The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 29, 1914, Image 4

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Hs Had to Flee at the Last Battle
of the Revolution.
Tha Engatisment W Short, Sharp
and Daelilvt, and In It the Patriot
Spitfire, Mistress Day, Earned the
Right to Her Title and to Fame.
The last buttle- of tin- lii-i oltitlon ., :im
not at YorWtowu, nor was It any of the
many small itlTMltaiieS that BOClsWad
aftar Uie BVRvntlcr of CornwiitlN iiml
befoae tho formal tlocluriitlon of asaea
In 1783. The last Imttle wim of the nu
tare of a duel, and It btppSMd on tha
ttfcy the British erncniitpil Now Xork,
The great day that WU to BBS IBS
last of King OeBigi I" s regiBieuta
(are these shena ilimiiy iutImhI. Tha
British army WBJ to lioiirtl the ships
that lay In tlu lin.linr. Washington
and his tros wata Watting nt Klnge
bridge ami ItcQowan'B psM t.' taka
possession of tit,' city liuiiii'iliiti'ly on
their depart l ro.
Major William t'uiiiiliigUaui, tho
British provost tiitn-vlml nml I'otiiiii.tuil
er of the prison on the common, c ivp
one last look about Ills oflce, I . .1
the key on the table ami went el
Into tho Buniiiit, alamtnlng the ot
behind blin with uuMcaaaarj
Tloiencc. ii . Infamona reign wss
OTer, There wore few forms of i niel
y that he had baattstad te practice on
the luckless Continental prtaoaetl In
bis charge. Among tha ml Ideal wera
the contauilnatlon of their drinking
water by throwing rnbblslj Into the
well and the appropriation ami sale or
tbetr rations for bis own profit.
The friends and relatives of Ids I.
tlms were fottlag back to tin rlt til
umpliiint, nutl It basWOTSd btajof I BO
nlnghntn not to linger. So be Ml
the prison, turned Into the common,
aad crossed It to gain llromltvii. lie
strode along muttering curses uinler
bis breath. At tha corner of Broad
way ami Murray street aoaoathlni
caught his I1;.', He stopped, bealtatad,
then turntni Battle and aaataaad iowa
Murray street
"What ami.i'iiy: What monatrooa
audacity:" be thought. Hut It wai like
that rebel splttlre, .Mistress Day. Ho
wonld teaek her one Until lesson.
Be reached tha Daj booaa, WhlcJi
was n tavern near areenwlch street.
opened the pile and shook Ms list at
tba Btars and Stripes thai lluttensl
from a tall flagpole, as If waving a
triumphant welcome to the ( Vtillnt'iitnl
Wratbfully ho aataad tba halyards
and began to pull tha Bag down tin
pole. There ., as sotnethlng about th
action that soothed Ms raffled feellngfl
He would at least take bask to Kug
land with him one captured rebel ban
ner. But be had reckoned without
Mistress Day!
From her kluhon that patriotic wo
man beard tha reaklug of tho pulley
on her flagstaff. She tiptoed to her
front windows nml peeped out. She
know the major only too well, and she
determined to prevent this llnal out
rage. She flew back to tba kit' lien aad
seized her bfOOa
In the maantlmn. with hla hack to
tba house, the major was hailing away
vigorously. A few uioio J. all i ami the
flag would be within his grasp. Hang'
Hla bat suddenly flew off im-l went
scuttling down tho yard. In his as
tonlshment ho continued to pull me
chanlcally on tho halyards Dung,
whack! The major saw many times
more than thirteen stars, and tho pow
der flew from his wig In all directions
He dropped the rope ami turned about
purple with Indignation.
"Woman, do you Netiiaa what you
are doing?" be ruared. Tba broom
stick was In the air again, and the
major dodged. Wha I. ! It struck him
squarely across the bridge of his nose,
and the Held at once became ensan
The bleeding ofllcer now began to
take hasty counsel with himself lie
was late for the embarkation, the
American tTOOpa would aooa lie upon
the ground, his hat had rOCttrad BB Ir
reparable daat, Ids wig was In the
wildest disorder. Ms riglmcntals were
stained with marks of the af
fray, his head was yet spinning from
contact with lUatraaa Day's waapoa
nnd there ivcic- lll:Iiilst.ll.:ilili signs
that Mistress I lav's arm was by no
means wiaryi Some warning bugle
notes from the Battery tic hied the
matter. He turned about nnd staode
off. picking up his damagad headgear
on the inn Miatraag Day, smiling
contentedly raturnad In her kitchen to
continue tha baking and brewing for
the Ofaaing festival.
It took tha major some time to re
move the B1 Ideneea of conflict before
he appeared at the Battery He must
have been hard put to It to explain his
lateness and his disheveled state to his
superior olllcer. Ills career after his
return to England continued to be ill
reputable He was executed for for
gery fight yars after he left New
York As for Mistress Hay. the wo
man who flew the first American flag
In the aracnatad city ami who fought
and won th" last conflict of the Itevo
lutlon. she deserves n wider fame than
she has anjoyad Youth's Companion
Cutting Remark.
If we Judged ourselves by the same
standards are Baa for Judging others
many of BB would be cutting our own
in ipiiilntunce.-New Orleans liiayune
Spoiled Musiolans.
Itublusteiu disapproved of DsSfltagS
for musicians. Just before bis death
he spoke sadly of his Itiixsliin lady
pupils What have I wasted nil my
time OB tin-in fort be naked Irritably.
"iXcr.v one maiiled; ii'M too provok
ing! Here they ure. spoiled forever for
art life What did they study for?"
The l. on. ion Musical World remarks
that "those who ask why we have no
great lady composers may bo left to
think of theso things."
A Narrow Range of Choice.
Syhla, supple and slender, and Aunt
Ilelle. bulky nnd benign, had returned
from u shopping tour. lOacb hud been
trying to buy a ready made suit.
When they icturned home Hylvlil
was iislied what success each hud In
her efforts to be fitted. "Well," said
Hylvlii. "I c,o( along pielty well, hut
Aunt Hell.- Is getting so lat that about
all she can get ready uiaile is uu inn
brelln -Youth's Cumpulon
A Bit Different.
Towiie There's one thing uhont my
Wife-she UJitJCfM up her inlntt If uliu
can't afford a tiling that she tloeen't
need it. Bowaa gOBiatblag lll.o my
wife, only she bal II Hist and makua
up ber inlinl iirtemurtl.-i'hlludelphlu
Mow It Deoreaeee aa It Qoee Abeva ar
Below the Barth'a Surface.
