The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 25, 1914, Image 4

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I Making the Little
Farm Pay
. !
times, I
ITU a kwo
rlrmand for
mill fruit, farmer
have a cbanee to
etftire fur larger
;.ntlt limn they
.in- tin from grain
growing or dairy
HUM! agriculture
l the iiihhI of the
iiiii ximiiier farm mitt iM'tter
eultlvatlmi There mIuuiM lie the great
aat poaalblc range f iirtsltiotlon when
markets a're Matt rem-hotl. Knrtner
and their aon n ml (laughters should
aim to pnnliue nuviltle8, or at least
articles which are not commonly un
derttood by landowners and for whleb
good prices are tuiM
A few gardeners make a large profit
from salalfy. sometime called vegetn
bis oyster. This la one of the neglect
ad products for which there Is a quick
sale. Many prefer It to the oyster,
whose flavor It has a hint of, with all
the disagreeable features of the bl
valve flavor left out of It.
It can I tsjsjbsal In many ways. Aa
a soup. aer-! nlth bread or crack-
era. It la l i-ii rii. 1 11 r rletl. either by
Itself or In a hatter, It la quite aa ap
petising as the real oyster when cook
ed In that way.
Boiled, allced lengthwise, when ten
der and fried In butter, like the par
anip. It aoon becomes a favorite.
Especially la salsify a valuable addi
tion to our somewhat limited list of
winter vegetables, because It can be
dug In tbe fall and stored In ihe cellar.
or It cau be left In the ground over
winter and dug In the spring, when It
will be found deliriously fresh and of
fine flavor.
Tbe culture of this plant Is of the
simplest It likes a rich garden loam
made mellow to tbe depth of a foot
and a half. Sow It In rows for con
venience In cultivating and keep down
tbe weeds. If the seedling stand too
thick In the rows thin them out so
that tbe plants will lie at least two
Inches apart Sow quite early In tbe
Watcb the catalogues of reliable seed
bouses for novelties. The Trophy
marked a new era In tomatoes and
was really tbe lint with smooth ex
terior and solid Inside. We had bad
smooth tomatoes before, but they had
big seed hollows Inside and all that
we had with solid meat were exceed
ingly rough, like the mammoth Chlhua
But the production of the Trophy
waa a success because It put this solid
tomato Inside a smooth skin, and ever
since It has been the effort of breed
ers to keep It there. The best efforts
ef tile bnjeden should now be devoted
to the raWlntetiniire of tin- earllness of
tbe extra early sorts, with Increused
smoothness. Tbls has been attained
In tbe Earllans, Globe. Success and
Then there are the cucumbers of
which every seedsman has bis special
strain. Of these I have found that
there Is nothing better than the com
bination of the White Spine and Long
Green known as the Davis Perfect
It la longer and slimmer than the
White Spine and earlier than tbe Long
Green and. in my opinion, deserves Its
Burns. Oregon, April 1, 1114 I
Nolir Is hereby givsn thai Uivln r Young,
of Narrows, Orsgon, who on Nov. JS, am!
A ill , 114, respectively, mule Hiimealeail
guttle No HMOen.l07!MS. tor HV.N W,. sw ..
See ;i an.l Nt,N WW Sertlou loTownsliiti SIS
Range ... Willametts Meridian, (Norlb
Malheur bake) ba fllee notice of internum i..
make final rive rear Proof, loeauhllab claim
to ibe land above described, before Hegticr
and Receiver, at Burn. Oregon, on Ihe Litri
day ol May. tl4.
I name aa wltneese
Ray Pu. all, Helen Duiall. lltsrlee Needham.
all of Narniwa, Oregon. Ham Hrtroti, of Ilium,
W. Passs. Reglater
lisivsoHTtvaa l.asi nrrira. i
Hume. Oregon. March It), i "I i I
oiln it hereby given that frank Ktswreta
.. ii. nil. ,i of s-rrd i irleiienalroh. luaene. I
Heckles. Oreeon. I who, on April JU. Ill in.
Homestead kbit
ry. No LWV..D. lor sv , vv 'ii' ',
.7. SKi.NI1, and sr.'.Mi1,, section ...
ruan.hlii 34 S. Range . a. Willamette
M.Tiitian baa nicl notice of Intention to make
anal three year pruol. la estatileeh clehn to
the land above described, before t". K Tulloch.
I' S i oiiiiiilMlolicr. at lila office, at heckle;.
Oregon, on tbe I.Mh faa of April. 1414
i lalmaut names aa witnesses
Mary Kudlata. Roe Johnson. J Hurdugo,
i narlea Heckler, all of Beekley. Oregon
w rasas. Register
I'siTiDSrarssbaMDOrrii s.
Burns. Oregon, April I. 111
Suttee la hereby gives that I)r Minnie Hand.
of I swen. Oregon, who, on March J. 111,
made Homestead gntrj No. Onal. for MKV, See
Hon 30, Township M . Range saW .. o
lamelle Meridian, has Hied notice of Intention
b make final Three Year I'raol to eatalill'h
claim to the land above described, before Keg
Ister and Receiver, at Burna. Oregon, on the
nth .ley of May, 114
t'lalmant name as witnesses
James . Hog. I- Halle; Have, James J.
Heattr, all of l.awen, Oregon, Ralph f'atteraon.
ot Venator, ttregon
W. rasas, Register
1-ar Cmt Leu Psjr Cweit.
Obtainable t.. bin, linilil g aftvJ
turtti, rniirh tiiuliiiv nnicrly or remov
1111,'tittilirunrt I bcrcb urn, Sici-ial I'rivile
gta nuil Kr.ii.uiiil.le I'rrtns Fur pro, nililnis I'tiiiiiirr leit , 1837
Buik.Ii MIiIk .. ImII.'h Tons.
