The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 02, 1914, Image 4

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I arm artb
Th Poeaibilitiss of Thai Territory
and What Can B. Grown.
80 far a toMiritili . soil 11 ml oil
mate detcnnlm- I In- iiinllir, Mnakn has
probably iqtMri miles of area
00 wbk'h iiu'ii' in poaaiMIKtai for
fanning 11ml graBlaa. MM In riser nor
Uon of (lie im-mims hi ml It In the In
terior. In the Tnkoa diataagti noeordlng
to the ilt'iniilini'iil of utfilriilliiit-'M now
bulletin onlitli',1 "I'oaalbnl Ati U-ultiir-al
Development of Alaska."
CurnuiK. bihpImmtIo. ismiselierrliia,
atrawberrles, lihn'lH'irles mill crnntx'r
ries are plentiful In Alaska, Vnrletlea
of wheat, outs. rye. Iiiirlo.v. potatoes
and many other vegetiililfs linvo ma
tured every seiison sin. o the ilepiui
merit started Its i k nt lis two moat
northern experiment stiillons The de
partmeot has four minimis, fine In on
tbo Yukon within seven!) Nve miles of
the arctic circle, unothor Is nlso In the while there la one In the
southeastern anil nnnther In the south
western portion of the territory.
It bna been osltlvely demonstrated
that forage crops miiy lie grown In the
southwestern 11 ml rent ml (Ktrtlona as
well as puftnaa and other giii-ilcn veg
tables Chicken raising Is also prov
lug feasllilc It has also Ih'cii cstimat
sd that 11 great number of farm prod
ucta are shlpiH'd in that might easily
bo raised on the ground,
Tbo new bulletin 011 Alaska, while
cfQng so many optimistic facts, also
Burnt, Oreion. Atrll 7, i"ii 1
Nolle In hereby liven that Uivlna F. Youn.
nt Narrowa, Oregon, who. on Nov. Jl, lima ami
A.iil 11, WI4, rripectlvely, mail lltiiiie.leail
Fill ilea Nn. OWHlolliI 07'.'a. tor HiSi, HW'.
H. .land N,NWv, Hwiloii ioTonahii .11s
Kami- sit K . Wlllainetle Morldlon. INorili
Malheur Lake) ha fllstl nollre ot intention n
mat llnal At rear I'nmf. i eatalill.h rlalm
to 1 in, land ahoT ileeerltieil, before Keilater
ml Keelvr, tt Burn. Oreaoo. on tli IMh
day ol May. MM.
Maintain nam a wllnfiae.
Hay I'm i nil Hln Put all, I taerle. Neeilliam
all of Narrowa, Oreion Ham lleiron, ol Bum
Wm. Falsi. Beililar
I'NiTau SrTial.NiOrm .
Bum, Onion. April I. IVII
NoUtO ! tilrsby glyrn thai Pr Minnie I Ian. I
ot law i'ii. Oregon, who, on Merrli , I'll
ina.lo llomoaliiad Kntrjr No IXMIto. lor UK", Her
Hon so. Townihlu J4 H Kan W, K, Wll
lamella Meridian, ha. llleil nolli e of InleB'liin
In male Klnal Thr Year Proot to ealalillali
1 lalm lo 111 land abov rje.erllie.1. before Ken
liter and KrlTr. at Burn. Oreion. on Hie
lllhday ol May, 114
1 11 man t name a wllneeeo.
Jamea A lief, I.. Mallei llayea, Jam J.
Ilealtr, all ot I awen, Oreion, Kalpli I'atleraon,
of Yenalor, Oregon
WS. t mil, Ki'Hlaler
I'nitsii STTaa I.ANiiiiriua. 1
Hum. Or.'inii. April 7. I"i 1 I
Notice I hereby ilven that Caroline llnti.ui
ol Kill, treses, who, on May J. IN, made
Pi-aert Mini Knter, No. 04771, nir tii'i. 1
1. l.innahip . ., Hani MB,, Wlllameii,
M.-rhllaii, naa nieii iiniir 01 inn'iimni ,,,
male final proof to e.tabllah rlalm lo Hie land
al.ove den rllK',1 .before llie ltelller and He
reiver, at Hum, oreum, on lit Mb. day of
HUM-, I'll!
riaimaiit namea aa wltnea.e.
AllrvdT. ponavau. Kobarl 1. Million .1 lirb
1 iimmi'ir lomai iiuuon, an 01 ii"
0 rerun.
Ws raaaa. H.mii.r
sasjaBwVasVsvasVj aUassBafl
'SSsnttWaaf ''sasl
SWSBCMl.Y-C -5, . VI- -al-
jBR-z'""".---',u"" ' .
at..- e"3P?
I'nitbo HTaraa l-ANitorrica. 1
ll'irna. Iireaon. April:. Ill I
Notice I lii'ieio iiieii that (arolln lluilon
Widow ol Hamnl P. Hutton. di d . ol Kgll,
ttreon, who. uu Oelober 11), I'm made Home
-1, .t hulr No. OMIU, lor N',. -i'iii..n U,
loiiuablii .1 K . Ilanie Jt K . Wlllali.elle H.n
Han naa nlad nolle ol InUulloU loluala final
Khe Year I'rool 10 establish rlaim to th laud
above deaertbod, batora Hlatr and Hvcelvcr
al Hums, Orrsou, oa th ill day of Jun. 1 n
rlalmant nam aa wliuei
ltaa Nawtnan. ol Burni, iireion. t barlea
W 1 iiniiiirifi Robert I. Mutton. I tiomaa
lluilon. allot Kll. nreaon
Wm PAaaa, Hea'ater
Kuril, orelotl. April ., 111 I
Notice I hrby liven tbat Tllumaa llnllm .
of Kail. Oregon, Who. 011 Jun J. liaJii. madr
II, nn. atead Itulry No U3.II7. lor W,NK ,
SW',SK'4, NK'tMWi4,Beellou 4. Ton iialnp .1 H .
llang, .4 K . Wlllamelte M'rl. Han . ha fllv.l
iioin e of luiaotlon lo mak float five tear
Proot. lo elabllh rlalm 10 lit laud alsive ,le
a. r Hard, nelor Hlatrr and Kaeelvrr. at
Hurm Oregon, on th 4th day of June. I'll
rlalmant namea aa wllue:
Pav Newman, wf Burni. orcgou. alfred 1
Pouavan. rharle W t'uminrg.i. Holaprt I
Hutton. all of Kgll. orgon
We. fata Kralal, 1
liurna, orrgoii, April 1, 114 I
Notlie la liiii'i't liven that Allllou T Hay
rrall.of I. awen. OrrHoii. tvlioon Novemliar tl.
Ham. ma. In II 1. 11. 1 entry. No WlMI. lor
.ill. n 1 I, ,u. hlii :t Range Kit.
