The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 25, 1914, Image 4

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British Economy and th End of
Franklin' Exploring Ship.
Th ttorjr of how llio brav little tl
plorlng ship the R?siilitto m foittul by
an American vessel In Davit strnit fl
at a thousand slit Pfutaa ffoai Mat
Tiiie IkUikI wiiiiont n aovl an board i
illy the most i-)t IvntJnn In tin- bit
tory of arctic aspkwatlon. Tht Rata
lute, locked lit Um ria, trta abaadonad
on May 15, IM4, sorely Bgalnal tba a III
of bar captain by nth lo ol tba leader
of the Bolchrr I'niiiklin xpdltlOn,
Tha rcappcnrnmi! of tba rasa! "
Sept 17 caused n trait BattaaUett, and
tba United fltiitea liruuirlit I he wsmoI
with great eajrataoay to Oowai la ordat
to present It to tba qnaao of England.
Tba quern, tba prtact WBMOrt in"
others of tiio royal family than at Oa
borne IIouso InapadMd tba eaaatl,
which had been care&Uy rapalrad and
all th original furniture retained 1"
position down to tiio MMllaM trinket.
The American skipper traced befora
her majesty the tbouaand mil count
of the vessel nml akpfttaed bla belief
that Sir John Franklin trta BtlH hIIvY,
living aiuonn Ufa Ktklmea.
After many btnqotta Ua actual
transfer of the vessel tot placa on
Dec. 80, 1850, when tba Ainerieiin Bag
was replaced ly Uta lti-iti-h And now
come too tragedy. The admiralty hud
no sooner tft into tbt poaaatilon of
tba vessel timn it procatdtd to braak
It up on the good old principal of pub
lic economy! Iondon Chronicle.
almadina Bank, Off Colombia' Coast
I a Perilous
One of the most dangtrout plai ea for
navigation la tot Balmadlna I ink,
which lies Just outside i lie harbor of
Cartagena. Colombia. Many vt Babl
have come to grief ou tbt treacbarou
aands of Saltuailiua In tba paat and
because of the Impossibility of Keeping
buoys on It the shoal I a ronataBl
menace to ships ptytBg tboaa water
Tbl daugerous bank Is Bboul four
mile long and two tulles wide. There
1 scarcely more than twelve feet of
water over It at any time. Tba sea
Is usually smooth in that part of the
Caribbean, and unless there la aroamd
well enough to cause wart to break
on the reef there Is Dtthfeag tt warn
the navigator that he is appreaching:
this shallow spot. He may have Ids
lead going and get plenty of water
one minute and be banf up on the
aboal the mvit.
The lighthouse people win probably
never be able to put buoys on Salma
dlna that will slay there They art !n
variably carried away lit the tcrrltlc
hurricanes that periodically sweep
these waters. So It seem as If Raima
dlna was a bad spot put there fur the
permanent worrliuent of Ihlpmaatara.
New York Sun.
Penalties For Sabbath Breaking.
Sabbath breaking In Dundee was mi
expensive business lu former times, to
Judge by the tulile of thus, it,., drawn
up by the local Oulid of Bonaatmakar
In 1605. For traveling or drinking In
a tavern en Sunday tba Bat wan lived
at 40 abiding for each offenaa Hot
"hanging out bonnets, clothing or Bah
to dry penalty for bonnets, 0a, BoV
for clothes, 4 shillings; for Bah, 3 shil
lings. Carrying water from the well
or washing meat thereat in lime of
sermon, penalty. 8 shillings; gathering
kail In time of taiaHMI. penalty, 5 slill
lings; going to iiclxlilxirV houses in
time of sermon without lawful csmse.
auch as sickness, penalt for tlrst
fault, lii shillings, and for sis "ml
twice as much, with rebuke before the
craft, and for the third, summons lie
fore the kirk session." I. ondon t'brou
lcle. China's Millions.
Any figures for tie popolatioa of
China must necessarily be more or less
unreliable, Inasmm h as tbacanaua man
I not much In evidence in the laud of
the Celestials. The estimate, which is
probably Bonaa whare near . correct, is
402,700,000. As to whether the nil
lion of China will ever bttomt lle.r
ougbly modernized In tbt sense that
tne Japanese mo remain to In. seen
The Cbiiiamaii poa at plenty of
good sense and tbtrg BO Dig to bt DO
valid reason why he Nlnnild not some
time "cntih on" to things and forge
ahead with the rest f tba folks-New
York Journal
As She Is Spoke In Lancashire.
First Iancashlro BCboolboy from the
top of a patting tramcar to school
"Gooln' th all I neetV"
Second L, K.-Yl.
"Hayve past?"
"Aw reet."
The two. explain tbt Manchester
Guardian, have made an appointment
to meet at half past i for the first
show of the local picture hall, w lilch
will bo faithfully kept.
Easy to Remember.
"Beg pardon, sir," observed tho
tough lookihK waiter suggestively.
"Oentlemen who dine nt this table usu
ally er remember me, sir."
"I don't wonder," said the customer
cordially. "That miitf of yours would
be hard to forget." Dallas News.
The Cranky Stage.
"What Is the dlsTtrtnc betwato sick
ness and convalescence, pa) '
"The convalescent, my boy, generally
makes those troond blin sick." Huston
BOfBOTg cnine by dillu'ence; rlchi-H
sprlnc from tcoBOtvy. lolui Kruncls
viiiiniT-i-tity trau a well mated
jtair. Hocker-Oh.yes.botatilcally. Hhe
Is society bud, and he Is R blooming
idiot. t-...u Xopb
Not Ideal.
