The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 02, 1915, Image 4

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VMM 1 '''I Is
traShst aarattrs InlrlnRrmcnl will
le vlfcrsti y prencmtnl.
Valuable Envrrimirtital paper ma stiilun
I y ThanipKin, follower of I utteqtta, ln-,-
tarnatlonal spy. from Uaneral I ova, Whop
Loubaque hataa. In I.nva'a ilauKli
tar Lucille fllaa to a steamer to recn or
the paper In onlcr to Wear Uie nama of
Uautenant Glbaon. whom alia loves.
Loubaqua, tampering with lira wlrelrs
en tha ataamar. la hurt. Lucille
him Is an altampt to raaevar tlia papara
Lucllla arts tha papers, but tha ahlp la
wrecked 8ha la cast ashore on a Paclflo
Island and la tnkrn by a until, chief to
hla hut to nuraa hla alck chilil
Tha native child la rileraJ to haalth,
and tha grateful natlvca Molina Lucllla.
Loubequa, alao caat Mnoro, trtaa various
plana ta recover the papara, hut In vain .am, ,1. fmj,i a mcasnite
from a neighboring chiuf to lure Lucllla
away from her friends She f,illa Into a
pitfall, losing the ilocumenta.
Loubeque'a nattva BM atajsja. tha pavers
from hla master, and l.m III,' takes tin in
from tha native after he Is killed by a
lion. She finds and follows itn under
ground pns?ttge In the Jungle,
Lucille falls Into the ol a tribe
of ape men. whoa It'iider dropa s neck
Isca of priceless rubles, which she takes.
She and Loubttnie srs rsscuaa from the
Island by a yacht eomnssndejd hy Captain
Tha sirl and l.oulciue ai-e sat aniltt In
an open boat by Wetherell attar aba re
pultee tha captaln'a advances, and ha
takea tha papers.
Saved by fishermen, Lucllla and Lon
beque are In China. Aa aha pasaea a
house Loubeque'a diary la thrown to her
mysteriously. Bhe tries to board s vessel
bound for America. Loubeitue recovers
Iba papara from Wetherell.
Lucille atone away, la c.iuiht snd
dresses aa a cabin boy with tha aid of
tha captain of tha steamer In order to
aearch Loubeque'a aiateroom for tha pa
pers lis catches her ut work.
I.oubeque takea the papers from Lucille.
Landing at Han Francisco shs Is kid
naped by the spy and held prisoner In
Loubeque'a house by Thompson.
Blie throws n BMaaajr from her window
to tha captain of the who passe.
the house, and a fight follows, which I.ou
beque wins Ho le hurt, nnd aha taken
and hldea the putters Thompson tries to
ataal the rubles
f'H lI'TKlf XVI C itiued)
Mil ; I iirc ;iu it him nt men
Imp at I In III iMrr, lllll KoniPthltlR In
ic tteanlna itk I. ii'.nd ihe uinsk re-
I -',,- rim ell out Int
Uit- patio, iliio inr.v i . xl Thomp
son whose eysg dnrtrxl .i inrKsage of
aiiMpli top. at lueiii
' lie think nil I. rl ;t." said the
Ci i.i ulctly win ii they were out of
ajgbt - Well. In- .idileil. witli a low
sigh, "lie Is right In bU suspicion. 1
could not hope u foul ih. it man. only
a little less aria . i tlinn Hugo
"Not rlKlit' Then (i lime couie
to belp mo'
"I have couie," lie mwtjfad iiuletly,
"tiecause I could uot help coating;. I
have cuiue bfCiitiHu alnco first 1 looked
upon joa you Rill fMgllt me there
to tile city Imuie of Hugo, when I
looked ii on your fact I have aeeu no
other, t have MOM tiecause I could
Dot slay a way I have como against
tbe lll of the man to whom I one
everything, the man I love, becuuaw
you called me. lie. .mic"
She torn hod hla arm lightly with her
Angers In mute npiienl. Her woman's
Instinct told her that aucb a love aa
tbla might ba turned to account.
