The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 22, 1914, Image 4

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" "
Terrifying Experience on an lee
Coated Mansard.
Perlleu Plight of Two Worker, and
an Exhibition of Coolnata, Proaono
f Mind and Horoio Patianoa Haw
th Difficult Raaeua Waa Effaetad.
During ttie fall mid winter of 1870
A. T. Stewart, who had bought the
tJrand Union hotel at Saratoga, lurgoly
rebuilt that great hoatolry of 2,000
rooms. The building has a mansard
roof, and at tbe peak It la nluety -eight
feet from the aldewalk.
One cold winter inornlnu, nvIhii the
work waa virtually completed, two
men, Harvey, tho head roofer, nnd a
helper named IVnulson went up on
the roof to finish the flashing round
the base of the tower. There had tioen
alight mist that morning, and It had
froien tiravi the roof, but the two
men bad on India rubber overshoes to
prevent tem from slipping on tha
Suddenly, however, Harvey's feet be
gan to slip. He went very slowly at
Drat for the upper roof of a mansard
la not ateep. II tried to stop himself,
but there waa nothing to whtc-h he
could cling. He turned bla head In
Denntsou's direction to eee If he could
not give Bouie assistance, but Dentil
eon. too, waa eliding slowly down the
Harvey'a presence of mind did not
leave him. "Lie down flat!" be called
80 both men carefully laid themselvee
t full length on tbe Icy roof In order
that the Increaaed friction might re
tard, and perhaps atop, tbelr desceut.
For an Instant It checked the move
ment. Then the men began again
lowly to slip nearer tbe angle of the
roof and the ateep pitch below.
It seemed like hours, although it was
only a few momenta, when Harvey felt
his beela catch on a alight projection.
A blind gutter had been built Into tbe
lower edge of tbe upper part of the
roof to carry off the large amount of
water that would fall upou aucb au ex
panse of roof. The upper gutter pro
jected above tbe alate roof only about
half an Inch, but It was against this
that Harvey'a beela had caught.
There he bung on tbe very brink of
tbe abyss safe for an Instant. He
dared net move a muscle, however, or
even turn bis bead to aee If Denulson
were still on tbe roof. He did not cry
out for belp, for be feared that tbe
mere effort of Oiling his lungs and
sboutiDg might dislodge him. No one
could see the men on the flat of the
roof from tbo street below. The only
hope lay In tbe carpenters who were
at work Inside the building. Uut bow
abould tbey know what was happening
up there on tbe roof?
Suddenly Harvey board u voice, low,
but distinct, come from tho tower
above him. "Hold on," It said, "and
I'll belp you!" Then after a long time
Harvey beard the sound of several
voices. Whoever had found him had
got belp.
The first voice spoke again: "Hold
on! We will lower this rope to yon!"
Presently something rubbed on the
slate above Harvey'a bead. It waa
tbe rope, which they were slowly
working down toward him.
"Can you get hold of it?" asked the
"I don't dare move much," Harvey
replied. "Can't you get It down near
my band?"
Tbey had to give it a flip to get it by
his shoulder. Then it traversed tbe
length of bis arm and finally touched
his hand.
Harvey raised his arm very careful
ly and took hold of tbe rope, it was
an Inch cable that had been used In
raising the slate from the ground to
tbe roof. ,
"Can you turn over very carefully
and climb up?" asked tbe voice.
Cautiously Harvey worked bis hand
along on tbe rope It was his right
hand until be finally drew It taut.
Then be carefully raised bla left hand
and. reaching across, grasped tbe rope
with tbat band too.
Then when tbe worst of tbe matter
was over, be began to shake Ilka a
leaf. He lay there, flat on his back,
clinging desperately to the rope and
dreading Inexpressibly the next step.
How was be to turn over on tbat slip
pery roof when be needed both hands
to cling to tbe rope?
At last he spoke hearsely:
"Can you pull me up?"
Tbey consulted together.
"1 don't dare to turn over," be
'1 here was a sharp tug on tbe rope.
H:irv. let tbem draw bla arms up to
their extreme length, still afraid to
trust his weight to his rescuers. Then
he felt bis beels lose tbelr grip on tbe
gutter, and be began slowly to move
It was not till he had nearly reach
ed tbe tower that be dared turn bis
bead In Denniaon's direction to sea If
be were still safe. There be waa,
spread out on tbe roof, just as Harvey
bad been. He did not move a muscle.
Patiently, heroically, be waited his
turn. Then the men seized Harvey's
shoulders nnd drew him Into the
In a few mlnatea Dennlson waa alao
rescued, looking a little blue round
tbe mouth, but unharmed. Neither
man suffered any III effects from his
terrible ordeal. Youth's Companion.
The lourls to ruin are alwaya kept
In good npiilr.
The Laat Hols, Indssd.
Tbe story Is told of ua ancient Bcotch
golfer whose companion died and waa
about to be burled. Tbe tk-otcbuiun
struggled out to the cemetery to be
present at tbe luterment. and arriving
tbere did not know where the grave
was. Uu summoned a boy wltb a
", lad," be aald. "It'a a new
course. Wbuurs the boleV"-Nw York
Seme German Tsxss.
Among the curious taxes imposed In
Germany on verioua objects are tbose
on baby enrrlugea. where the amount
la 40 cents eucb, and 11.60 tax ou enuctl
nightingales, of which there have not
tieeu any for many years, nnd tourists,
for whom the hotel keeper is taxed 2V,
cents, v. hi. 1, 1 added to the bill.
Netloe From ths Cook.
"Don't Luke any notice of the cook,
"Uut, John, I have to take It when
site gives it to ia."-BalilBiure AtBerl-
He Often Qr..t.d Visiter Whil. Half
Drsassd and Bar Fooled.
I)e Qulncey'a habit war so slinpl
a a to be almost ascetic? and be mbalat
d upon th lightest possible, diet. His
digestive trouble and neuralgic Buffer
ing, which Drat led to hi taking opium,
cauaed him early to lot hla teeth,
nd from the extreme delicacy of bla
system he could cut nothing less capa
ble of maatlcatlon than bread, so tbat
article with a little soup or coffee waa
apt to comprise his whole dinner.
