The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 30, 1914, Image 2

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i JUr
S S $
You like 'em don't youl
When you spend them you
like to get the best possible
values for your money
That's why you want to see the
Remarkable Values
we now offer befor you buy a
Come and see them You'll
be mighty glad you came
William s-Zoglmann
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
the ittes-$rra(d
Memorial Service Held at
Tonawama this Morning
SATURDAY. MAY 30. i"i i
Om Y..r
SU Moatae
Tare Meatae ...
Every newspaper man In i
While there are but few Grand
Army men in this vicinity the
patriotic citizens are always
ready -to join in honoring the
dead heroes of the Nation, there
i oo 1("v Memorial services are always
ra held each year. A program was
prepared and rendered thismorn-
nij,' at lonawama followed oy
ritualistic service at the cemetery
Rv. Dr. Habbidge of Valley
New People Take Over Cat
erpillar and Big Acreage.
A. B. Coolev. of Umatilla coun
ty, who wuh hero recently look
ing over the country with a view
of investing, has returned accom
panied by his son (leorsro and M.
E. Hriggs. The TimeB-Herald
has it on good authority that Mr.
Cooley and associates have taken
over the Ed. Holloway caterpillar
plow and machinery that goes
with it and also a big acreage of
land, covering some two sections.
Mr. Cooley is a practical far
mer and has had much experience
in the wheat belt of Eastern
Oregon and is also familiar with
the big plow that is also a part of
the deal and we predict success
for him. Harney Valley has been
needing just such men ami with
a few of his kind ae.ually devel
oping the territory in a scientflc
and practical manner means more
prosperity than a dozen specula
tors buying our land.
With this big tract in the hands
of practical men and the plow
also at work it will make a decid
ed change in farming conditions
in this vicinity. We welcome
Mr. Cooley and hope to have
more of his kind.
View delivered the address at
experience soliciting advertising U op,,, house. Tne program
has had some merchant tell him, m oared follews:
"They all know me, so why
should I advertise." Let us
look at this. If the merchant
meant anything by this aasertion
he meant that anyone whomighl
be induced to trade in his town
and with him knew him. That
this is not true is apparent to
every thoughtful person.
People in a community are
constantly changing, coming
and going, and are becom
ing more and more preoccupied
with their own affairs, so mer
chant need go but a shirt dis
tance from home to Bod i
who never heard of him. They
may meet a merchant in a per
sonal way, and at the same time
know nothing of him in a husi
ness way and nothing of the
goods he handles.
Meeting a man in a personal
way and meeting a man in a bus
iness way are two very different
things. John Smith may know
Jones, the man, but Smith may
not trade with Jones the grocer,
for the very good reason that he
only knows Jones in a personal
way. He does not know him in
a business way. He has not been
educated to think of Jones u
the possessor of some commodity
that would give him greater
comfort and happiness. He has
not been educated to think of
groceries when he thinks of Jones.
If every time Smith thinks of
Jones he thinks of groceries of a
superior quality that he needs
for his comfort and happiness
then we might say that Smith
knows Jones the grocer. The
one way to bring Smith to know
Jones, the grocer, better is to
teach Smith moreof the bin ln
side of Jones and the good, he
Bells. How else can this be done
more effectively, economically
and consistently than through
newspaper advertising. Geo, K.
emhly Call Homer Reed,
Comrade A. W. Cowan, president
of the day.
Invocation Dr. E. BenBon, .w.s
tor of the First Presbyterian
"America" by a big chorus, ac
companied by Mrs. Dodge's or
chestra of violin players.
Memorial Address Rev. Dr.
The Utile Rebel," Miss Draw
Solo "The Star Spangled Ban
ner," Mrs. Cault, accompanied
by orchestra.
Lincoln's Cettysburg Address
D. M. Me Dade.
Solo "Tenting Tonight," Lud-
wig Johnson, accompanied by
orchestra and chorus.
Hem-diction Rev. C. Beebe of
the Baptist Church.
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10 a. m.
2. On week days Holy Mass
at G:3U a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned aliove will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. Pius Niermann, O. F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Teachers Examinations.
Tomorrow will be tho lust Sun
day Rev. Beebe will be in Rums.
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11 a. m. Church Service.
8 p. m. Service of worship
and farewell sermon.
Hunii, OfNM, May I.., i
Notice le hereby given Ihftl I , lim f, attng.