Slowly ihey wanderetl through the
iHMinllful gardens, speaking of w bat
they aaw, yet never touching upon the
Slowly They Wandered Through the
aubject nearest both thelr'lieaits. Sud
denly the man seemed unable to atuud
th strain longer, ami alio touched Ids
arm sympathetically, hut ho drew
away wltb a little cry of near pnln.
"Come with mo to the crystal ball,"
bo cried, "aud seo tho vision that lias
haunted my eyes so long u time. Come
wltb uie to the crystal and N the face
that bus made in forget my vows;
forget the ouo I love find feat; forget
verythlng save the desire for life thai
I may lay down to bring a suit lo It
Come Willi me, lady of my lirmi "
lief ore tho tempest imusiic. is of Ills
voice Lucille followed his lend (JtMM
from her waa every thought of Innuit
dlate escape. Hhe saw that the man
could Dot bo handled easily; tbut she
could njut escape from I , I iii-ajjkuirc
than she could from UM fjJM W"N
tbe epyiriglatAiVaM H.ft'
and jet h (aj 1iBaw,01iy
antMMlii mi lAm
ifaut i" I ball llu.
wa j TifljTle flagging beside th
tmWutulb. boalde which stood Ihe
uiouatroua, hoary, gray palm dec, lie
halted, atarlng through the sills of bj
mask Into Its clear depth. She trem
bled aa she looked upon thu llamlug
mf9 to (lose to the reflection of ber
own fare Suddenly uo tore tbe mask
from him and tossed It to one side,
eluding bla arm fiercely about her waist
and drawing her soft cheek agalnat hi.'
swarthy one i'ngcthar they stared
Into the nail, hi eyea luminous with
a wild love, hers moist with mingled
sympathy and fear. Uently alio dlseu-
In iiLiiiil lilti II 1 1 " i t m 1 1 t-l M kissil at I has
uumbues of them, tha ease wltb
wl.i ' Hiev lespnndrd to her will nr
of aucb
mm i
aVv'aV Manlla-
voil ones- lovatl ohoe grieving
i' I ihey think it lost to them
i ei I see a man, the handsomest.
meat, truest man Id tha world tha
mi I love. Ho la disgraced. Ha la
in M'.mkcn. Ha I giving up tha
sword lie lured, th aword h swore to
nevei ii, t avo In defenae of hla conn-
n' I - nnd the honor of a woman.
He Is i iv ng up all that Ufa bold dear
in lil lit lust as he haa long allies been
In nil ii all he cared to have from
n i in i. hiss I am Imprisoned here.
' iid I do not ear for anything e
cept hla happiness He la my whole
not Id. 1 would sin 1 1 II. -e every thing
for him and for bla honor." flba turn
si awlflly, her hands reaching toward
her neck and unfastening th ruby
necklace. "Here, my friend, take tbla.
It la alt I hare to give eicept niy grati
tude Take It uiid help nut to th man
1 love."
He took the necklace, turning It Idly
nli. uit In lila hands, then hungrily lifted
Ml eyes to her face, na though Inani
mate beauty was a thing of no account
In comparison, II look her arm again
and thoughtfully led her around tle
vloiis paths to a deep, sunken well, be
fore wldeh ho paused, n curious smile
upon hla lips
"It Is the 'wishing well,'" he mur
mured. "Ihe w lulling well before which
nil who have looked Into the crys
tal ball and seen that their heart
most desires must kneel and make re
quest. It la the legend; but, ah!'' He
tinned nwny to hide the awlft contor
tion of Jealousy ami pain that auffuaed
bla face
Kb knelt beside tha well, almoat
fearful of Ih magic powera lie ascrib
ed to It.
"Oh, wishing well, let me but bold
in my hands the honor of my aweet
beait that 1 may glvu It bark to him!
Let DM but serve hla happiness and I
ahaM ask for nothing more. Do wltb
mo as yon desire, but grant my only
lie touched her lightly upon tha arm.
and she rose obediently, her eye glow
ing like Jew els. Lightly be placed th
ruby necklace about her neck.
