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The Biggest City In The Biggest
County In The State Of Oregon
The Biggest County In The State
Of Oregon, Best In The Weit
NO. 49
mds Many Comfortable Homes and
Considerable Improvement in The
Valley View Neighborhood. Alfal
fa Starting Growth After Recent
Rains Where Rabbits Destroyed it
The manager of this great
eligious weekly made a rapid
jur of the Valley view section
le fore part of this week and
found considerable improvement
In that territory since lie nan
en out. Many farms have been
stablished, or rather improved
land comfortable homes built
where it had been sae brush
only a short time ago.
Tuesday night was spent in
Lawen, the object being some
bird shooting that evening but
upon hnding Dr. nenson mere
to talk to the people we could
not spend sufficient time in the
fly ways of the birds to get any
shooting. Having found a friend
who desired to come to Hums
but who could not get ready
until noon, The Times-Herld man
took advantage of the time to
visit the Valley View neighbors
He found only a few at home but
had an opportunity to observe the
improvements and note the
changes. Some very nice homes
have been established in that
section and there are many acres
under fence and being tilled.
The Lloyd Culp home is very
comfortable and he is breaking
up a larger acreage. He has fine
soil as have also Hotfeditz, Cobb
and others.
Dr. and Mrs. Babbidge are
putting up a new house and the
Doctor was at the mill for more
lumber with which to finish it.
Mrs. Babbidge took the writer
out over the alfalfa field, or
rather where alfalfa had been
seeded, but which the rabbits
had destroyed early in the season,
and it was found that many
plants had started to grow since
the late rains. It is though I the
drill had placed most of this sei d
now sprouting too deep and that
it was just coming through the
ground; it may be possible, how
ever, tha the roots of the plants
that were cut down by the rat
bits may be coming again.
The F. H. Huntley place i. an
other well improved tract and lie
Burns Meat Market
Packing Plant
Fresh Meats. Poultry
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The Burns
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
in the State Outalde of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients-Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
also lias some line llolslein cows,
that are doing well. Mr. Hunt
ley was not at home and we
didn't have the pleasure of going
over his place or a personal con
versation with him. From ob
servation, however, it was seen
that he had done much work and
had his land in first class condi
tion. M. Gil, a new homesteader
just south of Mr. Huntley, has
started io make a home and is
busy with his improvements.
Messrs. Edwards anil ( arter also
have some well improved land in
that section. Mr. Carter saved
his rye from the rabbits by fenc
ing, but it seems the fence they
secured did not meet the condi
tions as it was hoped. The rab
bits would go under in places and
they could also go through the
mesh at a convenient lieigth. but
this surely can be remedied. A
barbed wire at the bottom has
been found very effective in pre
venting the pests going under
and w ith proper study and nec
essary information to manufac
turers a fence may be made that
will prevent their going through
The writer did not go up as
far as the W. (I. Howell holdings
on this trip but hopes to visit
that territory in the near future.
Mr. Howell has been doing much
work on his big tract with the
caterpillar plow and other ma
chinery and has transformed the
spot from a -age brush waste to
a farm that will be a factor in
the high coal of living by the
coming sea
Had theK been more people at
home i! is pi Baible we could have
secured mole inlormation re
specting the new developments
and proposed improvements. We
give warning now that the bo
Is going out there again in the
near future and for John Hoffe
dit, Geo. Cobb and other neigh
bor! to be at home or have their
houses well locked or a good
watch dog.
Sunset Notes.
The1 people of Sunset are most
all preparing more hind to seed
to grain this fall, drain was
not a discouraging crop here
wheat averaged twenty bushels
per acre and rye ten bushels.
It. D. Staid is plowing all his
160 acres and expects to have it
all in crop for next year and
Henry Lulg has all the Settle
in v re place plowed ready for
Several Sunset families have
moved to Burns for the winter.
There was a social dance Sat
urday evening at the Newtdl
place and every one reports hav
ing a good time.
