The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 15, 1914, Image 4

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In Its Pure State We on the Earth
' Have Never Seen It.
If Thty DM Thty Would Probably Dt
troy Life E.istt on Our Planst.
Daylight and Sunlight Almoit
at Much at Da Win. and Wattr.
"At clear at daylight" czpreuet la
ordinary language a maximum of plain
new and obviousness. Nevertheless
dayllgtit it .in- of i he moat complicat
ed and caprlcloutly variable of all nat
ural phenomena.
Almost everybody you meet will tell
you that dayllgbt and aunllgbt are dif
ferent names for the aomo thing. They
think they know that much of astron
omy anyway. Hut astronomy doea uot
teach anything of the kind. Attrouomy
almply tells ua that the tun la the pri
mary cauae or aourco of daylight, but
It doea not aay that dnyllght niul aun
llgbt are Identical. In fart, tbey dif
fer almost at much as do water and
But the degree of difference varies.
Daylight la a mixture of two kinds of
light, and Its quality Is continually
changing, at everybody who has ever
had anything to do with photography
knows. The proportions of the two
kiads of light that make dayllgbt are
not the aame from hour to hour aud
hardly from minute to minute.
In clear weather, uuder an open sky,
with the aun high In the benvena, day
light, aaya Professor Nichols of Cor
nell, la almost entirely sunlight. A
white surface exposed to an unobscur
d eky receives directly from the sun
85 per cent of the light that Illuminates
it and only 15 per cent from other
parts of tbe sky dome.
This otber part of tbe Illumination
la called skylight, and It constat of
light, nearly all of which came orlg
lnally from the tun. but which bat
been changed In quality by reflection
from tbe earth, from the cloudt and
from dust and vapor In tbe air. Many
of tbe rays that characterized tbe orig
inal aunligbt have been absorbed by
the reflecting substances, to that what
remains it no longer tbe tame thing
at before.
On a completely overcast day there
at no aunllgbt, properly to called, but
only akyllgbt. Whether the iky it
overcast or not tbe Intensity of day
llgbt varies wltb tbe hour of tbe day
and wltb tbe season. This It due to
differences In tbe elevation of tba aun.
These variations in tbe Intensity of
daylight are surprisingly great. Tba
Intensity It on tba average ten timet
aa great In roldaummer as In midwin
ter, but this average cornea far from
expressing tbe utmost difference that
can exist, for investigation bat shown
that between tbe clearest summer day
and the darkest day of winter the ra
tio of the Intensity of dayllgbt may be
aa great aa 300 to 1.
Besides, tbe quality of daylight la
continually changing on account of tbe
variations In tbe relative atnouuta of
tba different rayt of tbe tpectrum that
are mingled in It Tbe spectrum of
light la a gamut of vibrations, aud tbe
reaolt of tbe selective action exercised
by tba aubstancea and vapors, from
which the light baa been reflected and
through which It baa passed Is to pro
duce variations of color and of Intensi
ty of color, as well aa of tbe quantity
of Invisible radlatlona present, tnd
these variation are not the leas real
anal Important because tbe eye la uot
alwaya fully aware of them.
Aa to pare sunlight, we never tee It
on the earth. The light that orrtvee to
ua from tbe aun bit neither the color
nor tbe Intensity thtt It potsctaet be
fore it enters tbe atmosphere. Tbe
ultraviolet rayt especially are almost
completely screened off by tbe utmos
phere, and If tbey reached us lu their
full force It Is probable that life aa
now organized on this planet would be
destroyed by tbem.
Every different world lias its own
dayllgbt, although all may be llluiul
nated by tbe same sun. Not only doea
relative distance affect tbe Intensity of
dayllgbt on different planets, but tbe
constitution of their various at mot
pberet bas nn equally great effect.
Venus has a daylight twice as Intense
at ours; Mars oue-balf as intense. On
Jupiter tbe Intensify It 1-25 of that on
tbe earth; on Saturn . I Id); ou Nep
tune. 1-000.
But eocb of tbesc planets baa an at
moapbere peculiar to Itself, and tbua
tbe differences of daylight upon tbem
are made still more remarkable. This
la one of tbe Drst things to be taken
Into account In all speculations about
fb babltablllty of those otber worlds.
Oarrett I. Bervlst In Spokane (spokes
man Review.
tenements even tbe old neat of low
houaaa lined wltb Or escapee-were
habitable human dwelling places And
the night going detective declared ha
could show me nothing worse I want
ad to aaa the fetid cavea where wretch
edness lay moaning on garbage heaps,
the windy garrets where It starved.
and there were no fetid cavea.
In the old atreeta and tba dingy
courts of Paris you can still And hun
dreds of them; you have but to walk
peerlngly through the street of the
Three Oatea or tbe atreet of tbe Iron
Pot; you have but to go Into the
auburba that lie outside the fortifica
tions fur year liy year the centrifugal
force that stirs In every great ag
glomeration of human atoms baa
thrown I'lirlalau lieggiiiiloui Into that
dreary rliviiiiiferenit'
Hut In the washed and lighted un
derworld of New York there are no
slums. There U not one slum that
half disserve the name Wretched
neat all you please; hunger In tbe
streets and on the housetops. It may
be, but none of those gangrened holaa
of filth without which no real slum
can exist.
I apeak almost with the decision of
an expert, for 1 apeut many years
prowllugly Investigating the aluma
that rot and blacken the surface of
Europe from Moscow to Lisbon.
Vance Thompson In New York Bun.
Menarehltt That Praetleally Sprang
Inte ins, Overnight.
