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The Biggest County In The State
Of Oregon, Best In The West
The Biggest City In The Biggest
County In The State Of Oregon I
NO. 25
Prineville Boys Are More Experienced
Players and Home Team Couldn't
Interest Them Much. Town Team
Defeats Visitors. Return Games
Played at Prineville This Week
The second game of huso ball
played last Saturday between
Prineville and the high school
team of this city resulted in a
victory for the visiting team, but
on Sunday some of the older
players were put in the line-up
and a very interesting game was
witnessed until the rain stopped
it. The Burns boys were ahead
when the game was called, there
being but two scores on their side
up to the fifth and Prineville had
but one. On Monday another
game waa played with the older
team taking the honors away
from Prineville toa decided tune.
On Monday night a game of
basket bali was played at the
public school gym between the
Prineville team and the high
school when the visitors again
showed their superiority by de
feating the home boys.
One of the faculty of the Crook j
county school, who accompanied
the boys over, visited this office
Tuesday morning before they j
took their departure for home :
and expressed his appreciation
of the fine manner in which they I
had been entertained during their
visit and the fairness and port-
ty accompanied the team and C
M. Faulkner and W. H. Hollo
peter drove the cars. The games
were scheduled for Ihursday.
Friday and today and the boys
expect to return home tomorrow.
Our bunch need more experi
ence and by meeting outside
teams they will finally make
Disinfecting Houses
Of Tubercular Fowls
After all fowls affected with
avian tuberculosis have been re
moved from the flock, every part
of the premises not destroyed
should be thoroughly disinfected.
Formaldehyde is effective only in
tight houses and when applied
properly. Instructions for mak
ing the application may be had
by writing T. D. Beckwith,
bacteriologist at the Oregon
Agricultural College, Corvallis.
! Lime spray and cresol-soap mix-
hires are recommended.
The lime spray is made as
i follews: Fresh lime is 'slaked
i in water in merauooi to pounos
! lime to G pounds water. One
cold lye into the linseed oil, tak
ing at leaat 5 minutes to finish
the work. The stirring must be
kept up after the lye is all poured
in until the mixture has about
the consistency of liquid soap.
This should not require more
than a half hour. When this
stage is reached H4 quarts of
commercial cresol aro stirred in
to the soap making a clear, dark
brown fluid. Two or three table
spoonfuls of this mixture are
then put into a gallon of water.
It is perfectly clear and may be
applied with a spray pump or
with a brush.
Cermany, England and France Appeal
To Dictator to Accede to Demands
Of United States, Says Late Report,
But Still Row May Not be Stopped.
Refuges Leaving Mexico City
Gets Permit for Power Plant
The following was received
from the State Engineer's office
this week :
Mr. J. Kilwin Johnson, of
Drewsey, Oregon, has filed with
State Engineer Lewis an applica
tion for permit to develop 3,000
horsepower with the waters of
the Middle Fork of Malheur
River. The plant is to be located
a short distance above Drewsey,
and the point at which the water
is to be diverted from the stream
is in Section 21, Township 18
.South. Kange M hast, it is
estimated that the plant will cost
$3000.000. The water will be
carried from the point of diver
sion to the plant a distance of
five and one-eighth miles, in a
Things That Are Eaten
By Some Oregon Birds
ing spirit of the local fans. He
wished our citizens to know
they appreciated the treatment
accorded them.
Wednesday mornihg the local
boys left for Prineville to play a
return series of three gam over
there. They had Strengthened
their team somewhat on this
. . . . .
occasion and hope to hold the
Prineville bunch to a closer game.
Those who went over were: Earl
Hagey, Oorman Leonard, K.
Creighton, Nollie Heed, H.
Strange, Dewey Robinson, Nick
Voegtly, Donald Masterson, Dick
Hayes. J. C. Leedy ofthefacul-
quart of the mixture, thoroughly
stirred, is diluted with four quarts
of water, and again thoroughly
stirred. It is then run through
a sieve and applied immediately.
