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I Making the Little
Farm Pay
IJaaasPasV " IHr
II r. Tin. is
In cnmlm!
tl for profli or
nic-i-ely rot MOT
olao mid plonBtiro,
one nooils to do
tho rilit thing nt
the light time. It
uiny Ik tiiKen for
granted Hint
uinjorlty Of those
who tnl,o up the
work Ueolro both
protlt nml pie i
A f o 1,1 in o n
outre of fnllure
is sourness of I tie
oil, which is
foiiiul In gome of
the places t tint
tire nlmost wholly
haded during the months which In
ten-cue between the growing sensons
and which alao lack n free clrctihillon
of air. Wood nshes nud slaked lime
re good fqr this nud are also a most
excellent fertilizer. A peck of nshes
wall mixed with a wagon loud of soil
la the gardener's rule, hut for nninll
beds spade the ground deeply, nnd
after breaking up tho lumps und ink
Log thoroughly scatter nshes or Mine
evenly over the surface until It Is us
white as after a light snowfall; then
rake It well. This should be done le
fore planting time or as soon as the
ground can be worked. It Is lust to
have the plowing doue lu the full.
Success lu the vegetable garden do
pendi largely upon thorough mu( fre
quent Ullage. The tillage should be
gin as soon as the plants enn be seen
and should tie repented nt Intervals of
about one week throughout the se.isou.
Much labor will be saved by sule-iliuc
Inf a wheel hoe for the hand hoe for
stirring the soil close about the plants
while they are small and by uslug a
horse for cultivating between the rows
wherever there Is sulllclent space. If
these methods are employed the most
Irksome features of vegetable garden
tng-the weeding and tedious hand
tillage will bo eliminated.
As soon as the heavy frosts are over
and the ground Is tillable we may
plant onions, lettuce, spinach, radishes,
beets, parsnips, carrots, parsley nud
peas. The normal season for planting
these crops Is when the farmer is sow
log his oats.
The warm seasou crops are subject
to Injury by frost and cannot safely
be planted until the weather Is com
paratively warm. The different crops
In this group, however, differ In re
apect to the intensity of bent they re
quire. Thus swoet corn, and string
beans are usually planted early in
May; lima benns, tomatoes, cucum
bers, melons nnd squashes are planted
from one to two weeks Inter, while
sweet potatoes and eggplants should
be kept In the hotbed until tho last of
Maj or the first week in June.
Lettuce can be grown successfully
on poor aoil, but only through tho ear
1 spring and tho Into fall, as the
ground becomes so hot that It will
burn in tho head, and then It Is ruin
ed for market On rich lni:d there Is
always a certain amount of moisture
that remains lu tho soil, and then tho
evening dews help to keep the ground
cooL Keep the land free from weeds.
Where garden peas anil beans are
(Town eurlluess and tenderness are
greatly desired ss well as flavor.
These qualities will be found where a
good supply of nitrogen and phosphoric
plant food Is available. A suitable
fertilizer for these crops is turn pounds
per acre carrying 4 per cent nitrogen,
8 per cent phosphoric acid and 10 per
cent potash.
Tomatoes, corn and potatoes enjoy a
medium long season of growth; there
fore it Is necessary that they have a
sufficient supply of the correct food
elements to satisfy their requirements
throughout their growing season. The
market demands a smoothly formed,
aolld, well colored tomato and Juicy
yet well filled corn.
Potato growers of the famous Aroos
took district of Malm- practice a three
year rotation of corn, daw uml po
Utoee. By this means it Is tildent
that the organic matter of the soil is
maintained. When thu potatoes are
planted It is the custom to apply as
bigh as 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per acre
of a fertilizer analyzing 4 per cent nl
trogen, 0 per cent phosphoric acid and
10 per cent potash.
r arm arid
Exponent of Nsw Agrloulture sllsvsa
Another EcUn Poaslbl.
Restore the gnrtlim of ICden. Adam
and Bra llVsjad easily lu the garden
because It was full of Inn-vest yielding
trees, and Hie curse that fell upon inun
was Hie la, I ihat he had to grow smnll
stuff like ginlii and vegetables, tho
barb! of Hie Held, by which mentis he
ate I'lend In the swent of his brow.
The mini who thinks this possible Is
Hi. ,1 Itussell Smith, professor of Indus
try In the Whuilon school of Hiiiiuce
nnd commerce, Dnlvaralty Of Pennsyl
vania, who told 500 of the lending
polilologlst.s of the country Hint the
cost of living rests lu their hands. He
gave the American romologlenl socie
ty some of the results of an 18,000
mile Journey ho bus recently complet
ed for the university, studying the pos
sibility of u new agriculture
Tree an tho great engines of food
production," he said, "and we should
at once begin their extensive utilisa
tion. Kuropo and Africa are showing
us the way. Portugal has orchards of
acorn bearing oak trees that are far
mere valuable than farms within forty
miles of Philadelphia. The great trou
ble with the American pomologtsts Is
that they are too aristocratic. They
bava been too proud to think about
feeding n pig, yet the pig feed problem
Is one of the big problems of America,
for the pigs eat more than we do.
"There Is evidence In both Europe
and America to Indicate that properly
Bnnimi'i III Luck.
Kir Henry Heasemer was one of tboee
inventors that III luck pursued and
from whOOO club hche finally raeaped
by Indomitable perseverance. In 1M8
the British government was losing
$MM,oto a year by the fraudulent mis
use of embossed deed stamps. Hesse
met rendered this Impossible by the
use of perforated dies which dated the
stumps He presented the Invention to
the government, which forgot Its prom
ise of a permanent appointment, but
thanked blur Ills grout Invention In
Hie nni mi failure of steel so Impressed
the Iriiiiiuiikcrs Hint they paid him
Blgfl.OOO for licenses ami "wanted their
money back" lie hnd forgotten the
proportion of fools to wise men. It
took hint two yeofl to render tho proc
ess "foolproof," nud he pressed bis
point home by the setting tip of hli
fin tory lu Sheffield.
