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The Better that Men get Acquainted
with our Clothes the better
They Like Them
The styles are the newest and
most pleasing creations of the
country's foremost designers.
--The tailoring is the best obtain
able. The fabrics arc all pure wool
and the new collars and patterns
are especially attractive.
The prices are always low
when you consider the high
quality of the garments.
You'll find us all the time ready to
show these friend-making clothes
It's worth while
getting acquainted
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
that wo are a success in the hog
business as we raise fine ones;
the farmer knows something of
the ration to fatten them, etc.,
but i h dairy cow is a new
departure that is destined to
bring greater returns and offer a
much more profitable field of di
versified farming to the Harney
county man.
1 he use of pure 1'ivil sires as
emphasized by Prof. Fitts should
be heeded by the local breeder.
He has Riven convincing proof of
the advisability of this and we
should profit by this information.
$hf ffliuirs-'ltrraftl
TV.. MMlk.
seeding the soil to grain after
the first cultivation is an absolute
erasta of seed, money and energy.
' To MS the real homebuilder,
MnMT the man with limited means and
nearly always with a family, who
H ttles on an arid or semi-arid
homestead, to support his family.
(mild a habitable house, dig a
deep and expensive well, clear.
fence and plow his land, purchase
farming implements, seed grain
ul hay for his horses and cows.
haul his wood, etc, etc, and live
on his claim for three years, (with
Profitable Week for
Harney County Men
(Continued from page OOP, (
Railroad Must Come to
An Accessible Point
In discussing the railroad situa
tion with people who are familiar
with the Riverside country it is
found that it must be completed
to a few miles this side of that
point to make it available for
freighting to this section. It
had been pointed out to the rail
road people before that the build
ing to Riverside would be of no
advantage to this Valley as it
would be a very expensive pro
position to build a wagon road
that would make it possible to
haul loads from that place.
D. A. Brakemun was discuss
ing the situation with a repre
sentative of The Times-Herald
this week and he is familiar with
the country as he has been
in,..,u.!iki!ML ,i;m..i. upiKiiuiiK " " "
on,i ikt. ,.k,(, f ;i ,-,. past several years. Mr. Brake-
i ' .. ni :: ...n ...i man states that with a few miles
introducing Mudi matter and of ,lroad th,S s,de of "
mulches, preventing evaporation ,ll!r1ltt" ?, .' .w
arwl ,..,..e., lh.. nllfnli mr, Snipping IIIIO WHS WIM 3 WIU
"" ..,. ....... -j .. ., . .. ,. .:,l.;a.
be controlled. Ky distributing " wou,u """ "'- ' """"
this alkali it doesn't do any ""P6?, " ?nd, nads C0U d
i...:..i i.. th. ..i.. : be built then. In fact it would
live way of getting rid of alkali not Tire much "f4 buj,,d!n
entirely is by leaching and wash- t0 make ,f8,,ble t( bnn
ing it off max,mum ',a('8 'f0"1 tne ra""
Yesterday afternoon Prof, i ro , . , , , ,
Hyslop took up alfalfa as his! Th.s matter should be impres-
first subject. He advises BOOS M uPVhe ""'" P0' a"d
other crop on the land preceding , tr t0 ,nduce them to1 br,nK th
this crop, but if it is to be seed- ,ine far P088' imtJ
ed on new ground to fallow it for I800" M ,l can l done Mr
one season to get a good supply ! naniey lo,u us mt mnvr """
of moisture and to insure success ! that the line was started with
thPirmiiiidshniilfUioinnnriilatiwi. 'he express purpose oc tapping
I 00
The best varieties for the dry
farm are Baltic and (Irimm. It
should 1h plantei in a single row
3 to :ti feet opart and drilled in
to u depth of 1 to 1J inches deep.
Sow from 1 to 2 lbs to the acre.
After it has come up it should tx
1 the Big Harney Country and
that it will not be a profitable
investment until it has given the
products of this big section an
outlet. The only way to do that
is to bring it near enough that
products may be hauled out and
cultivated to destroy weeds and ' aecun shipments of freight in
Well, well! The Times-Herald
did publish a comment from the
Bend Bulletin respecting tbede- only a source of expense and not
make a mulch to hold the mois
ture. The following spring it
should be cross cultivated with a
the iivrwifinn nf fivp mnnth,t;n'ii
year during which time he may I spring tooth or disc harrow or
by chance find employment at i weeder. as it must be thin, the
ordinary farm wages) when it is
ferred homestead bill introduced J contributing to the
. 0. , support of himself or family, is i
by Congressman hinnott It was nt t. nmhih.tnrv I
plants to be at least 8 inches
apart in the rows or even thiiner
where the moisture is scarce.
