The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 17, 1914, Image 4

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to Catoh Quests That Have
the Souvenir Fad.
THe Twi Cemblne In a Very Efftotlv
. Way te roil the Effort, of Thoie Who
1 Peel It Duly o Holp Themeelva
to Fine Llnan and Silverware.
The row -ertecl artlm of thr- tWOM At
toctlroa of all Hi Inrire lioM In Ahum
tea ha rarafnUf astractsd tba potata
from two eixtwlitle Bssalisat itortsa,
the flrat. aiM'illHHl to Ailoli- Rltohla.
who, when naked inn o if aba had aval
been In KMuawn rity. repilad. "1 nn'i
aat rvnii'inlier. lni( I HI look among
Bay towel hihI aaaj," n ml tin' Mcond
tba more pathetli' imrriitlvr of tlir
yotmg man vv Im wit obliged to Break
aff hta MMmaimnl bacUM it in rati
the dining room of u Btrga liotrl artth
hla flanoee a iiiiiiiIhm- of forks mil
apoona fell from tin- llWTaa of Bel
gown, for the Baaae iictrvtivi't have
derived a "ayatrni" wbaraby tba man
me woman who wants to tuke a sniiw
nbr from a biff hotel flmK bat patb be
set with almoMt Inaiirtiinmitiililo illill
Tba matter Is rarrltil n with tba
greatest artftilne. TIumv no ml
"hurt feellugx." M BSasS broken, iu
arraata made.
Tba bouse datattllM simply attract
tba unrightfully attarlioil nil hi, m u
palalaaaly aa they extra. t the petals
from old atortes, and In the groat ma
Jorlty of caaaa tba frustrated "borrow
at" never known at all what bapjpanad
to blm.
Flret tba detect! v la rovltlel ultli
a complete list of everything which la
owned by tba hotel- every partlcla ol
ltaen, allver, aoap. etc Then he dele
gataa the reoponalblllty for the care of
(bam to varloua bead waiter, waiters
housekeeper and rhnmliermaliN
Then he gets a list each day of new
arrival and of those who having re
malaed a few daya are preparing to
leave From those list of oecuplod
rooms the detective calculate the
areaa where trouble might paaalbly
braw and Into these he goe ivltli his
aubdlvKed list and a cliu.kliiK up
Tba chambermaid la required to give
a exact accounting of every pises ol
abe bas supplied to the man or
n who ts about to leave. This is
to torn taken to the laundries, where a
balance Is made of those .sheets, towels.
ate wblcb have come out of sack
room. If there Is a BfSCBM liuluiuv tba
matter enda there, but woe to the wo
rasa who believes that the towels aba
placed carefully In her looked trunk
will not be "missed "
Her trunks and bag on their way
downstair are almply carried to the
basement floor aa if by (Bases, and
there the honae detective, with the aid
ef a Rkaleton key, goc iBWWgll them
fa search of lost hotel linen
It la very gently removed and ctteek
ed up on the houaemald's list, and the
trunk Is carefully repacked and re
locked. Nothing Is left to lira warn
big that the search has been made.
and nothing la ever by nny remotest
chance said to the departlnc goat)
Sbe la aent cheerily on her way re
joicing and is usually perplexed out of
all raaaon to account for the fact that
tba towels and pillow cases that she
knows well sbe put Into her trunk
have mysteriously dl.siippoar.-l
Do you suppose for a moment that
this la an extreme case ajar even a
rare one? It happens on an averticr
nee a day In every large hotel In
New Tork and with almost na aatOOSd
lag frequency in Huston. PblmdafpbU
and Chicago
And In the case of silverware the
matter Is almost a simple, tboogt
remedying these theft requires taking
tone your confidence at least the loan
aba paya the bill, for every waiter has
had fate eye trained to count up the all
verware while he Is placing the ringer
bowls, and If so much as one small
apoon la not where it should he It Is
sjaaaatoBtationsly placed upon the hill
The hotel graciously leaves It to the
discretion of the escort an to whether
at not the culprit shall be told But at
toast It doea not penult him to he en
tightened only by the lelated method
of a leaky sleeve.
Again, the bead waiter will gators
you that this bsppetis. not once or
twice, but ceaselessly
''Many a woman that thinks she's
got away with it would 13 serprlsed t
know that It 1 down In black and
white on her escort's aback ami that
ttotb he and the hotel know just how
many apoona and forks she Is taking
heme with her." aold one genial iiend
waiter, who viewed the business with
onaiderabte Indulgence. New York
"ranch Fairy Tale.
rrench nursery llternture If poor In
rhymes Is singularly rich In fairy tolas.
Three of the world's greatest fairy
tale writer were French f.a Fon
talne. Charles Permult. the OoBBtsSi
CAnlnoy. Of these three the gnats I
to tbls particular line wag navtoabtedl)
Charles Perrnult. to whom we owe
TJIaderetla." "Pus In Hoots" and
"Bluebeard" But IfcaOeantaM Ii'Aul
Bey gave ns the "Yellow Iiwarf" ami
"Beauty and the Heast." To Antolne
Oaltand, anothcT Frenchman, we have
to render vhanfca for the first Furopean
translation of the "Arabian Nlglit."
Tyondon Chronicle.
