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The Biggest City In The Biggest
The Biggest County In The State
County In The State Of Oregon I
Of Oregon, Best In The West
NO. 4
!t I
, -,--' ,., -.!!, . !. I -II - " " '" - '" ,. -, I, - - -..-
ir mew ocnooi nouses creciea ana
Two More District Forming. The
Settlers Are Improving Homes and
Considering Erection of a Big Hall
For Festive Gatherings in Valley
irinsr the past few months ! all plowing is about done for.
sve made notable strides to- Remember its the deep fall plow-
progress, ling that Rets nil of the winters
i i.iiiii .ml niiuulilri) I h 1 1 1 Inn
kA miHihnK rt now twwnt f .liw iiii iiiucmi. .....
MKC? liuuiutinui nv it pv.K-
come in, and all are work- ground.
Hard to establish themselves Are we ever going to have a
fortably for the winter. mail service? Can someone sug-
iw houses are springing up i gest a means to wake up the peo-
day. and where a few pie at Washington and let them
Lots are for Sale.
Rhs ago a tent or a house
hardly be seen, now how
from Clove Swale on the
n to Scull Creek on the South,
ralley is thickly dotted with
arts of habitations, some be-
merely temporary tents.
others are quite substan-,
dwellings. We have four
1 houses in operation, with
new districts forming. Also
f stores and there is consider-
I talk of erecting a large hall
:ial gatherings, etc., as the
jus schoolhouses though large
Heir way are entirely inaue-
te to noid tne crowds, wner-
occasion arises. So let's
we shall soon get together
get down to business. A
hall centrally located would
.inly be a great convenience
I would soon pay for itself.
esteemed friend and neigh-
know that nearly 500 persons
are deprived of their mail. How
long must we put up with this
Market Report.
Receipts for last week at the
l'ortland Union Stock Yards have
been cattle, 1256; calves, 31;
hogs, 7tP4; sheep, 2158.
Cattle market continues steady
in all lines with the light re
ceipts. Steers have not shown
quite the quality that was shown
the previous week, though some
very good steers went at 7i45,
Good quality cows going at $fi,
A sK'cially good bunch of feeder
steers sprung the market and
sold att.75.
In hogs this week was a banner
one in point of receipts, 8,000
ljuaquin Berdugo (Chino) has coming forward dispite the fact
several times he is ready that there was no market niurs-
ipply the teams for the pur- day. The market closed today
i of hauling the lumber, etc. steady to strong at 7.30.
Thanksgiving and Christ- Another linht week in sheep
dances will be a good time sheds, burolj enough good killing
ilk it over. sheep coning to supply the cu-
lith the jack rabbit bounty an maud oi Killers. Mat net. is
fact we hope our trope strong.
the coming year will looK a
better at harvest time than
did this year. Everybody
is to oe busy killing uiem
that is botfnd to help some.
n't forget the Rij? Christ -
i Tree and dinner at Pioneer
jlhouse (RaRtown) on Thurs-
McClaiu't Experience With Croup.
''When my buy, Ray, was small
be s.issubjiet to croup, and 1
was always alarmed at such time-.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
proved far better than any other
for tkia trouble. It always re-
December 24. Everybody lieved him quickly. I am never
J. D. Farrell, president of the
O.-VV. R. & N., spent several
hours in Vale Monday on his re
turn trip over the Oregon Eastern
to Riverside.
Mr. Farrel expressed himself
as much pleased with the new
road. The company has placed
the Riverside townsite on the
market, but not for the purpose
of speculation or profit. They
will dispose of lots to those who
will make immediate use of them
by building on them at once.
They have leased to a large
Vale concern such ground as
they desire to erect a warehouse
from which the dealers may de
liver goods to their interior cus
tomers in the original package.
This arrangement will enable the
Vale dealers to reach that much
greater distance into the inter
ior through the parcel post
The company intend that their
disposal of property will be of
use in the creation of traffic for
the new road and that such dis
posal will be of benefit to the en
tire country beyond the present
terminus at Riverside.
Mr. F. W. Moore will remain
at Riverside in charge of the
property and will be on hand for
consultation at all times.
The opening of- this townsite
and the completion of the bridges
to Riverside is an indication of
resumed activity in Malheur and
will give hope to waiting citizens
that the road will soon be com
pletcd into the grain producing
regions of Harney. --Vale Enterprise.
Department of Agriculture Issues State
ment on Effects of Foot-and-Mouth
Disease. Meat May be Eaten Pro
vided it is Thoroughly Cooked. It
Might be Transmitted From Milk
According to the specialists of his family is worth more to this
Department of Agriculture peo
ple even in States quarantined
for the foot-and-mouth disease
need have no fear of eating
meat, provided they cook it
thoroughly. Thofootand-mouth
disease is not easily communicat
ed to human beings through food,
although milk from a diseased
cow might transmit the disease
to a human being. In the case
state than all the speculators
who secure large tracts, divide it
into smaller tracts, and mark up
the prices to inordinate figures.
