The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 01, 1914, Image 2

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7 $ $ $
You like 'em don't you?
When you spend them you
like to get the best possible
values for your money
That's why you want to see the
Remarkable Values
we now offer befor you buy a
Come and see them You'll
be mighty glad you came
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
Additional Local. 1 Wheat for sale. - (.,. W. Clcv
Tonawanm tomorrow night.
Sunt. Hamilton was in from
his farm home this week. Why pay $60.00 to be located.
D n.:.i... i..i.. m ... m. 'We give you full information
iurii--iiujr, uu.y ,., ,... ,
and Mrs. C. A. Hynl. a daiivrhtcr. ",rc'D ""- - --'
Western Canada and British
K. II. Brown was over from Columbia that are close to rail
Diamond for a fW dn.vs this PIM.,l nd tewn: name of uruido on
She &imc0-$craCd
Om Y..r
Sta Meata
TW Mo.ttta ....
The Times-Herald is in favor
of anything that will really bring
relief to the homesteaders against
the rayages or the rabbits but is i
of the opinion that a bounty
would be ruinous and not accom
plish the result sought. The
coyote bounty has not proven a
success as it shows a pester
number of coyotes are killed each
year. This country la so sparce
ly settled and the rabbits have
such a big unoccupied territory
to range over that it would seem
impossible to get rid of them by
putting a bounty on them. We
wouia simply incur an immense
debt and have nothing to show
for it in the end. It lias been
suggested that instead of voting
a bounty on rabbits it would be
far better to bond the county for
$50,000 and buy fencing, sell to
the fanner at cost and give him
plenty of time at a low rate of
interest to pay for the wire. He
would thus have something in
the way of an asset for the mon
ey expended and could raise a
crop each year. This seems a
good suggestion and is more fea
aible than the bounty. The
Times-Herald is sincere in its de
sire to help the man who is try
ing to make a home on the sage
brush farm, but wants some
practical plan of action. We hope
this matter will be discussed and
thoroughly understood before
election time and this paper will
have something further on the
subject in the immediate future.
ments as well as news that ap
pear in a paper in which they
have confidence.
Some merchants do not adver
tise because they are doubtful of
results. One little doubt stored
away in a merchant a mind ex
ercises the same power over him
1200,that the tenpenny nail does over
too the locomotive before it gets un-
i tier headway. Hut when the
s merchant gets started in a sys
tematic advertising campaign he
laughs at his doubting fellow
merchants who fail to see the
power in good advertising fail
to appreciate the power of the
press. By Geo. E. Patterson.
Remembers the Pied Piper.
The Power of the Press.
It is said that a "tenpenny nail
will hold the most powerful
locomotive ever built, providing
you lock the wheel with the nail
before it gets started; but let the
engine once get started and it
will laugh at a ton of tenpeppy
nails." The press is not unlike
the locomotive, each has great
power when in motion.
What is there in the newspa
per that makes it so powerful?
It is character created by ability
and honesty that gives the paper
the confidence of the public. Ac
curacy in publishing the acts and
thoughts of men gives a paper
great influence in molding public
opinion. The average of intelli
gence is so much higher than
formerly if a paper is unreliable
in giving news the people soon
notice it and the paper suffers as
a result in a loss'of subscribers.
There are two sources of reve
nue of a newspaper- subscrip
tions and advertising. While
advertising is the main source of
revenue of a newspaper, for with
out it a paper could not exist,
still a paper's first obligation is
to its subscribers. Being influ
ential with a big list of subscrib
ers is what makes a paper power
ful, and advertising comes to
such a paper naturally. The ad
vertiser knows that by advertis
ing in a paper he converts a part
of the influence or power of the
paper to his advantage, as read-
Very sensibly realizing that
nearly all the laws proposed to
be enacted under the Initiative
or by the Legislature will add to
the burdens of the taxpayer, the
Moro, Sherman county. Observer
has the following editorial on the
31 measures that are before the
people. It shows that not only
will they send taxes higher but
some of them are aimed at des
truction of property and indus
tries. It says:
"During the last primary cam
paign, and the same issue will
again come to the front as the
election draws near, is the pledge
of the man for office for economy
in public affairs and more partic
ularly and insistent is he in de
claring for lower taxes.
