The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 06, 1914, Image 2

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$ S S
You like 'em don't you?
When you spend them you
like to get the best possible
values for your money
That's why you want to see the
Remarkable Values
we now offer befor you buy a
Come and see them You'll
be mighty glad you came
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
1 hf Wwtz-
Oa Yaar M.OO
S4a Mania .......... 100
Tie... M.alk. .... 7S
EverythinR is chaninK and
progressing, and every thing has
a future. There is a future M
business and nothinK in eotUMO
tion with business has a gfsttsr
future than advertisinR.
Advertising is fastapprouchititf
an exact science. Tht successful
merchant today knows what ad
vertising is, what it does, and
whst it will do for him. Hut we
must remember that only 5 per
cent of merchants are sue
The successful merchant plows
his ground deep, harrows it well,
selects the best seeds and plants
it carefully, cultivates the soil
regularly and reaps a lountiful
harvest He knows like the
farmer, that to reap a kmh1 har
vest you must prepare the soil
before planting the seed.
Some merchants expect spon
taneous results from a small
amount of advertising, and if
they are not forthcoming they
say advertising doesen't pay.
What would we think of a far
mer who planted his seed today
and expected his harvest tomor
row. The seed must generate,
grow and mature before harvest,
and the right kind of advertising
will produce just as certain a
harvest if planted in well prepar
ed soil and Kiven a chance to
gerre.ate, grow and mature.
The future of advertising Is no
different from the future of
farming or any other business.
How can a merchant ex Kit
much from his advertising unless
he puts well established scienti
fic principles into play in the pre
paration of his advertisements,
and then gives the advertising
time to produce results.
The future will call for more
system in advertising and more
interesting advertising and more
instructive advertising.
It makes no particular differ
ence whether a merchant has a
monopoly or competition in his
community. He will advertise if
he wishes to retain the confi
dence and good will of the people
for he thus gets ahead und stays
ahead of competition. Geo. K.
hold "high jinks" for as long as
the crowd is entertained by them.
It is planned to hold the
literary und musical program
at the court house in the fore
noon, the parude started at 10
o'clock headed by the band.
A purse of $40 has been provided
ts prizes for decorated autos
iii the parade. This purse will
be divided into four piizes. the
first prize being 50 per cent, the
second 2T, the third 15 and fourth
lit per cent. This amount should
induce a fine parade of autos as
we have a large number. There
will Iw patriotic speaking and
music at the court house follow
ing the parude in the forenoon
and after luncheon the entire
afternoon will be given over to
sports. A big dunce will be fW
en on the eveniJg of the Urd at
Tonawsms and a plsy is Iteing
prepared under the direction of
Miss Sweuringen for the evening
of the 2nd. Pictures will also
ho shown at Tonawama on the
nights of the 4th and 5th.
The Hums ball team has al
ready issued a challenge to the
team that wins the game on the
Ith for a game on the foiling day
for the gate receipts.
Additional Locals.
Lee ThornburR and family
were down from their mountain
during the week.
Karl llagey and his mother
have gone to Willamette Valley
on a visit to relatives and ftienna.
O J. Durst was in town this
week. He has been mining over
in Grunt county and will now go
to work on his mining property
on Trout creek.
Mrs. Hustie has bread for sale
at the Schwartz store or is pre
pared to deliver it to any home
in Hums, 15c. u loaf or two for
25c. Cookies always on hand.
Pies and cakes to order. 30tf.
('has. Comegys and family
were in during the week visiting
Mrs. Comegys mother, Mrs.
Marshall und also to visit with
her sister, Mis. Hart who is here
from California to spend the
Christian Science services Sun
days 11am., Wednesdays at 8
p m. Reading room open from 2
to 5 Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons. First door east of
stairway. 1 1 issuer Hldg. Cordial
invitation extended to all.
Win Gowan and wife, J. M.
Dalion und family. Mrs. Ludwig
Johnson und Miss Hazel Cozad
were pussengers out yesterday
morning by the way of Bend to
Portland. They will attend the
Masonic Grand Ixxlge meeting
in Portland, take in the Rose
Festival and see the sights in
A furewell reception was given
Rev. C. Heebe at the Baptist
church lust Monday and a large
gathering of friends of Mr.Beebe
and the church were present
The affair wus gotten up by Mrs.
I Jim ps In re and u few of her
friends, who were pleased to see
many resiond and give the re
tiring pastor a word of encour
agement und show their appre
ciation of his work in this held.
