The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 05, 1914, Image 4

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A Most Irritating Brand Is Used
In the Postoffices.
Inpsrlsnce of an Engllih Tourist Who,
With Joyous Confidsncs, Undertook
to Perferm What Woo 8uppoood lo
Porfoolly Simple Oporation.
In all ImiiK'eiu'P and lightness uf
heart 1 Bet out one morning to mini a
mail parcel to England from tag town
In Germany where 1 win staying. At
tho poatofflce I vai confronted
three booking offlco wludowa, eHoh
baring a weird nnd formldiiMe Inscrlp
tlon over It. These Inaerliitlons Ml
not to be comprehended nt a (Ikiicci;
so, not wishing to gnr.i "l "t litem tern
long, I aelected tho lenit crowded win
Jow and handed over my panel, II
waa promptly returned to me with a
curt "Go to the next window!" 11
was Juat that window 1 specially wleli
ed to avoid, being tho must CTOwdatf,
but I waited my turn nml then made
another attempt. Tho official looked
at me aternly.
"HaTa you the circulars?" he asked.
"No." I replied faintly.
He handed me three circulars, fur
which I bad to pay a small sum and
which I was requested to tlR up. lli k
Ing np ray parcel, I sot down to study
those circulars. They wore covered
with Instructions, tho language used
wai magnificent, and the effect was
ao overwhelming that 1 found It dill!
cnlt to grasp what I was instructed
to do. If my pnpers were not tilled up
accurately It was cot from untruthful
nees, but owing to my limited Ceriuan
By the time 1 had described the
parcel, the gross weight thereof In
grams and kilograms, the gross
value thereof In marks and pfennigs
and given a detailed description of
each article contained therein, with
Its separate weight and value. 1 felt
Uke an old Inhabitant of that paojtofBca,
I had seen, as it were, generation after
generation of stamp purchasers come
and go, and still I remained. As to
the weights, my idea of kilograms
was about on a par with my knowl
edge of definite integrals. However. 1
did my best I guessed at tlio prob
able weight of tho parcel and divided
the articles into It
At length I came to the end, and.
feeling like a candidate at an exam
ination, I gathered up my papers and
the parcel and went over to the wlu
dow. After waiting my turn I handed
over the papers. Tho official glanced
at them, then nt the parcel, and
"Did you weigh the articles?" be
aaked sternly.
"Ta-a-a!" I stammered.
'Then go borne nnd weigh them
again. You have put them down at
half a ton!"
There was no help for It With a
sigh I gathered up my papers and
went back to a secluded corner. After
patiently reducing all the weights I
again presented tho papers. This time
they were passed, aud I was sent on
to the next department, where I had
to purchase and fill up unother docu
ment I was now getting Into form,
and this paper was soon dealt with.
Then, with my heart beating fast, I
handed over the parcel. It was once
more returned to me. Tho official said
ha could not take It In condition -It
was Insecurely made up.
Now. If there Is one thing uon which
I pride myself It Is upon the neat way
In which I turn out a parcel. So,
mothering my Indignation as well as
1 con.d, I assured him that It would
be all right that it was perfectly safe
and that there waa nothing In it which
was breakable. Ho repeated firmly
that it was Insecuro and that be could
not take It So I sadly collected my
papers and the parcel and went home
to dinner.
1 spent all the afternoon trying to
purchase a cardboard box of exactly
the right proportions and some water
proof cloth to wrap round It. 1 next
procured a stick of sealing wax and I
German seal, and by the time I bad
finished that parcel looked as If It
were prepared to travel to Uie north
It was now getting toward evening,
and I was feeling wearied after my
day's work, so I besought my brother
a willing, guileless youth to take It
to the postofflce. Ho took it so Inno
cently that my con lenco reproached
me for not having given lilin a word
of warning, no was n long time gone,
but that was to be expected. When
I saw him come In my heart sank in
"They won't take it like this," ha
sal I cheerfully.
I groaned aud asked:
"Why not?"
"There's not euough sealing wai
on it."
"Not enough sealing wax'" 1 cried
"No. Vou must put n blob wherever
the strlug crosses and wherever there's
a kuot "
In desperation I seized the sealing
wax and worked away until 1 bad
used It to the last speck and the par
cel was one intricate mass of string
and wax Then I conveyed It once
more to the postoffiee. It was now al
most closing time, and tho officials
were in a hurry to get away. I hand
ed over the papers and the parcel with
out a word.
Two minutes later i walked out of
the postohVo with Joy in my heart and
a smile of satisfaction on ray face. I
bud sent the parcal off. Innlon fami
ly Herald
HaWMfs) - fa too I nig tot V :
berth." Then I retneuibervd that he
was over alx foot four Inches aud
thaf the berth who only all feet! That
day while we were away from the
ship ail the carpenters were put to
work. They took down the stateroom
partitions and enlarged tha room to
eight feet by six and a balf fact A
mattress four feet wlda was put In
the new lerth.
Nothing woo said to the president
about the change In ids quarters, but
the next morning ho came out. of the
room smiling and said, "A miracle
happened last night 1 shrank alx
Inches In length and Hbout a foot side
ways I got somebody else's Idg pll
low and ilcpt III a letter lied than I
had on the Itlver Queen" lie enjoyed
It gieatly. but I think If I had given
him two f. nee rails to sleep on he
would not have found fault. That
was A bra ha ui l.lncolu III all thlnga
that related to his own comfort. He
would never let you put yourself out
for him under any circumstances.
urrondor of tho Spanish Gunboat Cal
loo at Manila.
On the afternoon of the 12th (May
12, 1808) a small Spanish gunboat
came steaming up Manila bay, directly
toward tho American fleet. The sur
prlso of the people In the Meet was
groat; this little vessel seemed so con
fident and friendly. Finally one of
our ships tired a shot across her Ikiw.
This did not seem to make any differ
ence to her, ror she Kept on jusi mo
same. Then we saw au officer go
alongside from the flagship
We fouud out that eveulug that this
i easel was the Spanish gunboat Cal
lao and that she had been cruising In
the southern part of the rhtllppluea
for a long time and had not hoard
about the war, and. the time of her
cruise being finished, oho waa now re
turning to Manila. The officers and
men had been looking forward to this
for a long time, because In Manila
they were to find their wives, children,
parents, friends, theaters, clubs, bo
telo, newspapers and all the things
that make sailors look forward with
happiness to fatting home. They saw
a great many ships In the harbor fly
ing the American flag, but this did
not givo them any uneasiness, and
when the tlrst gun waa tired by the
American abtp they did not notice that
the uhot came across tho bow of their
own ship, aud thought it waa simply
the tlrst guu of some salute.