. . - . . .
next to nrohihitnrv ' Alfalfa is sure to be a successful
clipped with the intention of "Give the poor man a chance; , hr' on dry land and makes an
making some comment but oocop- allow him, say three years after joxcellent crop for seed, hay and
ed the notice of the manager date of entry to establish resi-! pasture.
and was published without, uence upon neianu. require 01 He also recommends rape
However, it doesn t necessarilj """ "" i,uu w "'
, ... ... , , annual proof of improvements
follow that this paper condemned ami cutivation in the local land
the measure because of publishing office. After that length of time
this criticism. It isn't the cue- the land should be in such a state
torn of this ureal re ltnMl8 to e ill OI cultivation that It WOUlO OMl-I , t.u fi, I !.., ...III I
attention to what it baa d or nari,-v llPPfrt afamily and the fl ,. .. ..
. , , en try man should be required to' """" J11 uav" lu " ""k8 wi"
contemplates, but since the mat Bn0w two years residence on the do well on it. Of the roots he
ter has come up we publish be land together with the actual recommends the half sugar beet
low an editorial that appeared in production of the soil as a basis and magels as the best
these columns on May 17. ol la-; tor patent" irof Hyslop went into de-tails
year that may throw some light jon potato culture and planting
on where it stands on the land The agricultural short course j giving his hearers many good
laws, and especially the Sinaott wct.k is now an established annu-1 pointers on this crop,
bill We are too modest to even. a) event in Harney county. Tin The domestic science and art
suggest that our congressman ,irst one was an exPeriment and , features of the short course have
might have received some point- tr f,ne iust cloned has Rhownibcen no less interestinar and
era, as ne isoneot tne lew wn. the great benefits to be derived
do not take this great religious and that the farmersof the coun-weekly-which
is certainly his . tv recmiize It that thev annreci-
Me may never even nave att. jt and jU8tify the sending of assisted this vear by Mrs. Dol
this arti.le, as we didn i insirPtnin tn this nlnro pneh ' man and their talks and demon
it must be at a point that may u
reached by freight teams other
wise shipments will be made to
points that are available.
Importance of Live
Stock to the Farmer
(Continued from jiage one)
gives them a greater interest in
the short course.
It had been arranged to go to
as a , the Bell A vesterdav afternoon
successful and profitable crop in j to judgJ but the j,, ma(i).
this section. Also root crops for j, change in the proRnun and tht.
succulent foel fore stock in j time wa8 devotod t wlurw at
winter. Rape will bloat rattUli
The Times-Herald has not the
space to devote to u more exten
sive discussion of Prof. Fitts'
excellent suggestions on animal
husbandry. The information he
imparted has been practical and
will help local growers.
The illustrated lectures have
been most instructive and inter
esting and largely attended by
both men and women. The sub
jects were well handled and of
general interest
In 111 iimtlrr oi ilw r.wdr of A. C.
I.yncli, ItiiiI
NOTIOS is iii;ki:iiv ciivin that
(lir undrriiKnnl Ima tn iluly iokI rr
Ifiiljii I v iippciiniril ndmimitriitor of (lir
cilnlr nl A. ( l.ymli. ilrirnwil. Iiy or
(Icrufllir lliinoriilitr i.rant TIiiiiimiii,
Cuoiilr Jii'Ik' ' llnrnry County, (lr
gon All pmOM hin rlaium nxniixt I lir
tliil C.lnlr hit imiOIh-.I to pri-wiif tlir
uninr, iluly vrnlml n liy l.i r.uirnl.
to the iiiiilrriiKticil t In. rciilrnc nt
l.nwrn, llicgon, witlnu ttx montli. from
tin llr.t piiblication ol (fall iioticr.
Putril ill llurnt. Ongae, llii' .'10th
iImn ot .tiitnl.ii . loll IiimI ptililirl
lioll of thin nolK'r, .1,11111,11 v Ml, 101 1.
