The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 14, 1914, Image 2

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    The Better that Men get Acquainted
with our Clothes the better
They Like Them
The styles are the newest and
most pleasing creations of the
country's foremost designers.
The tailoring is the best obtain
able. The fabrics are all pure wool
and the new collars and patterns
are especially attractive.
The prices are always low
when you consider the high
quality of the garments.
You'll find us all the time ready to
show these friend-making clothes
It's worth while
getting acquainted
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
f hr &uflcs-$uta(d
Library Club Meet.
O Yr .0
SU Month. 100
TWm Monlh. "
Danger of Reduc
ing Mail Service
According to information re
ceived at this ofltca there ii dan
ger of an attempt to reduce aer
vice on star mail routes in vsrioua
sections. This is the warning
sent from Washington bv Ex
Senator Bourne who adviaea
prompt protest. The adoption of
the parcel post resulted in an
enormous increase in the mail, in
fact the local stages arc now
bringing in great loads that have
heretofore been confined to
freight wagons. The merchants
have taken advantage of the
attractive rates as it is cheaper
than freight. The contracts now
being considered by the govern
ment show a decided increase in
bids and it is feared an effort
will be made to economize by
cutting the aervice. This must
not be allowed. It is quite evi
dent that present bids will not
be accepted until the matter has
been thoroughly looked into by
the government We should
keep this in mind and not allow
our mail service to be curtailed.
The ladies of the Library Club
met at the home of Mrs. Egli, on
.Nituraay, renruary 7. Alter a
short business meeting, the liter
arjf program followed consisting
of three papers. Mrs. Foley
$2.oo reading a very efficient paper on
"Women Famous in Song" in
which she brought out the great
power of song over the minds
and hearts of men.
An interesting paper on "The
Life and Benevolent Work of
Mrs. Burdette Coutts" was read
by Mrs. lone Whiting. "Auntie
hampshire read an excellent
paper on "Alice and Phoebe
Cary." She was then asked to
read a short poem composed by
We cannot imagine a measure
more conducive to speculation
and delay in settlement of the
homestead country than that re
cently offered by Representative
Sinnott If residence need not
bo established on a claim for
three years after entry, but few
entrymen would actually settle.
i the others would make entries
I held as long as possible in
I of an advantageous re-
fore the time of residence
Mind. In the meantime
ild be tied up and
No present settler
Stted because the
to future entry-
have estab-
ce already.
i be given. Jet
land by
L net Suggrated on Hearing Ihe Chimra
Of ihr Midnight Hour
I In- cluck strikes twelve. It aeemi to any
goac, K"e nnother day.
Another week, a month, a year,
Hoe very ahort our life appear;
Ami aa time iiuickly passes by
I i" vc.u in quick'succeesion fly.
Ii .cine aeenn true since New Year'.
More than a month ii pait and gone
1 1 to la- recalled no more,
ml lime, lor in. wilt soon be o'er.
Ac know the young will loon grow old
The healthy will decay
Ami .ill the things we now behold will
quickly pun away.
Sunn, very soon, time travels fast,
Ami all our earthly pains be past,
I inn uvcr on the shining shore
tV ahull meet our loved ooes gune
Wrinkled and gray, with lorm bent low,
An acd man passed by my door;
lliseyes were dim, his steps were slow,
lor he hail numbered years lour score
1 looked again but saw him not,
Hut 1 havu ci-.isrd to wonder why
Hi- no more passes by my door
I know the old must shortly die
Ilia body lies beneath the sod,
His spirit hath returned to God.
I saw a man whose useful strength
Mail long Ix-cn wasting by disease;
i did not think it strange that death
1,'pon hia feeble frame should seise;
Alllictiou he lor year had borne,
And oft with pain was sore ilistreat,
That when at length the summons came
He was so glad to be at rest.
Forever free from care and pain.
Our loss is his eternal gain.
Another comes. I fancy I can see him
As if rejoicing in his might,
With youth and health upon bis brow,
Ilia limbs so firm his eyes so bright.
But suddenly his summons came
And all that health and brightness H.-il
We dare not ask the reason why
He too, was numbered with the dead,
lint in those heavenly mansione fair,
Wc hope to meet each other there.