L'kitbp tivavsa l.aenorrics. i
Hums. Orsgon. April 7, hit t
Notice is hereby given that Caroline lltillon.
ol Rgll. uregnu. who, on May J. 1410, insde
Desert Land Entry, So. 04T,a, forrlEV Section
IS. Township M s Range -'4 T. , wllUiuelte
Meridian, baa Sled notice of Inienlion io
make float eetabllab claim to tbe land
above described, before Ibe Register and he
reiver, at Burna, Oregon, on the IJtri day of
May. 114.
t lalmaut nameees wltusssee
Alfred T. bouavan. Robert I. Hutton t'harle.
w t'timmegye. Tomes llult.iti, all of Egh,
We lii. Reglslsr
Never follow tbe fall crop of lettuce
with lettuce, for It Is sure to be at
tacked by tbe wilt. This crop needs a
change of soil as often as possible. It
Is easy to raise lettuce in the winter in
a room that has an even and moderate
temperature. Tbls is better than mid
summer lettuce and sells at fancy fig
ores. Lettuce is raised with least trou
ble la apring and fall.
When soli can be worked In the
spring lettuce, radishes, onions and
peas abould be planted in the open
garden. All of these can stand con
siderable frost It Is well to put In
some early potatoes. The early vege
tables bring big profits
I'N.Tgh -Trijtt I A4n Optic... i
hurna rrctfi.ii, April 7, I'M i
JS..UCJ '.a hricl'V Klvni -bat i roll it- HijI'.iih
Widow of Hmittl K Huituii. tlec'.l , ol Rgll
Oregon, who, on irlolwr 10, 1910, mat.- H.-u
stt-rttl kUlry, No. .ulir.'. (Of rfWjU, -r'i..n 13
luwosblp At)., Ktvnf-.M K . MllemeUe Her
lien fiu It leJ DOtltf of Intent inn to make (ltiMi
Klv Yr I'rool totaubllab rUint la thw Un-l
Ui-p t.Mt'rltMpd, before Kriilr , i Ke.-i
i Burut, Oregtoii. o. the Ulh tlr of Mi;, j-h i
' Itimnnr noi.p wHtjeu--
luve Newraan, ot Burnt, Oregon huK
W. ' iitninff TS Hobert I- fin lion. Thorn i
Hutton. all of Kll. Orroa.
Wig YAnum. Km ftier
hnriii. nrvcoii. April I, ii
Nutli'r U herebf ' " that Thottiaa lluttoi .
of Kfli. orefoD, who. on June -. J ". maiL
Moiurtel Koirf No. UWIT. for WNK,
NWWHjKStM NK1" '..Section 4. Townsht,1 Jr. M K. Wtltamette Merttltau. baa fll.o
notice of Intention to make final five-year
Proof, t eatabllab claim to the land alxiv le
acrlbad, i.efore Kegtatrr an) Receiver, -
Burut Oregon, on the 1Mb Amy of May, l -l i
rleimaut namea aa wltneaeea
liave Nvman, of Burna, orosun. l(rr. i
':.. i. I'harlea W Cnmnrf yt, Hobrrt l
Hutton, all of Knit, uracon
Wat. ra Keglatrr
i -irai. MTaTna l -i Orrit a
Burna, Orefon, April io, ivn
Notice la hereby given that Krenci- al. Am. -.if
Burna, oreon, who. on ii tber ;. iW'v
ma-le Homeatea! Kntry. No.utma, for N'tNK,
SW NK'-anu SW'rK't, he tion )'. Towuabli-...-
itmir '. K WlTlaraelle Meridian haa fllfi
tiotlco of Intention to make Final three yrai
Proof, to ealabltah claim to tbe laud atwv.- !
bribed, before the Kea-later and Receiver, .
Burna, Oregon, on tbe m day of May. I u
i lalmant namea aa wltneaeea
Hugh M. Tipton, William Kay, Lafavaltr
Perry. Htauton Tyler, all of Bur m. Oregon.
WW. raai, Kegtater.
IturiiM, nrtKiii, April I, Ittlt I
Notht 1m iMTt'bv gifgg that Alllaoti I' Raj
craft, of I aMi. OrogOQ, who un ..n-inl.. i ".',
I'Wk made Homaatea.1 enlrv u OMMI, h
NK1, rWcllon t, rownphln i , Hanae :(.".
K , WlllanoMK Meridian, '- "ltd notice of
liitcni..n (o irakc ttnal Ibiaa ear I'rtMtf, to
catabhati claim ' the lnd above dtarrlbad
before Roglati-r at.. I Reratvar, m Minnv Oragog,
on the i mVi day f May, 1911
4 lalmaut n antra mm a Itneggi a
S. W hltnc, . of Lunrii. I'M'tton. It vshit
n. of Hun oragofj U corgi Max raft,
May J Itayrrad. Loth of Law an, urt-ioit
Ww KAHae. Kiai-'i r
cm 1 1 u vtA rn i v.mi ufitcR
IturtiM OngBtli April I I'll
N.iticc La l. rag) f?t " lln-l Kiln. K 0 ngtr,
of lawin. Uragoti. bo, on .ei rmlar ' i HU
made llotneateatl Kutry N.i if.W, Utr W W .
MaetloD I, TownahlpJH Houih, Rannc :t Kaat,
WHUmetle Meridian, baa rilc.l notice ol i .ten
lion to meat, ttnal thru- yrar Proof, lo calab
llah claim to tbe lanl nor tfawarlbad, lefore
Reifliter and RoOa)lTr, at Bitrn. Oreiou, on
lba i.-'b da, m mi i mi
t'lalmant nano ai a llnagaag
A VMiiittiu o W. Uayi raft. Mary J Ma)
-raft, a. I'h.HiirtM l;( raft, al of I, 'ire
, vj I iimt, Regtalef
lMin..-nn' iot.rrntt I
Burn-, 'ifrgon A-ril I. IHt I
Null c la hereby licit Ibgl hai'ld Kgf a. of
liunii, urea. ii wth.i on Ko vain bar i- raet.