. ?A i ' . SLLwc V&
t! ii rRiiA VVrS
at "Ta! ' Jbb r H naaaV
I ' v1' WalWaaaaaiaaaB
iff ! y$mm&
flaBBBB iSiaBBBBBBsl '"' t! H
Turned the Tablee.
In his reminiscences Henry llnll
day tells a story of n Londoner, "Bo
imm" i 'eaies. who tiionglit he was a
born actor ( 'miles paid a large sum tc
be allowed to piny Borneo at Hrurj
lame, where hi' appeared bedlxoned
with Jewels and was received with vo
ciferous applause by a public who ap
predated the Joke. Some of the young
men who were the favored associates
of the prime regent concocted a prac
tical Joko at the expense of Coatee.
They got a sheet of the princes note
impel' uml soul him nn Imitation to
dine ut Hie pavilion The prince got
wind of the trick, and when Coatea
was ushered lii nud the Jokers were
balking to ami bis discomfiture be
turned the tables on i hem by receiving
his visitor with great politeness and
giving him a place of honor.
llurna, incur lima In. I'U I I
Nolle Is herelav ftvta that Ueorgl I'lrkrl
laaet, el Meiney, tlregini, a lie. en I IWM,
mart HoiuMt.ail Knlrv , soul No "
aWHNfcU, Nvi,sk',n,t ten, una
tliMi 1, Ttiwushlii H Smith, it.i,... ,i ) 1.1,1,1
Willamette Merlillan, lm flleil 11,11 he ol iBtsn
Hun to make final II m year iimuf, in . .ini.ll.l.
I. I hi to the land above ,1 1 1 i.e.t. 1,, f Ileal.
ter aad llec.lvct, at lliiina, I It ,k"i , en the
lath dar ol Jul v i"i 1
Claimant name a wllueaeca-
Altsirt WihiiI, nil, 1 I, mill. Crank .In lam,
t-re-l llctiateu't. all of llm na, Oregon
Ws Kililia. Hcal.t.-r
Notice of Sole ef State Landa.
t'SITStl HT1T l.A N, Oerica
liiirin,. Oregon, May It, cm
Niillee ll lieielo alien Dial t'latikll ell l..el eRIrr ailiireea I" HtlriiN, OrSfOB ilnl,
um Iha llli day ol Allgual, LIU, file n, 11,1. ,,fi eiaieuiem ami A iipll, Ml lun, No .way;,
to lairehaa tlie NWyw;,, Seelhrn U, low n
ilile Ji a,, luuin mi k , Willamette M.-n.llan,
and llietlinbar thereon, under the mv lelone
of tli aetuf June I. IS",'., nnd nelk alnendalory,
known aa tb "limber and Nt, , in. !,," at miii-Ii
value as intgiit t, ftied to- ajirslaeoint, aad
Ihat. USrauaut to aileh nnlilli Hllnu. the taint
and limber ttiereon have besp npieaip, a ih,.
Illllbar eatlmaled sn.noii Inaul feel at l iki ,.r
M.. anil Hi. land r.ll lie thai laid almlli am .III
offer final irn,if lu ausii t of Ida abBllrsllun
andavvnrn tateinenl nil the .'In dav el July,
1914, lieloie Keaialm and Heeelvii, al llnrill,
Anyiraoii la at llheriy to iirotealthia tun
aSOB hsfore enirv , 01 llilllale a eonlaat at any
lima tftflire patent laallei, by MUiik a BorrnbofS
men, allryliia lei la Hlileh
Ws 1 ;oi Hexlater.
ledafllilavltlu I lill
mould daleal the entry
Can't Drink a git.
When Voting America seeuta Joke
even the lluuiniie society Is not Im
mune A lew days ugo a boy rushed
illlo a police station and demanded to
see t Humane ofBoar, lie eicltedly
reaiited gross cruelty on the part of
a driver When he go bis breath ha
explained thai the mini was watering
his horse without removing the bit
"And why should he do that?" asked
the ottlcer. "Why," said Vouug Amer
lot, the bono can't drink a bit." lo
dlnuiiHills Newa.
rin m i.'tTios.
sole, i, si and propagiifisi oak trees cau
bo made us productive of pig food as
la corn and do It much more easily
and for a great dual longer time. The
suckers that arise from Che stumps of
two varieties of Pennsylvania oaks
hare produced good crops at the ages
of three anil eeveo years respectively.
I have seen acorn orchards bearing
ell lu Spain on rocky slopes so steep
that the farmer ouly permitted the
little pigs to go In, because the big
ones might fall and break their necks.
"Tho tree offers the best uu-uus of
utilizing rough and broken lands, also
arid lands and In aome cases the best
of lauds. Blnce we have learned bow
to breed plants we are now ready to
develop aa food for man or beast
dozens of new crops which can easily
double our productive area. At pree-
ont harvest yielding trees cover but
one-fiftieth of our productive area.
Homo of these possible crops are tba
walnuts, pecans, sbagbarka, almonds,
olives and dates for human food and
the chestnut and persimmon for pigs
and to a leaser extent for man, the
honey locust bean, the mosquito bean
(of the weet) and the mulberry and
the many varietlea of ask for forage."
