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r ! LOVE
The Girl of Mystery
Tky the
Uavrcjat, 114. AU saovlaf plctere
rifkt mttrt4 hy tbt Urivcrul I'lln
Mssststtsrlsi Company, wiles l
s- caklMtlsi tkli sraaeitloe la
stasia- theaters, lafrtsif MM will
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Valuable sovernini'iitnl papers are stolon
By Thompson, follower of Loubauue, bl
tarnatlonal apy, Iran tleneral Lava, whom
l.oubequ hateo. In Manila, I-ov' daugli
tar Lucllla fllaa to a steamer to recover
th papara In order to clear tha name of
Lieutenant Olbaon. whom aha loves.
Lxiubaqaa. tampering with tha wireless
on tba ataamar, la hurt Lucille nurse
him In an attampt to raoovar tha papara
l.urilta sets tha papara, but tha ahlp la
wraekad. 8ha la eaat aahora on a Paclflu
Island and la takan by a nattva ohlaf to
bla hut to nuraa hla alck ohiu.
Tha natlva child la raatorad to haalth.
and tba grateful natlyaa Idollaa Lucille.
Loubeque, alao cast aahora. triaa various
plana to raoovar tha papara, but In rain. aalflad, fonsue a maaaasa
(ran a neighboring chief to lura l.u.-lli
away from har friends. She falla Into a
pitfall, loalna tha documsnta.
CHAPTER VIII (Continued)
Tha ahot broagbt evprytlilaf back to
her. She waa here, not to sympathise
ran with oue wounded to death, but
to aare her sweethearts honor. She
found the sack and looked bark to
where ahe could see Loubeque ad
vancing: For just a second aba pained. Then,
some Impulse governing her, ahe thrust
the burning knot of wood between tba
Interstices of a nearby latticework of
Tinea and slunk stealthily to the right,
knowing the spy would follow the
light Instead of herself. Even as she
watched his movements, glorying In
the success of her strategy, her hand
pressed against something cold and
damp. She looked swiftly down at
the stoat ruins beside ber, along which
ahe had been walking, ruins covered
with thick tropical vegetation. Bhe
passed her lingers over the stone she
hsd flrat encountered, rubbing away
the mod and creepers that covered It
so completely.
Suddenly, without the slightest wsrn-
Ing. she saw the ground moving, inov- n,
Ing restlessly as It would move hsd
some monster mole been burrowing
beneath Its surface. It was moving,
moving directly under Jxmbeqoe. Bhe
started back, wide eyed at tba spec
tacle of a great stone door suddenly
springing wide and burling the man
who bad stood upon It to one side com
pletely oat of ber sight She advanc
ed timidly, staring about for sign of
tha spy, but be was not to be seen.
Bhe peered down the black dole that
had opened, wonderlngly. half Inclin
ed to believe herself In a trance, for a
flight of stone steps reached up (o ber,
reached up from the blackness, a
blackness which ber eyes could not
pierce, try though they would.
A bit terrified, yet with curiosity ir
resistible, Lucille timidly put a foot
upon the first step, then baited. She
waited a moment, then followed ber
right foot with the left. As though
awn giant Band urged Ber flown. Bar
reluctant feet moved slowly, step by
step, down the long flight And always
would ahe stare In nameless terror last
the door be suddenly closed and bar
means of exit barred. And even aa she
looked her premonition of evil was
Blowly. very slowly, the stray light
that opened down to her through the
paaaags narrowed, disappeared. To
bar ears came the sound of feet, swift,
sura. About ber was such blackness
as she had never even Imagined be
fore. Blowly she groped ber way back to
the steps, finding the last oue and feel
ing about for some means of throwing
back the opening. The steps beneath
ber feet were slippery, worn as though
the feet of thousands and hundreds of
thousands had passed that way for aa
many years. And alwaya about ber,
yet never so close aa to come In con
tact with bar, were tbe owners of the
feet that slipped and glided sure foot
edly upon the steps. Above her that
solid wall; beneath ber steps that led
down Into the bowels of tbe earth;
about ber human beings whom aks
could not see.
Curiously clawlike hands, but bnman
hands, Bought out ber wrists, drawing
ber down the steps, silently, with un
devlatlng purpose, but never harshly.
Realizing the futility of resistance, ber
otter helplessness, Lucille numbly al
lowed herself to be conducted down
the long flight A veritable army seem
ed to swarm before and about ber.
ludglng from the footfalls. The bands
upon her wrists were cold, unhealthy.
hairy, yet the sounds of tbe voices of
ber captors were harsh gutturals, In
comprehensible, yet human.