"You and your arift Btttf aigu.-V"
"Never," replied .Mr Mtthton
"What an Iduui stattr
"Perhaps It Isn't ho Mini. 1 i,ouie
tliues funcy Hem hi la btan't enough
respect for my oplnlona to both
boot arguing with me." Washington
Bomethina Lik That.
"Uerr Kfl.iulilt Is so fut that he etaVI
Ket Ber 1 nongh to his counler In sell
"ITin! hoii of 11 cot put allon In re
tr!nt of trade " ljiulon Ansttirs
Might and Man.
Tom Hood, the punster, unci, tlescrlb
a th meeting nf a man and a Hon,
and In doing so b aaid, "Tim man ru
off with oil his might uud the lion with
11 1,1. ,..,.....
..,0 j'niiii
Th Old Tim Custom of "Plowing at
th Horse's Tall."
Animals seem to have no Idea of ex
ercising to keep warm. They Just turn
their bucks to the wind and crouch,
but perhaps If one bad only a limited
amount of fuel It would be better Just
to keep a spark alive till the suap was
over than to burn It all out lu a few
The llrst hglshitloii untltist cruelty to
animal I said to have Iteen an enact
maul passed In the days of Queen
Elisabeth prohibiting "plowing at the
horse's tall," as then practiced In Ire
land. This .n I consisted lu lushing the
plow lieain to the horse's tall with a
bit of ioc and II while one man
held I he plow, number walked back
ward before-1 be animal, guiding it with
Mow of a s(, k. It Heems as though
this plan must have cocked the plow
so high Inlo tbt air Unit the point
Would take no hold on the soil. It
seems also as If only the most spirit
less of squint would have submitted
to the Irealnienl. but that It wa fre
quently done tha net against It proves
The cruelly of the practice needs no
demonstratien: It could not bavo DM
prolltable, but was poi-hap preferable
to starvation. Whether the English leg
Islators were moved solely by pjty of
tho miserable beast or whether they
desired to make a market for English
plows and harness doe not appear.
From 'A Farmer' Notebook." by O.
B 1. Phelps.
Made In an Advertisement Ho Put In
th Paper In 1837.
Advertising In the Sun three-quarters
of a century ago was worded more pic
turesquely than It Is now In some re
pacta, No big type wa used, but the
advertisements bit the mark without
Its aid. It I to be doubted If aotne of
Hie advertisements which appeared
then could get luto print now, for they
were outspoken to a degree which
would offend modern uceptlbllltlea
For example, here hi an advertisement
which appeared In the Bun of May M
To Shoinkers-W Kackmen Wanted -Th
ubcrlber lv th highest city
wage for good work and beers thoee
worthies who would Blch him of hi etuffe
not to Melt him It would lie an agree
able m.i i i is,- to him If John Kmp, Thorn
si Prtnglr. Iaao Morgan and a few oth
er u.mM brlns In th work thy hav o
long "forgotten" to return
JOHN l.KUt), 1M ill" avenue
The trud upplld cheap and good.
"Kackmen" seems to have gone out
of use completely. It I not glvru In
any of the modern dictionaries, but one
of them has "cack, a baby's shoe,"
which tt calls shoemakers' cant.
In the same number of the Bun T
Baxter of H Fulton street advertised
that he wanted broken bottle, but he
did not state his use for them. There
are several advertisement for men to
go mi whaling voyage. New York
The Foq Peril.
One of the great conquest of science
for human safety will be the discovery
of some effectual mean of disclosing
to every ship at sea the approach and
position of any other vessel whk-h may
coast near In a fog. Bo far the fog
peril remains as deudly as It ever wis
In some respect the conditions change
for the worse. The growth of com
merce Increase tiu number of ships
which traverse the seas. Every year
the water highways are more fully oc
cupled, and the tendency toward a
higher average speed Nothing can be
seen through a dense fog. Nothing can
lie beard with sufllcleut distinctness
and certainty as to distance and direc
tion to meet the demand of safety
Tht- best fog signals In use repeatedly
fall to avert terrible disasters. Cleve
land I. eailer
Real Thrift In Derbyshire.
An uilmii'iible thrift prevails at a
cii-i-.lii Sun. lav school III Derbyshire,
ami this 1 effectually demonstrated at
the uniiual tea party. The needless
expense of printing new tickets for
this festivity is avoided, says tho Man
chester (iuiirdlan. by the simple ex
pedient of uaiog the smile year after
year. Those at peaauwit employed bear
the Inscriptien:
Queen Vlcterls: Diamond Jubllse.
Atltnll one to tea.
Probably the majority of the youuK
revelers had not been born when the
ticket were printed.
8ymbelim In Japan.
When a child la born lu Japan the
parents put up outside the bouse the
hIkh of n Usb or doll, according as It
a boy or a girl. The fish represents
a bating who bus to swim against the
streiiuj mid make hi way lu the
world. The doll stands for one who U
there to be petted and made much of.
Fully Explaineg.
"When and why did Jamas O. Blaln
get hi sobriquet, th Plumed Knight V"
asked the Boston OTob man, who
needn't think everybody lis forgotten
that Hlsfn waa a candidate for the
Itepubllcan nomination for president In
1870 and that Colonel Hubert G. Inger
soil In placing bla nam before the na
tional contention launched the aobrl
tpiet thus: "Like an armed warrior,
like a plumed knight, James O. Blaine
marched down tba hall of tb Ameri
can congress and threw bla shining
lance full and fair against the brazen
forehead of every defamer of this
country and insllgner Of It houor."
(Business of looking wis aud putting
ourself on th cheat) Manchester
Waa f an Old Time WrlUr.
