The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 26, 1914, Image 4

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. I? in
The Girl of Mystery
Copyright. IW4. All noting p'etsf
rihM reserved by Ibe I'nh lilm
HasetsClarlBf, CafafSay, arUlc'l i
bo twhlNtlne. l r freest Ilea la
Iradlnt Ihcstir l...'riafeeatt lll
fee (' rea y areircste'.
Valuable aovernniintsl papers ara stolen
fer Thompson, follower of Loubrque. In
IcrnalloBal spy, from t Vneral l.ove, whom
Loubeque hatea. In Manila. Lova'ailiiuMi
tar Lucille fllea l eteamer to rMO
lha papara In order to ilaar tha nam of
Lieutenant Uibnin. Biioin aha love.
Loabeque, lamperlns: with tha wireless
an tha eteamer. la hurt I.iuilla nurse
him In an attempt to reoover tha papers
Lucille lata tha paper, but tha ahlp !
wracked She Is east ashore on a Partita
Island and Is tnson by a natlva ohlsf to
his but to nurse his sick ohlld.
Tha native child la restored to health,
and tha trrateful natives Idolise Lucille,
Loubeque, also cast ashore, trlaa various
plaBs to recover ths papara, but In vain
Loubeque, nrrti-.l. forava a meesnge
from a nelgbboiina; chief to lure Lucille
away from her fi lends She falls Into a
pitfall losing the documents.
Lbubocjuo native old steals tha pavers
from his msster. and Lucille takes then
from the native after ha Is killed by a
Hon. etna finds and follows an under
ground paasage In the Jungle.
Lucille falla Into tha hand of a tribe
of ana men, whose leader drops a neck
lace) of priceless rubles, wblch aha takes.
Sha and Loubeque are reacued from the
Island by a yacht commanded by Captain
Tha girl and Loubeque ara aet adrift in
an open boat by Wetherell after aha re
pulses tha captain's advances, and he
takes tha papers.
Saved by fishermen. Locllle and Lou
beque ara In China. Aa aha pauses a
house Loubeque's diary la thrown to her
mysteriously. Shs tries to board a veaaal
bound for America. Loubeque recovers
tha papara from WetharaU.
Lucille stows away, la caught and
dresses aa a cabin boy with tha aid of
the captain of tha steamer In order to
aearch Loubeque's stateroom for ths pa
pers. He catches her at Work.
Loubeque takes the papers from Lucille.
Landln at San Francisco she Is kid
naped by the spy and bsld a prisoner In
Loubeque's house by Thompson.
(OHAI'T III XV CoiKiuued)
I H Hie ! il boot tier wittily. Sne
li I hr tii it faBstoat the window,
!' ii Mtoptntl il tti otter futility of It.
looked ilooii. atitl ber eyes Muted
tntS ' of a pedestrian iiikiu
il lewr'als It was the captain of
he -nip who Imil been her friend. fclie
I . w(l ber hr nd. knowing from big ex
(i.ovion tli.;i h. recognized her, that
l:- hid been limiting her. lie made a
motion aa nf rltlng. and she mnMrcl
Nuifll.t tbeil d.-irteU tuwiird the little
ili ilug table.
Ami t hi lie sat. dumb with misery.
In the delight of seeing n friend's face
at the psychological moment, when her
despair, her misery, her desperation,
trssj at f In I .'lit. she had not thought
u simple thing like a pencil, it pen. Ink.
paper. mUlii be oeceaaury. In despair
Lui'llle about her. I'uper abe
hud She lore the blank strip oil the
top of the newspaper page, (ore It bo
that the headline regarding IJeutenant
(ilbson nppeured beneath It She star
ed helplessly In the mirror, her teetb
fastened t P-tonaly In bor loner lip. so
vlrtmislv tluit when abe withdrew
tbeto a tiny drop of red Mood appeared
upou the delicate (kin. If only abe had
i pencil or pen, something to writ
, blood drop fell umjii tlie paper,
.lining IL Lucille gasped ilelight-
. ) Her band aelzed u pm from the
ciltiiig table and dabbled at lag Hot
Il bad dried op. Nerving herself ane
lightly jabbed the pin Into the ball of
ber thumb, feverishly writing upon
the blaok paper. How painful it wits!