Hut when tbe second shot was tired
and they beard the whistling of tha
shell they knew something was wrung.
And when the American officer came
on board and told them that every
ship In the fleet was destroyed and
that they themselves were prlsouers
of war their feelings of Joyful bow
went through a change that, let us
hope, few of us will ever know.-From
Admiral Bradley A Flake's "War
Time In Manila."
Misroecepio Engraving.
I'crhiipa tho greatest feat of micro
scoplc engraving waa accomplished by
a Jewish former In Alberta, who pre
p.n.d an address of welcome to the
Duke of lonuaught Tha address waa
Inscribed In Hebrew on a grain of
wheat aud contained no fewer than
:(00 letters. Bo fine was tbe lettering
that a microscope woo necessary to
read the Inscription with any rase.
IJverpool Post
tisiTsiiTTSl.Ai times i
litirna, Uresoii, August ". HI4.I
Notice ! barebj rlvsathsj William lllracli.
brother and heli oi Otter, lllrsrh, iloeossod.
of liloy,lirKii,u '"' "" "Siil JB, blf. msae
llomealeail I- i.iiv So Moatl, for VVUSgl,.
sw'.NH', una stf'.NW i. Section 13, Township
si m , iuiiiio.'i. i . win in- Meridian, bs til
Mil llltllee til lltllillllnn lo lltnsc rttiai liiree jwr
e.,,,,1 l., MtHlillili claim lo Iho land aliov
aeaorlbed, bol Register ami Receiver, at
minis, tlrt'itoti, on me I'liniajr "i n.iii, mis.
i laiiiiaiu names " witnesses
li K. Tnorn, H. J Williams. It. A, nibble
II It. Molt allot miry, (Union.
Via. Pass. Keglstrr.
Ilili na I. ill No. IMI
I'SITKIiHrATSa I. AMI! limit, I
mil as, Oregon, aukusi 4. IVI4. I
Nnilei' is korsbj glvsa thai too Noilhrru
I'acllle Hallway i ianv whose post iifflfe
aihhesa Is SI I'aUl. Mine. sola, has tills 4lll dav
of Annuel IH I nie.l In llili, inii'itllaaiilli'allun
lOSOlSi I II in lei the iiiit Islnliaot 111 Bel ol tun
gross, approved Jul) i, lass (to Mat, art, Ms),
I. NW'j III SK',. l-e. tlon l.l T. .'IHH.,
It iti K M 40.00 servo
-. m '..a nw'b, i .
It I,, W M. 40.00 seres
Ml U0 aeiea
Serial No ON
AllV ami nil is i bill ( a.lM'iseli IhO
laml. dcncillicil, or ill nil Ins III oli"l'l bei'SIIS
uf the mineral i limm ler ul tlie land, or fur any
I lo Hie ill.insal In NM'UCBlll,
llieli nlll.lailln ol I'loleai lo tills
I..:..,, in,- -tii ilny of Hi'iitetiibvr,
Wm Casks. Iti'daier.
Hill MKHIIIM I llltllll I.ANHMAI.S.
I'mtbii htatsb Lam times
Hunts. Ofsgaa, August 4, 1W14.
N 'i ii liereNy given that, as directed ny
IhO ruiunilMloiii . el lbs lii'lteral I ami office,
uniliir provisions ul Uiv lei ul t oiiureea aii
proved J tini IT, I's'ii i l slnlN , M7 iurattBBt III
IhO B'. Ill Mint, III MaHllIt' A Inn. s, Hal Nu
0fl.S'.i7. we will ..II. . t ,ilbtll nale. lo i l,r highest
bidder, hut al lltall ,' 00 iter sere, St
loot imk V. M Hie J.l day ot s, ,,ieuilsi.
mi, nl thin oiin , tin- iiiiluu uik lrai-1 ., laud
sWi,NKi, See 1, I ..' s . K i.", K., W. M.
Tills Iml ! ordeteil Into lliu market on a
ihowlttit that (he Krcalei Mirtlotl Ihateof Is
liliilllitnlllous nt ton rOUgh h I i Hill vatliill
Any iietniili ilatltllllK adieraely lite ObOVO
deserlhed iattd are ad (sod In nlo their elstmB.
or itbjt'cihuiN. on oi l.eture the time dealgnale.1
lor Slile
w s i mitr. Iti'glsler.
s.s Mom, ii. n, i., Hvceltvr.
Christian Stienco servicer) Sun
days 11am., Wednesdays at 8
p m. Reading room open from 2
to 6 Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons. First door cast of
stairway, Hissner Bldir. ('onliul
invitation extended to all.
(iNITSnHtATSsl'AHIlllrl'li S,
Hums, (iregiiu. July IB, lull
Noma Is hereby glieit that, as dlieeted In
Ihe t iiniuilsBluiiBr ol the tu'lii'tal IjiihI i Ullcu,
uniler iiruvlahiiis nt Act ul t oBglsss approved
JUIte it, ItHNt l4 Slats . r17). iiittsuaul III till' a(i
ell, ml, in uf Pearl It Sun 111, Hurlal Nil "
we wllL olter at l.ulilli still'. I" the I. lull. -I I'l'l
iter, lull st mil less than I ' uu 001 aiie, al In
o clock A, M., till lite lin nay oi nepieuiori
IB14. al Ihlsumi e tlie lol low lug lim I nt Inii'i
see no, I
Itwnn -, cti", in, , .i- o j
Mi-.-?., T. 80 M , K :H K , W. M
it trm
lol I,
HtV.NW !
tils I rft.-t Ir iinlt'ii'-l mi 'kill mi uliim
IttK I hill l tin ureal. i jHMfloh HikiviiI U in. .mi
no riMJM.i inr rmiiVHMMii
tin olnTintitit 1vir4jy tin Hlntvi
tftilHMII t)f lot) rimi
Any pvreuii olalinliiit BtlviTPtU tin hIhvi
tUajcrllwil IrikI f mlvliWfl l Ml Hi. it I ImIimn,
or o.ijt'rlluiist, mi or Lrlorff f It " tliutj if.Kint'''
for Mir.
