The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 13, 1914, Image 2

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$ $ $
You like 'em don't you?
When you spend them you
like to get the best possible
values for your money
That's why you want to see the
Remarkable Values
we now offer befor you buy a
Come and see them You'll
be mighty glad you came
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
lh( (Timrs-lirrafd
Additional Locals.
John Onnl was in the city thin
Features and eonie'ly piotUfM
at Tonawama tomorrow night.
.lames l'iriu was in from his
homo during the week on busi
ness. Ira Malum and wife were over
from teeir home on t'ow Creek
('. W. B. Newell was in from
his line farm in the neighbor
hoo I of Dog Mountain during the
Dr. Geo, !. Carl is prepared
for special attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Kyes
tested anil glasses tilted. BGtf.
Christian Sehaper and wife
and their son Ernest were in
from Diamond WeilniMlav, the
latter lnuk ii proof on his hoine
steatl. Mrs. Ilastie has hreud for sale
at the Schwartz store or is pre
pared to deliver it to any home
in Burns, 16c. loaf or tw for
2Th Cookies always on hand.
1'ies and fakes to order. !W)tf.
Miss Nettie Sterling
Locher and Rye Smyth all return
ed home last Saturday from I'or
vallis where they had let'n at
tending the agricultural college
during the pssl year.
Geo. I'Vy has returned from
Maker where he went to escort
his (laughter, Miss Kveleen, back
furneal: Charles A. Julian C , I homo at the dote of the school
Mrs. Madge I-eonard, all of this where she has been attending.
Ooa Yni
Su Month.
Th... Montl.i
W. C. Byrd psnsod away at his
home in this city in the early
hours of Wednesday morning,
June 10, so peacefully thai lie
appeared to have simply gone to
sleep. While he had been very
feeble for a long time Ins death
was not expected. Bothnia MM
who reside here were In to spend
a short time with him on Tuesday
evening and he really m fined
feeling better than lie he had for
several days. At 11 o'clock W,
Y. King, who was as much de
voted to him as his own children.
arranged his pillows and retired
for the night in the adjoining
room with the door between them
ajar; at about 12 o'clock, Alex
Eggleston, who had been earing
for him for some time, looked in
and found him sleeping, but early
the next morning Mr. King found
him dead in the position he had!
left him.
"Daddy," as he WSJ all'ect inn
ately called by almost every man
woman and child in Burnt and
Harney county, passed to his
final rest as he had wished, with
out suffering. He had been so
helpless since a stroke of paraly
sis in April three years ago and
there was no hope of his ever re
covering his health that his pass
ing does not leave the sting and
regret it would had he been him
self as in the years before that.
He was offered a home with any
one of his children who would
have loved to minister to his
wants, but he wanted to remain
in the old home so was given his
wish and kind friend.-, were al
ways ready to gratify his every
wish when one of bis own child
ren were not present.
William Calhoun Byrd was born
in Highland county, Virginia
May 10, 18-12. He recieved his
education in the schools of that
vicinity going later to a law
school at Charlottsville. In lhtil
he inlisted in the confederate
army, being promoted to lieuti n
ant and served under Stonewall
Jackson. At the close of I la-
war he returned to bis home and
was married in May 1XM, coming
to Missouri where he lane lit
Bchool and the family migrated
to Harney Valley in IXH'A where
he had since made his home. He
taught school in this place for
several years and later served
as county school superintendent
In 188'J he purchased this news
paper and was its editor for
many years, conducting this in
connection with his educational
work. In WM his son Julian
took charge of the paper und
later purchased it from his par
ents. Mr. Byrd conducted
furniture store for a time and
later entering the general mer
chandise store of Fred HgJnes in
thia city which he managed for
u few years, but since the death
of his wife in January, 1!M!, he
had not engaged in any active
He is survived by five children,
nil of whom were persent at the
city; Ambrose M.. of Juntura,
a ntl Alice Cole of Vale, came in
from their homes.
The funeral was held Thurs
day afternoon from the Presby
terian church. Rev. Dr. Benson
conducting the services and the
iot many menus ne into mane uur-
ra ing his long residence in this
vicinity crowded the edifice to
pay their last tribute of respect
The service was very impressive,
Dr. Benson preaching a very fine
sermon; the music was most
appropriate and touching reticle r-
erl by a qosTtet composed of
Misses Louel Smith, Florence
Holfeditz. l.udwig Johnson and
Dr. Brown with Mrs. (i. A
Rembold at the organ.
