The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 20, 1915, Image 4

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The Trey O Hearts
A ssaWawl Version of the Motion Picture Drama of the Suu Naaao
j Product by tho Universal FUm Co.
e - r. fi ..Of." " r. a aaag." rt iw See." .
Dattret.e' with rseteerasU " ' rVtere rWettree
OexrriKht. 1014. by
The Message of the Roto.
I.anped deep In th leather-bound
luxury of tin ample lounge-chair,
walled apart from DM world by thr
venerable solitude of tli library u(
I.cinrlnn'a most exclusive flub. Mr
Alan Law sprawled (largely on the quamtance nor any womau-nao -nape
of hli neck) and. squinting dls- celved the laal warning of Ml dis
contentedly don bis MtM, admitted appearance Ma waa simply and suf
that he waa exhaustively bored llclentty rumored from English ken.
Now the chair filled bo gracelesaly
atood by ari open window, some twen
ty feet below which lay a aliablo
walled garden, an old Kngllah garden
la full flower. And through the win
dow, now and then, n half heart. l
breexe wafted gusts of warm air.
aauva and enervating with the heavy
fragrance of English roses
Mr. Law drank deep of It, and In
plte of his spiritual unrest, sighed
lightly and shut his eyes.
An unspoken word troubled the
depth of his consciousness, so that
old memories stirred and struggled to
Us surface. The word was "Hose."
and for the tlmo seemed to be the
name neither of a woman nor of a
flower, but oddly of both, as though
the two things were one. Ills mental
vision, bridging the gnp of a year, con
lured up the vision of a lithe, seet
silhouette In white, with red raaafl
at her belt, posed on a terrace of the against the burning Mediter
ranean blue.
Mr. I.w was dully conscious that
he ought to be sorry about something.
Bat be. was really very drowsy Indeed;
and so. drinking deep of wine-scent
of roses, he fell gently asleep
The clock was striking four when
he awoke; and before dosing bis
eyes he bad noticed that it hands
Indicated ten minutes to four So he
could not have slept very long
For some few seconds Alan did not
move, but rested as ho was. Incredu
lously regarding a rose which had ma
t rlailxed mysteriously upon the little
table at his elbow- He was quite sure
It had not been there when he closed
his eyes, .and almost as sure that It
was not real.
And In that Instant of awakening
the magic fragrance of the rose garden
seemed to be even more strong and
cloying sweet than ever.
Tbeu ho put out a gingerly hand
and discovered that It was real beyond
all question. A warm red r.iBe. fresh
pluckud, drops of water trembling and
spnrkllng like tiny diamonds on the
velvet of Its fleshy petals And when
Impulsively be took It by the stem, he I
discovered a most Indisputable thorn
which did service for the traditional
Convinced that he wasn't dreaming. ,
Alan transferred the rose to bis sound
hand, and meditative!) Micked bis
With Red Rosea at Her Belt
thumb. Then he Jumped up from tho
chair and glared suspiciously round
the room. It was true that a prac
tical joke In that solemn atmosphere
were a thing unthinkable; still, there
waa the roae.
There waa no one but himself In
the library.
Perplexed to exasperetlon, Alan fled
tho club, only pausing on the way out
to annex the envelope he found ad
dressed to him In the letter rark
It a blank white BBVOtOpO of
good quality, the addresu tyssj written,
the stamp English, and bore a Lou
don postmark half Illegible.
Alan tore the envelope open In ah
pent-minded fashion and started as
If atung. The enclosure was a elm
pie playing card a trey of hearts I
Aa for Alan Law. he wandered
homeward In a state of stupefaction.
He could n id quite well tin- message
of the rose. He would BOl soon for
get Ilia) year old parting with I. Is
Home of the itlvlera: ' You say you
lovo m but may not many me and
we must part. Then promise this,
that If ever you change your mind,
you'll send for me." And her prom prem
ise: "I will send you a rose."
But the ear had lapsed with never
i linn hi 41 n lamp on i i
Mums. Oregon, Je-iuar) sHIr, UH6.
To Obsrlss B, Oosaefi ot BuraSt Orojai ton
Vim n hereby nullli.-il that I liarlee W Hall
who gives blauton d, Oregon, an hie ol
r.tnee aaorega, illd un J a u u a r y atta, i'Ji .,
Ill In tale office Me duly corroborated abiillva
tloo Io ooblast sad secure trie catn.-llatlmi bl
your Homestead Katry, go., serial '.' i
maile kfarcb. luib. lIO, for WMSgU, MlelWWj
of Section I, Tuivbsblp '4t, soutb, ltubge:i.
East. Willamette Wi-rl.lJaii.Biiil aa grounds Ma)
bleconti-al b.:a!leseatbalahtl liarli-i M I'oopei
has wholly abandoned aald entry. Ibat i,.
never eatabltalied or inaltitaibi-il areal'l. are. i
made any bsprovesseotg thereon, sod has
ebeented blmself and ukanged bia real. Ian.
therefrom ever alm-e the date of uiitrv.