"One look In your eyes," be said
softly, bla mellow role breaking un
der the torment of what he knew to be
a hopelesa lova, "la more beautiful,
more rare, mure precious to me than
any Jewel. Come!"
Slowly, silently, yet In perfect under
standing, they moved back to th
A Girl With One Idea,
was the following day that, lean
lug against the window grating of
Iron, she was astonished to tlud
it Pending In-fore her. She looked
iiioro closely and wa astonished to
In.! that one bar had been cut cleanly
tluough. She eiamlued the remainder
ol the bars They appeared absolutely
untouched, tint when she pulled harsh
ly at them every one gave way. Heady
made was tier menus of escape.
That night, fully dressed, she atood
besiile the window looking out over the
moon splashed patio. A furtive figure
detached Itself from the ahadows aud
crept toward her. Strangely enough
it did uot frighten her to recogniae the
She crouched In tbe opposltu aide of
the room listening to the faint tinkle
of snapping Iron bar aa the man tie
t.i rued Uie ends from their sockets
Hla bead and shoulders appeared la
the opening
breathlessly she watched hla ap
proaeh. There was nothing uuiIccMihI
about his movement He was awlft;
be was eeitalu; be waa euro. Not a
mol Ion. not a step waa wasted. Ho
nu almost over the lied when Lucille
"prang from her hiding place behind
ihe door.
In-t.inlly he turned, bis head darting
from side to side like that of a giant
reptile He dhl not apeak Slowly his
h mils opened and cloaed, while a grin
losscd lil faces widened bis mouth
hideously Inhuman grin. She tried
i cry out. hut her lips were frozen
lie had almoat reached her aide.
A life a gasp Lucille graaped a native
v.iso that stood near and brought It
low u on hi head wltb crushing foree.
A lie sank to the floor with a tnoau
i hero waa a sound outside, and her
mysterious friend, the lover wbo bad
promised hi aaalatanre, leaped lightly
Into tin. room. Heading bla thoughts,
yet h.iiing untiling, aha moved toward
the window and lifted ber tiny foot aa
though to mount a bora. His hands
cupped about It- Bbe vaulted to tha
casement and lu a aecond bad sera m
blisl through.
Ity her side stood tba niun. lor a
mmi, cut he waited, then urged her for-
vard. Mho was free, free, freel Of
..nme there were pickets to be passed,
ut she bad nimbi one providential ee-
i pa tonight, why not another?
i int of sight of tbe building she
paused and looked about ber. How
. aim and peaceful and friendly ap
i iied tbe ulgbt! The moon was full,
the stars winked merrily at her, urg-
Brought it
iaad With
Ing her on Bar
Lh of a
llndd linger upon he
1 1 ber
from liei reveries.
"The bora wait, my
Camo a awlft Has
eights from
"'" bourn they bad
a acur
wf feel lie.
ahrlll, linrlstent The Mexican seined
bar arm fiercely and half dragged hr
from off the court to n dump of bnah
a, where two horaea atood saddled and
bridled. In a second ah waa lo th
saddle, the man beside her
The clatter of hoof rang out upon
the silence Looking back, she caught
glimpse of dark hVuro" silhouetted
again! the tropical tegetatlon In th
tin l In A spun of lire leaped out at
them like n living thing. Th Mexi
can muttered a guttural oath and urg
d his liniM. I.i more speed Lucille
ltenl in er her horse's head, bent low,
for tho whine of bullets waa In th air
bout them
Suddenly the Mexlcun grunted loud
ly. Ills hands shut high In tha air;
then (lie Inn-se fairly inn from under
ldm I p..u tlie ground he swayed a
Ke.imd; I lien leaped agalnat tha alia
ilnu of a giant lingered cactus plant.
Lucille sprang fruin tier saddle and
sought Ills Hide.
had, warm blood gimhcd from the
wound In his chest Hla eye Wr
glaring when she stooped and briih
ed her litis ncro 111 forehead.
"liol" bo muttered. "Ool" Thou
hi voice look mi tlie reaonaut ton
Of a scant day or less before. "It la
the ripple of the wishing wall, my
lady tin! Hide to the on-your
henrt -desires."