Spraying must be thorough, every
crack being covered.
The cresol mixture is prepared
as follews: Measure 31-5 quarts
of raw linseed oil into a 4 or f
gallon stone jar. Weigh out 6
ounces of commercial lye or
"babbitt's Potash," into a dish,
and dissolve it by pouring as
little water on it as will dissolve
it in at least 3 hours. Then
slowly, very slowly, pour the
Going Out of Business!
Qn account my health I must
close out my business at once
Furniture, Dishes. Rugs
Linoleum, Go-Carts, etc.
Mail orders from my Harney
County friends will be given
first consideration. Hurry!
A. L. HUNTER, Rend.
V31V t T
IBM, wrtmw S
The Strongest appeal to
the most refined taste Is
made by
Harmony Rose Glycerine Soap
Purely Vegetable, Delicately Petfnmed
15c. Per Cake, 2 for 25c.
Rexall Drug Store
The Burns Hospital
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients-Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
Only two kinds of birds destroy
cherry blossoms so far as observ
ed by Professor Ceorge Sykes, of
the Agricultural College, during
a seven-day investigation. These
are the California Purple-finch
and the English Sparrow.
"For seven days," savs Pro
fessor Sykes, ."every bird that
was seen in a cherry tree waa put
utider inspection. In only two
cases was there any room for
suspicion. To confirm this evid
ence some of the birds were shot
and their stomachs examined.
The birds killed and the contents
of their stomachs were as follows;
Seven California Purple-finches
cherry blossoms 1(K) per cent; one
of the same, 4 legs of Carabid.
One English Sparrow, cherry
blossoms 100 per cent.
One Pine siskin, 36 rag weed
seeds, 8 conifer seeds, and grit
20 per cent
One Blue bird, beetle fragments
100 per cent.
One Flicker, wood boring ter
mits 50 per cent, black ants.
One Oregon Towee, beetles,
60 per cent, one clover seed,
trash, grit.
It is thus seen that several
birds have been wrongly accused.
Robins, bluebirds, goldfinches,
pine siskins and other extremely
beneficial birds have been shot.
It seems almost proverbial that
man never knows his own luck."
Pioneer Ontario
Merchant Dead
The following is late news on
the Mexican situatien:
Germany, Fnglund and Frunce
have advised Provisional Presi
dent Huertu, through their Min
isters in Mexico City, to accede
to the demands of the United
States. This announcement was
made today.
Word that General Huerta had
accepted the tender of good
offices made by Argentina, Brazil
and Chile was conveyed to Presi
dent Wilson today through dip
lomatic sources. II nor la's formul
acceptance has not yet been
drafted, but he has informed the
diplomuts in Mexico City who
took up the subject with him
that he would accept.
European diplomats in Wash
ington, however, are pessimistic
over the outcome of the media
tion proposals by South American
governments to prevent war with
Mexico. While the action of
Great Britain, Germany and
France in urging Huerta to ac
cept the good offices proffered by, Chile and Argentina has
had an encouraging effect on
officials here, there are few who
Holden T. 1 lusted, a prominent
pioneer merchant and one of
Ontario's best known and highly
esteemed citiezns died at his
home in this city Wednesday
afternoon, April 23, the cause of
death being Bright's disease.
The funeral will take place to
morrow, Friday morning, from
the Congregational church at 10
a. m . under the auspices of Armor
Lodge. No. G9, Knightaof Pythias
of this city, of which the deceas
ed was an honored member. The
services will be conducted by
Hev. Philip Koenig of the Con
gregational church. Enterment
will be in the Ontario cemetery.
While postmaster he conducted
a confectionary store and after
ward was one of the organizers
of the K. D, Greer Merchantile
Co. E. A. Eraser purchased Mr.
Greer's interests in this company
in lmu, winch merged into the
Malheur Merchantile company
with E. A. Eraser as manager
and the two gentlemen have been
associated in business together
ever since. Ontario Democrat.