Every right action and truo thought
acts the seal of Its beauty on the per
son end the face John Ituskln
Wsntsd ths Solids.
Tommy went out to dine at n friend's
house one evening When the aoap
was brought Tommy did not touch his
and the bnatess. looking over, Rnlil:
"Why, Tommy, dear, what' the mat
text Aren't you hungry tonight?"
"Yea," replied Tommy, "I'm quite
hungry, but I'm not thirsty." Judge
Subtle Schema.
Flret Jeweler Aren't you afraid to
iosve those diamond In a front win
slow at night T Second Jeweler Not
with ay scheme. Just before 1 go
glome I sail In a little Hlgn on them
reading, "Anything In This Window
" js)aajai New.
Verbal Brand.
"Bow do you manage to keep such
.a clean record with ao -many of your
cranky relation'."
"Juat use soft aoap."-Haltlinore
i Be Slow to Throw.
After a. man hue thrown u rock he,
avian times out of ten, wishes he had
it back In bis hand. -I'bllndelplil.i lod-
B.mpla and Easy Credit Syetem That
Oparatss In Europe.
'i lie standard length of Hum In ICu
ro c for n long time farm loan la fifty
i.. i yean. For such a loan at the
preaenl time tho rale la 4.8a per cent
divided as follew: Interest a per
ci ol, administration JUS per cent and
ainoitUallon (payment on principal) BO
i r i nit This rale will pay both
principal ami Interest and repay all
charges due to tho bank In fifty-four
yuan As this will seem almost In
i i edible to some student, I will give
a concrete Illustration of how It works
It not depend upon compound
Interest, hut upon I ho fact that, though
tba rate of yearly payment remains
the same, tho charge for Interest anil
administration Is constantly decreasing
i. cause they are computed on the
principal utn which Is constantly be
lug repaid; therefore the proportion
which Is applied toword the ropayiueul
if the principal I alwnye Increasing.
(Me Illustration, If tho debt Is II,
hki the debtor will pay 2B.2fl every
rij month Of the first payment, I'.t)
will go for Interest, SI.7B belongs to tho
Lank, atari S2.B0 I applied to tho repay
tnanl Of tba principal. When the debt
is half discharged, however, this dls
filliullon will bo greatly changed. Tho
otrowar win pay $2.12(1, aa usual. Of
'lis amount only $10 will go for Inter
i t. M cents will be retained by tho
'.nk. while irt.:i7 will lie applied to
he ills, hargo of the principal. The
lual payment will lie almoat wholly to
tba payment of principal, a the first
me went largely to the payment of
interest III thl way one-half of 1
i cent will repay the principal In
itt.v four year, provided a constant
Baf Bleat I maintained on the prln for Interest during the entire
period ltepresentntlve Halpll W. aloes
In World- Work.
Evolved From the Lyre ef tho High ef Osiris.
The history of the plauo counts aa a
day quired to tho harp We have
authentic records tluit as early a
tsim C the tirst lyre wa evolved
from Hie Bind Of the high priest of
u His. Mho In one of Ills dally walk
along the banks of tho rlvor Nile found
mi empty III! Using shell spauned with
dried Ugainonl Hapienlng to strike
a, he noticed that It gave forth ploa
lag sounds, and he at once made an
p iiinmini on tho plan of the tortoise
From the lyre It was but ao easy
tep to the harp, now the most famous
instrument In the world. Mlleelus, one
of the rh..onlcau prtU, carried 11
with Dim In bl conquest to Inland.
ami there he planted It among the mo
sic loving tvits In USO It. f The royui
in-iiuiiiciit i.e. iime a controlling fen
tine In iliiinll. ill worship, and the harp
kri or bard ranked with royalty, the
prophet and the priest. The drulds
advanced the harp from eleven to thlr
t in., strings and crowned their ef
foils In lis Improvement by the evolli
tl..ii of the pllUr, which has ever Nliice
i, .nn.l uiiivcrMul adoption
Our modem harp consist of forty
Ove or forty seven string, aeveu cd
I for eiuii note in the octave
ml the woiulei fill Instrument share.
With the pluno and organ the faculty
if being autonomous- that I" to say. It
:a. sis no accompaniment and furnishes
. oth malnfll and harmony. Miss l,o
..tin Da I. I In Ki'W York Tribune
Tws Ideas,
I'll, a iiindldale for congress, said
i . Jonathan, another, during a heated
debate "I think, sir, you have but one
..l.a In gout bead. It I a very small
one. and If It should swell your bead
Mould I urst."
Jonathan, looking at the bure nud
,.n, -nihil lu.a.1 of his opponent, re
plied "Well, I think you haven't one
in your head and iumat had. There
has bang OM ratcblug wxvuud the
outside trying to get In, till V b"s
in, heil all the hair off your head
Hut it didn't get In. and It never Bill.'
I'rl was silent. Chicago News.
Hindu Confectionary.
I.Ike the AiiioiUvmi girl, Hindu girls
pre passionately fond of sweet thing.
ii if their candles, sadu, Ja very
mill h like our plain sugar candy It ts
mule of augur and milk and flavored
wltli attaf of roeee, Ouddhlkabal, or
hair of iiiiddhit, Is one of their moat
popular ... cot meats U l w dhlled
i.e. iiusu It Is in One, long string Ukt
wrini. elll. This Is made of augar and
renin from buffalo's milk, wblcb Is
exceedingly ri h.