He stiffened suddenly and a spurt
of tear came from her eye. Louder
grew tho about, the voices. Th air
waa alive Willi long, darting flames.
l.ouheipie's hive waa swarming.
Kim leaped Into the saddle one more
and dug her heel Into the horse's
aide. Through the night she rod
with tlie ripple of tlie wishing well Id
her ear
Behind her, Lucille could bear Ilia
pursuit. Not a second could aha apara
for thought of regret.
Time, above thu ringing of her
horse' hoofs, tint would hear th
shouts of those behind bar. Now and
then a message of lead would whin
Its dreadful tale Into her ears, but all
these were growing fainter, lea dla
tlnct Willi ctcr.v leap of th animal aba
Hour, It MS'iucd, she rode, with nev
er the slightest slackening of tha mad
pace to which she originally aet ber
mount, lie was lathered with foam,
but she bad M pity on him. Her brain
was fiercely chaotic, wild with tha
Mistily meuioiie of the night
I 'ro m now mi she had every advan
tage she was free nnd ahe knew
w here tbe stolen papers aud documents
Were secreted In the mysterious bouae
of Inexplicable dlsiipteiiiihg rooms and
stalls. Sbo bad the diary of Hugo
I.i. ul. e. pic lu her possession, and abe
hud (lie ruby necktie which waa
cipihnlcut to last wealth. She hud
the outward seeming of gulleleaauevia.
was glillsli and delightfully effeminate,
but she knew the power of tba rlawa
she had. and her eyea rested foudly on
tin. rcniher wlili h she found lu a lml
ster alia, hid lo (ho Mexican's aaddle.
even ua she urged her horse to greater
Across ih trackless plain abe rode
with only the iiuinii and atara looking
down upon her. a wild, eerie figure
of a ban headed girl llehlud the pur
suit had died away aud before there
was nothing save a slender ribbou of
Vtnlcr that the moon buried Its face lu
MM heard voices, low pitched, yet
carry lug far lu the silence of the night
Instutiili l.e ilnvv rein and flung her
Heir to lie g ml. listening Inteutly.
Cri-oplng i niilloiisly to a slight lias.
she looked down upon an adobe aback,
before which a little aiuad of bare
fooled Mcvli nut loafed Idly, their
Mown hands laxlly supporting old
fashioned spi Inglield rifles, aucb aa abe
recalled the aoldlera of Unci Bam to
have carried In Ihe old day.
Troiii w here she watched aha sud
denly noticed a stir among tha men.
Proa tlie Interior of the aback step
pad a gaudily drussed Utile Mexican,
evidently an otllcer from tbe awkward
salute accorded him by tba tatterde
malions gathered liefore the house.
I or Nome reason she could not sua
lyre, tannic listened eagerly, her
lircalh i inning in quick, eager gaepa
as she overheard their daring plot to
cross (he river nnd stampede the cor
ml or an American ruiichmau A lit
tle i ry of delight came from her Up
aa she h.iinl their allusions to th
lulled Slates cavalry they must alft
through Itfoie hoping ror success
Her eye were glittering wltb I
citeinent when she stole cautiously to
the adobe shin U, peering Inside alowly
and can fully In-iore entering Bbe
knew all their plana, aud ber blood
wa i boiling, but she alao knew from
what they had aald that they, too,
would be on the lookout for any upaat
to tlie well laid plot.
I ii. in a (lust In tho ((truer, whlcb
shu hurriedly overhauled, ah draw a
similar suit to the one lb little lead
er had worn. It would Just about fit
her, and shu must take no chance of
trying to cross thu Hlo Urapd attired
us alio was.
Hwiftly she i hanged, for every mo
ment now was pie. lous to others aa
well a to herself.' Daughter of Hen
era I Suinplei Love, ahe waa aflr wltb
rage at tlie way th Meileana bad
spoken of the border patrol of bar
country, lljc presumption of the plan
shu had heard outlined, ihe gaudy
en (lllllie fitted llIT IsaUtifUll, god lb
broad straw sombrero, wltb Us weigh'
of silver i Hiding and tassels, mad It
easy for her feminine feature to b
iiuriicogiilzalilii even ua it concealed
her long bulr.