"This la tbe end of all for uiol" sbs
said In ber terror.
were loaded with biasing rubles. The
alien souud that drove tbe mutes
crouching bark came from the gigan
tic statue. And then Lucille saw that
s huge orang outang squatted compla
cently In the palms of tha Idol, bis
wrinkled, old men's face pucksred
As though their fear had subsided
the underground creatures once more
INSjsd in upou Lucille. Boms Impulse
mane oer aart toward the orang as
though for protection. Tba foul crea
iiii'i'h were about ber, clawing at bar
with their horrible, uncertain pawe,
like giant bats. The monkey seamed
uitilciily to wsken to the situation.
Willi n shrill note of rage be leaped
from his squatting posture snd snatch
ed the necklace of ruble from about
tin- Idol's neck, fllugtng It squarely
Into the center of tbe mob. It had the
effect of drawing them back for a mo
ment with shrill squeaks the orang's
hairy paw plucked jewel after Jewel
from tbe Idol, hurling them St the crea
tures with the speed of bullets. Again
ami again hs drove them back from
her and Lucille constantly fought her
way closer to this strange protector.
Her heart sank as shs saw the crea
ture had no more missiles. Bhe csught
a llaab of hairy arms snd body ss be
leaped toward her, hla huge, round
anus flailing about him, dropping tbe
subterranean inhabitants at every
swing. Lucille, guided by some Im
pulse, st(HiMd snd picked up the hiss
ing necklace, extending It to the orang.
He seemed not to uotlce. Wlidlv he
Ihraahed about the creatures dropping
like ninepins Backward, ever back
ward, Lucille felt her way, edging
through tbe mob as ber protector clear
ed a passsge. The rock ribbed vault
iicboed ami re-echoed hideously with
the shrill squeals of rage from tha
orang. the gutturals of terror and
pain from her assallanta. Now they
were lighting among themselves, tum
bling sbout In a wild chaos of arma
in'! legs snd bodies.
8he closed her eye against the ter
rible sight. Suddenly Lucille felt her
'eel slipping from under her; felt her
salt going down toward a rippling,
musical sound; gently falling through
.he blackneas as though she aank
within a soft mattress of feathers
Cold waters rose up snd broke ber
fall, closing about ber and edging ber
gently to and fro. Instinctively ah
reached out. ber hands closing sbout a
narrow atrip of wood. With every
itom of strength In her frail body shs
clung, making out finally that tbe ob
ject waa a canoe Blowly aba slipped
down the current until s flicker of nar
row light glowed far ahead.
The sight Inspired her with fresh en
ergy. Bhe drew herself up. carefully
balanced the cano agaluat ber weight
then slipped Into the bottom snd Isy
there cilmiistcd Shu groped ntmut as
sides of the subterranean cavern
that it was in lag lui'iisi
Over and Oval ng.ilu slie repeated it.
She had been MM at the last mo
ment anil vtim going In be taken sway.
Ami (he primi at not even finished
before (lie bai viiiiilct) lightly at bar
feet and she round herself speaking
to a lienvy realm.. I uMingleh man
who was evhlenlly in ' "iminind of the
There was something sinister sbout
the ninn whose eyes were fastened
upon her fare In micli bold admiration
that she InstlnilUely ilrew nway.
Suddenly he turneil to Ills men,
roughly .iideiing I hem In prepare for
the row nut Uieii assisted Luclll to a
seat alongside lilmseir. Try though
She 'Vim lit si ' "i lil not reel the Joy
that sis'ined natural as I lie I mat slip
ped tin "nth I be aler propelled by the
Sturdy oarsmen, She studied thein
keenly Itougli. powerru! men they
Were, bill she wis woman enough to
know them to be the sort easily han
dled by a beautiful woman tbe weak
er the easier And she saw that the
caplaln was heartily disliked. She no
ticed also Hint two or the oarsmen had
fare that slieweil signs of recent bat
tering The lot nil ion that had served
ber so well be fine told her Captain
Welheieii. for siiih wss the nsms he
used In luti'sbiclng himself, had been
a parly In this
There waa something uncanny, mys
terious, nbniii the yacht, eaperlally
about one stateroom which waa always
lorkisl saw e hen Lucille caught
through the partly "pencil door a
glimpse of a innti who looked like a
Chinaman. Hut she could not be sure.
TluTdiMir wi" finest quickly.
Rurias From s Wsird Souro.
HER knee Jolted from under her
as ahe reached out and found
no downward atep. Round
black passsges through rock
vaulted slslss, some so close the sides
brushed against ber, she wss bustled.
Bbe bad given herself completely up to
her guide. Bbe knew with a heavy
despair that only accident could enable
her to dud her way back to the steps
through all the turns they had made.