Earth and Moon.
diameter of the earth la 8,000
-i. II.--, The diameter of the moon I
2 1 ' ".'' miles The nearest approach of
the surfaces of the tw bodies Is 210,
ITT miles The mean distant from
il nth Is 2.'IH,W0 miles, the max
imum distance which may be reached
i.elng 2fl2.S80 mill Thii moon's sur
face contains about U,(WS,(MM qijnrn
mill's or nearly four times the area or
Still Saddsr.
What could l.e more ad than a
man Million a loimtry'," feelingly
asked Hi" Ugh school literature leach
er of her cLihs
"A country without a man," respond
ad a pretty girl Just us feelingly -Woman's
Home Companion
A Burgioal Op. .Hon.
iislomer rnlse. I his hand, and
her, pausing In I' h operation of
' him. his head "Mr?"
i' gUH," said the customer. -
the I
l, lilohe
Creaking, Oroanlng Menston That En
livsn; a City In Syria.
llama, In Byrls, says a writer In the
Wide World tiuga.iiiB. Is famed far
it huge wuter wheels, locally kuown
us naiiia There are four of them,
and they ure driven by tba river Or
antaa. which flowa through the town
Fiuh of the wheels bean a dlstln
giilhhed uswm, and the visitor to the
city Is made awara of their presence
long before be aeee tbein by tbe creak
Ing aud groaning noise wblcb greets
his ear. At tint It suggest a pipe or
gun and later a braaa baud practicing
The wheals are built of s dark mu
hogaiiy, wblcb gives them at a die
tnnce the appearance ol l. n Tbe lar
gout of tbem boaata of a dlauatar of
seventy-live feet and bl declared to be
tho biggest water wheel In existence
The iiuuru are erected on what Is
known aa tint undershot principle
that Is to say, tbe' aye driven by the
water striking them et their base
They serve not only .to supply the town
with water, but alao Irrlgata tbe ad
Jneent garden.
Tho wheels never stop, summer or
winter, and day and night their creak-
Ing and groaubig are beard- In tbe
mininior months small boy may al
ways be I i Lathing 111 the river In
the neighborhood of the wheels, and
for a small coin they will get In be
tween the spokes of (ho wheel and nl
low themselves to bo carried around
many time or hang on the outside of
the wneel ami drop back Into the wa
ter when halfway Dp
What It Meane Whan the Centraoten
Begin Operations.
With the right of way established,
a great army of men fUte Into the
Held The company dot . not build Ita
oh n road It Is turned over to contrac
tor and Is usually let In aortlona of
n BOO to oihi in lies
Tb intractor mut II vo up to cer
tain sp.s lil.iilloiis, Just aa though he
were building u bouai and he fur
nishes every thing-men, teams, ma
chinery, food and iniilerlal. Few poo
pie realize hut till means A con
tractor iiium he very near to n king.
For Instance, there Is tho Ilutelton
sistlon In tho mountain. It Is less
than '.'(HI miles In length. Define a
single shovel or pick was engaged In
the building of thl section the con
tin, tors hud to equip themselves with
il Heel of deiiuilioats at a cost of S200,
(Kio liny luiil to Liilld acores of
egging at from g'.'.(KK) to 11,000 a camp.
Kiich ..r tlnas centers had to lie stock
ed Mllh provisions. Kuppllc and mate
rial almost before a builder wse
brought In ltefore these contra, tors
moved a shovelful of earth or Arid a
single blast they bud spent over .
Ijnh contractor' camp la like a
mall city, with It Ktorea. hoai Hal,
acores of sleeilng shacks, kitchen,
dining rooms, wii rehouse and barn
Jilllic Oliver furwood III lslle'a
Tha Ruaaian Frontier,
One feature In w hi. Il Hie Ituulau
frontier differs fi I her I the com
plete Ignorance of those living near the
border of what lie beyond.
A correspondent of the Autocar aaya
lint he called at the Automobile club
in lireslaii, hoping lu gain some Infor
mation "The members received me
most kindly and did ajl they could to
help but explained that they never
nsaad the frontier and had no first
Hand kBOWksttga i he Gorman cost. mis
otllcer. living I'm ten veins within
yards of Itusshi. spoke no word of Itus
slnn. and the Itusslaiis bcynud the
cliiiin ssikc no Herman.
"There Is a neutral atrip some three
or font wide between ilinsla
ami tlcruuiny. along which many Itus
shin sentiics are posted, and mounted
Cosxuck pass at short Intervals, rid
lag the boundary " Vrk Hun
A Van (had Shrine.
"What of your trip abroad?"
"My wife vvas gseply dlanpiKiliilcd
In one thing She britrd SlinkeM-nre'
llllllle till I I 'M "
"Hut she also Miintcil to pay a visit
to the luL of lilogones "-Ivsnsas City
rVh.n th Carlisle tndisnt Outwitted
Harvard's H.ghbrow.