Prior to Jau. 18, 1871, tbe Herman
empire, aa we know It today, had no
exlatence. Instead It waa a Jumble
of kingdoms, states, duchies, grand
duiiilea and prtnclpalltiea, all joined
together by a Uke language and com
mon political aspirations. It la true, but
otherwise quite separate and distinct
Then came the historic ceremony In
the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Par
la had just bean captured by King
William of Prussia, and It waa held to
be a fitting time and place to proclaim
him the flrst German emperor. Never
since tbe dawn of history was an em
plre bora more dramatically.
By a strange irony of fate, too. Its
birth took place amid the ruins of tbe
French empire, Itself the creation of a
day, or, rather, to be strictly accurate,
of a night. France went to bed on the
evening of Dec. 1. 1851, a republic.
When It awoke next morning It waa
an empire. During tbe hours of dark
ness Paris had been occupied by
troops, aud tbe prince president had
become Napoleon III.
Equally sudden and almost aa sensa
tional In Its way waa the birth of tbe
modern Greek empire. After tbe yoke
of the lurks bad been thrown off In
the war of independence the country
became a republic. But tbe people
soon tired of that democratic form of
government and promptly proceeded
to assassinate their first and only pre
l. l.-nt Then tbey met together, elect
ed a king and settled themaalvee down
to be ruled by him in a quit orderly
and contented fashion.
Hew a Railway Tannol Waa Built
Through a Sand Bank.
A colony of hank awnlkrwt taught a
young but ohaenliig cnKUieer bow to
build a tunnel that his more learned
superiors had refused to undertake.
North of llurllugton, Vt , Ilea a
broad sand plain high above tbe leva!
Of Lake Cbauiplalu. through wblch tba
Central railroad wat to be carried by
a tunnel Tho sand, destitute of moist
ure, would not cohere, but crumbled
away as mini as an excavation waa
made. After several costly trials the
engineers decided that the tunnel waa
A young man lu lite engineer's office
said lie could tunnel the aand bank at
a small cost, lie said he could build
the tunnel for so many dollars a run
ning fOOt, hut thai he couldn't expect
the railway people to act upon hit
opinion when so many American and
European engineers had declared tbe
project Impracticable.
The manager, however, gave him a
contract to build fifty feet of tbe tun
nel. On the face of the sand bank be
marked the line of an arch larger than
the proposed tunnel mid on this line
drove sharpened limbers Into tbe bank.
Then ha removed six feet of the aand
and drove In another arch of twelve
toot timbers, removing six feet more
of aand. This process ho repeated tin
til he bad space enough to begin the
masonry As fast as the mssonry waa
iSMiipleted the space above It waa
tilled, leaving the timbers In place.
He pierced the bank with the cheap
eat tunnel ever built, which now
stands a firm as on the day It waa
lie waa asked whether there waa
any suggestion of Ihe structure adopt
ed by him to ha found In the hookt on
"No." he said. "It came to me III this
wty: I was driving by tbe place
where the attempts were msde and
saw that a colony of swallows had
made their homes In the bank It oc
curred to me that these little engineer
had disproved the assertion that the
sand had no cohesion. Aa every a wal
low's home Is a self sustaining tunnel
without masonry. I thought that by
extending their method I could con
struct a larger tunnel. The bank awal
low Is the Inventer: I am almply his
Imitator"- Boston Post.
HsiTsn statss tirrn .
Harm. Oregon, Allium H, IVI4 I
Nolle It hsrebv given Dial William W
Nichols, of Th Pallet, nretmi. elm, "" lam
I, ltt, mile tutrrl Unit Kiitrt
BWtettiinlJ.Towiialtlli'JilH.,ftBii(M K, Wll
lemsils Meridian, hai film mitim oi lutnition
to mat Anal proof, to atnhllsli claim lo Hie
ism! liov described, boforc Ketlatur and Me
oelvsr, at Hums, Oregon, on tint loth day nf
tepUrober, ISM.
Olslmsrri nsinrsea wllumea
Frail Stress, Mrs. Pre I llarrnn Host Hinder.
It. II. Mall all of Narrow, uri-son
We rasa. Rnlster
Ha iiri-inni, llll) ST, I'M l
Nolle Is hereby given that Frd 0 1 IfaSJa. el
Istwen.iirrsun, wlio.oiiNeuleiiilin u una, intdt
llomsttMil gotry, No. UMH4. for Hwle, Mention
:v, lofsatiii H H, Hm m, K., nni.iu.ii.
Merltlian, lis Bled intllr ' of luleulloti lo meat
final three-yer I'rotil. In eetni.l ! claim to i lie
lend elsive deterllied, befori l(iifliln sua Its
eelver. at gurus, orsKuii, on lbs I'll ly ul
seoteaher, iwm.
Olslaitut tames at wilneat.t
leurge grynliig. Arthur A. ss lets, I T
Carter, it, M Kdwtrtla, all of batten, liraeun,
WM. K Alias, Itsalsler.
i meemmm
Notlee to Creditor.,
Notice is hereby given that tlm under
signed hat been duly appointed admin
istrator of the estate of Jennie L. lluss
nrl, deceased, by the County Court of
the Stale of Oregon, for Harney County,
All prraou having claim! against aaid
estate are hereby notified to present
'. ni. .lull verilied as by law required,
lu i. V. Clrvrngrr, administrator, at
Ins place of business in Hums, Oregon,
or at the olli.-r of J S. Cook hit attor
ney, lu llui us, Oirgou, within til
mouth from the ilntr ol this notice.
Unit-it this .'Inl day nf July, 1(114.
li. W. (ikvkmoiih, a.luiininliator.