How swiftly the blood dried! Hut she
must sbo must
"I'risooer of Loabeo.ue ll.i. tlelp
-Itesd bead' -
the iwayed slightly. Hot could en
' 'he torture no longer. It wag
auiUc-ieat. He could plwe together
what be read, what she bad told him
aboard the ship. Hot bow to reach
bitu with the fragmentary strip of
Isalaarl Tearing the necklace from
about ber throat she detached a Jewel
swiftly and wrapped I he strip of pa
lter about It In one leap she bad
readied the window The captain was
still there
Pot a moment Lucille hesitated. Sbe
must break the window pane. Swiftly
-be took a slipper from ber foot, drew
back and brought the tiny heel crash
tog against the glass At the sound
of smashing glass she beard a rustling
without ber door The aptaln looked
up at ber. and simultaneously she
filliped the round missile toward him,
watched him eagerly as be slooped to
pick It up and then thrust It hurriedly
In bis pocket, passing on. She saw
Thompson, the butler, slip hurriedly
out of the door and take after tilru
Tbeu n slight creaking, as of rusty
hinges, and she stared uhotit her In
mute horror. She was moving; down
and walls were advancing forward.
She was moving down and the room
was moving with her
raino a little groan, a tremor run
ning through the walls or ibo room.
Looking up sbe could set? solid steel
wails passing Inlo place where the
room she waa In bad been Merely a
cage an elevator hud ban the boil
dolr where sbe was a captive. The
machinery slopped Working abruptly
he peered over the edge of the room.
for she was merely standing up a flai
surface so far us one side was con
ccrned To ber ears came the insist
n.t ringing of a bell. A huddled, black
mass showed almost beneath her
Crouching upon the floor she leaned
ror and gingerly groped at It rlta
ber lingers, drawing ibem sharply back
a they encountered human ilcali.
lor Just a second she fullered before
Investigating ber faafMirerr. 1-oubtio.uti
must have come from nci room In this
fushlou It might be that In sum way
Loubeque had fallen and Injured the
machinery. To stoop down, take lliu
papers from his pocket Slid lildu tlietti
between the k of the lloor of the
room an, i iu, i,i loin of Ibo elevator
was the work of an Instant.
As Ihe room glided gently Into place
without u much aa a tremor she leap
ed do.iu and lifted the groaning man's
beitti to ber lap. She bad come barely
In time, for lb spy was struggling
feebly to Met to bis feet. He smiled
ruefully as be lighted a mutch and
scanned the features of bis companion
for a second be appeared dated, then
aavlfl iM.nyBjgjelj. r- . f((.M ,
his hand shot toward the plate woefe
h had placed the stolon paper.
"Come," be said quietly, big tones
silky, yet dry and cold and bard,
ie. young lady. Of coor yon nn-
dcrstand tha, papers will be found, end
this Is merely delaying tha Inevitable "
lie did not wait for bar to speak.
i, o rely touched her arm and assisted
i r to the platform. He stirred slight-
nuie the, whir of machinery, al
most Immediately abut out Onco
n ore the room weo In motion, going
upward thta time. Hh closed ber ayes
instinctively before the mystery or It
When she opened them one more
she waa lu the place aba had left.
). iy thing was aa It had been sate
or a broken window pane and tha
presence of Loubeque.
He regarded her narrowly, still
smoking silently. Ha opened bis lips
as though to speak, then closed them
sharply aud stepped to tba door, listen
ing a moment, than ringing a ball.
which was almost Immediately an
swered by the butler and tha woman
u bo bad brat captured the girl.
Hurriedly Thompson eiplalned wbat
had happened the pebble wrapped
strip of white paper which the man
outside had picked up. tbe manner In
which he bad mysteriously disappear
ed, eluding the butler's pursuit, tba ad
mission of policemen to the house and
the throwing of tbe spring that lower
ed the girl's room to tbe basement.
"And he got out of ths way. eh?"