The Urs! Man Hint should be follow
ed lu rtsdiuing tin. fertility of a run
down farm should Imi to Increase the
number of animals kept on tho place
Cattle, sheep and hogs am better than
none, but the dairy cow Is the beef
fertility restorer of the lot Kvery ef
fort should be made to Increase Ibe
in is nn 1 1 , 1 product of Hie farm. Anoth
er ii ll Is iii grow tho clovers as gru
inn nines. ,vfer this a crop should be
rnlsisl vvhh I, iv Jll require clean culti
vation and dispose of the needs. Clo
ver should be sowed again and plowed
under or may be used us a meadow for
one seasnii ad then plowed under
with a eiilllvnteil crop fallowing. As
the snii beootnag rlchef the clover crop
will not lute in b pi ml need so often.
I'M I I I' IV I Ks I V N I I, I i
I May It, i Hi (
N.alea la Iii ret, (Wen thai lUaaaeth Thorn,
fmutbaralidoliauf the tit-Irani i naa wllliaiue
Peeeeeediuf Ktley, Orratiu, viliii nn J i,li ,.i l,
IIHM. mad lloiueatead Klilrv.Si. ii'ilil i.isi
MkkV, Nwlion 16 ami NK',. NitsKi, Me. II, m
i,iwnauii ai instill, ivanfo :.i real w Ilia tie
Meridian, baa filed DOtlos uf Inlentlon to uiak,
final Ave veat 1'riaif, to aalabllali i lain, te in,'
laiidalioradaarrlheit, befure i haa J Mauri, i.
II. S. I oBmiaaloiiur. at stauffet. iiresmi, mi tie
.'till day ef June. I'U I
claimant uamea aa mllneaaea
Stanley iiitae.u, alley, 0rson lee Doles
Users Manillas William Hiirgiti, all , ,f Kail,
Jaa. f. Bill, ii-. I(elvter.
PN1TKH SI A 1 'K-i I SNIi nl I I, I 1
lllllln. llri-uen, May Ji., I'll! I
Nutlaa la hereby (Ivan lhal gdward Ii m.m.h.
of Hutna, Hreaon, vtlm, mi Jon, hi i ill uiad,
Huluealaad gntrjr, hll OfaaB, tor NW '...-.. ten,
'A Townablp -It U. Habse .11 K , Wlllalnelle
Meridian, lie. Iilni mille. uf I n lent .,u In
make dual three rear ineif. In , alal'llali i latin
lo Ibe laud aluive iteaerlhed. lirfnre Kglall
and Hei-elver, al llurua. Oragon, mi ll,e Ulb
day ef July, lull
Claimant uaimeaa arltueH
Nattianlal Heliner. I lil,, H. ...I K,l,l
Kdtlealnll. i ha llarkhua, all ut Hum., Uregoo
Wm. Kiaaa, Id .i.l.i
t'siTsn ST.TK. l.isii tieru a
llurua. Oregon, May .'. I ill
Sum . la heiel.y alien ttiai Oesfg Joan
sou. of Klley, oieeun, VBO, OB t'e. .1. Haw,
maite lloiiiealead entry, No ulna fur -, va '
Hei1 lun IU, Tiittualili .:! s . Ilaiie i. h '
Wlllaalelle Mefldlan. had filed noil, i ..I In
taulluil to tuake final Ihiee Yaej Prool I"..
lalillah ilalm in the laud alHiir ,... nl... t.,
fore Kef later and It, i elii'f, al llut'lt, UreSOB
Oil Ibe I lib ,lav uf July I ill
I'laltuaiiluaiilia a. rt lie.... ,
I. 1. Willie, A J Jiitin.uu Kuiiii. ii Jobnaoa
IV alter geaaluaer, all nl llli. . Ursgen
rt a 1 a, II, .later
.Notice Is hereby given that the State
Land Hoard of the Hlate ol Oregon will
receive sealed bids until 10:00 A. M
July 14, IliM, for the billowing deacrlbed
land, low it :
TlteHK'4of Hecllonxll, V.M Hectlon
88 and all of Hectlon SO, T. 81 B. It 34 B.
Hectlon 10, T. 88 8. R, 88 B.
Sections It) and 80, T. 80 H. R 81 B.
No. lions in and 80, 1. 87 8. R. 31 K.
Section HI nnd 80, T. 87 8. M. 3' K.
Ned ions 10 and 30, T. 87 H, R. ll!)" K.
H1. ami IxiU 1, ", 8 and 4 of Hectlon
III and all of Section .'III, T. 38 H. R.88 Ii.
Hi, and I .oti 1,8,8,4 ol Hectlon It),
nml all of Hectlon 30, T. 38 H. K. 88 Ii.
Section III anil 30, T. 3 H. R. 30 B.
Sections 10 anil 30, T, 30 H, H 31 i:.
Seetlona It) and llli, T. 8 8. R. 83 K.
Heel ions 111 and 30, T. 3V H. R. 83 B.
Section HI and 80, T. 40 8. R. 3!t K.
sections HI and 80, T. 40 8. It. 38 I,
Section HI and 30, T. 40 8. It. 34 K.
Hectlon 10, T. 41 8. R. SO R.
Hectlon 111, T. 41 8. R. 31 K.
Hectlon 10, T. 41 8. R. 82 B.
8ectlon 10, T.4I H. R.88 U.
Nt, NEi4 and VV, of 8VVI, of Hec
tlon lil.T. 41 H, R.,'17 K,
Hectlon HI, T. 41 H. R. :ih K.
All bids must be acoompaulnd by a
regularly executed application to pur
chase and chock or draft for at least
one-fifth of the amount of the bid.
The right to reject any and all old la
Applications and bid should be ad
droansl tu (1. (1. Brown, Clerk Hlate
Land Hoard, Halrm, Oregon, and mark
ed "Application and bid to purchase
sinie lands.'
Q. O. Ilaows,
Clark Hlate Land Kuaid.
Datrd May I, 1014.
Can't Keep Secret.