In reference to hla manner of dress
bis daughter has snld:
"His dress, unfortunately, he neither
cured for himself, our would he let
others cure for It I say unfortunately,
because his inrelciiies gsve rise
among Hint rfllotr Msiile. unnccustoui
ed to eccentric luihlls, to an luiprc
slon of poverty for which there waa no
foundation It might be thai a thought
occurred to him In the midst of some
of bis Irregular processes of dressing
or undressing il should say some
thought did generally strike bint at
tbat time), and he would atop with his
coat Just taken off, or nut put on, with
out stockings at all, or with one off and
one on, and becoming lost lu what
grew out of this thought, be would
work for hours, hardly even noticing
tbe coffee which waa bis chief support
at such times
"In the midst of this shsorblng work
would arrive visitors, of whom there
were many, probably from aucb a dls
tance tbat they could not be turned
back without eight of the object of
tbelr loug pilgrimage, upou which my
father, with the unaffected courtesy
which wa one of th great charm of
hi character, would appear at once
rather than keep tbem waiting while
he put on his stocking, or whatever
may be wanting or which waa Juat
likely In tbe wrong place, giving rise
to awed Impressions of poverty with
some, while those who could withdraw
tbelr unaccustomed eye from tbe na
kedness of the Isnd, as expounded by
his feet, might have aeon In bla sur
roundings signs of scrupulou neat
ness, sufficient comfort snd refinement
enough to reassure tbem on this point.
"Ills presence at home was tbe sig
nal for a crowd of beggars, among
whom, borrowed babies snd drunken
old women were sure of tbe largeat
aharo of tbe aympatby be refused to
none." Krom Caroline Tlcknor's
"Hawthorne and Hla Publisher."
Going Aetrey en the Correct Use ef
"u and "w" Sounds.
A curious feature of tbe English Ian
gunge aa It Is spoken lu this part of
the United State la tbe prevalence of
a dual ayatem of pronunciation. The
dictionaries tell ua unequivocally tbat
we abould pronounce "dew." "knew"
and stew" aa we do "few." and that
"student." "stupid;' sud similar words
should be enunciated aa If tbey were
spelled "stleudent" snd "stlupld."
Nobody, apparently, disputes tbe cor
rectness of this msnner of pronounc
ing "u" and "ear" yet here I a rule
very much more honored In tbe breach
than In the observance. Except for
stag., folks, tbe faculties snd some of
the students of school and colleges
snd a few persons who make a point of
precise apeaklng, the academic sound
of "u" I disregarded slmost univer
sally. It Is by no mesns through Ignorancs
that people aay "atoo" and "stoopld "
Tbere are worthy persons who seem
to feel tbat a good American really
ought to aay "too" and "stoopld."
They think, apparently, tbat the ortho
dox "u" and "ew" ere Anglicisms snd
are used In this country only by per
sons pedantic or "affected."
Of course, for all practical purposes
one way of pronouncing I aa good as
another and usage baa made both
forma correct Nevertheless, tbe right
use of "u" sud "ew" add music and
variety to the English language, and
the younger generation mlgbt do well
to pronounce according to tbe diction
ary and gradually overcome an "Amer
icanism" tbat baa no real good excuse
for being. Rochester Democrat and
Valor Van ..bed With the Choir., of
Weapons and Conditions.
Ucpreseutatlra Borland of Missouri
gives an account of tbe challenge to a
duel which occurred In Louisiana, sup
posedly among tbe last challenges of
tbat environment In tbe state. The
affair was between a gentleman who
belonged to one of tbe oldest families
there and a sturdy blacksmith of Geer
gia, who bad become a man of political
Tbe gentleman took offense at some
remsrks of the Georgian and sent bltn
a challenge. The powerful blacksmith
wa nonplused.
" 'I know nothing about this dueling
business,' ssld be, 'and I positively will
not ngbL'
" 'You must,' urged hla friend. 'No
gentleman can refuae.'
" 'I am not a gentleman.' replied the
honest citizen of Georgia. 'I'm only a
"'Out you will be ruined If you do
not tight,' continued bla friends. 'You
will have the choice of weapon, aud
you can choose so as to give yourself
an equal chance with your adversary.'
"The giant requested time In which
to consider the matter and ended by
accepting, tie sent tbe following reply
to tbe Ixulslana gentleman:
" 'I accept, and, In tbe exercise of my
privilege, I stipulate that the duel
ahall take place In Laka Pontcbartraln
In six feet of water, sledgehammers
to bo used ss weapons.'
"As his adversary waa about five
feet eight Inches In height aud tbe
blacksmith waa aeven feet, tbe con
ceit of the latter so pleased the Lotilsl
ana gentleman that k declared him
self satisfied, aa be waa on who
could appreciate a Joke aa well as
perpetrate one, and ha declared the
duel off." Exchange.
A Ha law It.
Wife Oh. I aaw tha dearest little
hat today.
Huh That's Juat Ilka you-alsraya
looking for tbe dearest Instead of (ha
moderately priced. Boston Transcript
"How Is the star actress today V"
"I don't know. The doctor' In har
room now taking her temperament"
Baltimore American.
Too much la worse tbsn want Oar
ma n Proverb.
But Light.
Cbollr I have something on toy
ujIuiI, Wobabt. Itobert-Hton a lulu
ute! Hure euougb, tbarr Is a cobweb
on top of our bead Baltimore aWHT
Hums, onson. Augiisl , lvlll
Noil. 'ell hereto given tint William flinch,
brother and heir of linn r, lllreih, deceased,
of Hili'v, Oregon, " li". on Ansiial M, USUI, merle
flomestoen entry, no ...'., .... "t.
rr, No
SW.,NK.1, and s
Section IV, Township
Jll s . It Alive K . W Mini. o in- Meridian, ha n
ed nollcn of 1111..11I 1. . 1. in i.iHkcHnal three er
front, fo eetshiiaii claim 111 ma lanu eiaiv
deaerihed, before lleaieier and Heenlvor, el
Until., Oregon, on 11.1,11111 day of Sept, 1014.
I lalinanl naiiinsaa iVItneeaee:
II K Ilium. II J. Williams. II. A. nibble,
li It. Mute ell of ltlhv, Oregon.
Wa. Passe, Restaur.