Uiri Stilt heir of All TOUDf, drM.M1, ill
Narrywi, Oregon, woo, on November t, IWB,
nimlit lloinilH4l rutty. No )i,h. fur .v'
NKU. VVUMK',. He .land NWUNkl.-rHHllon
hi, rowmltlii 41 H. Kalis HO F VVIIUim lie
Mrrhllmi, (North ol Mgiheut I Ui ling iih-I
noil, e of I lite Ml I' in ll mug'' A II III five ihi
to eglfthllgh claim lulhl IhihI ibOVI lem i n,M,
iN'forit Hglilr ai 1 Hmnlver, At it ;regOli,
ou Hit '44.11 ilay .nine. t'H.
rial man I nniin a as 11 n
Hay lual1. Melon I'livsll.l hatha Nte.lhtl
all of NftirowM, tin gun Mam Merron
it If ii r km
WM. FARHH, tlegiHl,.,.
Huriig, Oregon, M , iii
N.Hlre ll heiel.y given thai V II lain Allan (
Ham), Otegoli, Mho. oil Jlllie Jft, him inH.h
lieMM IaimI rniry, No, IHW7 lor H ' himI
'W'.HKV htH'Uoii , ToHIlililh -".' H . lunge
UH 7 ""lUnieiie M.'inligM, ha, fllnl i I
luteiitlnn 111 Utah'' Htll I'riMlf. to I'Mt Suit all
rial in III (til la ml glMivr ee i lWe), In-hue It eg
liter n. I Keeelver HI Minna, Orfjrun, OU the
Itt day ( June, 1UH
claimant iimm-a aa. wltleUHe
Allim .lutiee, n Hiiriia, UltflUn Ha Mahon
ml I I. I'oiilai.e hoi h of Harney, I lig..n I.
Hamilton, u llio-ha nan, I hegull
V M r'ANMl., Hegl-li- .
(HITRh HTATKN LaM' Drill B, 1
Vale, Oregon, May It, in i t
Nolle le hereto given thai ' iiltiinlmi 'm-vi-.
of lieiiiu, tirrgoij, Mini on AugUftt IMA. IW
mate llotneeieail A I'pllfcaCiou No, u.'W,
aHiemleelj lor NfeNW ',. HK'4N Y, ' 4. se. ; , W
MVU, HKlloii ft Townthii. tl M, Many. I
WHItttuiltUMrrhllgii. haa fflvil untie of lulen
ilontoingie Final five jfer nrooi t. eetahllih
laiui 10 ti.e lan.i ain.v e .1. p 1 1 1 , Is lorn M
gmi . on
1 Igliusnl lira at IHMMI
1'eitv Hwytl. Itanleon Orafti Italph roie
lharire I HolloWa? nil of I ' n o. '
gHltg H Kl-111, Kegla'ei
niior. U. -t. I oiiiuiiflahitifr . at etih dru
l the .'ml la of Jlltiv. lull
Eastern Star Grand Offi
cer Visits Local Chapter.
Homan Will Run for Rep
resentative in this Districts.
W. F. Homan, who repre. . nl
ed Harney and Malheur counties
in the last legislature, will again
be the candidate of his party in
the general election this tail.
Mr. Homan is cashier of the On
tario National Bunk and i. 1 le
ttable, capable man who will be
found on the firing line a! all
times working for the h
terests of his constituents. Tins
district will make no mistake! in
returning Mr. Homan to the leg-
islature as we may not waul any
particular legislation, hut do
want a representative that is de
pendable should there he any
thing that requires his presence.
Homan would be there.
Burns Chapter, No. 40. 0. E.
S. entertained Mrs. Dora B.
Schulke. of La Grand, who is Ab
tociate Conductress in the Grand
Chanter of this state and who
came to this city Monday as the
representative of the Grand
Matron on an official visit. Mrs.
Schulke proved a very entertair
ing visitor and instead of the us
ual feeling of "bashfulness" dis
played by the local officers on
such occasions the representative
of the Grand Matron soon made
them feel at ease and the work
progressed nicely in the initiation
ceremony, a candidate having
been taken through the degrees
during the evening.