High uuutug uui-uuveutiouul writer
stand William 1'ryuue, a loodou Jour
niillst la th day when there were no
Journal, daya when a balky pamphlet
took tb place of a letter to one's fa
vorite nr-wspapar. 1'ryuue published
about 200 of such pamphlets ant Is
wilil to hav avenigetl a aheet of print
s ilny throughout his Ufa. And he
workexl lu a quilt cap coming over bla
eyes to shield tbeu from the light, uuil
stuck at his tatil all day, being served
with a roll and a pot of beer every
three hours. And he raafjasd tb re
ward of bis literary efforts in the
branding and pillory and ear cropping
that every political writer risked In
that aga.
Henaety In Golf.
Tb sooner a boy, or a man for that
matter, learn to Ufa up to the motto
'Honesty Is th best policy" In golf,
a In other things, tha bettor for blm
There Is no game which gives a com
petitor a batter opportunity to cheat
But for that very reason tbara Is uo
game la which the cheat, when dis
covered, aa It usually la sooner or later.
Is looked upon with greater ooutempL
Kraucla iiuimat li tat- Mlcholua.
Between Litter and Fir Lit In O
Qulney' Hem Wa Lively.
Ho Oulti'-ey's greatest extravagance
grew out or tin "but valua ha aat
upon papers and I bell not being Mia
(nrlicil lie was In th habit Of accu
mulating these until, In hi own
words, he was "snowvtl up," which
meant that when mailer Teach such
an extremity that there wa not a
square Inch of room on th table to
set a cup upon and no possibility of
making his bed for the weight of pa
pers gathered there; llo chair which
could be used for Its inanimate pur
pose, ami tho track from th 4or to
tho tlreplm o. always kept open tttll
the last, was cmnplotely obliterated ao
that he bail not even place In which
to set bis foot then Me gulncwy lock
ed i in- door upon ids paper traaiurea
and liu ncd elsewlafiv. At hi dth
there were at least a half doaeu BUCb
places "papered" bf him and being
malnlalned at no suiall expense.
Huch it thing hud Ikmmi experienced
as his acinally "papering" his family
out of bouse, but In lstr years bis
daughleis learned how. to guard
against such n coullugency.
lie gulncey usually spent tb vn
Ings with bis family, who looked for
ward to Ibeso hours with much pleas
ure I'pou the arrival of the newapa
ptf he would render the uewa In bla
own ipialnl manner, questioning th
various members of the group about
him and Illuminating the various sub
jects touched upon with n wealth of
tncinorle. good stories or human aa
perlcnces until the happiest Bow of
real conversation sprang from th cir
cumstances of tho moment.
lie was not a traiiqillllsllig compan
ion for Btf1 ens person to llv with,
as those nights were the exceptions ou
Which be did not set tiro to something
It was a common occurrence; for on
of bis daughters to look up from br
woik and to say casually, "Tap, your
hair Is on lire!" o which he would re
spond casually. -Is It. my lovT" and a
baud rubbing out the blase waa all the
notice taken.
tin one occasion, when the rasld
rushed In to announce that Mr. de
Qulnccy's MOB was on fire, ha hasten
etl to the rescue of his already "mow-
1 up" apartment, refilling all tlg
g'estlons that water be poured upon bla
treasured papers. Armed with a
Bttvy rug hi' disappeared Into tb
inning room determined to conquer
Mil limit water or perish In tb attempt.
while the members of bis affrighted
household trembled for hi safety out
side the door, locked to prevent th
ilihorrcd water from being poured In
I'reseutly. after occasional bursts of
moke and a very strong smell of Br.
ill were assured that th danger waa
over, the victor emerged triumphant
y from his light with th dame, and
(be dre'iil-il element having been ub
diied for the evening all reUred In a
statu of thankfulness. From Caroline
Tbknor's "Hawthorn and file Pub
lisher." SEXUAL
Telia all about
y.tuntt men utid v
aes matters; what
men, young wive
tint I111.ban.l- .iinl nil ..titers need to
know about the ttttfj laws that gov
ern the tea forcea. I'htlli truth of MS
life in relation to Inippiue in marriage
"Secreta" of manhood and woenanhood;
-te.tnitl .tlitiset. Social evil, tllre, etc.
The luteal, moat mlvamt-.l and colli -iiHive work hsit eter I wen I
.ue. I on aesual hygiene l'riceloas In
struction (or 1 hose ttbo are ready lor th
true inner teaching.
This book ttJll nurse teachers, doc
tors, la a vcis, print here, social worker,
Suinlity BtttOOl I.Hchrf and all other,
young ami old. whatsit need to know
BhOOl BM inotlers By Wnfiald ScM
Hall. Ph. D. M. U. l.r.piigi.
Nawepaper Ceenanenta:
"Bt lentillciilly cot reel Chicago Tri
bune. "Accurate and up-to data."
I'liilii. Icli. bin I'ress. "standard book
of knowledge." I'liilsdelpliia I)dgr.
Ihe New York World ays: "Plain
truth for Ihosa who need or ought to
know them for tha prevention of evil.
tinier plain wrupper for only f I. IX).
Coin or Money urlcr, postage ten cent
Dayton, Ohio
1 -.i 1 1 iim-i 4-i-K.s i.ANDorricgi
llurlia. on gnu, July , II4.
Sin 11 r ia h.'.rl.) glvru Klaier k Bulla,
.it K11. -j , in. K.. ... it bn, tin June 11, isus, Baft
II. .i.H.i. .i Kni.,, N,i o-amo for NW1aaetluo
11,1 1 ii.iii. .1 s , Itana.. tt K , V lllaiu.tu atari
dlan lias 11I1-. I until rol intaiitlou tumaa flual
llii'liar I'riMil tu eatabllab claim to lb last
above described, i.-s.i. it.-m.tar and He. .War
at llurna, Ort'gun, un lb uili ilar of August.