I s i ouk', attorney,
I KLL rsfra Tpiw Bricele
Nolle to Creditors
t'NIVBh HTtlaa I CM. I II I I. . . I
basevlew. Orssoit, July :inl, ru i I
Nolle la hereby (ivsu that Adolf Hansen, ol
Kile, vTs.ou, who, on June l.llh cm s. -
lane,.' at
noil. ,. ol
Homestead enlri . Nu . osaw.1. lor '..v.. ,i .s '
t uZ.,1... .. .1. . .,- . '
I. Million II IUMrillBIl li miinii
haal, Wlllamslls Meruit, has flit
llili'iitl'in to mast, Una llo,, war i.ti..r
.atatillali i-ltln. to th laad above iltai tll,.-d.
Istfnrsrtiaa A hlirrintli, II. H i ou not.
t Plft, Oregon, ea iliepDtb dy of tn.iiii. en
i laliiiaui iianiaa aa fftlneats
HonaU I tintllng. .mini MeKai bin. I,.-,. A.
I'addeek, Paler Wye, all ol rite, iirxon
J. F Heautss. Heal", i
I sitsu arivs i.ANiorrie. i
gurus, Uresoo, July II, ci i
Nolle la tarsi. r thai Kred p. gaJUeal, of
Klley, Urrsou, who, no Jun a. IW made
ilumeaieM guiry No 1I5, Surlai .tu ujhii loi
sW'i, Merllou i, Towutblu Soul I.
teal. Wlllaraell Marl, Man. baa III,-. I
nolle Ol lutenllliu III mk" Oiial III, ).ai
Proof, lueaisbllsb claim lo th land above de
ecrlued, before Hegliirr aud Reoeiver, ,,
Hurut, Oregon, on Hit- 171b Mat ol AilaUal, I'll,
c laliiiaui uain.t aa wllllrase
lien Mullsr.W O tliuoli I M
Moinhrlud, all tl mi.-. . firvton
we Fasas. H.-aUier
In Hi-
High Coet of Living Again.
rroaperoua ei German (on vltlt to
futherland) Donner nnd btltzen. what
are you glvln' us? Forty pfennig for
this sauatge! When I weut away a
few years ago I used to pay only 20
The Walter They waa different
Tbe P. ei . I'reclaely the tatna.
Tbe Walter -No, you're wrong there.
Tbe old "uee waa bigger New York
A Wonderful Word.
Confidence! Wbat a wonderful word
It it! How much It does to make a de
apondent man or woman feel better!
How often It bas lifted a bualneaa man
out of tbe deepeat despondency and
given him another chance! Say a help
ful word whenever you can, whether
It be to a cbild wltb tear dimmed face
or to a workman wbo baa loat hit job
or to a business man wbo facet serious
embarrassmenta. It will pay. Issue's.
The Guilty One.
John .So, that's your new tie, en?
Why ou earth did you select such a
loud pattern? Joe-I didn't select It
My brother did, and be' slightly deaf.
Sincerity and truth are the basis of
every virtue-Confuciut.
Cunous Incident In th Ctrr ef
Novelist S. R.
One morning th postman brought to
8. II. Crockett, tbe novelist, a letter
from tbe editor of tbe St. Jamea'
Gazette containing a email cheek at
payment for a contribution. Mr.
Crockett knew that nothing was due
to him. that he had been paid for all
artlclea, and remarkable man-be did
tbe check up In an explanatory note
and returned It to the editor.
The next day back came th check
from th editor-remarkable man
wltb a note aayUtg It waa due. The
Ht. Jamea Gazette bad published an
article from th pea of Mr. Crockett
wblch bad not baa, paid for, hence
the check. Again Mr. Crockett-remarkable
wan returned the check.
and still th remarkable editor refor
wardad it, thla Ua with the article
eat out of th column of th Ht.
Jamea' Gaxette
Now cornea tbe curloua feature of
tbe Incident. When Mr. Crockett
clapped his eye on tho article be waa
aatonlsbed to And It on of hi dreams
materialized. One night, going to bd
extra tired, be dreamed that a good
Idea for a St. Jamea' Uatett column
bad occurred to him, that ha then and
there aat down, wrote It and potted It.
Next morning be remembered bla
dream and made up bit mind eome day
to write th article exactly at he
dreamed ha bad written It, when, to
bla astonishment, cam article aud
check from th uewipafier. Few writ
ers earn chaefca whil aaUwp.-London
.sum. lard
Vattnet of the Universe Indletted by
Thtlr Long Travtla.
The almost Incredible distant' of
the heavenly IsMllea are well Illustrated
by I'amlllc I'launnnrlou's comment
to the Soclctt. .Wi,.nonliiir de franc
ou the study by V M Kllpher of th
Lowell observatory ou the steed of th
nebula In Aiiilroincdt. which 1 fgf ki
lometers a s,-. oud riiimiuarlnii re
mark that If thla ain-ed baa been
mnlntuliii-il slme the days of Hipper
chus, twenty centuries ago. tbe nebula
has travelisl In t lire t time 10,000.000,
i kilometers lllpi'iirohua made a
catalogue of the visible start, aud thla
nebula Is not found In Ida Mat. although
It enn now b seen w lih th naked eye
Hud it been it brilliant 2,000 year
ago as it Is today, lllpiutrchu. living
under the clear aky of Alexandria.
could not well have overlooked It.
"Must we then conclude." asks Flam
marlon. "that Ua twenty ceuturlea of
approach to u huv been enough to
Increase Its brllllaucy? The parallax
of the nebula Is II 17 tecond, which
corresponds lo a distance of 181.000, kilometers It take light
nineteen tears to tiatei that distance.
Ho In 1000 years Its dlttanc would
have diminished by about one tenth."