Kverybody weighs more at tba aur
face of the e.uth than it can at Bay
other point Its weight diminishes as
It Is removed above tho surface or be
low It. As It rises from the surface
Us wrlght iIihtciiscs In Inverse ratio to
the squares r the dlstnnees from the
center of the earth. As It descends
baton IN iwfaaa lis weight decreaaaa
directly ns the distance from tha can
ter of I lie earth.
Tim, bod) weighing 1110 pounds at
the sin lace uf the earth, which la ap
proxthiatety 4 mm miles from tho can-
t, i would wolul ly twenty-flva
poimi- at n point 1.000 miles high. At
twice the di -tan e it liis one quarter
the weight
It ar drop thtl same bod) half the
dlsi in e to Hie .enter or the earth or
to point ii i ovlunilely '.'.IHIO miles
baton tha surface It will weigh flfty
The reason for this Is that at 2,000
miles from the center the body Is on
the nrfaca or a aphara of 2,000 miiea'
What causes weight Is the masa of
matter comi'iiusl with distance from
the center A kIoIo of 2,000 miles'
radius contains one eighth as much
matter us a globe of 4.000 miles' ra
dius, the also or tha earth; therefore
only oiieeighth as much matter nt
traits the body, which. If maa ware
the only factor, would at 2,000 miles
from the tenter weigh om eighth as
much as at the surface of the earth.
Hut It Is also only half as far from
tin- cnier as It w as at the surface and.
If distance were tho only factor, would
weigh four times as much us on the
sin luce lour times one eighth la one
half; therefore It welgha half what It
would nt the surface.
Now, su pose we drop this body to
the very i cuter of the earth and Bee
what It would weigh. All the matter
of the earth la now outside It and can
exercise Do attraction whatever upon
It; therefore It weighs nothing at alb
New Yolk World.
Penaitiee and Privileges Aboard Ship
In Former Days.
Some reuiiirknblo advice to seafarers
is given In an old Portuguese book pub
lished for the guidance of mariners.
Among oilier things It deals with the
rights of cnptnlns to assault sailors
and the methods In which the attacks
are to be legally met.
The sailor was advised to bear calmly
any verbal abuse that an Irate skipper
may burl nt him, but If words passed
to blows be was to run sway Into the
bows and (Irmly take his stand beside
the anchor chain
Should mi Infuriated master armed
with a belaying pin or other lethal
w.aion chaaa him to bla stronghold
the mariner was to slip round to tho
farther side of tho chain. Should be
still be pursued be was to call his
messmates In witness that the master
bad broken the rules by circumventing
the chain
Than at last he was to defend him
self, and let us hope be would do It
well. Other little matters of discipline
ure set out. and tbey abow a noble ef
fort to make tha punishment lit the
The ship's clerk, a privileged person
who acted as liookkeeper, purser and
cargo master, was liable to be branded
lu tho forehead, to lose bis right hand
and to all of bis property If be
made a wrong entry In tbe ship's book
or . '.nulled at such an entry.
A senni. in who fell asleep on his
watch was only put on a diet of bread
and water unless the offense was com
milted lu hostile waters In that case
he must be stripped naked, flogged by
his un-ssmiitcs and ducked thrice lu
the sell
If he were an ofllcer, however, he
would only lose all food except bis
bread and have a pall of water flung
over from the bend downward. Ixin
don Tit Hits.
Literary and Mueieal Pillage.
lleruard Shaw's defense Of literary
"pillage" wus anticipated by bla fellow
countrymnn, lialfe, tba composer or
"Tho ltohemlan Girl," who used to
borrow generously from other people's
scores. On utie occasion, tba London
Kx puss recalls, be was rehearsing a
new operu at Urury Ijine and tbe first
ml. Me, nu Italian, was boniflcd to come
upon page after pago of familiar
music. "Mr. Haifa. Mr. Ualfe," be
said In tforror, ".hit la Moxart." "And
n capital man. too," was tbe irishman's
reply, "dot on with tba rehearsal."
Ilnllnlllipolls News
A Japanese and His Wife.
A lady residing in Pasadena wus
recently asked by her Japanese gar
doner for tho three days' wages due
him, ns he was about to leave for
Japan with his wife and baby. His
written explanation waa: "Will you
please give me, If you can. as my wife
Is want the wages, und buy some
things you know I do not Ilka to saj
such small tiling, but every woman's
mind are very small. My wife la more
small " Kxehnnge.
Succeae Without Bitternees.
Success In Industry, In art or In love
Is sin eil from bitterness and disap
pointment because we regard our
m hleiemeiits fur more symbolically
than we know und rest far mora than
we ure aware .upon tba backing of
Oofl.-hr. Itlchurd 0. Cabot.
Only Undeveloped.
He It lots bass Hiiltl that a wotuan
cnn iniiKe a fool of any man. Do yon
belli-ve II '; HIip Of course not. Tbe
I it-1 hln- run do la to develop him.
f'lili ago News.
Bsrrett's Pun.
Lawrence llurrett, though stero and
dlgulllod, could iiiilu'inl a little ocu
sloiiully. Ohio a popular low comedian
propoaed a combination with bltn,
which lot declined.
"It would have been an unhappy II-
ItiMtiiill'iii," hiiIiI tho triiRedhiii In relat
laj It. "of (irln and Barrett."
It mini Hinlth's llrst Huiitlay bb usber
in i Iiiii.Ii nml he wus a bit flustered.
Turning to a lady who entered be auld.
"This way, madam, and I'll aaw you
into ii iilieet." Iloslou Transcript.
Tims Alone Would Tell.
Mrs lltiHs hud a daughter wbo waa
of tho opinion that her voice was ber
fori ii no. The mother sent ber to a
well known vocal teacher for lessons
iin.l lifter a short time called ou the
jcitclicr iu ascertain bla opinion
' In. sun think." aba asked tba pro
fessor, "that my daughter will ever
I.e.-. .me ii iiott'd singer?"
"1 hi nt Kay," replied (be profeaaor.
"Hio uiuy, Una dell me aba gome of a
long lived fainlly."-Natlonal lioatlily.
i'KiTmHtva btsogvvica
Burnt, or. mm, August . m I
Notice is aare given t list Wllltem Hlreoh,
brother and hi-iri. i mmf. Hlrwh, deceased,
of Hili-y.oresiiii. ''. on Aiiauil 'is, IVOH. made
Hiitiixiead Kiiiry, No IBaem, lm Whpll,
MO.SI ', mi'! I ',nw i. Motion II Tiiwiishli.