made Ho met lead Rntrj Ko tWgV, f..r
oetton ". i.uMi-h r i , Manc tt I ll
Imiirttc McrbllMii. bafl Bled nolle.- ( int. itlun
o make Anal (lie vgaVf gfgaM. t tat.iutt
claim to the laud fcaWtl eeriteel Ix-fon-tbe
R.-Klatcr and Mctciit-r, ri Burn. Orrtfun
Ot tbe l.ttb day of Mai 11 i
Claimant namea ai with '
Jamea I! Munvurd. Jo, ph Hill. Itoatrga
tirvcley. Men Borland, all of Burn,, Orciton
We Kannk K.-tx'-tt r
I'm t kii i TtJ lard orrici
Kurni, Oregon. April I, 19)1
Notice g hrrrl.y gttrog that Mi-c K. I' ati .t
Oroville, Oragoa, who. og Man ti u. Itbl
made latoart land Kntry. No wrw lor,
IWU, WU UK' and hV.1 Nl-'i. wevllonf rn
ahlp W , Range tt B . Wtllanietie Merld'aa,
haa fllctl iiii'i't' il i t .'ion 10 makv final
gfojpf. to aalggltab claim to lba land aboie de
crtbade before M l Diohnor. I' H mli
aintu-r. al lit" ! al Intilo, 'irt'imii. un ' lie
I tth d) ol Mat. IBM
i u i mi en i M.'miM a linagtag
(,,.,- i, iv t . . ' -i M . i..vm Melvln l-ae. .
gdtrgpt J. i.'alloa i OragoB
Wk Kaaatt KegtalT
I Nr. 'ir,,l iMiMiri.)
J!iii Uf I irargaaj, A pi il I , l'M '
Sii'Ih' hereby given tbal Man ' Raicrafl,
..f i a van -n. j ... , r it
inadf Hoaealea'l Rn OBani for NWIa,
4grtfon iv. Ton I
Wlllam.''. Merl bad BNed i.oii. .-..f In
tan t loo to alalia ( i 1 1" Vaor Frool lo at
iiiiah claim i ibe lnid atanta -T.e.cMts'1 bg
tora Reglatar and Hi t RoDg nrrguo
on tba l in .1m ..( Mai
( lad mat t naaaee aa wll'.i aai
. m .v hiii. i . ol Burna. "r. gu
Vi blin. i . '..-irrf. Maii! I iiootaa May
cralt. ail of l.awen . t irci
haa, MfgtM r
UrtlTgll STATRH LANtiOPnt'g.
Hume Oregon, Mere" in. 114.
lies Is herelii given that Kre-I llaar.nt
wntiiin August i, t'.w. itisue
I. swell, tlregtt
M 111. .1. .! I- I
Nil IMMI. fur W'.NK.', Still
., Heeilnn "1 luwuanJii .:. n., ii.iipi.
i ', K . WlllHiiiell.- Metlill.n, lias niel liiltlie
if Intention ti n h flnalJhre rear proof, lo
." claim In the lafffl alnire ileserlbett
helore Keglster ami Keeelier. st Hurna.tlre
r m lusOTthiley lit, Will, nil
i I. unset namea as witnesses
I It Wllfnng, Wsnl Wsller. .:itrls Itsrg, tlltu
Neiitie. nil . if I awett, Oregon
We r.ass. keglster
INITH' ffl A I Rl IvNII OKrilK
Burna, ttregon, March ii. IVU
NfUte la barcby given thai Otto J Netttxe,
of I ancn tiregou, who. on June , Iviu, mad.
Homettead Rntry, No iMavn for RvNWl4and
w.M-'. Kant Ion l. I'owi.eblp H M , Range
:'lt .. lllameltf Meridian, haa filed not lea
of iiiicni ion to make filial throe year proof, in
elablgb claim to ihe land almv deaertlMtd,
before RagUtvr and Burna, tre
goo, on the imb ttg o. Aovtl, I li
i 'lalmaut namra aa wlltieaaeg
Alfred Meat. hrl. Ilrrg, Ororgc Retley,
frag Haag. all of l.awen, Oregon
M a fgantli Reglater.
I'sitkii HrrtBi Un Orricg i
Burna. irigun. March .., 1WI4 t
Notice it hereby given that Jiillna Karn.of
liar rlman, Oregon who, og Nov em be r gL Iwua,
made llomeatead Knlry, No in.! I, tut h'hK1.
nl K'triW', Hoc a., Tt.wnablp ifl B, Ranged
K.willaineit.t Mardlan.baj tiled notice of luteu
tion to make Itual live year proof, lo eetabllab
claim to the land above deat rihed. bfjforn Meg la
ter and MecelVtr, al Burna, Oregon, gg the
Mb day of Mai. IN.
Inlinant liamne aa Itne-eea
(rant Tboutpaon, Oton Thoiniain. Jikgaph
Fitchct, S i rnoii Kent, all of Wav-uly uregou
We KtNKi. Itcgiater
I'MTit' gg ATgg l4Htorrta. (
Burna. Oregon, Mart b If, IUI4. I
N.ttlce la hereby lvei. tbal t'arl J ollgard.
ol Klelda, Orrgoii whit, on Iietetnl-er a. aogi
made iteeert I ai-i Rnlry n. oaa-u lor lMW,,
I ota a, Hen 1 , i - - , k X R . and !" , 'A ' .
HfM-tlou BA, lownablp 17 H,. Mange XI R.
Milan.-it- Merlillau, haa tile.) notice of In
tendon to make Itual I'roof. to eatabllab claim
io the land gbovw deerrlbod, twifore M J.
ot tin nor. V, fl ontmiealoner. at bla offlri-, al
Im-iiIo. tlrogOB, on the lib -lav d May, 1414.
t'laltnan' name a wltneaeea
Log r i oobyjr. r Andrew Oragon UgvM
lfenliaugh. of Mrlila Oregon, i aiio-rou M
irimble. id Alidrewa, iU.g.oi i brlaiian I
ollgard, of Klelda ttregon
V4 a rau Hegtalvr.
raiTgu T4Tga LaftBB omen.
