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The Biggest County In The State
Of Oregon, Best In The West
The Biffft City In The Biggest
County In The State Of Oregon I
NO. 30
N ""Y ". k.
Two Days of Racing Preceding the 4th
With Patriotic Program and a Big
Parade in Forenoon, Base Ball and
Other Sports in Afternoon of Natal
Day. Entertainment for Everyone
Plans for the big celebration
here for three days, July 2, 3 and
4, have been discussed by the
committee this week and are
about complete. The committee
has sent a telegram out to ascer
tain the possibility of securing
an orator for the day and there
has been no reply at the time
this is written. The posters an
nouncing the spurts and other
amusements are n ady for the
press and will be printed at once.
There is going to be some fun
for all three days and of a char
that will please and entertain all
who oarticipate. The first two
days will be devoted to horse
racing and bronco busting con
teats at the fair grounds. The
apeed program is made up as
Three-eighths mile dash for
Harney county saddle horswt,
puree $26.
Half mile dash, saddle horses,
ladies to ride, purse $25.
Novelty race, walk a quarter,
trot a quarter and run a half
mile, purse $25.
One mile Indian pony race,
puree $10.
Three-eighths mile dash ponies
to be ridden by boys under 14
years of age. This is strictly for
boys and their ponies and the
judges will not tolerate any fast
horses. Purse $15.
Bronco busting contest for a
puree of $25, the committee will
not furnish mounts. In this
there must be contests to get the
Halt' mile dash for Harney
county saddle horses that have
never won, purse $25.
Three-eighths mile dash for
addle horses, ladies to ride,
puree $25.
Saddle horse race for classed
Auto Stage Line to
Leave Burns Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays at 6 o'clock A. M.
end returns to Burns same day
Phone or Write for Reservations
Auto Livery to all Local Points
It Is prepared to meet the demand of Dainty
Women for a preparation that will overcome all
odors of perspiration. It Is the last touch In a
finished toilette.
The Burns Hospital
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients-Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse In Charge
horses, the judges th name the
horses and distance, purse $25.
Indian pony race of one mile,
squaws to ride, purse $10.
Bronco busting contest under
same conditions as day before
purse $25.
Five mile auto race open to all
comers, purse $25.
This urogram will be held at
the fair grounds and there will
be admission charged at the gate
to assist in paying the expense of
j working the track, etc., as well
as assist in paying the purees.
There will be no charge for en
trance fees in any of the con
tests. Purses divided 70 and 30
On the day of the 4th there
will be free sports in the after
noon ami evening in which it is.
theinienlion to have something
all may take part in. The first
will be a base bull gume at the
ball grounds tor a purse of $100
to be contested for by two
Harney county teams outside of
Burns. There will be no charges
at the gate and the puree will be
divided 60 and 40 percent, giving
both teams good money and fur
nishing amusement for the cele
bration visitors. m
In addition to the ball game
there will be athletics on the
grounds and on the streets for
the boys and girls. Indians, etc.
Some of these sports have been
enumerated: 100 yard dash for
Harney county ameteura for a
purse of $15; a relay race from
Tonawama to the Star barn five
white boys vs. five Indian boys;
foot races for boys, girls, Indians,
squws, fat men, lean men. wheel
barrow race, egg race, a race run
backwards for a block, jumping,
etc. In fact the entire afternoon
has been provided lur. Tin-committee
has set aside a goodly
bum to pay prizes in cash for
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Dainty Body
Rexall Nice
Work of County Agents
Brings Good Results
"The good results of the work
of the county demonstration
agents are begining to appear,"
said Proffessor H. T. French,
state leader of farm demonstra
tion at the Oregon Agricultural
College. "While it is impossible
to measure the value of their
most valuable accomplishments
in dollars and cents, reports of
156 agents in the states of the
northern and western parts of
the United States ahow the value
to farmers to be mors than one
and one half millions of dollars.
The work they did in organisa
tion, cooperation, maintaining
soil iVrtillity, improving livestalk
herds educational work is an in
vestment for future benefits the
value of which time only will
"During the part of the year
1913 in which they carried on
their work these agents visited
40,683 farmers on their own
farms, cooperated in agricultur
al betterment with one half that
number, addressed 6014 meet
ing and organized 757 coopera
tive bodies. They prepared and
published 376 emergency circu
lars, 1174 timely articles for the
press, and wrote 67,033 personal
letters to farmers on local prob
lems. More than 300,000 acres
of field crops were grown under
their direction.