Clyde Kmbree was over to
Harney City Tuesday on business
It is whispered here that the
democratic nominee for county
treasurer will receive a large
bachelor vote on election day in
Sunset prMinct regardless of par
ty. From the amount of lumber
that is going to the southern part
of the county there must be con
siderable building down that
The rabbit pest is a thing of
the past as far as Sunset is con
cerned they all got tilled up with
watermelons at the Kmbree place
this year and died. They could
not stand prosperity.
The farmers in .the Weaver
Springs country are still thresh
ing and the grain is yielding
better than expected.
The Sunset school this year is
the best the district has had since
its organization.
Clyde and Van H. Kmbree are
going to the Willamette Valley
to winter and visit with their re
latives and it is rumored in Sun
set that the boys are going to
tiring hack housekeepers. House
keeper from the land of red
applet should be well satisfied to
make their home on a .sage brush
ranch where they raise plenty of
potatoes and turnips and have
rabbit hash for dessert.
(I'ioiii (tin Portland Correspondent)
The River and Harbor Kill hav
ing finally been passed by Con
gress, the money necessary for
the continuation of dredging and
the construction of jetties at the I still willin' to support you, I'm
mouth of the Columbia will be proud of your education and in
immediately available. For the I telligence, I respect you knowin'
work at the mouth of the Colum- your're a heap smartcr'n I be, I
bia $1,000,000 has been awarded, (enjoy the luxury of bavin' you
for work on the Columbia below
Tort land, $200,000 and for the
completion of the Celilo Canal
$626,000, which the engineers
estimate Will be the full amount
required, Since the report from
Washington was received about
live hundred men have been put'
to work at Kig Eddy and as soon
as work can be round for them,
additional men will be employed !
auo hi. wr tocomu.e-
lion at me earnest possible date.
At at election held in Roseburg I
early last week the voters of that
city authorized the issuance of
bonds to the amount of $500,000
with which to assist in the con-! I hope that every move which ' Acting in Charge Kconomic In
struction of a railroad from Rose-1 can be made to make it a slate vestigations.
burg to Coos Hay. A railroad issue will be done I am writing. The Department sends the fol
commission consisting of ten I the ludffes of our surrounding lewing:
business men of the city was pro-i
vided for at the same election.
Fifty thousand dollars contri
buted by Multnomah County citi
zens for the comuletion of tht!
Columbia River Highway in the
county will be ex landed in the j
immediate future under the bud-'
pervision ot the state highways
engineers. This donation it is j
said will insure the completion of
the grading on the highway this i
... -
year. I
It Always Does the Work.
like Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy better than any other,"
writes R. ft. Roberts, Homer City
Ia. "1 have taken it olF and on
for years and it has never failed
to give the desired results." For
sale by all dealers,
A Bad Fire
Caused from a dirly flue will
put you out of business or render
voo homelexM. I use the latest
device for cleaning Hues which tho PWM of science are but
I absolutely guarontee will do the)drass lo '""Wy mt'"-
work right. Call Arthur Stewart 1 Some great man wanted but
Shoe black Burns Hotel.
Writer Feels Harney County Resources
Too Limited for the Big Problem of
Eradicating Rabbit Pest. Encour
aged From Correspondence With
State and Government Officials
Having been requested to again but he chose for this unique army
take action in tin- rabbit warfare,
and not being satisfied with my
own judgment feeling that every
struggle of the American homo
builder is worthy of intelligent
research knowing that in the
i uesi oi judgment we most ser
iously err, I have searched both
state and govemeiit records for
the truths of what has been.
! The state has no records of such
j affairs but from
Biological Survev
the Bureau of
I obtained the
information which I
submit for
publication without
I have appealed our cause to
County officiate then to state, and
foneeing our coming disaster
early this spring I wired the con
dition of our country to the secre
tary and governor of the state.
