The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 18, 1914, Image 2

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Don't These Warn Spring Days
make you think of that
you will be needing soon?
Easter is not far away, no doubt
you will want a new suit then.
Why Not Order It Now
And be Prepared?
We can furnish you anything
you may want in the suit line. All
tailor made suits guaranteed to fit.
Call and sec ui
you buy or not. We are
always glad to snow you
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors aad
I. O. O. F. Building - -
Leading Clothiers
Addition) LsSifc
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundrv. 4tf.
K C A. Harlan and RobL Davev
pent a portion of the week try
ing their luck with mountain
The weather has been quite
cool during a portion of the week
but today bid fair to i-ejon real
Win. Hanley took his departure
this morning for outside points
to look after his political fences.
Time to think
audi. A nice
eluding onion
Hardware Co.
gar-), n
at the Bums
St.aajlsl t It
There is no use of our "beat
ing around the bush." We
might as well out with it first as
The light plant is again running! but We want you to try Chanv
in good shape after an annoyance berlain's Cough Remedy the next
that cauied the manager of this , time you have a cough or cold.
; There is no reason so far as we
; can see why you should not do
hack to lose his religion.
Sheriff Richardson left y. ster
.day for a business trip
southern art of th county Be
: was accompanied by Mrs. Julia
. . ik. : so-
i in
mar sable
Cawlneld who goes
R. J. McKinnon & Son have
established a daily stage between
Drewsey and Juntura. Connec
tions made with the trains at
Juntura and passengers Rrvssl
every comfort. Fare to I Sums
A very laughable comedy drama
will bo produced at Tonsv.ama
on Friday. May 1. as a benefit
for the Mothers' Club. It is be
ing staged under the manage
preparation by its re
cures has gained a
world wide reputation, and peo-
I ailata atiaMHkAA -- a , !.
tO is t hr . ' .". :!- "i ii in vm
highest terms of praise. It is
for sale by all dealers.
We do job printing.
Too much care cannot be used
in selecting'a cough medicine for
children. It should be plea
sant to take, contain no harm
ful substance and be most effec
tual. Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy meets these requirements
and is a favorite with the mothers
of young children everywhere.
For sale by all dyealers.
Natsc. T. CriJiiars.
IN Till; M8TKKT 001 KT 1IIK
TRKT OF OSIOWI. la llanira,,trT
la thr mailer ..f
Waller K Gray. Itankrai
K. rat. '4 Iawea. id h ('won (
llarBr.T. and thr Pwtnct aforvaaul.
bank rapt
Sstsaj urrly giwtn taat oa taa Stn
da .. April 1V1. la. raid U aiUr U
Oregon Hotel
... , .. i . t'.raj wu dalr adiadacatcd taaakrupt.
ment of tho members of the club mirf-fcat Uh. 6m J,, 4km cff-i.
antl promises to be good. Parti
culars later.
James Richardson and Groveri
Gould took their departure Wed-
RLK lAtSEi. rrst.
Comforts of Home
Personal Attention
Home Ccokiir
Clean Rooms aad Beds
lest TsMc Stnia
Csertcess Trtalacol
Spring Opening
We extend to all a special re-
quest to call and examine our
Dress goods, waists, dresses, skirts
new summer underwear in silk,
lisle, cambric in all styles, hosiery, j
gloves, neckwear, new ribbons,
laces, embroideries, fall line trim
ming, silks and buttons
Quality Goods Only
f hr Jmti-lktxiii
returned home
the winter
sumsoumoM rates
A Barron has
after spending
Important Hog Bulletin.
Dr. Benson, pastor of the rirsl
Presbyterian church of this city,
was in Sumpter this week attend
ing a meeting of the Presbytery.
The Abner Robbins Pine Creek
One of the best recent bulletins ranch, near Drewsey. for rent,
of the United States Department See Harold S. Gilbert at the
of Agriculture is No. 68, issued Burns hotel after 4 o'clock p. m. , '
under the date of February 25th. , April 23, 24, 25.
iyi4- The announcement of Frank
This Bulletin is by Byron Gowsn as a candidate for county
nesday morning for Iayton.