Mr. Heetx- took his departure
Wednesday moraine for Eugene.
his former home, with the best
wished of many Hums friends.
I'MTaii MTA lit" I.ANI. 111 I c I j
Hume, iiriiiii. May i ,, mi
"trjtlee Itaariby liven that l,mlna I I'min)
u-.nnr tan neir m ah
da Horoeeia
IWiieli i, -j
i. .i. ....... i. ,,j
wliu. tin Nnvi-inlier 2. Itala.
d Kimy. No inn. I, ii '
mi .1 ami mi v.i i.. .1 1
win,,,, , ii,
Narrow!, Ilreaun
t'i. n
till JB M . Itauae .HI f .
Meridian, North ut Malheur I .a k i hea nii-il
iiitilfu( Ihieiittun in link fltml 11 i- )iat i r.
In eatalilleh claim to the lain! a (nut' dew i n.i .1
before Heflilaraad Iternlier.ei Hume Oregon
uuinriiiBair June, inn.
Claimant iitm. aa wlluelene
:ai Huvall. Helm
all ,.f Nairna-a, ori-emi Ham Hnina.
Her luall,
Ini.iill.l limli-e Ni-Killinin.
wn. rH, iienieiiii
I'Nlirtu STATH I.AMiniHi i .
Hume, tlieguii. Mi) I'l I
Nutli't it haraUy glvin thai Wlllmn Allan nl
Harney. Orrault, m I n Jiuu- IS, llltl iuiki. Uml Klllrv, Nil 0111,, Im s', , ', ,,,!
Mrt'-HK',, Hei-llmi Jii, l'imilili Tl H , llm,,
.li1, K Willamette M. n. Il.ii, Ilea II led I I
luieiitlou to make Hue! I'ruiii, in letauHili
iilalui to the land aiHivi', before Kfl
later and Kei-eliei ai Hurne, I'faitili on iih'
Brd day of June, law
claimant ueuii'a aa wltueaeee
Allen Jiiliel.tif Hume, llrraun ha Mai
and I I. IVilllede liulh nl Manx) I
llamillua.uf iiiliariaii, iiinmn
wn Kaaait, aaajitar,
Vain, orngnu, May Ii, ivit. I
Nut Ire taheratiy given thai i Dtnmbni llrova,
I iiniiti. tireaon, wbo on Annual i ith, i d i
made llmo.eieail Aiillilniii No, "
emendedl fir N),Ni.. 11 '.NW1,. . . ..',
IWU Heiitloit i,. 'I'na n. I. lj, 41 H, ttaiini , I
Willamette Meridian, haa filed uiiluie of linen
lion to make Final five yeat anail biaalablUifa
rlaliu to the land ilmm di ai i in i M
J. O'Connor, L' , CoraauMlanar, at I . n i. Ore
inn. nil the i'nd ilai of Jinn'. I'll
claimant uaniea aa wltneaaea
Ferry Hoyd. llarrlaon iimie, Italnli iiiinr,
lli.rlee K. Il.illiiwe all ul Inillii, I in ami
nana K. ka-iee. MgtllM
Hum. Mel No. N
l'MraliHtra I rn m n. I
Hume. Oregon, April : lelal
Nolle la lierehy given Uta Nortl
lariflt- Hallway i uuiauy, vaaaaa bual odloe
addmaa la Nt I'aul. MlUUeetilu ha. II
day uf April Kit, til lu line ottr lia ap
plh-allou tn ealert under the iiu! l.iuna of On
art of i ottaieae, approved July I, laai aOdlnl
la,'. ai
M'.nl KK'.Kn
at. r 9a a. h xi i:
NIC', ol Va, lie N K
K. A. M.
"All of a Sudden Peggy."
Three Days Celebration
Are Planned in Bruns
(Continued from puge 1)
these contests and every boy und
xirl may have an opportunity to
compete for some of this money.
Another novel feature of the
late afternoon is the 'Plug-ugly "
parade that will be giyen ipecis
attention by the committee.
Masks will be urovided and a I
team furnished for this occasion
and it is the intention tff ISCTIIS
as many us possible to take part
in this part of the progrum. The
rig will be taken to the fair
grounds where the "Plugs" may
make up in whatever character
they desire and then they will be
un nn Main street and
The Canyon City Dramatic
( Hub presented "AH of a Sudden
Peggy" at Tonawama last Sut-
urday to a well tilled and appre
ciative house. Several of those
taking part are quite well known
to the people of this city and this
made the entertainment all the
more interesting.