"In this same connection if
recent past elections and the
proposed measures coming before
the people at the November elec
tion has denonstrated nothing
else it has at least convinced the
great majorty of serious minded
and thinking people of Oregon
that a few agitators are trying to
convince the people of the state
at large that the more initiative
legislation the people of Oregon
enact the nearer the government
is to the people and there are
some who actually believe that
if all the rejected initiative mea
sures of the last few years had
been enacted this state govern
ment would be nearly perfect;
when in truth the government
of the state has become one of
experiment and that to the detri
ment of the people who make up
the population.
"Under such a circumstance of
what particalar use is the pledge
of the canidates for economy in
office when the voters shift more
and larger tax burdens to them
selves? Particularly when there
are other methods, now provided,
for getting the horse in the barn.
week on business.
Have your clothes cleaned,
pressed and repaired we will call
for and deliver same. Phone 881,
Finest alfalfa, timothy ami red
top hay baled may be had ut the
Goodman feed barn is south Burns
The Oregon A Western Coloni
zation Co, has Hi bstd Of horses
for sale or trade. Call at the
Rev. Father Klein arrived here
the fore part of this week to re
sume his position as pastor of
the local Catholic Church.
J. L. Lowe, the Harney saw
mill man. is in town today. Ho
reports a very busy season at the
mill.with stares amount of lum
ber sold.
'John Gemberling left last
evening in his auto for the hills
to be in readiness this morning
for a deer. Re was accompanied
by his wife and little daughter.
Chas. Johnson anil wife and
Fred Williams and wife are home
from their outing trip to the
mountains. They had a line
time and look in the best of
T. N. Hart man, a representa
tive of Bell, Wildman & Co., of
Portland, is here to install the
machinery in the new packing
plant of the Burns Flour Milling
Co. just being completed.
Walter Sullivan and wife and
Miss Mamie Winters, post mis
tress, left this morning for the
Blue Mt. Springs in Grant county
for an outing. They expect to
be absent about two weeks.
rJotin Olt. the saw mill man of
the Drewsey section, w;ls in the
city this week on business. He
states that his mill has been kept
iiuite busy of late and they are
turning out considerable lumber.
Christian Science services Sun
days 11 am. Wednesdays at 8
p m. Reading room open from 2
to 5 Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons. First door east of
stairway, Rfasner Bldg. Cordial
invitation extended to all.
r the ground; full directions to get
maps and plat is free; how to
get homeseekers tickets every
thing you need to know and lo
cate yourself, all for $.'1.00.
Remit amount by P. O. order
and we will send you the com
plete information at once. The
Canadian Homestead Company,
73 -6th St., Portland, Oregon.
For reference: The Farm Maga
zine Company, 411 Panama n
Bldg ., Portland, Oregon.
i .-
Notice to Stockholders.
Notice is here by given that a
meeting of the Stockholders of
the Harney County Fair Associa
tion is called to meet in Burns
on Saturday on Aug 1 at .', o'clock
p m for the purpose of electing
a board of directors, discuss plans
for holding a fair this fall and
such other business as may come
before the stockholders at that
time. Every stockholder is
urged to be present.
J. M. Dalton, President.
J E Ix)ggan, Secy.
Clarence Young will order ex
trns for Chamnion mowers, but
requires charges paid in advance.
Shroff! Sale of Real
on Foraeloure.
Notice to Stockholders.
Notice is hearby given that the
annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Burns Flour Milling
Co. will be held at the Tonawa
ma Theatre in Burns on Monday,
August 3, at 2 o'clock p m for
the purpose of electing a board
of directors and attending to
such other business as may come
before the stockholders at that
P. G. Smith. President
W. E. Huston. Secy-Treas.
War Clouds in Europe
According to the papers re
ceived here the past few days
there is serious apprehension of
a general war that will involve
the entire European country.