Quite abruptly abe felt her eyes blind
ed ss tbe mantle of blackness ws
flung aside. For a moment she could
not see; then, becoming accustomed to
tbe transition front darkness to comv
psratlve light, she looked with u sbud
dor of terror upon the hairy, dwarfed,
inlssbaiien crea lures w ho hiirrouuded
her rem ii its who battered g the
gutturals of mutes. leulures whom
the perpelunl darkness had paled to a
nshiike pallor. rreaturuH whose hydro
cephalic heads worn always bent far
forward as though tbe MOM of hesr
Ing had been given them In treble val
ue because of the blindness with
which the subterranean life hsd af
flicted them.
Sick with tbe unwholeaomenas of
tbe sight, Lucille lifted her eyes at a
shrill, chattering not In tbe guttural
-a note that was strangely fsinlluir,
evn welcome. Bbe (tared wonderlng
ly at tbe enormous carved atatu of
a malignant fared mau-a man with
mighty torso and gigantic arms, a man
whoM baad towered far above her aud
expanded The light grew broader. A
paddle encountered ber fingers, snd she
thrust It out Into tbe water Came a
ii 'inching of wood It ripped against
the rocky aides of tha shallow ravine,
and she stared In dismay at tbe use
less handle that alone remained to her.
Cicntly. lastly the oanoe floated down
toward the ever expanding wedge of
light. Blowly, very slowly, tbe frb
air of tba Jungle met ber quivering
nostrils. And even as she opened her
mouth, laving ber throat with the In
tosicatlug odor that had been so re
pulslve to her before, the canoe waa
lifted up, snatched up ami whirled
about In a gigantic swlsbltig circle
Lucille Insthi' lively thrust tiie bro
ken shaft of paddle Into the water,
finding It useleaa. Kb crouched low.
Round and round lu ver narrowing
circles she wss whirled, tbe blsck ws
ter white now ss It lashed Itself Into
raging circles from tba exact center of
which rose s Jagged toothed rock -a
rock that Impertorbably. cruelly waited
this dainty morsel being brought him
Faster, faater, lu ever shortening cir
cles tbe creamy foam of ssvsge waters
drew the frail canoe toward tbe ugly,
Mack rock that roa from out Its cen
Round and round In lb circle of
water the frail craft aped. Then for
a brief fraction ot a second tbe circu
lar progress waa baited, tba cano be
ing held steady, quivering aa another
force seised It and tried to fight sgalnst
tbe whirlpool. LuclJW bald her breath,
measuring the length of time s uew
hope arrived In hours Instead of the
seconds It reslly wss. Then the craft
shot out of tbe current snd contiuued
upon II wild chase toward tbe rock.
It wss now a matter of but two rev
olutions st beat before the end. Lu
clll mw tlila with eye that flinched
not yet that refused to bold any dread.
Something slashed against her cheek,
and ber hands Instinctively reached up,
clutching, graapteg, clinging to thick
tangle of creeper.
Tbe ranoe whirled out from under
ber while she clung there, last savage
water leaping, snapping at bar feet
iMaperatlon loaned her strength. For
Just a second she rested, then bravely
recbnd mU aud clambered along the
thick vtu ttuili abe saw the esrth be
neath, than dxeppad and lay panting
upon tbe ground, shaking with a ner
vous chill ss tb raacgios Mixed ber.
1.0ml vi.a speaking lu English
tones wakened bar from is state of
self pity which followed tb chill. She
looked up swiftly, 007 that tbe dense
fastnesses encircling bar were really
pregnable, fearing a new anamy.
Fate bad been ao kind to bar and
ui so unkind thst aba realized her
chief danger slmjiltaneoualy with the
recollection of who shs had to guard.
She clutched at tb little sack, thrill
ing at tbe nastl of tb paper she bad
fought ao bard to gain, at thought of
what they meant to bar sweetheart In
Manila The diary told bar that I tngc
tiouoeque had thousands of men work
ing to do hi will.
The shrill protesting creak of oar
lock drove away bar fear, supplant
Ing It with on of wild alarm The
men war going away ware leaving
her alone bore. Of the millions of In
habitant of tba globe, why should shs
think every man a worker of tb spy?
Bbe flung herself wildly through the
teugl of thick vegetation that barred
ber way from tha sound, crying aloud
at tbe top of bar soke for sslteiuw
even though she kuaw no sound could
carry to the man. Bba luuu herself
standing upon a pabbly lattl beach
that snatched a seren craarant of wa
ter from tba ocean. Htrainlug bar
eyes, sue could dimly sss a Isrg row-
boat at tba tip of tb craacent, It ob
jective point being obviously a beauti
fully slender yscbt anchored wall out
Lucllla warad bar arma In tba sir
wildly, running up and down tba beach
la desperation as she saw bar upper
I unity for cpe from tb terrlbl Jun
gle receding Her throat waa racked
from tbe dry sobs which escaped bar,
ba of rag and chagrin at bar owa
cowardice and folly.