Biirna. Oregon, March W. lull i
Notice la hereby that Rdwln 1. Newell of
Narrowa, orrgon, who, on 0g I, i-dueiid
Mare.i n, lull, reaped Ively, made Homeaiead
Rntry. Noa. IKrfiMOtlftSvtt for H1, ',. Re-. IU, hW4
HVV'.. Mac 17. NUNW',.Hec. U 1 . tf . M R III,
and NRiNRV Heetlon .1, rowgawlg 3ft H
Kange m K , Wlllaui' It- MerldltJI, haa tiled
notice of Intention to make Final three year
Froof. to eeiabllah claim to the land above (.
rrlbad, before Reglater ami Receiver at
Hurna, Oregon, nil the fih u i t April. 1-ti
claimant namea aa wltneaaea.
Ren Roder, rbarlea Macghaua. William T.
franra, all of llurtia, Oregon, Mamile Newell,
of Narrowa, Oregon.
WH. I tr-r. K'glMlri
I'sitib frTs l.f) firrtrs
Hums, oreana. Msrrh V, 114.
tMlee Is hereby given that Andrew J
i. Vnllage, tlregtin, who u.i Jsntiaif
n rssi, mane itnmssteal gnlrr K.i KSM, Herlsl
kip ;
i ni.'ii
nrrit'UI, ItlRKI'TOHV
Tars iiasuns:
II H Hell. I. u
i .nisit SSMi.n
BSrMf (lelleral
il.n ( i.i.
-ni.l I'ulilli i net i vii iii.ii
stale Primer
nupreiae Jsdgas
IGeii. K. rbatnberlaln
lllsiri Isns
W I .i i lev
t N J BBOtl
A M. rrwfnri
n.wsl.l Went
lien i He. ill
T. II Kay
I i Imri'liill
Unlit gakln
I A UeBrlile
tieo M Harnett
K s.
r A.
IllBlrlrl Ju.lge i-.ii... , Hlggs
I uiititv Atluruev '"'i H Htiemore
I Ircult t uurt niseis Ihe first Monday In
April and Br. I Monday lit lletoher
Joint Senator
lolnl Repreeenlallve
II It, .ink.'
W. K. Hi .iii.ii
t.iinry ll.assvi
He i.i
lkevlew.Oreguo. April 7. I'Ml I
nor coal i.aso
Notlre la bsraby glvsu tbal vtesler ytreet. .,l
Klfe. uragon, Wbo, OB April ."tlh ism. uis.l.
Atldiltonai Hotnsatead Entry. No taUT. lot
,,. NSHV1,. Neetlon It. Towusnli. .1
soutb. Range Kaat. Willamette Merldao, In.
filed aoilce of In eutloti to make tbree seal
proof, to eetatillnb elalm to Ibe lead above !
.i.-lne.i. belore I baa A. Nbermau. United
ttate KummlaeloBer, st rifs, ttregon, on tnv
Zld da; of May. 114.
i lalmant namea as wtineaaea
I'.ui W Werner, Branson Bogue. mauley
HalfourkMward rtlreet. all ef Pile. Dregon.
Jaa. P Btauga., Keglster.
An agrtUitnt between a luntlowner
and another person that the Inner ahail
oeeupjr and cultivate a farm belonging
to th former and that each shall fur
nish part of tbe seed, Implements and
Block and divide tin- products or re
ceipt! from their sale does nut create
partnership, but the relation of land
lord and tenant.
Tbe owner and tenant of a farm
leased for a term of yeara upon an
agreement to divide the produce equal
ly are tenants In common of the crop.
If no time for dividing tbe crop 1
Bxed when u farm Is let on shares,
tbe division Is due when the crop U
harvested and la overdue after a rea
sonable time has elapsed since It waa
A tenant's agreement to deliver to
tbe landlord half of all the crops 1
not fully performed until tbe shares
stave been divided and set apart. Tbe
title to cropa grown on tbe land rented
to a season cropper ami tbe right to
tbeir possession are In tbe landlord
ssaitlt but claims are satisfied.
A cropper's share la due only when
bo crop Is harvested. A cropper baa
Interest In the growing crop that be
kill or mortgage enept In caeca
Where tbe statutes provide otherwise
From CJreen's "luw For the Ainerl
tHW Warmer."
CNITgll STATK.-I I.ANU orrit K.
I.aksvlew, uregou. April 7, 1-1 I
Notlre la bereby given thai I'.ui I' Msrner
of Pile, uragon, who, on Oct. Is. i-iiu. m '.
Homestead Entry. (Ael Feb. IV. IMS) i No. own.
lor MWJfavU, swNE';. avWNWU, n'.mw',.
-lE'.HWt,, hertlon JO, Towuahlu I Hoiilh. Kaug.
a Ksst. Wlllamstto Meridian baanlad BOtle In
IBtentlon Lo make flue! three year proof, to
subilsh claim to the land above descrtlm).
Ijetor I has. A. Herman I', ri- Commlselio" I
at Kile. Uragon. on the OA day of My, mi
ClalsBBBt namea a witnesses
Joseph Mueller. Welter Ksrlww. James A.
W ilson. Wesley rllreet, all ot Plfe. Oregon.
Jaa. P hi suae., Reglater
Hun. a Lfctt g)a '
I M TI D tfAl at. I lWD ol-1 l I
Burna, oregoti. MgffOa. 4. I 'I
otl r la Iter b - i ' n 'lia' 'lie S'or1hrn I'ncIIIi
Ball war CuWpauijr, oboga !' t aMi gg la
it. I'aul. -Inn., a.iia. iigiiMittli-'R) of H i
ii flie-i in iii olBca Ita pgllcgU lo
octet t uutler the nroi lalnna ol Ina act if i nit
greeaai-nroifl Juii I. laVg -i-i .. gg J
I ,,t It I llOO T. 1 aH K H r. . W H m 7.
reriai N.. UTMi
Any aut ell iM-raoim . lalnilug adieraclj Hie
laiola lea rl'.e. ot awOirtgg lO obfcicl U-t jiim
ol the mineral tiara, tai of lba lajM, or to an
iiher rt-iioD t the (llafMiaal to apll eat
.li. -nl.l Bl Ihell itiiUili. of roleal In lliU
ofji.w on t.r lh .'Tlh lai of -rll 1 -H
V M KtHHl. Hrglatn
IKuii'4 I la' S.i
( mtki -r. raa I.ani (jrri a,
Burna. Oregon. Man h IT, Hill
MotSOg bgnt.1 gtgg fl.e NofhTtt
1 aellli Katlaay ' ompanr, whtat? poat oftlee
iiIim la Bi. Iaol, Minneaotsi haa thii 17 il
lay of March I'll, hie In (hia ontog ig an
plication i" ' loci uu4i-r the nrovtalooa ' lba
l of i ongraag, aoj.f..iel July I, lajg fgg Mat
lg r.A)
K' (.f-V', - KUK.n.M 0U
al No OTaW.