Mrs. Perry Chandler in the
title role was a decided success.
She played her part to perfection
und was well supported by Mr.
Whitfield who played the lead.
Mr. Chandler as the "Major"
was typical in both make up and
expression. His lines were well
in keeping with the character
and he sustained it well. It was
a very difficult part Miss Velum
(luernscy as "Mrs. O'Mara"
mother of "Peggy." was most
favorably received and praised
for her excellent work, as was
also Mr. Andersan in the part of
"Anthony". Miss Bertha JUoyce,
who is well known here, being a
cousin of the Gould boys, played
the part of "Millicent" in a most
creditable manner. Mrs. Slater
aH "I. aily Crui'ki'pt horN-" wus
everything the part required.
Miss Denny played the "iu?igh-
horhood gossip" in a very fetch
ing manner and Mr. Clay and
Otis Patterson each sustained
their characters well.
The play was very much enjoy
ed by the people of this city and
the comment following the pro
duction was most flattering.
They compare favorable with the
players who come to our city as
professionals and we have some
pretty good ones. The party de
parted for their home the follow
ing day quite well satisfied with
the manner in whwrh they had
heen received by the play goyycrH
of Bums and the praise of their
friends and admirers. They
muy be assured of a big house at
any time in future they may de-
Teachers Examinations.
Notice is herehy given that the
(xjunty Superintendent of Harney
County, Oregon, will hold the re
gular examination of applicants
for State Certificates ut Burns,
Oregon, as follews:
Commencing Wednesday, June
17. 1914, nt it o'clock s. m. and
eoniiniimi' until Saturday, June
D, 1!UI. ut 4 o'clock p. in.
Wrdneeday Koreaoea
Writing. U. S. History, Physi
We.lnrailay Aftarnoop
Physical Geography. Heading
Co;n posit ion. Methods in Reading.
Methods jn Arithmetic.
I liuraday forenoon
Arithmetic, History of Educa
tion. Psychology. Methods in
I huraday Afternoon
Grammar, Geography, American
Litem lure, physics, Methods in
Language. Thesis for Primary
Friday Forenoon
Theory and Practice, Orthogra
phy, Knglish Literature, Chemis
try. Friday Allnnmin
School Ijiw, Geology, Algebra,
Civil Government.
Saturday Forenoon
Geometry, Botany.
.SaJirday Afternoon
General History. HuMkkeeping.
). .. ji.uitc.ui:.,
Supt, of Public Instruction.
ujiii i
MB a. i.
in ial a, ii a
aoiai i !'
nerlal No 7S;,i
Auyaudall pereoua rleuuina advnrai I
landa dvaorlbvo. or dvalrlua to oblast Uerauaa
ot lb raluerel character of the land, of lul any
ulher reaaoulotbedlepiaal lue.lh aul.alui-ii.1
01- tbelr affidavit of promt In una nlfti a, mi
or before Ibe 1Mb day ut Jim-. I hi
Vn. Kaeaa. Raaaatl i
DfftTSQfffATpi i till) 01 n
MuriiR Ul'stmi, April IB I'M
Null la titrsli) givau (hat I t imsI - '., r.
ot 1'Uu.uiMl isjn. lii, uii Apitl M IVUH and
Mrrto 1, !!:. irii-JMllmli, BtlU Huuia ! !
Kntrlva HrUI V.i tiliun.. loi -r'.swv
fSH.SK. UuU'i.l. Mvhr aii-l r'- , -tion
, tiiwiiahlji Mr. Urn fj U rU1 W
laaaotts MarhlUti. haa r.iil uuii r u( iniKtiMtm
tu maka Kl VMM r.wl 10 aaUblivli
rlalsn tu tba Uml ! tfM rM- i, t r . it- K
I Mar an 4 Kclvr, l Hums. Orvywli
imhiUrufiuiif IVU
t' a wIIih-ssw-
Cnriatlaa Hi'bair, luuisw mhfr, L'brU?
Crasler, Itmmu Hurion ill M UtanuuQ, m.g.ii
V M 1 hntl. KafttiU '
I'mnii stAiml,,M."Mii a,
Hurn. tna-i. Maj I l m t
Nuih la Itarab) ilvrn Itujl impk
l-AMtiar.ol Hiirua OlfjguD, Ho, tin I'n'iiii-'i
31, IVIO, Wftnltf HMiit'atal Kliu, Nil tVj
a'tjHlt. av tl, ','. .-i M. NSa,
Hull :, In llIil. .' f ,
Wo do Job printing.