Yod are, therefore further notified that tie
eald allegations will be taken ua mnl, i.
sad your aald entry will be, cautelnd without
further right to bo heard, either before tbla
office or on enseal, If roll fall to tile In thin
offlce wllbtu twenty ilaa alter the HuUk'lll
publlceilon ol thla notice, as aliown below,
your aaawer. under oath, aoecifli-ally respond,
lag to tbeae allesatl u ol corneal, togettn-i
with due proof that oii have served s copy of
your soawer ou tbe aald ronuatent either In
person or by reglelered mall
Von atioul'l stele Id our answer the heme ol
tbe post office to wlilcb you desire future
uoiicca to beaenl to you
Wet. ruses, Ueglster.
Date of il r at publication January Stub isle.
int.- ol eecuud publication February in. I'-'lt,
Dele of third publication Pebrusry imb ml.'.
bate of lourlh publication getruary 'Mb lltlf .
Tonawama toniifht
Louie Jueeh Vasal
a sign from hor, io that bo had grown
accustomed to the unflattering belief
that ehe had forgotten him.
Ami now tho sign had come but tin. .I.ini' did the ticy of hearts
Wheu morning cam, London had
lout Alan Law. No man of hta ao-
The Sign of the Three.
Out-of-doors, high braxen noon, a
day in spring, the clamorous life of
New York running aa fluent a quick,
silver through Ita brilliant street
Wlthln-doc-re, neither aound nor sun
ben m disturbed a perennial quiet that
was yet not peace.
1'he room wag like a wide, deep
well of night, the haunt of teemlna
shadows and sinister silences.
I. title. Indeed, wu risible beyond
the lonely shape t't brooded over
It, the figure of au old man motion.
j eis n Kreat, leather-bound chair,
m, ,r wli M w,lte aa bla heart
I wnH black. The rack of hla bones,
clothed In a thick black dressing-
gown with waist-cord of crimson silk,
.from the thighs down was covered by
a black woollen nig. He stared un
bllnklngly at nething: a man seven
eighths dead, completely paralysed
but for his head and hi left arm.
Presently a faint clicking signal dis
turbed the stillness. Seneca Trine put
forth his left hand and touched one
of a row of I rlmson buttons embedded
In the flask. Something else clicked
this time a latch. There was the
faintest porsibtl noise of a closing
door, and a Mualllsh man stole noise
lessly Into il.e light, paused beside the
desk ami waited respectfully for leave
to ipi-.-.l.
"A telegram, air fropj England."
"Give It me!"
The old man seised the sheet of yel
low piper, mined It hungrily, and
crushed It In his tremulous claw with
a i. st lire of uncontrollable emotion
Send in v daughter Judith here!"
Two mini tea latsr a young woman
In street diess waa admitted to tba
chamber of shadows.
"You sent for me, father?"
'Sit down."
She found and placed a chair at the
desk, and obediently settled herself
In It.
"Judith tall me what day la this?"
"My birthday. I am twenty-one."
"And your slater's birthday: Hose,
too, Is tw . sjt one."
"You could have forgotten that," the
old man pursued almost mockingly.
"Do rosj really dislike your twin sister
so Intensely?"
The rill's voice trembled "You
know," ile aalf, "we have nothing Id
common b.jnnd parentage and this
abominable nsemblanre. Our utturea
differ as HgM from darkness"
"And which would you say w
"Hardly my ewn: I'm no hypocrite
Ro.'e Is everything that they tell me
my mother was, while I" the girl
smll. d strangely "I think I am more
your daughter than my mother's,"
A nod of the white hesd confirmed
the suggestion. "It Is true. I have
watched you closely, Judith, perhaps
more closely than even you knew,
flefore I waa brought to this" the
wasted hand made a significant ges
ture "I was a man of strong pas
sions. Your mother never loved, but
rather feared me. And Rose Is the
mirror of her mother's nature, gentle,
unselfish, sympathetic. But yon. Ju
dith, you sre Ilk a second elf to
An accent of profound sstlHtnctlon
informed his voice. The girl waited
In a silence thst wgs tt-nai ly eipect
ant. 'Then. If on this your birthday I
were to ssk a service of you that
i might injuriously affect the happiness
of your sister ?"
The girl laughed briefly: "Only
ask it!"
"And how far would you go to do
my will?"
"Where would you stop In the serv
ice of one you loved?"
Seneca Trine nodded gravely And
after a brief pause, "Rosa la In love,"
be uniiouiu ed
"Oh, I know I know!" the father with a faint i lug of sal fac
tion. "I am old, a cripple prisoner of
this living tomb, but all things I
should know-somehow -1 iiorne to
know In course of time!"