Any all. tall MrgOOg elalinllig ad arte W t lie
laa4a daocrluoo. off tlagliing lo oMaol bo auae
if the mineral herarte rof llie lan-l, gf tor anf
otboi It aaoti to the fHaMial toajillranf,iloolt
file Ihelr atfltlav ita of nroteai in thi oatoo. og
or balora lba iiit uy t May ItH
W e lr4NHa. Itrglaler
IMnii - r rri l ii Ortli
Hutrii, Oregon, Mart h .'... I 'J 1 1 i
NoUt e la hetehi ttiveri rhal lalvtn loula
Jouea of ..iiag... Ulegoa, wh, on April ft.
Iffgg ma-le llomeatoati loiry No a-iU rial
Ho. OSftcn. Ijr Louj.x, I. and KUnW'v Hr. tion
7, Towiiahln .'7 H Itallge tj Y. . N lllainetl'
wrrldlan haa tll-l notlee ..f in Ifnl hn U
inalie llnat ll . year ioof. lo eatahllan i lelm
in dm lend oboVa gegtcrtbad, bafOfg Kegiater
ggd BocnlffOf ef Burn. Oregon n lh Jith .lav
Mi'. I'll
lalmant niinr m vallneaaea
K 1. ageftngor, I Marahall loin hunn.
I'laud H hug ill til Volla
DMrTRU i i i i AMHirriiK.
Burna. Oregon, atgffgi il, Itfla
Not a h lel.V glien thai J'.aei.h K Kaa I
..! Met kle). Orwgoli, wbo. U NoivluU-r I. I'lu
. ad. iumeaiead Kotri No. oAlel, lor wUVgfl,
anl "'4 t it. and N'.Mt1, Beriiaiq H,
loWnelkl) I HaUgt Itef, it ll'iS-i ( Mrr
MfgO, ! 0)e. itott.e i.i liitrUlliMi lo make
ll .al three ear I'toof lo aiahllah fflalm loth
and ah'i dag Ml ft. l lorg Begin' al Ke
.ii.r, at I'.iirna. Iirtgttn, on tne lib 'lajr .)f
gel I'll
laiuiant Mgiiiti ae OlUiaggOg
Waller ft.- i Lm I." I.tmul rianb
- inlla'tt V ll) fan. a .- 'fit- f- gort
rt - Brgi-tf r
i sirsn Mt.Ta.l tstiiirvtis. t
Iturii. .if. son 4Bil 1. 114 t
N. .llie Is her. I i si, en that le Km Medley.
or I'oriletid iitegioi. who mi Mai r ln.
ms.le iMwerll anJknlry. N.i mi. l.r.'.M.',
..-',. ne. 1 m,l. ... ... 1 . - It
nt sndi,si, Asriloa 3. I...u.hi. H
Kauge at E. VMIIauietl. M.tldlall h. a Bled
ntl.e of intention to in.... rli. si I'foof. lo IS
'ahllsh i '.tin to llie Istnl abev de.. rllied, be
mfi Keg!. let and Ke.elief, at Iturll., I iiegnli .
Hi ihe 1411, .lay of Map, I'll
jalasaal nsmes ss Mitnesaee
I hsrle. S.e.lhsin. K...S BUBgBV. ' hsile.
IVileoti. Matin- V I lw.ii. . .11 of ttiirtt,. uregou
Wis. Pis. Healster
loillilr Judge
itehmil Huneilnteiuli . .
I urotter
Stork llispet tor
i nniilitselfi tiers
t.isni I hirtn neon
K I llllghet
It A Miller
K. Meery
A k. Klrhsrilsou
J J ISillegSIl
I. M ll.u.ilioii
i. W II. .i i... r
Jottn Kol.iiis.oi
ik I' itvlvester
I I hoe Haiti
I'ounty t'oeft mttta the nr.t Wedneadny In
Jsuuary, Mareh. May. July, Heplember and
"4BT.. for WUEI,. Heetlou XI, lowliahl
.... L- .11 . ... U --..II k.
n . rviviige ni r. , .. i.iaMiei.e a.iiin.n, nwm
notlee of Intention to stake final flvea-yeer
pti.if. to eetahllsb elalm to tks land aleivs d.
- r I lied before Keglster end fteteiver, st Hums
i iiegim, on ihe .lb day ol Map, 114
lalmant tianiss .. witnesses
Alfred Mrshll of Voltage, uregon lleorge
W. Hlmmons. of Ulsmond tlregon. Mry
Marahall. Edward Anderson. Imth of VoltBfl.
We Pssa. ttegislrr
i mitsii kvavbs I.anii tlrsn s
llnriis. orsgon. Mareh ttl, 114.
Notice I hereby given thai Jer.e A i .In of
Itilep, uragon. who. on May l. IVIU, ma.le
Mneiestsed Kmry. No. iweiuo, lor Ki, ee.lini
' ', InwnshlpZIH . Mange J k , VVIIlsilieMsMerl
.it-., k.. e:.-.1 ,..ii. nf Intention to in.fce
rius) Ibree year I'reof, loeeuhllsli elalm to the I
land aliove oeaernieil, leiur. iwi""i "'''
Keeelver. at Hums Oregon, oil Ihe Uth lsy of
Msy. 1914.
i islmstil names as elltiess. s
II Ii I'Kll.W.I'. I'Srll.H, P Mutter, J I
twell,ll of llllei Oregon.