The splendid work of Cham
berlain's Tablets is daily becom
ing more widely known. No such
grand remedy for stomache and
liver troubles has ever been
known. For sale by ail dealers.
fa p4tMeta
For Cow snd Cslvss.
Strong brine thickened with soft soap
makes a good mixture to rid cows and
calve of lice.
g-H-l-H-H 4 1 I H-M-l-H-i-H-l-H-r
l'ure bred chickens are all T
. . right, but the ijuesllon Is, Hhall
the farmer uniko feiitlmrs and T
. rauey points of primary or see- .
ondnry Importance? It Is not 1
. , worm wbllo to talk about fumy
' ; points unless the farmer can bo T
2 shown that there U some con-
nection between them and pro
ductlve qualities. ITe Is not coti
t cerued about such tilings, but ho T
is concerned about stippljing
' ', Hie market with isjultry and
i t eggs.
Eaaad Her Mind.
Mrs. Klinpson Jones wanted to be
ome a suffragette, but her husband
"But," she pleaded, "If you only
knew what a lot one loams ut their
meetings all about referendums and
recalls and"
"I've aald no, aud tliut ends III"
snapped Mr. HlmpHimJones. "If ymi
women wunt to Had things out why
don't you follow tho advlcu of Bt. I'niil
and ask your husbauda) You WOBlaal
H such fools."
This was too much for Mrs. Hlmpson
Joues' long humbled spirit.
"That's Just tho trouble," she return
id. "Women liave buen 'asking their
siusbauds' for the last 2,000 years, and
they're still fools." Now York Tribune.
Appropriation Far Heg Chelere.
The United States senate baa paaeed
a bill providing, an emergency fund of
S500.000 with which to fight hog chol
era, which threatens the country with
a pork famine. Senators from the mid
die western states aald that If aome
thlng Is not done to atop the ravages
of cholera the loss this year will ag
gregate $200,000,000.
It was pointed out that at least 00
per cent of the bog deatha In the Unit
ed H lutes come from cholera. It Is
the purpose of the department of ag
rlculture, which aaked fur the passage
of the bill, to fight the disease when
llrst It breaks out In any place.
"From a practical standpoint." say
experts of the department, "tho Im
portant thing is to recognize hog chol
era as sisrn aa possible. Good serum
may be depended upon o protect well
hogs and even to cure a large per
centage of those In the earliest stages
of Hie disease, but It will not be of
much avail wheu used upon bogs that
uro already visibly sick "
Csre ef Mare.
In mild weather mares must lie kept
lu the open sheds outside, both day
and night. Each mare should have a
apis'lnl place where It Is tied to re
ceive Its grain feed. If fed from an or
illnury trough tbo more vicious mares
may kick the other aud gobble most
of Hie feed, ltoughage uisy safely be
ferl from racka In the yard
Telia all about aex mattarai what
young men and women, ynong wives
Slid liu-liainjr. uml all others need to
kunw alsint the stirred laws that gev-
rn the im four. I'laln trtltjie of sea
life iii relation lohiippiness III marriage
"Secret" of manhood and womanhood;
rieituul illumes, Socisl vil, diseases, etc.
The latest, moat advanced and com
prelieiiMive work that has eqer been Is
aued on aeaual hygiene. I'rlceles In-
stru. linn for those v. ho are ready for the
true liimr leaching.
'Mils book tells nurse teachers, doc
tors, Ishm-ii-, princlirra, social workers,
Siimlu)' Si hooi limber and all other,
young sml old, what all need to know
alsml at-x m.. Iters By Wnfiald Scott
Hall. Ph. U , M I) U,pg .
Newspaper CvmmtBtt:
"Hcleiitltlcully correct Chicago Tri
bune. "Accurate aud up-to date."
Philadelpbia I'resa. "Standard book
of knowledge."--Philadelphia Ledger.
The New York World says: "Plain
truth fur th.i.e wlu. need or ought to
know them fur lb prevention of evil.
I'uder jilain wrapper tur only 1 1.00,
Coin or Money or'ler, Kwbg fen coiita
Dayton, Ohio
I'siTaiiSTATB. UM'.IIII' a, I
Vle, oii.ini. May l.'. on.
Nolle liliereli) given ag i OtSBbOJ UlOVa,
uf lieuiu, Ofrj.iu, iii nn Auau. I 1 ,t , tin.
uiaue iniuii aieait A 'le atinii n. n. . aa
. . vi i
l sitii HT.TSI Iisi, ii, rt, a I
itiiraa. uraguu Nay ll. ivu
Ntitlee la llerebv alien that Anna 1.1.11. ...nn
wlitHH- imsii nlBee aiiSreaa la llurua, urea, in ,Inl
mi lb lllta .lay of Ausuet, lla. Cite lo tlilauaae
swurn siatenieni sua SppllrallaD. No OSMo
IB I'm, Lis lb hg'.MWl, Heellm, U, !.,.,,
I.ll. .'I s llanie SO 1 . Willamette Meitillan.
