The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 27, 1913, Image 3

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I Circulation Of Any
Harney County.
IT. It I
was up from the
squash at Geo.
ftn and family ex-
lout to the ranch
selling her mil-
?d prices until it
her at once.
Mid Ed. Earli and
from the farm
tliday period with
Carl is prepared
entioi to all dis-
and nose. Eyes
es fitted. 50tf.
ian ijadies Aid
fith Mrs. Thos.
inesday. Jan. 7. '
cers for ensuing
I at that time.
n of Geo. Younar,
the fore part of
California where
some time. His
lends are glad to
non & Son have
kily stage between
luntura. Connec-
Ith the trains at
ssengers given
Fare to Burns
Mid his daughter,
came up trom
to spend Christ-
exercises in her , at .Chngan s.
place on Wednes-
the new pro-
Windsor Barber
the land office, is
Bret class work in
ites a share of the
Satisfaction in
; Miss Graham and
the public school,
rgill of the high
auto load out to
y morning being
iwley. a capitalist
in old time friend
enhiller, arrived
and has been a
latter. Mr. Haw-
las here last Sep-
so favorably im-
le possimutics oi
country that he
ited but also has
I missionary work
fther development
khers to come and
o-f old Object
lis Advertisement
To our Friends and Patrens:
The year now drawing to a olose has
been one of the most satisfactory and
successful of our career. During the
year of 1013 a larger volume of busi
ness was transacted through our insti
tution than during any previous year in
our history. Within the past sixty days
more new aooounts have been opened with
us than in any like period heretofore,
while our books now contain a larger
number of depositors than ever before
a silent tribute to the fact that our
business methods have met with the pub
lic's generous approval, and that our
banking policies have proven right un
der the exacting test of time.
During the past year we have in
creased our offloe force, have further
perfected our carefully devised system
of handling the large volume of busi
ness committed to our charge, and have
added the newest and latest office
equipment, so that we are now enabled
to render better and more efficient
aervioe to our patrons than at any time
in the past.
With the approach of the holiday
period we extend to our many friends
the season's greeting. We desire to
thank you for your past patronage, for
the kindly words of commendation that
have brought us new friends and pat
rons. That the New Year may bring you
one and all prosperity and plenty is
our sinoerest wish.
With best wishes for a Merry
Christmas and a happy and prosperous
New Year, I am,
Very sincerely yours,
J. L. Gault,
Tonawama tonight.
Geo. A. Smyth is
over irum
Diamond spending the holidays
with his family.
The latest in Millinery and a
ily. Miss Swain fine line of guaranteed hair goods
J. C. Turney, the oil and gas
promoter, has returned from
Eastman's Kodaks and East
man's Kodak supplies at The
Welcome Pharmacy.
A. K. Richardson asks a chance
to figure on your winter supply
of goods. Will meet prices of
any outside house. Give him
your order and get his prices be
fore purchasing.
Ira Mahon has just returned
ide points for the , from a business and pleasure
n period. i ney i trip to (jaiirornia. necameuacK
r the beginning ' by way of Winnemucca in com
pany with his father and did not
go to Portland as we mentioned
on his going out
0. H. Cobb was in the city
yesterday from his home near
La wen to assist Orlando Luper
in making proof on his land. Mr.
Cobb is a very active man at the
age of 72 and has shown much
enterprise and energy in im
proving his land holdings in that
section of the country. He as
sisted in putting up the hay and
harvesting other crops during
the past summer.
iave two objects in view in this advertise-
first is to inform you that this store U teem
. full stock of fall goods in every line of
a S t a.L.2. L..lHaa Bnt -.
lise tnat Deiongs to ui wwnHi -
rtion so interesting that you may be indue-
up the items that engage you most.
other object is to plant the germ of conf i-
lyour heart of hearts, confidence in this store
Nllingness to serve you fairly, even generous
is no question of its ability. Fall styles in
Use have no more thorough nor lavish ex-
sh&n our show room and counters, ai your
and get our prices on any goods you
before sending off or buying elsewhere.
figure with you on your winter supplies.
Mieral Merchandise -
lie Building, - - Burns, Oregon
Ore.. Dee. 20, 1913
Tonawama tomorrow night.
CMS. Carter is back from a
visit to outside points.
All kinds of dray work and
general job work with a team B.
F Siler. Phono your orders to
thf residence.
Judge J. P. Rector left Sun
day for Southern California to
' spend the winter as has been his
custom of late years.
Friends received Christmas
j greetings from Rev. and Mrs. A
' J. Irwin this week. They are
. still at Florence, Arizona.
Tule Circle. Women of Wood
craft, will give their usual an
nual masquerade ball at Tona
wama on the evening of Jan. 23.
J. B. Zimmerman and H. C.
French were in from Harriman
during the week assisting Ira
Sleeper in making proof on his
Assessor Donegan returned
Monday from a business visit to
Portland and Salem where he had
been called by the State Tax
The Clay Clemens sawmill is
now at its new location and is
prepared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
lumber; buck teeth and any
special order given prompt at
tention. 32.
Mrs. Tom Allen arrived home
Inst Saturday evening in com
pany with Wm. Hanley after an
absence of several months spent
in Portland. Her health is much
better than for several years.
She goes out to the P Ranch at
once to get acquainted with Tom.
M. S. Brown and family are
enjoying a visit from his daugh
ter, Mrs. Jessie Miller, of Point
Bonita Life Saving Station near
San Francisco. Mrs. Miller was
here with the family for a time-
when they moved here and at
that time met many people in
Wm. Hanley arrived home!
Saturday evening from outside
points. During his absence he
was in Washington as a repre
sentative of Oregon in the Con
servation Congress, also visiting
New York, took in the land show
at Chicago and did some good
boosting for the country.