Wm. Kabul MittlM.
It i HI 0 l.v.l. HAI.h
l.-ill A I .. I h VI I
Strong on Oaaot Form.
Hank Teller -This check Is all right,
but jrou must he introduced. Cau't yoa
bring In your husband? Woman U '
-Jack? Why. If Jack thought you
wonted an introduction to me he'd
knock your block off' t'levi-hnol Plain
Colloro For Dancing Men.
You can carry one or two extra col
lara Inside the band of your silk hut.
Men who perspire freely when dancing
go to the i link room when their col
Inrs wilt and return in it few tiilnutea
with an iiufudeMi collar New York
Ijidy of fitceriiilu Age -Have you
any small wai candles? Tomorrow Is
my birthday, and 1 ITMl to put them
In the caka. Diplomatic (irocer Yes
tnii'aui. About two doxeu?-I.lfo.
t'Nii 1 1. si viKs lAsnorrirK. I
inn e.n ittcgini, Attgnsl 4, 1914 I
Notice ll In nlo ul v en that, aa directed hy
IbO I ouitiilsnlonei ol the i.cneral l.atulOfllce
under provlBIODSOl lit of i ntigrcao spumveii
June IT. lwi 'I slam . I7, uirsnatil In lb. ap
l,lh alien ul Jattiua I'ltlc sella) Su U7tt07 we
will otter at pobllt sale, to the lilgheal hludor,
hut at 001 li'1 I li Hii l BO .r acre, at 10 O'Oleel
v i .on tho -'".i -ta) oi September, mi4, oi
i his i 'II 1 1 e, the lol I., wing I ran of laud :
HUSK',, se. t I '. NW.Mi',. See 1.1, T. IB
- I, ' . t M
III is tract I. c.l Into Ihe tuaiket till o
ihowlng that the gi.aler portion thereof Is
Iniiuulailloiia Ol loo loilull Or cultivation
Any porsuos etaliulug adv eraely the alsive-
leaerllsrd Intnl me OftUSOd 111 Hie their I lalUIB,
OrObloeltOni I t '"-lure Hie lluie dealgiialasl
tor sale
W H. KiBSB. Itelk!er.
is ilorMoaoMBAD. He. elvet
iNirr:n VTATH LAKD or run,
hi. ti(., OrVfTM, August 4, I'M
Sotli i- Ik n bj gTi n ihi. .tir. uM by
tin' (liilolHiMhi r k Uf Iii'IiibI I ntnl oilU-r
iiinltir I'rtiviahni- nt Al (f i oiigrcu prurt,
IUBaf IWrt rlMUU., ill . (niraimhl ! ItlBJ t.
ptloatton ol Hani a I'lr ., rial No i-j.
Will Offer Si ,.ii 'mi. a- . . in I In hlkftiiat t.hliUr.
bill at nut Imi thsti. f.' iai pf rrt.t 10 u'rlrk
A M . Uu-. .1.1 dl uf HsLitimteer, lnH. at l It 1
liltb -, ill- tu Wo inn tmi-l ul IriiiI
gt'4H' ' NhtStt'tan.NV.!iNK'I,
w lion ii i j i: ',. K.a W.ll.
I iiia iiH'1 is .(!. fi nan i hisrkilut.
tlioMinic ihai tb itriniiT tKirtloo Ibervof la
ii mi n i it i ns ti ur t.M. i ii ii arii tot i-tiltlvatluo.
Any in ra..i.a Halmliiu h-i i-i-rfwlv Ihr aUivr
liarrii-nl Ui .t h i (lie t.itlr lalma.
or Object Uitia, on uf i.ii tin tiiurtlralgoaitMl
for !
W v I ..Hint. htKlilir
-i Mi-nil niia(.. Kttfivir
l-nl All- II lit , i I I llll.ll I. AND HAIR
iMttn 'i uu i vmi nrrirg,
It i.i n. neguli, AugUBI I, 11114
'..'". la boroby gives thai. M dlrrried by
tin l oiin,,.,, ,,,,., r ol tin tal I and Office.
.Holer i.i ov in.. I ,. i of i ,, iiH n-aa approved
Inn. .. I .. ii staU H7J, pUISBJSSI to sppll
call ,1 Han II Ilioiuiou, "eilal Nu is.ell".,
we will otter al i ill. II. aale.lo the hlgneal hid
.ler Inn hi not I. n than I.' is) rt-r acre, at 10
0 clock V l . tlo .lit day ot Hei'lrnilier
1 .11, alllon ml . . Ihe follow lug trail ol laud.
NI.'.KH1,. Ntt ,-h' Sec -J, T J4S . K .4 K
t'NITkllSTlTks l.vsti III Mi I
llurni. tiregon Jtn.v so, ISII I
Notice la hereby given that, as dim ted b)
the I'oiiiutlanlolier of tho tjeltetal l.alld lidlce.
under tiriivlstotin nl Act of I oliHress apl.t-.v e.l
June 2?, USUI I III sibIb , .1171 imraualil to the ap
idlrallonolsylviaterHiiillh, Serial No Kin, we
will tiller si iiitl.ll. sale, to the sight Bl hldilor,
bulsl Out h'BB than I.' si pet acre, al lOtl'l I... k
A. M..UII the .'.'till day ol, In l. al
this nflli'e. the lolhiwlug tract ul laml
NW'4SKV, s',si.',. K'tNW',, ... J.I, T
JBH , R , W. M
This trart Is ordered Into the market on a
showing Ibal the greater portion tboroel i
miiuntaliiotia or ton rutigh lor eulllva'loii
Any iwraona t'lalliiing Bdvernely tile alsive
(escribed land an' advlsi"! lo nle llieli i laltns.
ur utije, lloiia, uu or Insfure the time deniktisled
for sole.
Wm KaSBS. It'Klnt. r.
Mas MtrriiBanuBAii. Kooeivor,
ism , 1 1 n IK At I.