Loubeque frowned thoughtfully, then
laughed a dry, barking laugh aa ha
tin ued to the girl. "And with all this
luck worklug for you, Miss Lucille,
you see now bow Impossible It la to
escape. Now I shall leave you alone
to reflect upou tbe advisability of re
storing the packet to me. Until then
you will not be disturbed even by a
servant. You may recall, my cbtld,
that thirst Is a vary unpleasant tor
tine "
He closed the door behind him very
softly. Not a gonad came from with
out Hunger, thirst, solitude all three
ui this prison, this prison so much un
til, c a prison that it waa rendered only
the more hideous thereby. And even
though outsiders knew sbe waa being
detained here they could not And ber.
could not even secure adequate evl
deuce that she was here did tbey make
mi exit munition. She Dune herself
upon the bed, burying ber face in ber
hands and giving way to sobs.
She straightened, startled by a faint
tinkle againat the window pan. Swift
ly she approached tbe window. Upon
the street no one waa In sight. She
looked up and espied tba face of tha
captain peering cautiously from over
the brick wall above ber.
I'everlshly abe ripped at the netting
w lileh had been within tbe glass be
fore sbe broke It. Carefully aba draw
tbe glass Inside and laid It upon the
lloor. The netting gave slightly. Sbe
tore her hands opening tha space until
she could get ber shoulders through.
Slowly, round and round, abe worked
the opening. It waa finally wtda
enough she looked up. The captain
maided briefly, then disappeared.
In n moment be reappeared, slowly
dangling n heavy rope fro which be
had made a looped chair. Lucille
'ig'-ii her way slowly Ibrougb tba
opening She stood upon the heavy
sill outside, banging to tb netting with
one hand the while aba reached for tba
rose with tbe other. The second time
her lingers closed about It. Swiftly
site tucked It about ber skirts, then
drew taut Her feet swung clear of
the ledge Then sbe fait herself being
slowly lifted, lifted In little spasmodic
Her finger tips brushed the roof.
Another pull and she bad a firm bold
and was drawing herself over, rower
rnl hand closed about her wrist, when
from la-low came a shout that told abe
had been dls'-overed.
With nn oath tbe captain yanked ber
to the roof. Jerked her there so violent
ly she toppled sud fell against blm.
straightened and caught his arm to
support herself.
l-'rom beneath them came sounds of
pursuit, hurrying footsteps upon stairs,
loud voices. Lucille seemed to hive
nil the Initiative now. She grasped
Hie man's arm and hurried blm to
ward the closest chimney Just a a sky
light door flung open where tbey bad
lie drew a revolver and beld It stead
ily pointing toward the place. A chip
of plaster crackled at tbelr feet Lu
ellle looked down at a flattened lead
bullet. Vet th.tre bad been no shot
fired. Sbe stared Incredulously at tbe
"A silencer-Maxim silencer," be
She nodded understanding. Together
they crept In tbe shadow of the chim
ney toward tbe tbln brick dividing
wall, the sanded roof scratching tbelr
hands terribly. Again that flutter of
chips The captain turned and fairly
bulled a shot from hi revolver at tbe
figures so cautiously approaching A
cry of pain followed tba report and lu
tba confusion, tbe pair mad a abort
Tha pursuit grew bold now. Hose tb
voice of Loubeque, cold, steady, terri
ble. "Don't wast shots. Get tb man
with lend. Catch tb girl."
The captain' grip tightened reus
urlugly on her vrrtot
"If tbey get me," b said quietly,
"take tb gun and make them work."
Jn tb excitement be became separ
ated from Lucille. She looked about
then uttered a cry of warning. Ha
took a step backward, then Instinctive
ly lifted his elbow aa though to avert
a bullet. Tbe movement overbalanced
blm and he disappeared over tbe edge,
a groping, tumbling thing.
Front every direction came the pur
suit. Lucille suddenly noticed there
was no attempt mad to cios In upon
ber, but that sb waa being driven In a
certain direction. A bullet daabed a
spiny of sand Into her face, and gba
darted iisldt.- darted Into a yawning
When she opened ber eye she waa
surprised to find that there had been
no fall worth mentioning, that ah bad
merely been driven toward a trap door
and raugbt a ah toppled down. Lou
beqtio wus watching ber, a curiously
twisted smile playing about tba corners
of his mouth
"You have too many friends, Lucille."
be said.
"Yea," he murmured, after a mo
meat's silence, "you ara altogether too
too slippery, too nerve racking a prls
oner. I think, whil tb arcb for
the packet Is going on it would save
wear and tear on our constitutions to
move you to my ranch -my ranch In
Mexico A beautiful apot" be smiled.