Ailminiiitiiitor lor tlic rlntr of A. C
l.ynrh, dMMtfd
lluriio. OrrjfMit. Klirusr II, l-'H '
I ii i tmr'rs K Hhswtnsstr of Dlsint.iiil, nrpfon
li-ii sir lisn 17 uutiflc) Ihnl Kslbh Ho' I
who !? Folly rsriii, trrg.u so tits mt
..ffi.esii.hM. ill. I on l.-i.rusir 11th. ItlLtflt
lit tills offlic hi iluly i-rrttoraf I pBllttultW
o t intral iml irrui t lie rnili hnlluti of your
lluitifsi'ft'l Kntrv 'Art rlrun i 1 " Ssrtsl
No U.t. msl KrplrmU'f .v.-l. l-l.', ftuN
NKU HW'.NK', I 'W, W(sr . , of-r.llou
'.. hip.I SW'(f', .,1 -.,11... .,vf nolilti W.
Hiiuih. Kinic M Knt. MrillsMftU Mf-rlillsit,
siol frooBdl for Ms '"' t !.- allegro thst
sal) iltsrl-o I Vbsvm krr has liulijr han
'Ion. .1 ositl nlrr, I isl h . . t stbliaho1 or
maintain") a reel-In nt in'lu any Imnrovr
iiisnta thrrroti. an-1 I m SDMMtM hlmSrlf ami
tiangrd his rrthl. ti . . I h. r. from over sib. a
the (Isle uf ratrr
You sri lhrrtfor, hoflloW noitnl Ids! the
MM sllecatlotii will Uieti so tonfessstl.
so.) your ssl4 ititrjr will l-r teWM without
further right to l-e hrsr.l either 'h lore litis
(B or mi sfwal.lf ton fall to file Itithlo
offti e within twftity 'lata aftrr the K"I'IUM atloti i,t this noil., ao obow u rtalow,
four si'iwrf, Uh'bf Mlh, -' iflcslly reapuri.l
Ins to these sllegatlouo of . en teat, tosrsther
with duf 1 Mm I that rsjsj Inn- re-l s cony of
tour atigwrr on the sal1 ortf!ant either In
peiaoi or hy r.glsfrrr-l mall
You ih..ul'l elatr lu nmt tll the nsmeof
Uir i-a(oiTlr o lo whi b urn tleslrs fnttirr rtotl t
to u- Mat! '.. ion
w Farms. U(Ialr
Imie ol first bul.lUs'ion Kelruar Hth. II4
Dste of serund .uhln atltiu rt-i.iuari .1. I'-U.
ISlS of I fair. 1 .ut lr -at Inn Kel.rtiai) I 'It
Hair- of foiiMh u Mh sin u. Mr h 7 t ;
(14071 lturnsW7
I MIKIl HTATK I AND Or'rhlr, f
Ituriia. re got i r'ehruar i t U t
Notu.- is herein given that tfip Northern
laiif.. UaltMai m y . w b- w (-st offtra
a-lliiM lo 14, I'au! .11-1 ou llu- 10th
.lay of J at. uar I -U. tlla lu thlg offl' ho sp
ill. a I Ion to oelert tiniler t lo i.rov lalono ..f tin
a. t of . in r i, -.i, mi, i, i , Vl i July i, m tm tMat
SV7.ft30.ea SBtOHMftd bj ll.e .t.f oiigreM
tin nn 1 all tero.
U l ! et-rltjsd. M
of the ml ncral t harart. r of
othsr reason to the 4israt tosr-iMrant ehotil
me irteir anujanta oi ,i.Mri m tlila ..nt.r
-r H mm ti Ml -lay if Msrth, lilt
Wn r4St. Krgitcr
i'""fi a i . . ii" t,K-. wc. as. I
n -ti e. e v r-riai o OTIsa
ne UitnlDR Blwrn-ly the
' the .an., uf fr oar
Brown's New 1914 Spring Opening
We will be able to show you a new and
complete line of spring 1914 dress goods
in a few days.