Austria and Servia have been
showing their teeth, in fact war
has been declared, if certain
sources of news is correct, but
from the tone of dispatches in
the last papers received it may
be averted by Germany. How
ever, Russia seems to be wanting
a scrap and should she show hos
tility l here's going to be some
R. H. Towlcr, of Texas, is
here as a guest of the Oregon &
Western Colonization Co. He Is
A. E. Murphy and family are
over from their Iron Mountain
home. Mr. Murphy has some
very good crops on his land hold
mgs this season, his reservoir
having held a considerable
amount of water for Irrigation.
'' Harry Danley, Grover Jame
son, Henry Dalton and Roy Van
Winkle made up a party of hun
ters to leave this morning for
"tall timber" on the head of
Emigrant Creek to fish and hunt
for a while. They are planning
on bagging some deer at once,
but their friends have advised
they take along some bacon.
Mrs. W. R. Jones of Voltage
was in the city yesterday, having
been to the mountain home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank GrolT for a
short visit and was on her way
home. Mrs. Jones was accom
panied by her mother, Mrs. Mary
Smith, of Big Timber, Montana.
The latter has been here on a
visit to her daughter since last
J. W. Ryckman, publicity man
of the Oregon Western Coloniza
tion Co., with head quarters at
St. Paul, arrived in this city last
night and will spend a few days
in the territory familiarizing
himself with the lands of the
company in order to get out some
new advertising literature. The
gentleman is most favorably im
pressed with the great possibili
ties of this Big Valley and said
then! woufd be nothing to selling
land in this country if one could
really impress the home seeker
with the actual conditions and
the productivity of the soil. He
is astonished to ate the crops be
ing grown hejv and Hie bigness
of the farming territory. .
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon st 10 a. m
2. On week days oy Mass
at 6:30 a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Notice I hrrrbv Klrrn, ,,lt ""'r
mill 1 v virtue of ioi SMMtieSi ilnly !
nurd nut of llir (irrnil Court of I lie
Btatf nl )i-K"H, (" I Imnry County etui
in mi- directed nn the a.'lnl dny of July,
11114, iipuii judgment "lid decree "f
fiiircliimin-. ilulv rciulrred liy aaid rout)
mi tin- fit 1) iliiy nf .liilv, 1014, ml rn-
i,i, , nf record nnil docketed therein on
'nl ilnv of July, I'll I, in ii iiiii in nun I licnilliii, wlirrtilu I lilmit
tnlil wiia plum! ill and LoriOf W
llnrnfaaoh, Wnhn Hodotr, 0. A. I're
ton uml l'retii hia wife, were de-
IcikIii nl . in In vol of ilinnl III ninl MKiiiiidl
mini ili-fiinliint, by wliicli execution I
mn cnuiiniinilril to m It I tic renl properly
in .mil execution ami herrinalter deecri-Ih-iI,
In pnv the nuiiiH duo tlie plalutill
,.f IM7.O0, wllli intermit I here "ii ut
llir rati Ol i i"li' pi'i rent. irr minimi
fi t lie tltli ilny ol .Inly, lit 14, until
pniil, mul llm fuither uiu of 018.00 n
attoray's fees loeiiim with t lie easts
mnl lihurmrnta of aaid ault Mixed at
$ III OS, uml nil niviiiinn colli, I will on
SnI ii i it 'iv tlir 'jn,i,. ilar ol Align!. 1914,
ill llir hour ol ten o'clock A. M. of laid
.Ins nl llir front iloor ot tin county
i I beast in Urn ii, Harney County,
(lrr(on, 11 at puMic auction to ilir
liirlirM bidder, for null in band, nil the
right, tltlr, intcrcat and eatute winch
llir mini ililr ntlitll In l.nriiiK W. Hone
heck, Waller lloddei, O. A. l'reaton
and l'reaton, hit wile, oreilhn ot
nut nl thrin, iiml nil persons rluimiiiK
umlrr them aubai ipictit to the) dale of
rireution of piulullff' inortiiaur, to wit:
StagSSt SMh ItUi had, ioc have ac
'inn nl, or now hit vr in and to laid rent
property denctilird u follow, to Hit
Tin- .out Invent (piarter of thenoiih-i-.mi
quarter and the north half of the
OStSeaM iii.niti nl wi'iiuiiiii in town
hip t wcntyllnrc aouthof range thirty
four rim tif the Willamette Meridian, in
llnrury County. Oregon, and contain
ing our liinnlir.l twenty ncren, togrthni
with I lie miter rlghta, tenement, here
ihtuiiicnt uml appurtenance thrrruiilo
btJeagtng M la any wine appertaining.