Washington where each have
been tendered good positions.
the former in a garage and th
latter in an electric light and
Dower plant with his brother
Kd F.Kli and his mother left
this morning for Portland. Mr.
Kgli will K" to Kugene for a visit
and Kd may go on up there but
his particular "bject in going out
is to get a Ch 'timers auto which
he will Mag back. He has taken
the agency for that car in this
aiii !jt brKl at Horn, in llarear t'oeatr
I urn tar 27tt daj of I .!. at 10
u la tar wrrauoa. at wnira
1 1. said creditor may attend, BfWVa.
Inrir riaiaif . apfviiat a trails, rsaasinr
tbr hank rapt an. I Iraaaart Mat utbr
aa nu proper I, coaar la-sucr
M L. liUTT.
Krfprrr in baakrvptry
V -ftls BuiMia
Hunter, Agriculturist for the
Department of Farm Manage
ment, and is intended to encour
age hog raisers in the Pacific
Northwest, especially in the
States of Oregon. Washington
and Idaho. The title is "Pasture
and Grain Crops for Hogs in the
Pacific Northwest" This Bul
letin should be on the desk of
every farmer in this section of
the country and is to be had free
by writing to the United States
surveyor appears in this issue
Frank is well known to the voter
of this county and a conscienti
ous young man.
Belshaw Prune trees No. one
quality from 1 to 4 years old at
20c each delivered by Parcels
Post purchaser paying transpor
tation. Chas. Belshaw. M
Vernon. Oregon. 21-23.
Died- At her home near Iswaa
this morning, Mrs. GonT. The
I have lost two strawberry roan
mares very chunky built, sfcr in
: forehead, weight about twelv
fifty, branded F. T. the F revers
ed, on left stiflai age about eight
and nine. Hobbled when lost.
! A suitable reward for recovery' of
them. Affasaam o T. May,
Harriman. Oregon. 21 23.
A. Monro, of Moscow, an old
time friend and associate of John
Thompson of the firm of Thomp
son & Deegan. arrived here yes
terday and will spend some time
looking over the country witn a
view of making some invest-
In la IViQat t'oert ul lb. Stat of I rr -
ron. Ir HartMrjr Coast,
la Ihe reaslrr of Ilia nUU of MaSJi
llattoa, WrraaJ.
Noticr i hrrcliy (itca taat tor uxlrr
xorl baa ln July appxaatad idamn
irator 4 thr ratatr Ncllw llast.a.
ckvrarrJ. t onlrr of tbr jadrc of tbr
aborr ratitlrd court
All prraons baring claim agaiait
ai.l ratatr are brrebr n..tinel to prr
eat Mm ilaj irnnrtl a by law mjuir
1. to tbr atulrraagnrtl at bi place of
bawaea in Harn. Oregon, within :i
iii-jntaa from the datrof the flrat paMra
lion of tbit notice
Tbr not puUation of tbi ooltce
the tb lay of April. 114
Ada WafafSSf - the eataU of MsBa
llaaton. iJrrraard.
la tbe ( ..ui.! i Conn of il. -uu ai
On-gon lor llaniey foantr
Id tl.a HrliT of Um r.riaU at
llaatua, Iknreaatal.
Notice i hereby girrn that under anil
I ha rirtae of aa ueiter of aait made an.1
rntered in the abore rntitkwl court hi
tbr matter of tba abava entitled estate
Department of Agriculture. The Times-Herald has no information
summary of the Bulletin follews: other than that tbe lady has been
"During recent years the hog ill for some time, being afflicted
industry in the Pacific Northwest I with tubercular trouble. We
has been inadequate to supply the j have no knowledge of the funeral
local demands for pork and pork arrangements.
products. This has caused the
average price of pork to be rel-
ment.s. Mr. Monro is a man of be lib.u ..I March. m. 1, ih.
- a. . - ..- ti,: ., umleraig-nel, ailminittraio '4 tbe iW
" ""!" " tn",l"" entitled e
things, therefore he will lie
valuable factor in the develop-
lx-corne financially interested'
atively high and has made it
necessary to ship a large per
centage of the hogs slaughtered
and bacon consumed from east of
the Rocky Mountains.