Special Services.
Union Services in the Presby.
terisn Church next Sunday morn
ing at 11 o'clock at which time
Mis. I..i Manee. the National
organizer of the W. C. T I'.
will speak. Also a meeting at
the asms place at 3 p. m. at which
time Mrs. La Mance will address
herself particularly to women.
A union service in the evening
at the Haptist church at H o'clock
when Mrs. lx Mance will again
address the audience.
Everyone is invited to hear
this lady of National repute; no
thing offensive will be
I'hcv weie also accompanied
home by Mrs Mass a daughter of
Mrs. Sprague.
Mrs. Henry Dalton and little
sons are home from an extended
visit to outside points, During
her absence Mrs Dalton attend
ed the Rebeksb grand Itxlge at
McMinnville, to which point she
was accompanied by her sister
Miss Myra King. The youngest
Dalton boy remaining with his
grandmother during the time.
i They return looking well and re
port a very enjoyable visit. Myra
King is no employed in the En
terprise office at Vale.
Married In this city Wednes
day, June 10, 1914, Robert c.
Moll'ett and Mrs Martha Mid-
dlesworth, Justice Pstterson per
forming the ceremony. Both
are well Known residents of the
Drewsey country living in the
vicinity of the Van H)8t office.
Mr. Moll'ett has been a resident
of this country for many years
anil like his bride has a large
number of friends who join
The Tunes-Herald in extending
best wishes.
Teachers Examination.
The school patrons and friends
in this district should remember
that the annual election is to be
held next Monday when a direc
tor and clerk are to be elected
and plans for next year made,
This is a matter that all should
take an interest in. It should be
remembered that the faculty has
been added to this year and some
of the saluries raised, besides
necessary changes must be nude
in the building for the accommo
dation of the additional teachers
and larger enrollment, therefore
more finances must be raised
I HITin WT4TII I k Nil 'i i I.
Duma. Oregon, May I ., I'M ,
Nut lie la lirifttv lIVvD lhl I Inn I Villi tig,
tiuiiliet nel heir nf u nuna. i.tvimswl ul
Narrows, OHjfOn, NDO. un Nnvi mini U, I1
mad! Itoinretiml Imry. No Wen, fn M ' (
NKk WlHl4, Hoc i ami N l,si i ,, .-,, 1 1., n
lot low iuli hi lifl H., Kengi- .to I , Mfillmiiclli
Meridian, (north ul MtlurUi l.ekej lino tlltiri
li nl h r tit IIIMOllOO lOmOfet HiihI VI VI mi I'll mi f
looaVablttli i in m in t in- lone aoue i nll,
D fun' KoHltUirood Uurim Oregon,
.ill ll'i .till tla JHIh , I'M.
i loiosontoonoBoi oltbtoioi
kav iMitftll. II eli' n luitli,( iniili a s. i-titiiiiM,
eli 4f Nat rowa, UhMJON stOOl II iimi, nl MOtHI
w iMiitc, Itaglitai
Hhi nl, tlli gull. Mm i i -i
WoUot li ooroby oItop tool tVlllaa tlUu l
llarnr), (funmi. wlm, mi IttIM ' '" llliuli
lieseil Leinl huti), N$J ti'. for S'fcW "4 lil
HW'.K1. -nil. .ii Jo. TuWIICllIti . tUliM
t '."- W lllailHUft' M ihllHii. lino hit -I . ..In nl
I I'lltl'll ll "' l'l". ttl tllftkl I Inn PrOfll, In r.h I li
I rt I'I I si I S . !,.,. !..,.. .1 ..... .1 I., i Ir. ..
I tut III 1J I at a laa ' Ol a a.- ti I ' I -!, ." ,.,i ' PI
isii-r Kiui Ket-eUr n( itui it iireauii "it lite
.'Jul iter uf Julie, IU1I
( Lavliiiaut iKtiin a vt Mm ear
Alleu JoOOBtOf Muiiie, Urogun Ire station
ami I 1. I'uiijailf hold uf lletii-) Ore Hull I
II eui 1 1 tun, ul Nih he in ii, in it fit
w m I- turn Id , i 1 1 i
Nuli of Final Settlement.