Suddenly an stopped dead In bar
tacks, bar fist tightly clinched as sb
greased them against bar breast "It
is coming bark!" sb gasped, for sba
T was the stub day out that for tb
first time she saw the man upon
the dis k In daytime. Captain
Welheieii was scanning the sky.
his brow 1 iniiibil and hla heavy Jaw
thrust forwaid like an angry bulldog's.
Lucille was standing beald tb old
boatswain, questioning him and whll
lug away Hie lung sultry day by listen
ing to the stories he loved to tell her.
She start. -.1 toward her cabin. She
heard a swin step across tha deck and
hurried the raster, only pausing to look
back w hen she reached her door.
A little cry or pity Slid rage cam
from ber lips when, with an ugly oath,
Wetherell lifted his greatest and floor
ed the old bmsmu Every womanly
Impulse lose up within ber at the out
rageous, uncalled for attack. Forget
ful of her own p.. various position, for
getrul or everything ssve the pain of
(be old mill upon the disk, sb start
ed to his assistance, when tb door of
the Chinaman's stateroom alspped
open, and the occtipaut strode across
the disk toward Wetherell aud apok
with Wetherell In low tone of aup
pressed passion
The cantata Bd Ihe man angrily for
a moment then turned and slipped
away, his rr) back dropping Ilka that
of a whipped 1 ur. Lucille turned to
enter her nil. In. but something cauaed
'.lie ihsir to mi- k ojien a want Inch or
so She felt an Inclination to scream
for aid. but nuuinement at recognition
of I be man who Stepped Into tba cabin
behind bar, sofllj closing tba door, hM
her dumb For under Ihe yellow col-
urliig th,. mad up stunting eves, tha
Xloiig.iil in ma i, he had so cunolugly
iisstiuusl. fear loaning clarity to ber
vision, tbe rissiiinUisI Hugo l.oubque,
and ln.siiii.ihrl h bands clasped at
the Utile big about ber neck which
held Ihe tie 1. .us pa 1 .ore. The
s111ll.1l at the impulsive gesture
"You hate gajaaaad Ibe reason for this
Intrusion. Ml-., boa)," he murmured
grefetj 'Tbe peden ir you pies."
The terror eideaed bfm uf th girt
uairoMiil sJowtl as her gux traveled
froin the liiiloiuliiible face to tb out
diet, bed hunt ,.r im parted lu a
smile as she moved toward tba door
and held It open for him to leave
Miss 1. 11, 111,.." he contiuued, his
tones abarper, ".mu must appreciate
111 forbearance toward you so far. It
cannot ...mimic forever Uudoubtadl
you know my pewer, Dee It not star
tle you to dud me lu a position of au
thority Un this yacht? It la always
so i:erywhcre I find my assistants.
Forty years of my rtf have been spent
in ordering Mens so that aurh obsta
cles as you hiw inroiiutered would be
at my command The papers. If you
please '
She ipinllcd la-fore Hie lightning that
ilartisl rioin his somber eye. Common
o-tise. tin. instiii, t for swlf preservation,
Bl if) thing urged bur to obey. Yet
when ber bauds sought bar bosom th
reel i.r the pn-elou little bag renewed
her courage, gave her strength to meet
bis c.m-s with a courage greater even
than his own assurance.
Her aye held to his with an effect of
frightened raseluatlon. It was taw
change In In 1 lone, the difference In hi
w 01 ding of I be demand that told Hugo
Loiibeques patience bad been finally
Frayed to tba breaking tsiiiit, thai craft
and diploma. would lie things of tb
past did she 1, ..f tellnijulab tbe paper
in Mm now let duly, love twin
shadows. uriiilliHU-. . of Iron
strength held bur back from obedl-
ell. e.
"Think. Miss think of our po
sitions. Mat, I, my streugtb, brute
strength, igalnat roat own; measure
the strength i.r .ui. one 0f the thou
sands who Inipllcllly obey me. Those
waters tell no tales, give up 110 ghastly
arrets think t ihut. ajina love, I
In ; id .ton, Hi. 11 give me tba Httls bag
you wear sbout jour neck."
Ills oli ii was fun of pleading, yet
his i'ii-h hclil a death message which
made her htiiiddtir.