"I trust you will enjoy It as much as
I have,"
Lucill looked at blm steadily. In
tba of both glowed an Indomlta
bl purpose, a bard resolve, a mutual
admiration. Louboqu amlled once
more, this time grimly.
"Honor bav ben too va till now.
I fancy the ranch Will settle tb rub
ier satisfactorily -at any rat, satisfac
torily In m"
e e e e e
A Thompson, the hutler-tble'- arrlft
ly deacriidml to the ground floor and
out Into the court and knelt oor tba
tKwIy of the man who bad fallen from
tba roof top. ids hands fluttered vr
the man llko tiny, white bird.
Through the pockets he went, rifling
them cniiiplptely and replacing tsoee
thing which would h of BO train to
him. He siopiM'd a be unwrapped tb
note Lucille had wrlttan on tb scrap
of paper unit bound about tba ruby.
Incredulity, nvurlc and puaalad de
light fought for mastery upon bl fee.
In his eyes Secreting tb ruby In hi
pocket, he carefully lifted bl burden
nml eat i led It lo Ihe basement of tb
bouse Then lie took one last loving
look at his find and started In search
of bis muster. Already a plan had ca
tered his cunning twain to gain tbe reet
of the necklace, a plan whereby
beqtie was to be no gainer,
A Thief l Rudely
OWRTI.Y Lticlls
self In Is)
to tbe room fi
hud Just mad
A Thief I Rudely Felled.
ucllle allowed bet
.inducted back
from which ah
made her escape.
Iler heart wus so heavy over tba
death of the captain she did not car
what happened.
She hud tried her boat but still
failure, dogged her footstep. Bar
sweetheart hail resigned from tha
army under such a cloud aa must hav
broken his spirit completely. HI
heart she knew waa already broken
by ber seeming disbelief In him. Bar
father wna entangled In the same nt
with his aid and she beld tbe key to
the situation n key with no loch to
fit Sbe aloue knew where tb paper
tbat would clear up tb entire my
tery were located, and she waa a pris
oner "Mr. LouU'ipie's compliments, aflaa
Lucille." murmured the butler aa ho
noiselessly approached With a tiny
glass of liquor, "aud ha thought a
tiny stp might prove beneficial to tha
"Thank you. Thompson," sb
nmred sweetly. "Tall your proaaat
employer I shall gladly do so. But"
sbe nilded, ber eyes flashing malicious
ly. "I forgot Mr l.oiiisrqu has beoa
your employer right along."
"Quite ao, Mia Lucille. Thank you."
Itefore his perfect aplomb Lucill
torsi undecided. Her nerve war shat
tired ami the drink, ah knew, would
do her good Hut there had been that
look lu the man's eye. Sb could not
lie mistaken lu It. She touched her
tongue to tbe delicious, fiery stuff and
waited A sensation of comfort slow
ly approached her weary spirit a feel
ing of lassitude. She fought tb sen
sailon away.
Pouring out the doctored liquor care
fully . she lay against the pillows In
posture of dream leas sleep. It wa
half an hour before ber patience waa
rewarded Then Thompson slipped
stealthily Into the room. Lucill del
ed herself-a steel spring wound to Ha
last not. h.
Thompson approached swiftly, silent
ly. He was beside her, leaning ovor
ber. his hum) groping at ber throat;
a little exrlnmntlon of triumph aa bat
linger puds touched tb necklace. It
was lu his hands, and then the steel
spring uncoiled w II h ticlnrudoua sod
Taken by surprls before tb vVlooa
fury of the girl' attack tb butler
etuggcred buck Itefore be could re
cover she was upon him, driving blm
townrd the drsir He lifted bis bands
to rend Ills face, then stopped abruptly
as he staggered Info his master, joat
entering the room
Hugo Nuihcquf wnited. watching tb
furious girl snd the ruffled butler etirt
onsiy a smile curved lua Itpa ao ho
turned townrd her
"1 on object to the draft 1
I assure you It baa no III
will make the Journey on of
instead of weariness" Then ho whirl
ed uHiu tin- butler, his far bard aa
granite. Ills teelh clipping off
Word like steel particle.
"What lire joii doing her?"
"I (lime to see If the draft had
effis't." sulkily murmured tb butler.