::i s . Umi .'i. K . w lll.nn. in. Merlitisn, has (II
el ootlee of IntciniliMi in nnik. Hind three veer
,......! i.. . ntlin lu ilia lend elinve
ilewtilu'il. I.. I.. i.. Retleter anil Receiver, at
llllllll tlrvili.ll, ml llle inn UBf ill si-.i, en.
lialllieul llRlllce as nllm-aaea
P II Ih.oii. It J ttllllania. II. A.
p II Mole ell el Ulli',Orniill.
wm. Kaaaa. Keilaler.
llnnia Lett No. 100
KOH I'll 111,1 BATION.
PsitsiiStatss Land iirevcs,
llnrilH, ni.', Annual 4. IHI4. I
Nnllie In Barsbl slvea that the Northern
I'aclil.' Hallway i .iniaii. whnee tsiat oflti-e
aihlrraa l si Paul. Mliiurenia, hat this lli 'lejr
nl Animal I'll III. "I In llila olTlrii lteaiilleallaD
i.iai'lei I linil.r III,' iiroilaliilieof the art 111 1'uB
Btaaii approved J aly I. im.scio siei.M7,nj.
I, NWl. nl -si.1, -.' Hon II T. MB .
K :n H W M acres
' Ki, nl NW', .-.'.'linn 't, T.WIN.,
it I I . B i ai.oo acres
su no aorei
Serial No. U7UA7
Any anil all .,Ti.lia ilalinlnl a.lveraely the
lauila deai 'll.e.l, nr ileali ma In iiii,'cl l.e.auie
ol tin- i. ill. .rat ,'harai ler ol the land, or lor any
oilier reason to tin' itlaisieal In amillcanl,
ahuuld III,. Hi .-Ii alll.lavlla ol .ruliai la thll
nrtli,., mi or beliii.. the .'Slh day ol slc niber,
w a Kassb. Healiter.
HIM. U Ml THAI I. I'tllll.ll I tMiSVIK
I'sitsii HTATaa I. ash ornca
llnnia. .in ami. Aufull 4, luU
Netieeti bareb given that, as directed by
the I'uinnilialni.i'r el the ileneral Land offlre,
under prnvlaloui of the Act ..( i oua-reee ai
nrori'd June H7, I vvw. il stela., R.ITJ puraiiaut lu
Die applleat lull ol Matitle a. I'liie, Serial No
laVV.7. ,. will ..II. i ... ,.1,1,11,, lliehl(heet
1. 1, l. i.i. . in ai i .1 ' i nan .' ii ner acre, al
III.. .!.... t. M . . ai tin- M day of September, una .al.. . in.' IiiIIiiwIuk Irani ,1 lend
io,M.',.'" 1,1 .'.' s , It in, K . V, M.
I Ida irret la ordered Into tbe market uu a
ahovtliis that Uu. greater tirilnu thereof Is or too rough for cultivation
Vni iierauu ilalnilug edvereely the above
deeerllMMl lau.l are lae.l to die Ihelr i-lalnia.
ur i.bjei lloiia. on or before I lie nine deelgoeled
(or Bala,
W vi Kassb, Heglater.
Has MoiHgaaHBAii, Receiver.
noi Aif.ii nt i.
rNlTKI-M i.TKH I.AND orKlt'K. I
lliirua. OrtJafCfl, AllgUtl4, 1914 I
KotlOt . hiri'I, Klirn Itt.t, na i)lritrt4 b
tin- t oinintnnli'inr ol tin '.ninrsl l.nmt tfllr,
iiiiiln .rti laii'iia t'l Art of t onitr,H approvvo
J lint 17 in- l I Mill UTI, tiirtnnttt lo Ihtt.p
pllriiillrn of JamtM Ptrtfl -t-rtui No. 07ou7,
will oit.-r nt put. lit mli-, to tin hlghMt l.liliUr.
hut nl hut In 1 Hi Mr mctt, at 111 O't'lOOat
A.M. on Mi. 1 lay of Kepirmbcir, I'tii, at
ttiUiitlii-r. tlid 'ulhtwliiit tract of Und:
HWHK4l i-r.liuii v Nn'.NK'a.nw. 13, T. V
I., n ' ; K.. W. M
Thia trat't : prrlraj ttittt tltr matkat on ft
ahtmlna; that ttu k " "-atr iri Ion thtrvof It
innuiitninoiia ol 100 roimli for rulllvatlun.
Any n rlnluiliiaj atd . traty lis ftUvo
tltarrtleril U tot air a) laoit tu filr thart r rUlnii,
or objrrtluui on nr lfiro thu tlwr tlrslf nataxt
W u rAimtt, Kra-Iatrr
-t MtTIIkH-lllsh, Hf.HitT
Ili.lAIKI' lltl. I ll' LANIl SeUUI
i mtkii hi iks i ami nrrn a,
Huma. uregoii, Angual 4, lvl
Noll..- i. to nl.y given that, ae directed by
the ruuiiiilaai..).. i ..I tbe lieueral I and office.
under Provlaloaa ol I, 1..1 1 oi.greae aiiproved
1 -la'a . I. . I'.iranant III ttie a
pi lea 1 1. .11 nl M Miotic A I'lrlt . Hi rial No OturjB, we
will.. d. T al . libit .... 1,1 the hlght'll bidder,
but at mil liaa than H ll ier aire, el 10 ii 1 load
M . ..11 1 lie .'. nl dn. of h,..l,.it,ber, 1114 el thl
offlre.-lhe (..iio'.ing tra. 1 1. 1 lau.l
sK',-w , ... SKi,N'. and NWNK1..
scullion. 1 .--- it .!.',. g.; Tar, m.
'1 1,1a. trael ia orBerea iniu the markit on a
boning thai tin- (reelsi imribia 1 hereof la or loo lengh fur 1 Dili valloo.
Any persons Utiiiing a.lvereely the above
I, a. ill .1 al .1 an a. I. I., .1 I., file their claims
ST nli)i-. I...I... r U tore Ibr lime dealgnaied
for eaie.
I a ass. Keglaler
Has M.'iiteaaiiaAn. Keceiter
l-'ilVIIH rgatl I It lll.lf I. ASH BAI.B.
IMTIIi -i,tr- i ttn oirtca,
linn a, . n.-gon. Auguat 4. 114
Noll. ! banes' fives thai, ai illrrced by
tht loiniiiiaal t ..I the i.i nerel I end Office
.outer j. n, vial. .in ..1 Ait ol t ..tiercel approve. I
.lulie ;,, I'M. II Mali .',!,, ...i.naiil lu a..l
tati.'i. ,.i Ha. . ii rheiaaeau, serial No uemv..
w, mil ,, it, t at nl II, aali . lo Ihe blgneet bid
dcr but at not leae lliau I; uu per acre, at 10
ei.H-a n .-a . in inn fja nay in nopteraoer
1 .11. at c.rTi. th,. following trad. il land :
SK.,S'4.S ,-K', see . -j, T.44H.. R. MB.,
I hli trail I orderad Into tbe inarset on a
liioaliiK Dial the greater purlieu thereof l
in on n lei iiona, ir i no iniigri tor cultivation.