Hut then, no one knows that It has
maintained thla terrific speed through
nut the centuries It mty bar moved
more slowly or more rapidly at any
time All la conjecture except th
actual llk'ures for Its present tpeed and
The fact that bodies moving at aucb
speeds aro not aeeti tc move brings
borne to us the vsstnesa of tbe uni
verse. -New York World.
I'M 1Kb SI tin I AS I l, I ,
lluruv i'm-ji.ii. Jul, 14, ill
Nolo Is hereby lvalhl benlsl I' J,.nli,
ol Murui. umiiii, wbo. i,u Ausnai ,i ram, uiadr
lloutaslssd knlry, Nn. KMv for K',, IV, nun
l. Township U a Muse Si K., Wlllam.ll,
Mrrldlau, bss ill.. I ami, of hileiillnu in
make filial flvyr vroni, in riblib i laiin
to lbs laud above draeriis..! hefuf Keglttei
sod Kerelvsr, at liniu. uirii, on ll.e 1st h
Ja of Auttist, lull
I lalluant lliiintu situ. .a.
AlDerl wo.Ni. uiknlis li.i leu. I M . Iilm,)
Nelaun I'ardisr, all of Muiui, im un
w. Fahss. gagtatat
t'oiiuty Court nf tilt State ul'Oie-
gun, ho lliniiry t'nunty.
hi the matter of the palate ol I'. C.
ClilXInU, ilert-llsi'll.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed lm btjtn duly nppoiutril admin-
isiinim ol the nlmve entitled estate by
the II able I'.riint Thompson, Judge
of llie nlmve entitled court.
All pci sunn having i bums ugtiast enitl
rstnle me linebv notifril to present said
ilaiuis .lulv veiihed as by law iripuired,
within sin mouth fioiu the date of the
in- i publication of this notice.
Holed at Dm ns, (li covin, this lid day
of Julv, 101 I
The liist publication ajf this notice It
iniv ith, mil.
I Signed) Mamv CaoiTON,
Adiniiiittratrix of th estate of I". (!.
I 'mi I on, .1. . . .is. ,1
That two beautiful pieces of pupnlar
Jewelry or the crate among society
women In New York ami th largest
cillee. They j neat and elegant gold
finished article that will gladan the
nart of every girl or woman, no mat b i
how young or old. Very ilyllsb and at
Our Pre offer. We are advertising
Hpearmlnt Chewing Gum and ileair to
place n big box of thla due, healthful
gain Into every home. It tWlen the
broath whitens the tMtli and aids di
gestion. It is refreshing and pleasing
to all. To everyone tending ut but Mir
ml 10 aent to cover shipping ooats .
will ship a big Ikix ol 20 regular Ac pack
ages of the SiMr-triuint Hum ami include
th elegant,
"Tatgo" necklace and "Evelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely
This offer la for a abort time only.
Not more than 2 order to one party.
Dealers not allowed lo accept till.
Dayton, Ohio P. O. Box 101
0BOROI i oon i, op.
At Al! Hours. Short
Onion niul Prompt Service
With Kt'.'iNonuble Rates
Olvo Me A Call
e e
0 Opposite lln... ll.raM aHUatlau,
CARLC. (- f
Physician an '
$1500 Reward!
Raaullful tollai Pannanta
ml Harvard, Each 9 in. a 24 in.
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 in. by 21 in.
All he. I qnallt felt wltb fell heading,
liroatners, letters ami mascot executed
in oi. i i lois llns splendid assort
ment sent postpaid Inr M rents and ft
stamps In pay .ostn)(e. Send now.
Dayton, Ohio
J. XXI. Cp
Pliyslclan an l
Burn, - -
Office In in buil. 1. 1
harness gtx
'I'hoiie M
I MVall ST.tSt l.tsi io li. , I
HurilS. Ofvg,,l. July s. , i
Nolltr la 1,,-r, l,i elfrn trial John A OaiU ol
lwu tireoD. etiu, on Soitmlwi
mast iKaaii.linl Ksirv.Ne tnKs,i,,r s',sw '
seellon IV, lowuahlu.t s , kan." u h Hinam
alt atsrltllau. Iiaa lilt. I null, , ul miration I.,
uiak final vruof, 10 stial.iLli el I in 10 in.
tauilalajv tlreerllsatl. U.I.op Itteltlai aiol hv
eslver. al tllirm. un llo I. II, .l.r ,.l
I usual. I -oi
Claimant uaiiina aa tatss
Atlaei r B. lieurar ul l.awsn. tiM.mui i
iSH Alliunia ol llarrliuan in.-. .1:
Hard aait Kal,h I M liauu boll, ,.( I ,
s r.sai. K.-clal. i
i hailra
Hurut oregoii, July in, I'jii i
Nollvc ia lirrrliv SI van lllat I. sols. II tAli
llsuia.ul I'lllorlun UrsJOSl, el.uul Juur'.'.'
Iue. wail lluioratra.1 KiiUy No - -I. --iial
Nu .ttata .lot SI,Sti, .ni.r.i, .,
., H at K ,til XM 4. seeliuu . lusu.lili. T S
Kass M ft. Wlllaiartu, M.rrll.n. haa 1....1
uuiies uf tuuuilou lu waa itiiat Ave eti
i,uui. iumi.uiiiii tiaiui ill ilia Mil. 1 a: .
Notice to ( rad.loi.
Notiat is hereby given that the uinlei--ii'ilt
d has Is in duly appointed executor
ol t lie- I. nst Will and Tratninrnl, and of
thrrstutr of William C. Ilyrd, deceaard,
by the County Court of the State of
Oaggajej, tor llarnrv County. All tjfjn
anus linviiiK claims 111:11111.1 amd estate
me luirliy notillril to present tluim.duly
vcitticil is by law rriuiml, to Julian C.