In IIihChiiiiI) Ci.iirt nf tlioHtnti' til lift
Ofl for lliiriiMy 'iiiiiity.
tn thf iniittrr ni tin' nlsstfl ol Rolierl
I I III II, illHTHH i, 0
NoHc ll hcirliy given tluil I lir ii iii In -
Ifptfll llllH tilrtl hll Oiiotllll lirtrlll,
mikI Hi. 'i tlu Jttdgt ol Mid Court luin
Iim il I lir time fin In nini- olijrt'l imiim to
Mini Hit t If incut nl th ainur lot llitiitt-
day, ihr '.'ini iltiv ol inly, mm I, at tbt
hotll ol It) o'clock A .M of nmiiI ilov, 'it
(In I'otiil IlutiM' ill Hill MM, t liroii,
hid. I Rnrtii, Ortfon, May II, ')4
micia in i. DOAN, Btftntorof
the Hetntr ul Robeti loiui,l) nl.
I ill "I Hint, M;iy I'.'t, 1914
l .ii nf lioit miIii atioii, fur Jit, Ml) I
Initio- htair i iMnOrrn
eir. on gun. vis) I:.
I Ml I
NollrO It liereh git en (hat i oltimliui ilruvti
nf I Mil Hi. UfOOOOt w In. mi AUltllt III' I'l
meile lliiiiireifeit Abpllctttiun ". "'' !
emeuilidi lor N.iW1,, KJCNVi . V, W,
-W, i. lownslili. H - Ktii I
Hlllsiuelte MorMlon, he llicil liutll I ill
Hun tu uiihi' t-1 ne I nve r ei nruul Uieitaulitti
islie (u Hi looo BboVO ooorrluod, Iwlvro M
J o I wlin in, I i i iMiiiiilaelniitM. ( Mi li'" ' "
guli. un Hi- .'.'i"l le uf JilMu, l''l
i leimeiii iieini-a as iti.i -
rerr Huvil. Ilerrieuti Unir, Kalfili iiruvo,
herlee K H..U..b ell ( h-in... i.i.Kimi
hhl IK K K . i r ii HOfltll
I sirei. OTl t I i I
Muriia, i in n-.ti. tin. i- I Mill
Noiir r li borobj glroo ibnt WIUiooi ' M
K tan is ui HuroOi iegun bi lull i low
meile Momonlood E'irji v. tu i. lui i
Uit I oli ' aid I Npptlun ' I ... iialit . . ( k
iteitgr u K. niti i.ttu Marbilau, UM ' '
tltitllr Of t II t' 1) 1 111 di BlOlf PlllOl Kll '''
Iruof, tu releblleli Ulm tu llu li.l bimiii !
m iiim .), boforo tin Kogisrei mul K t . . r . at
Utirm. Ofrgtili, nu Hi' 1 ' li la al Jul
l leliiieUt lietni s Ma h Inn
( rmi A. iWNl. I ell nelien- Mi' I'
r.iU M K I till ). oil ! II urn a ni. Kim
V M hKM l.i Riali I
I'MTIIi st I,.- I , st. i I I' -
IIUMia, H, K..;i M... I .
Noll, r I" In rrli (It. ii Ibal ' l ' N I . Ml.".l.
..I ttB-nv lr,...n w . M..IM..I. il Sain Nu 1 llll N.I
t ',-... I. N ' . ' , - II. Ill "
' . KlltU I Wl'l '"' II. M. r
iisk l... iii. !" i.i III i" itmhi
nuaiiit ir,i rrum . .mi.i th i-iftlin lutlit
lau.l Hull .lt-i i I. ul I. " I:. i t. i mi4 II.
. rl. r II Muma, UMgon, Ull III! ; l' I, I.. r ..I
Jul. I'll
t I al in ii i ti in ..'
. .auk tt. . I II I li Hi ii
IK-ll I" It. I Hll ..)..! HI'
v I .hm, K. ,
('iilllllilllltillll lick, illjlltv, llitiillllll
mill tli'iillt lii'iit'lll jirnti . li.. it ul iniiii-
Miiini pott, I'j.UiO.ihi dsalh Iwnafltj
II mm mi fur loMnf lllilli tir jwlgblj
(iiuiii $8.00 to ll.00 Mi'iklvaitk orat
i ImiiiHi, ii.ihki.uo Kaiargvni
I'.l l.iliflll. dial li li Hll i.t inr,
CIO l.llll'l lIlll'H lit NHirNHMII'lltM. IllllilM
iiiiiritnt't' nil moaSBll wtiiiii-ii itir .Imii'.1
.ill mi t'itiul tiiiHia, it-gitr. lift. ..f ...niH
linn Iwnry SOTflon i n n U . m IIm iSSM
fi.iin uf ii.iiiiNti.iii, uayi tin' 'hhi.'