A mother left her work awhile
' watch her smiling baby play,
hen evening came it could not smile,
at sick upon her knees it lay,
id aa she held it to her breast
ui.l watched its cheeks grow white and
She cried in agony of grief,
ly did It die, It waa not old-
udge of all the earth does right
bes are precious in His sight.
'oo well I read the solemn truth
bat all mankind must thus expire,
pale decay or blooming youth
.ut and its hoary aire
Tbk-ouub the) Kates ssf death. Alas.
Hr 4o they pas.
n it know nor can we tall,
- l.ictheU things well,
hrooe we asset
cact our crowua at Hia dear feet.
.11 la various ways,
let us vhi;e in lire
r iMurduatag grace
loiw oaogive.
nanlmously voted
m Laureate" of the
4nty refreshment wore aer-
Bd a social hour passed.
Break up that cold with Wel-
Se'J UOICl T8DH w.
The Electric Light A Power
Co. workmen are installing a
motor in The Times-Herald office
with which to drive tho printing
machinery in the print Hhop and
it will also be used to divert al
ternating current to direct cur
rent for the picture muchine in
Tonawama, as direct gives a
much brighter and better picture.
This is a new machine therefore
Manager Dwyer is anxii us to try
it out. When in proper working
order the gasoline engine in the
office will be dispensed with and
electricity used in the building
The Jack Rabbit.
Since tho extermination of the
jack rabbit is important in this
section, The Times-Herald gives
space to the following letter re
cently published in the Onterio
January 30, 15114.
Mr. K. C. Van IVtten,
Ontario. Oregon.
Dear Sir:
Your letter of January 22, re
lative to the destructivcncBS of
jack rabbits and asking for in
formation on methods of destroy.
ing them, has been referred to
this bureau for attention.
The exjierimentM in Australia,
which gave rise to the general
belief that a method of spreading
disease among rabbits has been
discovered, proved a failure, and
at present no such method is
practiced. There are but two
courses to pursue in dealing with
the rabbits If the community
is sufficiently populous to make
"drives" over considerable areas
of country, that is, to surround a
section or two and gradually
drive the animals into a rabbit
proof enclosure, this is a com
mendable met In m though too ex
pensive if it is necessary to hire
In southern Idaho, where, un
der the stress of winter condi
tions, rabbits have Hocked to hay
stacks and to Cultivated del Is,
we have found poisoning the
most practical method of dertroy
ing them. We recommend ihe
general use of poisoned oats un
der the direction of a competent
man in each district. We have
found the county authorities
willing to assist to the extent of
.supplying strychnine for the
work. The most effectual oi
son is as follews:
Dissolve one ounce of strych
nine (alkaloid) in one pint of hot
water containing i pint of vine
gar, mix 2 tablespoons of
gloss starch in half a cup of cold
water and add to the boiling
rtrychnine solution to make a
thin mucilage. Now dissolve 1
ounce of bi-carbonate of soda in
half a cup of hot water, add to
t he poisoned starch, and stir well.
Add H ounce of saccharine und
mix the poison preparation with
10 quarts of oats. Allow to
stand twenty-four to forty-eight
hours, mixing occasionally
when nearly dry, stir in about
5 (ts of clean oats.
Each rjuart of the poisoned
grain is sufficient for about thirty
baits. This amount should be
scattered slightly on clean sur
faces about the hay stack along
rabbit trails, or about the bor
ders of fields. Stock or sheep
need not be in the least endang
ered, if ordinary care is exercised
in placing the poison. Valuable
dogs might possibly be poisoned
by eating a number of stomachs
of poisoned rabbits but, of course,
it is possible to muzzle such dogs
or to keep them at home.
We suggest, as the most prac
tical means for reducing the rab
bits, that the residents in each
district ordanize for general poi
soning, and procure strychnine
and grain. Poisoning is quite
effective any conditions, but the
plan should be such that full ad
vantage can be taken of any
severe weather, particularly when
snow is on the ground, since the
rabbits are then driven to the
stacks and cultivated fields in
great numbers.
We consider it advisable to have
all the poison prepared by one
man, who should also be respon
sible for storing it and distribut
ing it to the ranchman with full
direction for using it and caution
as to its deadliness.