Cur for Stomach Diiord.ra.
Disorders of the stomach may
be avoided by the use of Cham
berlain s 1 ablets. Many very
remarkable cures have been
effected by these tablets. Sold
by all dealers.
We do job printing.
believe that success can eventuate
from the undertaking.
At 2 o'clock Ambassador Da
Gama and Ministers Suare. and
Naon ended a protracted con
ference H to future procedure
in the mediation proposal.".
Though no announcement was
made, it Was reported DO definite
plan for the next move had been
It was understood in diplomatic
circles here today that Foreign
Minister Portillo y Kojus. of the
Huerta government, was the
official who had communicated
with the Spanish Ambassador
here to signify the willingness of
the Huerta government to accept
the good offices of Brazil, Argen
tina and Chile. The communica
tion waa therefore considered as
practically an official acceptance
binding on the Huerta govern
ment. Soon after Secretary Bryan in
formed President Wilson of the
advices from Mexico City that
Huerta had acceded to the pre
liminary steps in the mediation
proposals, further encouragement
in the situation came in advices
from Berlin that Germany,
France and Great Britain had
urged Huerta, through their dip
lomatic representatives in Mexico
City, to yield to the American
demands. When this was com
municated to the President, he
was greatly pleased.
Laoer the German Ambassador,
Mr. Von Bernstorff, informed
Secretary Bryan that his govern
ment would support the media
tion proposal
An officiul dispatch from Ad-
mi rul Badger to the Navy De
partment declared that the auth
orities in Mexico City had agreed
to provide transportation for all
Americans from Mexico City as
fur as Soledad, the Mexican-controlled
end Off the railroad to Vera
Cruz. It also announced that
the first train with 250 American
refugees would leave Mexico City
Announcement also was made
today that Mexican refugees who
are being held by this Govern-
ment at Fort Bliss since the bat-
tle of Ojinaga. would be trans
ferred to Fort Wingate, N. M.,1
' in order to get them away from
the border, where trouble may
be expected. It is expected that
Brigadier-General Bliss will start
the movement of the exiles as
soon as possible. Mexican sold
iers and camp followers at Fort
Bliss number 5000, and some
difficulty may be experienced in
procuring transportation facili
ties. Activity continued at the Wur
Department and the Navy De
partment during the day, word
being expected before night that
; lesser factional chieftains, hoping
to find one likely to answer their
It was learned on high govern
ment authority that the adminis
tration has no disposition to drive
a hard bargain, but it was said
the president would insist upon
two things Huerta's elimination
and guarantee of the reestablish
ment of constitutional govern
ment in Mexico.
The mediators were of the
opinion that Huerta realizes his
position is impossible ai.d will be
glad of a chance to get out of it
with some measure of dignity
and it was assumed, with his
pockets well lined with money.
Should he refuse, however, it
was the general belief that the
better class of Mexicans would
force him out.
New Settlement Starts Early, Appoints
Committees and Get Ready for Big
Time July 4th. A "Get Together
Spirit" Prevailed at the Preliminary
Meeting and Success is Assured
General Funston and the troops
en route to Vera Cruztoiein
force the navul forces there had
reached their destination.
Iatcr advices contained in dis
patches from Washington, say;
Official notification that Gener
al llureta had agreed to accept
the good offices of Argentina,
Brazil and Chili- to arbitrate
the differences between the
United States and the Mexican
provisional president was handed
to Secretary of State Bryan today
by the Spanish minister here.
"We can only say the outlook
is hopeful; premature publicity
might spoil everything," was the
extent of the information it was
possible to get from the South
American mediators between the
United States ami Mexico today.
' 'The sky seems to be clearing, ' '
said Secretary of State Bryan,
"and in the meantime we are
getting our people to safety."
This much was known media
tion has been accepted by both
the Washington and Mexico City
governments and the mediators
were uwuiting proposals. When
the proposals have been submit
ted there will begin the work of
reconciling them. It was admit
ted that this probably will be a
more than difficult undertaking.