"It's true that Englishman she
scraped an acquaintance with on the
Riviera last year what's his uauieT, Alan Law."
"In tbe main," the fsther corrxrlod
mildly, "you are right Only, he's not
English. Ills father was Wellington
Ijiw. of Law & Hon "
SI... knew bolter than to Interrupt,
but her seeming patience was belled
by the whitening knuckh s of a hand
I hut lay I Itbln tint little pool of blood
r'ed light
And presently the deep voice rolled
en: "Law und I were once friends;
L'omhinatioii sick, .injury, accnl.-nl
sml ibat It lieuefll protection at inin -ii.ilin
coet. '-'.UU.iai destli b'll lit,
el.OUU.UO for loss el limb i.i eyesight!
faoin fS.OU to I6.(Ju w kly sick or sc
i. lent iH-nellt; ll.tsSluti Emergency re
lief In io Hi. fust is '. per year,
iO other dues or ssecssineiits. In tlin
insurance sll men and women are placed
on an equal basis, regsrilles of OOMBg
l.ou. Every person makes tint asiue
form of uj.ilii alloii, pays llie sstne
tiuouiitof piewniuin and receives the
same amount of tr-ii II . Men ami
Women between the agea of Hi anil tin
are sucepted. No reatrlctUtns gs to in
ciipsliou, only Railroad men eiiiiuyiil
-in ploy d on tragk, train or rouumi
Iioiish, i an not Let ajcjtil. Claims are
paid within slaty days oy w(i,ii m (lie
U.K. ('amide or Korope. OU1 rellablo
Insurance L'jiiipany. IUU ( on
State dsposit as s rotecliou lor l'ollcy
holders and to guarantee the payment
if "laiins l'ot limber (ret iiilormstlon
uldress (iuatave 12. Werner, Hacrelary
in. I . .enoral Manager, Ilo 813, lluffalo,
N. Y. stale age, ass, occupation and
mention Jiept. II 17V.
then It camo to pass that we lovers
one woman, your mother. I won her
all but her heart: too late she real-,
laad It was Law she loved. Ile never
forgave me, nor I him Though he
married Mother woman, still he held
from mo the he .' of my wife. 1 could
not sleep for hating him and he wag
no better off Kneh sought the other's
ruin; It canto Io go m ipog duel be-,
tween us, In Wall street One of us
had to fall and 1 held tho stronger
hand Tim night before the day thatl
waa to have Mm my triumph, 1)
walked In Cential park, aa waa royl
habit to tiro niv body so Hint my brain
might sleep Crossing the East drivel
I was struck by n motor car runnlngj
t high speed WithOUl lights I was,
picked up Insensible MM lived only'
to he what I am today. Iw trl-!
Uiuphed In the i.troct while 1 lay help
'less; only a 1 1 1 it k remnant of my
fortune remained to me Then his
aa Bbh V- BaseasS mm a
H V i JaassHasBsasH
Ws Both Loved One Womsn.
Chauffeur, discharged, enme to me sad
sold me the tiiith. It was Ijiw's car
with Utw at the wheel that had struck
me down a deliberate attempt st as
sassination. I miiI word thst 3
meant to Inn' a life for a life For
what was I better than dead? I prou
died him that, should he escape, f
would have the life of his son. Ha
knew 1 mount II, and sent his wlfo
and sou abroad Then he died sud
denly, of some roiiimiin ailment they
said; but I Knew b. Iter He died ofj
feur of me"
Trine smiled a i ru.-l smile: "I had
made bis life g rclcn of terror. Ever
o often I Would send Law. one way
or another m stei imisly always a
trey of li-.iii- it was my death sign
for li I in . as you know, our name.
Trine, aiguilles ,i group of tlree And
every time lie noelvod a trey of
hearts, within I w eiil.t four ' hours an
attempt of some suit would be made
Upon bis life The striln broke don
his nerve . , .
"Then I turned my :ilti ntlon to the
sou. hui Hi.- illiiaucv wus too greet,
tbe difficulties Insuperable. The Law
millions Stocked -'l my efforts, their
alliance with the Kothschllds pieced
mother und son under tho protection
of evert sc. r.-t poll) e In Europe. Hut
they dared BOt nine home At length
I reull.-il 1 c.nld win only by playing
a waiting gam.- I needed three
things mum monev, to bring Alan
Law back to America: and one agent
I could trust, ono Incorruptible agent
I ceased to porOOOtPtd mother and son,
lulled tin-in Into a senso of fslse se
curity, ami by careful speculations
repaired in) fortunes In Hose I had
the lure to draw the boy back to
America: In you, the one person I
could trust.