In the remarks to the Chanter
during tin- evening Mrs. Schulke
complimented the officers upon
the proficiency of the work say
ing that she found it much better
than in the majority of Chapters
visited. She also paid her en
thusiastic tribute to this big,
magnificent Valley and predicts
a great future for this big terri
tory. So well pleased was she
at her reception here and the
hospitable people that she insist
ed she would try and be the rep
r rotative of the next Grand
Officer in order to come and see
Harney Valley again and enjoy
the entertainment of the Star
The Chapter had a large atten
dance to meet with the Grand
officer and a very enjoyable
social time followed the ritualis
tic work with refreshments be
ing served.
Notice is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Harney
County. Oregon, will hold the re
gular examination of applicants
for State Certificates ut Burns,
Oregon, as follews:
Commencing Wednesday. June
17, 1914, at II o'clock a. m. and
continuing until Saturday, June
2D. 11114. at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wriinriday Forenoon
Writing. U. S. History. Physi
ology. Wrilnrula, Afternoon
Physical Geography, Reading
Composition. Methods in Beading,
Methods in Arithmetic.
Thurtdar Forenoon
Arithmetic, History of Educa
tion, Psychology, Methods in
Thurtdoy Afternoon
Grammar, Geography, American
Literature, Physics, Methods in
Language. Thesis for Primary
Friday Forenoon
Theory and Practice, Orthogra
phy, English Literature, Chemis
try. Friday Afternoon.
School Iaw, Geology, Algebra.
Civil Government
Saturday Forenoon
Geometry. Botany.
Saturday Afternoon
General History, Bookkeeping,
Supt, of Public Instruction.
Kiiiui I. Ill No Wl
I'M II I' ".?, I P., M 1 . , ,
Hut kb. uri'iou. apflllW, run
Nuti.r It Itereli, give., ttmi ilu NotflterD
tarlll.' Hallway . ouipeii,. wtmte .oi oitu .
t'ld.rte it hi Paul, tiiaitve.'.. hat (hit null,
.lay of April 11.M, nie It. luia ..Hi. . lit ai
llli alloii to tvltrl uuilvi Hit Hi
act of . outf.vtt. apurortu July 1. laje tan Mai .
I . . an
,iMi'llltr.a, It It .IKK
Wo do job printing.
rie" WClli"'' ' - tri , ,"e
Tirloif. Shell Auto Glawct
Oregon Hotel
(III II. UUB, Prop.
Comforts of Home
Personal Attention
Home Cooking
Clean Rooms and Beds
Best Tabic Service
Uuriuius Treatment
Spring Opening
We extend to all a special re
quest to call and examine our
Dress goods, waists, dresses, skirts
new summer underwear in silk,
lisle, cambric in all styles, hosiery,
gloves, neckwear, new ribboir
laces, embroideries, full line trim
ming, silks and buttons
Quality Goods Only
NK'.ul NW(Ner . T u . K M
.' ai ut
tii.ii . i. .
Ml It! arfi'i
Milal Nu I
Any en. all uariuna rlatiiiiuH edveraate the
lautlt il.a.'tlli.'il, ur ilaaltliia 10 ulijt-it laarium
of tua mineral , bara. tn nl Ilia latnl. ul lot an,
other rreeoi! le ihr ditpotal tu apiil tram, alum l ! tiroual in tola ul
in BSfBea Ihf lull il) ul Juu.1. inn
Wo. riaaa. Itrl.i.
Damn u it i aim "i i n i ..i.-aiiii. Ai'iii I'M
Nuilte la hereb) give., ii.hi lnu-ti Mobauer
ul lt.aui.iiul, tin ton. who. mi Antli 0 i .' a.ul
Mart-h I, lels. iaepectlvel, moue llomeaiead
knlrlva Hailal Nu iktlla t... lur t.1' Ml'.
"'.NU1,. Uiii;,!. ,l.a( tlnl r.1,"!! .
Hull . luuiitliii. w a., Ilauar U kaal. Mil
laulrllf Ma.lilUu. hae lilr-l OOtlOO ol Ititrutlun
tu uiaka tlnal r'lva Ypbi I'iimiI to aotabllall
lalm in Hi. lain) alio. a il.'ti rlboo, ul Ug
Itlrr anil llaielval, at Hlilut tlrrtfiiu. ou tlir
I"' I. ilai uf June. IKK
i laltuaut ua.uta at arllnuaaca
. hnatlan Hi-haoar. I. unit.- lit. r t harlai
rnnii.iitii ..uitun all ul luauiouil. or. run
Mo. Iii it.