1 lain. sin ualii.'aai wltneaaea
Hiu H. ."lurgia. Hulirr g k laartigrr, liar
BBS n.'Kiir.-at ami Kitli g. Iluffiuau all of
Illl.-y, 10, ir. .11
Wa K.i, Keglater.
llurna, iin-giiii, July 9, nil
Null.'.' i li.'ii'liy gvn thai 1 Bioerlne at llurna, Oreguii, wbu.un rbruarr
s, I'.ll,, lliiuiialead Kulri- Nu U6'JfUj
lei .'', -',. h.. nun 10, i'liwiiBlitu m south,
Han,. .1.' K.' M.rl.llau, baa flld
Bulloi. ..I 'i. ml. .11 tu 111. a.' Dual tbra year
proof, to ralabllali i lalm Ut the land abuv d
a. hi.' 'l 1. il.iii, .ii'k'iaii r aud liecelvrr, al llurua
or. gun, ..11 in.- I .'i I. day of Auguat, mil
ll la 1 111 ant iiHlnea aa slIlueaBl.1, II. HIM, Ben Newman, I .oil Pavy and
lisiik r Ilia, kuii'i, all uf llurna, Ureguu.
Wh. rasas, Kaglai.i,
liurna, Oragoti, July 7, 1H14
.Nun. In In Mii.y alvaii that Uuiirv M Kati-L
of La wall, slu-K'.u, who, on Oalobar 11, 1910,
iiiri'h- ijiuiM hi.-ts-i iMiiry, No. 06106, forNK'.,
Itotlon 11. JomiNhlp U M , )(aiig XiU Kul,
Um, .. li.- McridiHii, ha illtnl notroe oflnUu
tlnii to in a k i' lii in I (hrw yn Proof, lu aatabllih
lalm in Hiu lnnil tUni- ilttmiribrtl, halora Hrng
iBtti and loi'i-fviT, al Hurna, Oragon, oil IRa
lutii ii 111 ujxuai. r.fii.
ristiniMlil iiainita for ,vill)t-iatia
I't hi I iiitr, Amlraw I'ataraau, Harry 'aty,
Jmiiiim i my, all ot l.awau, Dragon
Wm. Karri, Hagliiar.
Ilsirsu Mtatbi I, a si; Orrti g
liuiiia, ureguu, July I. !'
Null.-.- la iii-n-i.y glvan that Hbutla K Btei
; Bla.
ul lletiliiiBli, f i ..
li, who, on August 11, lisw
and Ot itil.n II, I ill,
nai'.-iiiivwiy waa llnina
sl.-iul Kulilfs II'JUD. Serial Mo. tUM6 and No.
UMUu. I". S'a Het lion p '(uwualllb ., Hang.
I,,!'. , u 1I11.U..-11.1 M.rl'll.n, baa died nuilue el
llltrtilt. . n I., titakt. final ftva-ysar lroof, to
tsbllali claim to tb land abuve daurlbd, be
lor lifglsiir sad Klrr. at Buraa, Oregoa,
,11 in.- 1.... u.j " au,ua, 1.1.
t'laliuant naiii. a aa wltuesaaai
fit villa T Htuy, Ira lluud,
f, Htuy, Ira iluud, II. M. Murk, Mr.
Ita lluii'l all nl Mai i, Oregou
Wh KaB, Kaglal.r
We do job printing!".
Notice ef Final Settlement.
In th County Court of the Stair ol dra
gon, for Harney County.
In tha matter of the estate ol VY. II.
DUdl ne, doad.
Notice i hereby given that thr uiubi
signed ha tiled hi final nccount herein,
and that th County Jmlgr ol llarnry
County ha fixed the time for liruiing
objections to, and settlement Of the
sine for Wednesday, the '.'ml tlnv of
September, lull, at the hour of in
o'clock A. M. ol said tiny, at the Coin I
House in Burns, Oregon.
Dated lltiras, nr.-gnn, July 1st, I'M I
Administrator of listnl ol W. II. Mil
dlac, deceased.
Date of Brat publication July I, 1914.
Data of Ihi publication Aug. 1, Mill
Burn, Oregon, Juljr 'J, 114.
Notlee I hereby slven i hat Marx U- Nal, ol
Follylarm, Oregon, wh... mi Fobruerr 11, loll.
mail llinteil entry, No. uoHii. for NK',
MW, ',N:'(1 Hlii.M'i,, HK',, Kei'lliili M
row Bill 1 1, w Tt., Iaii(e M ,. Wlllauiellr
Meridian, naa nien nonce ei inieninni 10 m.ii
Filial Ibree year Pruot, toeelat.ltvh claim 10 i )o
lad alHve deernlssl, liefori- Reslvter na
HeIVer, at Buraa.Orri on the nth .lay ..I
A.lflHt. 1114.
tlataiaat nainea a n It neesea
J. It Neal, William Heliwl. k, W. II liar.lnrt
Laura l.uee, all ol Follylarm, ureon.