Isolated attempts to poison, by
ranchmen here and there, will
amount to practically nothing,
and the method is commendable
only if it can be put into general
use. The organized campaigns
in Idaho have not progressed far
enough to conclude as to the suc
cess or failure of reducing the
rabbits sufficiently to prevent
damage in spring. In all teata
by our field men, however, so
many rabbits have been killed,
that it la plain that vast numbers
of them can be destroyed under
organised effort.
Very truly yours,
Scientific Assistant.
Meander Line Caae.
A law suit between Frank
Cawlficld and D. H. Smyth and
his son Claud involving riparian
right within the meander line of
Malheur Lake was recently sent
back by the supreme court for re
trial. The Times-Herald could
iret no definite information last
week respecting the reversal and
order and expected information
direct from Salem for this issue.
This was not received in time,
but tho following letter explains:
Ontario, Ore., Jan. 31, 1914.
Messrs I). II. and Claude Smyth,
Smith, Oregon.
Gentlemen :
The Supreme Court has revers
ed the case (Cawlficld vs Smyth)
and ordered a new trial. This
reversal was on nccount of an
erronious instruction by the trial
judge but does not militate
against you in any reBect, ex
cept the inconvenience of a new
I have no doubt but that a new
trial will result in your favor,
and, by omitting the instruction
to the jury on which the case
was reversed, you will win, and
the next time the Supreme Court
will hold with you. I wish there
fore you would explain the situa
tion to the other settlers, on lands
between the meunder line and
which is called a lake, in order
i hat they may know their rights
are not injuriously affected.
Very truly yours,
WlU. K. KlNii
Jack Winans. the new pro
prietor of the Windsor Barber
Shop adjoining the land office, is
prepared to do first class work in
his line and invites a share of the
public trade. Satisfaction in
every respect. 48tf.
For Sale Registered Clydes
dale stallion, George Chamber
lain. No. 11872, 10 years old,
weight about 11)00 lbs. An Al
breeder and acclimated. Desire
another horse as I have a number
of young mares of his get to breed
this year. Have also a stallion 2
years old this spring, sired by
George Chamberlain, and a mini
ber of work horses for sale.
Call, write or 'phone, Chas. Wil
son, Burns, Oregon. 14tf.
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10:30 a. m.
2. On week days Holy Mass
at 6:30 a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. Pius Niermann, O. F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Methodist Minister Recommenda
Chamberlain' Cough Remedy
Rev. James A. Lewis, Milaca,
Minn., writes: "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has been a need
ed anu welcome guest in our
home for a number of years. I
highly recommend it to my fel
lows as being a medicine worthy
of trial in cases of cold cough
and croup." (Jive Chamberlains
Cough Remedy a trial and we
are confident you will find it very
effectual and continue to use it
as occasion requires for years to
come, as many others have done.
For sale by all dealers.
Tonawama tomorrow night.
For Sale One Sawmill com
plete, with logging Sleds and
Trucks, with or without timber,
for terms see H. M. Horton.
lNiTt.r HTATtti I,a nii orrii-R. (
Hiirm, Ori'K Ii'tininry II, IUM I
I Hi hsiVa k . H.ivwmniSi ., IHsmoiK., Oregon,
tOt Urn hnn l-y mil I Mel flint lil)ii iti1
who Rives folly Knriii. Oresjnii, a his i.osl
,.mn- " ill. I mi r -hi nni v I H h. I'M, ML'
iii Oil- nfiifi' hia iinijr norroboraitd h pi t ir nt inn
im Hnalaal ,.i,,l aswiirit flirt , nlii i-llalloli (if tulir
H, Head Hotr ActPtbrMrj II i-mi-ii Hrrisl I
No iMLir.'U intuit' Hri!nmir -f i . un, mr ..,
NKW HWiNKV KUHVVV W'.MK1, f Mm'il.iti
;,. fiu1 NW'.NF.'.mI loft In tt h, Tuwiishlli Si,
Ktmtb, Rstogw M. Bait, WlHun-tU, Moriffl....
h.l aa RnMih'la f"i Ills rniilest hu ftllvssl tllftt
tmlil rhewti'S K H In-w in ah i-r 111 wholly fthei.
tinned aftlil I'litrr. taint tic ntm-i rafshlishml or
in ii I nt si dim! n real ii in or n.H'ii- mi v I iii (-r.m
mi'litx Ihi'Mim, Mini KM iitisi tiffil Dimwit and
uhsnged I'la ri'Hlilrni't' Ihrrrfrnm river
i in- iie.ii- o? Miry.