"It is possible to provide past
ure for hogs in most of this re
gion throughout much of the
year. In most localities it is also
possible to provide crops that
may be hogged off during several
months of the busy season. The
crops generally used for this
purpose are wheat, field peas,
and barley. By supple-
trng well managed pasture
with the proper grain rations
aad utilizing the ability of the
hag to harvest tgrain crops for
BaaBaalf. the average cost of pro
aeing pork may be materially
traduced. These conditions offer
a opportunity for profitable pork
production in the Pacific North
Vast on a much larger scale than
t present practiced."
estate, will tell at uritatr salr
a tor cali 1a bawl, on and alter Moedat
! tba oar ! pril. lj. tbe lulli.w
air described real ueonertr Lrlotieinir n.
ment of this section shoul 1 he aad estate. io-.t
Aa uwliTi.leu ofte-nall interest ta !r.
11. Two Jt s..uth. lUnrt Mi I. W. M.
here. snltbrr.i.t 7", Irrt of Iota 1 aa.l '. in
lUorh BI in thr Town ot BaWwa, llarset
W. B. Johnson, the Silvei ' "",jr' ''"a-
, Kid will l recei red lor said protrtt
( raak farmer and StOCK man, IS r a wbolr or for ruber the laliulr!
at the fummins hosnital under one half interest in said Sec II or the
l t i, r -is-.i. a east 75 feet . sai.l Lotn 1 and a
, the Care Of Dr. (jntnth SUftenng Tbia noia it puMished lor a pen.l
from a Pott's fracture of the leg ' '" " tb T.mea Herald, a
L. . , . - ... . .. nesspapr of general nrraUtioa in
the result of a horse falling With ILrney ( oantr. Oregon, and by rutin-
him. Reports from him this "' J"er ol the H..a t.rant Thomp
. aon. Jadgc of the abore entitled court.
morning are to the effect that he; made and enured oa the IHth day of
is getting along a well as possi-, MC.h,',u ,
. . ..7- ,7 1'ated at llurn.. Oregon, tho BSta
ble. Bill is old enough to know.Ur of March, iu
V. K Histos.
Administrator of the estate of Nellie
Huston, ilcvcared
aawhsas -a mm
He pays for his vanity. The
man who buys a heavy car
sacrifices good dollars to mis
placed pride. The prudent
buyer invests in the depend
able Ford He knows it
will serve him best and at
lowest cost.
Hsl bwadrsw eWars the peica a a Fan
nsaabowt; the tinrug ear is frea fatty: twe
tawa car sees fifty- f . a. b. Daarast, caaa-
plete with ayanat Cat
awrlKwIaes fraas Bares Garage. Bssews. Ore.
rata lag aad
j a III i
Cailow Valley Notes.
Misses Ethel and Helen Thorn p-
son were called to their home
i near Waverly this week on ac-
! count of the serious illness of
their little brother. The young
ladies are in school here and re-
turned to their studies later in
ur we. 1S getting along a well as prwsi
The high school bovs had a
game of baseball yesterdsy af ter- better lhan et caught in such a
noon, the first of the season wa and tht inference is that he
among the class teams, and the waniea lo n om OI ine "P""
sophomores were the victors over ' tarm worl
the "All Stars" by a acore of 13 ' The Harney County High
to 9. The boys look forward o School baseball team has received
several games before the close of a challenge from the Crook
school this year. county high school to play a
The usual services at tbe Pres- 8eries of lnree r-n" the local
bvterian church tomorrow both uiamonu uunnjc nexi monin wim;