K. 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 11, M.rl.llan liaa filed notice ol
Intinil, n lo 11 al,,' llnal lliree tear I'rool, to
ealnt'llali I'laliu In the Inlirl abOT dia, rllnnl.
before Heglater and Ri .tier, hi Hum, Hiigun.
OB llie I "ill day of ta. . UII4.
1 iatuianl namea aa nltutaaia
H nhltnet. ol I aii.n. oreion A H Willi
in, of lliiina. Oregon tliorge tt Itatcrafl.
Mat J. Ilayi rail I oftl "I I alien. Oregon
Wm I Ainu Hegliler.
liurna oreKun, April I. lull.
Noun' in lei.i aiteii thai Kiien k. Confer,
of i.atven OreaoBj wno.on Hoeember J7, ivio,
made lliimeatra.l Kntry No ori'JVJ. lor '.so,',
Secllou I. Tuwnihlp 1 Mouth. Kan(i' '', I' aal
ri illiui'tle Mernllaii. haa tile. I nulli e 11I li.len
Hon 10 make II1111I llir, e y,ai Proof, lo ealab
Mali claim to tl,e Ian. I almio ilea, rll.eil, bfor
Hi glater. and Herelter, at liurna. Oregon, oil
III. I Ih dl) ol Mat rui
I la I in nl 11 a in. . ,.a 11 llneisel
A a. Vihltnet i. W. Itayrralt. Mart J lta
crart, II a Kan rail, all ol l.aweli, ore
tt I ikki. It, glali r
liurna. Oregon April I, lull I
Noiii ta hereby given that David Kolas, at
Hum, Oragitu. who on November M, rsis.
made llom.alead Knot No in.'.', for MtV',.
Si, Hon ID, lowllahlp 1 M . Kaugc .1.' K . V4II
lamette haa HI. it nollre of Inlenllou
lo make final fit tear proot. to eatahllah
rlalm to the land almm ileai-rllied. Infore
the It, i'IpI, 1 and Herelver, at liurna. Oienoii
nn tiie t nil day of Me) I'm
rlalmant namea aa wltneana.
Jam, a II llilntnr.l. Joaiph Hill. I., urge
i,lele. Man Holland, all ot llurui, tin aou.
Us Heglater.
I Nil Hi B1 t I H I INp IIHII I
Ihlllla. Oregon. Aptll 1. I'll
Noll, e la hereby gluli thai Hole K. Poall.ol
Orovlll. iireion. 11 ho. 011 March II, 110.
mad, I'laiitlaul Kulrt No ol.-w. for MB' ,
."',. W', si '.ami "H'.tl.i., seillonl. lown
atllp '" s . Ilauge I . h . tt lllametle Meridian,
haa tiled iiutlre of Inli-ulton to make Klual
prisif. toealahllah 1 lalm to llie land abov dr
coii'd, before M 1 u't'obnor, 11 H. rommla
iioiiit. at 1. 1. ortn e ni l,'iil,( Oregon, on Ih
I ah da) ,.f May, mil
1 la I m an I naiin a aa 11 lln, aa, a
Joeapta fallow 1 red Holloway, M. liin Poan.
i-dward J tallow all ot Orovlll. Oregon
tt Kaaag. KegUter.
t Mr a -rATKa Lash orrtcg. 1
Itiiru. Oregon, Apr:) I. Ml I
Notice IS In lilt nil. II Dial Malt J Itai.rall.
I of Laweu. Oregon. 11 h, on No, . in !.er .'.' laai.
made II. "ileal, a 1 l.uin tn lil'ito. for Ni(,
loetlon I.', Fowitahlp 1 s, Kange t.", K.
Wiiiamitie Meridian hod filed ooUeeuf la
lent Ion to moke Final Three tear naoftoei
lai.ltah , latin t. die lau. i above deoertbod, he
tore llegl.i.'r and It' . Iter, at liurna. Oregon
on Ih, I th .lai ,.f u . I III
I laluiai 1 am. a a. a itio I
A M tthili.-i ol llurui, iir.goi, t H
tvhini'i tieorse w it.,,, raft, i itiouia Itay
rrall, allof l.awrn . 1
s lino. Heglater
Health a Factor In Succea.
The larjreRt facor contributing
to a man's huccchr in undoubtedly
health. It Iibh been observed
that a man is Heldom alck when
his bowels are regular he is
never well when they are con
stipated. For constipation you
will find nothing quite so good as
Chamberlain's Tablets. They
not only move the bowels but
improve the appetite and
strengthen the digestion. They
are sold by all dealers.
warns the homesteader that there are
many difficulties to be encountered.
On the south coast, where the cli
mate la mild, tillable land Is scarce be
cause of the proximity of tbe iiintiu
tains to tbe shore line. Klsewhere in
Alaska the winters arc rotal and very
cold, and frostproof biilldiiiKs must be
provided for shelter of family and
Tbe swampy character of mm u of
tbe aurface of Alaska makes It a Kreat
brooding ground fur oaqui teals aud
gnats, wbleb are almost intolerable
peats Ip both man and lieast. It also
makes drslnage a prerequisite In or
der to remove the surplus water so
that the land can lie worked, raise tbe
temperature of t tie surface soli, lower
the frost line, facilitate tbe decoy of
tbe accumulated organic matter and
bring about chemical . Iianncs which
will transform the soil from a very
acid condlUon to one much less so
Nature requires much time for tbls
laat process.
Where the vegetable nccumulaUons
are largely moss this must be destroy
ed either by burning or by carting It
from the land, for If plowed under It
decays very alowly and seems to nave
an Injurious effect on most crop plants.
The timber growth, which occurs
on practically all the land suitable for
tillage, must, of course, be cleared from
tbe land.
Ail this work building houses and
barns, draining, clearing laud of moss
and timber Is very slowly accom
plished In the short outdoor working
season If done single handed by tbe
homesteader and costly, almost pro
hibitively so If hired labor is used be
CMM of tbe high wages mid living ex
panses. Lack of general transportation which
would open up the country, of local
wagon roads, schools, churches und
other features of present day life and
of tbe markets In which In sell farm
products and from which to obtain
home supplies and farm equipment
are deterrent features at present, but
they will disappear In time.
Tbe federal homestead laws extend
to Alaska, excepting that. Instead of
ISO acres. .'Siio may l,e tiled upon. Very
little of the available land has been
surveyed, hut that work is now In
progress. One may locate on uusur
veyed loud, tile a claim and establish
lines by metes end bounds, hut be
cannot secure i til li until u survey
has lieen made by a 11 authorized sur
veyor mill the survey approved If the
survey Is made In advance of tbat
made by the uot eminent It Is done at
the exMiiise of the homesteaders, and
that Is heavy
I siTil, NTlTIa I sTB orrh g
liurna, Oregon. April 111. Itil
Nollre la SSfOSJ glteu that Kraui la M Inn I
..f Hum, oregou, srbu, 00 Ot'lobar .a, l'"
mad Houiealea.l Kulry No 0IWS4. for N',Nfci,
StV'-.NK'. and NW'.h:'.. Se, tiou U. 'low nihil.