Ilurna No. 100
Bar, Oregon, AugueM, mil. I
Nolle i herein- live thai Hie Nuribern
I'st'llte Hallway 1 oiueany. whose ni oflli e
adi Ileal la HI. rail). M Inimaola, baa I Ida 4th day
of Ansuat IUI4 ill. d In Hi" nfflt'ella aniilti alien
lOSSleof iiti.lei tin- iroi laloiia ill Ilia act uf inn
sreaa. a.roid July I. mus (so siat.rv7, irjo).
I. NW1, of NK'., Section II T. as .,
K. Ni K. w l 40.0U scree
J. NKUot NW1,. in IM.T.tsa.,
It g , W If. 40 CIO sore
Serial No . UTiMT
Any and all Mrsoni claiming adversely tbe
landa daierlbed, or dealrlns to ol.ecl l.manee
of the mineral rbarai ler of the tend, or fur ear
other ....-en t.. Mi.- illBiinsal to spiillt'stit,
should Hie tbelr nin.lev lie ..I prolee! Is tills
ufflee.un or Indole the '."Sill day of Henlcinber,
w I i una lloglster
lUMI Ilurna mt I. 'at No.
Bars, orison, Auiuai a, iwie t
Sun..- la herebi siren Ibet the Nortbern
aoiae Itallwai t iiiniiauy, whnee neat ufflca
ad. 1 1. aa In tl Paul, M -sola, ban :lrd day
of Auau. t I'll i ill.-. I lu Ihlantlba Hi a..llialloi.
to eetert un.lei the t.r.n talons u I iheacl nt con
greea. aiMiriniil Jnti I, turn (iu Slat .V'7. il'JO) aa
anemic. I b) tin a. i .. . '..ogri-.. a. prevail Uu
IT. I"."'. Nr-',U , -.-.- J-.', Tw. !l ., H M
Keai. w M
S.-real No 0
Am and nil p. reoni ciaiiuius adversely Ibe
lenda dra.-ilbe.l or ili-alllug to nblect because
of Ibe Mineral i lis... l.-r t7 Uu- land, or any
olher reaaun. In the ill.nnsal to applicant.
abould ilia tbelr atlldavtta of proleal la tbli
office, .in nr before the ,'sih day of Keutemlier
w v Kassb. Register
I'sitsi) Mini Lass ornca
Ilurna, "eni'ii. Annual 4. 1014
Not In-la hereby given that, aa directed by
the l'i uf ttie tteneral lailid Offlt'e,
under .rnv lah.tia el tbe Act uf rongrrao an
proved June .'7, Ivo.. (M stats , 1171, iitiretiaot to
the a.illeall..n nl Mangle A. I'lrle, Serial No
taur;7, are will utter at public sale, lu the big beat
bidder, but at not lean than .' on per acre, el
lu... I... I, M . ..nlhe 23 day uf Heideielier,
cm . ti.ia .-n.. .-Uu Inlluwlng Irael ,f laud
SWi.NK', Net .'. I -.'. s , H iS( K.. W M.
Tbla trn-t la .rden-d Into the market una
huning that lb. greater purlieu thereof la
uu. ut. tain. ins or loo rough fi r . nltli atl.tu
IB pi'iauii . Iniu.iUK edvnroelr tbe ebovr
des. riu-.l land nr.- nd. pi-. lu Ills ihelr i-lalma.
or ubjeclliins. on ur before the lime dralgueled sale
W a Uiki. Iti-alalar
Sam M.'.uaaaiiiAi., Hrcelter
I't'lll.lC I. AND HAI.K
Ilurna. Oregon, August 4, UU
Si.lln- la b.i.l.i alien thai, aa dire, lad b)
Hie t oiui.ilaali.i..-r ol Ibe i.enaral l.eud Oglce
illidi-r prui lal.-iia i.f i-l ol inigrree approve.)
June., IMS ; -.1 aisle., I :;. pursuant lo Ibe ap Pole eertal No. 07007, wr
111 otter al piibll. nl... lo ibe hlghaei blddar.
hut al mil less than II DO ner acre, at lo o'clock
M .uu .be aJrtl day of septerabrr, PI4. el
tbla office, the lollowlns i ract nf land :
-',- I ',. ,-e. Hun I i .SV.i.Nh',. aee 13. T. H
s u j..' , wr. . m
Tbta trait la ordsred Into Ibe market on a
showing thai ito- greater portion thereof le
minima iiiuia in luu rtinah for i ulllvetlon.
Any persons elalmlng adiereely Ibe etajve-
deserllied land are ad V feed to file Ibetr clalma
ur iii ji-iiluiia mi ur be lure Ibe lime deeigaetso
for sale
a Kiaas Keglaler.
-.a MirTHgeangAP, Metelver.
ISulAIKIi IllVir Ft-Hllc I.ANtl SAI.g
Httrtta, Oregon, August 4, lull
Katie Is In r. by given that, aa directed by
Ibe i iiiiiiulsali.ui'r ul the 10 neral I and ufflca
under I'ruvlal.iua of A. t..f
ungriea approval
itinr J7. I'lu. ..14 alala , I,, pursuant In On ap
plleal..n ol Maggie A I'lrle, Serial No lvr,
will offer at pubiii sal. lo the highest bidder,
bulat 11 ..I leas Ibsii J uu per acre, et ISu'rloek
A. M ,nn Ihrio I da) of Saiplember, 114 althl
nfTl.i . I be lull., .lug Ira. I ut lend
HK'.-'. see -i. NEl4NWi,at.d NWUSK',,
-.. U..11 II. 1 at II SSH, K. W.14. !ra. I la . it. I. red lulu tha markel on e
boning that the gr.-alrr pu rib. 11 thereof Is
in mint a I tu. us or too rough for rultlvetloa.
Auy persons claiming a.lveraaly tbe above
desert bod land ere ad 1 feed lotlletheirelaling
or libe.-li..i1a. 1.11 Of belors tbr tittle designated
for sab.
We. Kasss, Register.