'RaWaaT ' mAFT A
1'ortois Shell Auto Glasses
Oregon Hotel
Comforts of Home
Personal Attention
Home Cooking
Clean Rooms and Beds
Beit labia Service
Ceirletis Trcataefll
. a unr.-j.
Kai K, A.llaiurtls MfinlUn, l.aa i.-.i
null iMulsnlu.ii In mall nun! lhfM Ml
nul Ut rat Li l It i 1st ut tu lb Uii'l .-. i
m illrl Wturv Krplslfr ami Hr. r t ' Mm i
iirsguu, un lb 1tL .Ujei Jump, I -ii
i UllUSUt l-UIS IU(lSn
( bsjsrlva Nlliaui. Nsr n. llrrgoa I'sul
lewt-br, Hunts, Onpn , and
Kuaa HlUfr Itulfa ul Narruw. uirm
H u r ANNS. Hi i i-i i
HAVK KKOM 30 lo till 1-l.K t i NT
I in- I iilii
tarJ ; w i nfl
3tu;i 7. ho I BA
:toi:r.. in mi
tfiS1, ii"' 'J M
ati.i', IS.40 :i !
,TJ4 II .i
a:tit u.nti N
,i,i IB to k.SO
:niil 17' mm
:iSs4'u in 7."i IJ8
:uii4' in.s' i im
:i7iti, l nil B l'i
37i& VI. mi B.M
All ill In r Hi'i III aim k. Nmi Ski.l
tirrfi lA par irnl aMli innal. nil lull a
If Ii r pnnl liva llu- jirnv Alliux,
CefeBR, '' Klinranlrtil llrta. Hi at
ataiiilai.l noil lriifM'ini'fil inukt'e. liny
illrrct (nun ua anil MM inniii ) . n-r
tllacuonl II iltyinilll 111 lull in-. iini,uini'e
ent-li oriler. CO. l. on III i Ml faff).
ponll. AllnwiiiK eiaiiiinitil'in
In i In- I'lriiill Court uf tlir Stnir ul
OlVJJtMl 'ul ll.ii ins ConjBtjfj,
1.1,1, in I il,)jiiilil, 1 'I utnt i M, I
v I
l.i.uiiu W llnr iilNN-k.Wiiltri I
llmlilri, Ii. A. I'ifatiiii mill j
I'lueliin, bl Wllr, ilr- I
fi'iiilnuia j
To II. A I'rretnii itntl I'rcatun,
Inn wifo, two ! lln ilrfrtiilnnta iitiurr
In i In' inline ! I In Sii'ii- ul i iiri'ii'i.
vim ntr liiucbv n-ijuiuil tu Uiarur nnil
llllawri t lie roinjililint tlli'il aKOltlat you
in tin ulimr rulillnl tuiirt untl ault with
in an WMSl limn the iliilr uf ilir lliat
iilln iiluui til till auniniKlla 111 liririu-
Hi i vivrii, anil if yutt lail en tu uqawtit,
fur wniil tlinrrol uluntifl a ill npi'ly lu
Mill tulll t lor llu Ii lli'l i .in ,1 Im in h'l
i'iuiiilulut, Iii wit,
I. I'm ajfgMMt uaiiiat ili-d nilnnl
I. in I in; V. Ilurnlayi'k lur Urn MR) uf
-I ini, mil, inlrrrel llieriuil Irmii III
tilth iluv ul Muuli Pill, ut tha intr uf.
I'iK'lit Oaf irnl, arr niitiuiii until pnlil,
nml lui i In- liitllirt emu ul $ loo nun ul
! in ni'l In, turtlirl' Willi tllf luala mill
ilialiuieriiu'uta uf aniil Mat,
.' rut n ilrircr that .l.iintii'"a llliirt mvtifi lu arrtinr t r aume iK'ti'ttlbr
Ism uiriilniiiril. la ii Ural, mini uml eilli
eieiing ln-n RpuRlteff irnl ijcopaj'tj llirrr
iii nml In irin ilt'rrll-il. in wil,
Thr -i4NK', BfedNHiBei Srcliuti
I 0 It M I- W M . in llmni-v
I iiiiiiU, Uragoe), I Mltll Ibr
a.iiii i ik'i liniinruU, In rrilitiiiiunla
.irnl iippiu trniiui-fa tlirrrutito Iw-lnni'-
IfajJ 01 in .mvai-i n 1 1( . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.