"The agents supervised the
planting and culture ol thousrnds
of acres of orchards, and gave
spraying directions for many
kinds ol trees. They organised
almost 30(H) farms, and made
working plans and crop rotation
systems for almost as many
more. They were directly re
sponsible for the building of 1804
silos and the improvement of
many homes. They assisted in
tb purchase of 719 registeded
sires and tested 16,027 cows for
production. They were instru
mental in the vaccination of 106-
806 hogs for cholera in many
caseB making the vaccination
' 'The system is new in Oregon
but already work of the greatest
value to farmers has been accom
plished by the agents now in the
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10 a. m.
2. On week days Holy Mass
at 6:30 a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. Pius Niermann. 0. F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Chamberlain'a Colic, CaoUra and
Diarrhoea R.mcdy.
Every family without excep
tion should keep this preparation
at hand during the hot weather
of the Bummer months. Cham
berlain's Cholic, Cholera and
Diurrhoea Remedy is worth many
times its cost when needed and
is almost certain to be needed
before the summer is over. It
has no superior for the purpose
for which it is intended. Buy it
now. For sale by all dealers.
Special Hosiery Offer
Cuarinlml Wear-Ever Hosiery Kor
Men and Women
Lrdlei' Mpeclal Offer
Kor I.iihiiimI Twin Only
Six pair nl our tluort Uftu value ladle'
juiir iint.-i-il Iikhi- iii black, tail or anile
avion with written guarantee, lor f I 00
ami 1 1 lor pontage, etc.
Kor a limited time only, ii pair ol
fluent :i.ric value Guaranteed Hoeeauy
color willi wtitltMi irbarautce and pair
ol our well known Men's Paradiae Gar
ters tut one dollar, and loc uiu lor
piieUX! rtc.
Ynti know llirsc linne ; thuy stood the
test when all others (ailed They live
real fool coin fort. They have no seam
to rip. They never become loose and
baKny u the shape i knit lu, not press-i-.
in. Timy arc Guaranteed for flue-iii-ii-,
sf lylf. (or superiority of inaler
ul ami workmanship, absolutely stain
less and to wear six months without
holes or a now pair free.
Oon't delay send In your order beere
offer expires. (Jive correct alas,
Dayton, Ohio
Banker A. L. Mills of Portland Explains
Measure in an Address to Business
Men in That City. New System to
be in Working Order to Care for
This Year's Crop Business is Hope
"I do not believe we shall ever
again see such panics as we had
in 1873, 1893, and 1907," said A.
L. Mills, president of the First
Nationaal Bank, addressing the
Progressive Business Men's Club
in Portland recently on the newly
enacted currency law.
Mr. Mills described in plain
language the purpose of the new
currency measure and how it is
expected to work and detailed
some of the steps already taken
to place it in operation.
The currency bill is intended,
he explained, to provide three
principal remedies for existirrg
financial ills: First, a mobiliza
tion of the bank resources of the
country; second, an emergency
currency in time of financial
tret, and third, a system of re
discounting that will at all times
provide greater elasticity to the
nation's currency.
He then related how the. feder
al reserve board, sitting at Wash
ington, is to administer the af
fairs of the new system and of
how the 12 reserve districts, re
cently formed by the board, are
to govern the affairs of Ine imnks
in their respective districts.
In further explanation he up
plied the concrete example of the
way the 12th reserve district in
which Portland is located, now is
being organized. For the pur
pose of effecting this organization
J. W. Newkirk, cashier, and
Henry 1 Corbett. vice president j
of the First National Bank, re-
cently attended a meeting at San
Francisco with officials of four
other banks in this district.
There they formally formed the
new bank and applied to the fed
eral authorities nt Washington
for a charter, permitting: it to !-
gin business. As soon as this
charter is issued all the member
banks in the district will be noti
fied and instructed to pay their
stock subscriptions into the new
The manner of electing the
directors of the regional banks
was further described. Three
sets of three directors each are
provided for. The first set con
sists of "Class A" directors who
must be active bankers; Class B
directors must be business men
within the district and Class C
directors are appointed by the
federal reserve board. They
must live within the district, but
cannot be officers or directors of
any bank, although they are per
mitted to own bank stock.
At a recent preliminary meet
ing in San Francisco, Mr. Mills
June 7 to 11 Inclusive, via
Portland Rose Festival
Four Days of Dazzling AttractionsJune 9-12
Limit June 15. Details
J. H.
See Clatsop Beach on the Oregon Coos, one
day Hide trip, from Portland
explained, it was agree that none
of the Class A or Class B direc
tors should live more the t hi n Bix
hours from San Francisco, bo as
to facilitate the work of organiz
ing and operating the new bank.