Ill football a rull tlcld run from I Irk.
off tf touch. low li Is n pi. IV. " lice
It was ma.e U a I'm lisle Indian, who
.oleic. I (lie long ill lance In 11 gillie
iigain-i Harvard, n, t. :il IB08, and did
no bj lb .iilllct. Mlllest Nlratiieui
ever i ei cinili -il liy a redskin iisin
Ills pale f ii. isl Liollici
The llrst half had I laaad with the lu
dlana In tbe lead live points to bubs
Harvard rsjiened the l.nttle by aeudlng
a long kl k to Johnson .,u Carlisle'
the v aid line Tim ludl, in quickly ran
back to ni.'.'l Johnson nud formed a
cotiipa. t inn---, ground blm Within the
risesse of this mas of player John
son slipped tho Lull beneath tbe Lack
of Dillon's Jersey, will. Ii had Is-en es
Racially made to receive and hold the
ball ill. 'II the Lull (till sle(lv
tnnaferrrd and bidden. Jobnaon inter
isl ii whoop as Cambridge hail not
blind sine Mi.- days of King Philip's
war, jivi Jic.lniitly the bunch of in
dlun seal t ris Ii, nil dins ttoBg Some
rail to the right and gnnig In tbe left.
some oblique!) and some straight up
the center of Hie tloiil. radiating In nil
diris'tii.ns tike the epekea of a sTkaai
The rrimsoti ntayera, now upon ihein
Iraikisl lu vain for I be ball, ilumfoiind
ad, ruiuilp : 'loin ..tie opMineut to nu
other Meanwhile plllon wa riinning
straight ih.n li the held ... 4$ to give
hi opponents the least opportunity for
a Ride or rear view and conspicuously
swlni'lng bis nuns to show that they
dlil not bold He Lull Thus, without
being dele ed he pa-. sod through the
entire Han ml team, excepting the
captain fall It .Manhall. who wa
"oveiing Hie deep tup klleld.
Obeying liistiu. Hon union ran
strnl lil ii Marshall. The latter, a
gaming Ibnl Hie Indian Intended to
block Ii i Holy slih'KtcppisI the far
lisle plaici and us he did so be
eiiiiciu pi of the cii'.i moiiM and un
m. uilcil hnl c on I III' Lack of Dillon
llisliinllv iii'lnliig that lieiu 'Vila the
lost hall v iihhnll turiiey ilnyl sprung
at Dillon bi Hie hitler was well on
bl way ami pil.kly crossed I bo Hue
for a lou.ini.iuii Parka II Davi In
SI Nicholas
Wond.r, ef th frgitn Grotto In tha
Daohstein Mauntn
a few jcgara ugo oine uietubera of
tho Austrian Speleological society dls
covered In the Daehslelli mountain
sou in erii which ure among the
largest In Btiraps Dim of those grot
toe, the liiiiKltildluul nil of which I
fully BJMO reel long, moreover turned
out I" offer nililll lomil Interest by its
truly euownoiis Ice masse and was
found to be the (ingest known Icocave
In tho win hi
Though a scorching sup uiay be
hiujilim oiii-lilc on the hare mountain
rock, ibcic D ..I vi ii j m n,n Icy wind
blowing fhrnngh, this underworld.
freezing everything within Its reach
Only Hoiiictlmc when the outside
temperature lanKu between 82 and
41 degrees (' and s CQUipsriHIvcIv
warm ruin peneliatos through the lis
sure of the rock, entering right Into
tho cavern will (hern l a temporary
calm and distinct melting of the lew
'file Daehslelli Ice cava comprise
seviHj! domes filled with lee, which
comiiiutilcatH wlh one another through
a of frozen galloi'les. An leu
crevice Ml feet deep and I III foot In
width traverses the floor of the cavern
Ittft feet from the entrance, (llguntlc
I en pillar were found to tower on
both edges of thl chasm, In the depth
of which ibei'ii unfolds a fulry l!ku Ice
BOBner. Ileyond the abyss tho oaveru
widen out In In a mighty dome (Trls
tan doino, as It Is called), where a
ihiiIi. l.e Nliect ica. 'ilea from one wall
to tbe other, carrying ice stalagmites
of the most fiiiitiiatle shapes Helen
tide American
Condition en Our Plenet While the
Process Dsvsleped.
What may bo aald to bo tba slrnn
gest period through which our earth
haa paaaed la the one that waa reepon
slble for tbe formation of coal. Tbe
planet la described aa having been at
that time flat and smooth aa to aurfaco
and peculiar aa to vegetation. The
continents wero Just beginning to rise
above the ocean and tbe laud bad not
yet become dry. Mountain rangea had
not iiilsen from the swampa, and the
atmosphere waa thick with fog. In this
stale of affairs there sprouted and
tlourlslusl l ho plants whlcb wen laler
to furnish the world with Ita coal aup
Those plant grew aa big aa our lar
gest tree, taking deep root In the mo
ra and nourishing like the lush
gnio In inoll meadow bind and do
teloped Inln the strange ilinpee now
found In tropic vegetation. The foreet
lookisl. the scientists assure us. like
denes growths of weeda, rushes and
minus fern Home of tbem gnw
In the shape of cacti, having aplaea all
over them Thl kind of vegetation
was very rich In earlion, which It de
rived from the warm, moist atrooe
phere Then the million of yenra roll
ed by, tbe forests of giant weeds wen
burled by dcMlt of earthy material
ami the chemical change took place
which slowly changed tbem Into coal.