Wa. fasss. u.-l.i.-t
lliirna. ilregoii, July t, IVI4 i
Notlee I hereUy (ive that Marr H Neal. of
Follytarin. Uresoii. who, mi June .i, IVIU. aia.1t
Peeert l.altt Klllty, No 04SOS, lor Klj.M
llou 4, Towubli IV x. Hanei'Mh , nlllaBiille
Merbllaii, haa fli.-u notlt-e ,. inleiilloii to make
I'rool. to MUlillall .-latin to the la. el almve !
eerlked, before lltalaler ami llr.-.-lver. al Unfile
Uregoa. oa the nil. .lay ol Ansuii. ISM
claimant name aa wllnreara
J. II Neal William Kent... k. tt II ...oho,
ane l.aura I ut'e, all ol Follytarin, Uregoa
Wat FASas Ili'K.aii'i
linri.a. Ulesoli. July lu, I'M
Notlee I hereby given ibt Frank faiieraon.
of Lawn, tiregou. who, on May 11, utta, ma.l,
HoaeeUatl Knlry No. Kn.4, Serial No it.tu,. lot
sktiNgt,, See a, lUlcN", '.',, '..
e. Towuablu -.1 B HA K, Wlllamelte
alerltliau, baa Aletl nolle ol Bteotlon la make
final five fear i.rtM.t. to ralabh'ilt t-laln. 10
tbe lan.l ib'tr .l.acrllM'.l, before Itegliler an.l
Receiver, at Burnt, Oregon, on lb Itn. la or
August I til
f'laluieul iiain.'.aa wllneaara
Meaty title) , llent. t.eorge, l.t'tli..! lavtrn,
Oregon 1 baa lloptwr of Itrt.waey, ftr.-gou
J I. l.ittil Harrlinan, Oregon
Wa. Fasss. Hegiat.-i
Bum. Oregon, July 10, Isli.l
Notice I l.errl.y glean ibat tie Hotel, ol II. t
rlatu, Oregon, who. on Se.leutbet II. ISCT7,
tnaoe Hotu.-atra.l atulry No '-.-Jl s.-tlal No.
JtUl. fut h. Srrll.,.. 1, lovmabl), ....
Hauge ao Kaat. Willau.rli.- I.aa
flletl nollt of litleiitloti 10 make Dual llv
year lyruuf, lo eaiabliab cleitu to the lau.l
above .IvectllM-.l befor Ihe Keglater an.l He
.-elver at Htirna. tr.-gon. on lb. l.'tb .la) ..I
Ittgnal. I '14.
f laluianl aatue aa wltttea
Botl g. sio, tov.lle sioy, flank I" Kl.nt
betib ", all of Hat f In. an. Uragu.
w m BaBBB, K-glaler
I Nllklt-I A1S I.ANpOKKIt K.
Hume, oreat.u, Ita Bt, IW1I. i
Nolle I betrb glveu that clarence A. I-.
Voreel. of Kt.ay. Oregon, wbo. .u Aturl I'
Iffjg, ma.le llonieetoa.l r.i.lrv No fails, tut
t,sw.,ii.i wuskva. Set Hon II, lownahli. Jit
, .':. K .. will.., 1. Mr Urrl.llan. baa filed
notice of mien Hon to make Final nve yesi
rrottl, to eatabllab flat in tt. tba lantl
deeerlbed, before Itrglat. . ami Het-rlvar, l
Hume, Oregon, oa the JStb .lav o( Jul), cut
f nauteaaa aUueea
Wlillan W. aturgra. Homer 1 11. KJll K
luillb ami f I v.l. A . Ibena, allof Hlley Un mi.
Wa. Kaaas. Reguti-t
1 m in. sTATks KM. 01 11. 1
llurna. Oregon, June .' . I'M I
Null., la berel.y glvu llal.. K Irvlin
ol llaraey. Oreg1.11, alio, on Match IS), I'.ll
inatle llonit-. trail f-ltlry. hi-ilal No Uu.t.s. f.o
sMA4 Sas-llon IV , Tow 1. .hi , a B, liana. ' 1
Sflllauielu Meridian, baa filr.l soil ol tnla n
lloa I iinakr Final Hire, yvaf prool I., ratal. Hal.
elalas A lb latin, before Hex
later anil Kscelvar at Htirt.a, 11. day ol July, lit
t lalmaal nanae aa wllnraaea
SUrr Hui-klati.l. Hi.beil living. Join. II
Klf-bner, William list, all of Hu., Oie
W faaaa, Brgi-i. 1 .
IB Burna I.lal No. 07611
I'HITKt. HT4TR-J I kU OVtrlOaa. (
llurna, nrricoii, Juuo v, i-n,
Nutlca li baraby glwu that tliv Noribaru
Pacific Kallwajr t i.ioiiij- Mlx.f oilitr
addraaa la m. I'aul, Mlouraaita, liaa thla uili -la
Jut liu flitMi in itiii M.Ti. v iia appUcailutt lu
aalvt'l uutlrr tht pru. ifliniis of Ilia s I ul i .i
(raaa. apurusdi July , an i.tu iHat.Mr?, t.-nj
IKU Nai'lloli '.'. lnvi nahlo 'I Houlli. .m fatl.
Vial No 07
A ay ami all aiaunt clahnluf iift'irli u.
lamia (U(-fib"i. nr taalrina i oulaMl baoauaa
I lata luiuairai tharai lar f Hut lNnl. or lor aoy
ulnar rraauti lu ibv tlliiMital lu aD)iirant.
bouU fib ibelr ailitlavlu nl brutaal In n-i
oflJra, un ur baluii' tba inl da uf A ilffuil . I U 1 1
Wm Kaai. Iti-aiairr.
t'slvab St.tb. i.asii Hem s (
Hums, tlrtgoii, July 141, i -i t
Nolle la hereby given l bat Ml In w Itatiiun.l,
of Burns, tir.giju. who, un jimrr 17, leto.