Has Muiiiai!I.ii Her-elver
ism a 1 in 1 it.n 1 raauo land sAi.g.
llurns, Oregon, August 4. lilts
It iniileeli.iic, nf the 1 leneisl Land ofllce,
ii.i'b 1 srovlBloaa of Act of Cungreaa approved
juiiu 1., 1 aa, ..iiniars., DIJ, pursuant tolba ap
pin an. .11 ut James I'lrle, Serial No, rysjna ere
will off. r al publli sale, lo Ibe hlgherl bidder,
but et nut Ir.. iliaii l :.'. per acre, at lo o'clut-k
A. M .on tbe .'.-I I d.i y olec ptciilla-r, lull al tbla
0ITI1 i'. the fiilbiwlng tract uf laud
HkkSK.Hei J,T ..' . ILWS K , W M.
Ibis trai I la entered into the luarget on e
showing Dial II. i' greater purtlun thereof IS
moil 11 Islii.u.a .. r ton rough fur i-ulltvellua.
Any persons elalmlng adiereely the above
deal HlaSd land are advised to file tbelr claims.
or iilijc. ib.r.a. ..n ur before the lime designated
uu Ban.
WS. K.aes Keglaler.
Has Moiagg'Hgan, Heeelter.
llurns. Oregon, Auguet 11, I vie.
Nullce la hereby given thet, aa dlrecied by
tbe ' uiiii.iibbIuu.t nl the in-uerel Lend Ofitce,
under Ail nf l ongreaa approved
Jllliii','7 I aa I Mint) , 617 J . pursuant lo the ap
plli all. 111 of Ada It .Seal, Serial No Online, w(.
will niter al public sale lo the hlgheet hldoer,
but et not less 11. an I.' .ai pr acre, at 10 o'nloek
A.M.. on till' .'1st da I uf He Id em liar lata allhl.
iii... . . i iic luiiuwiug tract nt land
onice. ttie iiiiiihIiiu tract ,,l
Hf-V'ir'e. NK'.HV.',. Ni,Hgl Hec. 26, T.
0,( It ), ga , TT 'I
I in l rati la oratrM Into the niairk t on ft
al.iiva.inK th.i ilu- Kit-mir Hirtloii ttavrvuf la
iiMMiiituliiotja. or too rough for cuttlvaltun.
Any p.-iat-ni i uiiiijiikt advaraaly ttn abova
itilf ril'til Innilnr ml . la-,) h. HI. I hrlr I lailili.
prabtetitfoBi.oD nr licfura Hi- tlina UilKiiatai
lr !
Wh. Kakhi, Rvglatar.
Ham Murjsi.HwUK.b, Kaoalvar.
r nii a.t. sTATga Lanii tirrtcg, i
Hurna, Oregon, July'JS, lvil.
Notlci la hereby given Ihsi floury K. Dlllmsn,
nf Narrow, ilregou, wlio, on July I, lull, wade
lliiiin .lead iniii. No. iv... .'ii, fur Ixits I and 1,
loo, ft. Towtiablp m M . Ilaugo so K WllleinelU
Meridian, haa Hied notice of Ititeiitlon
to meke Duel three yegr proof, lo eatabllah
claim in tut. i.iiiii above described, before Koe
Istur and Kecelier, at Hurug, Dregou, on tbe
tu nay oi ecpii-uiiinr, tun,
t'lalii.Hlit lialucs as n Itiicaecs
f barley K JMIImati, Chester Keowo, Charley
llai khaiiseaiul II. n. li iraou Klllott, all of Ner
rows, Oreguii
Wa. Kasss, Kuglgter.
Hums, nrcguu, August I, 114. I
Nullce Is hereby given tbsl William lllrscu,
uf ltlle,iJri'Kiin, wliu, uu August a, ietay, made
Homestead entry, Nu. OHM, , XUHVVW,
NW'.MVt.HWl.NW'.i. Heotlon It, Tuwuehlpit,
H, Ha. .-.- ... i'. Wlllatiiutle Merldlau has tiled
liiiilci' uf ti. make r'lual thrae year
I'rool. lu i-stalillali claim to tin. land alsiva da
gcrllicil, Iii-Iiiiii Ileal. ler end Uecelver t
ituriis, iiicguii, uu in
lie uili day uf Hetileiuber,
i lalmauj lames a witnesses
li It 'llioiu. ft J. Williams. 11. A. 1.11,1,1.
ii, ft !. Wlllleiue, 11. A.
all uf glley, froj,.
4'g, f iSJts, He
I'. ... mi .in, ii iii ramaj. ,vreUJD,
I'piTiii STAisa I.asii Urruis
liuina. Dregou, July III, nils
Motto Is hereby given ibal Olgs Theresa
Jellcy uf Narruwa, (Ireguu, wliu, 00 Mgy 1,
mill, mu. 1. Il.iiiuaii.a.l Kulry, No IKJtf, for HM
NBli, Met' U; HW'.NW',, NWUHkVu gerJtloZ
:i, iiniii.i.i. ji. ri., Range jvK., wiiignTsttsatsr
i. lien, lias Hind nullce uf luleuiluu lo make
Dual 1. 1. .1... .'mi ...ii tiiuiit. lo establish olslm
lo Ilia laud aboie dcarllied, belors Hegfeter
and Id. culver, at Hurus, Ur.guit, un the JSta day
tilelmaiit uauiessg wUoeassst A Jullav. II. n Ja.ll.
BL llll .'k.-.. -II.. U i XL1
..uu.. u.n,..ivi ri.iiv.,.
IIsitsd SraTsa I.asii iirru a.
Burns, Oregon, August ;.. nut I
Notice Is hereby given that William w
Nlchult, of The llallrs, Oregon, who, on Jans
I, Won , made Paarrt Land Knln.N.. ... i , fin
gWl Seell. ill 7,TownahlpJ.H..lli,K.. -l K, W II
Israelis Merldlso, bss llled neliee of Inteutluu
to make final proof, to vsialdlah claim lu lb.
laud alsive deaerihed, before Iteglitor snd He
celver, gt Burna, Oregon, on tl.ti inn. .1.. . i
September, lull.
Olaliiieul iiamea aa e lluesaea
Kred Narroii, Mrs. V re I Barron, floaa lllnget,
K. II. Hell all el Narrows, Oregon
Wa rasas, Register.