iim. Mini. if iii'iiniiiii iimi rrnrlvn tin
Mn itiiiiiiiiil ul Ihii.IIi. M"n mnl
vn'iiiih'ii bolwora tin' HKf. ui 10 ml 06
ro erotpfod, So posirieUoiit ssIom
i ilnilliill, (tit ly l.'uili.iii.l niti) . n, luvfl
m ploy ad m track , iimn ot monad
homo, Dan aol bt sasaptad. Otalmi an-
paid within ttttf tlaya nyln'if in Hit'
i , tt, Canada af Bnropo. ! I rvllaM
limnrnnir l'iinmnv. IIUHUHIIKI on
StatS dopOSlI a iT'ilriiluii lor I'ullty
lioldon itmi to snarsnlM 'i" pnyamal
..I latna Km liirllit-r fro iii'm inatlun
iniilitt.M tiiiMiiivr B. Wornor, Hocrotafy
in. I 'niii'iitl aiiii,(.T, Hoi IIS, I'.iifl.tlu,
K, v. utair n, a, im t mMi ion sad
unili. hi Dopt. It ITS,
Spring Opening
We extend to all a special re
quest to call and examine our
Dress goods, waists, dresses, skirts
new summer underwear in silk,
lisle, cambric in all styles, hosiery,
gloves, neckwear, new ribbons,
laces, embroideries, full line trim
ming, silks and buttons
Quality Goods Only
Tortoia Shell Auto Glasses
swi: PBOM :mi to so PER CENT
OBI l.i
..! i
I . I It' .III, -
I 1,1 ,.. II .1
Notice is hereby given thst the
( 'taints Superintendent of Harney
County, 0regoD will hold there
said Kular exsininstiofi of apiilicuut.s any class of citizens. '"' HtSte ( erancstsg
Mrs. I.a Mance will address a Oregon, SS followi;
mass meeting at the court house
on Saturday the lllth at H p, m.
at Hums,
Commencing Wednesday, June
Names of Pupils Who
Passed Eighth Grade
The names of those reeeivins
sighth Krade diplomas at the
May examination are as follews:
Hums: Annette Leonurd, Helen
Thompson. Kay Skien, Ed Cood
man, Jumes Youni. Iouis HukIi
et. U'thiu Oliver. Nellie Reed,
Jennie Cook
17, 1014, nt 8 o'clock a. m. and
continuing until .Saturday, June
3), 1914, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Forenoon
Writing, U. s. History, Physi
ology. Wrdnraday Allarnoon
Physical (icoKraphy, KeadiiiK
Composition, Methods in KeadiriK.
Methods in Arithmetic.
Tliurtday Forenoon
Arithmetic, History of Educa-
nori, rsycimioy. Methods in
Ella Elliott, Evelyn , A(,
llyrd, llda Hayes. L, ,, .
, i i i ti i, ii (iraiimiar, ditiKraphy, American
Cord dlenn N. Urown. Harry i n,....,i ii.V,u,.o m...u... ;
i. ii- iiiiuii , njrnifi, .in iip-tn ill
Language. Thesil for Primary
I Niuitim I i'ii i i
It e un '. K' ' i '!
Nullir Is ln-rel.) glVVM II. at I hi
far Ifl i Hilli U MI , hi,.. .. i
eOdiise le HI I'mi. St iiim ' i
ile al Mt) i '" ,l1, " Illi " ! t
illi elloii in at-iri i uii'li r i i.i pruvlahme ul tin
i t uf i ongreM, Kt'i'i I luiji iiii
hl-.'.M.', -i I I .'. r. It I Ml, W M,
t.-i Ncj tti sj
An) einl ell i.. r-..ia rlaMtttlttfl kI . ri li i In-
isii'U lit a te 'I, ui iletlrl sum
uf i be un i.i i i bar en i I ttl lue latid nl Un any
i llier r-aaint m tin dlgmetil Ua i
ft It their iltiilmii "i pii.tial In llila .-it u
ur iH-h.d- tli- ml. .lty i.i lul 'li
Am r . i.i i I
UMTSUOTATI I m. ii ii . i
Itmiia, Un it. in. i una l.t. lull I
Nodosal SorsOf lvon Inai iitirt I'l kt
lllit-l. ul llarn.-jr. HI. ..n. v, I lull l.i. .