.ml Hie ilitiiMr iliron, under in lyioylalnua
..I ll.i-acl., June I. ael. aiii.nJlal.oi
a n, ,wu u Ih "Timber and Hluna la. " al
.in Ii value aa nil.lil la- Died by suereleeiueiit
oil thai, iiiia.iai.t lu aurb applbailun, lb
laml and tlinlMir tbreon bava beu pralaad
i i.i- liinl.ei laliuialeil Ml.uUu board feel at ll oil
isi '. au.i ine lauu fjouu. that aalil a,,ll
, .nt will uffer tinai proof lu aapport uf hie ap
l.llealliilland awurn alalelnrin on tba 111! dav
nl July, 114, Ufure Iliflal.T and His elver al
Itiiraa, iiraun
Auy I-I...1, is st !lbrty to prolrat tbla pur
liaae belure v ur lultlale a rntileal al auv
In.... iM.lure paleul laaiiaa, Ii) nil, a oormuura
leil a HI lav It In I Ilia allralna feel, veblrb
a.nilil iletesl i lie entry
W Ftasa. Kr.i.i.,,
Cppp Lggog HTup" Necklace
riMiC ETe.u Tfcaw Bracelet
These two beautiful piece of pupular
Jewelry are tho cross among society
women In Now York and the largest
cities. They bjo neat and elegant gold
finished articles that will gladen the
noart of every girl or woman, no matter
how yoong or old. Very gtylisli and at
Oar free offer. Wo are advertising
Spearmint Chewing Cum and desire to
place a big box of this One, healthful
gam Into every home. It sweetens the
broath whitens the teeth and aids di
gestion, it is refreshing and plesslng
to all. To everyone sending us but Mlc
and 10 aents to cover shipping costs M
will ship a big hog of 20 regular fie pack
ages of the Spearmint Hum and include
the elegant,
"Tatgo" necklace and "Kvelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely f.oe.
This offer is for o short time only.
Not more than 3 orders lo one party.
Dealers not allowed to accept this.
Dayton, Ohio P. O. Box 101
v Beautiful ".
Yale and Harvard, Each 9 in. a 24 Its.
Prlnreton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 in. by 21 lo.
All brat .piulitv felt with felt heading,
streamer., letters and mascot executed
in proper enters. This splendid assort
ment sent postpaid for :,i cents and ft
stamps to puv postage. Send now.
Dayton, Ohio
Many .ire rub, rare pictures of
Also a Hclf-Fllling
All for only SO renta
The Irggaoatt bargain in beautiful
cauls ami rare ait pictures ever offered.
Many are hnr.l to obtain and have avid
singly for the price we aak for all.
These m. ill ipii. to all loversoftbe
beautiful in nature who appreciate rare
art pictures of well developed model.
A reliable self-filling fountain pen
faee wiih each order. These alone have
old for nun dollar in lures.
Tim list h. nni i ful card, and pea all
for but ,'itic nn, I III. in at am sy for post'
I'bysh ian and Vim, ,,
RORNfl, OkF.flo-.
0. LU. CBflfjy
Pbyaii Ian and Kurge...
Harng, - - - Or..
Office Id new building south ,,i
harness shop, Main Hi
'Phone Main Hh.
naTaTai an - am ..
wanwi aw. v,nni,, m
Physician and Marge,
Osaew In Tenewame Bulls.
aalll aMaslUn sieen dia.a... of la,
eaaeaeui aVaal.
Physician and Surges,
$1500 Reward!
10 i
Tho tu. vi.ii, i- i
troriiUAUtl Nt'.-ln
lAtn AUjtk I'rt't. i
lio AMsruti,.n nl
whlt-h i in- tu, .It (
iiftltoi) ) m in f 4 t.
Will f)V l,UU0 Uf
rt)wrtl for rl
lt0" tal i n k iu
lli- rival ami nm
Tlf'lluii uf nil) m
if ut 'rin"g gii-Mi
lug hiirgcg i ail 1 1 -
St llilllfa, I .a Im . at i . .
to say uf It mem JOWOlO
anieli.ledi for Nla ."'.. 1 ' ,M '
1tt' Nw'tluu i., I'uaiiiilili, it a,
Malta, I, llai liaa I I, .1 i.ilneuf Inl.i,
Hon lu make Final Ave year pruul i. e.iat.ltali
ilalm lo tualana .lra -HImmI, l. i.. , y
J O Con ii ii i I a. i Uenlii uie
(im. ou Ibe .'nil ila uf June. IVI4
i laliuai.l nam. . .. allneaeea
ferry llunl. Ilarilauii limn. I' ...... .-
i liarlea f. ftiillnwav all ..t l. nln i i. . eon
are 11 kotas, u.,1.1. ,
t mikii tTATgl LAND "nn r
tlurna. tiiesiin. Mav 'c in
Noil. i hrty i,en tlial Wlllam Allan al
llernev, Oli'tjull, lm, on J .'A, Inn
IMeert Laml Klilry, No MBV7, fur KlaSH I. and
'!.. eecljoll 31, J',.sn.lil. '.-.', ltano
BS WliUinelte St en. 1 1. ii, I... I. . I no I
Intention to majie I in. I Probi I"
ulalu lu the Ian, I abovri isatfl lie -I. bi f,,ie ;
later and Hvoalver at gnras, Ortaba ..n IS
ard day ol June, IVI1
t lalmant iniuiee aa altii.'ai'a
Allen J. .I.r. of IC, mi, OrfOS I.. Mat. .in
ad I.I. I'milaili-Lull, f llanu jr. llreitoii I
It am I lion, of Sue Lane ii. unaoli
vs r.aai, RegtMsr,
t'sitau BTaVie Uau urrica
llurna. Orsguli, June ., nn
Nome I, bereby alien ib.f M(t M
liiiiii.,.l llarriman, uregun, wuo. Tin t)( io
'. I I--. IVIo. made If mn-atead a..,, -I u .
ndrt. ur J,NltU.B4jltNgl,. Sl,H'ayi NliU
-W'. and Sl.agC. Uiiun t V.....Vk .