Ilurna. oregi lull 17, 114 I
Notloe Is hereby given that 1 1. -d . iim.i.i, . i
L wen, Oregon, who.utiHepieiui.erii. leiu, .uadc
II, .ma. tea. I Kulrv. No. OMiM, for N WM, Hoclloli
an, Towssslp u H, Itauge hk k , Willamette
Meridian, bee filed t of lulntilluii In mskt.
final three ) ear I'rool, lo eatabllah claim lu i ha
land deai rlln-d, liefio.' Mesial. . and 111
oelver, et Burna, Oregon, uu tl.. nl, day ..i
Hepiember, luu
ir, en
ut names aa witnesses:
iieorge Brynlng, Arthur A, Setiuders, K I
m A, i
ii ,.r t
eerier, ii. M suwarua, an ot laiien, .lie.,,..
., ... . - , -,. ...,
M. Kasss, Keglaler,
I'M I Kl HI I I Mi in in I
Hunt!, Oti'tfon, Jul) M, I'M!
Niitlc It hrraby hIvmii ilmt Jotm i
Miim r
of Kill, Oruuu, wliu, i
in Mr m, ii'iu, in hi u
IIoiiraUad anifv. No.iMiwk. fur Mt'.. Il'.NW ' .
NW'HK'i, NKUHW4.Mvlloii I.Ttmnal
uauRa 4it i iv, o iNanitii' niniiuiaii, linn iim-.i
ootlea of iittt'iiMiiM lo inaao final th-ac iu
I'roiif, to rata LI U It I lalio to lb lind abon !
rrlLtfd, be tor Uu- Klliiir mix) litrrhir. al
Hurna. Orrion, on tha Jfllh la ol ,UKUal r.'ii
lialmanl iiamva aa wliniaat :
Hamual Htrrln, of Narrowa, Orvvon I U 11
rUraou,rt)rt1 uva ami NMUlatit linM, u l
of Fgll, f..KJll
t'HITgli STATSS I.ANl. llr.ll
Ilurna, Oregon, July .- Ivn
Nuiice Is hereby glien asetOsergell Mo
glue, of burns, oregmi, a i. Juii Is, lull,
made Additional tlumve ead Kblty, N...,
for H'.N Wa, Lota I and 4 Section I, Ion ..snip
. South, Kan, r .11 Kaal, W Dim. tl. Merldlau,
hes Aled notice uf lulautb.u to weki .
Ibree year proof to eaiAbllah claim ii. the land
above deerrlhed, before Die keglelei gud to Burns, nrcguu, on (he Jdlli da. ut
August, lull.
claimant uaiura aa wlluraaia
J.J USVSIldsr. J I' laveudar. I lank Itla. k
tner asd William It. Ilaweun all of P.... a
Wa. fASaa, Keglaler
ISOI.ilKt) THAI T. I.AMi r.M.1.
t'SITKO HTATBa i.ani. urn. r
minis, oiegou, July go, leu
Null, a l. hereby an as thai, aa directed h)
tbe I'umniisaloiiar of ibe flsaersl Lsnitualee.
under irolaluua uf Act uf ('oaareee soiiroved
under iirovtainua ot Act ot t'oagreee spprove.
June 1). HUB IU Slats., .117), puiaiialil ... In. a
plication uf I'earl It Smlfi, Merlel -.
we will offer el inibi:.- sale, in tbe htghoel bid
der, tut al ii. I leea then .' '" per sele al P
o'clock A. M., on tbe i-jnd da ..I September,
r I I Ml
.1 I.
lull, al thla i. mi e the folluii lug lia. I ,.l Ui.,1
KiS U, See as, T 'III a . Lil I, r-K' . N Vi ' .
Hec. J, T. ISIS . II .14 K . M
Tbla Iran is .uderni inn. tin u....k.i oe a
abusing lhal tbe greater purlloa in.
mouoiaiiiuua nr uai rung it uir cull n aiuili.
Any person ilaluiliig adversely the
deserlbed land ere edAleed tu nle O.i Ir clain.a
ur objections, uu ur sts Hie time di.l, ..'. 1
for sale
W. fABSe. Itcglati r
Has aloTuss-iit ai- 1.
Isol.ATKU TltAi I
11 III li LAN I
I SITgnSTATSa I ill 11. s 1
Ilurna. oregmi .1.
Nullce la brreli) glien lt,Bt SS di'.t.-l b
tbet'emsilaaiuner of iheUeasrel Las
under provlaiiiua uf Ait ..I 1 .iiiarea. sppruved
tune n. law si state , r.r;; puisuesi to tin an
pllretlonof sytveetvr Siuiiii.r.rriHl Nn I
will offer el public sale in ibe bigbi -I I bid. .
but el not leaa ibeti : on pel ..rr. at lu .. ... .
A. at., on the Wild day ill .-.'pi l,.r. I'll, .1
ibis ufflee, the following trai I ol laud
NVli.SK, Svi NL . L'-.Ntt ,, -,.
as .ft uV . w. M
This treel Is ordered Into 11. e Etaefcel oa a
showing that tbe great. -r purll-iu Ini
mouulaliious or tun ruiigb b.r rslllvsl -
Aay persona claiming sdvereeiy Ibe above
daecrltred lend sre sd vised lo in. thi 11 latino.
or aassaasxaa, sa or bssere the ilssa deelgnaiea
tor eele
Wm 1'ASas Kegl.l. 1
Saw M.rTii.a.iis.n. It.
ISOl AlSO THAI I j'l'bl n I mi -ai k
I'sitsii NiAtaa I.asii nrvi. a
Hurna, Oregon July. a- I'll
Notice le hereby given that, aa dip
the romselealuin-r of lie lienors! land ufflca
under iirovlalunauf ASIol L'ongrees epproveil
f one if, 1Mb '34 state . t'l.'j. puiBiiantiu tbe )
pin atli, 11 ol Kuaa Hlnger, ti.rli.lSii I'u-.u,
will offer SI pub Ir aale. In tin bight .
but el nut leea than I.' tai per st re, SI lOo'i lia
A M , uu Ibe rin& dar ! 114 a ufAce, the following tract nf land
N'aSKAa, See 4.T jaa , il:nK.. w
This treel le ordered intii make' ur. a allow
Inst Ibet the greater tairtlull thetui.r Is tu......
taluuus or loo rough f..r 1 11 III t.t 1
Any pare.. 11 claiming Bdversotv tha slaove
leeerlbed land are advised lu nle Ihell 1 lalma
Of object lot, a.
in or before the time designated
tor eele.