Aii, . rseoi claiming adiereely the above-
diaerlbad lati.l are adMied to file ihelr clalaai,
or obje.ti ta .oi or before the time oeetguaieo
fur Mis
Ho. K.aas. keglaler
-a M..1UWIII1II, Receiver .
Isul lllli llm I ' lll.IC I.ANII BAlal
i Mim maim, i a an ornca,
Santa, uregun, Auguel II, 1114.
Notice IS her.l.y given that, ai dlreeted by
tbe i uinuilBBluurr nl the lieueral laud Office,
tliidir provlnoninf Act of tongreie ipproved
June.'. I a I Hlali , .'.1, pursuant lo Ihe ap
.h. ation ol Ada It Nasi, Serial No. onelvH, we
will offer al putjlli sale to the highest MdOer,
but al tint li. I ban j 00 per a- re. al III o'clock
A. M... on the Jlslda, ol rleplcniber, I'll! allhl"
ufflee the following tract of laud
hi i, ,',, M'.hWi,, S1,"!'.. sec. , T. tj
- Ii : I K . rt M
Tbla ttai t la or.tcrcd Into the market on a
ahoalug ihet ihe greater portion thereof Is
mxiiht.ilii. ue or loo rough for cultivation.
Any .i i laiiiitng adversely Ihe above
descrlhc'l lau.l ate advised to Bla their clalini.
oriil.Jielloua.on or before the time designated
for sale.
W. I atiai. Heglater.
Has V'.i.i n-ni.i.. Recelvar.
I'NiTKi.hTATge I,anu orrtcg, i
Hums, tit, gun, July M, 1I4. I
Notli, Isbsrebj given that Henry R. Iillltnau.
ol Barrows Oregon, aim, ou July I, lull, made
llom.stiad cult), No own, oi Lota 1 aud i
-.. .. luwiiahip J7 H. Itaiigi'WJK .Willamette
Meridian, has hied notice of Intention
lo inaki, llnal llnee year proof, lo aslahllsh
claim to it,,. I. .ii. I ahon deicrllied, before Keg
lateral!. I Receiver, at llnrtii, llregun, on tha
7th ill) of nepli itibur, IUI4.
t lalitiiint liainea ai wltneaaeg
t barley I. Illllluall. I lieater Kci.hii t bailey
lla. khana nio I II. tnliiaoii Kllloll. all ol Nar
rows, Oregon
H B. Kaasg, Register.
llnnia. llregun, Augusta, Hit
Null.e I. h.-rei.y given that William liirsch.
uf illli-i .uregun, v.liii, on August I,1K0V, inails
lloinee 1 Kuirv, Nu. OlVikl, lor BleHW!a.
NW'4h.i..HW'.iW',, Hecllolil'J, Tuwnshlu
it., ' K , WIllAuielle klerliliali haa lileil
lli.lli. ol liitenllon to inske llnal three year
I'm.. I In eaiai'llali claim tu the lati.l above ,le
Bcrll.i.i, n. ion in Ki.ter in, I Itecelvar at
liurua, llregun, uu the Ulliilay uf Heuteuilier,
1 laltniiul liaiiii-s as wltussaes:
" no on, it i Wllliaus, II. a. nil, i, is,
Ii. II. Mill,., all ol Itlloy, Oregon.
Wg. Finai. Register.
BurBS, on gun, August J4lh, 1UI4
To Juliti Murelll, uf aililruaa tinktioen t uu
'..... are hen l.y n..iiin . that Tuiu Alias who
glvus Uurus. Harney toil 11 ly, Uregun, as hla
l.oal nltl. . icl'li. .1. a) lit on August Mlh.ltU
Hie I u ihla niinn his duly eurruhurated apvli
t ailoti 1., 1 oniest aud secure the nauoellailuu
ol join lloiiiealeail Knlry Nu 043411, Heilal Nu
" IIH" iiiinle March Jlsl. lulu fur NUIBU,
NWI.Nht,, r,Ki4rlV,!4, Hulllun ill, 'luvllililu h
hoiilh. llaugi- Al Kail., Wlllatuulle, Merldlaii.
ami ae ground! lor hi. 1 out. at he alleges thst
yuu tisvnr I'Stabllihetl reiltluuee uikiu ur lu
aiiyvHs, liu.rove,l ur 1 ulllvated said Irani uf
laud aud wholl) ahau.luned laid entry lor wore
tbauili in. .nllii mil, r lu Aiigmt aud, 114.
Vuu are there fure. further notified that Iha
aid allegationa will lei taken aa eoslssssd,
aiul yuttr laid eutry will be canceled wllhuut
further riulit to bu heard either before this
office nr on euuval.lf yuu fall to file lu this
ofllie within twenty days aflar the yotJHTil iiiiini ol Hits 11. it ii a, gs shuwa belew
four atiawei, under oath, aiienlllcally reapuuil'
tig lu these allegailuus uf eontast, together
alili.iu. i..... 1 urn have served a oony uf
yuiir answer on the Bald eoulestaut either lu
person ui i.y nglstered mall.
YuUSlloaB.I a. me 111 , oltr B IIS Wer lllS IIBUIBOf
t he uusioiiii e to wlilcit yuu desire future notlees
in im sunt lu )..u
We. Pabbb, Register
Hate ul tint l.ul.llt alluti August aVth llila.
Hate ol .... uud i.ublleatlou laptawher 6lh, U14
lia'c ol third i,ulilieaiiou Mapisaiuer 1'Jtk. tela.
Hale uf fourth iiuhlloatlun Heiitemlier, l1n. lilt
Huriii, Oregon, .iul V7, 11)14 I
Nnlloe II hereby given thai Fre.l (' llniin. pi
laaweD, Oregon. who.iuiHei.ii.nil.ei P. lulu, inn.i.
Humealead Rnlry, No. OH",! f.n
A, ToBlhli J4 H. Kangc :!.", k . w illnoiell.
Merlilleu, has (lied notice nl Inimitioii n. mak.