Snul tail Iteinjj inudc auhject to re
ilrmptioii in the inniiiiri proridi-il hv
I'ulr.l thl it Jr. I, tiny of July I'll 1
Mioiil nl Harney County, Oregon
Spring Opening
We extend to all a special re
quest to call and examine our
Dress goods, waists, dresses, skirts
new summer underwear in silk,
lisle, cambric in all styles, hosiery,
gloves, neckwear, new ribbons,
laces, embroideries, full line trim
ming, silks and buttons
Quality Goods Only
fapatf iiiiikhartii. plnintin
C. II. Aueinueantl Delhi Auiuiu.,
My tnliir of an execution iunl mn
of the Circuit Cgurl of the State ot ir
gon for Harney County on July .'10, l:iH
in the nliov fiitlllnl cauar whrnin
niilK'ment rendered in favor ol I lie
pluintill and ajrainat the tlclcmlanta on
the :tuth ,JMy of March HH2 for I3OT.0S,
coat and diahurimenU, and i In- lurthcr
Bum of gf OO dnmngea, with Illicit'!
theraon at the rate ol Ii per ivni pat
annum Ii ill I hr ilntr ol judgment, ami
which judgment WMI duly ei)trinl itn.l
docketed on April 1, lUl'J, I hitve livnnl
on the hereafter real PfOpnt
it tin' pinperty pi the dtfciiilmii Delia
Aumuui, namtlyi
Northwrit ijuurter of Nortlitnai ipiui -tar
of Section 20 in Tp 2S. K :I4, 15. ,
W. If., Harney County, Oregon, and 1
herehy give notice i Inn I will ffm the
Maine for suit, und aril Hut uinr, i. i to tbf highest ami heat liitlilrr, in
fiont of (lit) .mi, hoUM dour at Itlllllit,
Oregon, on Monday, the la 'In ai
August 1914, at Iho hour ol 2 o'elock
V. M. or o much thereof it niay lie
neceaaary to autiafy the foregoing kjd
naat und coalt und eeuaea of iiilr.
Dated tin .'Huh ,y f Jul, lull.
Uy BYRON TKKKII.I., Sheriff,
Hunt. Oteguii. Juljr j.i, I'm i
v-tii i-1 hCMbf glee, that Kulwrt K nlau
ut Uawea, oreejoa wtio, on Mirth M, itii,
iiiil, II nn !, I Hill), So 06HT. tor N 'tN WW
'.it l.nli l ftliil I, "riilim :l Int. nilnii . . H
lUiit- ...", K , W llUiiirttr MrtnlUll. h nlnl
tnilli nl iliniilliii, Ii, wall II tin I tare real
urnul. In .atatnuh t lalm in llir Unit aliuvv tlr
! ) rlbetl, lirfurt' Iteuntrr ml Ittw-elvt-r, t liniii,
Oreaoa, mi Hi iiil itey of Hfiiiritilir, IttM
t laiiuanl nauivfi m$ w lltlrasf.a
I lai.kllh SullrV. Mat) I (l,l, I !,.. ii.t.l
Hair) I l. (II ul lam n. Illrmu
w N K II. ni-it- r
I '--un.Hi ti I. tun orrn i
Huina. Ulrjuii July n. Mi
Viini'i. kerebf iitau iitt iinurg u in.p
kin ut Until., ititgi. ii, ahu.uti Jult I'., I'm
ma If Aililltli'lial lliiinii'rail Klllry. No. UV'41,
lui nitMwu.Lota i ami i aeeUou I. lotinlti.