Ilyrd, Uacculor, at his other ia Hums,
lliunrv iiointv. Hrrgoii, or at the office
ul J. I, (.'link In. .in,, 1 err. in flurns. Or-
rKiui, witktfl i iminlh Irom the date
"I I Ins notice.
inlcd llns 1st day of July, KM.
Julian ('. Hvril, rsecuror.
J. s I iM.l.. nttorney
Ifurulssud N.vsila
l.lve SliM'k I'miI, 1
llun Ahi.i ' "I
thirl, the under
alfflia.l la 11 1 ,
will five 1 1 .am 00
n-wai'l for M
ilaues leedltt lu
lb arrest and cou
flellun uf any par
tor rswlisa stl
lot buret call!,
or mules belotiglh
'.1 any ut tie Bjata
la addition t lb tbure, Ibe uu,eraltn.-.i
uatrs lb earn nmdtileo psoo 00 fur all borer
braaded burs ebod bar on both ' an l.r r )a
Bread reeerdasl In lbl eooaile Hanst
llaruay, I ak. end I'foot etiuellet. Ilor.ra
sealed w In -ii told.
Moo bat ar.iwu bureee sold and mil) in
ff btllll lira,
w w known rite. Otajjssn.
orrteuL iirktimv
tl H Hriiai.oa
"i ao aain. I.
Atluruejr Oenrial
. . lait .0 si. 1,.
1 .. tturti
Opt I'ul.lle lliatltn II. 0.
"Ian- I'm, 1. ,
'ii.imt' Ju.lga
iiieu v. tbuibrlla
IHtrrr la:..
I ' Hauler
I ' i MUU.,11
A. at I'raefurd
Oswald Wai
li. u H oleoii
ii' Key
J A ' loo, I. Ill
M a lninlwar
llobl Kakln
U. III. Ir
1 Baraell
llobl I
, I A a
. '. "e 11 I
a. a.
r A 1
NINTH JI'Ull IAI lllTli:T.
oiaiil.i i,.ii Mlt
'" Aimriie, ,,. ksi,.bo7.
1 Ireult
ll'ill and
1 unit 1.1. . ia Ibe St. I Muadsj
Ural M..I..I., in ortober
'oliil Senator
'oli.l K., ,..., M.u,.
"II Mruukr
w, y. 11, 1 ...
s-rlkasl. btur K. Ul. rand ar. al IUiim.
"aeon. .0. 111. 1. in .:ay ul A usual. 1:1
claliuaut naiiira as ttltnasae
lbouiuUlll Fred it. 1.1. la J. ,1,1. 1 .,
.1. Mlrha.l all ul I till, rluD. ilineoi,
W lllal. I! ,!!, ,
Hurut. ort'tou. Jul) II
of But ni. Oreauu
Humaatra.) Xmr t
II. T. M -.. M III It
Sri'llUU 0, (usual, II
1 4. 1 ".,. ma,
IOI HK'.MA'. ,-..
Uiia 1, ;. j.'
Vtrdict of an Expsrt Aftsr
Through th City.
1 have mad an amazing discovery.
It la tbe reault of three days and
night of going to and fro In New
York sometimes alone aud sometimes
with a wise but not cynical detective
And tb amazing aud dlsconcerlng ills
eovery Is this: Thero are no aluma lu
New York.
You can And crime and criminals;
you can And vice, poverty, drunken
neaa, disease, but you cannot dud a
alum-such slums us blacken aud
rcster In Antwerp, Genoa, Naples,
I'urls, London and many another old
world city. The roatou la that you
cannot have a alum without filth, and
New York Is a clean city. Neither
crime nor poverty nor crowds make a
alum. You must have filth aa well,
and that Is what New Tork hasn't got.
I looked for It eaat and weat aud
north, from river front to river front
Everywhere, anywhere, war crime,
rice, mean poverty. Everywhere
thlevtt, rogue, outcatts, man and wo
man Isolated frum their kind by tin or
uier tufferlKg, but no aluma.
Dirt, of eonrne. I relative , ft.
East Afrioa'a Big Game
Big gam of British Eaat Africa, out
side of th threat prasvervr of th col
ony, I rapidly vanishing and, accord
log to V. T. Ilornaday, "I absolutely
certain to disappear lu about one
fourth th tlm that It took South Af
rica to aecoiupllab th earn reault"
Mr. Ilornaday point out that tbe urea
eot legal bag limit la ruinously extrav
agant. For 260 any man may buy the
right to kill 300 band of hoofed and
horned aulmala of forty-four apeclea,
not counting carulvoroua aulmala that
may alao be killed. Thua tb richest
big game fauna of any one spot in tbe
world, wblch nature haa been aeverul
million year In developing and placing
there, seems likely to bo wiped out by
man within tha next fifteen yeare.
Cblcago Nw.
Ancestors Burned.
Itucoii lie suja hla ancestors war
all cremated h'gbert Why, I thought
cremation was n method of recent
"It Is Ilia picture gullrry. though,
waa burned up only a muutb ago.'
Yolikers statesman.
Remarkable Cure of Dysentery.
"I was at larked with dysentery
about July 15th, and used the
doctor'H medicine and other
remedies with no relief, only get
ting worse all the time. I was
unablo to do anything and my
weight dropped from 146 to 125
pounds. 1 suffered for about
two months when I was advised
to use Chamberlain's Colic, Cho
lera und Diarrhoea Remedy. I
used two bottles of it and it gave
me permanent relief," writes B.