J.', s Kange . K tt iTlamfllle Mvrldlan baa fit. ,1
noil, e of intention to inaMe Klnal tbree v,-ai
Proof, lo ealabllab claim to lb laud Btaiv d,
crltntd. before tb Heglaler and Hr.eii-r at
llurni. Oregon, ou the .inlay of May. lull
Claimant nam a rltnae
llugb tl Tipton. William ray. lafaialu
Kent. Stanton Tyler, all of Harm, Or gnu
WM ). Kgller
In the County Court o( the Hlete ol
1 n gnu for Harney County .
In tbe Mailer ol Ibe Kalate of Nellie
Minimi, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given hot iimlrr und
by virtue of nn ordei o( aal. mndr mid
entered in the nliovr entitled court in
the mm iii ul the ubovo rnlltlcd raiaic
.01 the lMth day id March, 11IU, , iia
undeiaignril, nilmlniatrntor of ibr nliovr
entitled ratntr, will aell nt private isle
lor cnali in hand, on mid alter Monday
the -', th dot of Aptll, I'M I, tbe liillow-
nig dracttlard real proper! larlongiiig to
laid ralatr, to-wit;
An undivided one hull intrreat in Sec.
1 1 , Twp. M lotttli, Kiiiiko .'10 I; W. M
and thr oust T8 Irrl of I ill a 1 nud Jin till ill the Town ol llunia. Iluinev
1 utility, I Im-goii;
Hull will lar rrcrivril hir laid proirily
aa a whole or for other the iimliti.lrd
our hall Interval in aaid Sec II m liar
dial 7.'. feet ol aaid Lot 1 and .'
Tin mil ice li pulilialied lor it promt
ol lour wee. a in the Time II, , .,1,1 n
in-vtsp.ipei ol jjencinl CllcilUtiiui in
H.n net County, Oregon, and by tiitue
ol uu order oi the linn (irnnt Thump
anil, Judge ol thr ubovr entillrd 101111,
nude mid i-iiteird mi llir INth day ol
March. 1014.
Dated nl llunia, thrgiin, ihia
in 01 ti.n, h, I'M 1
W K. Huston.
Ailniitnatrator nl the ralnt nl Nellir
lliintnn, drcraaed
lake! lew. oiegoo. April?. I'll I
Nonce 1 limb) given ibat Wrljr slrxl. ol
Kile, nreg.iu. who, on April JMb. IKIu mad,
Additional Nommnil kntry. No uw."i f
tVJsK'.. N'jSW1,. Mellon 14 Towulblp .'I
siiulli, RaUge tl Kelt, Wlllamelte Mernlai, lo.
II I, "1 i.oll.e of luteuilon 10 mag ll.n. vea
prisif, 10 aatabllah claim lo lb land above di
a, rllie,l. belora cha A ah. rmali. t ulle.i
-,talei I ouitnlaaloner. al Mte. Oregon, ou III.
.'1. 1 day ot May. I'll
' 'atinant name wllne
Paul W Wernar. Branaou Bogue. si
Ilallour. Kd ward Street all ol Kile Oregon
Ji. r Bcauiaa, lirglal. 1
l.akevlew. Oreion. April:, I'll! I
Notice la hereby given thai lam I Werner,
of rile. Oreion, who. on Oct. la. i uu ma,i.
Houiellead Klltry. Aillili IV, IWV., No I'l'",'
for NVN'B'a. S',NK'4. K'.NW' Ni,e ,
-K'.sW' sw-llun JU, I ownablp Jl South. Kai g.
Best, Wlllamitl Meridian ha filed 110 I. . 1
1 nl.-1,1 mu to mak final thre year proof lo
eatal Hal, claim lo 111 Ian, I abov Uririll.. I
before l.'baa. A, Sliarroan I'. H ('oiiimlwloiur
at rife, oreion. on Ibe Xkl day ol May, 114
Claimant name aa wlliieaara
Joseph Mueller. Walter gerbow. Jamei A.
Wilson. Waly Blrcet. all of rile, Oreion.
Jaa r Biaoiaa, iiegiai, i
Burm, Orgon, April la, nil
Nollre la bareby given that Mai T. Plait, ul
lAweii, Oregon, who, on Marcb J ' Into, made
HouiMiead Rnlry, No. 0424. lor N',stt', ami
NUvii, Hectloa lit. Townablp SM ".. Hang,
-", r .. Wlllaraelle Meridian, haa I..,. I noil.,
of fnteuilon to make float three- year proof. 1.,
eatihllah claim to the land alsive daaerlhed.
m l.,re Heallter and Hi-eelier. at liurna. 'in
on, on lb wih day of May, 1914
claimant namea aa wltneaei
J. M. HofTedlti, A. Roe. I.. B.t flip, Arthur
Whltnev. allof Lawes. Oregon.
ws. raaat. Heglater
11.11 n. 1 lal No i
i ' 1 : M 1 1.4 rut (lrit ft. f
litinm. 'M atoii, Uatrrh If, iu. li.j.i t (.it'll (lal thr Ntiffh'-ni
i-til. Ilatlum 1 ., i whitM i4Mt "Hi. r
ddlMl ! N. Pattt UlOl it !) iBll I. th
li ti March iit. nl h iiik..m.r i mv
(Hi eii. mi ! h lei t umlt-r ti. provlfloua i ) Ibe
arl of oiiKr. . (',.-. . 1- t ,'iiiy I, llillll iM'
"1; ..ii
Nr.'ao.'.-.t i r.HH ti.MK,W M mu.
s,.rl Nn QtM
A ii ii.t nH MIOU loaliuiiiit Bt1,rtt 1 tlu
Ui.tln ilt-pi 'U -1. or ilt-ilrlif lt tiltiit't Im MOM
ot 'in tniii. ; . urai ttr of ttief IbiimI of ft r in;
OkjMII MMM 'J Hi 'Ibh.'I r pf.l li'ttut , Btikou II
tilr ll-li HrTi.ln . it ol iirotfRt in ilii t.m , mi
or Ih Tort II,. 1 ' I, y . f M I ij
VA m r t I'M- h. lai. r
I sirti -i tHu.liHi i
hutnt. uncoil. Mat, h .' , will
Solo. ; I I) irirli I tot I i'alvui luiil
laMIM "I VotUg IMVffOD, Who oh A ill '
I iiimiIc lluint fB.t (Miii-jr Nu MM errUI
So ir."..'t . ui I ..; :. I, I aikI rAsV,1., tlon
:. lov.mhti- .'- H Itmigti R tl., VMllmiivtlr bM Mltil nut I it- of hilfiituiti lo
iutakt' ftiml ihr i ar proul i ulalillih ' lalm
lo i hi- lain) alxivt ! .1 rlU-'l. (,.-ti. lit tfiklrr
atol It.ft'Uti al liiirii. On koii on Ihr J 1 1 U I
Mi I'll
' la I liin I, I IB Kit a bi m Mm -
R i Iprlngvr, I Marahall 1 1 unn
CtejUttdMrnng ii oi Voltage Oftffaa,
Wn Kaa, NrKUirr
I Mil- U WtA flBI lASIlOr-Klir. .