Baal three-year Proof, in eiial.liab claim to I he
land elMivedeicrlbed, bnfiin. Ili'glalei and It.
celvor, at Hums. Oregon, on lite till day of
Helilember. I"l I
Claimant uainea aa wllueaaci:
ilenrge llrynlng. Artliur A. Haiindera, K K
farter, u, M., all ol Lawen, Oreauii
III lull, lleglali I
Iturui OrtvKuii, July ito. mi
Nolle In harvl'ir ilYtii Mint, hm iltit'iii'i i
till' ( .lltltl.ajBj1, nl III li1HINl I. Mini ' I fill I' ,
UDiltr iinn lilting f Art of UoBgrMc pprivtj
jiuif i, im (,'it Hinti
. M7). imrRUKtil in tin ni
Dllraliim of I'l'tail It
Niiiyti.. HHrlnl So.Vfj-JM,
WW Tsrilg WMV, ei inn 111 aim . l .tp., tliall -I .'a
'ler, tut avi lint !B 1 1i nit f.'ihi pal title nl ti
i Cloi'k A. M tin tlir JJ1I.I tin) nl hi'itt'inli i
luU, ntifiln I.H. ' 1 ti- rollotvliifj lurt nf Inixl
KHBV. Hn. Bfi, T W M , Lit ', Hit ' , M ' ,
Mw .. iClWH . H-.14K.. W. Ii.' m
Thtl (i Aft Ii onliTvU Into uinrki i mi ,i itiOM
lniih.llht gralr itortloii thtirrof i nouu
lnlDouaor loo romtli for oiillivtttloii.
An v ,i-tiniii ttnluilMK tulxt'im-U tin- AboVt
lnRt'illiril Uit'l nu mlvllfil to ft In their ilaliim
.. .. sail I I ... ail e. lit. 111. all. I a. In I tan IiImI.,.1 I.I.I
ur otijoctiona, ou or tiflorit tho tlnui iit'sianniiii
for ml
W. rHHK. Iti'Mtsl.r,
Ham MuTMBitiiiiRAii Ki.-'iM f
llurni. Ottffoa, Jul) no, i hi
NniliB ii h.r.l.y flvn that, na dSfMtod lJ
th I'oiiimlMlunttr of tlit Uonaiitl l.atol n!i.
Uiolff iifo1ainha n! Aol of CODtfTtM KpprtV0M
JuBO if, ItfOa ! .14 Hutu , M7 iinauaiit ! ihr nt'
ptlt'ntlonol MyhiairMiiilth,H..ii N 07 1 M, w
will offer l puhllr aalf lo I he? bltfbwl lllih .
hutftt not Im than ; no j..-. a ir, at in o i Itn k
K. M , tm tb i-ititl ly of Mcptt'iuhir. I'll, at
tbli iifli'K , thf following tract ol Inml,
.H , R RK, W. M
Tint tfsift la orltjru Into tht tnnrkwt mi m
bowing tliftt thf ajftjatri portion Ibtrvol '
uionutaiuoua r loo roiigb for ciiitl. ai imi
Anjf prona rUlniiim aiitraiiv lh lov
(lf'rtbd InioI ur avIvl-Mri to flit tlu-lr t lahua,
or obtttotlom, on or bsjfort tbf UMl 4 aigimied
for Ml.
W H hHII Itt'Kiali i
Ham MtirHiMiia i., Ku.'iiin
IBOI.ATKI) TBACT. I'l'lll.ll liAMOSAtal
t'sirali HTATaa LaMi Oirt. ,
Burui. Oregon, Jul) .10, mil
Notice la hereby given thai, aa dlreeted by
the t'omaaiealouer of tue Oeasral Land ofllee
under tirovlaluai of Actuf tuttgrcaa approved
luue ii, IBBa (.14 Stela , Mfj, ('lo a. la.. I I.i Ii.. at-
plleallon Ol lli.aa Hitiger. Serial s
will offer al public eal. , In the blgbeat 1. 1. 1. lei
but at nut leee than II nu per et re. at In ... lo, a
A. M.oUUte aTnd day ul Neplembi-r, I. ill al
il. I. uffli e, in,. Iiillnaliig Iran of leu.l
nhb4. Nee 4 T at s , li, xi a., m
l'hli traut la ordered lata marli.i ..uaalmw
lua that the greater portloa tb.i...l la iu..nti
taloooeiir too ronib f ,r eulitvatiun.
Aay pereona claiming advcrael, lbs shove
.leecrlbed land areadviavd to r. le u,... . la I mi, on or belore the lino- deaignated
Wa fanes. Itogtai. i
Sam u,. ..
I IMS Haras 107 I. lit No
1MITI l MATsW I ami ol m K,
Hum.,, urriMMi. August H. I'll
Ni-llir tii'M'tt) ajlfrl) Ihnt tin Nt.lh.r.
I'srlAt' Us.llata.jr t .ui-i.)f , ITbOM Hel "111' v
il4rM Iff HI. 1'a.Ul, MIlilir-iutA, hut thlalltli
U o AtlgUffl IW14 niil Is llila rtli'i lie . pll
to ffflrrl UU'Ur tin- iitnvlsliiiia o lit I ul
t't)itKrraj, Bfesafaaaasag Itifa 1 1- .1 QMUI
M HllfftedsKl hi tie it t) I til ( otn;r. i ,
Uav IT W
NNBV4Ht. U, Twp. IIH . It :iIUffl M
rVlJul Nu '
Any . ll H'rff4ni HiinitM ft0rrMlr v
IffCtll itatM'rMaMl Or lfffltttff (tuL;
th Mlurrfflrliaigit tt-r ut tit UtM Of a.0) uthfi
r-ftaxJlJ ttj th tu ).,.l U n 1 ffaould All
thaiir safTiils. v n if t.fiitt t in this uffm .on or u
MMIffM .'rflnUyol u lutwi fit
Haj liMi, lu $Ulmi
1 mtii. BTATBB i a.m. .011. g
laakevlew, Oregon. Auguat II, I'll
MOT 01 aaVBe
Notice ll hereby given thai aBJ I Mueller
uf Kile tireeon. who. no Hepleluber I. lulu,
made liumaetead entry, , and on Me, 1,1111
made additional II K. act I. in. ivov.
Be. aMirj. lor RitNKt(. Section , N',,
WiaNR". He, lion lu. lowi.alilt. .: Koitlb. Itauge
a Kaet, Wlllauaelte Meridian baa fit, I . 1 . . . -r
tilaiilluu tti iiiBgr fliml iliitr tmr lrtMi(. i
Mlal.llch ilffllH In th itui'l a.1.41'. t- .:.aiflf..,l
bvluraj I haU A. hffMiiasti I N Hill U) laaalniu-r
at fit, urea-iift, mi iUm lit -! I M t i j ji i
( lalmatt iiKiura u WltAMffM
Joho Mt K lie-Mi I'taUl Wrriirf Ui, .. MM
cin. Hnr xtftM-t sill ol r it. Ufi
JA r Ml'hiill-a, I'.i-sjlatrr.