He briefly discussed the pro
visions made for establishing
branch banks at Portland, Seat
tle, Salt Lake City and Los An
geles and predicted that these
branches probably will be ready
for business within a few months
after the main bank at San
Francisco is opened. The San
Francisco bank probably will be
ready, he said, in time to handle
thiu year's crops.
"While the new system is ex
pected to be an important factor
in improving business conditions,
the business man, as a matter of
fact, will have no direct relations
with the reserve banks," Mr.
Mills went on.
"He will continue to transact
his business with the individual
banks now in operation, as the
reserve bank cannot take depos
its from others than is stock
holders, nor can the business man
borrow money from the reserve
bank directly. That bank sim
ply is a bank of banks, a central
reservoir for the individual banks
of Hie district, where they will
deposit their funds and where
they will borrow money for their
"Although the individual busi
ness man will have no direct
dealings with the reserve bank,
he will be affected by the re
quirements of the new system,
which provide that all notes will
be made with a fixed maturity
and that interest be taken out in
advance. This is to conform with
the rules that will make redia
countitig possible."
Mr, Mills also predicted that
the system will invite the practice
among business men of taking
short-time notes in settlement of
accounts, as such paper will be
subject to rediscount. It is pro
bable, too, he said, that the ex
changes' now are absorbed fre
quently by the city banks, will
be greatly.
Can't Keep il Secret.
The splendid work of Cham
berlain's Tablets is daily becom
ing more widely known. No such
grand remedy for stomache and
liver troubles haa ever been
known. For sale by all dealers.
Rolled barley, wheat and oats
for sale at market prices. - W. A.
Goodman's feed yard.
to the
9() From Bend
and Return
on applicetion to
CORBETT. Bend, Oregon
(I'riiin Our Port In nil I'm,.-. ilcul)
The Government dndge Ore
gon, which has been operating in
the Yaquina River for several
months, has completed a channel
from Toledo to the ocean and the
first ocean-going steamer has
been docked and loaded at that
port. The steamer Bandon, of
San Francisco, loaded a cargo of
tiOO.OOO feet of lumber for the
California city and will hereafter
make regular trips between the
two ports. It is estimated that
the new channel through Yaqui
na Bay has put not less than six
billion feet of splendid timber
within easy reach of the ocean.
Each of the eight Willamette
Valley counties included in the
Willamette Valley Exposition
Association, will specialize in
Borne particular phase of the ex
hibit Clackamas and Washing
ton counties will featuring pro
cessing fruits and vegetables;
Polk County, wool and mohair;
Benton County, minerals; Lane
County, timber products; Linn
County, fresh fruits and vegeta
bles; Marion County, hops and
canned and dried fruits and vege
table. It is planned that while
each county will specialize along
these lines, no county will lie
barred from contributing good
samples in other lines if they
As a result of the interest
which has been aroused in the
raising of corn in Oregon, it is
stated that over 2000 acresof the
cereal has been planted in the
vicinity of Ontario. Most of the
planting was done with carefully
selected, acclimated seed, and as
the growerB are using the most
modern methods in its cultiva
tion, il is expected the yield will
be the best ever turned out in
the state. Over 40 corn cultiva
tors were sold by Ontario mer
chants in one week.
At Amity, Marion County,
there has just been received a
herd of registered Holstein Btock,
bought in Michigan, and said to
be the best lot of dairy cattle in
Oregon. The herd consists of
18 heifers and one registered
bull. The mother of this bull is
said to have a record of vii;i
pounds of butter in a single year.
Cost of the herd including trans
portation, amounted to $5,500.
Market Report.
Receipts for the week at the
Portland Union Stock Yards have
been cattle, 940; calves, 101; hogs
3408; sheep, 4437.
Cattle liquidations are some
what lighter compared with a
week ago, with improved demand
for beef supplies. Steer market
particularity firm. Best light,
hay fed steers selling $7.50 to
$7 75, grain fed stuff brought
$8.00 to $8.25 and featured the
session. All butcher classes ruled
Market opened steady to linn
Monday, but eased off somewhat
by mid-week. The bulk of best
light swine Belling at the markets
close at $8.10.
Sheep house business variable
during the week, steady at tim a
and again slow. Best Valley
yearlings, ewes and spring lambs
sold firm for the first half, but
closed a shade weaker. The fol
lowing range of prices covers the
market Friday morning. Lambs
$6.26; Valley yearlings $5.00;
Ewes $4.25 to $4.50.