1'nitati si itt Lava t.rili a, i.inguu Hay a I'lll
rtaajafl la fcorooi thai laaaahlM M
l.i. htr, ul Hunia t. anu... m In. . uu Uopembel
II 1710. II. .in. atrail llllr), Nu '
"'.UK1,. hc .:. f', .,. -.. a.. S',n',
Km-. If.: NUNtV.. Berlloti .. I'oen
Kange ao k. Miiiau.rti,. Meridlaa, baa Died
llollrr ill lulvnltuli In utakM Dual three .hi
UUHif. tu ratal. Ilfch t-latlti tu till- I..II.I al ... 'I.
wrlhed. hefure llraltirr ami Harritr., al l.un.i
' ifrr-Hi, u.1 the litli ilay ut June lit
' laluianl uaui.a aa wllni't.
t'harlae Neetlhatn. Nariuet OrogoB I'aul
Lochor, llurnt. ( . t. Kay t utnaa.t .nl
Hutt Itlng. i Uiilh nt Narroet. tlirauu
a Itaaa. Reftoler.
Notice To Creditora
Npl lop t licreliy giwn lli iiiulrr-
luned Ii.ik iMvniliily iiii.uiiic.l ml M,.
iialiu .if ii.. i-atalr ul aaKi Ihiria,
tlerruaril. Iiy tlin ( 'iitini v ('tun I nl tin-
SluU ul OiCK'in. Im llmiiry C'tniitli
All KTulia liovnii; claiuia ugatnal iu.l
relate arc lirreby nulilinl tu puaunl
llirm. duly vrnlied ua liy Inw,
to in.- at I lie illlfi. ol my nt tin i 'v .1 S
Cook, in Km Hi. lim in i Count v, OfoWOr),
within an in. .n 1 1. Ituni llir .Inn. ul tlita
Kit UT
Haird (Ilia Hth tiny nl Aptil, l'H 1.
J. I'. Willi am,
Adiinuialriitiii ol ratato ul JeoMM
li.ivia devrnar.l.
J. S. COOBi Attoniry.
In t In- (iittiil CoWl r.l ( In- Si. ii.- ul
lli.u.iii fur lliiriirv I miniy
I. III. in I iiiKuraltl, I'luiiillll, I
lioringW. ilui iiIiihI.'. tli. -r t
II... I. In, I, A I'li-alun ami
I'l. "lull, Ilia wilt', -Ii I
I. -lull. Ilia (
'In (I A I'lmtnii ami I'u -al. hi.
Ilia wll.", tWO oo 'Ii.' il. I llilanla itliuvi-iialli.-tl.
In III.' il. inn. nl tin- Slati --I iiiruun,
you al.' li.'irliv irijtmril tn appeal anil
auawrr tin ciitnplaillt lilnl anltlal yutl
ill tllr -lb. ivt- t-ill illi-.l marl anil "till wnli
III an uri'ka In. Ill llitil.Kr nl I lie- IiihI
I'ttlilit'atiiill nl (Ilia au.mtlnna aa Itt-iriil-ilftrr
iinrn, anil if mui I a. I an to .iiiawi'i.
Im eTMl lllflrnl il.inlill Mill ppl 10
aai'l tiiuit inr tin- rdinl prayed for in bn
i.uiiiilalni , tu oil.
1. I nt itiiluiriil i.uainsi .Irliiulanl
I.iiiiiih V HorOtoMo Im t In- itt in nl
.'M 00, with Iflttml ilnn-iti u. .in thr
I3ttl OeJ "I Man Ii. I'll I, at I In- illti- nf
iMKht i i, tit, m iiiimui until paid,
tad im tin- fiiiilnr arm of $100,000 at
Inliiui In . lurllii-l Willi ill" cuat and
thai. u i or i no til a uf aeul him .
'J. I'"l I tllVIii' lli.ll il.lillll;-' tll.ilt
BPaf flVOal tO MCltlV I rauui- h. i .-nil..-loft
iiantinnnl, la a llial, valul ami anli-
aiatintf li.-n ttpootlw nto ii'i-ilv lllrrr
lll ami In i ill il.'arrihcil, tn Mil,
TlirsV'4NK'j amlN'.M '.. Section
C. T. H S It. I. I. V M , In Ilu nn
Coast, Orej eethor mtli thr
wntur ilohia. t. n, tnriilH, lii-'nlit.iini'iiia
ami tippm triimni-a ( hetnnr
mo in in iitivw-i".- nii--i t.'iuiuii.'.