BttfsM. Ofim, Man h .'4, fill ,
s.'lli I la lo irl.y (U.-u thai Joar.h K laht-f
..I M. . kU-jf. ori'Knii. m lui ou NovainUr I yto,
in 1.1. If., no ttt-m.l Kntrjr. No. n.l ii for LwUNW-m
mi'i-W1, -ti li. ami N'jNW- hr. tl- n.'i
Inttns-ili I H, lUogf RI., Mrr
(lian. htH Olttd iiolltt- of Inlaulluii lo inakr
final llirrr tear Iroof to yt.lllth . latin i j I lr
.an I abo.rt iIibi ii .-it 1.4 Tor t ai I !(-
I r, Nt I'nri - iih Ihr 41 tl ! of
May I'll
( laliiianl uaint a aa wtliM-aaaa
ViilHf Ittialrt. I tT'linatol I' irii. r rank
Kil'llala W llyrani. all of Mat kit-, , urayoii.
Wh Ktetaa Krtffatar
I Nil I'll II All- I. AN II OKrilK
Huriia. OlBBOB, April It, 11114
Nollir ii hereby glteu tbat lleniaiiiln I.
Oslo, of Hlley. iingon ,, h... on April l l uu.
iiibiiu uon,, .i, h i r.uiri -.., i I.e., lor I ol. I,
I, end HUNK!-,' rlerilon 4. l.noliii'.'ji.
..'. ., Wlllauiill, Meridian, ha flled noll.r
of liu, i. t'oti in in wk. llnal Hire lear proof, to
eaialliali rlalSi lo lln- land above deacrlbrd.
befofi II, glater and Hr.iUel. al II, in, a. in
go i, ofl the "Hi dl) nt May, 114.
lauuanl nain, a aa wtllieiavi
It. n II, al li,u Mill" I. Ilui l.lhaoll, W I.
Ileal, all of Riley, ilregon
y K.agg. Heglaler
I SITKl. St.TM I. AMI orrtiet. f
Hurna. Ort'Ktin April 1. i'H i
Noll, r la hiT'ht ill rii thai I t(t , Ho4lf,
of l'oiilaii) urrgon who on Mat u. 1'iti
n-. h- hue I I aitdKlitr., Nn in." for N'.NK1 ,
K'fcMK',, Hrr , H , A i ,,- S.1 rfi . M
AIK . aiol H'a.M'.1,, Aartlnn H. .,v u.hl). .. h
Htn( rw K. W IHai.nitf Mr. I ll.n haa ftl- '
iiiiUin of I III nth, n to iiiakr Dual I'riHif to t
lahltah rlftlm 1 tha latol iUm p tlt-at rtl. !. Itr
(ur Hftglatfir aul hwrhff, at Ht. iirrntoi.
tin thr 1411) iU) t.f Ma. , 1 ! I
launai l tiainai aa Hltntaats
har li' Nri1hin, It oat Klnitnr, harti-a
tlaon, Mai lie Wllaun, all of llnint irrvvuii
vs m Kaaaa Mrglairr
Miai.hi.TiB i a Nti (rii a. i
liurna. uragoii, JJanh jn, put i
Sot 1 1 ! hrrr;.) pln that hiitijr lalootl ol
llarrioiaii UfMoa who. nn Jul . I' IHV, uia-lr
Moiiir-iiiB-l Kn t r w , Su BUJa fii HBU hi'iion
It, lowmhi). : I , Himi l. . wlttantHta
Mar dl Ian. Iia fl 1 Mtof 0J liitt If
oiakr Anal 'Li. . year lo.-.l. to ra(abllh lalm
1.. Ihr lantl aUtvr !. a. nter.l, bolon Hrlttr
atol Ht-tal.rr. al hurna. tirrgon. oil Ilka ?lh
larol Mav Pill
lalinaut iituin liin a.
MiliUUiK (nir All. II ion. H.n.
I "in li H M laliittlf. all of Han Inian. nrt-a.o.
W m r iHHt lt at"- r
I MIIM ITtiTsU I 4 S jJ i if I"
Hurna. i ti'ii-. ii, ii. iw. Iii!
Nolle- la ! "- i.) tfltrn that Artla C WtPtUali.
of fgil. tiragou. win, on i.trinUi iv. ju,
iiift.l flou.iva-l Km . No U...W I. n SV.
-K',, ', 4 fi tl ll L., l.yvallBl.l).
fl i . Kan K ft lllaoial v Matau ha lih-.l
uoitie- ul li. trillion to luak him Ihrai ai
Proof, to raial-llah t lalm to llo Utol Hhiu' -It
ai'rlbf.l, hrhiir ltrUtpr allit lln titt r m)
Hurm, tirt-goii. on th nil 0a of Join I'M
riaimaiit n a in aa aa Mltliraava
Frail ti (I. lis. oi, oallri I MrlVin. I huniaa
Muliou Jam li i ii rraii, ail of Kail. Uragotf
W M Pllka, llaglilri
notick Kolt NTBU0AT10N.
i BrTBB eraraa I. ami, urrn a, r
llurui, iingon. April till
Null la to lel.y glirli that Waller I Mali In
of Bgli, nr.goti. whu.oii April .'4. t'lll, lua,l,
lluiuealead Kulri. Nu lisUUi. lor J oil I :. . .
S'.NK'i, sK'.Ntt. . Nau.bWJe. N tt ' 1S1.. ni
Town. hip fl H . Ilai.g4 K . II.
HrM( iiriigon. Marrh JA, mil I
NulKalti hrii'Ly ;h mi thai Jtllltli Ki'tm,.iI
Haiilmaii, iMi'Koii who, nil Novi-ni In-1 ill, I IUM, Mom. aii-ail lriiiy..No ri:i. fur H)VHRU
ami l-"uHW4 Hr. :i,v 't..wnahl. fA M ItatntfiM
K. W llimiM'Mi' Mrr.llan hrot llh-l lloth of Ifilen
Hon lo uiMkr final live vi-ar iirihif. In itatahllah
rlalm lit Ihr Inil I nlmo 'Ira. illn l lirfoin Kaala
trr and Murnlri i, at Hurna, Orrvon, on ih!a of May, 1014.