I'HITgh Sl.rsa I III I' I
Uurus. iiri'goii. Jin. ...ii i
Notice Is hereby given thai Aribur a rami
dars, ol lawea, uregon. h.. July 111,1
uvaoa itiiu,st-ai gnirv nu o-..'a. lor ,n
Haetlsa IS, Township .1 south. Hani
Wlllamelle Merlilleu, haa Hied noil, e ol liiieu
lion lo makeyiuel three yvat l.r.ait 1.. caiatnlat.
claim to tbe land above .leacrit.1,.1, Im lore Iteg
liter aud Receiver at Hums, Oieeoe, oe tbr
4th day of aeptember, 1914.
f laliualil naiura a. wltuceeei
tieorge Hrynlng, Arthur M Wbltluy. Allison
T Hayerafl and Vred .' Tlitiin. allot Ua.i.
Wa raa, BeaMel,
tiNiTan sTAras i am. on u i ,
rJiirm orrgoti, Aitgiiit. ;..
l !!
Nutlre liliareby given thai t,
ol Kgll. Oregon, who, oil Jul .1, laia. mail.
iiesert autr,
n . So UJ, lot ni.,Ni.. am
a... I
NVYiNB1,, x,.e W, Toerushlp jss., Haiige it
i i ileum tie tup nil I an, uaa III. .1 i...ti. e ol I it ten
Hull tu make final I'roof. to e.tal.llili claim lu
the land ehove .lea. ill.,-. I before Itcgt.lei ali.l
Hevelier, al llurns, llregun. nu the .'th .lav ul
lenteml.-i, I'. II
I'laltnaui iiawee as villi, esse.
Kilwaul kaill. Uatgalel Kgll, VMlllam iui,.-t
A. I . nun, .van, an.. i
Kgll, iiiegou.
Wm, k'tasg, Iteglaii r.
slurutt. Hri'KtMi. Annual ;. 1 IH
Nirtl. e Ii hvrrliy Ilvu tlil Ariiulil Itluult r.
of Prlnccloii, tiirgtui, wlin, iu Mmr U J4. Ivhih
aud l'rmLar a, iwll, rwMollvcly hiniI
Humulikd Hntrv No IHM atarlttl "-' H'l Hiul
NO ObaUI. fair ',,, Mi lOHInl KtajNML.
riiiili'ii I.'.. I nvt imiiii '.' H , IUiiki .; , h h
laMiietlp M.ifUlUn. tmn tlh i tiutlro or niiiitLiii
lO IUak Mil it I MV )Hf prOOti Ul Istllilsll
I'IBIIII III til IS.UI1 IMIVl .!.. l. l, hi f,. II
ih HcMtaUr auil HmolMir, su llm na, i M , ,
on tba Ntb day uf to Mom bo r, i-.m i
('latmaul nainei an wtlnraaaa;
Adam K 11. in.-i.iar, uf LowoB. i Karl
MoratinaDii, Krauk I' Itooto, Blwood Knu
allot rrhirelim , Orugou.
Wm. r'KNi, ItngUii 1
Tells all about sea matters; ulial
yuuog man aod women, ynung wives
aud husbands snd all ntliere nee, I to
know about tltu sat-retl laws that gov
ern the sea forces. 1 'lulu tin 1 1, it til sea
life In relation to haiiini'n in iiiiirriaun
"Secrets" of manhood and womanhood;
aeetual abuses, Social evil, aUassaaS, i la,
The latest, in.. at nilvgncc.l utul i,,ni
ireliensivu work that ban ei.i been In
sued 00 laaual hygiene I'rieeleas III
strot'tloii for those who ure ready lot tin
true Inner teaching.
Thll book tells oilmen tout Iters, doc
tors, lawyer, preachers, not in I workers,
Huoday Hehool teachers and all Otbaia,
young and old, what all iat.1 In know
about sei mutters. By Wnfleld Scott
Hall, Ph. D, M. D. (Leipaig).
Newspaper Commenlsi
"Hcluntlncally correct ('iiliugn hi.
buoe. "Acctirsk- and up In tlute,"
Plillsdelplila Press. "Hiandard In.. I.
of knowledge."- I'lillg,lil,lilti l.,.,gr.
Tba New York World sava "Plain
trvetha far those who need or ought to
know them for the prevention of evils.
Under plain wrupuer for only $1 oo
Coin or Money order, postage ten rent"
Dayton, Ohio
In I lie inn I let i if tin- lUtate of
Charles Williams, tleeeasctl
Ilia umlersigaed administratrii, at
tin- estate uf Charles Williams, Deceased,
Iiiiviiik ii'iuleretl and died her final
ncciiunt herein
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
may concern that tha court has fined
Wr.lncsttay the 7lli day of October liil-t
al 10 ii'clot'k a. in. us the lima and tin
Coasts Court Union nl the Court
llimse nl Hut na. Oicnon, M the place
I'm liemiiiK ulijections, if any, why said
f i n n 1 nccotint should not be settled and
BPprOtttt nnd the iiilninilelrntiif die
. liurKi'il nml the surrllra on her under.
i.-iUiii,: ilisi-hiirgrtl frinn lurllier liability
I In nun.
Tail noi i e is to be published once a
araak PW four auccrssiTe weeks and la
inlilisli,.il III 'I' lie 1'iiiira-llrtnlil, begin-
uiiiK with the Issueof August 39th, 1014V.
i:i UAtiKtii Tiionn, Administratrii
uf the Ivatnlr of Charles Williams,
filet) Hiirm 104 List Ne.
Inline. One. in. August I, II4 I
Nollaa la hereby given that the Northern
I'ai tile Ilallwa, 1 nmpany. wbnee peat office
ii.l'li. aa la si I'aul Mllllicaola, haa thll Ird day
nl Hun. I IUI4 filed In Ihlaiiftlre lllapplli allim
... a. i. . I ii Intel Ihr iruvlaliilil nf tliaai I el I'OD
reel, epiirotcd July I, ISM (Mi sial. ft7. AJ0 ai
attended by Ilia ief of t'ongt.-aa apurnved May
17, nam, NK'.SWi, Mac. rj, Twp. Il B., R M
Kail, W. at
Hereal No. V7SJki
An) and all in ramie clalealag advereeiy the
lamia 'tea. rlt.r.l u, deelrlug lo oble.-t became
uflhe Mineral character of the lau.l, or any
oilier to Ihe dlllKMHll In ai. I. Ileal, I
le.iii.i nie tlielr arndavlla of prnleet la thll e. on or m-iore ine awn aay ul aepteinlier
Wm. KAen.. Keglaler
I llurnivt l.lit N..