.'I. I'nr a ilt-t'irc ami m-li-i .il Mat "
COrdinn I" l-i ami I In ir.u -in . uf rami I
rmnt nf tin- anul nniiti;.ii'r. preOllftcol,
ami tin- ftpplaCftUon nf tin- IHIbTohIb III
auitl nli in tBy'iii Of OOnte mui .In
laiiarimnla, i.ttornry Irr, ami t li
ainniinl lulillil In l due .uliilill.
1 Km a flam thai .Iffciiilnnta, mirl
null ami nil a-.ami t laiininu titul. i
ilu in enbooqnenl in tli MtNlkm -1
pin Il'aaiiul uimtonKr ilH.ll aui'l pn-
mioea, In wit. Alio. H, 1912, .-itli.'i M
liuii-lia-Hra imtiinlirancrro, nr ullirr
iac. lor fnrcirr l.aunl ami Imrt luanl
(.('nil t(",lit, titlr, clitiin ur r.Uity l rc-
demption In ami t" Mid mortanaed
premleti nnd trore port ihoreol
6. lur o ititlaiu.'iit aKainal tlili-mlaia
Loring W, Hornfanek In ihr mnount ni
anv 'lilul v which liiay Itinain all. i
tin- pplfa att. .n ul tl-' procnede of aaid
aal.- na alnlraaul.
(i. Inr u d.cret- thul plalntid Ol any
palty to "aid mm may bnCOOM a -ur
t-linaur ul aanl anlr, ami that .l.ui.t.ll
inn v have ouch tithrr, fiiiilici ami .hi
frrrnt r.-lu-f ua to Uat tntiit nl.. ill etatn
equitable and nat, tn ni I be natan tol
tin- i'iiiiv may iritnir,
I'hia ommoni i rn..l upon you hi
pubUcntion thereof foi eoaaccuti.
yyrrko in t In- I -s lli-i id.l, a ereeklj
nrwa uiH i, iuhhhr.l ul Ilu. us, ll.itnt--.
County, Ort-B.m, by oetoai ol the Hon,
('.rant xhompnon, county Judjre ol
county, wlmhurilci le dated April .'in.,
I'M i, tin- d.iir ol ih- lli oi publication ol
aid Mmmont it Apiil L'lth. mi I, ami
the luat iul.lualiun llu-icul bttRgJuM
Bib, I'd l
.I.St O.ilv.
a ii. .1 in inr Plaintiff
Per cent
Heavy Shirts
Heavy Uunderwear I
Mackinaw Coats 1
Sheep & blanket lined coafe
Sweater coats 1
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
SO acres, 70 acrv farm land, good improvements,
ii room house, barn to stable 10 horses, 8 acres
fenced hoy tiaht, 3 1-2 acres in clover, small or
chard, wood shed, chicken houses, well, H miles
north of (irangeville, Idaho, telephone, rural
mail, daily. Can deal this for attotl wild hay
land, and some cattle. Price $6500. What
have you to offer'.'
THOMPSON & DBBGANBml Estate Dealers
Hums, Oregon
The Best
in Harney county, formerly owned
by J. P. Wither, will make the
Mare kept and cared for. Term reasonable.
Address, CHAS. H. DAVIS, Harney, Oregon
i L, . a v.. ii,, ,1,1,. May I'J, i-iii I
NUT i ml I anii
Siillrr Ii In ii'l.i kI.i , thai I II, all. II, I Im 111
. ii'.iili. i i.ii.i..ii-iil llir li.-lrtull liat W llliaint
it. . a..--1; ul Hllrr, ori-ami, whu on July ti.hi
IWy. inaili- II-.iiii ti-a.l Kiitiy, Nu. triliu fr HU
'K',,. i I.', a. 1. 1 M-.',, l!,HIlt, oei'll.ili '
luwiiiliii, .'-. Hi, .HI. 1 Kelt. Wlilaiiirlta
Mrilillau, liaa llli-il luilln- .,1 Inlrlil luu lu ui.k,
Una I lli. year 1'rmif, lo . , lalm l.. the
lan.i ai.iui-iiiai'tii,i'i, before rliaa J r-touir.-r.