Claimant iiainta aa wltneaHa
'Irani I'hoiupaon, Oion ThompMB. Joaah
Klii In t i riioii Kcm, all of Water If irrrguB
Wm Kahnr. Itt'Rlaii'r
1'NlTBHMTATaa NiOrli J
Hurna, iiragou, Man h 17, IVI4. 1
Nollro la hurabjr irlvan that Carl J, Ollaard.
of Klulila, Oregon, who, on I'n ninl-r-r M, lVOt,
ioa.1i linarrl I ami Knlrjr No ii4HU0.rnr WHWU,
tola i. 4,Hro. Ift, T. iHIII,, R 8A K .andHKMiHWU.
Mr. -i ion lift, Townahli ;I7 M,, Itatiga HR IT,
iilaiiirttr Marhllan, lia lllvl notlia uf In
Irniloii lo tnaka final Proof, In ralahllah nlalni
In Hit' lantl aliovn tlrari Ihrtl Urlorr M J
tPColiuor, 0, H oinmlaalotirr. at hla olflri , al
Drnlo, iiM'Koi., on Ho- iih May ol May, IWI4.
i in i in Mil i iiami') aa witiivaaoa
I rr I I oolrv. of Amlrrwa tirrgon liavlil
rltnhaugh. "f Klclila. uragoti. atnarou M.
Irn.ihla, of Amlrrwa, Oregon (brlatlan N.
Dllgarri, of 1 Irlila, Dragon
WM VARNR. ItrRlal. i.
llnrna. Ongon. Man h i; , IUI4.
Nollre in hiTrh. gltili that Alolrrw J
iiimrt ..f ollaifi'. niryon, who, on Januart
11. IIRJH, inailr llomaainail Kntry No xwm. Hartal
No IW4lVt, for WUKV Hfrtlon . 1 I riw nahlp 7
H . Hanga al r . n niaim-im Hrriinati, naa riirii
m.ih.' of inii'iillon lo uiaka final fttn-yaar
nr.M.r lo atai.ltali (lalm lo III latin altovi' lo
ti 1 1 in tl l-rfotr Hi k 11' r and llarrnrr, al Hurna
Mi-gon, on till Mil lay of Ma v I'll
i lal loan i namea aa w llnrati a
Mfra.t MaiahaH of Voltagr, Oregon Urorgr
W . Hlmiiinna. of hi at in. n.l Oregen: Mai
Marahall kdwaril iaoi.. N.i I. of ollagw,
v I ahrr, Hi glater
i m i in '.i . ti I, isi, i Iran a
Hurm, tirsgon. Marrh ;!, lull.
Null. , Ul hereby given Hon Jl"..' A lain, of
lliley iiregon m ho on Mat IS, Itliu, mail
rlolneitail .hlr. No.imuo loi N tt '.. Meetloli
l.'.loanalili.'IH . Italian Bl I . it 1 1 la not la Well
illau. tie nu l liulle of Inleiiliuo lo male
Klnal tin, r year I'l, ,.l to eatahllah rlalm In the
lati'l aUive tlaerrilieil, h(or Keilaier an.i
Itareller. at III. in. Oregon, oil Hie lull .lay III
May lull.
I laliuaul namea u Itlleiaea
II ll t aell. W I I e, II. II I Mull. i. J 0
I r. II. all ol llllet llngoh
tt a a an. Heglaler
I'NlTRIi NTATRa I iHI'llirii I r
Hurna. Oregon, April 7, Pi 4 1
Notice lp haiahy gUrn that Ada Younf. of
Narrowa, Oregon, who. on Nuvrinhrr &t I,
tnnilr lloim at.a.l nlry N.. lia fur HW.
NKU, W'raNl'j, he. 1 ami Ntt'.NK- r.rtth.11
10. TOwnahln .- H , lUllge " I , Wlllaiiirttt
Mrrt.lian I North of Mill I aki haa Rlnl
noli 1 . ol I m 1,1 Ion I o mak t. final fit r yrar proof.
10 . I'll" 1 a n 1 laiin 10 iff 1 a lui a --. r Uracr llrl
$1500 Reward!
I hi' 111, "ll, lal
if.11 uiaaiul Nevaila
Uveltoah I'mt.-i
llOO taa.,. 'nlloli of
whll'h lh 11. .'In
igneit In ui.'inl'.i.
will live It. Km nu
lewaiil fnr evl
donee lillng to
the arri'it anil con
.1. thin of any par
IV or nartlea Ileal
lug lioraea ..tit -or
miilea helonilng
to any ul III tueui
In addition In Ihe lleyra, lal iimleialgne.l
oflori Hi Mm 111 ion litooig) f,,r all Bora "
hraii.t-.i hone ihod har on both or either Jaw.
Braod rneonlml Iii eight eouiillra Hang
Harney, Lake and Crsst I'onnllea. Iloraei
vested who aold.
Nena hot grown horee old end only In
aria hnn.hra
W W.IIHHWN Kile. III. gnu
.luwulor. Optleiftii nd
Vlnuvnv iii .
Imhc Watrli Rtptirtog A iSpr
. WUHl',. he. lainl N'.Nr',. Krtll,
fowliahln . - , Kangr o K Wlllaiiirl
rt.lian North of Mall., or lake, haa ft)
M11 ol Intel. I hoi lo make final (It r mi ..o
-a'ai.ilati lain, t.i thr lain) altO.r l. a. i ll.e
hrforv Ittgtalrr ami llnrna, Oragon
..11 ih. 1 .1I1 day May, Ifl4.
1 a iinan 1, naim a aa wiineaara
Ha. l-iivall Helen I'iu.JI l hard a Nrnlhain.
ill ..f Nairow- Oregon ham llrrioii. of lluiiii
in ,on
H a y tmi Itrglat. 1
Hurm on g..u. March Wk, ltfl i
N.iltrr la hrrtl.y glt.l 11. a' lr Janiln F
liitf ol llarrlniai. orrKnii. w ho, on I -cm mi
11 I'', lulu ina. la Horn. a.a-I Knlrjr No UbJK)
lor NW. it.'. Hon II, 'luwnahlf .'. K , ttalig RR
R.. Wlllainrlla M.rl.llaii. haa fllr.l noil. .1 ul
iiitt litlon to make rinal ihrt-r on I'roof n
lahllah rlalm to Ihr la lot .(rat rltat.l. aa
lore Id later an) ;it id ,er, al llnrna OrrgoD
on 'hadlh lat ltt May I'M
lalmanl naiin aa wlffiriara
Jonathan Mail., ll lit nry , rn n h, both ' Ira I. Hlitj.rr. o Hurna.
QpagjOUl 11 liiin.i rininu. Marrluiao Orvgou
wn itrm h. a it trr
Hull , TOta llillll. .7 . IliigRkl
Marhhan liaa nulli a of llilrollou lo mo
r- l I A I. OIKKCTllRV
aTalR Hkli.ns
H H .. al. f
rtutgrtBMii 11 n
Attornry iirnrral
1 - r inn
ftar oi mala
I ' aaiii . 1
-u.l I'm. Hi Inatm.