If Mexico can develop a strong
man, however, it was the general
opinion that something can be
accomplished. It was agreed on
all hands that neither Huertu,
Carranzu nor Villa will do, since
it will be impossible for ull fac
tions of Mexicans to agree on
unyoneof them. The mediators
therefore were looking over the
(jive this Job to a man
who will reduce Taxes
and cut down expenses
II you hail mi intrnm in a private limine,"
you would want il i on, In, led oil buiilMM
iiiin iilti Von have an inleieil in ilu
Win f Ibli The Slate of OragOll
il a hiiaineai iiiitiiiiiion run for the henrhi
of the uajuull in it who, inaieilaln aeiuc,
are iH'irknolilera in it liminex uiieretl
In the commit primary election, (buries A. Johns, of Hurtland.
Will auk the vote of every ierion who lielieveti the Slate uj ( lieijoii
nreili In have Uxet leiluceil jnil expense cut down. The only way
to reduce (men and cut down expennek in to apply the ame principles
in runninii the Stale dial you would apply in running your own buainen
How many inntituiiona would iuii along with an increaie of oper
ating rxpi mek from year lo yeai t Not many. Well, let', reduce
our mxcs and cut down our expense Charlea A. John., of Portland,
ii ruiwiiiiK mi that platform and kianda on hi platform (iet him on
the job! Start thinking almui ilin. today!
Will you elect a man who will cut down expemes and reduce
taxes, or a politician, as our next (iovernor r The iatue is clear.
One will cut down (axes the other will give jobi to his political
friend Which do you want r "aid Advertisement.
If rum Our I'm il.iuil Correspondent)
Thut Flavel. on the Columbia
River between Astoria and the
ocean, will be the terminus of the
steamship line which will be put
into operation shortly after the
first of next year was announced
by Louis W. Hill when in Port
land a few days ago. While not
going into details, Mr. Hill in
timated that the plans for the
docks are practically ready and
that the structures will be of
mammoth size and that the rail
road yards in connection with the
docks will accommodate not less
thsn 1,000 care.
The site selected by the Hill
system is three miles west of
Astoria and is inside the boundari
es ot the Port of Astoria. The
tract has a frontage of 3,800 feet
on the Columbia Riser and is
considered to be one of the most
valuable pieces of property under
the ownership of the Hill system.
The docks are expected to be
completed and ready for the
steamers now being built for the
Hill lines at the Camp yard in
According to a report recently
issued by the Northwestern Fruit
Exchange, of Portland, up to the
close of business on April 15 that
organization had collected and
distributed among its shippers
the returns on 1,123 cars of fruit
of all kinds, amounting to $912,
621.48, a net average to the
shippers of $812.66 on each car.
Proceeds from these shipments
were mailed to shippers within
an average of 35 days after for
warding each car.
A recent survey of market con
ditions indicates that the demand
for Oregon prunes is the best
ever known in the state, and
while the season so far has not
been favorable for a record-breaking
crop, there is little reason to
expect it will fall much if any
below the average and the prom
ise of unusually good prices will
probably make net returns to
growers better than ever before
received. On account of their
superior quality. Oregon prunes
head the quotations in all eastern
On Saturday evening April and let the world at large
ioin an enmusiastic gathering of i we are alive.
the settlers of Catlow took place
at Pioneer school house. District
We have done nothing so for
towards co-operation its everv
48th, for the purpose of arran,:- Tom, Dick and Harry for himself,
inRaiourin or July celebration and the success of the whole
and also to help along the "Get 'community depends therefore on
totrefrw.r " I .. .1 . .
together spirit
Through the kind permission
of Mr. Hanley the picnic is to be
held at the company's three mile
ranch. It will be an ideal place
for the purpose as there is plenty
of shade, water and horse feed.