This process ccimod with th carbon
Iferous age, o Hint when the preoiit
supply of conl I dug out of the ground
there will lie no more.- Ki change
Sealed Ordara.
The custom of having warnhlpe sail
.iinlei Healed onler arose fromthede
sire of ii.iii Itliue power to prevent the
plana from becoming known to the
"liemv In the AUleileiiu uuvy such
order isilne from the president and
.ire dellvensl to s commander of a ship
r squadron by a coutldeiillsl uus.cii
CM who know nothing of their eon
lent Hnmcllinc they are lu liphoi
lint tl.ey an alvvavs seulisl vvllti the
.III. nil seal ol the navy dcpnitim nl
iicl the pi.kage . uitiMit be opeiusl un
n. I he tliue nnirkisl oil II. which I-
i-oiilllv several hours nfler the Ii
i leaving i"rt Hv thi pncaidbm
he nevvsiniers ale prevelllisl from
II -Ing pieinalurelv tbe inmenonl-
v 1.1, h iiini Is' of the greabsil liuisii
.n. e and the spies of the etieinv in.
. nib-nil iisele so far a their nbll
ly to discover the sis-ret of such
mo eiui'iit Is . on. ermsl
Pf.mroii For Memory.
The prlniii.-e of old was credK.-.'
llli a iiosll 'mil a well s a supci
-lllloiis value I. veil now In some
niinlrj pnrts n disistlon of primmse
eaves Is supposed to restore a falling
uioniiirv. and In lOJkf, when CBsPSPSf
nn.te hi "l.ondon Dls.isary." the
pilmrnee was as an almost
universal paiuoi-a. curing "convulsions,
falling shkness. pnlslcH. etc.." and
.ficiigtlicnlng 'the brain. aeiiNoa and
ii iv egl eisllugl) ' And even the
healthy did not disdain In eat It. for
prtiurose pusly was nine u popular
Lancashire delicacy - Family tKictor
Youthful Indspondsnos.
"Father." uld the fair girl, "I have
arranged a very Im-sjrtunt Interview
for you thl evening Harold I going
to cull on you."
i'o make a formal nspiesl for your
tlillnl I supisise?'
"Not nl all He wants to look you
over and aS how you would do for a
father Inlaw" Washington Klsr.
'Here Is un urtlcle on 'How to live
a Hundred Venn' "
"Teat and the whole subject can lie
condensed Into I wo w'onjs "
"Whnt ure HieyT"
"'Dop't die" - Cleveland I'laln
i he. rfnliiese can hecuuiB s habit,
mid it Is wonderful how a gl habit
of this kind will help us oer hard
Chronic Constipation Cured.
"Five yearn bko I had the
worst cane of chronic constipa
tion eyer knew of, and Cham
berlain's Tablet cured me,"
writes S. f. Fish, Brooklyn,
Mich. For sale by all dealers.
t'NlTRIi HTATBB It Nl On l V. I
Hume.. ihi-st..i, lift tmtol H, If II I
Ntitlir is tiershv flfM "'"l Krtii'Hl Bnin
1 Brst-ii nl Muriy, on it.ih nlm, i.l Mmv .'. I'm
linil INt i, 141" traiH, tk jr. . .).' Hun .
Bt..l Kul ry, Ni .l'.;i. Hi-iUJ uJi.j nimI v...i. -for
NK1 . Him- MS, NU MU, 9mW M h'b1,
Hvt'llnii 37 Tiiwnililu AH . ItmiNcii h , WiIUih
ett Mfriillsiii. Iinb It it iiini I linfiiili.n h
inatii' hhl HtM (TMI pmnf, Ul i-BUIillsh rUlli
in the ImiiiI nli.., it, ig rllit'il, tf 4r I(i'kI-i''
I Ih flu r .t ltir 'i.,'iM. tin ihfl 0 I
lay ol Jaiiusir, in
I laltaaiil mi . un
in... I..
W. T. Krsine. lieu llinlef N II v K
1-llKl. Hll ol llil.ii l.fl'K.ill
WS K Vl-.i ,
tiNUM. sTATgg LASO nirpiog
llurn. no K.a. 1 1 . in. is i B, en. i
...I.. . i-1.. .. I., nu n id ,ii wiiiiau. ii ureal
ol Watvrl), Unuoii, Hll... nil June in, -
mailu llenui.l. '.! Kali), No IX-vi .. ..r NK'
SdvIIoii in, Towui. It, s , iumio' . .i k . w nl
mni'lic Mtir.llaa li.. nir. i nolli . ..i laisnlloii
lo wake ill. si three i..i prisil, to
claim I.. I he U ml . .leacrlLe.1, !,.(. ni' Hcyi.
lor and Itiii-rlri i, at lliuna, llrsgon, un 1 1, .
..... .ay ol i.iiuiii, 1 'il
ClftuisJll iisiiii." aa v, lln.'aai'a
lurau, llinii 1.
llOllliW If un
I lima
)lrin K c,iB, i. Vail
Kanrr sll ..I v av.-rly.