They promptly wired back syni-
pauiyand in the corrspondence .ration of bounty laws is usually
which followed they sent some attended with considerable fraud
more sympathy. and the supply of animals seems
Hut let me tell you as I .study to remain about the same from
the conditions of our new home year to year. Australia has not
builders and see their little gar- succeeded in conquering the rab-
dens bare as freshly swept (loots bit pest. It is one of the serious
with all funds exhausted and the handicaps to agriculture in that
credit line crowded to the limit country todoy, and the agricul
I realize that it may take some- tural jo.irnals are full of discus
thing more substantial than offi sions of ways and means of sup
cial sympathy to feed the hungry
mouths of our children till the has gone to great expense in con
coming of next seasons crop. struct ing rabbit-proof fences, and
When officials ignore their floun nerV possible method of reduc-
try's need until the people ma ing the animals hai been tried.
frenzied attempt at self-protee- The standard remedy nowadays
tion draft some drastic measure to be a poison mixture of
of their own ami through th.' I'ollard and strychnine. We en
referendum attempt to pass it close two circulars of methods oi
over offlidal heads, it reminds destroying jack rabbits. One of
me of the old washer woman these could well be given out for
who had an educated husband to Publication. These embody the
support, and whose patience be- methods which the Biological 8ur
came exhausted with his obsli- vey has found most effective by
nance turned on him one day and
emiihatierillv said "Itir.-im I'm
ground, but say Hiram you've
got to begin learnin' how to pro
tect me or git oil' the job. "
I am glad to quota in part a let
ter received from (lovernor West
in regard to this question ("We
have been giving some study to
the problem and
lope to make
to the next
legislature which will if heeded
take care of the situation.")
As , f(,(., la( Harney
a pro-
is petty small to tack e
blcm which still baffles the Aus-
tralian (loveiiment, and as we,
arc surrounded by the little pests j
which extend clear into Idaho
counties to aid in the move and1
am sending our (Jovernors lellei
to the (lovernor of Idaho, hoping
that we may bring both stales in
the work which will lessen the
expense and insure results,
Even should our proposed
bound law pass we will still hi
I. ... ... I;
just as sadly in need oi universal
work which will handle outlying
1 hope that our cause will not
be neglected in the state legisla-
ture this winter, I had hoped to
give this matter what assistance
I am canabl
'' "' '" pel son, Hill
j8ti" hope
that others who are
much more
Capable and no less
interested will be there in behull
of old Harney county and Us
caurageous home builders, as'
the farms leed the world and as
we are hungry every six hours,
food supply is the fundamental
principle of prosperity and should I
be the first consid. ration of our
legislative bodies.
The beauties of modern art and
three men to whip the world with
a mad Englishman a drunk Irish
man and a hungry Scotchman,
as Americans are considerably
mixed with these three races,
you can leave it to our house
wives if we haven't got the
whole combination all in one.
Hoping that my work will be
backed by more competent mas
culine assistance,
Vivian (Jkav.
the 1 1
following letter is from
S. Department of Agricul-
Vivian Cray,
llarriman, Oregon.
5four letter about jack rabbits
has been refered to the Biological
Survey. I may say in reply to
vour first nuestion that bountv
svstems hava tint ham fmirwl of.
fected In reducing the numbers
of most animal pests. The OP-
pressing rabbits. The country
a,'"l;i1 'sts in your section of the
I lilted Mates. W
carnd on a
,.., , ...
great ileal of work in combating
jack rabbits in Idaho last winter, j
and reached the conclusion that j
poisoning the animals in winter!
is the most effective way of at-j
tacking them. "In Farmers'
Bulletin No 484 which we are re
questing the Government print-1
Ing office to send you, will find!
an account of methods of destroy-
Ing ground squirrels. Carbon
bisulphide can be purchased in
bulk from the following firms:
Kdward K. Taylor,
1'eiin Van, New York.
Wl ler, Reynolds Hi Stauffer,
0JM California St.,
San Francisco, California
Independent Chemical Company,
Front St, New York City,
cry truly yours.