Wa. Ksass. Keglster
I -iTsi. -rr.Tg. I ssoOerit s I
Hums, tiregon. April 1, 114,1
Notlee I Ureby given Ihsi Ads Ysnsahof
uregon, wnu. on ncsisrw, iee.
otMB, It
I lamella
Narrows, tlresofi. who
ui.ile Ifomeatead Entrv No
.. vV'slt
In fownshlti JA H . Kane
Meridian, baa Hied notlee ol Intention tessaae
nnsl five rear proof, to establish elalm
to the land bove deeerltied. before keglster
end Keeelver at Hums, llrsgnn. on the IWri Bay
Map. 1914.
t lalmant names aa wllnissaa
Rav Inivall. Helen Hut.II.I barles rledksm.
.11 if Narrow, uregon sm Hsrroo, of Bern.
nt" .. P.... k.wUer
Bsraa Oregon, March , 1I4 i
Nolle Is hereby given that Beobls f.
i I... r of llsrrlmsn. (iregoB, wbo, on Usssai
bsf If I'lltt. rneda llomestesd Entrv, No. Swilo
for NvV',. Het'llon 14, Township Jf S , KBg a
E,, vyillsiuetie Meridian, ha Bld nolle of
Intention lo mske flusl three year I'roof, to es
tahltsli elslm to rhe Isnd aleive deserlbed. be
fore Ki-gl, ter .i i ;t. -eel v.r. st Hums. Oregon,
on i.e.-tii dsv of Msy 114
i lalrnsnt lisinis ss witnesses'
Jousthsii Hsrtlt-tt. Henry f . rrenrh. both of
llarrltnan, Oregon. Ir 1.. Sleepor. ol Hnrns.
Oregon, I. M..lmnieriiisnn, Harrlmsn. Oregon
PABBB. Keglster
Phvalc'lan ami Bar
Pbysiclaa ami IW(ei a
Bnrai, - Qngn
Off lot in oear building emu i,
hsrneas shop, Main
'Pbone Main 16,
V. tAHL, M . O.
i aad HMrgeon
TaasawaUBus Muiidin.
Ot Ihe n
lesstsl stlsaMae in., diw.m
- .A . -aa.
gaaaa. g, g. 1 -o orrn a.
W in Ka r r
M-.fherahi U
Pnyeician and Surgeon
Nairawa, Ores,
O. I.ti.auu.
A. a . a
Uerl Praellce
Him V. .1I.M,,
" - "at
' -usle 'Kilgg
Eye, N,Me st. I rbA)
tlVT BI'Bsa
iiiiiii' llie. -
Meetings or the
Pourtb V..-I ...'
Hill Mnlll. r.I.eS.l
Koy Van Winkle
lleiirv tMHun
..It I.. Halt...
I II J It. us. n
(A.I Veh ome
I Jam. . l.aoiehtre
It J Mi Kin Hon
n.i .-. ..nil a-"!
JOHN I.KM.Irltl.lNl..
You can buy no better
lor target work arid all
small gome up to
200 yard.
I'Mtf sn HT.rss l.sshtirrti B. f
Hum.. Oregon, Mareh jr.. BPM I
Sutlie I. hereh) given that Ituhy Talhott of
Ifarrluiau. uregon who. on July IS. rJB. made
Huinealeed Kmry No t44', fur -r.',. -e, ttun
It, Towiiahlh a M . Kange .ci k . Vvillatnetli
Meridian, has Sled notlee of Inietitton to
mske Qlisl three yesr proof, to i.lm
to the land e il, serlheil, teilore Reglater
nd H.-eelier at llurna, Oregon, on Use 7lb
lev of Ms. I' II
t lalmant ..
W llll.n, g lirsj il. II I'liri',. Heur. i
Irrui Ii. i VI lal'. itt. a,l nf Harrltttau, Oregon
a Hegi.l. r
gg Oregon.
Tenpsvp, not truulile, makes the nils
y of uiowl men's ami women's Uvea.
A aeartsn Youth.
. eejr raining hard one Bunda and
tike tittp bey asked hU mother If they
irgw'i shag to Sunday school.
' 'iBBssPF' dMr'" b answered.
Baddy and It's raining too
aa," said the UtUe I'url
Mat yeaterdap and w
trat tw iast iraa."
rSredtately made prep
Mim' Home Journal
Olste't Pmi Her.
ita m' dear," began
TSppier wkai he arrived home along
iMuVt get a car
m, toe, war
eerr refrwiti bis Paj s a atari
er4Mt Trai:
raertleft Net.
fasitioiin In taat pter,
ttw last awaae a
bat tbTre kw
j .. .utA-ygaVjg pv
Burna, Oregon, April 14. 1VI4 1
To Andrew Twarosek of Narrowa Oregon,
Con tea lee:
Yoo are hereby notified thai tdweril
v vttli wuoglvea Narrowa, Oregon, aetata ooat
oMread.lreea. ili'l on April 14th 1914. Ala In thia
office hla (?iily corrol-oralel appll'-atlon in on
taat and aecure the cam ellatlon.uf your Home
tend atutrrHertal.No oaftVl, made Ma,,i"Mi
for .(.'.kJ!'.;, Hec. 18W14HW,.itri . NK'4
NE'4.8ac. M. SWJ4NWJ,uf HarlJun .13, Ton
ahip r, South, Kanga at, Kaat, Wlllain.!'
Mefltliaii. auu aa groiiutia ioi uie cwumtbi un
alleeaa that aald Andrew Twaroaak. haa wholly
abandoned aald laud fur n-rr thru ilx mouiha
laat a aai ana hf n;vr aetiW'i ri l up4u
or cultivated aama
Von are,, lurtner notinui tnai tin
aald allegatlona will be taken aa rt.nfeaaed,
and your aald entry will be canceled wlihmit
furihtr right lo ie maru, eiinvr i, ion rnia
,fTi.i- or on auoeal. If you fall to file In thla
office within twenty daya after the KOI Kill
nublleallon of thia uoilt-e, aa ahown below,
jrour anawer, under oath, aj-. in. ally rvaond
llig IO I IiCBr liiciaittuui pi n rm , tiigi'i in-1
with due proof that you have gerved a ajggf ..f
your anawer on tba aald couteatant either in
peraon or by regtatered mall.