She was well i, based wltb herself
when ngalu she mounted her bona.
Tho beast had been ready to drop In
his track any moment, and aba bad
killed two lilid with oua atone while
changing her costume. Cautiously to
a a id ihe glittering i II, I... n of river aha
rode, her eyea always alert for any
sign of thu Mexican foraging part.
The horse huHltntcd ut tha bank of
(he stream, but Lucllla boldly urged
him forward.
"Hurrah! We're ucroea!" aba aald
lo herself, ua, dripping and disheveled,
she Niood upon the "right alda of th
Itlo." Up and down the bank abe
looked for signs of the border patrol
but iiuno was In eight. Hut lu tba dla
lain,, abg ..nld make out a tiny apeck
Tho i hauiei were It was on of the
Mexicans Hut eomethlng must be
done If (he ranchman waa to b saved
from the plot abe had orerbeard
rTerctiy hu urged bur mount toward
(he speck In thu tllatuuc until baV
heart sank as shu recognized lb mas
for one of tho plotters.
Hour II seemed to her ahe pursued
the slinking llgure until It Joined Wltb
two other. Gradually, after a faw
miles Journey lug, a great bias shot
high In the air, a blaze puuetuated by
shot and wild cries.
Th three men cruelly dashed their
purs Into the sides of Ibelr horses.
Ca llal Q Him rider of sOunA as a great
bunch of .iiiiu from tba remuda of
the American were driven toward her
by tho llemlisli Mexlcun, Lucille aaw
the danger she waa lu of being tram
pled underfoot by that wild bard, drtr
u to frenzy by the flames and popping
aw A
9bv trnrnr '"to?
IvF Q mWll As-alr
'.awawflH at
fV 4 -ti r.'ejof.
Tha Costume Fitted Her Beautifully.
revolvers from behind tbeiu, Mhu urg
ed her owu In. is,, to thu right, escap
ing Just aa tbe cattle whizzed by her
lu a wild riot of sound Here and
there tba Mexican had iiaMCInhlcd
themselves, always alert, marvelous
hoi semen all, keeping the frightened
beasts together while they drove Ihcin
lu a direct line for tbe river
Lucllla felt a shot slash through the
sleeve of her Jacket. Shu reined lu
ber bora Instantly, fur she knew the
Mexlcaua bad passed. Aa she turned
ahe almoat collided with a long inns
inched, grizzled man. driving bullet
after bullet aftr the marauder. She
did not spcuk did not eveu relu In,
but urged ber own horsu be-hie hi,
drawing her own revolver
Tba ranchman uttered a bewildered
ejaculation aa he saw she was of Ills
own blood.
"1 waa trying to get there In time
to warn you," ahe gasped "There1
a (bancs of driving them Into the pa
trol If you know where It Is "
Without a not her Mold, ns though
complete understanding had la-ell es
tablished, he waved to the light; iiuno
a auddeu abrupt wheeling or the stam
pede; came a rltle ibot, more like a
cloth being ilpis-d U was than any
thing else Lin lite heard Ho. sharp
mice of Hie senliy. s.i w (be hesitan
cy of the aleltralU even as they hud
dled close together, lining Unit soli
tary figure lu till v ,. khaki, bestriding
his mount as tiion. h i i r veil riom gran
ite They hstUed bevaUtlugl) behind
them The lam In n'a revolver sound
ed, aud t tit Ii lead i i . iv his lunula
lu the air and tlopptil over upon III
horse's neck II In r s mice rung
out lo them and the .' . i htilicil 1. audita
threw down their ibort laihlms In to.
ken of surrender The sentry vvallisl
uutll Lucille and Hie ranchm.iii came
up. then llsteinsl to their story, at tba
end demanding then pit me before
bla comtuauillng oili.
iTolsiunliniieil next wctk.
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Null.' Ii hen I.) kImii Ihnt I )- N..