'. Minilli, Itmi.r II h.a.l. W lllaolt Meinllau,
haa nitnl niillir ut n, i, u, inak' final
ui (iinnl In 1'nlahllali i lalm In tin- Uml
alMtvtf ili-ai-rtlMHl, twfori' Ihtt KrgUtrt ami Id Muina, i 'I' roll, on III 4lli ilt nl
Vi'iill, I'll
i Uiinant nam a. .t IjiiaMt' :
) J taiuitpi. J I- ' vi-ntler, Fran Hlark
in r ml niilUm It pawauu. all ol Hnrn.
On g "h
F.k, Ht'inlrt
Feed Barn
II. KM.IOrr. Prop.
Horses Hoarded by the
Day, Week or Month
(iood Feed and
KraHonable prit-i-s
llorae 25e per Head in Ham
lUlttl Hay and (iraln for Hale
Comfortable lump Hounc
With Cook Stove
PATR0NAGI solicitkd
Accural Hay and Stock Scale
Price for weighing 20c.
South Main St.. Hum
i sirKu rAi'Ki.AN)oi'K
iniriia, Oregea, j nt y, ifVu
.,l loe ia hinobr
iii Kan. in,, ,u.
ilmiii .nail iim. . Nti.iMem, llt m.
', i .. i '.iH'..-". l ion l, i,
llii., i ... K. Wlllamalir Mail.ll
Elr.-ii ihtt John o uill
o, on Mar II. Ivlii. mdr
.. tin M.i. l.l.. '
. I '..-.. linn I. lowualtlii h .!
aii, ha ntnt
iiiiiki' oi in I'liiimi in nii nnai ihreo-ictai
I'm., I, in . nahnai, i lalm In tin. uml tl.i ,i,
-rrlhi'il, Mifnr tin Rntflatei anil llei t-lt'er at
llullla. inrinn , nn lha v7.h iv at AUmial lill
l laliuanl iiaint'la. tullnrsaa:
Kainurl llarilu, ol Mrrot, Uraanli
i rin.1,11, i ijur lajv ami ttllllalu H
in ran. i ii i nun
Ulgi'll all
i ' n itkii MTATa l. d ornt
Hum, urtaou. July u. I9l.
'a iivmw tf i'ii mat naiun a i'i,iit
tin nty 4. !". mailr
..... I
Oregon Hotel
0LI.ll! BAKSHY, Prop.
Comforts of Home
Personal Attention
Home Cooking
Clean Rooms and Ben's
Rest Task Service
Courteous Treatment
A Full Line of
I also have a new line of
Percales, Flaxons, Ginghams. Voiles,
Latest in Neckwear. Barrett.-, side
Back Combs for Ladies. Just arrived,
Latest in Ties, Collars, Suits, Caps,
Underwear and Shirts for Men.
On quantity orders ft
For Haying
A, Ks Richardson
General Merchandise
nulla, lltfti
ii alia. I Kntr
ll.yni Mtii,, nil Maf , I '"J. mail
Slitiy, Nu ihim. lor K',W'., m
H nl It . i.i. , t, , t ijsict,
iutnalii. n . Haac tl k , j
ii an a, i aniri, .in iwnif, tor bevmww, moo
Jt, a. .n n,, it III I, l.a I, J, I, tWUNIU
'i .wwH.nip.iri, nin. a I a, , at II
laintlli' Murlillall, haa llir, I uollc ut lulcntliin
In Itiaktf rlual llvr lr urtanl. I,, a.tai.ili.1.
ilalln In lliti Uml aoutii data, rlbt'il l,rl,,rt'
Hi i' It.'Mia'iT ,l,i ll.'i cltat. at llurua. Orrtfuu
nn Iho 11 Ii ilay ul Aulll IVlt
t laliuanl nainra a it Ithfaai-a
Krauk WUIIlua, i,mn M Ultlnaj
nn ii niitiain ,ii I. Bli n, all ol
Ha ItUi, ltt(liUr
Muiin, on-
In Lovinf Mamory of Luther llaikney
Agod Eight Voara, Jul,, IUM.