aaade Hoinealaad Ultlrj. No . ill'., fur rtr.',
sactlun jo. Tuwnsliii. vj s . It.uae mi K , Hll
laaaetl Harldlan, haa lllrd nutici- ul ititaniu.n
Ui iui
BUB elnal ll.iua Vrr I'rfMil lu ratal. Hal.
llai to tb land aliosn dra. rllm.1 baf.iru lira
later ul Kcelvr. at Bum. Oregon, un Wt
ttb day ot Augtiu, lull
l laluianl names .a vrltncaae
'. II Mill-ball anil Mr. Maggie lllllnn, I... Hi
ui au.uanaii, lirrguli a II ul liar
rlmau. Ureguu. ll U Mliaeer.tit Uuriia, llrt-gult
WH KaSSS. Krgltli r
l.akrtli w. Hi, g..u, Jiiur II, I'll i
Nutic. It berby given Ibsllttinalil entitling,
ul rite, Oregn it, win. un linn, Vlli, lull maiTa
lluinaateail antra. Nu U47I4. fm hwi.h.. ic
ailtlNWt.Ba. Hun Ul.-luwuahll.J.' Siuttli, 11. i.K.
'J3tl, WlllBBHtte Merlillanbaatlle.l turtle- nf
Intaelluu lo mabe final tbrre year i i o
MUtillab flavjni tu lb lan.l alsiva ilraitll.. .1
beluHt'liaj A. BJInrlJlail I' H f'nuilillaal I
at Kit. Iltaguli.uii iie 7lli Uai uf Annual, lull
laiaasiii itatiinp (taji niii-urt
Uo. A. faildut'k. A.ltilnli ffallann. liartu)
Usell ami iviar ylfe. Otignn
Jaa K III autaa. Itaglal. r
$1 Ctaipiett Shaving Outfit $1
10 Art idea 10
To advtrti our Univeraal Shavint
Outfit aad Univeraal Product, we will
tor a llmltml time only, stiiul tins well
WOrttl f.ttp Shaving outfit for $1.00.
Wa Ball our duhJujuIs tn the uoiigmnar
direct and therefore ftm stJr tiM agent'
profit which you know are vory large.
1 Hallow around Rasor.
1 8-inch Lather Brush.
1 ilaaor Strop, Canvaa Back.
I NiVelU..IBacJ.Mi....,
I 31-14 IWatr Ton-el.
1 Bar Shaving loap,
1 Bra Talcum Powder,
I Pecoratad China Mug.
1 Alumlnuaji Barber Comb,
1 Bristle Hair Brush.
Kach outfit packed in mut Uig $l.Mi
Coin or Money Order, isistBge 10c eitra.
Dayton, Ohio
A Good Investment.
W. D. MorH. a well known
iiii'i'i'liitnt of Whitemound, Wit..
bouRht a stock of Chamberlain's
medicine to as to be able to sup
ply them to his customers. After
ricvivinK them ho was himself
taken sick and nays that one
small bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
IiriiH'dy was worth more to him
than the cost of his entire stock
of these medicines. For sale by
nil (IohIith.
Notice lo Creditor.
Notice is hereby given tluit the under
tinned has lireli duly appointed n.liiiin
istriitiu nt (lie rut ale of Jennie I.. Hum
art, deceased, by the County Court of
the Slate of Oregon, for Harney County.
All pel son having claim against (aid
entitle nte hereby notified to present
tlieni, duly verified as by law required,
to Q W. Clrvrngrr, itiliiiiiiiitriitor, Bt
hi place of business lii Burns, Oregon,
or ol the olbcr of J. S. Cook liiastttn
ney, In Burns, Oregon, within ill
tuoullia from the ilutc of this notice.
Dattd this :inl tiny of July, 11114.
If. W. ('l.BVBNflKH, atlmininliator.
. S. CeOB, uttornry
Notice to Creditor
In tlu- CuiiutyCouit id tbt Slate ol I Its
goo, lor II. v Comity.
lo thr mailer ol thr estate ol V. O.
Cioaton, ilrcrnsetl
Notice iathrreltv given that the untlei
tgut'fl hn been dulynppointed ailinni
ntliatnv ol the above entitled estate by
1 be Honorable i.ninl Thompaon, judge
ol the ol... ye entitled court.
All arroiia Inning 1 boms ngninat said are hetrby notifed to present said
claims verified as by law required,
within -n 1. nmtbs fioin Ihe date of the
(list publication ol thi notice.
I luted at Burn, Oregon, this 3rd day
of July, IUU.
Thr lii si publication of this notice ia
.1 ul v 4lh, I't) I
(Signed) Masv Cboitun,
.bio matt 11 1 1 11 of the rat ate of P. (V
Clinton, deceased.
Notice to Creditor.
Nolic la hereby given that thr under
signed ha Isren duly appointed tsecutor
ot the l.nal Will and Testament, and of
tht ealulr of William C. Byrd, deceased,
by the County Court ol the State ol
Otrgoit, lor Harney County All per
sona having clniiii iigiiln! saiil estate
BM hereby um died to present I latin, duly
vcitheit as by law re.Unrd, , Julian J.
Ilynl, tv.-ciiliir, nt hia other ia llurna,
Harney County, Oregon, or at the uflice
ol J. S Coot hi attoraey, 111 Burns. Or
egon, within six month from the date
of this notice.
I lined tlu 1st day of July, IUU
Julian 0 Byril, rsecurur.