The meeting was called to
order by neighbor Ed. Tulloch
who was immediately and unani
mously elected chairman of the
committees. Joe Raker came
next as secretary and then the
various committees were selected
as follews:
Committee on arrangements:
Perry Lowe, Jouaquin Berdugo,
F. C. Byram.
Committee on entertainment:
Geo. Rankin, Mrs. Lowe, Miss
E. Beckley.
Committee on advertising: C.
E. Tulloch, H. A. Crichfield, J.
F. Angle.
Committee on finance: Wesley I
V. Snyder. Cheek Curry, Miss
Fleck, Mrs. Rankin. Mr. Munson.
Committee on music: V. O.
Angle, Mrs. C. E. Tulloch, Mr.
After the hnuinoaa nftha ...., I
ing was concluded. The Messrs.
Angle having brought their in
struments, everyone joined in
and concluded a delightful even
ing with dancing, lunch being
served at midnight.
The various committees will
soon get together for the -purpose
of working out the various de
tails. We as a community are grow
ing rapidly and it behooves all of
us to put our shoulders to the
wheel and make not only the
celebration and picnic a success,
but to get together in a neighbor
ly spirit make us all acquainted
getting together and working out
our various problems.
Beautifying the Home
With Paints and Finishes
It is really remarkable what
transformations may be made,
now-a-days. with paints and
finishes. Burns Hardware Co.
are showing this week in the
center of their window a beauti
fully finished panel showing re
sults that can be easily secured
by anyone over old painted sur
faces or on old bare wood. It is
one of the handsomest and most
practical displays we have seen
and reflects great credis both to
Burns Hardware Co., and to
Acme Quality Paints and Finish
es. The extensivenews paper adver
tising being done by The Times-
Herald in behalf of Acme Quality
goods is producing excellent
Moat Prompt and Effectual Cure for
Bad Colda.
rvnen you nave a uau cola you
want a remedy that will not only
give relief, but effect a prompt
and permanent cure, a remedy
that is pleasant to take, a remedy
that contains nothintr injurious.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
meets all these requirements, it
acts on nature's plan, relieves
the lungs, aids expectoration,
opens the secretions and restores
the system to a healty condition.
This remedy has a world wide
sale and use, and can always be
depended upon. Sold by all
Picture show tonight.
The population of Coos County
is likely to make a rapid growth
within the next few days. On
her last out-bound trip the steam
er Breakwater carried a family
consisting of father, mother, six
boys and seven girls. They took
with them the usual assortment
of household goods, two cows, one
horse, a lot of chickens, two cats
in crates, and they started with
three dogs but one of the latter
became homesick and jumped
overboard before they were out
of sight of land. Immigration
into Coos County is very heavy
and the steamer has, on several
recent trips, been offered more
household goods than she could
The Salem Cherry Fair will be
held early in July, according to a
recent decision of the Salem
Commercial Club. Exact dates
will be selected later. A new
public market building is being
erected in Salem and has been
offered to the committee as a
location for the fair. It is pos
siMc the scope of the fair will be
extended this season by the ad
dition of other agricultural pro
ducts. For Sale 10 head of good,
gentle work mares, average
weight 14001bs., age ,from 5 to
9 years. -B. F. Campbell, Burns,
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
Daily Line, Burns and Prairie City
Burn. am fan) on City 6:,10 u m
Canyon City 7am Prairie City 10 a m
I'rairl City 2:S0 p m
Canyon City 7 p m Burn ItRseti
Fare, Burnt-Prairie City, $ ti.oo
Round Trip, - - . n.oo
Express Rates 2 1-2 Cents, Prairie to Bums
la The Place to Trade
First: Promptness, accuracy and fair dealing.
Secend: We carry a well assorted stock of Drug, Chemi
cals and Druggist Sundries.
Third) We guarantee every article we sell to be just as
represented or your money refunded.
If you are a customer of ours you know thit. If not, be
come One and be convinced.
J. C. Welcome. Jr.