I'l'lll.lf I.ASP Sll.l
I'sirm htaTks I.ASt, urn. s
Hurtis, tlrekou, July SU, lull
Nutlro lo hereby given thai, aa directed hv
the t nmiolBilolier of t'le tietii'lal I and llfflee
under iuovMuub f lolol L'eagroos spjirovoo
lime V, ISsr. M4 Stats . 117), piiiaiiaiil lii ' sp
plliallonol lions Hlllgei. liellal No 07I4U. Oe
will Offer ol pObllS sale. Ill the hlghrst III, let.
hut st lint leaa than IJ 00 per a, in, at lu o'chick
A M , no Ibe mid day of BBplOSlhof, I'll nl
Hits iifflee, the following Ire. I ol laud
N'Klt',. Sec I .v, M . It. in ( . W M
This tract la unlered lulo Ihe market uv a
showing thai tbe greater PurtloO Iherrul Is
moll nl alliittts or ton rough lot it II 1 1 alio u
Aoy person elaltiiliig adveraely tbe al.ove
.teacrlhed land are ad lied lo tile I boll f lalma
or utilecltoiis. oil or I.i hue the limit .Ualulialed
lor aale
Wu rsk. Itcglsli r
SAO Blt.iitla-ittii.. Itei elver
II I'm ii. In; 1. 1st No
t'HITKI. MTATKH I kMO inini:,
Hurtia, t)rei;iii , AUtftit 11, I'll
NiHlrr ! Iu'M'I (lv li Dint (!' Nuttlirrii
Taelrlc Itailnay t iiiiifaiir. m !..' .l ..111.
MIW UjHt, I'tttil, Hliiu.anin, Ita- thLUlh
lay of AUtfUit 1'U n It-it In tllli illiii II a.tH
'u swli-ii untlar llii tirov lahoia ol lbs) ' I
utiKfra. irit'l July 1 mm UHtat
an ailenilntl b tin- a t ! I'onirrt'aa opprovod
Ma i . rm
VaNK',N,.-. . I wp 11 - , li I K.a.- . M
rrii no. U
In the iniittrr en' tbe ICstatr ni
f 'hat Irs Williams, deceasetl
lln. unilersifned administratril, of
lln ratnte. if (.lintlrs Williams, lie erased
liiiviiiu rendered and filed her final
in i .null herein
Nbticr is hereby given to nil whom It
nny concern that the court has fixed
Wednesday the 7th day of Octolier Ml
at in o'clock a. in. as the time anil the
(.'utility Court Kooiu nt thr ('unit
Utilise ul Hums, Oregon, its the place
fur htmiiug objections, if ally, why said
final nccjiunt should nut lie settled and
appro tad mid the mlmiulstrntril ilia
i hiirortl mill the surrtlrs on her under
Inking discharged from lurlher liability
the t eon.
fins notice Is to lie published once a
week fur four successive weeks and Is
published In The Times-Herald, la-giii-
iiliig wlththclssueof August Wtlth, nil
Di.izaiiktii Tmobn, Administratris
of the Kstnte of ('liailrs Williams,
(Mil Burnt 104 Mat Ne.
(Jul MV fiT..TM i.ANborricB. (
llurna. (tri'iion, Ammi .1, v.m
..ii.. la Iimi i,y nlveii thai tin- Noftliarn
I'm, f)- lUll I nuipaiiy, wbisf) post oHIrr
I'tiiM ! R Caul, Mi 11 it (! a. baa lb la Hrtl tlay
ol Annual f'l 1 Ml'-'t In tblauffUa Ha all( al Ion
in ai'lt't-t nniler iltr tirovtalimaol Direct l i uu
in-ai, pproreaj July 1, muo (lOHtat fH7. flJDi aa
.- it 11.I1 .1 itv the ad uf t'oiinrraa epiiroved May
17, 11.., NKUNWH Hr JW, I'wp. til H,, H 14
BUi, W M
Hreal No. t)7iV.
Au am) all tia-raotie lalmlii eiiverotly Ibe
Ininla ilrairrllirti, ur Oatlrluf to iililfi't letwaUsMr
uMlii Mii.i-rai 1 tiara, itw ur tbe land, or any
ulnar reaauit. in ihe uiaxiai lu applicant,
hpitld Hie ihclr affldavlla ol prolrat im Ibl
unite, un tir uriure toe win nay ul nepti'iuiiet
WM. limn, Hrglatrr
rKtC iSjt VuP Bracelet
These two beautiful places of pupolar
jewelry are tha erase among society
woman in Now York and tha largest
title. They Je neat and elegant gold
finished articles tbat will Bladen tha
naart of every girl or woman, no matter
how young or old. Vary stylish and at
Oar Frew offer. Wa are advertising
Hpearmlnt Chewing Cam and desire to
place a big bo of this fine, healthful
gom Into every home. It sweetens the
broath whitens tbe teeth and aids di
gestion. It is refreshing antl pleasing
to all. To everyone sending us but (We
and 10 eents to eover shipping coat err
will ship a big boi of 20 regular nc pack
age of the Spearmint lom and include
tha elegant,
"Tatgo" necklace and "Evelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely f.oe.
This offer la for a short time only.
Not more than 2 ordera to one party.
Dealers not allowed to accept thlB.
Dayton, Ohio P. 0. Box 101
- : LONE
OI.OKtll I'OON P. op.
viofilH At All Hours. Short
Ordera antl Prompt Service
With IlimHonahle Rates
Qiva Mc. A Call
CaARL C rj
PbyBlcli. n oil
;r m
J. ui. cl
rbysicim, ,m
Burns, - - ,
a Opposite llmeo-HoraM alaMaia
toy soil all iM-rsnim rtalaslna sovorovly the
amis ilcncriu J or dOSlrlas tuoliloet In-catt.i nl
the MlDeral eharai let nl lite laml orani
"win. t.i Ihe illn,na! to a,l'llt allt. nblitll
itielr atTlila. Its ol orOSOSl It. lalsoaTlOOi on
loroltic ,th ,a) of in tobol I'M I
US I'lXI. II. BlBlc
I hoi
1 till
I l
Their Trade.
"What buslnaaa Is this ('upld at Hy
men linn In you read so much about?"
"They're In tbe whole -m In match
making business " Ba'itlmore Amor
I lii ini't ii i.itu tlie market on a
ilioelnn lhat Hi1 gTtatr puttloo tbareuf i
iii'Mintuli.fMiB i lOu roQffa (ur ultlvallutj.
Am pt , tiHiintiiK ail. eraely tbi abuve
.Ira.-rlUM laml n- la,il ( nln their r lalma.
ur iiiijfi tluhe on o ixi'l'ure tbt time dcalituateo
(or aaii-
w m, Khhh, keajUter.