J. S Cook, attorney
firrniAi. ihhki-thhv
btits -uasuna-
ll S Serial.. ia
Itle.. B t bauiberlala
l II am lane
(VY f Mavley
i N 1 Klaault
. AMI rawturd
.... Haaal.lWaat
Haa rV tin-oit
T. B ka
I A I lii. r. hid
i Hebl Bat In
I T A. McBtldr
. I Use M Barnetl
ciingi. BBBaBB
Allurnr) it, ui-ial
-. . r.lrir) ul rttle
I rraaiffi-r
lUBI 1-111,11. Inal. u.l
Stale I'M.. i. r
Supri in.- J .nig,.
I K B. Been.
Ir. A. Moor
Dial. nt Judg Iiaitou Bigg
l o.ntty Attorney lieu. S Slteaaore
i Ir. .nt t'uurl merle lb oiat Monday In
April ami mat Monday lu October.
Jul ill senator
lultil Ki'i'ttariitallv
WH Brook.
W. f Iti.iuau
. ... art - iiih.ii;
n Judge
I . aaurer
sebool Superiniaudeut
t .miliar
St.. eg I nan. it. ,r
tiraut I bannon
ll I llugb.l
It A Miller
t B. Beery
A. K. Kl.b.rdaoa
J.J. Is. Lagan
I. M llalnlllvn
ll W t'letebgat
Juhu Kul.lnaon
Ik. I' Hlvesi
I.". Bain
t'.itiiiii i-i.iirt uinia Ibe Brat Ha.ln.aUar la
Jauiiar). Mar, n. May, Jsljr, BspteBbar aad
H.asai t. a. lard iirrug:
.. .ii.'r
Wot Karr
saw Mulherabead
-am Molli, tabaad
liny Van Wlukle
lleurr Daltsu
Hear Italian
..H. L. Ilalnaa
ll J llauaeu
: A. i' Weloem
' l.UUcllllll'tl
I Jam LaaBpabire
1 H. J.MeKiuuua
M. uf tbe t i ll ii.-ry Beeoud aad
Kiillllli Wuilnag.l
i :.- r. ea
s'"1 ilia enough i
.if i.i hlfiitemt I
r.v.s.. ,ii. w.iriv. a
pmwrofF ' '
Air.irlra. y
' "HixhI'owar" R
r:.ic r.o. c-z.
Iltt Price . - B20.tV and .:'j tahMtn
litre It.-.. i Aiilu Ii.i.I.i '
( ur 'llltll vmtriki
Itin. a nisii fur
lllalli .1 III l.llll ','
K'tttlt AOtoor raaaJar.
h. li. fur IiiiihIsuuiii, nrw
ll.daC.tlslus. ir
i. . This G004
cmcopec fMis,
apOKUB FON Hrop.
Mi'bIh At All Hourt, Short
Orders and Prompt Servloa 5
vim ivitUBUUHUifj IvaUBM
Give lie A Call
e uppuall Ilaaea-Mara let aU4UVB
Ml Ml
t TmL
l X ,.r
-afl aJFO fa
Can't K it Secret.
The splendid work of Cham
berlain's Tablets is dally becom
ing more widely known. No such
grand remedy for stomache and
liver troubles has ever been
known. For sale by all dealers.
Usaai "TsBfe" Necklace
"EtcIjb Tfciw" Bracelet
These two beautiful piece of pupoliii
Jewelry re ihe crag among society
women in New York and tha Inrgeai
cities. They Je neat and elegant gold
finished article that will gladen tht
naart of evtry girl or woman, no niattei
how yoong or old. Very Blyllih ami at
tract I v.
Our Pre offer, W ars advertising
Spearmint Chewing Gum and desire to
placa a big bos of Ibis fine, healthful
gam into every lioitin. It sweeten the
broeth whiten th teeth and aid tli
gastlon. It I refreshing and pleasing
to all. To Bferyon Bending u but I0t9
and 10 aants to cover shipping coats at
will ship a big layi of 20 regular or pat k
agaaof the Hpaarnilnt flam and Include
th elegant,
"Tatgo" neehlare ami "Kvelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely f.e.
Thl offer la for a abort lime only
Not more than '.' orders to one party.
Dealer not alia sad to accept this.
Dayton, Ohio I'. O. Box 101
$1500 Reward!
'Ihfi Orrtftill. f.g1 I
lforu.g,Bi.u Nrvaj'U i
i .ifa .iirt-ig rnnct
iUto am" i'i I
hlrb ih" Hod. r j
IlttltMl ! MHMIllH t,
will fflvtj i,000 i-1 fr vi
dDC Irtnliit, III ;
lb array. nl in.
f It lion ii.anv ar
ijf or trllf (..
log boraM rttll'
f inulta tifloiigthe
.it mUJ uf lii liirln
IB iVlJKioii to ths Ktjuva tha nutlatrala .. .1
ofafi lb mid rooilldon ICaJO.OU fur all BOM
bramlrsl bora U4 bar ou bulb or alibi i Jaw
brand raoord4 In algbl countlai Kaoatr
Haroa, lha ail ivok t-uuntlca. HortM
raw 14 wbaoaoM
Nena but rawn bomaa aold and oul) ll
aria buuebaa.
W W ,BlOWI rila. iirrmh
Sampler Valley Railway Co.
Aim J Mai DtatrtaTe Of Traisi
No. 2, Prairie
Arrive Baker
10:15 AM
2:35 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M
Arrive Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good conncL-tiitn
with O.-VV. R. 4 N. No. 10 lenv
incr Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from etut arriving: Baker .:.Mi
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No,
9 (fast Mail) picks up riatpar
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Abo with No. is ;it
10:45 P. M. for points East.
You can buy no brlter
lor largrt work and all
small oame up to
200 yards.
i, in aiai aao
as J ataaaga Iw B U.
B "" atnaWArT ' 6
jflfl .
ABB BBBr- hal J ataaaaa I - S 14..