- . ItaiiK Xi g . W llamatte alaiMI.,, I,.. it.i
iioili. ol inteiillun l msje fin, I thru, year
I roof. t ..i.i li.i, (lalua lu ibe liut at,..., .1,.
m. ..., .-.-.,,- ,..i.,VT a,,,, nnrii,., ft
llurua nn sue. uu iba irijb day f Jaiy not
. lalm.ui iiainaaaa wlluaa
M 11 Murk. Kraal KU4r. gdwai I Jordan,
all ,.f ll.rnui.ii. oragon. Juaes-j
Wavi-rlv I'rogoii
Wm. Kassa. Ii.,i.i. ,
Ina.ldllion to lb al.ivr. Il.e nuderalalie.l
"" "" '" eouilltluu J,-4iuufr all 1, 1. 1... ii. . , i. a?
branded bur. .B0 b., en both o. . Itb.r ,. ' l,u' " Kepairing A Spt
read reoordaaj In h(i,i ruunll gasj cially.
llaine), Lsk and I'rouk loiiullie lluraa
reaUKl wbeu euld I aaaaaaa
Nob but grawo l. ..,..-. told and only
arge buueliea.
W. W. iiKtiViS Kit, ilrtaon.
u. s.nvasoasr,, Hc.i v. Hrasi,
a, m. i.. .
0arl I'rartl. . ,r "Hoale"
suri , I ,., i ,, so,,. ,
burns. oaecoN
PbyglclgiM and Sargem
Calle anawered promidly night.
VI...... II .
.. ii.rnrnan.
Hgiflman, Oregon
Or- Minnie ilan.
Physician and Suq
Wroct letcphonc ConncitU
La wen. Ore.
It s Sviiaiora
stt uaaiiiis
lliirna, iiieitui,, June i., lill i
Nolle la ben In alien thai Karl 11 Wall...
ill llurua. im noli, vvloi, ,,n Jul) .iid.lWM. iiiaile
I', furs', NK1,,
ll.nna. iil.-.-.n, Jni.r r,, lull
Nuiiee la bareaf given thai ilea-... N n u . t,
ena.uf llariiiy. ineuu. alio, on Nov.Bjbei Mb,
Iwl'J, made Huuivatead Kntry, Serial S'u taiau.
for NKVserllun 4. Tuwutlil, Msutlta, Hauae
M'j Keel. H 111. in . in. Metldlaii, liaa til,,
notn e uf liiletitton to make rniiiiiiulalluu
I'roof, tuaetauU.h rlalm to the laml above le
acrllsrd, litfoia IUi.1.1. r and Keeclver, al
Bums flreaun.uii Ide llti ik of lull, lull.
Claim ant uamea .a ultueaai-a
Hli.tinan T auitiii and ileiny i IUM4BSDB,
Isitli ul llain.y in.-. en Henry r in... I. ..i
llurua. Ilrea-ull. Kied II. In.. ..I 11.., n. ,
vim Kaaaa, HuKlaier.
(lieu K. cbamberlatii
I Harry Iin
W i Haw ley
IN J Miiu-.ii
A. M i ra.tord
Uawald Waal
. . . BB W. Dlrult
i n g
... J A I'tauri'blll
i Hobt gakln
IT. S. atcOrld
.Oa.ii liuii.nt
a. 0. Sean
I r. A. Moot.
CounV.' tiltt PIU,U '
i "uiny Aiiufn.y te.,tiioi0r
ir. -nit Court meets is Iral Muuday In
AV"1 ami rl Muuday is Urlotwr.
Attorney (f.n.rml
-wereiary ul mat
I reaeurar
-ni.l Kutillr luatrurtlu
"late I'rluler
Supreme Ja.l(a.
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival mi Dtptrtnt Of Trains
No. 2, Prairio 1015 A.M.
Sumpter 2i35 P. M.
Arrlvr. Baker 4i00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
11, l....l km,. .....I..I v.. ,,4..
- , . . , i. . ....... rur e--an e.v.
n.r i .... i .10 1 .', a. ei ioii :i, Tuwuhji U Hoaih,
Tnvegtlgotlous which havo been car-
iitili0" Ii.UU "lto tbe hw '
tablo or -tiorseny-tho oue that bites
-eon. to indicate that this particular
V ?. rw,Pou,lljl fr the spread of In
fantile paralysis anions; human being.
S t (uu0 ll0"'Jr roaouihlljig thla
which has been fatal to horsoa in
Msssagsd With Nattlaa.
Nettles are said to be an almost cer
tain proof that man has lived on (lie
pot. One Hrltlsh apecles, the so called
Itoman nettle, la aald to be found only
where tho Itoiuaus have been. Coles,
the seventeenth century herbalist, ex
plains, "It grows both at the town of
l.lililc, by Itoiiiney, and in the streets
of the town of ItoiOauvy, lu Kent, where
Julius Caesar landod, vUh his soul
dlers, and nlarde there a certalue lime,
and for the growing of it lu that place
It is reported that the aouldlera brought
Home of the aeede with them and aow
ed It there for their uae to rub and
chafe their limbs when through ex
t re. im cold they should be stiff aud be
numbed, being told before they raine
from home that the climate of Ilrltaln
was so extream cold It wi,s not to bo
endured without sooje friction."
Ilanio :. gsal, Meridian liae Itleii
ii. ,11. ol .i.i. nn,,, , n ii. ni. ina I fiye rear
I'loof. lo ealalill ill elnlin lu thu land at., rede
ai-rii.ed, in-fore tba H.,-1.1,,, .ud H.relver al
llurua, Oragoa, on the lath dy of July, ivlli
claimant nainea a. wlliitiaae
Whartt M I, A I Inn i II i.ase.illlu 1.. i.aai'b
Willlinii J Mi K Inula, all of llurua, Oregon.