I'aVClAr KaliiltH) I'll. ,llll) Va Jh I k t . ft. . .. I
'IrmliNt I'ftul Mlenotultt, imi ihu tlti U ol
NtiVvvaibrr Ivl flit 1 In U.le ufllt tltl ftppllt BlluH
iiiirlft't umltrr (hi prOVltlutlt Ol tiio m i ul n
ffjrva, eitiroi i-il July l. Uttt -i1 t t ; I iij
l Hw !U, 1 I - - R.,n M 160 '
Hajrlnl Nu Onl
Any mi. t sU rrfti i iiilinliiir mlvt ta-! tt.r
lamU dsarrllkitxl, nr tlrli u., lu (. it ti-. usu
al tbt bilunml i )ir t-r el lit Intnl. nr for m.y
nlher raaWiri In IIih allaiHiaal (it ahlilli anl
ahouid flir ihrir ftfflu) -i pnttMi m ihia
null as, vii vi Willi I1 ItJV r'nin tj m j ui in " f ,
Hs liislanr.
NOTICE rOR I'I'IU.ication
rmni'Mi it. I m. in to s, I
tlurm, uriiiui, BJ, phi
Niillit' Is liersli)' glviii tha Nnitlirrii
I'aclflc Ksllwsv i niiii.aii) , tt h noat orrii't'
itill rM IS Ml. I'aill, Mllllli'Snlii h.I lllll All II
dajr ut Novrlnlter 1UH, fits In this nflli t- lis sp
pllcallim lit .t-ltn I mill, i lb provision ol tlie
art of l ourcss, approved Julf I, IBM (M)tal .
"i,Hw''ou'lown"1''1, '"'''''' l'''l' i
Hl'llsl Nil BMI
Any spd all itaisotis olalailog .ilvcrsub tlis
laiots dial III. ul 6r doilrllit'it In iil.lii'l l..( B
of ihe Hlnvral iliaracirr ol Ih Uml, " snr
utksr rssson. In In ijiait.ul in .i.f.ii. uni,
should file their sfhilsvlls itf .o.ief In tills
oaisa.nlior liefore in. lllli ila HI Jiti.u.rx
W vi I n.Ht, Hi .lali.i.
and all principal points in Oregon ana Washington I via Junior,
Ihe Oregon Eaalern Railroad aad Ihe
it via Juntura and the
Oregon Eastern
Oregon Short Line
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tickets etc. upon applica
tion to any System agent
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Portland. Oregon
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.. - I r
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I. yen he know that it is water-
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Tbe Urtfoa Afrlcaltaral ColUfe,
II. I .' 1 (u 1 If COH At I 1 1, UHUOOM I
f. risk, Injuty, iinii!fiit
mol! death Item III protection at mini
iiiiiin ",1-iist. :',0 4liKi death benefit;
fl.0U0.00 fur loss ol limb tir eyesight;
In. in S. on t lift 00 weekly sick or ac
cident Iteueflt; 11,000.00 Kmarirencv re
lief lieiieili. t ol i $11.00 pur year;
no olhcr ilues or aascsainefil. In Ibis
i nHti ratirt. ell men ml woiiiuii art pUcetl
mi an enusl baala, regardi of occuna
, tlon. Kvery person makes the same
form of application, pay tlie same
, iiiiinunl'if pu'inluin and receive the
B.iniit amount of benefit. Men aod
; H oiiieti Uit wean lb egea ul Id and Sfi
j are accented. No restrictions as to oc
cupation, only Railroad nun aiuployed
employed on track, train or rooiind
Ionise, can not be accepted. Claim are
paid within aiaty days anywhere in tbe
V.H. Canada or Kornpe. Old reliable
Inauruiice Company. (100,000.00 on
Hut0 Jopoaltaaa protection for Policy
holders and to guarantee the payment
of claim. For further free Information
address Uuilave K. Werner, Secretary
and tieneral Mauager, Hoi Hill, Buffalo,
N. V. state age, ei, occupation and
inenlloo l lent. B. 173.
k fsaKsv T.' aral aawaw1 Kam
hWwwasmTasS I aJUi
-: LONE :
Meals At All Houra. Short
Ordera'and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Itntes
Give Me; A Call
Oupaalt Tlaaee-HeralU silldlnB a
II (! !