Yougbould atala In your anawer Ihe namcof
tliepoatulTlrelaowblua you deal re future notht-a
tot aanlto you.
Wn. Kaaag. Heglater
l-atauf Mrat publication April 1Mb. 1914
Data of aacoud publication April 2Mb, 114,
Ink of third publlratlen Mar .nd. i'jll
Data of fourth publication May vnb, 1I4
CONTeEST notice.
UglTgg WTATaVI La Ml. OpfM .
Burna, Oregon, April Utb 1.14
To Mark Zaremba of Narrowa, Oregon, Con
Iggtgg You ara barabv notified that Edward O.
Wyelh who glvea narrows, uregon, aa ma ,
Iiiinia. Ciregjoa. April .ft. I'll
Noaifgg la ht-rt-hy gi.en that nrotl M. Hrown,
of Burm, uregon, who, -u Iit omUr ,;1. I 'In,
made llotnaetri Kntry. No OrrVi, for nK1-,
K'NK.,Her I and V,Nk.K;Mlon IX Town
ahfp 'Mr . Ita tig.- "h , V l lain. tl t rldlalt. llga
filed nolii-t: of Intention to uiakr final three
year proof, to tatahllali tlalm to the land
AbOTg daggntjatd, lafera log ltglater and Ke
eelver at Oragps, og tiit- ..nh day of
Mar. t rM.
i lei in ant nain. h a irl'gtglgl
llermau H Marka karlag i , fia, John
I'leralorf. all of Narrot - Oregon 0-el K
It row ti, of liurna. Oregon
Wm Kaaag, Keglat. r.
I'Hittt, HTaTga I, ami nirnt
Urn i. a. Orrgon. April l.l. I lt
NtXlra ia hiMi'hy given that Harah Vllaa. ot
Hurna. oiegon, who on J line i, Ivlu, and June
JO, lull, ragpttrllvel) . inadt Mi, no Ulead gut nag
Noa IH:- , f-.r T,',nl -ee KI; HUhat1,
andHKl4r.H'4 -.- lloDSJ.TuwggblpJlli, Baiigu
M K , Wlllieiu.-M.' Meridian haa riled noilca ul
Inienlion to ma k' Until iu. yagf I r.,ol toeatali
llah elalm to ih.- laul above iltgorlWoTb flora
Kegialer and It. -eirer, al Burna Oregon, on
ihe 'JJeHb da i'f Mn 1 'I l
Claimant gggftgg H w Hiit-aaea
Jaeol. If. flora, III' hart) He. age, lleury I'.
liter. Otorge 11 Vilaa. allif Burna. tiregon.
Wat KaKHg, Keglaiar.
Burna, orgjfog, ftprll i , in ,
la h reb given Unit
r i
BkWkas, n a
CALIBER Repeating
Rifle in the W0R10,
M ul - In Un aagBgjjgftji ongj
for .-.' Slmrt U. 1. rar.
trilkti Um irthgff for .ijJ leong1
iijih- ii r.
Handles 15 .M
Short and It .trj
f long rillo t-anrKlgr.
S. n.i fur Ii
tlli..lri.l.,l Hi fie fair,
kig nntl ' ' How to Sliieit
Weil ".
Mi r Slsvees Kfles
riflolssed J!k,truns
fruin .nir U.uli t
a. o. aa soo4,
i un rn 1 1 i ai i a
duasje el
avtychiaiaa it
lawsawB -22 ahort.
long or loot-rifla cartrirlajw
perfectly. The (Jeep Ballard
rifling develop majurnum power aad
accuracy and adds yean to the life of rifle.
1hsjMfjShg slfaii ininainiili n
...kelejkWesUi TsTwew wewew. m )ff,jimmL
eaasn gjaaW aaawalf atssrj aaWJajs"! aajjsjjgg . 4teCvajaeai eaawaert aakftwaa. aaHawWgaa bwbbsv
I iinlis lani ilrla ikwpem 'imiiiir -tt '
wkkaeaaeaaaVBwalaaa. Asreslv.nnis nle AA ear see aVstar.
eVetaSui ni. 7fo 77Zarti rarmJ G
. ,-i.. e Wawser gtieal Hev Cevaat.
auaaa. oatxcoN
DEggflg & DENMAN
Peystclans and Sargeons
OalU answered protur.tly nigl.t org,
'Pnona Harriman.
Harplman, Oregon
Jerwalea. pttoiawa wsoA
Kim- Wauh Rrpairlog A Spe
I sail g
aa.oo A
r "ij.
1 I wtw-f-L.
$1500 Reward!
1 In. llfegtlB, t S I
. tiirliissii.l Nevsila
I Ive faoal I'rutee.
lino AMiK-lstliin of
elilih the tiniler
.Igtteii Is ttienitMr,
will gtve It.tsjrj tat
'i ..."I for efl
seaes iee4iBg to
ihe arrest sml ron
Vletiotl tit atljr tsar.
ty ir lartles slesl- tinreea eattl.
'it tiitilea leilouglug
nit .if It metn-
lit BiMlliiin iii tin, sl-.e. the tmilsrsigne.1
tiger Ihe .sine .ni.l It lou . iv f, ,11 horse
l.rsti.le.1 horse sh.el bar on Both sr either Jw.
rlrauit re. (ii.l.. In elglit t-ouotlea Hants
Harney. I eke ,,,,t Cfget tnuntlee. Horses
teste. I when so, .1
Nuns hut grown horses ex. I I anil mi If In
rge l.iin. he..
vV W IIUllVtN rile. Uregon
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Physickn .and Surgea
wt Telephone Connection
La wen. Ore.
Ottlstw ftret il...r ra-t ,,,,i,, t , . rJ
linrias. Osajsju)
Boaaa, Oawasoa.
Ulrpusite Touawatua Huiljjjaj
Attorney at Law
Tasjsrlly Bidg., Horn... Oregoa
Attorney- a I- Law.
rkir-ns, Oegon.
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival aad Departure Of Traiu
No. 2, Prairie
Arrivea Baker
10:15 A.M.