"I sent Hose al.ri.-iil and arranged
Unit she should meet Law. They fell
In love at sight Th-n I wrote Inform
ing her that the man she had chosen
was the ion of him who bad murdered
all of me hut my bruin. It fell out as
I foresaw You can Imagine the scene
of passionate renunciation pledges
of unil)ltig constancy the arrange
ment of a set rut code whereby, when
she ill eded li I ill. she would send him
a single rose tho birth of a great ro
mance!" 'I he old man laughed sardonically.
"Well, there is the history. Now the
rose bus been sent; Law Is already
homeward heund: my agents are
watching Ills every step. The rest la
In your hands."
The girl bent fnrv ard. breathing
hem II). ees tillamu In a face that had
assumed a waxen pallor.
"WBat Is It you want of me?"
lit lug Alan to me. Dead Of
alive, bring him lo me Hut alive. If
you can omniums It: I wish to aee blm
die 'I Inn I. too, may die content "
The band of hot blooded youth stole
forth and grusped the Icy band of
death In life
"I will bring him," Judith swore
"dead or alive, you shall have him
The Trail of Treachery.
Illlt v., on.- Mr. Ijlw was Bill aarnf
Of Ills own vanishment, just as he
waa nobody s fool, least of all his own.
The hidden meaning of the trey of
hoi, ili i,i n li-.eit him with eilrh ilia.
trust that before leaving London, bs
dispatched a code cablegram to his
confidential agent In New York.
What .In you know about the trey ef
hearts? Answer Immedtatoly.
Kodak Film Developed end all
photography wi.ik done in flrel
claaa ahape. Prompt attention
si n
Jowolor. Jptli-iiin und
Fine VVutili Rctiuiiing A Spe
The answer forestalled his arrival
In Liverpoel:
Trlne's desth sign for your father. For
Hod's sake, look to yourself and keep
away from America
But Alan had more than once vis.
lied America Incognito and unknown
to Seneca Trine via a secret route of
hla own selection.
Eight days out of !.ondon, n second
class passenger newly landed from
one of the C-P. steamships, he walked
the streets of Quebec and dropped
out of eight between dork and dawn.
to turn up pressntty In the distant
Canadian hamlet or Hale HI. Paul, ap
parently a very tenderfooled American
nvoodstreveloi ehsii. toned by a tacls
turn Indian guide picked up heaven
knows where
Crossing the 8t Lawrence by night,
J he two struck off uulctly Into tho
ilnterland of the Notre I mine range,
then crossed the Maine border.
Too the second noon thereafter,
mil-worn and woary, aa lean as their
depletej packs, tho two paused on s
rfclgepole of the wilderness up buck
of the Allagash country, nnd ma. In
their midday meal In a silence which,
If normal In the Inillan. was one of
deep misgivings on Alan's part
Continually his gue qmsttonos1 the
northern skies that lowered porten
tously, foul with smoke a country
wide conflagration that Ihreaietied till
northern Maine, bone-dry with
Only the aouth offered a fair pros
pect. And the fires were making
southward far faster than man might
hops to travel through that grim and
stubborn Isnd
Even as he stared. Alan saw fresh
columns of dun-colored smoke spring
up In the northwest.
Anilously he consulted the Impas
sive mask of the Indian, from whom
his questions gained Alan lltll I
fort Jacob recommended forced
marches to Bplrll lake, where canoes
might be round to sld their Highl
and withdrew Into sullen reserve
They traveled far and fast by dim
forest trails before sundown, then
gsln psused for food ami rent And
as Jacob sat deftly shout preparing
tbe meal, Alan stumbled off Io whip
the little trail-side stream for trout
Perhaps a hundred yards iipsttemn,
the bark lash of a careless cast By bis
weary hand hooked the state of Maine.
Too tired even to remember the ap
propriate words, Alan scrambled
ashore, forced through the thick tin
dergrowth that masked the trull,
found hla fly, set (he slate of Maine
free and swinging on his heel
brought up, nose to a sapling, trans
(lied by a rectangle of white paste
board fixed to Its trunk a ttey of
hearts, of which each pip had been
neatly punctured by a II caliber bul
let. He carried It hark to camp, mean
ing to consult the guide, bill mi sec
ond thought, held hla tongue It was
not likely that the Indian had over
looked an object so conspicuous on
ths trail.
Bo Alan waited for blm (o speak
and meantime determined lo watch
Jacob more narrowly, though no other
auspicious circumstance had marked
the several days of (heir association
The first half of (he night was, as
the day, devoted to relentless prog
ress seuthward: thirty minutes of
steady Jogging, five minutes for rest
and repeat.
No more question as lo I he need for
such urgent haste: overload the north
wind muttered without censing Thin
veils of smoke drifted through tho for
est, hugging tho ground, like some
weird acrid mist, and ever the cur
tained heaveus glared. Hi Id with re
flected fires.