Sumpler Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Departure Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie 10:15A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with 0.-W. R. & N. No. 10 leav
ing Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from east arriving Baker f:.iO
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
0 (fast Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. XL ut
10:45 P. M. for points Ea
No other like it
No other as good '
Th Hew Hon Sewing Machine Company,
V ' " H " 1 alCl'aaaaaaajaaj
I IKe only way to &p
m ejrt tU yruuine Bai
f New Home ljJ
Sewing Machine B M
1 it in buy tha machio flj
1 wtili lite name NEW JbH -1
I IOME ua tlie aim Bjfijjp
m ami in tha Ice. Upsjrwn
af Tl'' asaaklata k jH fS'Si '
m vwarrsalaj fur all IB W.i
I Ni other like It
You can buy no better
lor target work and all
small game up to
200 yards.
gun rfSgW8
.ui2ZXL vr
.f V r-
ja3vTl t ir.l ruiina
Ta. Ill sacs JfUnVit cataUc
is Sit. , aitlt uttt nil.
Mat saws rattr !oaioJI Sutitt.
Sasd I Bataaj '' l.itt
Printed in accordance with legal
requirements on short notice at
Job Rooms
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Rest Job Printing
. We do it right
F" "if CARL C.
VI, I -Sheaiclan
Honie Fnlntlnu
Paper Hangliujj
and Decorating
Ilnnlwnod Finishing
Fresco Painting
Eallmates farnlahcd on ap-
l plica lion. Siiinplea ahawn.
Uttiwmnt wt:t mil' tmmttnttn '""
n iost
CALIOL.? Repeating
Hiffe In the WORLD.
fifnii.- in tvi'o iic. deNt one
for .91 Mi. .rl It. !'. rar-
iii. i tin oilier for .W tang
iini' r. r.
llmullu lo .M
Miorl and If .H
Innff rifle cartridges.
and lor hanilaomdv
illu-li'iletl llillr Cat..
.1 "How ta Shoot
'tut' r Stovaaa tfla
Plilsltaad Sketfaaa
from your Dealer.
P. O. 80s B004,
nut oi-ki: MAaa.
stuti SBaaNaTI
- aaaafi .. lOao. B. Cavaaserlaln
I Harry l-ans
W 0 Maoist
1 niisrcssiiii'n
Aiioriu-) eaaaiai
' ...v erniir
r) n Htatu
1 n saoroi
supc, I'tii.ilc iniirunloa.
Miain I'rltiler
I N t Kiuauil
A. M. Crawford
Oswald Win
Baa w uiciin
. T.B.Kav
1 A Ckarchill
. IDaaiwar
I Kvbi Sakla
T. A. McBrlds
Uso n Barsetl
a. a. Bsau.
P. A. Meors
-n fi me III l,-.
iiiniii 1 J...i" bailee Bins
. "u,.,j n-. ,.,. 11 j iitii 11 Biumuil
(In nil 1 imrt mi ee is the Brat atosdsj lo
April aad Ami Mi.u.Ur lu October.
Inn.! Ronaiof
Jolni Bevraaeutsilv
wh Breeks
W. r. Heaaa
oorBTT HAaaav:
'nsm Tkoaapaoa
' k T. Uuakal
li'ssuit-r K A aiTllar
C. a Hrrrr
AW. Hlclisrdios
J. J. UoDagaO
LH llsuillntn
fl. i irtrain
is ' SYlvsstar
i. .(
I III.!.
i..i I, Inapc r
..I., intaslttiH in
il lios Bala
("""I) .'ii.. is the Bis! Wsdoeeder la
I.e.... . March Mar. July, Hepwmbar sad
m i
iiiivii in 1. 1 sit ervics:
Wa Karra
I ' Baal Multaartttrad
1 1 1 scans
VJ....I . ham klotbeisksad
R( Ii Kity Van ninkls
I ii "tin. ... Hsnrr ItaluiB
Marabal, . ..B. I . Uali as
K J Haassn
Ihiiii' lira -A. C. Walooaia
1 Jsssas Lajaasbira
i K J MrKlnauta
"' i . mi; eaeead aa
ruurta Wodnaad
chance ol
mechanism il
handle .22 short.
long or lone-nils carrwaW
pcifcitly. The deep Ballard
cirvrlorts maximum aaaaaal aiwt
accuracy and adJt yean lo the ne of riile.