These goods, consisting of White Goods,
Ginghams, Pongees, Ratine Crepe, Oriental
Crepes, Crepe De Chine, Volls and Etamlnes,
will be the latest shown for Spring 1914
New Embroideries and Laces
Spring and Summer Underwear
New Gowns, House Dresses Skirts
Untrimmed Panama Hats for Ladies
The Quality Store
I'Mitii timLiM'Oiri, i
Hum", "irtfon Jiduii)
"'; .,. I llu Mm.lrll. ol
llftrrltiiitn iii.-ioii. who on lull 17, IMi tna1r
II,, It ..I. '. I : A n,,,, I ,
ruwn.hli - UBgi I : Mrl
llMtl hu f' ftOUCl ! lliu-ulli.o lu inftke
Filial ft..- mat I'n .if. to ratntiiuh rtlm to Inr
(nil !. 1rriiUl. hmiotl Htflttr MBit
Htrrllil l Hiiro OfMOtt, OU lln h 'III n(
Ml, I, ! ,11
tftltfiatil nainra UHMBJ
Jam S rltilroii( ami Jam.a H Krimrtl,
ImiiIiiiI lvln alon. nrrfnn. Antou Mati-ivltj
I 1 I llallua I. lb .1 Maiarll.
nra ,,,
a I .... Il.l,r
Notice lo Cradilor.
NoiH-r la hrrclir given lu all whom it
max ioiiit'ii that the umlrriiK.xil hav- i
iii liren ilulr upiotnlril mlminiitrator
of tlie calatc of OTTO !. IIIRSCII,'
llrt-riiafil, anil having mi tlir Uth I
ol l-rliruary 11I14 ilulv iiialiliril there I
for. nil jirraona having i lam: agninat
the estate of tniil Olio I'. Hirm h, Or-I
(Tiiaeil. niuat prevent auvh ilniina dulv to the umlervigneil at hu rrai '
deiKc nt SJLBT, ORBOOH, on or lie-I
lore ix month from ilatr of the ftrvt
iiilili. alum of thia notice vthich i dalril
Vlnuarv 14, 1H14.
VV1I I. rllKOCU, Ailniimvtr.itor
t'sirsb Mtstbs I.asmts j
H'irmi, (ireson. febrsary 10, tu I
Nollielsbt-rebi flvso tbat Ai.rsbotn H Ben net I '
of Hatrilr. orrf.-l who. on Oit. IT, 1'
Marrh 11. 1.1; sad AO II. .I2, rrse-i I eel) !
mads Hietel Knlr (No .IJ! Hartal NOS
WO.0MO" B-1 0S.TJ for HW'.Nai, -'.- ,
t-JS - . .r'SI'aM.I nw sr , xrrtUiii ,
1 Tnobli. 9 H. Range M K. trll,m-lr i
NfvrMlen. has fleI notlc ( Intention
mare rlnsl fles-fasr prMf, to estsbltoh rlaisa
I.- tbr land sboTf .esrrlb1, le(urs Keglsfer
elier. stHuftt in-fji , on tbe JUth
Uy .1 Mat. b. 114
( ialtuant n a tare so a tin
H r Cteela. t ' H. t -Ufa..!. i.arles Ar n-ibt
anl Kt.y ..letnas all ol n oref.o
Wn r.RSa KeBate-
ruiTKb ktaTss Last. QVfJM
Home, ifrafun, lNrresslr J9. 113.
Sotire i uareby glrru thai Juaw-bh J
Kuatrka. ul Btirna. urvaoa. bw on Ai-rll B,
111. raada llumaatraif Kmr tin (oaati lr
U 4. . SVUtcr. I. lot I aid tSt.
aerttun I. Tiwtiatni .' K.. Kaor .- I .
tlllaiarlla MarlJtaii. baa nia.1 oorlra at In
Iron. ,u lo inaaa rlnal I utomnlallot. I'r-iof. l.i
. ataMlati rlalm In lh laail al ilrarrlld,
orlorr Kralatvl anil Kei lwr. al Hilrht. Ilrrfuo. ,
on tba lata day ol Vauiuan. I M
ilaimaDl nanaa aa Mnraaa
i harti-r w lwla.of Narr.iva. lluab j
II 111, ' ,ii Ja In Ixilh ., Ilurna lllr.iili ',
I -.lli al!,.n lo hrulun Jrllri. "t Sinual, i;rfon
Ha aa. K.l.lrr
beneficial than la.-t year, liean
Calvin, who is very popular with
the ladies of this section, was
instructors to
oosa nun a copy or it. i.ut t.. n.-v.- V(.ar It ja pogojbje to get the strat ions have been ver' helpful
one was sent to Mr. Teal. It ()ate of the course in the future to the large class of ladies who
isn't always best to make com- at a tjme w,en m0re may take have attended every session. As
meat on these things without be- ajVantage of it, but whether this ! was the case last year, this de
"8 8Wnat informed and for ;s accomplished or not, we must partment was better attended
the benefit of our neighbor M' : have a course everv vear It has ' than the farm lecture. The now
recipes and sugKestions of these
rs ihi.-iiii.. i,ih,i
llacna. hi. . bar . nil.