"Vim seek lu savu tb nuo dear to
you, child. Ton tttfuk me wicked, cru
el, rehmtleM, and I am all or the
thing. Forty years ago I might hav
don aa you do now, but nil the im
pulses of that time arc dead, killed by
your father; all Ihe love I over bad,
tbe only love, has been.. lead r..r forty
years, killed by your father; all (he am
bttlon of that time of youth, the bappl
nee of hope, tb pride of faiheilauil, Is
dead, has been dead for forty years,
killed by your father, QeneMl Bumpter
Love. And you-you think thai I would
stop at violence to prevent your thwart
ing ms: you think I would trad thee
forty years of hate fur the 1'alut splash
of s girl's body on the waters ur ibis
great waste?"
Th While his tulles grew lower, they
carried a vibrant thrill Unit si rink at
her vary heart. Ills face was flinty as,
with passionate pleading, she lifted bar
eye to hi, lusllncthely she f Hod
as s sbsdow roll betwisn them. 1 .011
Isspie frowned US Captain Welheieii
Jollied them, hi eye Hashing a .pies
Honing glance at the pallid face or the
girl. Then the spy bowed "gravely ami
stepped on tb deck, followed closely
by th captain of the ya hi.
Whispers of Ihe uieii growing I lei
came to bur until she muld distinguish
tbe angry voice nr Welbcreli. iirtcd
now lu sur'y rebellion Lucille lirniik
back against the wall vlsiiiillxlug from
tha man' tone mid the expression mi
hi fac. A greater lionoi Hum I ln
wave came leaping to her mind. Hugo
Loubeque was her proton Ion from
this brute. Shu knew It was Hue
And then Captain Wetherell stepped
Inald ber cabin, without the formality
of knocking, closing the dooi cautious
ly behind him. hla every mnvemcul
furtive, his face wearing a sheepishly
leering expression.
"What what do you want?"
Immediately 111 question passed her
lip sb realised she bad luade a nils
take, that ber tones showed frigid.
"Don't be alarmed." lie said sortly.
"I have aettled with Mr LobbeqM
You need have no further fear of hlin.
my deer."
Ker: Lucille felt a great yearning
for the spy, s need of Ids protection
even as s moment before alio had
thought It Impoaalble to lie In such
mortal terror of any one as she bad
been of Hugo loubeque and his era fly
(To be continued next week.
Rolled barley, wheat and oaU
for sale at market prices. - W. A.
(iuodrnan's feed yard.
(UM) Burai 114 Uat Me.
Units tts I in rrt s
Burnt, Oras on, ocielier ?, Hit.
..,1 , Isharebr glvsn that Psvia I'. Nuttsr,
l.ltmond. (In. ion. who. on Aiull Ift, ,
made Hiii.iest.iail Kiitry, No HWW7. for but 4,
U-ll.l IJ.H I Sllll 1 SSI'IIOH HI,
n.i.'i a Hi.iiih Ksaiu 4 K., Willamette
Mnri'lian, has fllsd notice Muteailon l i
nnitl live sr Prisjl, to establish i lelin I
laad siniv ilaai-rluad. Issforn Has later and K
t'slvur, hi Hums, oreiiui, on In 41a d ul
In . mniier, lul4.
i lamisiii names ss witnesses
i K Hiurtli.Hciitt rsitereiin.l'rcsiley suivlli,
nn. I stil riiuiesvs, ll ol IHainiinil. "regou
Wm. Kasss. KesUtur
liuras, liragou, October '47, IVI4.
Nmli n Is hereby slveu that Crank abort, ul
i s iimion, whs on July . Ivou,
ib.uieeUsilT.nirr.Nu. UU71I, lur NW(4, Osiiluu
1 1 luwnshtbMS , K, W lllsinalta Harl
.ii'.n use Iliad notice ol Intention to tasks final
Ove-yeSI I'ns.l to eelal.llsli claim In lb laud
above .teal rllswl, before Heslsler sad Heewltrer
,.i Barns. On n'"i. ii tbe r.tu day uf beoemlsir,
i laiiiiant natnasas wiioeasea
William Mi K Inula. Nelson K. Pardee, Albert
Wuod.uito i . "ss.-ii sll uf Burns, Oregon
iisu Railway i
sildress is St Paul,
I self
Barae. Oregon, oaloear A, mill
la hereby slvas thai th Northern
Railway iiirspeur, wbne pest orflie
Mianaaine, baa tii'a fttn
file la tills offlrs lis si.
elfi'stlon to select under the i.rovlaloiia of the
ei or congress, aparoven jnir i, isjs ran siai .
