowit and duties
:. .7, hy committee on bsalth ami pub
He morals .Ranttlrlng reports a to
coiiilltion of en In Infant to prevent
ll.'l, by vVagasr Providing for pub
Ih itlon of hi hool budgl IS
ITI, by joint oommlttae on -
m ..i ami taxation Directing tax col
lector to carry forward delinquent tin
on roll ami mile them upon tax re
ceipts t'. i. by Anderson Begnlates prac
tice of osteopathy
.. hy- Cfallds Providing time In
Which assessor shall deliver taxroll to
'i , i. uin-r
I.i:. by I'orhcH Abollslies reeluina
lion fund. Um.uferring money to irrl
gallon fund
by Itlmu hard Provides that all
mill fi .il shall he hold by Weigh!
i.i Hunt Regulating sals of
milk and crea.ii
I', by Home To compel hospital
assoi lallons who withhold employes
wages to account for money as collei t
e.l to labor commissioner.
II.', hy Marlon loiinly delegation
Provide for drainage districts through
cooperation Of fanners
Senate Bill In Hand of Governor but
not yet Signed.
us by oommlttae on roads ami high
wills to give BOOntl COUrta power to
reject contractors bids on bridge work
and perform work under direction of
Un, hi Senators Rngsdslt and .stew
art 'lo tempi state institutions from
eight hour law.
im. b) smiih (Josephine) -To en
ahic pharmacist registered in otbei
states i" pi u ' ' . in i ir. con
IJJ To removs from registration
Hits names ..r unnaturalized persons
'., conform with constitutional amend
by fctossf To declart it unnec
for atlorni i: n.-ral t
opinions to privats liidlvldunls
L'i7, by Perkins To reipiire aeaeea-
ors and tax collectors to get lax Infer
million from isx commission
117, hy II. .Ills ami liilon To apt . I
f-. manner In wblcb county court
distribute road distrn t funds
I, n HoIIik To provide for trans
fir of secheatsd propert) to the state by Sniith ii'im.s and CUIT) i To
provide rwdletricttng nf county roads
in September of each year
IIP, by Keilaher To permit Ihs salt
of game fish Imported from other
Hi. by Perkins -To fix time limit
(..! preparing SBSSSSIBSnl rolls for lux
ing distrii ts ut last da) of February
t . hy ( oiiimittce on revision ol
laws To provide annual report of
trustees holding fun, Is within slate ol
'ii b) Moaer -To prevent manufao
tuie of SISltrssStit from old clothing
unless illalnf. i led
b) i.i'oiictt To suthorlse the
county eourta to appolnl trull la
ri, by Marian county di legal os Ti
abolish stat.- sccounting system
286, by I aim pi Wins on agriculiur.
in n. tupt owner of animal thai doet
damage on property of another unlen.
(list proper I, is fetll I'd.
;ii, b i on, u nice un medh im .
require that applicants for physician
or surgeons license be graduates ol
me. ileal school
Mi by Moaer -To provtds for .liHtri
bullon of school tuition funds h)
M. by illngbam Tl limit IncreSSI
In t levy In any oat ear to I ,
cent over in) of preceding year
Hit, by Moser In authorise atta' h
meiit of liiMuranee no m in II
ami Indemnity cases
K'.'f. hy Kid. lie To enahts corpurs
in.ns to eiei t directors for ihree-yaai
i. rati ami to rotate In offV S
hy commilteiT on Judniari TB
protect owner nt propert) from ms
chanic' Ileus against i ontrai tor on
thai property.
in vioser To provide one year
certificates for school teacher
HZ, by lliugbam To gii. home
mauVfaclurers 5 par I em preferential
In public contracts
150. by Hmlth (Coos and Curry) To
change name of railroad commission
to public service commission
112 Tn make appointees in state of
flees and departments subject to re
inoial bj power thai appoint.'. I litem
I'n prevent stun- employes lo
travel outside (he slate on ml bus
Incsa without psfUlll from tin- govei
IIS, by llollls 'lo i i. n.j.i one purl- ,
of divorced couple from criminal pro
- for failure to support other
parly il oilier pari., bag been given'
! i oi . hildren
I i V .-.mlill del. gatlon To gin
coinius hi lilef ot Oregon nation '
al giiari i wer bo remove, eommis
alone. 1 olio for eat
Ml b) r mmittaa un onsoiidations
engi I
m er and stale highway engine i
I . iniiiltlii on consolidations
To make state engineer appointive
Instead of elective offmi
SSI, by Committee on flax industry
appropriating tl!5. mm for promotion of
flax industry and Insiallatiou of flax
plant at atate penitentiary.