Take Plentv of Time to Eat.
There is a saying that "rapid
eating is slow suicide." If you
have formed the habit of eating
too rapidly you are most likely
suffering from indigestion or
conatipation, which will result
eventually in serious illness un
less corrected. Digestion begins
in the mouth. Food should be
thoroughly masticated and insali
vated. Then when you have a
fullness of the stomache or feel
dull and stupid after eating, take
one of Chamberlain's Tablets,
Many severe cases of stomache
liouoie iiJiu l iiisu,u mil imve
been cured by the use of these
tablets- They are easy lu take
and most agreeable in effect,
Sold by all dealers.
For Sale 10 head of good
gentle work mares, average
weight UOulbs., age from 6 to
9 years. B. F. Campbell, Burns,
Oregon, iyif.
Reneut Sale at Juntura Wat Complete
Success According to Report in the
Times. Advantageous Market to
Growers as it is Close Home and
Stock Not Caunted From Travel
Juntura'a first horse sale haa
gone down in history as a great
success, judging it from every
standpoint The buyers got the
kind of horses they wanted, all
they wanted, and at very satis
factory prices, and the ranchman
got their prices for all they sold
and the horses they put in the
ring that didn't go at their prices
weren't sold. The sellers were
protected by reserving the right
to name their price, and if the
horse didn't bring that amount,
they were turned back.
There were plenty of horses,
good horses, too as is evidenced
by the prices paid. One Hun
dred and twenty-five were sold
through the ring, and perhaps
two hundred were sold at private
sales in the pens making a total
of approximately three hundred
and twenty-five head sold and
shipped out
There is one commendable thing
about a horse sale at this point,
we are right in the heart of the
range country, the ranchmen are
right at home and if the buyers
are a little bashful and don't
want to pav what an animal is
worth, the raiser can turn his
horses loose and in a few hours
they are at home, and are never
off green feed more than a few
hours. The raiser is practically
to no expense in getting hia hor
ses to a market, and the buy
er gets to see the horses before
they are gaunted up by a two
hundred mile drive and will pay
more for them on that account
Let it be said to the creditof the
men who came to buy, that they
didn't haggle over a dollar, but
when a good horse came into the
ring, they run him up to his true
value in a few minutes. They
wanted the horses and weren't
afraid to pay what they were
worth. Another sale is being
planned for the latter part of
June, but the date hasn't been
definitely set as yet We will
Strictly First
Service, Fine
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
Daily Line, Burns
Burna Cam Canyon City 6:30 p St
Canyiin City 7am Prairie City 10 am
Prairie City t:M p
Canyon City 7pm B.raa 12 noon
Fare, Burnt-Prairie City. - - $6.00
Round Trip, - - - 11.00
Express Kates 2 1-2 Cents, Prairie to Burns
la The Place to Trade! I j 0
First: Promptness, accuracy and fair dealing.
Secend: We carry a well assorted stock of Drugs, Chemi
cals and Druggist Sundries.
Third: We guarantee every article we sell to be just as
represented or your money refunded.
If you are a customer of ours you know this. If not, be
come one nnd-be convinced.
J. C. Welcome. Jr.
keep our readers advised. Jun
tura Times.
To Aid AH Counties.
In a statement issued by Gov
ernor West he said that the High
way Commission had not declar
ed its intention of giving state
aid only to counties issuing bonds,
but that all counties contributing
to the high-way fund were en
titled to share in the benefits.
The Governor says:
"The Highway Commission haa
not declared its intention of giv
ing state aid to counties issuing
bonds. All counties contributing
to the highway funds are entitled
to share in its benefits. Counties
have a right to build roads with
out bonds if they see fit
"It is the Commission's desire,
however, to put the limited
amount of money at its disposal
into roads at an early date, and
to this end it desires to build
through co-operation in several
of the counties demonstration
roads. It is not likely, however,
that many counties, other than
those that have issued bonds and
thus have funds on hand will be
able to co-operate with the state
just at this time. In time both
the state and other counties will
have additional funds and furth
er co-operation will be possible.
"The state is constructing a
stretch of road in Sherman Coun
ty and has declared its willing
ness to co-operate with Washing
ton county in the construction of
a permanent section of the Rex
Tigardville road. Neither of
these counties have issued bonds.
The bonded counties which have
funds on hand and are in position
to co-operate at this time are
Jackson, Clatsop and Columbia."
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
for special attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Eyes
tested and glasses fitted. 50tf .
Class. Splendid
and Prairie City