Hlala 1'rluirr
t ll Mil- lu.lgra
1 in o f. 1 hainU 1 la It
1 Itarr) In I
1 W Itawlr,
I N J fU 1. oil
ft. Jt. I rat. I.o.l
OawiM Mi at
Man tt oirott
1 H Kay
J A h'ir. hill
W n I int. I Way
hub r.aklii
1 1 A Hi llrhla
' or.- 1, nurnrii
K n. Ilaao.
1 r a M....r.
iMatii. I In. la.-
i oimit Aiiornr
1'illtni Itigga H Uau.rr
( In nil 1 1. tin metta Ihr n,.t Monday lu
Arll ami llrat Moiolai in o. u.r
Joint m ualor
lotnl Het.rt-ai niarivr
W 11 ItM-x.kl
f llolnaii
"'l RTV IMkNIT :
To Each Age Ite Problem!.
it Is nut 1'iiouiili Unit tt.- l.'iivii our
Institutions as our fallii-rs sliaped tln-m
Thsjr knew llltlo (r initliliix of Hie con
tUtlona wlilcli w fun- Hudlrlent unto
tbo sge la tliu work UiiTonf It Is Dot
tils right of any iciinrutloii to project
Its will Into the future, hut It Is the
duty of eiii-h Bamratloa to iidjust its
luatllutlons to meet Its own neuils.
Men ini'il not wult until death to
realize uisny of their l.lenls They ran
Iihvo IIiIiikm here on mil III u hi, I, their
fathers asNorluteil with I lie iiillleiinluiu.
They need no longer overwork nor o
cold und huiiKry imr NiilTer from iestl
leoce or even fuinlne Miiihinery hna
provided the posnlhllllles of h new life
When all of these possliiilllles are reul
Ued when no one Is overworked, roltt
or hungry, when nil fire leudlng Joyous,
purposeful lltes u.ljuslinent will be
complete-welfare will tie universal. -from
"lloelsl Kiiiilly," hy Hcott Nesr-Ina
Hal-no BriTia l.aNb.irrn g i
Hurna, nrrguii, aptll 14, 11114 I
To Andrew Twarosek ol Narroer. Oregon,
.luteal. .
Ynu are hereby notified Ibat K.lwanl n.
tt i t-lli wbo give Narrow., Orguu, a bll pual
ufflieadilreaa.dld ou April I4lh, HI In Una
iifflre bl. duly corrulaorated appli.aii.ui in , oa
teal and eecure lb cabreltatluu uf luur lluuie
l..ri V..I..U..I.I1IA AaAl mail,. U , I ill. lull.
fur SK'.hK1,. Mac. , BWkMW'4, See :i, M.'
SKJi.sec K. SWliNWor rlktUoii .is. Town
ahip 27 Huulli. Hang 211. Kelt. Wlllauiell,
Merldlau, and aa eruund. for bla oooie.i li
allege tbat .aid Andrew Twaroiek, lies wbniiy
al, audi, lied iat.1 land fur mun than ll i month,
laat peat, aud be. never eeltled resided iinuti
or rnltlvated .am
You ere, therefore, lurthei iiulifle.l thai tlu
aat'l allegation, will he taken aa aoaleessd.
and your .eld entry will be ranceled wlilmiit
further right lo be heerd, either before ihii
uftlra ur uu appeal, If you fall to file In flit.
ufflr a within twenty day. alur the y.H Kill
I'ui.ll, aliuii uf nil. nullee, aa alinwn heluw,
your anawi r. under Oath, ape, I III ally raspofid
lu lo iina. alleiatlou. of eouteat, i ,,,-, 1 1, , ,
with due proof that you have .erved a eosy uf
roui an.wur on lb geld . ouie.ienl eltl.i-r In
peiannor by reglitcr,! man
1 mi ihoul.l .late In your an. war th nauieul
the poauiirite lu whirl you dial re future notleca
lobe lent to u
Wm. Faaai Hegl.ter
Uateul Ural puhlliatloa April lath, luie
Hurna, llregull. April III, I'll I
Nollre hereby glteu Dial MeuM M. Brown
of liurna. nr.giui, oho, on l'e emlair HI. 1110, lloinealra.l Knlry, No IV.7IU, for NK1.
final line, year proof I,, e.tal.l.ah , lain.
Ihe lau. I at-ne deocrlhed, belule liegl.l. r ai.u
Keclvr, el Hurna. nretn, un the :lrd d ol
Jun. lull
l lalmanl name. a. wllueeee.
aril, r Wrailall. llej,, Hamuli, 1 h.unaa
Hutloii. Jamea II. l iirran. all nf Kill. Oreaoo
a llHll Heglaler
I'HiTgn HTaraa Lian urrn g, i
Hum. Ilregon. April JO. lull I
Nolle I. hereby given ibat Jamr. II. Cartas,
l Kgll, iireguu. ah" ou Aprll.'i mi Bed.
riuiiiraieau r.ulry. .-.u U'aJI'J, lurHK'.W'.
HW'.NI'.',, w-yilt',. K'.ntt ,tt n,
It Jl K . an, I l,u .' I. i.rllou ',, TuWnahlp 11
llaai U K . Vt III. mi, It. , rl.llan. Use lied
uullre nf liilenlluu lu make final three )ar
prwi. . eaiaiui.l, , lalm lu I lie lalul Above il
. ,,iiul , It, i, .
' ll k
i roasuroi
Mirvi 'u
Seboul Suprl nleudvul
SIim k lnapr, I,, I
I ..uniiiaal
Iir.lil I liuuipaoli
H I Hiigbel
K A. Miller
B Heer
A K .
J J iHuiegau
I. M llalnllloii
tl. W. riwengvr
'.in. II, ib Ina., ii
iff. I' Hylvaal...
lib,,. Main
I'ouuly luarl ibe flia' Wedueailey lu
January. Man b. May. July, Hpieinbr and
u him i i a i ,M. iirrirg:
y uf June, 114
h',M"..rler I an, I S'.. It'.. Hertlou li. Town
.hlp'jns . llauge.'VI' . Wlllauielte Meridian, haa
lialeuf Mioml pllblieatlon April JMIl, 111..
Iiale of third puhllrailen Ha vod. IVI4.
Pate ul luuitb puhlliatmn May Ml. nu
Net Just What She Meant.
Mrs. wiiinier Winn delightful mail
aera your daughter has! Mrs Bller
proudly) Yes. You see, she has been
away from home so much Smart 1st
Usitsd Btati I., si, Orrii a
Burm, iiregon. April 14lh Hilt
To Mark areuiba of Narrow., Ilregon, (uu
l,'. Ire
You are hereby untitled tbat Bdward o
VVyelb who give. Narrow.. Oregou, aa hi. i,o.t
onto soared, did ou April Uih lui. Ill In
thin ofBce his duly curroboreted apnllr-atlun to
"i. leal aud n-iur the i am rllat Inn ol your
lluaieeiesd Kntry. herlal Bo OttitJ, inade May
llilb, lulu, for Ihe HW'.SK',, Mr ',' of Her
Hon n. and ihuN W'.n'4, ami th, Nl '.',',
of Mertlnn XI, 'luwnahlp Tl koiul, llauge .'