Ws. Kaaaa. Keflster.
if NI'IKIl s'l'A'l'K.H I.ANIlOmi'g I
Hums ini-ioii, Jon. a, lull
Noll. ! lo lel.y irlvell that (iavaava. II ull
llama, of llun l ni.n. Oregon, wliool Juna'J7
.,, ,,,,.... ,,,,,,,, nl,.a,i r.nii) no aaai. aertal
No. ami for N'.H. I.t;,i H.. it. T'i
. H i.i I -., mi. I'J,''own1bu'7N
Kanue XI ., VMIIamell., M.rldl.n, hai fllid
iioilie of inieniton to inaka final five-year
proof, lo ...I.I, ll, I, rlalm to tb laud above d
aerlhed l.el.iie Iteslaler and lletet var al Burn.
"'IK on III.- lei Ii ilayol July, lull
I'lalinain loinii-. aa wlllifaaea
ThoiiiaaHliveiia. Kieii I., t'etera, John C T.m
Ol, Mleliuil Ileal), all of I'rlnt.loli, Oragou.
W. KasN. in-alii.r.
I M I III HI ATKH l.A Ml 111 II. I
Mlirna. Ilreguu, Ma) la, IVI4
Nolle. I. bsreoy ,li,.i thai l.ul-rlu Hllbarl,
ol Beekley.Oreailll. alio, olijulv 1. ItaiT. and
June 77. lal'J, rea,.rllvel Bade llinuealead
Kntrr No. nine Inerlal lUiaVn and No ll7, lor
HK'aMW',, He, Hut. IV. NK'.SH',, VN'.SKi
H5i'Ng',.Hei'tlun .In H'SvA', and HWI.SK.
Seelluu ), Tuwiialiln III H , Hauae JV K .
Willamette Meridian, liaa llle.l noil f Inlen
Hon to liiajn- final live year I'roof, lo
claim lu the Isuil .bii). .leaerl l.e.l. tsylola I
Tulloeb, II. H 1'ninlillaaloll.ic al hleottheal
Heckler, Orr.on ou ibe .nun day uf Jue, lull
rialtnaui namaa a. v ii bsasaa
Jobn Kobln.ou .r llurna, OtnMOB bavs
C'ruw, Hubert IstVii) and Jua,iiln llni,laKo all
of llei kll, oreguu
Via Kiasa. Itealiter.
Joint Henstur
Jul ul H, ira. nnuty.
t'ofT uaasay t
loillily Judaa
i orouer
Hlurk liianactur
i mnralaefunera
Wll Rrouka
W. K Human
H.T liu.l
M A Miller
v. . ery
A. K. Hlcbardaun
J J Uinessa
I M Haiulltuu
O. . ,,.u,c,
Ji" nuuiuaob
g. K. SylTMier
llliu. Bain
' Coarlaaeeu Ik 0rt Wlu.4y la
January, g. .,,, , Jul, He,.uibi aad
I. uii urrit-a:
Wm rate
Ham Mother. bead
ai ...
Jl . i A A
HflPasj rJ s. . - I VQ ElBiaj1
I Tlsy only way to l t.sSi.'- "" 'si
a uri Iss ruiite s Sr3- j3
New Home mm
Swiny Machine M&
I u tu Luy (he mc!uo M
1 with ih iuitm NEW JH
IO.MC on tU m
H mi III tier Ii-fjjg, m I HBBl I
M Ho. U jRapfi
m wfirr.ftid fur all wMrlBffJtjr i
Itnir. S "59fci '- 1
f No other like it Jfpf
Office first il.a.r east photo gafsjij
Born.. Oregon.
Bi', Ouaof.
v. ajfaaamo loiiawumg Hui
Attorney at Law
Voegtly Hldg., urn, Oregag
No. 1 Makes good connection
with O.-W. R. & N. No. 10 leav
ing Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from east arriving Baker 6:80
A. M
No 2 Connecta with Iji Crande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
1 (fast Mail) picks up hIivikt
there arriving in Portland 7:00
VA t10 Wlt N 18 at 1U NBW HoiBe Sw,, rWf.
av.w a . in. 1U1 ln.Jllll.-l UMAfiuE, MASS.
Burns, Oregon.
BSI ,'lvm
Mayor. ,,.,
IIiiiii., inn. May la, till
Nolleala hereby liven lhal liavld I
Heikley.llreaou, who, mi Jul) i, caiv ami Jul)
I. HSJ reauai lively, maite 1 1 ..,..,-. t ... I Kntrlei
.ue. am
Moll to make final Ave Year I ',..., I I,, ,..,.l.
Ilah elalin lo Ilia laud atxnn deaer II,. ,1, before
;. g. Tulloeh, 11 H. I oiuinlMlniior, al In. ..ill, ,.
at lli-ekl..), liri'son. Ull tile .mil. dav ol Jim,.
I lalinaiil liulni a aa a tin. ...-.
Ham Mulberahwd
"oy Van Winkle
tJ y Dalieo
. .a. L. llalnea
I "anaao
' .'.:. Il.uru J X. U. W.lvom.
1 J.Biea l.auisihlri.
IH. J.MoKluoon
Meetiuaa of IB. Council .vary cuud sad
Kollrlh Wuduead
V .aBBBBJBfjwflLjrA
a '.iWAIH, rO)TlAND.Om SAN ,JOSS rai I -
Hurn, Ori-ituii,
ni o , 7 JlsKioie Buijav,,
a-.- men. .,111, kr ,.,,, ., ,,,,,
Burna- Oregrsi
lracUces in the ststc Coorts aui
rarsuie L.ts. j,( ortice.
Careful atteiitimi (,'iveti to ColJa
wows ana Keal Kstate matters.
Hire Insurance.
Notary l'i,l,lic
I -
0. anMfsVrlsln-.'amiBlnl Nil oii.i'i, f,.r H' MIC,
iMtjonlli, KHNWL, NUHWU BdMv',Htti:,
let'tluu a. TuwliaMi in MuiiiV Hsiik, .' t .