Ws ftaaa. K.m.i,
""' liiu rw-'iih
f game of North
Urtffa- ' M0.00
.U-M-lhM SIM) 40 Csaa-Wf ,
Lao Hum. Aul.i l.ulliin luili.i...
II I flu alia, fur ,
nlthod lu faiuy
gvaoes. gin
Send for bsmlaotua, u.w
P. O. Una 5004
cmcoki rsiu.
fSS--- a. . . .
BSUtl SO Mats 4JI
!! I Mlf
We do job printing.
ChamberUln'a Cough Remedy.
ThiH remedy has no superior
for coughs and colds. It is
pleasant to take. It contains ro
opium or other narcotic. It al
ways cures. For sale by all
liNivan rT i,a i limes, ('
liura. Oreann, Deaeatbtl 7:1. una I
Nolle i berabt glvua ihai William Uaorsa
siultli.ol llaraa, nreguii, who, on Nov. 11 It!,
mi. il.- llomvltaad Kalrv No. ISUW7, for SK'aj
mWi. kiu sWi. suit
V.nvi.alill. H H. Mans .' K . Wlllauo'lta
nn',i.f' i, .wiinn ...
Mril.llal.. 11 Ali'.l nolle- ,,f llilriitloli
to uiaa" n.'sl ion. i.oila'l. 111 iroof, tn eatal.llak
.lain, to tile lull. I al.nv.' .IsliTliasl, nenir nri
1 tha
l.t.'i nt.'l Ksilii'l al liuriia. . ireani., on
an 'la. ut Jalinarv, lull
, 1.0. , h.i. tiutiica aa wllnnaara
Slant friar, i arrnll Wliliniain. AIIstI i
Ootoi K Kerry, all ol Hurlta, nreon.
Wh. Kaaa. Ilsflner
Ilinna. llo'Smi. lu-rrmlirr I, Itll
N.ali . la Inoi'l.) alvi-ii llnl VMIIIani H Una
man of Andrw, llrvaon. saitaum of K.twln
HpftlillMK. itt''
l.irtfc.', Aiingt Cmik ml
nl i aiii.ic orate,
I svici A nine H. i' sola
li. na of ...nrufl A Kiln, .ti-csaard. l.a" flli'd III
Ihla o aiir lua ahpllrallon toautar itmlar ise.
lion V a.. IL ' Slmuti ol Hie Lulled Stale.,
Ih. NW'.sW'i, Nee. ,T in s,, it aa K . W U
Urtgoa M.rlal Nu.lKlt.'i
in, and all (ici.oii. i-lalnilua sdvsrai'ly lh
lalol ill "i ilhe, I in ilralrlnii lo oil.'. I Isteallaa ol
ih ii.iiiciai ebaraetsl of Hie laud, or lor any
in 1, it reaata. te Hie .11 at 10 ai.i.ltiant.
alniuld Illn llielr affldaill ol .r..leai in llila
nlll a ,.r In 'Ion- Ho of laullai), I'JH.
Wa raaaa. Keslaii.r.
I liai iiuhllealluu Lei ml" 1 II Ml I
(.a. 1 lailiilrsllon January 17. lull,
Hums, I'rtKnti I'"' fiiil't r , k, -t I
Vol Ire In h.i. 1m pltfii tllBt Hi' Kuatriif 1
Mn'si. -.1 luiiiiB. urnt'ii. April li, 1VHW
ml Jun A, It'li, rs.HTilvi'ty iiiadn Monir
Bit-.) KlitrlM, Sim tiAuiMbii. tut NWLiuil
Nh'g, rtrnitin i.i. itiwniitip r. n ., itaogv ' r.,,
ifUmtt'lf Mrii1lttli. tma (IN'-I DOtlra 0! int. i.
Hen la iiitsk-- Musi llirw r I'HHif. tutxla.lllh
la. I HI tti I In- laixl nji.tnr ! 'illrt'l, L.
l.t'KlBlrr Bll'l HrirUtif, at BnniB, OMMaisal.
Un- rn t-t .lay uf Janiiaf), ttM.
( lahnaiii iiauira aa witnraarB
Haw Miller. I H leiioLli, John I' Kay.
llk. ,1 A Miller.
all -f limns on gnu
Ml riNHf, It.glhl.l
HAHNKY l nl. or, NO. 77, I. U O 7.
Mrvla ivi'M Slurday III ild.l l cliim Hall
al 7 10 . in lamia Mil. aid
i it und) . sn reiarv N it,
li.gic .ml'loM, llril Halurday Inl-
Halnri a... noi Salurdai Utal In if. - .
ssieraar, SeeeaS beaeeat tinirih Haturday,
iinr.i pesreSi
Mis'l.rvi-r) flral and third Monday i.i.a. I.
ill. vv a loiwan. W M
Sam Moihurahrad Hreratart
Mrula arsry aecoi. i ali-l loiiili lii'lif .tfii
llli al I II II Y Hall, all lll'lr'nsua li.lllcil
Nvw a, I'll. an. a will leirlvr lual
uifir. vi a aleast V i
vv i teeter. icii
Ml' HNs .11 Ml 1 II .". iii. ii K I
Mii-la .'via. a.-i and fourlli k iiudaya. lu
vi..."..' Hail i iiai. Detlee w m
i i in. . i iiini'iiaoti. statatan
'llol I.l I V II I. Loll. I No 4.