We Kasss. Hag.slir
Sam Morllaaausi I. 1:
(JNlTKIi I, A rail (it I If K , I
lltiriii. df-g. .ii, Jul) .,, i 'i t t
Notlc It airly nlvrti that Arilmr A 9B
dcra, ul Uvtiii, iihutih, wliu, mi Jull
itiAde H'iiH ilra.fl Kntri, No '.-, fur V,
HtvcKon IU. Townthri pil r.iiilli Katllgl ''
WUIaMuvltvMerlfllaiti, ttai riii'.l uutlM uf luifti
tloD to nifskf Kllla.1 Ihffr y-m i.niof In . aUl.llpli
clklin to lh land .Im.. c .( i li.t l. In fur 1Uk
ltr and Kwrlvitr t Bttriii tpn i ii ii..
-lb tllfuf Mr-,.!, in I,, t, I'll
laVlmieOl I1KUIVI Wlllli ks
(tore HrynliiK, Arllnu H - intn. ., ,11 lam
T. Kayeralt ami Frnl C, 'I'lmm, Mil ol 1 . n,
We Kassk, Keglsti i
IthM) Hums v 1.1. i Nn
I'sltsnHTAT.. ASI. 111,1. g, I
Hurna. tirigi.ii, Jul) 14, i.'in
Notice la liereliy given Lbs Nuiili.-ti.
I'aclflc Hallway i , atlofl post u'll. r I i. n. lain, .11 uiiii'.iii.i. 11.. nil. lull
day of July lull, file In offln. lis .,,,
id (cat luu tu select under tin- provisions of Ibe
eel of I'ongresa, aiiiroved July I. 1SJS (SU Slot .
6117. l.y lite Ait ul I'ongresi
sppruved May 17, usjn
ItgJsjSWwHec. w. T ,ll It .11 Ka.l, ,SK
ai. sec S4 1. dti1, suiuii. n i s,,..i.
NWi.HWHeii J. T. mis it UKsst, W M
Serial No. trjiiw
Atiy sud ell persuns claiiuiiig adversely tlis
lauda assarlbSQ, ur desiring in ol.jccl I... suae
ot lbs asluerel cliaractcrul tim laiul, or any
oilier reaaoulu tha illaniasllua.. hi ant, 1 .I11111I1I
Bla Ihelr aftldavlle of .i..t..l In Uu. nrTIi e, on
or licftiia tlic vtl. day of sepli 1111I.1 . 1.11
Wm. Kasss, Itcgi-i. .
Tell all about eeg mallere; nluti
young men ami sTOtTUD, young when
autl liiishsiuls uiiil all others aaatj to
know tilioiit the sacnsl laws that gov
ern the sea forces. I'liiln trutlis of goa
Ufa tnrsistlou to luipiiliicni in inuriisgii
"Secrets" of msnhood and wonianhood;
SSCtoal abuses, Social evil, iIIsciisch, i Ic.
The lateat, moat advance. I ami emu
prehensive work tlutt Iiiin aaf I. .tii In
sued on sexual hygiene Prloslasi In
struction for thoso v. Ito tiro ready (or tlm
true inner teaching.
This book tells nurses touiliurg, due
tors, lawyers, iireaeliere, suciul aurkors,
Hunduy HcIm ml tea, licre and all ullicre,
young ami old, wliut all Daadtoknea
about sag mutters. By Wnfield Scott
Halt, Pa. D, M. D. (Leipaig).
Newspaper Commentsi
."a1s4tutlcally luiruel 0falog4) Til
buna. "Accitraic ami tip tu date."
Philadelphia J'ioss. "Ktaiidurd hook
of kuowledge."- I'liilmiuliihlu l.mlgtir.
Tbe New York World sayp: "Plain
trptbe far those who need or ought lo
know tfceni for the prevention uf evils.
Under plain wrapper lur only 11.00.
Coin or Mousy oylur, poalujl Urn . staU
Notts to Credltsrs.
Nut ice is licrebv given that the under
ifTJtd has Ijeen duly Appointed admln
IstnttOf of the estate of Jennie L Hue
;nt, .Ircrssril, by the County Court of
tin- Stntr.rf OirKon, for Harney County.
All ptraoa having cliiimg agnlnat aald
estate are lirrcliy ftulifleil to present
I In-ill, iluly verified aa by law required,
ti 0, W. Clerenger, nrlininlatrator, at
Ms place nf business in Hums, Oregon,
or at the oilier of J. S. Cook hi attor
ney, in Hums, Oregon, within lg
in. intlie front tltriliitr of this notice.
Dated this .'Inltluy of July, HH4
(I. W. Cl.SVNNOKR, .iiliniliintiritiil
S limit, attorney.
Notice to Creditors
lo I In- t'i unity Court uf tlteStule ofOr-
fjnn, tot llnrney f'ouuty.
In the ninth i aj tlir estnle ol V . C.
I'liixli.n, tlrceaecil.
Nnlice is liereliy given that the untler
slftnrd lins Ik-cm duly appointed adinln
.iiini tii of the above entitled estate by
tin- lliininiilile Ciiant Tlininpsnii, Judge
uf the iilinve entitlrtl court.
All persons hriving clniina against snld tire liereliy imtifril to present aald
. In i r in iluly veriliud as by law required,
v. .1 inn sis in li I... in the date of the
II i at . nl. Inn! i. in ol this notice.
Dated nt Horns, Orcjrnn, this 3rd day
..I Inlv. I '.H I
llu- Iliat pulilicutiou of this in.licr le
tills llh, lull
(Siijlleil) MaHV CaoXTON,
A.liiniiietratrii ol tlic estate ol ' !'. (
i 'union, deceaard.
Notice lo CredHors.
Notie le liereliy given that live under
OK'"") lins Ucri duly apjxjintcd eseculor
ul the I. net Will and Tcstiimcnl, and of
1 lie ralutc of V .lll.uii C. Ilytil, deceased,
l.y ilu Cuuiity Court of the State of
Oregon, lor llsrnry County. All per
snna hitMiig clniins against said estate
nrr herein nutillnl to present them, duly
1. iilie.l aa hy law rnjuirril, to Julian C.