W. Hill of Snow Hill. N. C. For
sale by all dealers.
hu. un Xla
jsovbiih. tor nr'.Mt ,
4, . u .. . I' .. .7
-. .VH , . .... .,. ., f- , 11.11,. l ,.,11
laetells Mrrldlau, bas nnd liulli . ol nil. nil,, n
lo loaks teal Bta lo .-elal.l i al,
lalm tu tb laud abut.- ,:-.. i lis.) i,..i..r..
lb Stlir aud Hseslvsr, si lion, -ou
lb 1Mb day ut Auguat. IWH
t.'laluiaut tieuita aa eltliesara
Fruk WblllUa. iieuri Wlillms. rye
MrUrea. William M, all ul Uiiiua. lira
. Faaaa, ll.-.lai. r
tsiiT Htaatv:
i.i.l,l Judg.
I I. ra
I ......
liraut I hiiuaisuu
ST Hu.bsl
li A Miller
0 k Mr
A k. Klrbardsuo
J. J. HuoetsB
I. M HauiiMuu
i. W t'
Jobs KoklbtOB
tg. I' tytvsster
ilhu lia 1 1,
County Curl intsrla III. fliM Weduaaday IB
lanusry. Han h May. Jul). Hepiesibor sad
mams, i r a. urn, times:
-, beoi Sujs i lrlri,,1, i,r
,,i,,li. ,
-io. it laaaM
..lotoiaait.o. ra
t. .i.i. r
K, . urtler,
i retarei
. Wm Fsrr
Ham Mulbertbred
$1 Cwfk Stuviaf Qk $
10 Articles 10
To iidvritis onr Uaiveraal Shaving
Outfit and Universal Products w mill
lor a limited Urn only, aend Una well
worth IV.00 Skavitaj outfit for II. 00.
W srll onr prodaci to tbe c...-i,.-;;ei
direct and therefore yesj aa all agents"
profit which you know are very large.
1 Hollow Ground lUaor
I Slnch Lather Broth
1 eUaor Strop, C.nv.t Bat b .
I Ntch.l Eattel Beck Mi r...
I 33-inch Berber Towel.
I Bar Shevitw Sou.
I Boa Talcum Powder.
I Decorated Chin Mug.
I Aluminum Berber Comb
I Br.alle Hair Brats).
Isch ..iitlit packed In lust but l. 00
Coin or Money tinier, postage ibcritrs
Dayton, Ohio
Many ar rub, rare pit turea of
Also a Heir-Killing
All for only 50 rant
llio ralat burguln In brautlfnl
cards and rare art ,ictme ever offered.
Mini) arc ii.iid lo olitaiu and have told
auiifly lor Ibe ,nee we aek fur all.
I i trill quickly lo all lovertoftb
btuutiiiil in nature wbo appreciate rare
art pictures i, well devtltiMMl tnodela.
A reliitblu self-tilling fountain pen
luce ttuli ia. li onli-r These alone have
sold bo .,io- dollar ill tore.
I'he KM) beautiful rard, and pen all
r but 00c uiid Mat In stsinp for poat-
CrEO. G. CAltl
Phyalclan ami
OaMee In Te w .. ,
StHKial aieanlbm slr.nd,..
and Ibroal.
PhyaicUn anrl
U. K.7sn,K,,.
s., r,
'irueral I'ra, H, ,r
surs'-r) i , i
DENMflN & :
r-nysiciin and So
Cll answered prva
'Phone lliirririitn.
fiarrlman, Or
i-i H. OHIO
Dr- Minnie II,
Physician and
Wrect Iclephone c.
La wen. O
Oltlee first ,l,K,r east i.l .--J
llunis. (Ir.
M. A. HK;G8 I
Attorney at I. at
Voegll) HMk.. Hon,, raj
Fun- W'.iN It
Ktp.diitltr A
Alti.rney at - 1 ai 1
Burns, Oregon, i
Sampler Valley Railway Co
Arrive, ni Deputgre Of Trains
fore the I'. S j
No. 2,
10:15 A.
2:35 P.
4:00 P.
t'sirsn M-r.Tsa l.aautirrit a, .
Hurut, ur...,ii. Jul) ... i ii i
Nelles la liairl.) .Inn Dial A n li nr A saiin
Jars, at Lewsu.orstoii, win., un July .1, lull,
raatfe Houttal.a.t tnlrv. Nu U.SJs f,,r H '
aaetlf It, Twwnilill. J4 Moulli, Kau. -.", I
Wlllautall. lartlillaii. Iiaa III.., I uollts ul Inlru
Hub tu ins.. Hn. I ibree nroul lo i al I itl,
eieim tu tiiaiainl anoiaili-t. ru.a.l, I,.-Inr.. litis
(star su.l Kclvrr st lltirna. Oeteun UB II"'
lib day uf MrtBiur, 1014
I'leluiaet uautva at wltiiraet-.
ilaorjr llrtnliia. Arlliin a ttliltnr). ti, ,.,,
r. Haytrafl ami i'reil t 'I'lnuu, all ol Uwae,
W rtasn, l(.-..ii-r .
Stn Nilllu r.l.ra.l
Hot Van H
ii . y. H
. I
' A, .'. WcJeona
I lauo-a lintstliirr
I K. J MeKiuuuM
aetiagi al itia i ouioii rry aeeund
tolllll, W..II....I
Jutt an Over-light.
It wu 0 o'clock In tb morning lu an
Eugllab town, and tb roads were
blocked with mow. Tbe maid, wbo
bad been glean a week' notice, waa
faclug tba last day of her sojourn In
th bouM. Hh handed th usual rup
or tea to bar uilttrt In bed aud then
aald ewtMitly, "Oh, ma'am, when ye
aaked me yawterdty If we bad vry
thlug tu for tonight' party I forgot to
tall ye w ar out ut coal aud tba fur
usee la goln' out"
Thla Carthly Stage.
"Tbe sun," remarked tba kindly cltl
ten, "ahlnea for all."