2:35 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
.gajatalflr 5ji5 kW
U.KB'-riMm M mB ssaaaasaaas-r ah-- '"saa.-BaBSBBBBBBBSw
Kelli'gir .'! ll.r iniati, llregini, n ho, mi Mareh
,ti, J07, in. le lliinn .le.i.l entry, !
So. Ul . for htt'.nl-1,. Hi,rlw
c 4dresa. did on Alyrll 14th, lull, file In
ill, ,11 to
ol your
this GfBcs bl duly corroborated nnllf'ftllou lo
routt nd secure tue eaneeiiaiiuii
of your
te May
ll.,aaleed Knlrv. Serial No OttiVJ. ui.
ml. lulo. lor tne HWiJIK'., HK'.iiWl..ol Met
tlonW, adlbsNWi.HKt,.and ibe NkTgNvV'...
of HectioB IT, TowDshlp J7 Honth, Kange A
Kaat, Willamette Uerldlau, and aa groiiutls
t... his eoutest h sllegss Ihst ssltl Mark
.arsuit'. ha wholly absiidoned said laud for
more llian all mouth, lsst nasi, sml has never
t f'Ultl
Ivatetl same
Yoo are, therefore further notified Ihst the
Mid allegations will taken a ion fussed
and your aald entry will becauceled without
fnrtbet right to be heard either before tbls
ufBe or on apnaal, II you fall to fl la In this
oas witblB twiuty days alter Ibe rol'KIH
Saktl4wieB of Ibis uotlo. as shown below,
rogur answer, under oath, oeviric)ly reapoud
lag to taVB HgBfl0Bf of eoutest, together
wftk do proof tkal you hv aerved eopy of
war answer ea tba said coutcetaiu . it tier in
Wl o, re..... w..
Mttlxl. rlded upon
Tea should stals lu our snwr tbe uame ol
I post oBa to wblok y
ut lo )HU
in post o ao
Igslar! publication April 1Mb 114.
sefeteoaw vubjici
OS desire future
WM. raaas, Register
Bill 1Mb 114.
cotlou April ib. IKI4
shlluitlou May lad,
M, ..
t'yrenus w
No '.WW, Mirl.l
Hee .' anil
SKSiSk',, Bet Hon 1, TuwrablM .9 H , gangs il
V... Wlll.iuell. MrllllSli, has llleil null. , ul
llltellltoli t.i iii.ii.' Ilnsl die nar I'r m.I, log
tahllsh I Islm In 11, ,- I. nil aliove ill. i llluiil. he
fnrn itigUter stiil ilet liter si Hnrns, Oregon,
un tin- .".Hi lay ul May, I 'II
t laltnaiii eame. a. BllnsSBM
Itiilieit Iiiii. Ii. mi ho It Annum. Ski.,
I I' Itlildli , Visiter i, I lark, sll nf llsrtl
insii, Oregon.
Vt u Ksass, Iteglaler
Notice lo t retltlors
Tile liililct siinil having1 U'iii ilnly iiii
iii mi I ti I Ailtiiiiiiali.iliH uuli llie Will
iiiint-seil ol tilt' BatatC ul l;. C. I.utik,
deOgUSgd, and bavilMJ ilnly itlfilllii'il u
BUt'li, all iH-raiint aavlag luiins aguinst
tlic auitl rslitle will ii.'miiI I lie same
pruLicrly verilicil In me al my ogjjtj in
Hurna, OfajJpMi, within sit inuiiths
PROM I'ATI'. !' THIS iin'i.v thitlisi
aabfeV alintl ill 'whit It is M.inli -MkII'.iII
Wm. Mn i at.,
Aillllililstl, tt'H Willi llkt Will illltlt eil ill
1, Baker 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10.05 A. M.
Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes Kod connection
with O.-VV. H. & N. No. 10 leav-ink-
Portland 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from cant arrivin Baker ti:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with Ia Grande
local 7:00 to La Grande, and No.
9 (fast Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving; in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for points East.
til Ok ( il I OON H, op.
a Meals At All Hours.
urgent anu frompt Service
With Reasonable Kates
Give Me A Call
OsvBwssit Tlawew-Meraia BwtlaUauj
Short J
Paint Kitchen Floors
Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore knees caused
by scrubbing bare floors. Painted floors are easy
to keep bright and clean, are attractive and
very inexpensive.
gives a hard, durable, sanitary finish for floort,
steps or any inside surface to be walked on.
easy to keep clean and hard to wear
out. You can apply it yourseli
It dries in a short time. Offered
Burna, Oreguti.
Roome and 7 MatuniV BuilJltg
" ealckli me, is at rsiiiiB!.. ma
Burnt, . . Oregon
Praetiose In the State I'.mrt.i auj ke
lore the C. B. Laad Office.
tJha-B. II. Isootmixl. K
tJaraful atUotiou given to Cottkr
tioaa and Real Estate n)man.
aire lngurai, ,.
Notary Public
Bvaas. Oaaaoa.
Stota Courts and United .tita
Lend Office Practice
Three doors South of the
Harney County National But
Bums. Oretfon.
Fav-Aarit: davey
AJeaeassrjr at Law Notarv rM
Lsm Revi.wkg
S- Uawl Off.. . PractK .
liaVcw between Hsm.i ,, Ssllai.ltal
aast Land oac.
aseklTaa, - Oregon
a D. Ooeres g ,t
ass. m aa . a . , .... .
Civil and Hydraulic Eniraa.
Irrigation. Water Supply
Sewerage, Water Power,
reye, alau, BallaTiitn m i ..-rvata
K t ' lll liBII
'faswrljl AaL guglnerr
I r. N Beelamatluii Her
Par sat
gllirt r
I Ul
D- -pa. in aPPropnate and attractive shades.
-at-a a f.jLi s9 iJLi
Eis.ern Oregon ragiiieeriif
Kans, Ormiin
Direst coataectiona aoulh via
A H. CURRY. Prop.
Ueae Harris a MiMkaVay and Tkna
aawJ arrives Wee!r.s.d.y and See
ting with se