Our darlintr little Lutht'r wus
gathered very Boon,
In the fresh and dewey morning.
not in the glare of noon
The Savior sent II in ange.H and
bore away our son,
To plant him in the garden,
where decay is never known.
A little while and we .shall meet
him far beyond the sky,
When- 'Jim! Himself shall wipe
away, the tcmrn from every
The brightest sceneti upon tiiis.
earm, are noiniig in mat
Where we shall be where Jesus is
Am) see Jlim face to face.
We, llir iiinlfi.igiitil. cal vtiltia ul
llarriiiiun Precinct llunuy Oftanty,
Statt of Oragun, raMctlull pttltloa
the llon.tounty Court ul llarui-y Oovat
Sliitu ill Oi K,,, to grunt u lienor to
Alluilii hi Until, Chita Kohn, MsBSfl.
to act) Hpirituoua, Mnll uml Vnioiia
l.iiiioia iu I.-hh qiiantitira lliun um irnl
Ion in llnrrjnmn PlBShaft Mm my (',,n
ly, Htata of Dragon, lor the a I ,,i
It iiiolitlia, a in duty IhmiihI wi. ill
ever irmy. Nuiiitwi (.. . Qtait, Cm I
Htrjog, II D an, I!. I lafg, p, f,
Miller, A. I. lluml.T, 0. Albriltoii, 1). I'
Snyder, J. W. Helm, Mr. J. W. lUiu.,
H. A. (ilbaon, Mi H. A. Cilou, , .
Mmltli, H. H. linn. I. Kuii.ia 0.,
Thonia 1). Ubliy, Arcliey 0, llulel,
Jiio. II, Dougherty, JobnJ. Ilciiu, c
lirina, r. I', lleiiu, K liurklianll, I. I..
Milliup, O. W. Millaup, J. ,lm Q, Nlebol
on, Thin. Keutty, 1'etar (irfcr II. f
Cloer, J Dillon Jr., Kay Clurk, 1 II
iiaik, I liouiui J. Koutltiy, M Ii
Koutley, Mi H. Iloikliuidl, I I.,
Weeper, J nine. Uary, Cliarlea S. Diinl,
II. C. Albrltton, T. M Giliaou, Cliurlr
Kohn, Tom Hilling
NotU-a i hereby given that on Wetl
neadae, the ilud duv of Hepli-niher, 1UI I,
Ilk uiwjrrajgued w apply to the t minly
Oourl u( Maruey Coty, (hegoo, lot
tlie liccnar nteutiotiiil li the foragoing
paUtion. CUAKtlib UOHV,
iiiini, Oraapa, July ,, n.n
Nolleali lirruglvn tltal iiaoigr II. WU
llaini, nf I'llm i-nni cm,. .,,,,, hoot Jun ?,
I"i, iu,t II. nn. an al Kiilrr Nu. aUi, Horlal
Nu.ira.,1 lor NUSWC. SW'awl,, Nr Ao, t U
., It H K , all, I 1.014. MiilluuJ,'owltlp.s .
Itanu. ita ., Wlll.iii.'ll,. Mrrltllau, Iim llir. I
nnilii' nl iniaiitliiu in took final nviiar
I'l.iiil. In lalal.llali tlalin In th Uml Ihivi' il
- ill.i.l l.i'lnri' Ht'Mlalirali,llt.n,,r,,I Ullma
oraann, mi tito i . t It ,aj ,,i .uguat, nn
rial ma ii l naaaaa tt ttm-.a. a
I lii, ii,. a hi,,, ana, KrU It. f.,ira, Joliu 0 l'in
ilf, Mh l I llrli. all ut I'lltlL-otun, in,.,,,,,
Wm KikM, lti,,la,.
I'Niiaii NitTK l.i an tirriti.