"H w bat nulla, rlty V
"Asking your pardon, sir, but I sag
vested It and was afraid It might bav
a laid ciTe. i i grew to take an Inter
est lu Miss Lucille In Manila, air, and
did not wish"
Lou In-quo frowned heavily, bat Ctpf
him short with su Impatient wave of
his hand, tactile felt a sudden im
pulse to tell him tb truth, bat con
quered It swiftly. Sb could fight
Thompson much easier than thta man.
She must keep bor own counsel Tb
spy turned to her again.
"You did not tuk tb draftr
"I a as tire you on my word aa a gen.
tiemau that It will cause you no locon
venleiice I'urtber, I hoped not to bo
obliged to tell you that if you do salt
tuke It willingly you will be compallod
to get It down."
Sho btnt Iter bend docilely. Bsaasl
mice was out of the question, aad, aft
er all, she must save bor strength to
Igbl the big tilings. After a momoat
hesitation, a shudder at tb wrxUcJgej
colors shed from the stuff, aba drataod
the glass.
Languor, comfort, pMc. gba gar
herself up to the drug with a prayer,
a prayer she felt so certain would ha
beaded, thai In her slumber a
purled her lips, played about bor
ten unci- Aud when bo awoke
was at Loiihequo's Mexican ranch.
e e
Low, rambling bouse of
archills turn dotted tb great
which the curiously fantastic, wholly
srtiHtlc fence Inclosed. Tbe grounds
ware laid out in orderly fushlon, bloom
big like the garden of Eden with a
riotous profusion of flowers and punt.
This was a new Loubeque sb mot
there Always had slut associated Wgj
wltb the manner of ber knowing
limes he had Imh-u tender, other
he bad been cruel, always waa ho fat
ty, t-ti lining, courageous, a one Ideal
man. Hut now he seemsd all peel
painter. She could boar tbe softened
tones of bis voice as. wltb om of bl
companlona, b wandered about tb
grounds, tenderly explaining to thaw
the history, tbe beauty of the Sewer,
the ruro sped be bad Imported for
tbe place.
It wa after on of those ramMe
tbat sb noticed sign of some liQpsnfl
lug change about tb menage. On
morning he suddenly walked toward
hoi. cntei lug the house to shortly ra
ter her room
"I uiu louvlug today," be began ab
ruptly, uii the nature lover gone from
bis cold, atom manner "Again I gab
you to tell me where yoa put tbe pa
pers." "Thou they huven't been found"
Sbe slopped abruptly, realising that
ber delight bad revealed quite aa mnob
as bis demand ..
"I uiu sorry, Lucille, that yoa oaaaot
see tbe folly of this. It la your laat
ciiauco to tell iiuj it la
chance to count ma u menu, i am
Sb did not answer. Tbelr eye met
and held, both Iliad with an unaltered
purpose. Then Loubeqtte. without a
word, loft the room,
Nor did abe aee him again. That he
had gone sbe knew from tbe lames
about the household among his serv-
anto. It gave ber food for hope. She
moot escape ebe must She must
sap before tb Iron grip of dreamy
languor about tb pine became tin
breakabl. BM always when ah wandered
boat ah would encounter one of Lou
beqae's aide, always masked, always
casually aurprlsed at coming upon her,
alway urbaue and pollti. el Insistent
upon tuning ber In an opposite direc
tion. It got upon her nerve to ucb
an extent that she finally took to tha
house and remained there. Bvery room
waa grated, and, though she knew they
wort not bore for the ptirisise, they
erred It admirably.
Tbompouu aeemed upou his mnater's
departure to bare lost polae aa
thoughts of tbe ruby necklace bl fin
ger bad touched scored Itself upon
hi brain.
Sbe recalled how lie bad served In
her father's bouse so loug with never
a suspicion from any oue that ho was
other than the perfect butler wltb a
thought ouUlde of his work. And then
he recalled tbe Incident of the neck
lace, alwaya would h shudder at tha
recollection, then deliberately drive It
from ber mind.