I'MTsiiMiarsa I.akii tlrru a. I
Hume, iitagon, July 14. Iiltt
Notle. Ii hereby given il. al iha Northern
i . ill. KallHa, I oinpeliv. whoee tuiel uttlce
el. In ia la Ht I'aul, Millliraola haa thll 14th
day uf July 1(14, file In thii uBtca lis aa
plli atimi tn ,lect under ihe provisions of tbe
a, I ol i utigreee. approved July 1, IIJS ISO Stat .
ii7.i.."J aa enleudo.1 by the Act of t ungreee
appro, ed May 17, ISutl
,vi uu-.. u.. n aa art u u a. .. lHa.
''I ',. Hi,
, " Ta "an . a, a . aa. wk. r, aa naan, ng,y
C Jl I . ,IIU
II .il Kail, an
MO.KIH, Hen Wi. T. Ml R. 16 Keel. W. M
aerial No OHITi
v.. i and all pereoui claiming adversely ihe
lamia daaertbea, or dealrlng to object aaaaaai
of the iiilni.ral i haracier or iha laud, or any
lib. ' lo the dlBKi,l I' I applicant ihohld
Il altldavlte of proteel 10 thll oBtre, on
or liclore the .Ih day of Mepleialier, laid
We. r.aai. Ileglaler
orricui. oiasoToKY
mil menu
enatore lOeo. B baraherlala
1 Marry laue
' i Ha. ley
' ongieeeuieu
IttOfaej ileueral
-i-i telar) ol Hialu
I a. .1 . f
I I'ul.ll.- Inilreelloa
-iaie Primer
In jhiuboii
A. M I'ravfurd
Oswald Waal
Ilea W oleotl
i.h ha
J A Churchill
W a liuaiway
llobl Raklu
r A UeHrl.l.
oipteinr lulgea . I Owe H Raraett
a. a. a. an
r. A. M , Hire
niatrli I Judge nation lllgga
) Attorney Heo M Slumore
' ii.ult i urt mecia iha Brat kfoaday lo
l oil aiel Siat Monday la October
total Senator
...hit Rrpteaeiilallve
Wll Brooke
W. i Uomsu
foi'stv nun :
' oniity Judge
i rsaaaraf
n. or!
ekenl Huperlniendeni
t i. roller
-i... k laaneeBBf
.' niiimiaelonere
toai.t 1 hamnaoo
H.T llogbel
R A Millar
I' B Beery
A. K. iiiciiardaua
J J iJouegaa
I. kl Hamilton
O. W. Claveoger
Jobo Roiduaon
IB. f. rlvlvaatar
. I boa flalt,
t ..ui. i) loan eneeta the Brat Wedoeaday la
fanuary. March May. July, rieptesaher aad
aaaaav i'. s. lasii ornca.
Kegtsle, Wm run
Wcelvec -, Motherahead
iitv. acaas ... -mi yjuti,. i.imii
" rder. Roy Vau Winkle
liraaurer lllliry liallon
Mirabel. R. (.. Halnea
I H.J. Ilaaaea
., llmen I a. i' Welcome
I James I am in lute
tR J McKlBBoa
Meetings of ihe i ounrll avaty Served aad
Fourth H.-lii.a.l
-arhoollng la reals eheeM taeaetaasy he
dlrrrled lu pieeere a vereoa la the Seal seat
fur the i... t i. mi accaaattea Bar wtvlea
he Ii . aiaahlr rreateealC. W Bllat.
I hit la the Mission of tha
I ti.iy-.lvlb School Viar Oacai
SBPTBnBBR i8th, 1914
Write for llluitrated 100-paga Book
let. " I ne LIFK ( Aki 1 p." and fat Cata
log nintaliilng full Informallon.
rert Courstt - AORICULTUM i
Aginiiiiiiiy, Animal Husbandry. Dairy Hua
bandry. I'onltry Husbandry, Hortkulturs.
Agil. ultura for Teachari. FORESTRY,
i" rvti rni.iNtPKiNU. IIOMB KCO
NOMICSi I'ouiesii. S, Irme. iJoinestk Art,
IM.iNi-iiHlNdi ElecUlcil. Irrigation,
Highway, Mevhankal, Ohetnkal, Mining.
Ceninilci. (.OMMtm p PhaKmacV
I '.1. BrVaaja t"oan-Agriculture, Dairy
ing, Home Makers' Course, Industrial
Ails, Porejtry, Huslnsia Short Course.
.Kioolq Vei.,- 'ao, Stflng, Band.
Vulie Culture.
I auneii Business Courie by Mail Prea
Advlteea TUB aaoiSTaaa.
1'e' Iftl.iai) CureallU, Oiagoa
Special Hosiery Offer
(luaranleeil Wear-Ever llualery For
Man and Women
l.rdlfg' Mperlal Offer
Kur Limited Time Only
Hlx pair of our flutist 36c value ladiea'
Utinruntwd litmn in black, tan or while
culurn with written guarantee, for II UO
unit lilt- fur osMge, etc.
I in a limit,.,! time only, six pain ol
uni BasaHsg valunGuaranteadHoaaauy
I'ulor with written guarantee and a pair
uf our well known Men's Paradise Oar
lara for one dollar, aud 10c oauta for
pustrige, etc.
Vuu know 1 1 tear hose; llioy stood the
lust in it all others failed. They give
real (out comfort Thry have no acama
tu rip. Thuy never hcuoma looae aad
lisg-g-y ns the shape Is kull lu, not praaa
ed in. They are Guaranteed for fluo
nchH lot style, (or superiority ol malar
mi and workmaushlp, absolutely stain
less and to wear six months without
holes or a new pair free.
Don't delay aand la your order before
oiler expires. (ve correct slae.
i:vi:k;WKah hohikky company
Dayton, Ohio
Picture show tonight.