"I'llmoo lai and Sil Wi'.ln. .. ,
y i.m .in i ii. n
I'csrl I let, Krr -.i'i Jf
TI'I.KOTsVM.K Be I.'.. W.
Mcclaitari (iiunli Wr.ll.ia-lay
smau Kuiau li N
Beau iiisi.iiuau. cterfe
(lie. I I liaiiiln-rla II
I Ha. i I anc
i llawury
iM "
A M r raw turd
l iiiiiii aalni i.
A II. .III. , Hall. 11
-e. rrlary nl Mali-
1 rraaiiri-r
UI. I'lilill. InalMii '
Htatn I'M. ilc:
irl". nvi
li.ii W ijlooil
T.A.K ,
J I lillft lull'
vt h tuniwai
ii.. i.' UI
T A MfMii-l-
'a-" n Iturmii
' t af, Ht-ftll.
I r A. MiNin-
saateais . ,.,
NIN'III l I'M IAI I'lillli- 1
naiiii i JmlMti liftlton HlKKt
i uiiutt AlUifu) (toil N Hlften mo
lit ult ourt isit't-ig. the Brit M
April ml fiiBi MniiiUy In iii t..Ui
i'Ui In
iulnl Hnlur
Uilui IU'iutM'tiUtl
fill MT
t'tiunt) JuiIk
I i. aaiui
rtrhiMil vuti'tii-t ihIi ni
V II Hruokti
W . I Human
(rani I i.uiiin,oh
It I MiiKhit
a I
i- Jl la I
A k- Ki.liariU.iii
J. J. lNMInatall
I. l Ha.Mii holt
(I. W. t'lv.vuiirr
John Kuhlutuii
,K. I. oyUfK. i
Htuck liiaiit-rtttt
i nil . ;.
( i im'b nam
fttuntv t tuiri nulla MM nix WtMliittaUJe.) Ill
Januaf ) , Alan II Ma , Jul) , HMatVMMN H'l
HANfisv. I- H I.ANK tlPm f
It'BiBU't M ui Kai re
It - Il hu Vii bt IsM-tVl
I in hi -."-
all), f. . HAM Mnllit ishi'iul
H t, i. i . It' an Winkle
Tiomuim! IJiHi., i, i, m
Marshal. . . (' . II
II J. llftlKMI,
ItllllH Mill! I' t A. 1' ' "III'
I Jaint a i miii t. i
i it J Mi kinuiiii
MlTlllista l lilt olIIM'll i'Vtl r-.trtllfl (Will
KtiHith Vi.lnial
uji:t!i!inii:ujiiuii.tinmtlHi.:i;::::: i.
Mm, (Jrtttc Ii, McHostr E
Voice and Piano
vitllioda lew hf
ICCiociiaattl Cooservslory uf Mask
Reside'"? htiitlln lllil UlrOr wpi
I'resbylerlati Churvh
$1500 Reward!
1. I'al
a rrutoi'
Hull Asaui Ut
.1.11,111 ol
. Wltluh IllU Ulnli-1
alulnxl In liieinht'r.
L wril Kill' ".IAHI wi
luwaflj Mf fsel-
deiii'e luailliiK Im
inn aiu-ai ami mm
vii Hun of un par
l y or parties lal
iiiK niiratii. taiiin
Of tuulea lu'longliiH
Ni i,y uf Up inviii
In a.liiiiHMi luthu aUiva, Hie uinteieiiiui
uffurk the ituio uuudHluu ftfiOO.OO fur til luiraui
brkiidutl bone ebutl bar on both or either Jaw.
Iiraml ruOOltlviS lu ulbt i-tiuuilea tUii
Harney, Lftke mihI ("look i ounllia llorana
wotod wbuukoltl.
Nod but grown lunna eold an. I only Id
erge buiM-lica,
W W HKOWN rife. Ureaoo
JiiVaV' .
' m &
UNITS!) gTATSS l,ANP tirvwri
num., Orsinn, Daramber M, una t
voile li loo'i.i glvaa thai Howard W
lloli.ira, of 11.11 iii. Una who on H.l , law,' lloinial.'a.l riilrr. No UMM, lor SW'i,
no Hun mi low mill . ItH , Its 11 11 K Wlllain
ills M.ililla.i l.aa nl.-.l n.ill'i'iil III lanl Ion I..
a .in iinal Ova rear proof, n. latslilliili I'lalin
to III land aliov ilwrllsiil, Irtilnrii ll.'lHli r
and Haoalrar, al hurua, lri'ii'i, onth-vsili .!
January, ItH
claimant nan. ca aa wltuaMaa
Mar Kcrrii 1 hailai l(l(n, J..I111 It (Iniild. K.
. Maker, all of Hurni, 1 iraajin..
UK. Kasss, Kasltlar.
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival and Departure Of Trains
No. 2, Prairie
Arrives Baker
10:15 A. M.
2:36 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Baker
8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 1 0:05 A. M.
Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes k(xkj connection
with O.-VV. Ii. & N. No. 10 leav
ing Portland 6:40 P. M. und No.