u.a.rt' Mum llrad Inti. Hrrlal Nil Itil
SWCnkW, .NW.tK1, ii.i i.i- ami
ttuti I, ..wi.ilii. .'t auttth, Hanoi i .
ft lliaiti.'ii.' MorlJlon, lioa Slot! i luivii
lliiu tu o.kf II i . m I Mi. I'li.i'i in i ,,it HrIi
. laliu Ul tin lati.l oUuvt 'I. i ii 'I l Kialf
lol an.l Hviulvtr a) Uuflll ori'Otln, lilt tin
ih. .ir ul Jul) lull
i la I maul i.a ii., n aj wltueeai-i
Aluart WinkI, tut. i iiaot'b, Kronk look on
Kir. I llrli-lf-II ..II ul Mill ii ill.,, n
Ha I .ni i 11.,'IkIi r
I lit' I ill..'
. -i i r.90 ii i'.
Sii.l i n l BO
:tiii.: 10 SO :' hi
:' 1 1. SO I it.'.
:i:'j ".'.in :ki
:i.'il 13,70 S.ffl
:ni If HO 3.00
.'Mil It, mi 1.60
30 l I, tt :i :hi
Mil i'i W i .
M) t1 I'l S. I 'Ml
:i7it'.. II 'hi .'. in
. ' -1 'HI .'. 'HI
All ..ilirr -ii m in stock, s.. ,i ski, l
tut'" I ' iT tt'iil ail. lilt. innl, ntl Itilita
ifn poi f.'i.t tin- urn) All aav,
t Iron, In alt Kuuranlt . .1 in.- llt-al
atttii.lai'l mill Inilfpt'liilrlil intikitp. Ittlv Iimiii UN um.I fH i in. Hi. - 5 ojojf
.li't'.itiiil it iiv ini-iit in lull in,-. nu ,otiiea
. 0. li titiltr t'.tl. i tin III ii r . iiit .If
poolt. Mt.iHiiig 1'iaiiiinHiiiiii
Iiil. A l)otun. Ohm
Oregon Hotel
III I II UAkM , I'rup.
Comforts of Home
Personal Attention
Home Cooking
Clean Rooms and Beds
Best fable Service
Courteous I n.atiin.ul
We do job printing.
The Burns Flour Milling Co. tun-is uf home produrtH
The ( 'renin of the Wheat, fresh and Palatable
Bran and Other Rolled Mill Feeds
You I'iitroiue Home when you deal here
Per cent
Heavy Shirts
Heavy Uunderwear
Mackinaw Coats
Sheep & blanket lined coal
Sweater coats
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
All the news in The Times-Herald for $2.00
The Pure Bred Imported Perchen in Stallion
CROMIERe No. 40332
Will Make Season Stand of 1914
Cromier is a mature horse, weight 1 700, yood breeds
TERMS. $10. INSURE, $15
J. W. Shown.
S. J'rown.
Lewen Lulu Hayes. Otliel
(JolF, Walti-r George, Annls
Ilarriman- Cora H. Thimmes.
Van Kutli Howe.
Harney Herbert Irvinir. Let
Di'iiio 10 1 I a faeutty, Adam
1'eatty, Uaisy Dsfeabsugh,
Amlri'WH Nellie H. Buffmsn,
Kthel Turner, Ha Turner,
Kmil Stone,
Oroville Delores Callow.
i.iiin'.- I'irie returns dneeri
in.'iiiKs tor Kind neiu exiendeii to
him in his sad bereavement, und
iviiieiially to tbuM who took care
of Ii'ih wife.
Mi.-.. S Iampshire and Mi...
(ieo. McLaren returneil yesterday
from a ten days' outing spent
with Mrs. McLaren.s duuxlifer
and family on the OO Hunch.
I'. M. Kniorht of I'rairie City
was the successful bidder on the
mail contract between Hums and
l'ruirie. The Times-Herald w
informed his bid was $15440.
He will assume control of the
line on the first of next month.
L Woldenberg, present contrac
tor, had u bid in but it was for
considerable more money. Mr.