Vmi urn, UaOftfOfOs fuiOnr notiMe.l Ihsf thu
until allegations will In- iKkni an roiitVastxl,
Mint yum aft lit cut r y will JM OkOCwItd without
iuiih.'i ila-lit to l-i- hi'ftnl, OlttaOf hi fore thli
nfflrit or nti ftiifnl.lf you fell to file In this within twenty attar, nfler the Kuiiilll
nubllMlion Of this notice, u shown below,
out answer, under oath, sici Ideally rwpond
tug lo three nlli'Kfttlona of intiteat. loKether
m iili lue proof thftt you he,ve Mtrveri ft SOOJ of
Miur IllWer Oil Dm ftftlit i mitretftiil cither In
person or y r.'ifiiitored mall
mi slit iti hi l etc In ynnr nniwitr the neinrnf
Ihw pottofflM tn lil' ii yon denlre future, nolle a
III lie Nellt til lull.
Wit. Farrk. i:.-ln-r
I'sie nf tlt i Id mil iii Kehrtisry liih I'll
Hale of secoiiil puhlit sllnn Ktthruai y .'I, If H.
Mate nl Ihlril utillefttlffti Kohruary v. 19X4.
lime of fourth publfoillon Mnreh , ihi
(1477) Hum.
HurliS, uregi'i- lehruety 4, IVI4
Nolieti la herein ftVfB fl.ftl the Nnrtherii
hi I lie ItftllWfty i .in, Wfinie .isi ollli i
silliaa IS HI. I'ftiil, Mltlliesntii .11. 1 nil Ihe loth
ttfty ..I Jmniary tl4. file In Oils utile.- Ita at.
l li. nil. H. to aeltM't nil-It i the prOTlllODf nf the
n. t 01 UOtaflwOti a'.i'iiK.i July I, ( Htai ,
fry 7. tWOj. as tXtOOOOd bf the Ail nf i niifieaa,
aiiiimved May 17, IW., the k',SK',, Hex'. 87, T
51 It ill K , W M Herliit S,. OfM
Any Rtid ftll tierfniis (-InimiiiK s-l vernly the
I ItdaOeilOM. Of ilrslili.K In ..I. . t I,. . mir
nf the mineral i haraeterof the lam), or for any
nlher to the disposal to appl leant should
fill- Ihelr arttdft lift vt proteat In thla 0000,00
Of bOrOfw the ."nl day of Mnreh, i -la
Wm KsRttR. KeKlater.
Brown's New 1914 Spring Opening
We will be able to show you a new and
complete line of spring 1914 dress goods
in a few days.
These goods, consisting of White Goods,
Ginghams. Pongees. Ratine Crepe. Oriental
Crepes. Crepe De Chine, Voils and Eta mint s ,
will be the latest shown for Spring 1914
New Embroideries and Laces
Spring and Summer Underwear
New Gowns, House Dresses, Skirts
Un trimmed Panama Hats for Ladies
The Quality Store
Chit an srsrsa LatwoOri i a.
Hurna. ores; on, January :. lull.
Noll. el. BOfObj Klw-Hlhat Kllla Meinlell, of
tlfttrlniftit, Oregon, who on July 17, IfOJL fOOOO
I lom I ateail Knirv, KoOl 4', for NW' sm llmi If,
.iWhahl.t. H , Itailtci '- K , Mlllainella M-.l
linn, has riled BOUN tl Intention to niftke
Mtial fl e t a. I'riof, (uealahllah elalui 10 Ihe
land aUive dOMflbodt t-elnre Hej-lnter end
ltei-eer, at lliirtis OfOgUO, nti (InVlh day 4tf
Mar' I.. I .11
rial in an I names aa If in s s
lain. a W Arieltmua: and Jsima II Ileum tf,
lilliof I'rtneelon, ureori, Anton f Malrjuvlt
and ll'ehanl J Haloes Inith of Wavarl),
in-a. m
Wm. I v. i lU-ilatrr.