-m "itiiS-iiMii, Hrrelter.
Ths Prooident Thought He Had
Shrunk In 8tzo Overnight.
In "The Everyday Life of Abra
ham Lincoln" Mr. F. K. Ilrowne In
cludes au amusing uuettlute told by
Admiral I'otter aboul the president's
abort vlalt to the front In tliB latter
part of March, taW. Mr. Lincoln bad
changed bla quarturs from tbe Itlver
Queen to the Malvern, Admiral l'nr
ter'a flagship, which whs then lying In
the JaincH river, ueur City I'olnt. Ad
miral rorter says:
The Malvern was a small vessel with
very poof cabin accomuiodatlous ami
waa not at nil fitted to receive blgb
personages Klio was a captured block
aide runner I offered the president my
bed, but he ptthlilvely declined It aud
cbose to sleep lu a small stateroom
outside thu cabin that my secretary
occupied. It was only 0 feet long by
AVj feet wide, a very tiny place to bold
tbe president of tbe United Btatee, but
Ur. Lincoln seemed pleased with It
When be came to breakfast tbe next
morning I asked bow be bad slept.
Forces That May Be Utillxsd When
Our Cool la Ail Gone.
Tbe following figures may prove of
Interest to tboee fearing the exhaua
Uou of the world's coal supply, says
tbe American Machinist, in a sum
mary of tbe water power of tbe world
the possible horsepower of France U
estimated at 4,000,000. of which only
800,000 la utlllied. About an equal
amount of power la available lu Italy,
but only 80.000 horsepower Is utilized.
Falls of 10,000 horsepower are abun
dant In the Alps.
Tbe estimate In Switzerland Is in
complete, but about 800,000 horsepower
hi In use. Germany baa 700,000 horse
power available, with 100,000 applied.
Norway bas 900,000 horsepower avail
able, wltb a large (tart already devel
oped. In Sweden there is 703,000 horse
power available.
Tbe reaourcea of Russia are estimat
ed at 11,000,000 horsepower, of wblcb
only 80,000 baa been developed The
United Stateo la credited with 1,000.000
horsepower, while Japan bas 1,000,000,
of which 70,000 bas been exploited. In
India 00,000 horsepower baa already
been developed, mostly at a consider
able distance from any Industrial cen
ter. In Oreat Britain there Is 70,000
horsepower already utilised, aud au
equal amount In Spain.
Oi i in run i ri nut' i.anii hai.x
i iikii sTATSa i Ann orricB,
minis tiruiutt, August 11, 1W14.
Notice ll korebt giveu that, aa .11 roc tail hy
the ' uiiiinlaaliilii'r nl Ihe 'n-unrsl l-amt Office,
ilinlt-r jirottnloiis of .lit of l ougrcno approval!
1 1ST laesM Msata.MVJ. pursuant to Ihe sp-
I'hi sunn nl Ada ll Seal, Hurlal No 0060, ore
will otter at pun Ih aale Ui the lilhrti hliloer,
but at not I, an titan I; oil per a' re, Bl 10 o'clock
A.M., en the .'lilila. uf neplemhor, Ml 4 allhh
Hill" the loiltm it,- tract ot laml
SKS,..",',, M-.i.nwi,, N'yHB.v,, Her. 26. T. a
!i , It ,1ft. K , M
I hla trad la ordered Into the market on a
sliowlnit that the (tresler portion there,, f la
liioiinlitltioiis or lo rotish fur cultivation.
Any persons il'iluilng oOveraely the above
tfooortbod la nil ate silvlaeillg lie their claluiB.
or objections, on or hvfure ihciliiio tlcBlsuoloo
for sail
Wa. Inn, Heslstor
tku Mi,rKsaiisaii, Keeelvor.
1'iiTsn . , i res I.bnii i irrit'B, i
liurtiB, oicguu, July'Jii, mil. I
Sinn , laboroh) ivaathat Henry K. Ullliuan.
of Narrow iiii-i'ini. who, on July I, lull, uiatl
in, ii id inn. Mi tsv.jil, tor Lots 1 auil J,
Bee. t, Township H) B., Itaiigoso g., Wlllainette
Mctnllau. linn fllcil uutlce uf llltentlui:
to uiaki- tinai three-year proof, in estahlieb
claim to the html ahnvc ileacrlliuil, hefure Keif
Intct nml ltd elver, at tin r its. tlrt'ifon, on the
vth ila of ssploaibsr, I'-n
t iKlmaiit names as w llncnai a
I liarlc) h Inllmau. I h, let kcow ll, I harlnV
llackhans nml llcmlciaou Klllutl, all ol Nor
rutin, Orsgoa .
iiitm, Keslaler.
lltiius. urusoo, August li. 1014, I
Notice In hcti-hy thai William lllrncli,
of KUay.lJn (ton, who, on Aititust 'J.1, lwou, uiaila
II "in . nl , ml huh), Nu. atrial, lor KUMHW
,Vi',. .',, hV,',.NW',, Boollotj 13, TiivMiahlpi
S Hangs i h ttlllainoltu Murl.llnn has iflett
ii'i'li I Inn iitlnii to make final Ihrne ynai
i linn, in caiannsu ciaiui in inn laml bihivu He
a.r l l.c.l before liculsier ami Herelvor st
I'm ii-, I'icgiiii, on the iilhday uf HoptomlMir,
till 4
t lalliiuul iiutncs SB w lint nnea
li ll I In, in, It I. VMIIIams, II A. 1. ll, l. In,
li. II. Mot.., all of Kllcy, ilicgolt.
Wm. i-.iiii . I, i
.allrvlow, Utrnit.i, AliHUtt It, 111
M(r l OAl I AM'
Nutlftj ! lirfa...r pfivrn I list I J.apli .Mueller.
al Fitm (irMuit. wliii. nl) fic.UUi lr 1, IVIU.
tnulf tt iitr IMV7I nUtl mi M) I. Ml,
cnil rd(lltluu..l II. K, Art I . I iv, lutM,
Mo. M.'N, It.r K'M,t. Itoctlun '. N'4.