'" 1
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
Beautiful (nil., r.naaala
Yale and Harvard, Each 9 In. a 24 in.
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Kath 7 in. by 21 in.
All bet i quality ft It with fell heading,
ntici.inii . I'll, is Slid mascot esernted
in proper elms. 'I Ida splendid saort-
ifienl hi nl ".slia.l lor .VI cunts aud B
Ittmpa I" piiv postage. Hend flow,
Uaylon, Ohio
Man " i ll o. un'' pit tures of
Also a Self-Killing
Ml for mil) "M rent
'lln- v ''"' I iirK'dii in bratitlfal
cui-lssi'l inic ml .n Hit ee ever tifTereil.
Many Bra I "I lo obtain anil have sold
singly I. r III pi ice we ask for all.
ll- will ipinlily to all lovers of the
beautiful In attars " bo sppreclste rar
art picliircH al trail developed model.
rtlttMi ' ll-lilling b.unlain pen
I... ' h . ... I. i.t.l.i I hi eeitlolie have
gold lot o i dollar In Mortt.
ll..- nil I iliful card, and pen all
lor Inil He and 10 in etmp lor pool-
li ' ION. OHIO
.1011 N (.IMIIKHLIN(i,
Jeweler. Opttoitu and
I irurraver.
1'itic Watch Repairing A Spc
ITie only n ay to
get ll,,. g nuhlO
New Home
5ewing Machin
i In Bty llie luacli
name NEW
. rt tl.e arm
It Irg.
1 1, a SMS Inn la
vnr. a! t"f all
No oilier like it
The New Home Sewing MicUm Ctipiif,
liUANt.l. MASS.
change of
mechanism il
handles .22 short.
Itsilt or Itms-rifle cartrkifH-a
ix-rft-.tlv. 'llie deeo Raliar.l
rilling drcltiis m.ixunuin Dower and
''fflj, $4Stok
c , '..jatyjatF
' -. f"
.r, aflh
. -bwI
utgjj7fW i Ey.ajl
JtamlvJrB I
arrur.ti y and vrar to tlw Ue ol riflM
I Be aaad trap ti pnsrcttiw ' - -n ,f t nil , i araiilaja, laaiaasjaaH fcsasal
H hue bring IJ..s l. I Th. a J. m aa, laa, -i ii f ill
roar bal aad all... ,,., , .. . ,,. ,.,,., .!. wasnaasJa aaW
, ,' eaaaSMi.a, rin.ialo. acaa tart,.- Iras rata ii ear .22 Hatha . .ir.... a. gr..t .m.imw nSa. Aat amy aaa aaalat.
7e Zffarfii firearm Ql
.! Will.. Btreal New llasaa.
I'bysielaii ami Suigro,
UBNS, iiHK' ',s
l. UJ. CBAtY
riivslcian ami HurKaga
Burna, -()
Of fits in new hiiiblingaotiilisf
hsrnesa IBWfi, Main
riioii.t Main 8.-,
GEO. 6. CARL, ..
s-nyician and Nurg
OBBce In TawSM I
Saartat all.alir.ri l,.n a, g,!
mmm m. nwDii.
rnyaician anu .urjes,?
D. t Brasbaaii,
a. t., v n
fivnaral I'rai II. . In "Sunlf.,
snrg.-ti I i I r'. ;.
Physicians ;jnd Suisgaja''
Call anaarsred promptly ntrbj
Tbone llarrinian.
MaPdman, Oregot
Or- Minnie I lam
Physician and Surgi
Direct Telephone Connartk '.
La wen. Ore.
3 -E3 1ST TX S$
(llrioe first ,b.r ,a-t plit.loaJ
11 ti r us. Oregon.
Ill'KNa. Okbuos.
Ogset (i..sit,. Toaartaaia it,..
Attorney at Law
Voettl) llldir.. Hunts, (trass
Bums, Oregon.
llurna, iinsxt.ii
Rotitus I, i.i.,1 MtaWaia
rattn l.iana .inn i:, ,..,. , lnn
Burns, - . q
I'rartnsiw j,, n,,. ,.,,,, (,., i
lore Hit. 1'. s ,,ii.l un;,.,..
Cham. II. IxHinaixJ.
Careful Hit. nil,, i, ,iveii to Con.
tiona ami tfeal KaUU niUm',
I ne liiMiraiiiv.
Notun I'tililjc
Buknb. Oa-gtMa.
A. W. (.OWAN
State Com-Ls ami United 3a
laUd Otliof Pmttifsa
Three doors South of tbl I
Harney Opuaty NaUonttl B
Hurn.s, Oreiron.
Attorney al Law
Notary fa
Caa..vancia,, Mon,r I oaaias. . 1
...... , 0. u-u ua-. gsa,,.
tlBlrt. 1.,-lac, li lla,, ,
ami, oil;, .
ttUBIjr NallosSlltfl
I ii Oattat
asao. a ah. sue r g
Civil and Hydraulic EngiiaiaS
Inijration. Water Supply s
SeweraKt. Water Power, j
"uiuty, Ma),, Isiiiustea, tliifterajaj
V- '. Dii.i.akii A. O. KtvUPM
Koriuarly Aa.c I ,,,, , Bjvss.,1, cgafl
HO Iti'i lauiHin.n Bl glueer ..I JI,
W i-aleru Kt
Eastern Oregon Eng ineeril
Bums, OrtKM
pirerl conneelion atMita v,a
A. H, CURRY, Peep,
Lea llarrinian Monday yj TBsSBl.
ami arrive Wedneday aasi
aachwaak, connaiting wits,
Uta tolDe4viu..Wuuaav