morning and evening. The sub- an invitation to come to
ject for Dr. Benson's morning' v,l,? for a llke " ,ater The
discourse will be "The Multitude I have decided to accept the
Following Christ." and the even- challenge and are now arranging
ing, "The Sympathy of Jesus. for defin,t? dilU'' l ' P0"01
No. Two." The music will be'1 cannot U' arranged before the
good at both services and ,he middle of th. month. The local
sermons are very interesting and yarejust beginning the spring
instructive practice anu now mat iney nave
la contest in sight will do some
J. C. Beatty. one of the pioneer fgood. hard work in preparation.
"On Secrect Service99 two-reels J
An Intensely Interesting war story
"Their First Misunderstanding99
A good comedy Usual prices
"Heroine of The Plains" 2-reel
Feature full of action and thrills
Per cent
Heavy Shirts I
Heavy Uunderwear J
Mackinaw Coats
Sheep & blanket lined coats
Sweater coats
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
'The Thread of Life' "The Candy Girl'
Both good pictures Four reel program
The Pure Bred Imported Percheron Stallion
CROMIER, No. 40332
Will Make Season Stand of 1914
Cromier is a mature horse, weight 1 700, good breeder
J. W. Shown.
A Blasting of the whole valley
Sflt be bald at Pioneer school-
aanas oa Saturday evening. April
IStfe. far the purpose of devising
nays aad means for a 4th of
aly celebration. Now lets get
aather. Everybody invited.
MFs are soon to have a new
fiat Oflloa at Ragtown to be
kaown) m Pioneer with Frank
Waraer as Post-uaiater.
Frsa Kudiatswhowasapoint-
i iar Prad Goipenstroh
final proof on April
fore Convmissioner Tul
Bar makes final proof
at May U.
..-' Aiilafia la out after
bad of freight.
ttkst has gone to
a party of five to
11 r are coming in all
tkom i -'.if.:!
residents of the Demo section
in the city on business. He
ports Mrs. Beatty in rather poor
health but better than she was
during the winter. Mr. Beatty
had quite an experience with a
Basque who is evidently mentally
unbalanced, on his trip in. He
attempted to burn the Smyth
hotel at Andrews and later Mr
Beatty put out a fire he had
started in S. Alberson's barn at
Died- At the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Sweek in this city
early this morning the infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
McKirinis, from heart failure.
Tbe little one was born on the
10th and was in apparent good
health, but took sick suddenly
and its death followed very short
ly. Tbe funeral will be held this
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the I.
0. 0. F. cemetery. It was a sad
to the parents and other
relatives and they have the synv
at their many friends.
"s Their friends will give them all
rt'-1 the encouragement possible.
The Studebalter Four Roadster it a car of dual type and manifold advantages
As s Roadster the csr presents a distinguished appearance, differing but little
from the conventional type.
When desired, however, it is only a few minutes' work to change it into a
closed car-impenetrable to wind, cold, and rain. The Studebaker name guaran
tees appearance, durability and minimum cost of maintenance.
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11a. m. and 7 .'iO p. m. Church
services. Merning: Cane's Waste
Baskd. Kwiiintf: Delborah, a
Fighting Suffragist.
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10 a. m.
Z On VSM days Holy Mass
at 6J0 a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned above will be
'announced in church.
All invited art. I wi-Icoiik- to the
divine sen I
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. Pius Niermann. (). F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Tasirsaa SSff . . . SI575O0
- tisoooo
TH. Vaasaaasr FOUR
Taawiat Csr . . II0SO40
Dlarr Car . . $115000
I Prisss P. O. S Osassa
n i . ' a
aB"dnBBaWBaBV Hb9Rs,WbWBs1
ni $1200
. V -saasaaaaaaav w9tc. .J1 H 'jmFjZtr-
afrss. M ; aH -; Sr . , .. .f'7iS-Jjjffii?.' ' .'- - 'v' - ' I imwW taaKZalaai
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Free Camp House and Feeding Privileges in Corral
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
W. A. GOODMAN, Adjoining Fair Grounds.
Write for free copy of tbe Studebaker Proof Book, containing sixty-four
pages of information on the manufacture of the Studebaker automobiles
Lampshire's Garage. Burns, Ore.
"Buy It Bees use It's a Studelaaker"
New Spring Goods
Have arrived and we are now ready to
supply you with your requirements..
Dress Goods, Wash Goods
Laces, Ribbons. Hosiery,
Gloves, Embroideries, etc.
The Burns Department Store
We do it right