It waa tb fourth day aluco lb de
parture of tbe maater of the pine,, that.
standing baeld ber Iron barred win
dow, she eaw tbe figure of a man top
pUig a rlee In tbe distance and draw
uxg swhttly nearer There was some
thing strangely fs ml liar about blm.
nmathlng she seemed to recall. In
lashed bolero, tight trousers and gold
braided eombrero of straw, bis long
black hair waving gracefully to his
shoulders, tb man made an Impressive
figure aa be fastoned steady, undevlat
tng eyea upon ber wludow until alas
wa positive he wa looking at her
for a purpose Low voice bummed
la con vera Hon, then the man appear
ed before ber, offering hie arm
"Sonor Loubeque sent me tbat I
might escort you about the grounds,
might place myself at your disposal."
he murmured
(To be continued next week.)
Bursa i.i ei No. 117
f Bitsn STta I S1. l,ro B I
eras. Oregon. Oetobar, IK, tun
Motive I hereby gives that the Nartlirru
Paelas Jtallway Coiapeny, whose poet offtrr
age l amis at Pest. Hlnneaoie. has line .1 il.
ay at Ovkaber.lall gle4ti isi, m.,- ueaer-li
eailee teaelect uailer the erovlitoueol the ei
of ('agrees, approved July I, lasS'MWMBtl,
NUoreii See., hi
w M leouu
si - si . ; aerial He ins
a era! elf pen
eialmlaa a.lvvrarly the
laaate flSJMtbed, ae deelrlntoliiert bwl
iheatlaaralekarertei ol the 1st 1 t o other
reieaajo tap alepoeel to eiploeoi ehftuld at.
tbelr eSlJae lie of pretest In due ..(to -. unor i-
fereikeJUidei i
of llereiahrr ml)
rasaa, iteguaei
Saras list No. lia
I'SlTStiBT.T.e I .SIMirncs. I
auras. Oregon. November t, e-t 1
Motive la tinbr gt'rn thai the Northern
Feriae kalloay I oaepany wboer issu ..Bl. al
trass last, r-aol, Mianeaoia. ihie tib day d
November Itltgledln lhiaoi., Itaeaolirellea
loeelseiBBdor tbe aronlaloat ... iha I af i on
gram, sfnyevted July I. laaa (an nst.W7.ejU)
KM. It. W, T. MS. H a, r.. , . M. lw w
Aayaad all pareoaerlsliiilng adversely Ihe
Is tide aeaerlaaal. or deelrli.g to
at Ike Selseral rtisiarier of the lend, ol for any
other reaeaa. to Ihe dlepoeel to applicant.
aboei il tbelr aRtdaHa ..I Benteei la thta or batata the flUh t of lie. iiuher,
vua rasas Ursleier.
Bums I. let No lii
UkitBBBTeraa l.iin.iirri. a. I
Heme, uresis,, Mevesiee jo, luitl
Notice la beral.y given in,. Northers
Paeifle Hallway I'ooipenr, r. poet i.rrur
eddteaa Is St. raul, Milineeola. haa thta Ann
day of Naveaaber lull, file In ihia ,.m neap
plIeatloB to select und.r tbe orovleloBBol las
rea, approve-! jwy I, imjm iau rial .
M. 40.00
. w. . , aw-......,- . ---, ..-
Oa r-l T..W..!.!.. H...U . I.MnHH
Belial No traea
Aay aad all persona rlaimlng sdiarael) the
lands deeerlhe or deeirlbed lo ohlert In., suae
of lb atlaeral rbaraeter of the lead, or any
otkee rssasB. to the disposal to appliiam.
leal ale their asidstl'a of protest In this
oner before thr Uth day of January
Wa. rBBs, Reglater.
tumi Bursa II i let No.
t'sitan HvaTsa l.asi, Orrn a
Burn. OiagOB. November , 114.
Notice 1 hereby given Ibel the Northern
rmeile Hallway Company, whoae poet oBice
addreeala St. raul. Mluiieanta, hsathla attnlay
ol Noyera ber, 114 lleil lu llila oltlie lie appin a
no taaaiset aaoer toe pruvirioue or uie an in
rnngieaa. approved July I lass I an Hiat d7, ami
By ine err ill ' ungivee ..r..veu
M H , It til,. HB),
Serial No. V7M
gjay aad all aaraona I'lalmlug sdvereely the
leasts aeertbM, or ileelrliis loobjasji beieuae
ol tba BtiaeraJ cbaiarterof Hie land, or any
atbar reason lo the dlapoaal to applliani,
aooM tie tbelr effldeviia ol pruteat Id thta
etnre.onur before the usth day of Hereiuir
rVa Fa BBS. ItrMlater
aad all principal point in Oregon and Waakiagtaei via Juatura,
the Oregon Eaetorn Railroad aad tbe
is via Juntura and tha
Oregon Eastern
Oregon Short Line
Union Pacific
Information, schedules,
ticket, etc., upon applica
tion to any System agent
or address a card to the
Portland, Oregon
Tonwma tomorrow nlgrht.