Woldenberg was awarded the
contract on the route from Can
yon to Monument
Fridoy I 'oronoon
Theory and Practice, (Jrthogru
phy, English Literature, Chemis
try. Fridoy Altni.ooti
School Law, Geology, Algebru,
Civil Government
Solurdoy I 'oronoon
(ii'oinetry, llolany.
Saluiday Aflornoon
General History, Bookkeeping,
Supt, of Public Instruction.
I Nk. h-w.tiM a.tli, Mim l, lull
lOl I . Nl.
Nolli'O la in i. i.i olvoii Ibol KllssbsU II...111,
(ojulbar oiitlouoof ISO oolraol I t., M 1 ilia ma,
I',., ..'!, , l(llc), OmoOU, WllU mm .Inly 1. Hi'
1'itri. iiihiI. II.11,,. .1. .l ). hirv, Nu irMlli, li.r SM
' ' . " IHlll 16 ami .!.',, N'.,MK',. HOI Hull li,
I ijw liali l .' aollllt, ItHliK.' .'11 Kail. Wlllatuatta l.i, III. -.1 11. .111. ..I ml. nil. ,1, 1,, i,,,k,
linul lit. tool It.... I, 111 1 ntalillah 1 laliu tu ll.i.
Iaiil ni.". l.i. ill. 11I, I.. Inn- tliaa J hiaurttT,
li - iknImii. 1 , al htnilllui, Oraaull, mii Ihv
.-in. .1... ..I Jin..- I n I
1 'ni 1 11 hii 1 uautt'O 01 -. 1 1 lit,..-,
HtOlllOV liHimin. Itll.-t. OrOOUII Iff 1'i.lfii
Uoorgo klai.llllif IIMain Hiltll. all ul kil,
1. r. iiLitutN., 11. ,i,i,.,.
inim mr i.,ni, orm s
Ssrvs, hi.-, nu. May 1, mil.
N ' Is I1.1. i,y alvau tliol Nit'lioal J
III Mill. 1. 1, nl I'. nl.. OimiiII, oUU, 1,11 M,-i,l V.
i'i I.- lli'iu. ai.'Mtl Kuiry. Bu ni7, lur
H . I1,. Hl'.',h',. Mi-.-. J. fcy.l,llll IW'
M-.', hi iimi 11, Tuwnililli 41 H.liaiiat'UiK
V ill -ii.- M.11.11..1, I1aalllt1.ll1ulliauf111u.11 to 111. ilif II 11 a 1 1 1, iff ti-ar proof, lu tmlal.llab
flit 1 111 lu tin. lanil it 1. in .- ilt-ai rlln-il. I,uura tlao
no- A -nu Hi If I H. 1 iiimiilHlulifr al hi
until-, al Ol.'iiuii Ull Oil' iVIIiUatuI
Jllllf I'lll
t laJlnalll liatiit H a. wlljiuoaaa
William ti niitlng-M ami Tliuiuaa llltfiirrauo
Lull, ul In iiln. 1 J 1 . K"i l-iailallik 1. Allau. ul
timt llln, Oii'ttuu I itttlurlt'lt Ijjutl, ol tolu,
OifHUO. (
Ho l.M, Kofjolar
The StudebaUer Four Roadster is a car of dual type and manifold advantages.
As a Roadster the car presents a distinguished appearance, differing but little
from the conventional type.
When desired, however, it is only a few minutes work to change it into a
closed car impenetrable to wind, cold, and rain. The Studebaker name guaran
tees appearance, durability and minimum cost of maintenance.
Electrically Started
Electrically Lighted
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Vrvv (amp House and Feeding Privileges in Corral
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
Y. A. (iOODMAN, Adjoining' I'aii (, rounds.
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Touring cor $135.00
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Sod.n - IMI040
The SlucMioltrr I OUK Cor - - 11050.00
IJrliv.ry.C.r $1150 00
All Pile I 11 H Doom
I lH $1200
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Write for free copy of the Studebaker Proof Book, containing sixty-four
pages of information on the manufacture of the Studebaker automobiles
La nips hi re's Garage, Burns, Ore.
"Buy It Because It's a Studebaker''
New Spring Goods
Have arrived and we are now ready to
supply you with your requirements
Dress Goods. Wash Goods
Laces, Ribbons, Hosiery,
Gloves, Embroideries, etc.
The Rurns Department Store
We do It right