11 nl, cv.-culiir, nt hie office ia llurns,
II uu. v County, Oregon, or at the office
..I . S i'uok hi attorary, in Burna. Or
fgon, within six months Irom tint date
nl this notice.
I 'iitcl this 1st day of July, HH4.
Julian 0, Ilytil, execuror,
J. S. Oook, attorney.
orril'IAL OlHgfTORV
STATS llggoes:
! i hcuatura tUeo. g t Oarabarlaln
I II erry takne
IW l llewley
I N J Sluu.itt
A M i rawfurd
Oswald Weet
Iten W. olcoit
I ii Key
I A i bur. bill
W i Punlwey
' Kobl gaklu
Attorney Oelleral .
".i i our
'.ari ul state
I ii saurt r
-opt I'ul lie li.Bl.u. Hun
Hale I'rl iter
r A Mo Bride
'eon baruetl
H. a. Hesn
r. A. Moore
Iprt nil- Jtl.lg
inaoo l Judge Helton Hlgga
t.oualf Attiirtioy .. tiro S Nltemure
i in mt i mm rneele tbe ffrei Moudsy lu
SBeil sad Srst kfuiider tu Ortobor.
Iidnl Hrlielor
no. i K. ... -a. niatUe
Wll Hrouke
w. p. Human
ci an makssv:
I 'i.ltiti Ju.lga
. n ik
I reaaurer
Oram 1 hoaaneon
H. T llugbel
K A Millar
'... i . i .i
-in . lit
I' K. Bears
A K. Hlchardeuu
J i. Is.negan
I M Heaalllau
U. W. Irn ngrr
John Huhlnaou
l I'. Sylvoater
school superlnlendeul
. ..tuner
.. k 1 nstieetor
II hue Hsln
Coaal i nun mete the Brat Wedueedsy la
lauuat). Marsh. May. Jul) . September sad
Novum I .i i.
SAksgy e. s. lanu evrns:
'aglSt! WSS lairr
x elver -am Motherebesd
iivv -eissa
n-. ,,..i. i
l .i aaurei
-mi Holberaheed
Hoy Vau Winkle
Henry La lien
...H, I.. Hall.,.
ill i. Man. in
A. 0. Welcome
Jainee I aiuiwhira
H. J. McKlnuon
Mi. iinga nf the t i.uinii every aeeond snd
liuirlh vtcln.eil
"Schooling la ahsssM rwvwrialwy aw
dlierted lu pieiere a pereos Is Ike keel way
for the heal prtniaueal aHcupelloa fcw wHMtfe
he la .liable t'lranlrel C W KUvl.
I Ids Is the Mission of lha
forty., I, th School Year Opcas
5BPTBT1BBR 18th, 1914
Write (or Illustrated loo-pass Rook
let, " I lit- LIFE CaRGKR," and (of Cats
log loiitslnlng lull Information.
sVrrsM f'usfii- aqricultukb 1
Agt oiiomy, Animal Husbandry, DatrvHua
I'. in it v . Poultry Husbandry, Horticulture.
Agrlniltiir for I eat tiers. FORESTRY,
I tit.i.lNti hNl'.INEKRINO. HOMI ECO
r.nMH ; liouieli Sclencs, Domsttc Art.
iM.ini-kKiNtn etsctrkgi, irrlastlon,
Highwav, Mevhankal, Chsmksl, Mining.
1 4 Uitmal Count- Agf Icultura, Dairy
ing, Hems Maksrs Course. Industrial
Ails, Purestry, Busln Short Course.
.S,A,mo'.- ptano. String, Band,
Vulis Culturs.
Ferineri H., ,:,,.., Caurs by MeJI Pre.
(iwT CorvsllU, Oregoo
Special Hosiery Offer
1. 1 1. 1 ia nl.-nl Wear-Ever Hosiery For
Men and Women
l.rtliis' Hpexlal Offer
I "i l.iiiiiunl Time Only
Six pair ul our linnet S5o value ladies'
gtiuruntKiHl imsti in black, tan ur white
t'ultirs with written guarantee, for 11.00
.in.l lilo fur postage, etc.
wm ul orKKK nm MEN
lor ti limited time only, (is pair ol
our Iliit'stHSc value Guaranteed lloeeany
itilur with written guarautee and a pair
ol our well known Men'a I'aradlae (iar
tera for one dollar, aud 10c oent for
postage, etc.
afaaj know these hoss; they stood the
tost when all other (ailed. They give
rim I foot comfort. They have do aeaui
to rip. They never become louae aud
haggy a tbe shape la knit In, not press
ntl tu. They sre Guaranteed for fine
ness, lor style, lor superiority of mater
ial ami workmanship, absolutely statu
less and to wear six months without
holes or a new pair free.
Uon't dejay send In ,our order before
oiler eapfraa. Qve correct alga,
Dsytoa, Ohjo
"Tun" MMilaw
"Erilyi Tlir Bracele t
These two beautiful pieces of pupnlar
Jewelry are the eras among society
women In New York and tha largest
clllee. They 4 neat and elegant fatd
Onishad articles that will gladen the
naart of every girl or woman, no matter
how young or old. Very stylish and at
tract I v.
Oar Free offer. Wa sre advertising
flpearmlnt Chewing Gum and dir to
place a big box of thla One, healthful
gam Into every home. It sweeten ths
broath whiten the teeth and aid di
gestion. Il is refreshing and pleasing
to all. To everyone sending us but W)c
and 10 eents to cover shipping coats ac
will ship big boa of 20 regular ' pak
age of the Spearmint (Inm and include
th elegant,
"Taiga" necklace and "Evelyn Thaw"
bracelet abaolutsly
Tbla offer Is for a hort time only.
Not mora than S order to one parly.
Dealer not allowed to accept this.
Dayton, Ohio P. O. Box 101
$1500 Reward!
Tho nn-hinii. ( 1
tfnrulaiCiiitl Ni'ttttt
l.lrr Httjck fruity.
the erreel and con
viction of any per
17 or parlies steal
luf horses, ratti
er tnulee betonglrig
to any ol Its mem
la addition lo Ibe above, the undersign d
offers the seme eondltlou I'oni. for sll horsee
branded burs shod bar on both or either Jew.
Bread recorded In eight counties Kange
tiartiay. I .a a gud Crook in. Horses
vested w b.r. geld.