Sick hMutachtk it nearly always
caused by disorders of the stom
ach. Correct them aad the peri
odic attacks of sick headache will
disappear. Mrs. John Bishop of
Roseville, Ohio, writes: "About a
year ago I was troubled with in
digestion and had sick headache
that lasted for two or three days
at a time. I doctored and tried a
number of remedies but nothing
helped me until during one of
those sick spells a friend advised
me to take Chamberlain's Tablets
This medicine relieved me in a
short time." For sale by all
See that good
roof? that's
-It's used everywhere (or every
rooting purpose, by men who
know what it mean to hare s
roof that is absolutely water- and
weather-proof ALL the time
Harney Volley Lusaber Co.
Burns, Oregon
i a-1 a
AgrUultisre, liKlualng Agronomy.
Animal husbandry, Dairying, Herri
culture. Poultry Husbendry .Insect.
Plant snd Animal Dta, Cfaam
ry Management. Marketing, etc.
rtoesM Utoooaasrs. Including Cook
lag, Hoar Nursing, Sanitation. Sew
ing. Dressmaking and Mlltrncry.
Corn marcs, Inclndlag amain Man
aggmrnt, Mural Ecenemk. Buslne
Law. OnV Training. Farm Account
ing, etc raaTJOggrlOg. In. luJlng
Shonwork andHsedbulldlng .
A general clearMg hetta Maaleo Of
six days lev the .. hangs dyaalc
klra on ihe neat pressing ereelem
of the times. Lecture by leadtag
authorities. State cnfrrnce.
Olferg lexturw, aisvable schoels, hv
stltuttt aad nuamrau crrwandnce
court ea reeuott.
MUSK: PUn. String, Band, Voice.
No tuition. Reduced rates ea all rail
road. For further Infoi ma'loo addr,
The Ort Agrkaatorol Cadloge.
ti i.i loin e
t'om til nation glck, iojuty, arrldent
ami ilratti beoaflt protection at mini
iniiiii oott. W.OiO.OO death benefit,
1, 000.00 lor low of limb or eyesight;
laom go 00 to 910.00 weekly ick or ac
cident beoefll; $1 ,000.00 fcmergeocy re
llel beneBt. Coat is ft) tx) per year;
no oilier doe or tms taenia. In this
inseranoe all man and woman are plaoetl
on an eqoal baali, regardlee of occupa
tion. Rvery person make tbe tame
form of application, pays tb same
ainountof premlam and rseeiv tha
same amount of beneBt. Men and
Wosaen between tbe age of 10 and 6o
re accepted. No restriction a to oc
cupation, only Railroad moo employed
employed on track, train or roound
lioues, can not ba oospted. Claims are
paid within alxty day anywhere In tba
I'.H. Canada or Korope. Old reliable
iasuranc Company. $100,000.00 on
Htato deposit a protection lor l'olley
liolders and to goarsnta tha payment
ol elalmi. For farther free tnformstlon
Rildroaa (iustave B. Werner, Secretary
and (leneral Manager, Box SIS, Boffaio,
N.-T. taU age, mi, ocoupatlon and
mention IVapt. B. 171.
Wa do job printlnf
aBOROft POON Pi op,
Meala At All Hour. Short
Orderg'and Prompt Service
With Reaaonable Ratett
Give Me; A Call
sjoroM MliBB
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival ui Degirttrre Of Tragi
No. 2, Prairie
Arrive Baker
10:15 A
2t35 P.
4:00 P.
No. 1, Baker
8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Proirio 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makea good connection
with 0.-W. RAN. No. 10 leav
itur Portland t.-OO P. M. and No.