WjNr:1, Hon 10, ruobtp .: itoult., Iuukv
:.- Ful, lllaiin He Mrrl.llaii has lll-.l nu 1. of
ntavtitlon to make fllial tlift-r jrcnr I'fiKif, in
'UM'tnli t'laMtii In 1 litn lllnt tlun r .tratfl U'-l,
ItofnrB- haul A. MiBTiiisitl I M I Oiniiilsilull
i Flftj, OrMgnii, uu Ihe lit tU -f tit ... i, lull
i lahuai ( iiatnra itina' a
Juhn MrKa.1 hrn. I'uut Ui-rifr Jain.e W
son, lUiirv Htrvot , li nl Clf, onKnn
Jin K Hi He-Ems. Kaglrli r.
lliittiB, tin-Bon, tiat nal S, IBH i
Notice la In tal. i gives thai liter Mill' t. ol
Ktelds. tJreoon who till June .1 ' I.. 1 'II. inaitc
lliioicsluail cti'i 1 , No nvilv. lor Ny,,ri ,vi.
township iw smith, Itnligc M last. Wlllauirtle
Oetiillaii. baa ittc.i notice ol Isleatton tu umk,
dual line, year Proof, lorntatillslt 1 lalm to lbs
laml 1U1111 ili-ai-rll,. ,. befon i.e., V .-uiiili,
I' n 1 iittiuilaaloiirr, at his nrtli e. at Mclnwa
Dreyuii, on the 11th day of September, I'll
t'lslmalit names fur wllBOOSOS
Oliver Mi 1 ait), t'lydo McKrlvri-y. J X
WllllsillS, John llolianl, all ol Mclla. I in (tnt
VV KABHK, Hi'glnlcr.
lltirnn. Ilicgolt, AttgUM '.I'll t
Notice In herehy given thai I'vrilB f gploy.
of Uwin, tiregon, w bo, on 1.1 ptcuiti 1 I .. 1011,
Itiaile lluutcsleail Hntiy. No ln..nM fin I
Heo O, T. A H, K RW g, l.,l. I ami ',
Hectlou 7. TuwUshlp '.' n . gangs : I , Hlllant
etle Merlillati, has IJIi-i! i.otlic of liileullou lu
make Mi, el 1 nmmiitslloii I'tonf lu mini, II. h
claim 10 tbe laml bIkhb asseribed, bolurs Iteg
later suit Hurtis. Orsgoa ss
lllli ils) of Heptciitl,! I I 'II
I lallnallt iiBint'B aa wllucsaca
Henry ft I tech. Amllew Petaroop Mlltutt
K. Htcharitson I'clcr I'tfcr, all ol UawsB,
Wa lis.r. Krgl.tcr
( INSft) lluroavt Mat No.
UsiTaiiHTiTBB l.aati Drrii s, I
llurna. tiregon, July 14, 11141
Notice Is hereby given that tbo Northern
I aclflc Hallway romueuy, wbooe poet office
a, lilt tee la Hi Paul, Minnesiilo. lias this lllli
la ol July title, tile In this office Ils SO
(11, ntl ui to nt led tllntrr the ilov tnlolis of the
sol ol eatress, apuruvod July I, is tai Hist .
:,ti7 . r.JOj as eatetnfetl by Ihe Art uf t'ongreae
approved Ma, 17. isi.
NKHW'. Hoc. I.T SUH, It III Feat, NK',
Ngl,. Her M T. SOU Hotilfi, It .14 knsl. ami
nh.sw, Her n. T ton K. it, Fast. W. it.
Horlsl No. inurt
Any ami all persiuiB claiming aliei,t-ly the
latkds llsssilheq, ur Ooolrlng to object berauae
uf tbo mineral t of tlie laml. ut any
1 it hot f'.ein to Ibe dlopueol to a ppl leant, slum hi
file their afflda. Its of protest lu this uBlce, no
or iirfore the 7th day of nepteniber Ivl,
Wm eaaas, Register
orril'IAI. lilKKfTllRV
" ''I111.H
iOoo. g. 1 liamhetlaln
I' m Hrtialiirs
lllarr) lne
11 llawley
J N J Hlnoutt
A. M. I raw lord
naw.l.l vleai
heo W uleelt
T.N Key
) A 1 ion. hifi
W BUosiwsy
1 Kohl gaklit
I I A. Mi Nll'le
I ueou
I K B. Boon
I g. A. Mooro
1. intil. 1 Judge llaltou Hlgga
1 oiinty Attorney l.eo. B Mluoaure
1 In till court meets tha Brat Mondoy lo
April aud Brat Mondoy lo Uciobor
' , ii nnincii
Itloruey tleueral
) Ctll.ll
" ' retary ul male
I teaaurct
"i.l I'uhllc Itiatiucilun
'.ii- Ill nu, 1
nuprrme Juilgeo
$1500 Reward!
Tbo Oregon, (Is I
I fornls soil Nevada
Livestock PfOteC
Hon Assoclat Inn ol
wblob tbo under
signed Is moruher,
will give li.iasi uu
reward lor evl
donee loadlog to
tbe arrent and cum
vtcthiu of aii 1 par
ty or parlies steal
Ins horses rattl'
or tnlllea 1,1'ltiugliiir
to any uf Its mem
In addition to tbo sbuve, tbo un.h rslgm 1
uffers lbs ssras condition 1600.00 lor all horses
brooded burse gbud bar on botb oreltbor Jaw.
Broad roeorded lo stgbl cooetlea Hatign
Harney, lake mid t'rook countlea Homes
voalod wbeo sold.
Noes but grown bones Bold sod only lit
nrgr I In,
W W HBtlWN fife, iiregiin
- lli.iiliful Colteso PennawBs
Yale and Harvard, Each 9 in. i 21 la
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 In. by 21 in.
All lct iitalily felt with fell heading,
stioaiiiiTH, lettem ami oiasrot executed
in protH-r colore This splendid assort
ment sent pootpahl for M) cents and S
stamps lu pay postage. Send now.