"And that's wbat worries tome
popl," averred tb caustic citizen
"Tbey seem to think th aun ought to
he handled aa a spot light"-LouUvlll
I Courttr Journal.
IMrsnsTATsal.ANi, ornei, I
llnrrit, or..,un, July W, mil.
Null. , It li.i.-l.) Klvan Dial Henry g. plllratu.
if Nsrruwa. or. -.on, who. nn July i, lull, uia.I
lluiili-lli ail rlllrj. So V',J. tut l.oU I aud I
See. 6, Township .7 H II.m.oiki k Willamette
M., hat III. I in, in,, of liiteulluli
lu iiiakr II net I Hire rear pruuf, to ettabllik
claim In in., laud alaivu t)ettirlhd, uafur Kr
later ami Keerlver. al llurua, Orstun, on Ibe
71h its) uf Hcplulllher, lull.
t isiiiimiii iiainrt at wllaetasi'
Charley K lillliiiau, i hitler Keuwu, t.'btrlsy
lltekhaiia su.l II. ml, itou Klllull, all of Nar
ruwt, llii-.un
we. Fabbs, Kt-Kul.-r
cum,,, A usual , lilt
Nulll u It Irerehy si veil thai William UllMU.
ui i.iio) , y rivoii, win), in, AUKUtlaS,!
IttWi) liurut'iV I. Itl No
I'MtallSIt lia I ir.n .ii ,i. , I
tlurut. ora.iiu, July II, inn
Notlee Is liari-by flvu 11.(1 llo, Soi'h. ri,
' acltr Hallway OBfcaaay, win iti. ismI "ill, i
sddieaa Is Mi Psul, Mnn,i,.,,i hat ihit nu,
day uf July lull. Ill In n,l. ,,ni, .- lit an
pll.allou luatla.l under lbs lirorlslona ol Un
til ot i, siin,ivs'l July I, l"i lauaiai
ter.aeej aa eitvuue.i nr t ... t, i ,,i
apurord May 17. est.
aaituwi: Umi Tl T an u u -t. l-
S5f'ZS:r T' ''tSi H""lh' " '"' ksa'l.'aii.l
gWSjaW'a in. f'isJH K ., Ktat. t at
aerial No uTn'J-J
Auyautlall pertuus elsimins s.ltcrtrly lln-lauditlt-ttrllM-,1,
ur daalrln lool.Jeel br. tint,
of tb miliar! cbaravierof His IsmI, or any
otber reaaonui Ih dispt,asliuai.liesiii,tliiiuhi
lie their affidavit uf ,rol.,i in (hit nflli .,, mi
or tstlore Ibe 7lli day ul Hiiltnil,i'i . lull
Wm. Ptaat. agatMti
Iluiin.l.-ail knlrt, Nu. OSAsI, fur KMWWU.
NW!.HV.'..HW!.4W'.. Beclluu I'i. Tuwrfhlola
a., Iii,. .v, K , Willamette Meridian battled
aotlet of in i, i, in, i, tu make Klual Hire. year
I'ruof. to i-tlul.llth claim In lht laud alsiv. .1.
aorlbeil, hi-fon- lu-.jtisr ami Heoelvtr tl
Hurut. U. -sun. ou tha 'ilhdsv ul HtultrtU.
l laliiiaui risuieast wltlitta:
li II. 'Hi. .hi. II J. Wllilsuia, II. A. I, II, I, It
p. II. Muls. all ul ItHsy, Uresuu.
Wm. Fib.. Hr.lattt
I'Niisn artiat l.tau Urnus
iiuiut, on. un. July lu, 1IIU
Nuili i- la liurehy .Iran that Olga Tliartt
Jailey uf Nsrruwa, Oreton, wbu. ua May I.
lulu, made Huuissiead Knlry, Nu 0B7IJ, fur MU
NK'.,Hi' a: hW'.NWli. NWU8WU tull2
,'luwiiti.i,aiH . Hants WK., Wliismetl Mr
ontn. nas in. u uutitje ul luiaulluulu msl
illtl. cltl
has Hied nutlet ol
Dual cninnniiai ion urutrf, lu etltbllab
lo Hi laml aunt dusurlbtd, before Itstltlsr
sud Htniwlver, tl Hurut, iiruguu, uuthe'Jti
A usual it 14
i I.
ni. dsy
Imanl nsuist ss wltDasatta: A. Jslley
Wlllt I base, all ul Narrows, Or
O. J.ijsy.
Tells all about ax malleri, lial
young man and women, young wives
and husbanda ami all others natal lo
know about the sacred laws that gov
ern th ts forces. I'litiii truths ol ss
Uf In relation to happiness In marrlsgn
"Secrets" of manhood and womanhood;
aeotua! abuses, Social evil, discuses, etc.
The latest, most ailvsnceil nml com
prebeiislve work that haa goaf been is
tued on actual hygiene i'rliclosa In
trnetlon for tboao who ure retdy lor Ibe
true inner teaching.
This book tells nurses luai-lier. Uih'-
tor, lawyers, preachers, aoeiul workers,
nonday HcIkmiI teachers and all other,
young and aid, what all need to know
about aaa mutters. By WnffeU Scotl
HalL Ph. D., M. D. (Leiptig).
Newapaper Comment.:
"Bclontlnually correct Ohleago lii
buna, "Accurate am) up-to tint."
Philadelphia I'rett. "Hlandurd hook
ol knowledge." I'hlladelplila Ledger.
Th New York World ttys: "PUin
truths for tho who naati or ought to
know them for th prevention of statu.
Uuder plain wrapper for only f 1. 00.