17 from east arriving linker 6:80
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Crandc
i i 7.01 i t f:rfln,.
) KXl f.JU tQ 1U drutlUi
ind No.
! (fast Mail) picks up ilMpcr
there arriving in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. IK for
points Fast.
Stack laspeclor. Harsey Conitj.
IhirilA A 3 1 1
lliir.., ( lr
Winter is the name of a Season, not the
description of a Climate
to the land of Sunshine, Fruit aud Herri, t.uiii... r 5r..i t Aeto Trips
num. il.a Orsngs Crovr Trip to th Beaclies Surf Bething- nd the
hundred ol varied amuirmrnU lor which Cslifornia i fmou.
For handsome booklets des
criptive of California; also for
Fares, Tickets or Reservations
Call on my Agtot of ibe
Oregon-Washington Railroad &
Navigation Co.
I SsssT"!! '
You can buy no better gun
for target wotk and all
small game up to
AW yards.
rasi'lee tmi
'VxitrvIlB M fad fe
JSSfifftatBkW. V J d. w c aastnsrttvua..
ra&BBr j,rriairtej Ua.
l-aBBVW i i . a i
If You Want A IX Tbe Home News
i . t
92.00 a year
Pest Job Printing
You get it all in The Times-Herald For $200
Dirsct connection aoalk via
A. H. CURRY. Prop.
Leaves Harrimsn Monday end Tbareday
and arrives Wedneadey anal Saturday
aarh.waalt, coniaecting with seathevn
line te Denlo, Winnemecca, etc.
a-'t.-. -.- m .aajflMaalataV
Jtiwolor. OpNolaMa '"'
Fine Wiitch KepsiririK A Spe
: - LONE - : -
ill.Oltill: POON Prop.
Moals At All Hours. Short
i Orders and Prompt Service
With Reasonable Rates
! Give Me A Call
a OtrasssMe waa-irel
mm ijRADE
change ol
mechanism ii
hand .22 short.
long or long-riaa cartraJae
Perfect!. The dceo Ballard
rifling develops Bvaaimuea power and
accuracy and adds yean to the Ws of rifles.
"r.'.a fmifr.mmii,m imaaeaiaaal
awaba.a. -n--i : I . ; I i r
alaa oukt. atnnal. waai ewe. WiaV epl aAa.
naaiiamayapaaMU, aweaais r J2-Blila
a Bare.
1 1. oai. f
7Xe ZffarYtsi )r
WiSaw Streat New Har
I'liyslelan ai .1 I nrge.ii
Ptiftlclsti ami Bnrgaoa.
Borng, - - on
Office la new builiIiiiK s.,i,t ( B
lisrnees shop, Main Ht. '
'Phone Main ,.
GEO. G. CARL, M. 1
aricta)ai and Nurgeoa
Tbuiwbss "ulidla.
" . Hh I
Physician and Surgeon
Narrows, q.
D BStasdass. hiim, . .,
""' ai,,.
U.n.i.i 1'ta.lli. i,,
BBJBfl l. I ,. J
Physicians and Surgeon
falls nwered pruaiptl) M,!,t,
Tlioiio Harriman.
HaFWman, Oregon
Dr- Minnie Ham "
Physician and Surg Job
Wrect Telephone Conaasejj
La wen. Ore.
l. E. HiBBPiRD
OtBee first door t-a-t pb. ,, aJfl
Barns. OSsaae
Bcbhs, Oaaao
Ofllee room 8 ami !i Masonic hi
M. A. BIG(;s
Attorney at Itw
Voegtly Bldg., Burn. Oreji 1811
I I ' A
3- A. REMB0L ot
Attorncy-at-l I"'
Burns, Ongon j,,
Burns, Oregon
Booms S ami 7 siaw u 1 m.
raiai leaaa qslrkly ma.ia at lbi
ins; i
ing J
. Aal
ChBaaasV li
l ..". nil av
. n aaa'v
Careful attention rivet I C
lions and Real Estut. mall
Fire In- ,
Notary I'lihlu
Boaiis. Oaasoa
ad 01
OB t
State Courts and United S
Ind Office Practice
Three dtwrs Sun u i I um
Harney County Nationgj j
Burns, pin;..,
AHerney at 1 aw N. larvl
Caaaayauio., Monr, yif
AUau.S.Lall0ll., . I ..ik
OB, bataaan Uaruv. i ftul
ui! I ..nd once.
Buraa, . . Orr.-on
I fi PntM
'' B-a.o. e. a. ,.,... .. ,. a
QvfJ and Hydraulic Hnglf
Irritration, Water uppl
Sewerajre, Water l'owa
Bnrveya, Mape, Kaliniuo- Miper
PfJRMft PKEv;t)'
. O. Uiwlu,
ll. Nm
. t a
... ar.
reraiarlj ami. Bsgtaear
luf, nev'lsuutiuu Sar
Eastern Oregon rngineei
Birss, Vrt(uij
. u. au a. a. r. mi. i. i.l
" 1 ii i
Ditches. Rateryoirs, linal
Work, Hydro-Kin i, ., Fp
U. S. Dep. Mineral VVor
or Wotia A Specially -
aagaged hi Ilolh I'm ut ia
Uuvriuiaent 8treatu OafiaJ