Ill, by Perkins I Itrtag PS
of si leaat I pan glares! on all
county fund held by bans.
lit, by eommlthss on penal laatlta
Huns Appropriating 110,600 for as
100, by Judiciary committee To
our i modal Ion of boy between age ol
10 and II at slate training school
make theft of flxtuiea from house or
building, larceny.
lib. by Von tier llellen To fix wldtb
of all county roads at CO feel unleaa
other wi ordi red by Petition, but In
no cum !ea Ihan 30 fit ur more than
U teel
You will find all the njwtal
ideas in millinery at Ctiafan'a
The ladies of Hums and vicinity
are invited to call. One door
north Haines' store.
Feud Over Mixing of Sheep Results in
Lake County Man Getting Hurt.
Question Whether Trouble Occurs
In Harney or Lake County. Man
Who Did Shooting Under Bonds
A HhootinK affray between two
Hheeprnen occurred recently and J
it has not vet been determined
whether it was in Lake or Har
ney county. The principals went
ho Lakeview. however, nnd
Sheriff Goodman was notified, '
but since the man who did the
shooting, John O'Keoffe, has fur
nished bonds to the authorities
of Lake county Qnd signified his
willingness to come here if it is
found to have taken place in this-,
county, SherifT Goodman will not '
iro after him at present.
The latest advice on the mat- j
ter is to the effect that surveyors j
were going out from Lakeview
to determine the line and ascer
tain whether it was in this or,
Ijike county. In the meantime
Mr. O'Keeffe is under a bond,
and his bondsmen will be respon
sible for his appearance here
should it be necessary.
The Examiner says of the
trouble in part:
According to reports, which
art.- somewhat meager and com
jilicated, there had been previous
(nam Is bgtWgajB the two men
over the mixing of sheep, and
when the shooting occurred their
two bands of sheep were mixed.
According to a brother of the
wounded man who arrived at the
scene Sunday evening. Shanahan
was unarmed and was running
and about 50 yards distant from
O'Keeffe when shot. What the
words were between the tuo
men previous to the shooting we j
are unable to learn but it is
rumored that Shanahan was go
ing after a gun, and that O'KeefFe1
shot in self defense.
The Herald says:
A telephone message was re-,
reived here about 8:30 Sunday;
night from Adel that I)ae Shan
ahan had been shot the bullet
striking him in the hip. The
shooting occurred in Harney
county and the friends of Mr.
Shanahan are bringing him to
lakeview. A man by the name'
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J. C. Welcome, Jr.
of Jack O'Kccfe is said to be the
one who did the shooting and
will give himself up to the oflir
ers of Lake county. No furtln r
particulars have been learned up
to the time of going to pre
Dr. E. H. Smith was called and
he left at once to meet the
wounded man and it is expected
he will have to go as far as Cole
man, as the telephone me
stated that that was the place
where it would be the most con
venient to meet.
Market Report.
Receipts for the we k at the
Portland Union Stockyards have
been cattle 1055. calves 14, hogs
4737, sheep 2221.
A comparatively good run of
battle brought good quality to
market this week. Prices how
ever did not register as strong as
previous week. Top steers of
prime quality going at 7.86.
Market steady at close of week.
Hog prices continue on a par
with Eastern markets. Many
light hogs and brood sows have
made their appearance on the
market bringing of course low
prices for this class of offering.
Tops at close of week (J.'.K).
A very strong sheep market
all week. Top lambs sold with
fleece on at 8.25, shorn lambs at
7.25; choice ewes 6.15 and weth
ers at 7.15. Market continues
very strong.
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