1M) llnriis it Mai No. 07l7
DMITatD HTATKri t.AMi .umi
luirus. tirvgou, lirt-emoer w, Ivl.i
Nollee la herehjT Kite' thftt ;,r Northern I'arlflr
Kail CoapOAJ m boM l"'St oltli e a Id rea a Is
Ht I 'ail I, Mllliieai.lN. !n. Hi!. . ! li -lay n( I H M
bof I'll filed In lira ..rti ita appllcoUun tn
arleel uiidur the pro. InK.lia of the art .f I'ull
greaa ftpiiriivrd Jti , IftM IBO hlai
HK'.AwUpwH i ;. - h ;:. Un W II.
H.-rlal No I
An) ftlld nil i Mil i IftlntliiK a.twrseljf the
lands deserlted. or dotlfioi 10 oheel Imm a use
of the lit literal . harai ler ol l he lain), or tor any
mlier re. a. .li Iii the dlaHsal tn ailliaui.
nhould ilia ihelr alidavlis of irntBat in thli
iiftlift. un of bolofO Ihe Wfd 'ia of rel.iuary
Wm KaUttB, Heel. lei
ll ia ihe intention of the Burna Flour
Milling Co. to pay 11-2 centa per lb. for
food, hard milling wheat nest year.
It mual be good and aland a lest of 60
lbs. to ihe buahel, fre from olhrr grain
aeed and smut. Hard wheat will bring
IS centa per 100 more than aoft
The Company recommenda Turkey
Red for fall aowing and Blue Stem. Min
neaota Red and Aualralia White Chaff
for apring aowing.
t'MITSHHTATsa l.aRD Urril'S,
Hurna, orasun. Feliruary 10, IVU. i
Nn'l.'i- la hnal.i given thai Ai.raliam I. Hennrtl
ol Ws.srly, nifi;in. who, un Hit 17, I.'':
March IS. U ami An. Is. Il. resertlelr
made llumaaleail Kiilr. iNu SAiai Herlal No
o7H. nfjiTuanfl os7 lor ' ,N W ., 'i;, K'i
UK".,. He.- 4; Mt'N W'4 ami N W'.NK..,. neill.m
. Tnwnihlii n H , Kanse M K , wlllsliiellr
Marhllan, ha Mil nollra ol In.cnllon lo
mate final fire-rear priml. .' eatabllnh claim
to the lanil shove ueerrllieil, hefore lt-ul-r
ami Reislver. at Hurna. l.resuu, on Ih -" i
layol March, lull
I n.uiri ti WlllU'ie-f
H K Hteele. I. . . Hemleraou. . liarles AltinM
sag Itor f'olemsn all el averly. (iregoa.
w i BagMtar.
I'mttii STATaS l.aDti Oirx
liuini. orasun. Iii rcrol-cr .-v. IV1S.
Notice la harehv glvitl thai Mfjefjj I.
Hiulrka. of Hurna, ircoii. who on A f-rii ..'.
IIIX, mailc llowealeail Knlrv No, Unveu, for
Un .. H', NW..H.-. i, U.C I ami MK'.NK'i.
Heel lull . 'owtiahli i- H,. Ilani' .- K
Wlllaasstle MurlUlsn, haa flll Deuee uf iu
lenlloti lo make filial Cumniulatloi. TriMif. to
. .. l,l. !.... ... ll... la... I .Lil. ill,.' r I 1.. .1
lenlloti lo niaaa filial . oinmulalloi. rrHii. lo
i-alahllali rlaiu lo Ihe laii'l almre .lrtx r 1 1,. ,.
before i.i ! i an I Raeelfer, ai liurn.. Orefloa,
on (he IMu 'lav of leuruary. Itll
.pi' ,"i - n -..
i iiaih-i v. uewls.of NsrrawaOregua lluh
H Union, Ji w its. both of Horn OlOgua
nieorlera ielley, ol Narrow, Uregoa
h ttMtM, aetiater
Hurna. ..reoo. l.-bruary I, WM
Notice l hrri'tn Klv'-n thai KITIe Q Wilson.
formerly KIM i Miller, of Narrow. Oregon.
who, on Mav at. lulu, made llouiculrad r.i.nv. I
No. 0.7 J. fur e'.HK',. Hac lml lyU'.Hw
lion 17. Tewo.hlnJrtR , Kanse HI K . Willamette
Meridian, (Neitli Malheur 1 akri haa filed
notice of Inleiillnn lo inaae nnai line. ear
irnol, loestahllah elattu to the laud a.MiVe tie
acilled. belnre Heglater and Hccalver St
Hum, t.regon, on Ihe lath day uf Man li, I'Jlt
rla.matit wltneaec
Iharlca Heikhollp, Alexander McKclillc.