!. I ur i ilri-irr anil ulilrr ul a.ilr ai
curtllag tu lie nml llir prui lur ul aanl
rnmt nf tin aaul nmi i',iril prrttiiaaa,
nml tb lipplli'iillull of t lie ul
Spring Opening
We extend to all a special re
quest to call and examine our
Dress goods, waists, dresses, skirts
new summer underwear in silk,
lisle, cambric in all styles, hosiery,
gloves, neckwear, new ribbons,
laces, embroideries, full line trim
ming, silks and buttons
Quality Goods Only
a. ...I aiilr ill payment of ruala mul ilia-liurariiif-nta,
attorney frr, mnl tin
amount found tu lw ilur plmnlil).
4 Pur aVrrrr llittt ilffrml.inii., mnl
null anil nil artnua rlmininn ttnili I
t licit) tilartifnl to tlm nwutinn ol
plilliltltl'a aaul niurlK'Kr SSMI am. I pn
rnian, to wit; Auk- ', 1919, titter M
pmi'liaarra un uinbriincrra, ur Otter
am-, l forever liarrril uml ttafjclootd
of all rigbt, ttllr, claim ui nUilv -! ITJ"
tlriupliotl in anil to mini naOrtffRScd
prrnuaea nml nvriry prtrt llierrul
6. hur juilgmaul iixuiunt ilru-n-l atll
laKiniK W. HiJIRImI in Ilai niuount ul
any ilt-ncii-iicy wblcb limy rrinmn alt. -r
tlw applicntion ol llir priH-i-.-ila ul .u I
a. il. U lit. .trim. I
(. Tor a decrer llml plmnlil) m .mi
purly to eiml ault muy lari-unir a ur
cbaaar ut aunt aalc. ami llml pJoiotliT
may Inivu MS1 Otter, lutllu-i mul tjil
frtmit relief a to llie i-uurt almll ae. n,
cuuitnble ami jual, or u Ite n.-iiuii ui
lite eauar tuny rulr
Tin numrmuta la aervnl upuii yi u lit
publHiilmu lliernul Cui an fSOOatCOtlTe
week ui Ibe 'rime Mri rilil, u wi.Ui
new aair, piililieln.l ill Bum, lliun. .
Cuunty, ttrenon, by imler ol ill- II. u.
t'.rnnt Tbompaon, count Jmlyr nt raattl
county, wbuliunlei ie ilmeil Apiil Jill..
I'll I, tbr ilule ol tin- fuel ..I
aaiil aiiinniuna i April J ith, 1914, and
Ibe lael pulilliattull lllriruf lailli Jmn
I. til, 1914
J. 8 t IH.K.
Allurney lur I'luiiinll
The Burns Flour Milling Co.
Manufacturers of home products
The Cream of the Wheat, Fresh and Palatable
Bran and Other Rolled Mill Feeds
You Patronize Home when you deal hen
Per cent
Heavy Shirts I
Heavy Uunderwear I
Mackinaw Coats I
Sheep & blanket lined coal
Sweater coats j
Sweaters 1
K. Richrdson
General Merchandise
jmwAotmm iaujok All the ncws Thc Times-Hcrald for $2.00 "
The Best
in Harney county, formerly owned
by J. 1. Wither., will make the
Marei kept and cared for. Term reasonable.
Address, CHA. H. DAVIS, Harney, Oregon j
l.aki-iinw.iiiegiin, Nay 1, IBM 1
mm 1(141 liNIi
Si. Hi ia iiiiuiiy given Itial Kllialaatii Thorn,
i in ut In-re ml niie uf Hie lielraut t'uaa VVHliaiaa!
iii-i i aaiil, uf Hilar. Ornaan, wlm un Julyniu!
I'ari. mail,- lliiliu aleeil Kntrv. Nu u-xiui r... ill '
-ir.i,. M-i-ln.n 16 anil M:1,, a'.SKi,. Hei'-lluii a.
uiwiiaii'ii m annul, uaiigi- 2:1 real vrlllaraetl
Met lillau. Im, llli il in, in-,, of iiiieiillun lu make
II ii al II n- ear f I, taealeulleli i-lalm tu ibe
lamlni.iiii. iii-arnia-il, Inliiri rha J klaatar,
r h i iimiiilaeloiier.el Mtaiiffer. Oreguu aa the
.'till .la', ,,l .lull, i(
I 'elinaul naiiiia aa wltneaaea
Mteiiiny Hlbaun, Klly, eon. lee In, leu
iiiri. Meiniliig Wllllaia Hurmtl, III of kail
laa I- Ht'Hugae. Keflater
I si i.l. HI raa I a nu II, n
Nina. Illrgi.ll. May 'il, lll
aiuii, yrau,
Null,., la Inn l,y .lien lligl Mk-liaal
ini,,, i , ui uenlu. u
n Bent 7.
r.ilU. luailv llnlm-alead Irnli-tf. la Uaiur li.i
HW-.nK',, Ha'MVI'.,ei'. 'J. fikUBfafLTT alvVu
NH,, i-i nun 1 Tuwneliiii 01 it., Utah M K.