Tuts" Nscklace
iw'r Bracelet
I IVlVU "fret! Tlsw
Thaae two beautiful plaeas of pupolar
Jewelry are tha erase among society
women In New York and the largest
cltlee. Tbey im neat and elegant gold
finished arlicles that will gladan tba
naartof every girl or woman, no matter
how young or old. Vary slyllsli and at
Oar Free offer. Wa are advertising
Spaarmlnl Chewing Gam and desire to
place a big box of this flue, healthful
gam Into every homo. It aweelena the
broath whitens the tneth and aide di
gestion. It ia refreshing and pleasing
U all. To everyone sending Ul hut SOfl
and 10 aents to cover shipping coats ar
will ship a big litari.l 0 regular Ac pack
ages of the Hpearmlnt Hum anil nnliiilc
tha elegant,
"Tatgo" necklace and "Kvelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely
Thll offer Is for a ahort time only.
Not mora than 2 orders to one party.
Dealara not allowed lo accept this.
Dayton, Ohio P. O. Box 101
$1500 Reward!
lllO t irt yon, Oi I
Mr t4UK'h I'rotiT
tlDB AajsVK of
wlilrll tin- utnli-r
Iffur. ) meiulj-rr,
will gun fl.OUO ui
t 1- 1aV BV. nl fur I I I
ilnace irsi.iiiik to I
Ihr nl con
vii iltin nf .in y r
I y r I'sif llraj an a, I
lug bortwB. eatUi
or niuii-ff Li-.onsjlnit
la addition to the above, the anderal(ued
offen ihe same rondlllou lono 00 for sll horeea
branded horaa . I....I bar on boil, or either aw.
Brand roeordajd In eight counties Range
Haraey, lake and t rmik munllea lloraeg
veeled when gold
Nobs hot frown huraeg .old and only in
area bnm-hee,
W W. lllttilVN Klfe. Oregon
Csaplete Sturiai Osti,
10 Articles 10
Tu ndveitise oar Uaiveraal Shaving
Outfit and Universal Products wa Will
tor a limited time only, eeod Una well
worth : of) Shaving outfit for $1.00.
Wa sell onr prodarta to the consumer
direct and therefore you save all agents'
afita which you know are very large.
I Hollow Ground fUaor.
I 5-inch Lather Bruah.
I Kasor Strep, Canvas Bach.
I Nickel Easel Beck Mirror.
I 33-inch Barber Towel.
I Bar .Shaving Soap.
1 Boa Talcum Powder.
I Decorated China Mug
I Aluminum Barker Comb
I Hair Bruah.
Kith ..unit parked in mat bug (I no
Coin or Money Order, MBgga Htcegtia.
Dayton, Ohio
Surapter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival Baft Deagrtarc Of Truss
Na 2, Prairie 10:15 A.M.
Suinpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. M.
Na 1, Baker 8:30 A. M.
Suinpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with 0.-W. R, & N. No. 10 leav
inT Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from east arriving Baker G:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with la Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
9 (fast Mail) picks up ajgajpajf
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for points East.
CDCC Ufldoa
B Y T H E fuI' nihts Peasant.
sells round trip tickets at
low fares every day to
Queen of all Pacific Coast
Summer Resorts
For full Information, fares,
schedules etc., apply to
any agent of the
O.W. R. & N.
V.. l i ..
a wu i an uuy no Dctter gun
lor target work and all
small game up to
. yards.
MM hum bMaM
" T"i"
I JTMtf aWswi
owf 9mmmu,
tlSClait SM wagaal
UI.OHill. I (KIN P,op.
At All Houra. Shorte
Orders und Prompt Service
Willi HeuHonable Rates
e (iive Mo A (Jail
a ' " '
(Jive Me' A Call
a Oauaaelte llmee-HeraM IMIauf a
a a
n. ...(.. I ( oUege Panaenla
Yale and Harvard, Each 9 in. a 24 la.
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 In. by 21 In.
All Ust ijuality felt with fell heading,
streamers, letters and niaecoi etecoted
in iriiarr BetorB, This splendid assort
ineiil n.'iit malisiil for 'ril cents and S
stamps lo pay postage. Send now.
Dayton, Ohio
Many nu ritlt, rare pictures of
Also a Self rilling.
All for only SO cents
The Rreiit.-st liargaln la beaatiful
cards and rare art ncl urea ever offered.
Many are lutnl tu ohtaia aod have gold
eiiigiv fur lite price we ask for all.
Tin 'a,' will quickly Ui all lovers of tba
beautiliil in nature who appreciate rare
art picture- of well ilereloped models.
A relntliln hvIIIIIIIiir fountain pen
laee m uli egi I, nrili.r. Theaealone have
aolil for one dollar in stores.
Tbe 100 beautiful card, and pen all
lor but .VJr uu. I IDi in stamps for poet
Jowelor. Optician and
Fine Wattli Repairing A Spe
Tdi New Homt Sewing Miellii dipuj,
, UKANl.t, MASS.
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j Sewing Machine tTja VHi? B
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Salt breezes are cool and refreshing-;
davs are deMarht.
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aUndlea .22 snort.
long or looa-nflo cartrideea
Ki idly. ihe deep Ballard
rifling develops maximum power and
accuracy and adds yean lo the life of rifles.
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Burtis, - -
Afiioe m new iiniitiin,- ,,, .
barnesa shop, M,,i
I'lione Ms i, ig
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Physician and
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A. M., M a,
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DEftplrlN & Dl
Physicians and
Calla answer.! pri,in.' y
'Phone llarrimau.
Harriman. 0c
Dr- Minnie n
Physician and
Direct Telephone c,g
Lawen. Ore.
u. E. HIBBrlPj
wiinei nrei u.ior eat ;.irt
I III. . C . 1
burna Or, ,
M. A. BI(rfi8A
Attorney at U
. uargn, nut.- liurna.1
Attorney -at- Ijt,
Burns, Oregon.
WM. Mil I m
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Careful attention e,jv.
tiona and Heal Kelate i
Fire Inaiirin. ...
Notary I'm
BUKKB. Okioaa
SUte Courts and IMted j
Land Otlice Practice
Three doors South of I
Harney County National !
. Burns. Ore. n.
Attorney at Law NotsrtN.
CeeavereacsBg. Me,, Loe iis.aeaaB
Alwteacts U. S l.e.m oil,. Prases
Ofllee between 11., , . .,, .,,nssg
aad Laart Otwes
Burns, - Oiegoa
K. C. DlLLAKI. A ,), 1,01
NlBM'lv Asst. Kngtiieei I, . ,il
leC.B s,, t, , j aaf
Easiera Oregon :Mm
aIL AND IsKnlllis EMatt
Burns, OrtKun
Direct connections souls. vS I
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aUftv-M Harriman Mt,u.tia - .1 TW
UmI arrives Weinet,day Jt.vd SiM
achjweek, coimnlmg v h t
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CALIBE-i Reiitjtiiiii
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Mail, to I ,
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