1 H i in laalonvr, al -ilaulTei, .liaaull un Ilia
lib ilay ul June, mi.
. tiainua aa wllliraana
-latui-y iilliauii. Itlli-. iitigiai lii' llulall
- Manulna llllam Hur.rll, all ul Kail
Jib K HrHuoaa, Hegltlar.
I'Mi.ii nriTia l.aoi, urn. a
Uu im, . in-iiuii, May 'il, leu.
Nun.-.- la In-n-iiy (hen that Mlohael J.
ni inn, 1. 1, ul in-iiiu, nujiditi, whu, tiiiNi'iii7,
I'.'lil I. null. II. .in. rill-ail Kilt ry. Nu. II,'JI7. lur
S,S Hi ml, TnwiialHii 41 M., Halloa :i iC
Mllloiniiito Mi il-'laii. haa lllt-.l uullt-eur llilau
Hun lo maai' llnal llirai. yi-ai pruul, tn i-alalillali
claim ii.ii,., laml alnuw .leti rlbuil. t ,. r.
roe A. -uu ih ,ir. i h i iiiiiuiliaiuiii r nt nu
..m.-i . al m,,ii,. it. iir.-Kuu uu the mil nay ul
Jill. a. lllll. '
claimant iiaun t an wlluaeaaa
William ii. Illlllnga anil Ilu, mat liultirrena
lii.tli nl In lilu, n,,.l I ir, li-il. II ill, i l
(iruvllle, tlie.iui. Kretlnrlik l.uu.l. ul lioiim,
Wo. I- mm. Ita.liti-r
Notice of Final Settlement.
Ford cars for Juntura or any
other place. Phone Iiurna (.ur-f
P, II. (I ray and wife were in
last Saturday to receive their new
I 'mil car which they had just
purchaued and Mrs. Gray insisted
she was going to stay in town
until her husband learned to run
In tlio ('utility Ciiurt ul tin. aitalu nl On-
Him fur Harney Cuuntv.
In tin. matter of the eetate uf Kulx-rt
I'uun, il.'.-aHi..l.
Wot is ie lit-irliv i vcn Hint the uu.ler
aiKnril Inn filed liie fliiul annum herein,
mui thai thr .linlr ul auitl Court hua
Hied the time Inr In-oiiiiK objection to
anil at ttlr.n. ut ul the amiir lor I dure
day, thr U'ml day of July, lUli, at the
hour of 10 u'cIikU A. M. of said day, at
thr Court II. mar in Hume, Orcu;ot),
Diti.'.l llurne, (Iregon, May 21, 1814.
Mlil.VIN M. 1K1AN. Kieeutorof
ilir-hellr..l Koljert Doaii.Uicd
UaU of flret publication, May S3, 10U
The Studebaker Four Roadster is a car of dual type and manifold advantages.
As a Roadster the car presents a distinguished appearance, differing but little
from the conventional type.
When desired, however, it is only a few minutes' work to change it into a
closed car impenetrable to wind, cold, and rain. The Studebaker name guaran
tees appearance, durability and minimum cost of maintenance.
The Studebaker SIX
Touring car -
1 B.liU.I KuBdtli-l
The Studebaker FOUR
TourlnsCar $1050.00
De.Wery.Ca7 . $1150.00
All Trite! V. O. It Delreil
Electrically Started
Electrically Lighted
1 Tm $1200
ill V- -
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The Pure Bred Imported Percheron Stallion
CROMIER, No. 40332
Will Make Season Stand of 1914
Cromier is a mature horse, weight 1 700, good breeder
TERMS. $10. INSURE, $15
J. W. Shown.
Write for free copy of the Studebaker Proof Book, containing sixly-four
pages of information on the manufacture of the Studebaker automobile
Lampshire's Garage. Rurns, Ore.
"Buy It Because It's a Studebaker"
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Free (amp House and Feeding Privileges in Corral
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
W. A. (.OODMAN, Adjoining Fair (.rounds.
New Spring Goods
Have arrived and we are now ready to
supply you with your requirements
Dress Goods, Wash Goods
Laces. Ribbons, Hosiery,
Gloves, Embroideries, etc.
The Rurns Department Store
im uf lam iiuUiiatiuu, June 'M, 1WU