The expression of this man
' 'my desire was and is yet to get
on a larger piece of land" reflects
the feeling that is in the minds
of thousands of other men. They
are a landless army who would
work all the soil that is now idle
of milk, however, pasteurization I if speculators and speculation
State Game Laws
Are Inadequate.
Ited. (Jo to it you Bachelors
! get a good feed. A musical
rramme and entertainment
the children is also scheduled.
ae early as there will be lots
without it in the house for I know
it is a positive cure for croup,"
writes Mrs. W. R. McClain, Blair-
villc, l'a. For sale by all dealers.
You're going to Tonawama.
Burns Meat Market
Packing Plant
Fresh Meats, Poultry
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The Rexall Drug Store
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Gato, Optimo, La Gamlta, Triumph,
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We can alsto supply your wants In
REED RROS. Props..
The Burns Hospital
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients-Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
It is evident that the game laws
are to be generally revised at the
forthcoming session of the Legis
lature, for in numerous instances
they are in conflict with the Fed
eral statutes. Not only in that
instance will they be revised, but
the limit in the number of birds
killed or trout caught, as well as
in other minor matters, are those
likely to be changed. At the
risk of raising a prolonged howl
among the game conservationists
the Examiner is decidedly of the
opinion that the law prohibiting
the killing of does and fawns
should be repealed. Probably no
other animal is so well able to
protect itself from the hunter as
a spotted fawn, and while no
hunter will voluntarily kill one,
yet without doubt many are kill
ed each year. It is a well known
fact among hunters that does are
frequently killed, being mistaken
for bucks. It is a very difficult
matter for a hunter to distin
guish a doe from a buck at a dis
tance of 75 to 100 yards if the
animal is standing or running in
the brush.
Under the present law any one
killing a doe will as a matter of
course protect himself, either by
making "jerky" of the meat, If
he considers himself safe from
discovery, or else let the carcass
remain where it fell. He will
still have his three bucks, and in
so doing perhaps kill two or three
more does and possibly a fawn
or two, at the same time being
confident that he is shooting at a
buck every time.
The only way to protect the
deer is to shorten the season or
1 mit the number killed, regard,
less of sex or age. No hunter
wants to kill a doe or fawn at
any time, and when he does it is
generally through being mistak
en in the looks of the animal, if
the limit is too great, cut it down,
but compel the hunter to tag
every deer he kills. - Lakeview
will render it entirely safe. Hu
man beings who do get the dis
ease commonly get it from direct
contact with a sick animal. It is
wisest, therefore, for people to
keep away from all animals hav
ing the disease unless they are
properly provided with rubber
gloves, coats und boots, and
these are thoroughly disinfected
after each visit to the animals.
In the case of meat, as in the
case of milk., it must be remen -
bered that all herds which actual
ly show the disease are tiuaran
lined, and neither milk or meat
from the sick animals can be
sold. Sixty per cent of meat used
in this country is produced in the
nearly IKX) federally inspected
slaughtering and packing estab
lishments located in 240 cities.
In these establishments no ani
mal is slaughtered until it has
passed an anti-mortem insection
and also a most rigid post-mortem
inspection by n veterinarian
at time of slaughter. A I in
slaughter its moats can not leave
the establishment until it has
been carefully examined and
stamped "II. S. Inspected and
Passed." In all these establish
ments no animal showing any
symptoms whatever of foot-and-mouth
disease is allowed to go to
slaughter, and no meat which, on
post-mortem inspection, shows
any suspicious symptoms of this
complaint can be shipped out of
the establishment. All meat sus
pected of coming from an animal
suffering with this complaint is
sent, under Government seal, to
the tanks to be rendered into
fertilizer. The Federal Inapeo-
tion stamp on meat, therefore,
means that it is entirely safe.
The Federal Government, how
ever, has no jurisdiction over
local slaughter houses which do
not ship meat outside of the state
in which it is slaughtered. If,
however, meat from such an ani
mal did escape from one of these
local slaughter houses, which are
purely under State or municipal
control, all danger of its commu
nicating the disease to human
beings would be removed when
it is. thoroughly cooked and steril
ised. Those who are located
near an infected region and wish
to be absolutely certain of the
safety of their meat should cook
it thoroughly.
The disease when contracted
by adults is not at all a serious
illness. It commonly takes the
form of slight fever sores in tho
mouth und a slight eruption on
the lingers. In the case of small
or sickly children it may take a
more serious- form, especially if
complicated by other illnesses.
Come to Harney County.
were overthrown and idle lands
brought within reach.
When settled on farms on
which they can become producers
they arc the bone and sinew of
the republic. They, not the spec
ulating parasites and monopolists
nre the men for whom the great
outdoors was created.