Ily midnight Alan had come to the
bounds of endurance, flesh, bone mid
sinew could no longer stand the strain
Though Jacob declared that Spirit
lake was now only six hours distant,
aa far aa concerned Man he might
have aald (00 Ills blanket once un
rolled, Alsn dropped upon It like one
Tbe sun was high when he awak
ened and sat up, rubbing In iv .-.,-..
stretching aching limbs, wondeiing
whst bad come over the Indian to let
blm sleep so lata
Of a sudden he was gaonjjad by sick
ening fesrs that needed only (he brief
est Investigation to confirm, Jacob
had absconded with every vnluablo
Item of their equipment.
Nor was his motive far (o seek.
Overnight the fire had made tre
mendous gains And 0V0f and anon
the wind would bring dowg the roar
of the holocaust, dulled by distance
but not unlike the growling of wild
animals feeding on their kill.
Alan delayed long enough only lo
swallow a few mouthfuls of raw food,
gulped water from a spring, nnd set
out at a dog trot on the trull to Spirit
Kor hours ho hlundeied blindly on,
holding to the trail mainly by Instinct
At length, panting, gasping, half
blinded, hi staggered Into a little nat
ural clearing and plunged forward
headlong, so bewildered that he could
not bave ssld whether he was (ripped
or thrown; for even as he stumbled a
heavy body landed on his bark and
crushed blm savagely to earth
In less than a minute In. wus over
coins; his wrists hitched together, bis
enklss bound with heavy cord
When bis vision cleared hu found
Jacob within a yard, regarding him
with a face as Immobile as though It
had jeen cast In (he bronze It resem
bled Heyond, to one side, u woman In
a man's bunting cost it me stood uye
Ing tho captive as narrowly as the In
dian, but unlike him with u counto
nanoe that seemed aglow with a fierce
exultancy over his downfall.
But for that look, he could have be
Ueved hers tho tooe that had brought
Rolled barley, wheftt and oats
for sale at market prices. W. A.
Goodman'a feed yard.
$1500 Reward!
Tho OrOfti Oil
lf(nilnua Ncvt
I I Vf ,-UtH'sJ ("lull 0
lion AmiK ol
which I hu iiit'lii
lUllii li III! Mll.lM ,
Will flvu fl.UUO im
ruwftrrt for vl
iIi-iii lini.lln.-
tln- ttrrtf l ini'l con
vli tlun i.l 111. i.mi
, t y mi onrilci itml
1 11 K DOfML rutll -
Of mule Ih'IonkIiik
.. iiy til lit iticui
lD4t)Ulou lo lh. ftbuvo, the iiuIiiiIkiiu1
offtrf lb. Mm eon (til Ion :oo no f0f nil hurici
bD(U4 horM hod bur on both or elllu r Jw,
ru4 roco.l in night ituinllvi lung,,
Mtru7. Ilka ihI I'riH.k ...unit. a. llono.
yud wbBi(i.
No but grown hur.oa aoH ami .,jih ;in
A!1! tUUtllCI,
W W UhOWN Ml. ..,.,.,
Mm ovsrssss to this morUl pass. Fto
ture for feature, ovon to tho buo ot
her tumbled hair, sho counterfeited
the woman hs loved; only those eyes,
aflame with their look of Inhuman
rtithlessneas, dsnled that tho two wars
Ile sought vainly to speak. Tho
breath rustled In hla parched throat
Ilka wind whispering among dead
Thrusting the Indian roughly aside,
the woman knelt In his place by
Alan's head
"No," she aald, and smiling cruelly,
shook her head "no, I am not your
Hose. But I am her alater, Judith, bar
twin, born In the same hour, daughter
of can you guess whose daughter f
nut see this!" She flashed a eard
from within her hunting shirt and held
li before his ayes- "You know It, ehT
The trey of hearts the symbol of
Trlno Trine, your father'a enemy,
and yours, and Iloaa's father and
mine! Ho, now, perhaps you know!"
A gust of wind like a furnace blast
swept the glade. Tba woman sprang
up, glanced over-shoulder Into the for
est, and signed to the Indian.
"In ten minutes." she said, "these
w noils will be your funeral pyre."
Hhn stepped back. Jacob advanced,
picked Alan up, shouldered his body,
and stroil.. back Into the foreat. Tan
reel In from the clearing he dropped
the helpless man supine upon a bed of
dry logs and branches.
Then, with a single movement, ha
Many Wstere.
Overhead, through a rift In the
foliage, a sky was visible whose ebon
darkness called to mind a thunder
The heat waa nearly Intolerable;
the voire of the fire was very loud
A heavy, broken crashing near by
mail.. Alan turn bla head, and ho saw
a brown bear break cover and plunge
on Itilo (ho farther thickets forerun
ner of a mad rout of terrified forest
folk, deer, porcupines, s foi or two, a
wildcat, rabbits, squirrels, psrtrldges
a dozen more. . . .
Two minutes bad passed of ths tsa.