Wlllameiie Mirl-'lan, liaa rllaul iimli of iiiteu
tlnii lu make final three year uruuf, U eel nl lab
i-lalm tullin latul aliOfn ilea, rlbnil. bafurellea
ruiiA. Mm 1 1 1, Jr, I' M. riiiiiuilaaluiier. al bit .Milium, llrngun uu tb i7lb ilay nl
June. IUM.
i Uhn.iiit tiaiin a aa wltiiega
William ii. lulling, and Tbuiaa liulurrana
I. .,ili nl In nil,, Oii-gun Kreilerli-h I.. Allen, uf
iiiiiviiii-, nil-gun r
'.-. i. in a l.uud, uf n. in,,.
rule lo visit ua.
Mrs. J )ode'i. orchestrso little
lilayers added much to the even
iiiK's etertainment, as they ren
dered M.-veral selectiona tluriiiK
Un: uiiervalu between acts and
before the curtain raised.
Picture.! tomorrow niabt
Nolue of Final Saltlaaaaat.
In Mm Con ii ty Court ul lliuHlata ul ttre-
IJM, 'ur llarnay Cuunty.
In J tat iiiulli'i ul llir natulti of Kolwrt
I la.. I ii. il'll-llml.
N.ilU- il lirlrliy kId tltut tht unilcr
aiKiK'l line lilnl Ilia dual aanuwQt lierriu,
uml i but tb Judge of mill Conn
Iim il ibr linn- lur Iwarina; ulilnttujua lu
uml M'lllrllii'llt uf tilt leltlM Un TtaVrat
ilny, I lit- -'ml iluy uf July, llrli, al ibe
linii, U 10 o'cliH'k A. M. ul laid day, at
llu- Court Ituuaa- fn Duma, Unyon,
Ihilnl lluiua, (liagua. J!l, IHU
MI'.I.VIN M. UO. Kssnlw.Vl
fin Uatulcul Kolarit Doaa.Uevd.
UaU uf Ur.t jjublnatiou, May 13, IM.
patt of Uat pttlaaHlloaJuaa SO, isii.
The Studebaker Four Roadster i. a car of dual tyue end msnifold advantages.
At a Roadater the car preaenta a dtatinguiahed appes-ranse, differing hut little
from the conventional type.
When deaired, however, it ia only a few minutea' work to change it into
closed car-impenetrable to wind, cold, and rain. The Studebaker name guaran.
toss appearance, durability and minimum coat of maintenance.
Thn Sludeliaaer SIX
To.rin.ear - - I575.00
$ l mm on
Undau Ruailal. .
The SludabaUrr FOUR
T.rlnC.r - - $1050.00
p.iv.ry.Car $I150X
AM "rt F. " B. Ualrait
Electrically Started
Electrically Lighted
The Pure Bred Imported Percheron Stallion
CROMIER, No. 40332
Will Make Season Stand of 1914
Cromier ia a mature horse, weight 1 700, good breeds 1
TERMS, $10. INSURE $15
J. W. Shown, j
.f wmmmmmmwmm " " , j
r mm $1200
SmSSSSkBW U J afcT-. HZZZZ mmm2
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a- -gy
Fair Feed Yard
liinolliv. Alfalfa and Red Top H:ij
Rated Hay For Sale
i n
Pre (amp House and Feeding Privilt-ires in Co
or llarn. Customers Care For Own SU-wL
W. A. GOODMAN, Adjoining Fair Ground.
Wfte for free copy of the Studebaker Proof Book, containing aixty-four
page oJ information on the manufacture of the Studebaker automobile
Lampshire's Garage, Burns, Ore.
u It VccatlM It'l a Studebaker"
ew Spring Goods
Have arrived and wa fi now ready tp
eupply you with your raquirementa
Dress Goods, Wash Goods j
Laces, Ribbons, Hosiery.
Gloves. Embroideries, etc.
The Burns Department Storf!