A great pen nnial issue in this
state is how to get cheap lands
within reach of the landless who
have the land hunger, how to
loosen the hold of the speculator
on lands that are held out of use
waiting for advice in price, and
how to bring all the great usable
but unused areas within reachof
those represented by "my desire
was and is yet to get on a larger
piece of land with my large family
to do general farming, but it
seems impossible to get a
chance. " Portland Journal.
Ladies' Library Club.
(Com monies tad)
Group two of the "Ladies'
Library Club, met at the home
of Mrs. Hen Brown last Saturday
to complete their part of the pro
gram for the year.
The subject being "Wit and
Humor" the ladies responded to
tho roll call, with a new and up-to-date
humorous story.
The first number on the pro
gram, was a paper, by Mrs.
Kelly, on the famous English
humorists; finishing with a selec
tion on babies, by Jerome K.
Jerome; this afforded a great
deal of amusement, as it was
supplemented occasionally with
some of Mrs. Kelley's own origi
nal wit.
Mrs. McHcee, sang two, well
chosen selections, entitled "Phil
osophy", und "My First Love"
which was very much appreciat
ed by every one present.
Mrs. Hen Brown read very in
teresting biographies of the fa
mous American Humorists.
The closing number was an ex
tremely "laughable" song on the
victrola, sung by Harry Lauder
entitled, "Stop Your Tickling
The name of this song caused
some of the more mirthful ones
to smile, but by the time the
song was ended it was difficult to
discern where the most laughter
was coming from the Victrola, or
the uudienc .
(Prnm Our l'ortland Correspondent)
Certainly Oregon has no reason
to be dissatisfied with the pro
gress being made in populating
the state, since the report recently
issued by the State Labor Com
missioner at .Salem indicates that
there are now 122.822 more resi
dents in Oregon than when the
1910 census was compiled. Four
years ago there were 672,765
people in the state, as compared
with 795,687 at this time. The
report was compiled from the
enrollment and attendance figures
of the school department in each
The report indicates that the
growth in population is somewhat
patchy" throughout the state,
some counties having made re
markable advances while others
have grown but little, while in
several instances there appears
to have been a loss. Multnomah
County shows the largest guin.
50.922, while Hood River, Jose
phine, Morrow and Sherman
counties show a population
slightly smaller than four years
The farmers of Polk County
are becoming interested in a
proposition to raise suger beets.
A meeting was held at Indepen
dence a few days ago at wrTich
the matter was discussed with
representatives of the beet sugar
manufacturers, and it is expected
that a considerable acreage will
be devoted to beets the coming
year. The bottom lands are well
adapted to this crop and the
sugar men are convinced the in
dustry can be made profitable to
Amendment of Torrens Land Registra
tion Laws, Establishment of Mort
gage Credit Institutions, And The
Organization of Farmers' Co-Oper-ative
Banks Under State Laws
Amendment of the Torrens
land registration laws, establish
ment of mortgage credit institu
tions under federal laws, and
organization of farmers' co-opera
tive banks under state laws, are
three measures designed to secure
better rural credit facilities re
ceiving favorable consideration
at the first meeting of the rural
credits commission recently ap
pointed by Governor West. The
session was held at Salem on
November 24 and was organized
by electing Dr. Hector Macpher
son, director of the Bureau of
Organization and Markets of the
Agricultural College, chairman,
and Mr. Dana H. Allen, member
legislation providing for the or
ganization of farmers' co-operative
banks is to promote thrift
and to supply short-term credits.
It was pointed out that a number
of states already have similar
laws, notably Massachusetts,
Wisconsin, New York, and Texas.
A Btudy of these laws will be the
basis of further action at the
next session of the commission.
The membership of the com
mission is as follews: Dr. Hector
Macpherson, Corvallis; H. G.
Starkweather, Milwaukie; S. M.
Garland, Iebanon ; Professor F.
G. Young, Eugene; Dana H.
Allen, Salem; Sidney B. Vincent,
member of the corporation de-
elect of the state legislature, sec- partment. and S. G. Sargent,
Near Brownsville a large de
posit of splendid building stone,
of a rare buff color, has been
found, and the quarry will be
opened as soon as the necessary
machinery can be installed. This
particular variety of stone is
much sought after by architects,
und the industry will undoubtedly
reach large proportions. The
machinery now on the way to
the quarry will give a capacity
of three carloads per day.
Lumbermen of the Pacific
Northwest have been asked to
bid on railroad ties for the Orient
aggregating 9.000,000 feet, and
with orders for the same ma
terial coming Europe, it is ex
pected the millmen of this ter
ritory will be right in line for
their share of the anticipated
good times.