Something was digging uncomfortably
Into Alan's right hip the automatic
elite In hla hip pocket, of which
Jacob had neglected to relieve him.
Then a sharp, spiteful crackling
brought him suddenly to a silting posi
tion, to find that the Indian bad
thoughtfully touched a match to the
im.. before departing. At Alan'a feet
the twigs were biasing merrily.
It would have been easy enough,
acting on Instinct, to snatch his limbs
away, but he did not move more than
to strain his feet as far as their bonds
permuted Conscious of scorching
I. .at even through his hunting boots,
he suffered that torture until a tongue
of fi.mie licked up, wrapped Itself
round the thick hempen cord and ata
It through.
Immediately Alan kicked hta feet
ftee, lifted to a kneeling position, and
craw le.I from the pyre.
As fur his hands Alan's hunting
knife was still in Its sheath belted
to the small of his back Tearlug at
the belt with his hampered Angers, ho
contrived to shift It round until ths
sheath knife stuck at tbe belt-loop
ever bis left blp. Withdrawing and
coin.-) lug the blade to hla mouth, hs
' ef Jm LsasW kw fclw.i
eae,Be aawigkSBv-JBW m
Vw. nlatlBBV'asWttsar
w' Ia8ow aVwf
.jesBsr ,Jft,
Sawed ths Corda Against the Rasor
harp Blade.
gripped It firmly between his teeth,
and sawed the corda round hla wrists
against the rasor-sharn blade.
Hefore Alan could turn and run bo
saw a vanguard of flames bridge B0
yards at a bound and start a dead
pine biasing like a torch.
And then be waa pelting like a mad
man across the smoked-filled clearing,
and In leaa than two mlauies broke
from the forest to the pebbly shore of
a wide-bosomed laka, Mid wltblu a
few hundred feat of a substantial
iliitii, through whose spillway a heavy
..iiiime of water cascaded with a roar
rivaling that of the foraft-Ore Itself.
Two ijulok gluum-n showed Aiau two
tilings: that bla only way of escapo
was via tbe dam; that there was a
solitary canoe at mid-lake, bearing
swiftly to the farther shore Judith
llstTsiiSTiTsel.iNii orncs,
liurna, Dragon. February II. 1116.
Holies la hereby given Ibat Mai. aim 1 sal.,
I hums, Oregon, who, ua Aug. 'Jr.. ISUS an.l
Nov. H, nun. ma. la H.iineatea.i guinea, No.
nil ii.lMt rt-aiKHHWH) , for NNK1.. HWUNgU.
NW'.HK1,. Hg'4NW',. N.,MW',. sgiHi,,
Hectlou , 'Inwiialilp Jl HnuUi, lung.- :h) Keel.
Wllalllvtte Meridian, lias III, -it notice of luleil
ilmi in make final live year Proof, lo eatal.llali
claim to the laad above .! rlbe.l, before lo-a
later and Kerelver, ai Hurus, Orugun, on toe
null day uf March. Ivlf..
i lalinaiii tiainea for wltneeaee
r-ianan. Je.keiili. Marvin M MHiee. JobU
II. Caldwell, Caldwell, ell uf gurus, Ore
gon Wu Kaass, Heglal. i
HSITSli HTiTta l.aNI. O.Mi S, (
liurua, Oregon, Kebrusry a, lln I
Nolle.' la hereby given that Jerry Plllou, Jr.,
..I llarrliiiaii, Oregon, wbn, ou NoMimbei JS.
iww made llouiealea.l entry No. wn.'i, for
hWi4Nai iliiu Is. 'I'owualili.'ja south. HeuteM
Keel, Willamette Merliltau, lias filed OOlloe
of Intention to make final live year proof, to
eaialillab claim to tbe land shove described,
tiufor.i Krslaier and Hecelver, at burns, Ore
gon, on the lath dsy of Msreb, 1016.
claimant nainea aa witnesses
Henry titl.y ami Henry tieorge, in. lb ol
I awi-n. Oregon. Jeremiah tlllluu, of llarrliuau
meg. hi, ('bat. otley ,of l.awen, Oregon.
K'at. Kissa, Keglster.
Trine and the India the latter wield
ing tha paddla.
la tho got of turning toward tha
dam bo saw Jacob drop tha paddle.
Tho neit Instant a bullet from a Win
Chester .10 kicked up a spurt of peb
bles only a few faat In advance of
Ho quickened his paaa, but the neat
bullet fall cesser, while tha third ac
tually bit tha aarth beneath his run
ning faat aa ho gained tho dam.
Esesperated, ha pulled up, whipped
out his ptatol and fired without aim.