Kail Wlllauiell Meridian, aud aa ground,
fur hi. ronte.l he allegei thai Mid Mark
iiimlii has wholly ahaudoued laid laud for
more than gig inuallie laai peal, ami haa uuvr
atild. reelded upon or cultivated lam.
Va.. ... l....l..r. fiir.l.a. ,.ll..,l I, h .....
.Wll .. . , .MS. . .V. m, . u . .M. uu. .,... , ,, m , . ,, ,.
.eld allefstlou. will he lakeu as (
aud your laid sutry will beeauealed wlthuut
further right to be beard, either before tbli
ufT)c ot ou appeal, If you fail lo flla In llili
uloa within twenty daya alter the KOUliTH
psbllcatlou ol Ihl. uotlne, a. .howu heluw.
yuuru.wr uudaroelh, .ueulliially reapuml
lug lo tbese allefalluu. ol runieal, lognhei
with due proul tbat you have served a ropy uf
your answer oa Ih aaid uoule.taiit either lu
pereou or by rgllerd mall.
Vou abould .tat lo voir sn.wer the uame of
Ihe post uloa lu wblua you future
uotlce. to be sent to you
Ws rasas.
Ual. of llr.l pubilcatlou April lath III.
Hal ul a, oud vubllietlou April jmi,, 114
ii.l.,,1 third uublleatlon Mav Jud. 114
Pete of fourth publlestloo May 1Kb. ISO
filed null.. ..fllllelitlou o make llnal lliree
year proof, lo rlalm lo Hie lalol
above dasorl bed, before Ibe Hegl.ter and He
reiver al llunia. Oregon llie .Sib day ol
May. lull
I la I in a III ii.iiii a aa H liura.ei.
Herman ll Marls, . harlei vt l.ewla, Juhn
I'leraloif. all of Narrow.. Oregon Opal K
llrovi ii ol Hurna. Iingon
tt a fa sag. Hegl.ter.
I'.iiri, -i.ia. Latgp ll.rirg
llunia Oregon, April I.I. lui
Null, i la heiehy given thai Sarah tllai.ol
Sum. Oregon, ii Do, on June ;. inn. ami June
JO. Wll, realnrllvel). II .lead ami i. a
N,,. IU7'W. ,,.,., I...UW.I ,i u ,, .., . , u.
am! HI" ..-.It ' , Sei lln ii I' I, mn. hip ; H if.nge
.' i tt In., in. n. Meridian haa mud untie ui
Intention to inakr llnal II vr ),ar i runf to aatah
lllh elalm lo th, Ian I above drar'lhed. h for.
Heglaler ami Hi. elver, al Hurna. Oregon, uu
ihe nib day of Mar I ul
i lalmanl lieimaa wltlieaa.
Jamb M. lint, Hliliard Navaie, II. my p.
Witter, l. nig II Vllaa. all if Uilrua, Oregou.
Kit I'.HHg. Hegl.i.r
.orlhed. larlur Heglater and Haoelver. al Hurra
nrcioii. ou ina aril day ul J
I'lalmanl namea aa wllue
Thnmea lluilon. Huliert I,. Ilullnu I ball,.
W. I u rn. ttalln I M.lili, ail olkall
aa lil K"glaier
I ". I I 1'1','l.MKS I.ANIlllKMi'K.i
llurui, tin gun. April ll, 11114,1
Holloa la hereby glteu that ft) nasi w
Kellogg, of Hnrrlmaii. Oregon, wliu.ou Man b
JS, IU07, uiad liomeelead entry. No 'swi Herlal,
'.". Mills, fur HVt'.Ml'i, H.,4w'., Hei- V anil
MKI-MK',, Hi .Unn I. lumialilp'JnH , Hang.' lib
r. , "in, i uu ai. i niini, ha. mad lu.tb, ol
lulenllun lo iiialin llnal tlvu)rai Proof, lue. i lalm lo ihe I I above iha, ill,, .1 l-
fin Heglaler ami llerrliiu al llunia. Oir'goii,
on the "illi .lay ol May, lull
I la I in a lit naiiir. aa v, lli,r..ra
Hob, rl II it s lit. ill Ilia. II An. inn. Napo
bun r Middle, Walter i. i lark, all uf Hani
lu. li, llieumi.
W.i K.Mag, Hegliler.
Notice to Crgllore.
lln iiii.Ij laii'iu .1 limiiio bjsfl duly up
,., lull'. I Alllllllllnll :iln M.ltll till Will
llllliraeil nf the li.llill.' nl I'. C I. link,
il.iruaiil, mill hiiviii't duly ijiiulird as
sin li, all iktsoiih Ii.imiii; claims iiksiii.i
the eiiid catutc will present Ihe sume
I i ae 1 1 y vculicil In nir nl my nlhcc in
Hums, OsgjBoa, within aig uioothi
1KOM HATI! lll'THIK noiic llulli.t
( i' ii nf tVhiihia Miircli 'Jlal.lHU
Wm. Mil i su,
Adinliiiitruliif with Ihr Will aunciril .,
the Katatc of 1'' C. l.uek, lleccaaed
Notice of Sheriff. Sale.
In tier Circuit Court ol Ihe rMiilcnl
(lirgou KM lluniry Cuniity
Huoillel Wyldr, ilsintill
Alton I.. Weill, Mabel Vuil
Weill, hia wiln, l.ui'v I'm-
in. in., a widow, W. I..
Wnton, I'runira Watcn,
In. wife, A. II. Wiaemun,
Lillian W. Wiseman, hla
wife, A. I Helms,
Melius, his wile, defendants.
Ht virtue of nn eii'culion duly nau d
by Ihr Clerk ol Ihe above court, dated
April '.'7, lllll, in thr al.urr riititled
suit, whcirin the pluinlifl rrcoveied
ludgiiicut sguinsi the defendant Alton
1.. Wells, lor the sum of $1 14.27, also
$10.1. attorney fee, mid fil.'l male,
with iutereal mi said $114 27 ut Ihr
rate of 10 per rent per minim, from
March .'III, lull, und forecloiluu; tin
mortgiiKc upon the properly lierenlter
decrlbeil, suit barring Ihe drlriidauti
and null mid every one i.l ilrmor
cluimiiig iimlrr tliruiaiiiceauid inoiljugr
of any and nil further right ur ilulin
Notice is hereby given tliul I will, on
ihe ilih day of June, I0t4, ut thr Court
house dour in llurni, Oregon, ut 2
o'clock I', M ol smd liny sell al public
suction to the lii.lirat bidder for cash,
the billowing real property to wit
Hrilinu DO Tp. 37 H., K . ,W K , W M ,
llauu-y County, Iireguu, taken ami
levied ou as the property ol mid liu
leiiiluiii All. ui I. Wills, mill Ihe other
ileli niliinli, in their interests limy sp
pear, to gutiafy the ubovr judgmrul, m
so much fharc'if as may lau iicce.aiiry
for i tut purpost', together with the in
teirsl thereon mid uny und all an'i uo.l
und in ci iiiiiK coati and ilialiuiaciiunta,
A. K. Mini mar. Khcrifr.
iislcil this 2Tth day uf April 1014.