Iim in, On nun, Jul) i;th imi
In Marti') Mni.n. nl, ,.,,, War, Hoalllu
Oi.ii)iiiiHtoii, i onlaataa
Vnii. ii in i. I,, iiiiillit'4lliatinrga HloLolt
lull VI In. Hlu a llurll, llanil't I nuilty, Oli'unu
a nia imii ..nin atldraaa, tlitl mi Jul, rah ltin'
III,' In llija iiOIri' lilailill) iiiiniliiii.lril itillia
'"" nltal anil mr Hi. tain i'II.ii, in ol
)inir llnni. alii.,1 Kulry, No., Horlal Nn im.mi.,
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Wm. h'AiiK Haglaler.
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Hull nl Ihlril I'lihlli An,. 1. 1 !,,
Halt' nf I,, mill puhllrathill Aug till Mil
C.iluliliiiilioii ai,k, injuty, otfiilfiit
and ilralli litinllt prultvtlon at mini
mum cot. 'J,03.lJ death Iwaifll
1,0110.1)0 lor Iota of limb or Sfaht
iui.ii, S,i oo I., f 16.00 wakly aick or ac- ;
cltlaiil iMjuitflt; fl,(J0.QO Kniargenn rt.. I
llo I Inn,. fit, Coat la fn it) pur year;'
no ntlinr tluna or aeaiuenta. In tlii
Inaui iiinti all iiiiuaiiil women are place I
on an iiiitl lutaia, reganllo ol OSSOaa
tlun. Kvnry pttraon make tlie .n,
form of application, pay tl, aaata I
ainmililof .i,'iiiliiiii and receive the
"Mine .1 mini nt ol lienelit. Men ami
Women between the agea ol HI ami n".
are accepted. No raatrlrtlon aa to 01
ctipation, only Kailroad men employed
eoiployed on track, train or RMMad
turner., OM not be accepted. Claim are
paitl within Hlitjr days anywhere in the
(7.1, Cimmlu or Karope. Old reliable
Inauruiice C uiipiiny. 100.0()0.(K on
Slule ilenit a a protection lor I'uli, y
holders um In guarantee llie pnsnn nt
olclulma I'm luitlicrlr iformatloo
addrea lui.tnvi' R, Werner, S.iernl.uj
uml Uaaaral Ifaaatar, Um hi.i, Baffaio,
N. Y. -Itiie age, ac, occuatioii uml
mention Dept. II. I,J.
Printed in accontanve icith legal
requirement on short nut in at
Job Rooms
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Rod Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
I W Camp House and Feediiuf Privileges in Corrd
or Lam, Customers Care For Own Block.
W. A. GOODMAN. DU.anL 1-
......j., R nil I UIHMIll.V
lii" 'luhu
Haa I 7.20 11,68
tea i nu i ,, ,
NOstMf, i no :!wi
"-'IS', Il.tNJ
SSSSIaj 9.40 noil
a-'il lit. 70 :i.;:,
11:1x4 I I. mi M.60
:i4x-l III SO ;(,,,!
:i'i i;.nft ii wi
mv4 .tb i.uft
""I1 I'.'S. IHI
:i7-iu LM Ml Mo
I7si N.M ii.ihi
oilier aiatta in Block. Nun Ski. I
lire 16 per cent adilllional. red tub,
ten per noiit above the uruy. All new
ciean, irean nuaranleed lire. Ik
titndard and IsSSaaaJtSl miikea. Hue
direct Irotu ua and aave money, ft p,.r
diauount if pMymenl in full MOSmpMaN
cach oidui. C. t. i. on 10 p, i cent .1.
uortit. Allowing exaiiilnation
"P'- A Oaylun. Ohio
New Spring Goods
Have arrived and we are now ready to
supply you with your requirements
Dress Goods. Wash Goods
Laces, Ribbons. Hosiery.
Gloves, Embroideries, etc,
The Burns Department Store
Special For the present we1
will clesn Lace Curtains ready to I
hanjr for 26 cents the pair. Th
We do it right