Tkt aa.1 ant u pntatina I t.aa .Mi-rsv. iiimbju issiBsassBisiisi
aunli.tbr,.IJ.,v.nU. t 1 1 .,lr taai sat II anliiTdUat
titJiU.!,,,.!,!!.,,.,,,! ..,i.t. wKixidua. WakajjsjIsaaW
oVtwa ciaMrwii.a. 'ni..ia ,. n, ,,-kaapare aar JJlHtstdst
quKSM utd latMM U catau. A "! nuna nas. AaV aa sa SsaW.
77u 777arfit 2ranms Cm
At Willow Naw Ha.
- ' ' ' -
rnyiiciaii 111..1 ,,rn
Burns, - - - Oregon.
Office Id new buildlnv nonth 'if Wele
harness ihop, Sluin HI,
Then Main aft,
CEO. 6. CARL, M.
Phyaldaa and tturari
la Tmik.iiiu rllaUna)
lsakl aMsatlaa slvatt .1 . ... of ika era). I
aaasaav daraat.
Physician and Suigeon
DEHHHrl & JL.f
Physicians ;md Sqrtj
Call anawored pruniptl .hi or!
'rbooo Harrlman,
Harrlman Oregon
Dr- Mini-iii ijam
Physician and Sorgo
Wroct Telephone Connection 1
Lawen. Ore.
Office first d(,r cu I plioto ksII
Iini Orejrun.
"Attorney at Law
oegiiy uiajf., IIuiiih
Burns, Oregon
Attorney at Law
l ootoat and practice bofore r U
,.. w
t'uiuc a sjujciailjr
OBea: Key Bldg. ne.t door to u
Burrs Oregon
PracticM in tin- - Ul i on
fore the U.H. i i: Ofl ...
Chaa. II. I
AaTOalNlfV- v iJ
Careful stUntit.u jU.
tions and HPai Krt
Kire Inrumn
Notary Pill
SUte Courts ami V 1.11
Land Office IV:u m
Three tkonSouth . f7J
Harney County National!
Burns. Oresron
AUaraey at Law Notarfl
Caavasaaclat. Moa.y Lo.nin,. Ra
Aaaa.ia U, S. Land V Ml., . I ... Ik,
OSIe between Banes r ainiv ',i
aad Lan.l
r.C. JJataBu A. O. K
Ferasrl; Aast. kiiineei I i.ri . ,l,i
la IT. a Kn Isolation s, i ga( all
'c. u i . ' in Hjrl
Eastern Oregon i ngii
Burns. Urtaa,
Jeweler. Cpm
l-'.jiLrr. i i
Finr Wtch KT.n.I
$1500 Rewai
tliirlklaa SIlAN.s
I t Vf 4f,ia Vials
ioa Assoaiailoa, is nmb
will gi 9ywi
it v. ul ror i
-1' llt'l- lftavdlaTaat
Il ------. w-w a
I In Silial akttl Mslsaasa
'J r cl.uu ul
la4lluii lullio .1,... ...a.
liters lbs sama (euilli ion i . u .. (r ,j gj!
"" aursa sii.hI I.., LmjU, orallgsr
" raeoiqi.1 In ,.,, ...uu,!,.
oat U.J. l..a ( i.,k ('iiiuillwf. Ml
vaatad ark.a aoi.i
Nitas but erowii bur.n. ...t.t ....t ,...i.l
ate uuacaas,
BHijMN Kits, Orsgeal
'ft JVl
' W
I. n,.ii..iamiTl
i.i "I II raaaii