17 from eaat arriving Baker 6:50
No 2 Connecta with La Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
9 (faat Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. A too with No. 18 at
10:46 P. M. for point East
No others
Tk lM Host Siwiig Miekin Ceapat,
TI ostly way lo "I 1
m fat iU gtnuhw
New Home KLl
1 it la Bar tas eaaaJaiae H
1 wsb iKe sasso NEW A
1 HOMCobiiib1 Hi
A sab. laaa, 1
I Tea. aafclae U R wLrd
V BeSsrtaBea) Iw afl saaaaaaaa BbJ sJ"L JutJft
I No other like it M
I No other as good W i
You can buy no better
for target work and ail
small game up to
21W yards.
Printed in accordance with legal
requirement on short notice at
Job Rooms
If Yoa Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
.- "''saaafaBaBaa "t i) iroj
We do it right
Houee Painting
Paper Hanging
and Decoratlseg
Hardwood Finishing;
Fresco Palatini;
IMlMMitee rarnlehoes OB p-
pllrotlon. Soetplee nbowe.
wwttwimim t mfHH
T' .OfiT
A HE 22
l-Tiih the mm
;i.... la. one
I 1t. T. ar-
ft. .ti M
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lini It I.
.ilirr for .M Long
Handles I ,gg
Hliort ami It M
limit rifle rurtrldaea.
rif f..r hsndawuslr
iiluvtraletl Hlflo CotaV
d 'How to Snoot
Or.l. r ttOtfl
fttim your Dealer,
P. 0. Oas BOO.
orrwtAL DiRHcroav
eTi -. !.:
.. Ifteo. . CkaaaWrUlB
II s Beuaiora
All.irnejr (leneral
serreiary ol stale
su.i ful.llr li.atru. tloe
Wale I' r Infer
ejo r. otaeai
I A CkBRkili
.. Dalwar
Sail a
T. A. MaWtae
Supreme Jailgee
a. . aoea.
Km, atosr
Klelrlrl Jnnie
l ouul Aiioruer
I Irrnli r.iurl rnaeu
Oie Srat Mejsstor la
April e.,,1 Aral MunJar la
Joint seoaasr
I. uiu lie.rearnieilve
WB IrMk,
w. r.
a '.rem
A. K
J i. lunaees
OIBajpcrll l.-iideut
k laeasBi i.-t
t. at
ti. w.c
itt. r. estfi
i ..unit i ourt aieeia the list Wed evade;
Januarr. Merit. Mar. ialy
iiimi t . s lb i. errirs:
el eiv '
wai ram
i sse
vs.. ..i Heae Metaerakaast
K..i Rov Vaa silafcl
TreaauKi Meaty tsaliao
Xaiei .: ..R. L Malaa
Il J rlsaseB
i ..ui.tlliBen A. C. Waleesaa
I Jaaaea Lauaeeklre
Meeiiiise l tbe I'uBurll etejry
foui ik W4ae4
"age of
21 stoat,
long of looerls coSsatos
perfectly. The deee BtJkrd
rilling develops niirnoni power sod
IQjgre "
& rw,
W accuracy and add yean to tbe of
TV.-j-i..,.. j t.. ..
T?'-'!- BsBeaaalaa.iilaBaaaav, laaaassBeteaeJI A treat easeaea aeVAati aaa east
7X Iffarin irvarmu Cm
Wittew gfaeaa) New Itaeesa. Cesa.
Ofliee la new
eaat U.,t
Or- Mini
M. A.
Attornry M
ogtly Bleg,
O. A. R
Attorney ll
t prtrtlea
CBJmiiES f.
PraeUeas to Ux
fore the C.e. IaiiiI
Ohos. M
AtTiiiim V-
Caiefol atteiit -ii
end It.-ai
Ftrr la
A. W. (.01
State Court and
Land Office,
Three dours !
Harney County
AMaesssa at Low
l AsstKnaii aa
StD.S RaelaaialK.i ra
Eastern Oregon El
am Af wiitiUrtfj
kris. Ore's
Jswelet-. Oi
Fine Wstch R. ,
$1500 Rei
Uaasrasa leua it,,,,
a easillt luii i
kraaasa kaako4 Us, o
Sro4 MOr4d to sift I
aaraey, jjut sud , ,, ,
i, ure
Sot fraaa Uoie, .
OSeea katweea Barn. i
a Ussl OOrv
aC J
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