At tho same time, ha noted that the
distance between dam and canoe had
M, Htfcrt fl-a
mm m B
aJL Jp V Lw ' Mm
A Trsmendous Weight Tars at Hla
lessened perceptibly, thanks to the
strong current sucking through the
Hla shot flew wide, but slmost In
stinctively his finger closed again
upon the trigger, and ha saw tbe pad
dla anap In twain, Ita blade falling
overboard. And than tbe Indian fired
again, his bullst droning past Alan's
Aa be fired In response Jacob start
ed, dropped hla rifle and crumpled up
In the bow of the canoe.
Simultaneously aarth and heavens
rocked with a torrlflo clap of thun
der. He turned again and ran swiftly
along the dam, toward two heavy tim
bers that bridged tba torrent of tha
Thsn a glance aside brought him up
with a thrill of horror; the suck of
the overflow bad drawn the onBM
within a hundred yards of the spill
way. Tbe dead Indian In Its bow, ths
living womsn .helpless In Us stern,
It swept swiftly onwsrd to destruc
tion Ills next few sctloiis mure holly
unpremeditated He was Oooaelool
only of her white, stuffing ttaM her
strange likeness to the woiinui ho
He ran out upon the bridge, threw
himself down upon the Innermost tim
ber, turiicil. and let his body fall back
ward, arms aitended at length, and
swung, braced by his feet bi-ni nth
Ihe outer timber.
With a swiftness that passed con
scious thought, he was aware of the
csnoe hurtling onward with tho speed
of wind, Its sharp prow sppurently
aimed directly for bis head. Then
hands closed round his wrists like
clamps, a tremendous weight tore nt
bla arma. and with an effort of incon
ceivable difficulty he began to lift,
to drag the woman up out of the foam
lag Jaws of death.
Somehow (hat Impossible feel was
achieved; somehow the wnniaii gotatod
a hold upon his body shifted it lo his
belt, contrived Ineipllrablv to clumber
over blm to tba timbers; and some
how he In turn pulled himself up to
safety, and sick with reaction spruw led
prone, lengthwise upon that foot wide
bridge, above tba sereamlng abyss
latter he became aware that UM
woman had crawled to aafely on the
farther shoro, and pulling himself to
gsther, Imitated hor oaample Solid.
earth underfoot, ho roae and stood
swaying, beset by a great weakness.
Through the gathering darkness a
ghastly twilight In which the Bamlng
forests on tbe other ahore burned with
an unearthly glare ha discovered the
wan, wrlthen face of Judith Trluo
cloaa to his and ba board her voice, a
scream barely audible ahore the nun
mingled voices of tha conflagration
and tha cascades:
"Tpu fool! Why did you save nol
I tell you, I bsve sworn your death!"
Tba uttsr gi-otagqueness of It all
broke ufon bla Intelligence like the
revelation of soma enormous funda
mental absurdity la Nature. Ho
laughed a little hysterically.
Darkness followed A flush of light
ning seemed to flsme between (hem
Ilka a fiery sword To Its crashing
thunder, ho lapsed Into uncousclous
naaa. When be roused. It waa with a shiv
er and a ahudder. Itsln was falling
In torrents from a aky the buo of
slate. Across tha lako dense vulnmos
of steam enveloped the tires (hat
fainted beneath tha deluge A great
hissing nolsa Oiled tha world, muting
even tha roar ot tho spillway.
Ho waa alone.
But In bla haad, tattered and bruised
by tba downpour, a found a roae.
(To be ...iitiiiiir.l
In tha matter ol the Batata ,
I'. Crews Croxton, Duc'.l.
To W. T. Creston, Mary I,. t'iotoii,
k.. I'l.niiiii und N.itniie Creston,
OK tilt K.ilt IN , you urn hereby cited and
required to appear iu the Coutilv Court of
the Stutc ol Oregon, lor Harney County,
at the Court ltooiu there ol at Mum , in
the County ol Harney on M.uulnv, II,,
10th day uf March, lOlfi. at lo o'clock
iu the forenoon of that dm, ibeu uml
thereto show cause, if any nisi, ulu
the Heal pioicily, to wit; U' NWV,
and Lots 1 and 9 uf Sug. IU, Two, 86,
S-, K. :il li. W. M laduiiging lo said
estate should not lie sold.
WITNKHH: The Hon. II C. Lavsus,
Judge of the County Court ol the Mate
ol Oregon, for the County ul Ha i
with the Seal of auid Court afhac.l
this lilth day ol l-Vb . A. I'. I'M .
It T. llugliet, Clerk
By Walter T. Htruck, Hepuly Cleik
House Painting
Paper Hanging
and Decorating;
Hard wood Finishing
Fresco Painting
Ktllmufi-N furnished on aay
plica linn. Sample ahawat.
' )V9RLD,
: modcli! one
: hurl II. I car-
Hi. olhcr for .H I Xing
mill ii v.
WJLE NO. 70. is .m
Slu.rl and l .M
TRICE M Int.g rllle cartridges.