la ban to aivi u itiai lha sartiirm rariflr
Hallway I out fain . a boaa l "V r- aililrraa la
M I'aul. Mil.,., ..; ),' I,'.. .-,0, larof liri.-n.
oar ivu ai.i in in ,,m
aclai I 1,11,1, r Ih u. 1. .,), ,, lb avl ol lull
if.'' an-t,, . i ,. i i. ia a tii v7 ajpj.
si ,-.', ri l, i . K .-.. Kaal M
i rrVr ;:''"u'ttu', h1 notice for publication
other rvoLM i.. li.r i., apf.iiraai. Horos. "fefon. Fekraary y. ll
bou.i Ale l heir amdavito ol rr.rteat in tblt Notlrv is tasreby glvsa tbat kflo C. Wibjun,
s-srorf zr-f.i ia I ri.ruar , formerly Ems i MHUr ol arroora, Oregon,
1 who, uu May 3s, 110. made Homesload Kntry.
.o.wi,fc.i. rofirT' ?er itn.i Kisrr
tlon 17 Township - -h . Uause St K , Willamette
Meridian. S,Mb Malheur lake; has fllad
M.rt.. ,,( (i.tetitloo t.i mate B a1, tbier .r
ptouf. U iO'ablai r I aim t'. 'bo land aU.fe tie
Btitbod. balore Krirtal r and Kn.urr a.
liiirni.Orrfi.ii .u tb I'lh Isjul Mnb 1 It
lalmant nasso ss wlti sss
Ii is it... n.i..fii..... f ik. R...t PL-.- L ' hrlV Heaht.u. Aleian-lcr Mikrni
W H Kmr.i, It. lt .
Men's Women '8 and Children'
Regular $1.00 to $5.00 Shoes
E 50c. to $3.00
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
r C
SneK. lae oauonai was prim- l)00n a grii&t factor in the suc-
Mler the caption "Make The ces8 of farmers during the past
' vear and the result from the in-
toftr,0Beph ,N-, Te'ri !,',t,r structions this week will be far
aSHBa tao settlers view ,. ...
the working of the public I md ,nort' caching and th.s will con
kws abouid be given att. ion tinue as time goes on. The ac
ta cedar to assist the t'oii .-. i v;.- tual attendance of farmers and
ladies, with the intelligent lectur
es on proper food, care of the
sick, sanitation, home conveni
ences, etc , were to the point and
The Times-Herald reprtsenta-
Cmtbi. -r.TB UNI tirrtt s ,
Burns, orefon r'ebrttary 17, lvit
Nutlcw Is hershy glteo that t yreono A
KellocB, ul ilsrrlrnan. ('refon. whu, on Msreh
Jh. Iwf. msds llomealesd Kntrf No tjSM.
rterlai So flUtisv fur wW ',.l.,. -'j""'. Hoc .
sad HK'a.HK1, Koctlon a, Township Jo . Hsosa
M K . Wtllsmette M.rblian bss fl lent But Ira uf
dual H-tar I'rikol. to establish rlalm i
intenllwn lo trski- ths Isnd shots dea rlte.
walSfa Rawloter and Kn elver, st Burn ireou
on the .' .1 -lay ol Msrrh. 1U
Claimant naraee as witnesae
K Hnrahsrdt. Ki Helm. J J llstsa, all of
ilarrlnisii. Oragon ti h I b. nip-..u. .( laav
rrly, orecou
PiStcS. Hegla'fr.