uf me aei oi i aiigress
kl 27 South, Hangs
I U H Sanslora lOeo. g. Cka a aerial
I Harry lata
W ( Mawlay
J stseow
day nfOrlnber II4
l.ll.elloli lu aelesil u
set ol c'onsreaa. aea
aeT.sNI. as axlandad
Serial No. 077M
eraona i leimii.K adversely the
aaprova May 17, iww
aerial t
Auysndall persona i-IsIhiIi.r adversely the
lands deecrllsid, or daslrlng to object I.e. -auae
of tba ailncral ubaracterof Iba land, or any
other reaeonta tba disinaaltoai.iiianl, si. "..I'l
nie ineir srnqavua or prou-st in una omie.ou
or before Ibe avth dsy ol November, lull
Wm. rsss, Reglatei
Attoraay (lanaral , ,,
arr ol Mlsl
I rassvrai
Mu.i lol.lli' Instruction
HtSle I'll I
Hoprame Judges
i A Ohareb
W Pastway
Hobi Bab I a
T A. MabrM
oH Betasajt
B. B. bass.
. A. Moor
ninth ji'iiiciai. DiaraicT.
I lilstricl Jndg Delias Bias
II i, in. I) Alton, ey Leo. S SttasBW
1 I In. ill I oart rneete lb Brat Moaday la
April ami that Monday In October
$1500 Reward!
Joint Henslor
Joint Ku.resentatlva
WH Brerea
w. r.
mi stv Haasar:
I Judge
i rierk
Treasurer .
H a Miller
. Paaaa. Keglster,
nii an statbm i.anii orrb s,
Hums. Oregon, u. tola 1 14, cm,
Nettaa II hereby gives Ibsl William W I'srii
i si, of Independence, Oragiiu, win., on August
i. lags, maile n-serl I ami Kulry, No uilv.t for
It HeillollW, 1owaabl. J4M.,ltsuseiUIR. wll
Isnn It Meridian, has llled nollie ol luli-mlni,
to tasks nasi proof, lu establish .-latin to Ibe
land alsiie deserllsyd, before Register siot Rs
eelver, si hums, Oregon, on Ibe villi dsy uf
iovi in her, ii4
Claimant uaun-e SS all
II.,.. I l..kls,.l. , ....II.... I. .bla, I, 11..... 1
-... . ".. ... X. B.W,..,. .,. .. , ..WM. ..
Hiinili.) sad J. M Uougblerly allot Hsrrltuau
w. r-.aa. Meslalar.
Ifornlsenil Nevsds
hive Stock Proi...
tloo Association ol
which ttie under
slgoed la member,
will give ll.lsXi Ul
reward for evl
dears Issdlng to
Ibe srreal snd eon
Vli'llmi of any par
ty or parlies ateel
Ing burses, laid
or inslee belongb.s
I any ol Ita mern
to tbe stHlve. II..- toe I, , atari, ,1
olfers Ibe same i-oudltton ta 00 lor all hursca
brandailboraa shod baron both or ell her Jew.
brand reoordaal In alghl poiistles Range
Haraey, Lake aud iruok lounllrs. II..... s
vented when sold
Nena bat (rowa burses sold and only In
arge buuebes,
W w ittiiiWN Mle. Oregon
IB sildlllun
Hi lion) HusrrlnlaOl
Htoea I l'S.erl,r
A K . KwhgflaSsn
J- J.
I, M llasal
(I. W
, a I- ayle
JTboa Mil
loiinty i osrt mecta lbs Brat Wadaaaday Ii
January, Mint.. May, Jaly, Baplsmksr aa
HAsaav c s. i.ash orries:
Phyeklat, N --'
stOttNi, Jb
j. ui.9
lhrBkiati 14,-9
Bona, - , ,
Offlea In new bmi -i,,, '
harases she. J
'Pbone HgjJ
BO. O. clj
Pasyelclai. ,
T Trnasssjfe
ereaeaasl aaaaaaaaa staW
sasaassks Saraat.
aVaWTtae ...
Kei oob.i
Wai rsre
Hsui Mother
iitv snssa
sara Mutberabaa
R.y Van WlakU
lianr. PallM
... t. ialsa
Pfcysacian aarjt
Nati i um a,
Pbysicir aa,i
Cell enewered
.nil:' llmen-
, R.J. Haasaas
A. V. Wilisssi
Jama Laaaaeair
I k. I. MaKlasoa
Mealing uf ibe r'uiinrll every aa
fourth Wad need
Combination sick, miulv, ... . i.lei.l
nd death Iwueflt irotecllon at mini.
mum coat. I'J.osjtst death luiiilii.