$B.OO Av.seiul for bniidaoinelv
lllustl 1.1 Ititlr Cata-
r mill "How to.Sbuot
,.y,. v.. ii'.
. .
I i it, i. i r.lasees Rifles
:jU? Pistols and Shotguns
'Sr j, it youl Ucalcr.
p t; 5-, i aooa,
ti riil" ttfli: PA I.l H. MAIM.
orrn iai. Diascrosv
ii. lOsa g. chamberlain
J Harry l.aiie
i w c Rewley
en ....
.... .41 1 i . i
-, ICTh' . .,1
It, ..lift ,
-til 1 I 11, In liiatiiic'l....
. I.f .
in 3 B1UUOU
A. m crewlerd
lawalrt Wee!
lien W. Oleott
T. ii gar
1 A i nut. loll
W H Huulway
, It, .1.1 gakln
1 A. k. gride
Jeeu Harwell
K. g. Bese
P. A. Moore
noiti. i fialion Biggs
1 .Mint) :l
I., ii H Hlaeoiore
e-iir ti.eeta the flrat Monday Is
April sad Aral goads In October.
l,,li, 1 1:-
WH Brooke
w. f Uoaaa
. -.1 sii iiAi.sav :
'..eiii Tbempees
II T Hugh. I
K A Miller
C. g. Beery
A g. Kirkarosos
j J buaeaaa
1. M llaallioe
li. W.cleveBger
Jobs goblaeoa
IK. I Hflvewei
I. ik
.. 0
l.., - 1
-1 1 i supel
1 ..i.iiiet
sOs b Inap. u.i
a I -I.
ilboa Bale
1 Hue' Hi.- fl.a Wednesday la
lamia... Man li. May, July, September aatf
ii-. i.ti.11 orro s :
: .22 zL ' ' I
Was Psrra
sam ktutberakewS
hi scssa-
Mayor, cam Moibeithead
K.iy Van Mingle
rreasur. Ileurv Dsltee
gsrahsl ..a, I., llaieee
f II. J. Ilanaea
1 A. C Welcome
! .i.n.ra I anijlilre
1 H.J.MrRlenoB
Usetiags ol . Coaeetl every second sad
. 1
- -levmssBsassssBssssMBai
Tl.r only way lo l fcjg.. jj
fa m il.e h -; - 9
New Home mM
Sowing MachJn JH & 3
1 i. Li tuy ltt maH-Kina Lm
R ami in tlic legs, aaUBKarfm. I
1 hi lusvi Lin la LW asvVwawwwsa awwwwwafl
v mm st u i J fr all IB,'. g - irfmWr- 1
No other like it
I .Mi other as food
Tha New Home Sewing Caapuf,
We '1" job printing.
neuuangiu jj(
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$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
I'liyaiciati and Hurgeon
biihus, ossooa.
f'liysieian and Nurgeou.
Burng, - - - Omgon.
Office in new building south .,l w.-i,,,Ul
hsruess slini, Mum ,-t
'Phone Mam M
Phywlclan and Surgeon
laTesiawama atulldlns
siren dla.aa. of ih. .,.. aAf
Physician nnd Surgeon
Narrows, Oregon
Physicians and Surgeons
Calls anawered brooipll) night or dsy
'I'lione Harriinsi,
Harplman, Oregon
Or- Mfnnic Hand
Physician and Surgeon
Wroct Telephone Connection
Albritton. Ore.
Office flret door eat nolo gallery
Burns. Oregon.
Attorney ut Lav,
Voegtly Itldg.. Hums, flregon
Alturiii-y ..' I.,,h .
Burns, Oregon.
Attorney at Iiw
Coo teats and prsclice bpfoia I . H. Und
Offlce a SK.cialty
OSes: fy llldg. neil daoi to post oSce
Burns, Oregon
Bums, . Oregon
fracticee In the M.ile Courts and he-
lore the U. H. I .an. I I ilbce.
(Jhem. H. Lseonard.
ArrOR.NKV- AT-l.A W,
Careful atUtntion given to Collec
tions and Heal Kstati matUjira.
Kire Insurance.
Notary I'ul.lic
BUKNS. (Ikiioin.
State Court and United States
Land Office Practice
Three doors South of the
Harney County National Bank
Burns. Oreuron.
Atteraey at Law Notary PueSel
Ceaeevaeisas, Mea.r loaning, R.vl.akag
SsssssMss tl- S. Least 1 HI.. . r, ., . .
0ee between Han,,, coast Nsilonal Basil
ann inn (in.. ,
Burn a.
. I . I Mi i k io A. o. ,, ;im
rersaerlr Aaet. gaglssei l..uiu-ii chlrf st
111.8 He.-I.iu.ll., n -,i k-im-er uf II 11 A
nee. aeatara K
Eastern Oregon Engineering
Bans, OrtKoo