Hose C Kern, I ee Wllaou, all ol Narrow, tire
We. Fasas. RegUter
Hum. oreon, Kebruary w. 11)14.1
NiNlce la hereby s.veli that Howard W.
wheat ! Holme, of liurn. Oregon, whu (ill Mept a, I ..
mane n'iii''n''i en. ry. ..o , ' e,.
Meet Ion an, low mbl . 'J t h.. Range 81 K . 11 lam.
elta Meridian, has filed notice of lulriillonlu
make final five year proof, to ealabll.h claim
u. the land above described, before ltrgitcr
and Kecel ver. at Hurti. Oregon, on the Hull dav
( lalmaul name a wltuc.aea
Huy nrreii. K. I llakcr, i liarla tl(ic,
H uniild ill of Hum. Oregon.
Wm. Kashk. ICeglBfcr
Men's Women '8 and Children's
Regular $1.00 to $5.00 Shoes$3.00
A. K. Richardson
General Merchandise
Notice lo Creditors.
Notice is hereby xivctt to nil wliotii it
iniiv concern t lust the iiinlcrsiu;iieil liuv
uiy liecti iltilv itppolntcil iMlniiiiislritlor
of the estate of OTTO I'. IIIKSCII,
Lccritseil, mill liitvinar on I lie I Ittli ility
ol February 1014 tluly itialilicil tlictc
for; nil iK'isims linviitu; claims nirniiiat
the otitic of xiiil Otto l. Ilirscll, Dc
ccnseil, must pieseni such claims duly
verified, lo the tiiiilcraiu,iiril nl his rest
ilcnce at KII.IJV, ORBOON, on or be
fore six niontlis ftotn tliiie nl the lirsl
publication of litis notice which is ilrilctl
I'ebrttary It, IH14.
Will. IHKHCII, Ailn, nnai, ..I. n
Home Seekers' Rates
I have on hand a number of work
hortten--geldings and mares--for sale.
I have instructions to sell at once
and for cash and will make the
prices right.
J. W. BIGGS, Burns, Oregon
Eaclusive for Surgical, Medical and Confinement Cases
"Success in Hospital work ia only attained by close and skilled attention to
details by trained Attendants."
DM. STANDARD and HARRIS. Burns. .Ore.
the points on the 8. P. A S. Ry. In Washing.
Inform your eastern friends of this chance to move t.itt
Pacific Northwest st very low rstes. Fares may be deposited tit
local atrents.
In the mutter of the cstnle of A. C
Lynch, deceased.
NOTICK IS HliKlillY (ilVKN Unit
I he iiinlcisiiicil has been duly anil tc
Kulutly iiiiiiiiilcil aitiiiinistrutor of the
estate of A. C. Lynch, deceased, by or
der of the llonoruble Co mil Thompson,
County Ju.Ikc of Harney County, Ore
gon All ersoiis having claims against the
said estate ure notified to present the
same, duly verified as by law retttircil,
to the mulct signed at his residence al
l.awen, Oregon, within sis months from
the first publication of this notice.
Dated at Hums, Oregon, this SOth
il.iv of Junuury, I'JI I I'irst publica
tion of this notice, January HI, 1014.
Administrator for the estate of A. C.
Lynch, deceased.
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Free Camp House and Feeding Privileges in Corral
or Barn. Customero Care Fo Own Stock.
W. A. GOODMAN, Adjoining Fair Grounds.
St. Louis
Little Rock
New Orleans
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St. Paul
Kansas City
St Joseph
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R. H. CROZIER. J. H. CorKe,ti A.i
Asst.Gen'l Pass. Agent, Portland, Or. Rend Ore
W. C WILKES, Aaat. Gw'l Freight & P... Agent, Portland OA
The Strongest appeal to
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Harmony Rose Glycerine Soap
Purely Veet.blc, Delicately Perfumed
15c. Per Cake, a for 36c.
Rexall Drug Store
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The Burns Department Store
All the news in The Times-Herald for $2.0t