Dayton, Ohio
Office la new buillis..
barnesa )ioa
Physician aJf
Physician asjjj
lultit Hctiatiir
lol ul Hi iiieelitallve
w ll Brooks
W. llowaii
I'mmi sikiii:
'ounly Judge
I n asui.r
nbuol Hoiwrlnleodetil
' iirotier
-co, k Inspector
"-nut Th sis sees
It 1 llugbel
K A Miller
0 g. Beery
A K. Klebordoos
J J. iKiOesaa
I. M II aa. I Hoc
ii w rieveoger
John Holilusou
tK r Otlvooter
iTbuo Hah.
cum, t'onrt meets the Stat Wsdnoodsy la
tatiuai). March. May. July, September sad
li era
$1 Csapistc Sbviat Ovtot $1
10 Articles 10
To advertise oar Universal Shaving
Ootfii and Universal Products we will
lor a llniltral time only, send this well
worth I'.'.iKj Shaving eajlfrt for $1.00.
We sell our products tu the consumer
direct and therefore yea save all agenta'
profile which you know are very large.
1 Hollow Ground rUaor
I S-inch Lather Brwsb.
I Rasa Streak, Canvas Bach.
1 Nichol Eaool Bach Mirror.
I 33-inch Barber Tow.l
1 Bar Shaving Bsaal
1 Ben Tavleausi PewaUr.
I Decorated China Mug
1 Alutninuas Barber Comb.
I Bristle Hair Brash.
Kacb outfll packed in neat box II 00
Coin or Money llrdsr, noUge 10c extra.
Dayton, Ohio
Many .ire tit It, rare pictures of
Also a Self-Filling
All for only 50 rents
The grrntcat hargain in beautiful
eanla and rare art pieluree ever offered.
Many are Inini to ublain and have sold
singly for lite price we ask for all.
These Will quickly to all loversoftbe
hi nni iini iii nature who appreciate rare
art pictures of null developed models.
A relialile sell-lllling fountain pen
faee vi uli sash, nnler. These alone have
anilil for one dollar In stores.
The 100 beautiful card, and pen all
for bat Ms and 10' in stamps for poet-
0. K.tTBHIUSI,, nta-
- A. m i,.
Oeaersl rrsetlce ,
Surgery h.r,
demm,. & i
Physicians a(kj
run. -. j
veuea auswsnjll I" ISlt,
' Phone Herri mac
Dr. MinnicK
Physician and!
Wract Telephone I
It I UN liK.nltKKI.INU.
Sumpler Valley Railway Co.
Arrival mi Defartare Of Traias
saaav r. a. errtes:
K, ami. i
Kei civ I-1
Wm Carro
Bam MuiheraheoB
. asm MothersbeaB
Kul Van Wlutle
Henry H.liou
b I ...,.
,.,. ... II.IIIC.
II J llaos.ii
i i. in,. Minn, A.r, Welromo
I James I tn htre
I H J Mi Kilinoo
M.i ncgs uf ta i ,,mii ll every Bseead ana
Kourlh Wetlneod
My ha
No. 2, Prairia
Arrives Baker
10:15 A.M.
2:35 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Bakar 8:30 A. M.
Sampler 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
Jowolor. Optician and
Fine Wauti Kr pairing A Spe
it. E. HII
vrmee nrsi H'K.r ,
Barns. on
M. A. B
Attornej at g
Vaagtly Bldg , Ban,!
Attorney -le-ufl
Barns, Osaxt-
Burns, iin
Koome 6 and 7 Mi
quickly mala i
Sehoelltie le, vouia B ' I. avaag a
airecleO lo pvepart a yeraoe lo the hsstvs
IMUI' HI UKH 1490 Ot I It I
lliiriti, tttrfuu, AukubI 17, lull
Nut Irr ti htrftlijf k I vol i -tliat rTNUK 14 ft 1 1 ru
Mlllvr.of llftfiiiitftii nrt-Kuii. wlio. nu Jul ft,
liri, Hindi' IhitiiiDli ml Knlij. Nn i'...', fur
r,lM'4 tiii.i Vb's.nK'4, Hi'fiiou .. i if .
I . K . UlllmiH Hi- Mi ihllmi, has ill.'.)
uullco bt iiuii.(l'ii In tuftkt) iliiHi iivi'-i'nr
MbBSBsI. lO MUbllsSSBl llslhl lO tlltl lltllll ftllll- llt
M'r1ld, Itflftirii Kttlitvr uU Uiv) vt, nt Biirtia,
Oregnn, m. ihu Mih Any of Ht'ptuiiilini, lull.
Clailllftlll llltllH' HI WltttsJaeMa
ifiirv I t '"li'. K it. Miiltllt inn. Hurry
'. JuklK'Il , IT Iji'lin I lh inilill, ll.llll
iiiftii , lin'Knu.
V.M. Kabmk, ItiglaUr.
for lh hBf Dciiunnl ccvtavjstiosj
h la ..lill' l-fflltllBll.- V Kilo
I his i the Million of tho
Forty. ilili) St-batf lear Ostat
SEPTEHBER iftth, 1914
Writs for Illustrated too page Book
let. "Ths i.ifk Caresh." and for Cau
log 1 nnta In ing full Information.
lfgrtl Coutitt m. AORICULTUftl 1
Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, DalryHua
bsndty, Poultry Husbandry, liortkculturs.
Agriculture for Teachers. FORESTRY,
NUMHb: lati)MhSJeius.UomitlcArt,
l-NiiiNHERlNOt ElsctkBl. Irrigation.
B rfS, , ' , . iW, ,
No. 1 Makes good connt?ction
with O.-VV. R. & N. No. 10 leav
ing Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from east arriving Baker fi:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with U Grande
local 7:00 to L Grande, and No.
9 (fast Mail) picks up Blceper
there arriving in Portland 7.00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
J0:46 P. M. for point East.
1 li ! ' V v r 1
" Tlw only way lo l 1 J
A gel tiie yrmiina i -. . 9
I New Home mti
Sewing Machine) f 5B JlMj
I ii to l,uy tlie otahioo ayA
I unit tltc name NEW Afl
1 I ll MH on the aim Bj
H ami in tlie irga. m I rTeaakaB. i
M ll.t. m.ckiae U k asSsi
m wnii.nlnj f,, alt JH Jg2
f No other like it MT
f No other as good b
rtaetlesa in the Suief
(ore the U.K Und ufl
The New Home Sewing Mic.iae Ceapaij,
rromotlng tha Janitor.
Tliey were Joint owners of ao atiart
meat bouse sod one dsy tbe Junior
partner sought bis colleague In some
"Tha janitor wants 110 more s
month or he'll leave. 1 bate to give
up tbe money, but we can't spare him."
Tbe aenlor partner disappeared and
returned In a few moments.