Coin or Money order, postage ton cent
"tcltoellBt la yuutb keU lasartsM U
?.'."'. " P'l' trB ia tb kssSl way
ur tha i.-.i prrnianrel otxaBttlea Bar wkUB
ht It I I r. C Klklt.
I his Is th Mission of th
I orly..Ulh School Vur Opeat
SEPTKHBER i8th. 1914
Write lor llliittratrd loo page Book
let, "IHH LIP! t.AKKKrt," and (ol CaU
log containing lull Information.
Vrirr Cii.nri- AtiRICULTURI :
Autonomy, Animal Husbandry.
bantliv Moulin Husbandry, Hortkultur.
Agrluiltur for Teacher. FottGSTRV.
I iMit.lNti 1-NtilNGtRINU. HOMI EC
Niimii : Domtttlt Silent, Domestic Art
:M.lN.bKlNOt hlectrlttl. Irrltttlon,
lllthwav'. Mr. lisnLal Ibaml. al Ml.. In.
rinnlt,. (OMMIiRCk. PHAalMAC?;
i'oialiimal Comn.-Agrkultur, Dairy
Ihk, Home Maktrt' Course, Industrial
Aits, I otestrv, Riislntst Short Court.
Setoff .); -Pitno, String, Band,
VoUs Culture.
I ., ii,.i, Bo,,t.. Court by Mtil Fra
(Iw T t u, B) CorvBlll, 1, ,.,.,.
No. 1, Baker
Arrive Prairie
8:30 A. M.
10:05 A. M.
2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
with O.-W. R. A N. No. 10 leav
ing Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from east arriving Baker firiO
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
9 (fast Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:46 P. M. for points East.
! iffl
m v ' 1 m
10 E3
I ivtaw Hnmfi Ei $
) Sewing Mniltino m jtT v
1 stiiV Iht aaaai NEW wj&$(w$
I I 'ME on the era RXgutHBI
wk an tltr lrgt, UgJgVK
llo. nt. china "fl aVWa
BasssMJUBsl lr all M " W9
:!ior like it M ' fr .1
I .MioiiicrusgmHl W j
The Mm Home Sawing Macllii Ctipuf,
hkaimi.1, MASS. Bur
Burns, On
KooniB 1. sml i' .M.,.,,ir yM
quit-klr mail, a 'rasas!
rrst leaai
Burns, . Qitj
Prartioe in it,,. m.,,. ,-, .lMaa9
ml 'flit .
-I Al, I
'Ita.-. II. A.
ni ri'UM.y- a 1
Careful attfiitiun given htOl
tio.'ia and Real Katati ratavJ
1 no taenia, ,
Ntilnry I'udlie
Buhns. Ok .
A. W. (iOWAN
SUte Courts and United
Land Office 1'ractiw
Thrw doors South ofth
Harney County National M
Burns. Oretrtin.
Attorney at Law ...l.nPt
Cast..,.., ,,,,.. Mtw.. t .n., RetBl 1
A..I,., u- l S i d OMk ylmgtm
swMstwtH Hani, , count; .nttal '
u.i Laan mti, ,
Ore. ua
Special Hosiery Offer
(iiiarantccd Wear-Ever llutlery Kur
Men and Women
Lrdles' Hpeclal Offer
for Limited l'inc Only-
Hit pair of our finest 3bo value ladies
guaranteed hose in black, tan or white
colors with written guarantee, for 91.00
nml Hie for postage, etc.
I or a limited time only. tt pair of
mi llui'st Ha value Uuaranla) lluaaaiiy
color with written guarantee, unit a pair
ol our well known Men's I'aradl Ogr.
tera for one dollar, aud 0u oenls for
postage, to.
Vou know ilntr bess: they stood the
test wliuii all other failed. Thar glv
real foot ciniifnrl. Tbey have no trains
to rip. I bey never In-come loose and
liaggy us tha shape Is knit lo, not press
si in. Thy r (iusranleed fur fine.
ueaa, fur style, lor superiority of mater
ial ami workmanship, tbaolutaly ttaiu
lett and lo wear tit month without
iiolus or a uaw pair free.
Don't delay aend in your order before
offer expire. Giv correct sit.
Dayton, Ohio
The Burns Flour Milling Co.
Manufacturer! uf home product
The Cream of the Wheat, Freak and Palatable
Bran and Other Rolled Mill Feeds
You l'atroni.t' Home when jou doul here
F. 0. Dh lakh
roraierlj tstt, I i
lU. a he, itui.oi.n, -r,
A. . Ftatl
Km i riiCaaf:
slur al aa
, . i, i)
Eastern Oregon Lngioedk
Burns, DrcgM
P4VJD NKWMAN, l'rop.
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, keanonahle Rates
t Direct connect iiHtt sou h nl I
A. H. CURRY. Pror
Ustvea Harriinttn Monday an J TatJsjV
aa. arrives Wedneaday and SsJ)Js,
eech'week, connecting Willi "
line to Denio.'Winnemuec ale '
Printed in accordance with legal
requirement on thoti notice at
Job Rooms
tit ost
AtiCufcrJE .22
Rifle in the WOWD.
U...I . :.. a-
" hi i ,i UIH,) pugj
MT .V, rIHH it ,..
Ulil.. ii 1
:tiWt- Jul
1 ll.ii, ii, s ia .at
Short and I. tt
lonu rilltt t'strlritlaes.
Bend I r lininK,., irlt
lllu-li .,i..l Hill,, i ,u-
h'lfiiiiil "How toSltuut
t'rtl, t Sltsena Mtlaa-
Clsttilsaad Sbotasa
frtnn j out llo.iK i
. O. Boa B004,
". fata, Jtfl tier.
way,, ufcio
J'icturo ghow tonight.
IUU OI'Kr. r'.sj.uj. Uke.