W. L. McAtee,
Rabbits may best be destroyed I
by poisoning, trapping or driv
ing and these methods to be
fully effective in any given dis
trict must be applied cooperative
ly. In winter, jack rabbits concen-
t e: I 1 I . ill I hi' VJlllVtt nr .'ll.tllir tlw
borders of the neartest irrigated
districts. When food is scarce,
(specially when snow is on the
ground, practically all of them
- ... - j r.
congregate near hay stacks, and
this is the best time to poison or
t0 trail them.
As Ion ir ns there is no itmflfn.
lu .,,,, ,,f " ,.s;i;.. ;..- ,k j,i
lilt. VVI,Y '' 'I l I I I 'I I I , 11,17 .11 I, I I 1,1 ,n
nolannlnt Is the most eemmmiewl
m)(1 m()H, K,,mruy applicable
ni(,,i1()(i Tlll. formula was pub-
is,,(1 ,as iss(1(,
,., If
I I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) -. 11 J-i'lli I ,1111 M 111'-
t iced about stacks or elsewhere
where the animals food in mini-
hers, trapping will effect the
capture alive of large numbers
of the animals, and their flesh or
pelts can be utilized. The sim-
l,,u.Ht traps which are not inter
! fared with by ordinary snowfall
(i) Rabbit-tight enclosures of
woven wire about hay stacks,
with straw, brush or snow ap
proaches bttilt Up to the top of
the fence.
(2) Similar enclosures with
deep, gradually narrowing en
trances which finally terminate
in narrow gaps between the wie
ends, so that rabbits can readily
squeeze through from the out
side tint not from th" inside.
Portable traps of similar design
with any simple "lift, up" gates,
OT doors through which the rab
bits can enter, but not return,
are also very useful. Rabbits
can be enticed to any place where
oats, pieces of carrots or beets
are exposed for a few nights,
when practically all of thorn can
be caught.
Market Report.
Receipts for last week at the
Portland Union Stock Yards nave
been cattle. 976; calves, II;
hogs, GUfifi; sheep, 6060.
Light receipts of cattle for the
I week with improved demand and
extreme top grades a little
stronger in price. Top price on
steers 7c bulk of sales 6.50 to 6.76
Extreme top OH cows for tha
week 6.16. Hulls meeting with
rearly sale at strong prices.
Heavy receipts of hogs demand
j good top hogs 7
15 at close of
I Receintsof sheen and lambs
light. Demand strong for first
class quality, with prices fully
I steady with last week.
Fortunee in Potatoes
Growing Desirable Seed
A heavy demand for disease
free potatoes of Standard variety
and desirable type, and not a sin
gle source of supply in the entire
United States, is the situation
that confronts the potato grow
er. In some parts of the country,
however, such seed can be grown,
while in other parts, including
some of the heaviest producing
sections of the
entire country. II
is Impossibe to grow seed of this
kind, and it must be imported
from those parts where it can be
grown, or else the industry will
have to be abandoned. Among
the places in which seed of the
desired quality can be grown,
Oregon is one of the best and
most convenient to markets.
II...-..IH li,... tli.. . ,i .i ii ,i t II ii i I I ..I
inc wrcgou potato grower, oce.i
. . . .
Ol .-IULI1 .lliei a I. U Mm., oi
other standard variety, that is
produced in this state free insect
and disease pests, may if proper
ly inspected and passed, bring a
price considerably above the mar
ket price of potatoes for food pur
poses, California growers have
a standing offer of a bonus on
such Inspected potatoes, and they
would rather get the potatoes in
Oregon than anywhere else, be
cause of convenience and a near
er approach to their climatic con-
"Let growers who have land
upon which potatoes have not
been grown prepare and plant it
to as good seed as can be had,
after being thoroughly treated
with formalin, and a crop of pota
toes that should meet the de
mand will probably be produc
ed," says Professor Jackson, of
the Plant Pathology department
of the Agricultural College. "By
practicing crop rotation using
i those crops that are non-hosts to
the potato disease fungi, and by
continually selecning seed in the
fields and treating it with the
standard fungicides, the crops
should be kept free from in lee
tion and up to the varieties
grown. The Agricultural Col-1
lege will be glad tocooperate with
Why Not Publish it?