"It's all right," said be, "I've satis
fied him, and It didn't coat us any
thing "
"liuw'a thatr
"Tbe Janitor la now the superintend
ent." "Good work!" declared tbe Junior
partner. "Hut why didn't you make
him superintendent in tbe first place?"
"Because," answered tbe senior mem
ber, "I knew be'd want a promotion
eventually. Every man wants a pro
I'sn n .', 1 . 1 1 La an tirrn a
Hums, Oregon, August nth 1.14
To lliil, ill (l. Ilusgruie, of l.aweu, Oregon
1 outesles
Vim sic hereby inilllletl that John K. Mac
AlpioSj iiho gives I. a titauilo, Oreguo. so big
iniBl 1, Ihi aihlrcnn, ,11.1 on A ugtisl lllli, 1114,
lllc In t liln oltlcc 1,1. ilul 1 , 1 1 . ,1 ,1,1 applica
tion loiiiiilcsl ami sucurti tha 1 ant cllathm of
vnur lliiini nlcnil hnlry, Nu., aerial No sOeS
New Hurlal No 11.ll.11 uiailo June lath, llitM, fur
-!Ml,, "I -ni linn 1 ,, lowushlp JU , Houlb, itauge
H,l, Kiinl k 1 1 In in lii M, il'ljnii.aii'lasgruiiuilalor
Inn 11 ni licallcgusllial aahl Herbert U Miib
grove has n hull y ubninliiiiuil aahl anti y, that he
uuvcr eetabllahcU or tnallitglncil arcaldunoo, ur
mini, sp) liiiiiuvciiiiuita thereuo, aud has
austinitin ntinaclt unit cliangeil bis resilience
t bur cf ruin uver since tho date of astry.
Vou arc therefore, further untitled that the
Bshl ullugitiltnis will be taken as ooofesaed.
ami in. i mi nl iiiiiy will hu canceled wlibuut
Inilliui iiKhi tu be heard, either before this
iiltlcu or on aiieal, If juii fall to Ills lu tbla
nflltie within twenty 'ln. alter the KOUhll)
1'ublh siiuti uf this uullco, ss showu below,
yuursuswer, untler uath, suocllh ally ruapoud
Ing to these al legal Inns ol cuntust, tugelher
with 1I1111 proof lhat )ou have gervod s copy of
your ct uu tl,o said uutiteslaut elthrr lu
ucrsuii ur bv teulnlured luall.
Vim sliinlM slate In your anawci tha uatna ul
me 1,111111 to wnitib yuu desire
iiutine lubeaeut to yuu
publlcallun August Ulb IBM,
Wm. rasas,
Tells all about ass matlorai nliat
ynung men and winiiiiii, ynung titvea
Bud husbands sml all others need to
know t tho mi. 11 .1 laws that gov
ern the sea forces. I'liiln trutlts ul sea
life in relation la happiuoaa in tnurriagu
"Secrets" of manhood and womanhoodi
set-tual abuses, Social evil, diseases, etc.
The latest, must advanced nml com
prehensive work that Itss etpir liecn Is
ausd on seaual hygiene I'riueleas iu
strncllon lor those who ttru ready (or thu
true inner teaching.
This book tells nurses tuuehers, doc
tors, lawyers, preachers, uncial workers,
Hunday (School touchers and all others,
young and old, what all nutd to know
about sag Blotters. By Wnfisld Scott
Hall, Ph. D, M. U. (Lelpsig).
Newspaper Cemments:
"Bcltintlllciilly correct Cliiciign Tii.
bune, "Accurate ami up-to date."
Philadelphia i'lesa. "Htanduril hook
oi knowledge." Philadelphia Ledger.
Tha New York World says: "Plain
truths for those who need or ought to
knew them for the prevention of evils.
Under plain wrapper lor only $1.00.
Coin or Money order, poatuge tun ennte
Highway. Mechanical, Chemical, Mltiln
I.eidllllCB. .UMMtRtH PH
ll, Mining.
Vocational fenny-AjirlculturB, Dairy
ing, Home Makers' Courea. Industrial
Alls, I oiestrv. Busiueii Short Course.
Setoff .Vsjiirv-PUns, Suing, Band,
VoliB Culture.
I a, in... Soilness Courts by Mail Free IMK BKOIBTXAB,
(iwMt lu -) Carvallia, rtrssea
P h's a sunW-s lo
ajrvJ ynVeWBwtWSBa P BasjjaBnaBBBji
stained, vuaiahoa, or
Balised la say way,
laere'taa Acsae QuaUly
xUnd to SJI lae ykipos.
Special Hosiery Offer
liuaranteed Wear-Ever Hossry Car
Men and Woman
LrdkM' Spatial Of sr
For 1 luittit.l Time (July
Hix pair ot our fliuist SOo value ladies'
guaranteed hose in black, tan or white
colors with written guarantee, for 11.00
antl 10c (or postage, etc.
I or a limited time only, six pairs ol
our finest HAc value Guaranteed lloeeany
color with written guarantee aud a pair
of our well known Man's Paradise tier
ters for one dollar, aud 10c cents for
postage, etc.
Von know these hose; they stood the
test when all others failed. They give
real foot comfort. Thry have no scams
to rip. They nover become loose and
liaggy us ths shape is knit In, not press-
ml 111. They are Guaranteed fur fine
ness, for style, lor superiorly of malar
ial and workmanship, absolutely stain
less and to wear alx months without
holes or a new pair free.
Doa't delay send In yoar order before
offer expiree. Give correct Bias.
Dayton. Ohio
C Strong Reasons
for Fall Painting
The wood is thoroughly dry.
Jusw'j tun kui rtmtvtJ all 1
UhtMs. II. 1.
Careful attention kit
lions and Real Beaasj
Fire InnirgBej. :
NoUry Public
A. W. C0WI
State Ojurts and L'n
Land Oflkv
Three doors S u
Harney County Nati
Burns. Huims.
AttasweyatUw' Se
Caaxraaiiai, Men, I I
sssssasBal U. 3. Lad 'ii.raal,. .niyM
sad Land OBn ,
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dry wood.
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Fall weather is warm, dry
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Wet weather decays find de
stroys unprotected surfaces,
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Fall painting keeps out winter
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HOUSE PAINT. It imutres tha SMM
protection and beauty, at tha least coat
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We do it right
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