Vlllatnetle Meridian, ba. llle.l lintlte uf Inteli
JiHUIU Uer.tllKo. Iliisualtne lilli.-ii. I nlllo
lillbrl, kobert I Vol all uf lleeklev. -..aa
l. IUKI Ite.l.lel.
UliOKUli HOON Prog.
Vw pgfl by DQ better gun
for target work and all
Wnallgameup to
w yards.
Meals At All Houra. Short!
J-. e ... atk
urders and I itimpt Service o
With Heaaonable Ratea a
! Uive Me! A Call I
Una la. Illeaon. JUIIII. 1114.
Nolle ia heiobv giv.B lhai Hart L Wllllama
ul llariliaaina, aiiinon, who, ou June 77 ivaoa
g .'fa"saq Kulrv Nn. uwin, 8erl.l No'
iTi. ' on '' """:" ', inwiialillia7H., Hauae
.1.1 h., haa filed uotloe of
uleiitioi, t maka liu.l nv. year proof lo eaiab
lab alaalan lo the laual above dearirlbod, Ufora
,,"-", , ... ,u,, ., uurna, I'reaou. on
the hi lb day ol July lull '
Claimant namaa aa wltueaaa
I lo.inaa Hieveua, Krad I I'.iera. Jobn 0
tapis, Ml. I i all of l'rluuluu, Or-
Wg Kaaas. aglur.
"1 Imvii ooured evary dsf till week
ut H.inm function or other," ri.-uiui'gtaa
tn.- vivacious girl.
"Well, well!" murmured tlie old geo
tlemuu wbo awerbeard bar. "Now 1
know wbat is meant by tbo term 'a
reigning bulla' Ht. Iul. He.iulillc
I'Nitan Sr.raa 1,41. (Irrn.s,
Haiuia,lli.sou. May Ul 111
Notloa la hereby given that CUarlM M. Wlldeo
ut l.awell. Oiegoii who, ou November IB. IVI'j
made 1 1 i . .. . i Kuiry N'u. uetin for NWi. Hw
Ja, Townahl,'J4H., HaiigeilJ K., Wlllamatleltar'
i. n. ii ha. tiled a, nil,-,, ,,f lui.ution lo make
Ilia luii.n.ialalloti niouf lu aalabllali elatiu
to Ih. laml above de.erlbd, Istfora ll.ilatar
... . ... ,,.,,,, .a uurna, ureguu, uu the lath day
claimant uamea aa a Itnaaa
William in !, I. bailey ilayey. Oscar Viaal
Hor.i , Wllfous, nil of law.n, Olisuu.
Ws. rasas. He.l.Ur.
Cogiplett Shgvipg (Win
10 Articles 10
We do job printing.
To mlvrrtlae oor Universal Shaving
Outfit sml Product wo will
lor a llinitiul time only, acml tliia well
wortb liV.OO Shaving outfit for SI 00.
Ws aell our producls to tho conaiiinsr
direct aod therefore you save all agent'
profile which you know are vory large.
! Hollow Ground Raaor.
-inci Lather Brush.
I Rasor Strop, Canvas Paoja,
I Nickel tUaal Back Mirror,
1 13-inch Barber Towl.
1 Bar Shaving Soap.
1 Boa Talcum Powdsr,
1 Decorated China Mug.
1 Aluminum Barber Comb.
1 Bristle Hair Bruah.
Keel' outfit packed in in ut bog fl.00
Coin or Money Onlor, n.ntsgn 10cotra.
VIVjERSAL products CO.
Pay ton, Ohio
0 TlkSSJOelfsraM nisiaa. o
change c
mechaniam ii
handles -'.22 liW
long or loua-hns) cartrkJaa
penccuy. na cjaap tMferd
rifling devclopa msxiniuni Dower aad
sccuiacy and adds years lo (ha Ut of rifW,
a'Cs : 'r:xritrcr.
e - - - iu aw aatnat.iiu t.
TfT?tlc'm' a'U ii.thao pig. Imi
tsesfj ! m 04a. AgTMl
i iuviu nit
iSt?lSS MmiUmA
4t Willow Sir..! N.
orate Courts and United Stat I
i-and Offlo IVactice
Throe doors South oaf th.
Harney County National Bask
Hums. Oii'LTon. -
Altorn.v ., Uw Notor, PsMl
awituo. s. Lead Mb, hKU7"'
0r, iK-lv,,...,, ,u , ,.
u.t UM otla, ,
Rifle la
Miule in two iiKiiielsi pug
for ,gg Short H. V. ....
tr nigra -- thu oilier for . Inar
Itltlo ft. f, "asvosj
Handles 11 .am
Short aud IS .04
long rifle rartrl,i.
Hinf(or liaiuleoinelr
lllialaista.l MlaV- T
"srey nw?
ram "if,aa(()
pU'i, w ,H
XJ&IUtii Sw4T
ll I
rnoa m
m :'
f fit.
'"in your i)alcr,
o- aoos.
caioorss raixa. aaamj
laml " W'JsW!ajjJtJaajafj
I If You Want All. Tha UAmA N...- I
I $2.00 a year I
I Best Job Printing I
. U.Courai
aeeo. . as MM
M ' I't'Oiis
laaa. s , aoe a a
QvU and Hydraulic Engtmtn
Irrigation. Water Supply
Sewerage. Water Power
rvey., Mai, K.tin,.,,,. Suoer.Uo.
f ll ti... .
vlea, "Ku",""si' mi'.'vi o gnjw g
X i.iera Hi
Eastern Oreg oo Eog loeerlif
Bans, Ortfai
Oarsct conueclioai, tQtk
t.v.. 11. I a.
...itun.n Muuday mmd TaeaeaVa
..! ! ... . a
" -" wwln.aday asjJ
McJafwaek, connectins wiak
" 'DealoJVViiBBCCt