Will Ask for a Rabbit Bounty
Sick Headache,
Sick headache is nearly always "My desire was and is yet to
caused by disorders of the atom- get on a larger piece of land with
ach. Correct them and the peri- my large family, to do general
odic attacks of sick headache will farming, but it seems impossible
disappear. Mrs. John Bishop of to get a chance
Hoseville, Ohio, writes: "About u' It is the human hunger for
year ago I was troubled with in- land. It is the inborn desire to
digestion und had sick headache ' be on the soil und live with
that lasted for two or three days nature.
at a time. I doctored and tried a The expression is quoted from
number of remedies but nothing the letter of "A Reader" on this
helped me until during one of page. He has twenty acres that
those sick spells a friend advised to clear and set tp trees, cost him
me to take Charnberlain'ti Tablet .fJoP an acre. But he wants
This medicine relieved me in a ' trfore land.
short time." For sale by all And Oregon wants more such
dealers. men. It wants them oi the Ian
which speculator!;
Chamberlain's Cough Ramedy-The
Mother' Favorite.
"I give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to my children when
they have colds or coughs,"
writes Mrs. Verne Shaffer, Van
dergift, Pa. "It always helps
them and is fur superior to any
other cough medicine 1 have used.
1 advise anyone in need of such a
medicine to give it a trial." For
sale by all dealers.
Restaurant paya cash for
A news dispatch from Silver
Lake in the Sunday Oregonian
says that petitions asking the
state and several counties inter
ested to put a bouny on jackrab-
bits probably will be circulated
in Lake, Harney, Crook and Mal
heur counties within the next
few weeks.
Those who have drafted the
petitions for Lake county are
awaiting word from neighboring
counties before putting the pa
pers in circulation, as it is the
plan to pray for a uniform bounty,
and tho amount, to be asked has
not been determined. Lakeview
A general discussion of the en
tire subject of rural credits was
taken up by the commission, but
only tentative conclusions were
arrived at Recommendations
concerning the defects of the
laws for the registration of land
ure unanimous, and Mr. Allen
and Mr. Garlan were appointed a
sub-committee to investigate the
defects and prepare an amend
ment that will make the law ef
fective. The mortgage credit institu
tions could best be established
and conducted under federal law,
was the sense of the commission.
The essentials of an act that
would meet the needs of the Ore
gon farmer will be worked out
and presented to the legislature
with the recommendation that
they be embodied in a memorial,
adopted by joint resolutions of
the house and the senate, and
sent to Congress with an earnest
request that there be no further
delay in enacting such legislation
as will place the American far
mer in a position to obtain credit
on terms as favorable as those
enjoyed for many generations by
European farmers.
The purpose of the proposed
state bank superintendent. In
early reports sent out during the
absence of Dr. Macpherson, it
was incorrectly stated that he
was head of the commission and
had called the session at Salem.
Governor West named the com
mission and called its first session
declining absolutely to interfere
with or take part in either its
organization or deliberations.
Party of Harney Settlers.
A party of some twenty pro
posed settlers on Harney lands
passed through Vale Monday un
der direction of the agents of the
Oregon- Western Coloni z a t i o n
company and Mayor A. W. Trow,
of Ontario.
The party is from the middle
west and it is to be hoped that
they are pleased with the outlook
in the Harney section. Wheat
and corn will bring huge prices
for a number of years and the
virgin lands of Malheur and
Harney can supply vast quanti
ties of both. Vale Enterprise.
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
for special attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Eyes
tested and glasses fitted. 50tf.
To those interested we are
pleased to announce that we are
restocking in Edison phonograph
goods. We have just received a
large shipment of Blue Amberal
Records. All wax records re
duced in price. Lunaburg, Dal
ton & Co.
ivki-4-in at
Agriculture, Including Agronomy,
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Hull!
culture, Poultry Husbandry, Insects,
Plant and Animal Diseases, Cream
ery Management, Marketing, etc.
Horns Kconomks, Including Cook
ing, Home Nursing, Sanitation, Sew
jng. Dressmaking and Mllliuciy.
Commerce, including lluslnes Man
agement, Ktiral t:iuuuttis. Business
Lsw, Office I raining, Farm Account-
ing, etc t'.iiguuMring. Including
Shopwutk and Roudbulldiug.
A general clearing houss session of
six days lor the exchange of dynamic
Ideas on the must pressing problems
of the tlmss. Lectures by leading
authorities.. Stats conferences.
Offers lei Hires, movable schools, In
Stltutss and numsrous correspondency
courses on request.
MUSIC: Piano, String, Baud, Vuke.
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roads. Foi turthsr Infotssailon address,
Ik urtiva AgrUullnrgl toller
Breakfast 5:30 to 9
Dinner 11:30 to 2
City Restaurant
W. R. McCuiation, Prop.
Supper 5 to 8
Short orders at all hours
The Burns Flour Milling Co,
Manufacturers of home products
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