Milling Co. lo pay I 1-2 cants per lb. for
good, hard milbng wheat nasi year
ll mutt b good and eland a last of 60
lbs. to the buolirl, frac from other grain
swad and smut. Hard whaat will bring
IS cants par 100 mora than soft wheat.
hern, tee W li-on. all of Str-vOf, Ure
WH rilll. Res later
Burn. t.reun. Ki-bruary . IU. .
Kotlcsj la bereb. Uen thst Howard W
tlo.tue. of Burn. Oregon who on pt -. last
made Hxtneatral entry. No unr;. I.r '4
Hata-llnli X) TllbB liahli. 'In U.ll. (I k Ulllam
Tba Company recommends Turkey ' eiia hlertdlsn. has a led nmi.-e of Inieniion u
iMsiar i.nai nit jear t.i. hi ifiii.inn i (aim
lo tba land abovs dt-SH-rlhad. before Kegtster
and Receiver, si Burn, t.regon on the Wtlt dav
lalatsnt names ss witnesses
Hoy orren K. 1 Maker. hsrlas Klgga, J.bu
H teauld all uf Burnt, nregon
w a r'asBB. Kegtster
Red for fall sowing and Blue Stain. Min
nesota Red and Australia White Chaff
for spring sowing.
I have on hand a number of work
horses- -geldings and mares for safe.
I have instructions to sell at once
and for cash and will make the
prices right.
J. W. BIGGS, Burns, Oregon
? Commission in arriving at ;. their evident desire to get every tive has not had an opportunity
Coll- tOOnelusionandenabli .t to ,,,1c:i,l.. rwin. hao ' to viwil lhi ilermrtmont rlnrin,,
'JCslSmTS'i raged instructors and con- the week, but learns that the
from heincr iirnetieal i-; not vinceu them or tne sincere aesire registration up to last muni was
Bow best to remedy for knowledge by local farmers. ! W9. Ihis certainly is a good
, matter that concerns every'
and prospective .settler.
SO carefully consider-
'Brovides that no iat-
isaue until the expira-
BSM years from date of
BSt the entry man must
hav residence upon
six months all. i
It he must, beijii,
Second year cul:i-
tban one-sixteentli,
with the thinl
cultivate not
of t h.-
the In
a mere
ti meet
t such
the to
showing and encouraguiK to
The instructors take their de
parture this afternoon for I'rine
ville where they will hold a short
j OOUraa Of the same character as
j has been conducted here during
'next week. They are well pleased
i with the attendance and interest
shown. Th-y will find a hearty
welcome upon their next visit and
even a greater interest shown.
Report of Attendance
of High School.
The following report of the at-
It is rather early for the snow
to go off, but we have the advan
tage of a soil that is ready to ab
sorb a great amount of moisture
and less will run off to the lakes
and lost than in some former
years. The ground is not fn-z-eii
to sny depth and with the soft
weather it will thaw and allow
tat moisture to enter the ground.
Farmers near the water source
are anxious to stop this waste of
water every spring that com. s
down and damages their crops
and llows on .o the lakes where
it does no one any good. Storage
of the flood water is absolutely tendance of the Harney County i
ury and each year it is al- High School is one that should
lowed to run off th developm ml "'" tht people proud us it isn't
f the country is retarded another, likely another high school m the
..t . . . t. . . . . i .
niiutv u tit hit nil'
The Studebalcer Four Roadster is a car of dual type and manifold advantages.
As a Roadster the car presents a distinguished appearance, differing but little
from the conventional type.
When desired, however, it is only a few minutes' work to change it into a
closed car -impenetrable to wind, cold, and rain. The Studebaker name guaran
tees appearance, durability and minimum cost of maintenance.
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Electrically Lighted
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Dalivary Car . . SH61OO
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Tola! number of pupils on
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Total number of pupils in
attendance 60
Class Av. Daily Times Days
Attend. Tardy Ab.
Senior 98 I 0 2a
Junior 100 0 0
r ijj $1200
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Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top He
Baled Hay For Sale
Free (amp House snd Feeding- Privileges in t'orflr
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
W. A. (iOODMAN, Adjoining .raaT Ground
wnie tor tree copy of the Studebalcer Proof Book, containing uxty-four
pge of information on the manufacture of the Studebaker automobile
Lamps hi re's Garage, Burns, Ore.
"Buy It Because It's a Studebaker"
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