Hoes bat grown boreee sold end only In
srge 1 nn. b, a
W W . 11H0M N rife. Oregon
$1 CMpide Sbvitf htk $1
10 Articles 10
To advertlsa our Uaieorsal Shaving
Orelfil and Uaieorsal Products wa will
lor a limited time only, Bend tbia well
wo. tli o.00 Slsaeing owlfil for $1.00.
We sell our prodocls to the consumer
direct and therefore you save all agent'
profits which you know are very large.
I Hollow Ground Ruor.
I 5-inc Uther Brush.
I Raaee Strop, Canvea Be.i.
1 Nlctsol BjgaaJ Beck Mirror.
I 33-iach Barber Towel.
I Bar -Sriavmg Soop.
1 Beat TeJcauB Powder.
1 Decorated China Mag.
1 Aluminum Barber Comb.
I Bristle Hair Brush.
Kerb iititltl packed in neat box fl.UO
Coin or Money Order, postage 10c eitra.
Dayton, Ohio
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arriral saw Drpaiive Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie 10:15 A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. M.
De prta
No. 1, Baker 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrivea Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with 0.-W. R. & N. No. 10 leav
injr Portland 7:00 P. M. and No,
17 from east arriving Baker 6:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
9 (fast Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:46 P. M. for points East
SlfMmiUr lion of
rif'.mmk'ai . is wbleh the under
' sTfrtri ,,(T' signed Is roemUr,
I I lf!l 4X V "'" tlvs H,iJ0 on
I i IN reward for evl-
II f L i am. deaoe lee
Salt breezes are trool and re
freshing; days are delight
BY THE ,nl' nlShts pleasant.
sells round trip tickets at
e low fares every day to
Queen of all Pacific Coast
Summer Resorts
For full Information, fares
schedules etc. apply to
any agent of the
O.W. R. & N.
You can buy no better gun
for target work and all
junall game up to
f. .....
(II OWdl: I'OON P. op. -
eMi-als Al All Hours. Short
! Orders and Prompt Service
rviin iio;i..(iii;ii)iii iuiu-m
(Jive Mj. A Call
a 5
e llproelfe Tlrare-Heraia BsXtMlavj e
' B.autiful Colttge Peaaeole
Yale and Harvard, Each in. a 24 in.
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 in. by 21 in.
All In -I tjuallty folt with felt heading,
streamers, letters and mascot executed
in proarr colors. This splendid assort
ment sent postpaid (or .'si cents and A
stamps ! pay postage. Send now,
Dayton, Ohio
Mnny an rich, rare pictures of
Also a Self-Filling
All for only 50 rents
'Mm Km. ileal Largiiln In beautiful
cards ami rare art pictures ever offered.
Mniiv are hard to ohlaiu and have sold
singly (ur tho price we ask for sll.
II.. Hi- will urn. kly to all lovers ol tbe
In tiutiiiil in nature wlio appreciate rare
art picturrs of well developed models.
A self-tilling fountain pen
Iseo null each order. These alone have
sold for ooe dollsr in sttrrea.
The 100 beautiful card, and pen all
for but oOc ami In. In atampa for post-
JOHN (.KB li Kit LI N't!..
luvvulcr. ptU,itm and
Fine Watch Repairing A Spe
Thi New Home Sawing Kiclln Coipuf,
yftlBxaif asxiin asxasV
BarF"'lrSl " "" I
Ha)BAjf l I -aSaBsaBjBJssBssjBga
1 M V 1
Tk oaly way to ' 1 "S
m grt tle ij uuine i. PCv M
I Nrw Hnmfi II
VdA.ii.Ai UeaLBd aBrBBBBT tfli I wm
1 ia lo buy the mecruae flj
B Mitli ll.c narue iNt.w aBJ ina
1 I IOME on ike sum I tliHmBI
H ami in live Irga. M I rarBYX.
M Thi. .aciirave Is Ufi - W,garfJ
M warvanlad for all gl , j JlaB?tV' B
' " rsaafB ' i
No other like it M .
I No other as gwd B
change of
DvAxhsniam it
22 ihort.
long or long-rill cailridae
perffitlv. lha deem fUlt.r.1
rilluig develop maximum power and
atcufacy and adds veers la live. hi. l rJU.
" " mm-m m .
roSBSCiua f nasi dalBcsiM sairn'rla I ..J
salaUMa,isl.j. AmJr,UZ?ttC'&:
Phyii.'tri and
rlllhNS, oi
J. lu. ci rh
Physli-lrin slid
Burn, - - -
Office In new builtliiiir gt
harness shop, ;aajJ
Phone Man, sjj,
Phyalcrlan and Hg
Oases la Tossawuii,.. i
TieniMBa given Hi, a. ,gj
aaS Oireal.
Physician and
I). g.RTAKI.ASn, HI. I,
A. ., At li.
General Fraill..- i.r
Surgery J
demmin & n
Physicians and
Calla answensl ptompilyi
rhotie lfarrinian.
Htrriman, Ore.
Ur- Minnie il
Physician and
street iclcpliorc l.i
Offlne first ilix.r sast ;
unrns. uri-vo.
M. A.
Attorney at Iji
Vsjegtly Hldg.. BarasJ
AttoniMA'-ni l4, I
Burns, Oregon
WM. Mil LQ
iurns, tin, .
Kooms B snd 7 JL- ok-1
Fana SSjaaUy to. g
Prartioae in tta Bttta CM
fore the t'.s Land OfB,-.
CJhUaH. 11. I
Careful atUtntitm Kive
liona and U-H EbUbI
l'lrs- In-iir ,. ..
Notary I'm lie
Burns. Osjaa-
State Courts and I nitcdl
Land Oflloe riacua
Threo doon South of
Hsvrney County Natwotlj
Burns, Oitgfta.
AHorrssry at Law Nese
Caaeeegaecuig. M... , Las.iiaa.aai
Aaerasrsau, s. L.d Offa , rvaaXt
Oatcs betWA-en Harm . I .nn . ex
sail Leuil on.,,
Burna, . . 1 1 regal
asxt ga SBBBBaaeMassaasi sM
r. t:. i mi i ii.,. o.l
Formerlt A.i r, :,,,.,.,
laO.S Ket'larnallini s,r (
vie. t
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