11,000.00 tor I.SM...I limb or ByJBlgbij
laom ajot) liilri.00 werklvelck nr sc
ciilent beineflti f I, (SO OH aJMetgegil re
ll( benefit, t'oat Is i).tsi par ear,
no otlieut dues or aaarssuieuts. In this
iuaornnce all men ami wonmii ate alaeed
.in au tsjual buaia, rcgsr.lleH ,,( rysjeepa
lion. Kvery wron Ibe same
form of aiilication, iays I In- saiiie
auiouulof premium ami rceii.e tin
ssro sinnlint ol Ih-ioIi' MB a in I
Women bet ween lli sties "I IS and N
are aoneulisl. No mstri. ssline
cupation, only Itsllrnail nun employed
employed on track, trsin nr r mil
bouse, can not Is. si afjted Owtfn are
paid within sixty days any where hi ilie
U, S. Canada or'.pu. iii.l r. Ii.i lh
I neuron, e t' niipauy. l"nii ,i,.i on
Bute depisait as a pri'ln'i-u i.n Hollo)
holders ami In guarantee in, peyrni nl
ol -lalms rot lurther Ire.- ml., in, itloi
wldraja lliiatnvc Ii. Werner, Se.iitar)
and (ienerul Matmger, ln SI::. Ilnllulii.
X Y. elate .', ei, ... . oi'i"ii ami
llielltll.l. Ilepl II I. '
I'sitsn Mrarss e I
Buras, Oregon, Oclnlanrtl. 114 I
.ollee Is hereby given thai, Joseph I. Kellogg.
a iiatiiiiiau, iiiogun, who, on j, taisi.
made llomeeleail Ki.lry Nu. IHsHerlsl No VJ6I
lot tola 7. s, NlfcHK'4. SM-tlun 'J, 'township 2ft S.,
Range tUK W llleuielte Merldleii.haa fllrd uotlee
ot luteiiliuu to aiske anal Sve .-a. I'raof, to
lalabllall , latin to tbe land sbovs deserltaed.
Is lor.' Hesistaf and Rerelver si luirus.Oregua
,,.. the i-'.tli day ol Novsmbar, 114.
i Islmaiit ussasssa wllnaassa:
U Kellogg, t: . H Auiuiu A. It i urry all
it Harrllnn,Urgua Hboda K.SIuyul llurna
I regou.
W. raaaa. hegiai.r
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Drpartuie Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie 10:15A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. M.
Na 1, Baker 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes (00d foniKiliuii
with O.-VV. K. & N. No. 10 I. 'jiv
ing Portland 7:00 P. M. tut) No.
17 from eiist arrivin"; Ititkcr ii:.r0
A. M.
No 2 Connects with I .a Qrftndd
local 7:00 to lea Grandf, and No
9 (fast Mail) picks up uetftut
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Alao with No. is at
10:45 P. M. for points Kasl.
Notice of Sale of State Land.
Notice is hereby given that the State
I mill Hoard oft be Htate ur Oregon will
receive srulett lads until 10:00 o'clock A.
M , iKrifinlarr Mi IliUfoi the folio wing
I- miiIs-iI lainls, tii-wil:
lb. Viw and Lota 1, , 3, 4, of Hec. ao,
T. :i.h, S. K. 33 B.
IsBtloe Ii and 3(1. T. 33 8. K :il" , Ii.
Set 1. ma 16 and 30, T' 33 S. R. 32 I..
.-. i, ..n HI, W, and l.uls I, t, .'I, 4. Sec.
I :i:i H. R. M K
I lie SIC, fc-i. of W and l.nls I, a, 3,
I urs-vlloo 10, T. 3J S. K. 34 E.
I lie N'.anil NV, otH'v sad l.uls l,s,3,
I nl Section 10, and all nl Section 30,
T S. R. :ia E,
vclu.ii. 1 1, and 80, T. ,'14 S. R sjatrf Ii.
Bet lion 16 mill HO, T, 84 8. R. SaW 12.
Ml ul Srctiim HI, W', and l.nt 1. . 3,
4 ol Sect inn 30, T. 34 S. R. .13 B.
Allot Section 10, Nu. N1, ol S', iitnl
Lot! 1, a. 3, 4 nf rrcliou llli, T M S
ii nn ii.
Ml ..I Scctinu ltl ami 30, T. HA H, H
All bills must I ,i" ,.ii..sni. .1 by a
:. cill.nlv rieelltril lliillllltlllll to illl-
i Itiise mill cIh-i k ot ilrnll lor nl least
one lillb nl the amount of the In. I
The rinhl to rrerct any mnl nil bnl. t
tppliaatloea ami bid ahntilil I. ad-
Inaac'l to t;. I. llli.wU, I lelk StOtr
I ,ii..l llirnrd, Siilcni, Oirki'ii. mid mark
ril " iiilii-.'ii inn mid bid to iiuiihaar
alntr ImiiN."