When you want a fact to be
come L'onerallv known, the riirht
wav is to nublish it. Mrs .losenli
B ..... .,,
vii,,.,u p.,..,, l,l ,,.,,o .,,, 1.1...1
II III HI' '. I I'l. lldl . ...I.. lliMII'I'W
with holchuiL'. sour stomueh :md
frequent headaches. She writes,
"I feel it is my duty to tell others
what Chamberlain's Tablets have
i ,,..,, , .,, Tl.Ilv. .,., ,.,. ,
'" " ....,, wi ...,..
; y digestien and regulated my
bowolt, Since using them 1 have
been entirely well."
You will find all the newest
ideas in millinery at Clingan's.
The ladie uf Hums and vicinity
are invited to call. One door
north Haines' store.
President Farrell of O.-W. R. & N. Co.
Sends a Telegram to The Times
Herald Denying Story Published to
That Effect. Rumor is Terminus
Will be Moved West of Riverside
In the issue of October 8 The!
Times-Herald published a story
vouched for by Clay Luce, of
Riverside, to the effect that the
railroad people had let the con
tract for building 40 miles of road
west from that point. Mr,
aue mis assertion with Posi -
tltWMM, that several officials of
the road had been in Riverside the
l fore part of that week and it was
no secret that the contract had
Dean l and orders given to con-,
work without delay.
I he Times-Herald article stated i
' had no confirmation of the
story from an author! tat i vei
A denial of the story was re-
''ved since our last issue by a
telegram irom President Parrel
of the O.-W. R. & N. Co. which
"The Times-Herald,
"Hums, Oregon.
"Announcement your issue of
October ,'trd contract had been
let for construction additional 40 ;
miles west or Riverside wholly !other Improvements, One man
without foundation in fact. Feel who has just retUrned from that
we owe it to you and your good sect10n states there are two box
people to officially state no con- j cars set off the track at the pro
tract has been let. neither do we, new terminus and that
expect to let contract or do any ieach have the name of ..River.
work in that direction in near,ton.. on them , indicating the new
U,re , , , i place is to be known by that
Reports of this character ifjname. This may be responsible
permitted to go unchallenged i for the present activity.
migni ne useu oy me unscrupu-
; ,0ls (o dl8advantage of people
: Wnl. .,,.. devehminir central Or,-
The writer has heard others
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City Restaurant
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Sunday Dinner
Cream of Chicken Soup
Fresh Eastern Oysters, any style 50c
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Chicken Giblets and Toast 35c
Beef Stew and Vegetables 35c
Boiled Beef and Horseraddish 35c
Roast Beef and Brown Gravy 35c
Roast Pork and Dressing 35c
Mashed Potatoes Vegetable Salad
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Dinner will be ready at 1 l:SO
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The Burns Flour Milling Co.
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Third: We guarantee every article we sell to be just as
represented or your money refunded.
If you are a customer of ours you know this. If not, be
come one and be convinced.
J. C. Welcome, Jr.
who have recently visited River-
side state just as positively that
preparations are being made at
that point to continue construc-
l tion on west.
Another reason for the present
: activity of the railroad people in
tha, vi(.initv hnu han i1Pni,r
out this weak tad this is to the
effect that the resent terminu.
I of f h tin ; in h r.vo,i d .
couple of miles. According to a
report COmjng to the writer it has
been found that the land on
which the present side-tracks
stock yardg etc are 'iocated was
vacantandnot thc tract described
jn the transfer to the railroad
COmpany Some individuals had
discovered this mistake and used
scrip on the tract and are in a
position to demand a good, stiff
price from the railroad people.
However, the rumor is to the ef
fect that the railroad will not be
held up and have arranged to
move west two miles and estab
lish tVlfir sirlinore u.ntfr funlf nnrl
The Times-Herald gives this
story as a rumor only as it knows
nothing of the real facts.
Tonawama tonight.