I'li.i publlcatluii slay 9, 1014.
I.ait, May 30, luu i
Ken 1 1
He, ,,n ,,
' II lllileu
Meeiing uf Ibe louurll
fourth Wrduva.1
Win lain,
Ham Mmber.head
-am Mulli, rahoad
Hue Vau Winkle
lleiiri I'allun
-.11 ! .
J II J. H.n., u
I A. I Weleoui
I Jamea I auijwhlre
in.ean n.ii.tu
liri hrrond gud
I .ONE- :
OMMI ioon p.op.
M.'uIh At All Hours. ShortS
(Man aiitl I'romiJl. Service a
With KouHoimlih. j.(,,H J
(Jive Me A Call
e Opwealte llme.-Her.M BullSl.a
ti !
nit; cane
III) NT Kits'
fur tlu- biufti-nt
name of Amfi
V Amvrlca.
NMPowar" nouaa-'ior
Rlfla No. 428.
Hit Prka latU.OO
. and .IS culihen
1 ae Hem. Auto I. outing 1 ., , , (
MIM I lit I
Our "High Power'
till, h ,1 ,u lur
lll. In ,1 i film y
gruilia. Aal year
Si ml lur liuudaou
Bide I ntuiog.
.'. 0i !' 5004
DMMaf li I a
I JsB .aljsU - .JB -4
Sumpler Valley Railway Co.
Arriril ud Departure Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie 10:1SA.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrive Baker 4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker 8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrive Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Make- Kood connection
with 0.-VV. R. & N. No. 10 lenv
iriK Portland 7:00 P. M, und No.
17 from eaitt arriving; Baker 1:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with I .a (irantie
local 7:00 to Ia (irande, and No
5) (faHt Mail) pickn" up Hleeper
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for pointa Hast.
1 I lie only way to la-JB
m gel llie jit nttiiir.
Sewing Machine lam ffki
1 ii In laiy the lii.ihlsa t
H am! in the ei. BaH BBS, i
M Tkla aaackaa U aB fflHtftfj
warraarfaal far all attS SlffiesVr 1
liaa. f'kTM''' I
I'liyiiiiaii ami taraan
aUBWB, IHlK.ln.N
Fbyslclan and Burgeon.
Barn, - - - Oregon.
Office In new building aonth of Welrotne
hsraes ihop, Main Hi.
riiime Main 86.
GEO. 6. CARL. M. D.
MafaMBfJ anael rtargeen
tatBVee la IxllSlns
saretal li. efraa Jlieea. af tk aye, see
Physician and Surgeon
Narrow, Oregon
D. t.tnaluiu, Bltall V. Haaauian.
a. s.. at. n. a o ,iih u
Ueaeral fraetlc
Dr. "Su.l --'i'la,.i:
tar. Bye, Nuee aor.'rbri
DEKNArl & OEMHflf,.
Pliyiclan and Surgeons
falls aaewered prnniiitly inl.i r,r d. v
I'lMmei Mar ri mm
Hai'i'lmao, Oregon
Thi New Homi Sewing Uieliii Umh
oaANcr, mass.
Hun fSW
T naffcin i lir
.flS oy
You can buy no btrttcr
lor target work and all
inull game up to
dviaae ol
oitxhaaaro il
hartJrs .22 inott.
king or locg-nfl cartridges
perfectly. The deep BaOard
rilling deveJopi matimura power and
accuiacy and adds year to the We ol rifles.
esssaMlahl I il ulaaafae..! nrlsg inia .islaaaal
aaliUaIU.Ui TV !. - War -Tj-S.
a-J rm, laaal aa. al. .... ,..!., .-.I, a
aVaea nil. ii I I. nan i.lli xsaa aaru.-taaataaas f aw .11 ItaiSai
ajaaraVaaaataaaaaiwalaaa. A eaaM aaaaaaa aia. Aak mi saa eaaaar.
SnftS 7XfltariiiJirarm(k
ataa4 aaa isai isBBssisVmaJ slaaaseM
lmiXT VViHa, Sttt NeaHnavCeia
Dr Minnie Hand
Physician and Surgeon
ItVect Telephone Connection
tsettwen. Ore.
OOlce first dour rat .l.ot .-ry
Burns. Oregon.
lit ass, Okui.,1
Offles Oiruaiie Tniiawm,,,, l:i,i,i
Attorney at Uw
Vesetly Bldg.. liurna. Oregon
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
All.. rin y
turns, 0rgon.
liurna, 0pua
RMitue 11 .ml 7 Wsk.iii, llmldlas
farea to... ,,,, B,, ., ,,... mMf r
"IM""" ' assaSBBaasBBSta-wpy
CHARliES W. tuUlb
Burna. . . Oregon
I'rarticee in the Sute Courte aud Is
lore the IT.t. Ijjoj oOcf.
li'dirftl I -W
HCBHMJHHB-aasMaaaaa-a sat-'llitmv C t I r m
W " ' U V eJPllXjJpjBJj.11 !
ta. II. Ixtumitl.
ATrtlHJKY-AT-l At,
Careful attanUun given to Collei
iaa aad Real K.utt. niHttttr.
llrs IliMiraii.,-
NoUrr Public
a". Oaaaoa,
SUti Courts and United State
Und Office Practice
Three doors South of the
Hanvey County National Bank
Burns. Oresron.
Attest, 1 Uw NoUr. p,u
"utsysr -x ""
Ref inishing Marred
Bhabby, scratched pieces of furniture that are untight
Jy and a discredit to your home can be made to look bright
ltd newat -light expense and you can do it yoursclj.
ftointand varnishes at one operation, giving to all kind
ot surfaces the elegant effect and durabla,
lustrous surface of beautifully finished
oak. mahogany, walnut or other e.
pensive woods. Call for Color Card,
a. n Ouurai
" . as. aoc.
M " IKiiiui
Civil and Hydraulic Engineers
Irriiratioii. Water Supply
Sewerajre. Water Power.
"...., Keti,,,.,. su.a,rvl.i,.
'' -. llitLaan
r.raierl, Aaai g
A O. Kill Katau
iik-ii.. . . v
lur M n. "" "-"'lurriv i iiltM Ki-
ttialeni K)
Eastern Oregon ling ineeriig
Bans, Origin
lias. uuth via
f-aBtte. Haas. MoiwUv , Tlireaa,
BBSS to. laSSis.' Ilhau-
. .u