C. 0. HRUWN,
( lerk State Land Hoard
D.ilc.lOctolsjr '-. 1014.
aa. aa ,
ruuoe narnmsn
Dr- Minniei
Physician andS
Wrect Talcphisa, t
La wen. I
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Rest Job Printing
h. E. HI
Ofle first door east
Vsjetrtl, Bid, . fw
Burn, (iraaa. ,
Moeaa 6 and 7 M
aaa saaaa quickly n.,i. M ,
Practice in the 8ut
for the V.H Uud n
You can buy no better
lor target work and all
small game up to
handle 22 Aon.
long or 'it gtai raiHiisias
Perfectly. The rleen Sassaaai
riflsiK cieveiops nuiirnutn novjrer and
accuracy and adds tn ilw. U. J .au.
an j. . . .. " e " "e eaaaa.
'"esasassaae-i tJ : a.
yjgakaylsaa.aa... 5 'l' i:. ,1
41 WlFav, Saraa ll.laa.Cna
' Tag panSaL ..aaaVBBaffaffjBJaal
afl &
ATsi saasH
aejal Tuir a?
te.sT 1 ttf"' '? 1 'Ja
. , aryWsasaaasaaWaLWr
mi muuniia:: ::):::: -
Hoaac Palntlns
Paper Hanajlnv
and Decorating
Hardwood FlnivhlnK
Preaco Painting
Ktlsjnt furnished on ap-
pllcJJlon. annaplee ahuwn.
F eJt-ananel ImMbsI ft
r H m I
I 1 Th only way lo l 1
It t tha y iiulne fc-.
New Home S
-Sewing Machinal N jff j
1 i. in buy tha aaacluoe -H
1 wilk tha aaasa NEW B
iiKMr.Niu. ray
-ft ai.,1 in th lea. I Hpla&
M This .ssafclaa U Jjnl EaMTai
wa.reateel lav ell KiM jV
" ( 6aT
f No other lika it JTT
I f No other as good O
O'han. H. L
A-rrotiNKV- Ai-
n ..i
varaiui aiu-iitioit gira I
uona and tk-ul Ksuk i
Kire Insurant,
Notary Publ:
Printed in accordance with legal
requirements on short notice at
Job Rooms
ipr :vi
A'-. f
MUBEr, Repeating
Rifle In the WORLD
Mado in two inoili ., una
tut . Short It. 1'. ir-
trlil(i'a tlii'iilliir lur ,W ii.
Klilr, It. K.
RIFL1 NO. 70.
Ilsillllcsj It .ahl
Hlmrt and ill ..
Ioiik nlln i-iirlii.l.-, .
Hanil fur liniidsniiiiils
iiiusiruii-ii linn (,,
lua and "How tuKhuot
Older ttavssi Hillat
flstalf so Ikatsuii
from four 1 1.
. o. Mas aeo.
No other bkoo
Till New Horn Sawing Micbint Company,
ee.wv M
I M f V.. J, aja. 3aaaB
A. W. G0WJ
State Courts and li
Land Office Pn
Three doors Souti
Harney County Nat
Burns, Orewi.
Akkesnay at Law W
klinim U. S. laaa Oil.. va
OBc) bataraaa Uarury I ..uuij
a lama OSea.
avaiavly Ahl Knslue
inn. B Seel.malloi, Nan
. r aC
H. atari a t
Keep your eye on
se-Tlii jg easy, fur it mofs
neatly svciy vveil-ni'ilnl
Imililiii.tii tins cuuntry,
Msllliuid it tn.iile by
reipunsilil t'liiniutiy, and
We .uuuntcc It,
- li' h itiiiiini we
I. find upon uiul go can
you fur it always makes
Harney Valley Lumber Co,
Paint Kitchen Floors
Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore kneea cauaed by
acrubbing bare (lours. PatnteU floors are catty to keep
bright and clean, are attractive and very incxpciisiye,
givea a hard, durable, sanitary finish for floor, atepa or
any inside aurfaco to be walked on, easy to keep clean
and hard to wear out. You can apply
It yourself. It dries in a short time.
Offered in appropriate and attractive
Eistern Oregon tagiM
laras, Ungia
Dig) caaansctiun. .oadial I
Lanvaja HarHaatsii Monde. a Is
ei tviva Wadne..l.v saaJas
a-aaVlwessV, runnei to,, wita mt
IsB tIDeaiiWinne!iiuco aJ.
.s em
All the news in The Times-Heraid for $2.00
Jawailor. Optician
Kmritivi r. rl
Pine Watch Repaiiine A-i
Meala At All Hours Sm
Orders and Prompt Serv
With lleaaonable Ki
Give Me A Call
We do it riarht
waa Mth a sad seek
Blia Clamber Alans,
Burna, Oregon
Tanas Mar