Burns Lodge, No. 97, A. F. &
A. M., have elected the follow
ing officers for the coming year:
Win A. Gowan, Worshipful
Master; L. M. Johnson, Senior
Warden; A. 0. Faulkner, Junior
Warden; Sam Mothershead, sec
retary; J. C. Welcome, treasurer.
Joint installation will be held at
the Masonic hall tonight with
the Eastern Star.
. . . . L L J
i;hrisimaH uay urougnius more
snow and now we have about 12
inches and the sleighing is fine.
It has caused feeding of stock
generally but this is expected at
this season of the year and the
white covering is a benefit to
feed yards. It is also nice for
hauling as now the stages should
make good time on runners when
the road is once broken and
teamsters can haul heavy loads.
We do job printing.
Geo. Craddock was in town
this week.
County Surveyor Berry was in
town this week.
Nick Barth was up from his
Sunset home this week.
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundry. 4tf.
There's a "Bunny" comic on
the program at Tonawama,
The school boys and girls areN
enjoying the holiday vacation
with their sleds and skates.
Mrs. John Schenk will give
lessons in Irish Crochet every
Thursday afternoon at her home
in Burns. 4
Anyone wanting good solid
winter cabbage can get it from
Frank King at 3 cents per pound
delivered at Burns.
The new currency bill has been
passed by congress and signed
by the president. Now we all
should have plenty of money.
A family by the name of Molep,
of Oklahoma, arrived here this
week with the purpose of mak
ing their home in Harnev county.
Lloyd Johnson and R. R. Sit.
came up from Lawen yesterday.
They report about the same
amount of snow in that neigh
borhood as here.
Charles VanZandt and . F.
Huntley were in from the Valley
View neighborhood during the
week, the former making proof
on his homestead.
Zoeth Hoiiser, the Umatilla
cattle buyer, is here after more
stock to be taken to his alfalfa
ranch near Echo where they will
be fed for the market.
E. E. Purington is down from
the mill this week spending the
holiday period with his family.
He reports his men busy putting
in logs for next season's run at
the mill.
M. S. Hall and George Felios,
of San Diego, California, and B.
A Lynn, of Oklahoma, are late
arrivals in this section for the
purpose of looking over the
country with a view of investing.
All are well pleased with this
Harney Lodge, No. 77, I. 0.
O. F.. elected the following offi
cers for the coming term: N. G-,
J. E. Shepard; V. G., E. P.
Sylvester; secretary, C. C. Lundy;
treasurer. H. M Morton. The
new officers will be installed on
January 3.
The boy who read the ther
mometer the other morning and
made The Times-Herald say it
was 8 below zero looked at the
wrong end of it. The fact is it
was just 2 above, the coldest it
had been during the present
There was a package which re
sembles a book from the shape,
left at Tonawama at the Christ
mas exercises. It may be obtain
ed at this office. Other articles,
such as furs, jewelry, etc., are
picked up by the janitor from
time to time in the hall and are
always saved for the owners and
they should always make inquiry
at the office.
Secretary of the Interior, Lane
has made a fine report on needed
changes in the land laws tfnd
other maters under his direct
care that should be read by the
people of the West. It is too
long and reached this office too
late for proper comment this
week, but extracts from it will
be published next issue. He
takes a bold stand on conserva
tion but it in sensible and practi
cal. The Times-Herald man receiv
ed a Christmas greeting from E.
H. Mead, the popular comedian
who has been making this ter
ritory with show people for
many years. Mr. Meade suffer
ed a stroke of paralysis about a
year ago and the last appearance
of the Margaret lies Co., in
Burns he was not one of the
familiar faces seen by play goers.
Mr. Meade is on his chicken
ranch near Coquille, Coos county,
and writes he can get around
pretty good but is no well yet.
Married On Sunday morning,
Dec. 21, in the parlors of the
French Hotel, the marriage ser
vice was read by Rev- D. K.
Laurie of Baker, pastor-evangelist
of the Presbytery of Grande
Koiide, uniting in wedlock Wm.
L. Grant and Miss Agnes Nellie
Hake, both of this place. They
were attended by Miss Jennie
Hake, sister of the bride, and
Mr. David Newman, Only a few
of the close relatives and friends
were present who made the prin
cipals realize the esteem in which
they were held by substantial
gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Grant will
be at home to their friends after
January 1 in a cosy cottage in
We do job printing.
fTonnwama tomorrow night.
Be thinking of the costume for
the masked ball to be given by
the Women of Woodcraft on Jan.
23 at Tonawama.
Expresses Satisfaction
With Currency Law
J. L. Gault, cashier of the
First National Bank, states that
he considers the changes made
in the new currency bill before
its final passage are such that it
will make the new law quite ac
ceptable and satisfactory to the
National Banks generally. It is
his belief that very few of the
National Banks will surrender
their charters when the new law
becomes operative, and he fur
ther states that whatever steps
are necessary for his institution
to continue under the new sys
tem will be taken in due season.
Mr. Gault expresses gratification
that the bill has finally been
passed and it is his opinion that
it was greatly improved and
strengthened during the closing
days of its consideration and that
it will prove beneficial to busi
ness conditions generally.
10 a. m. Sunday School.
11 a. m. Service of worship
and preaching. Special New
Year Sermon. 7.30 p. m. Evan
gelistic service.
Thursday. 7.30 p. m. Prayer
The Presbyterian choir is pre
paring a special Christmas musi-
cial service for Sunday evening,
Dec. 28. Burns people will have
the opportunity of hearing ex
cerpts from Messiah, the great
oratorio by Handel, which is sung
all over the world at this season.
Mrs. Dodge and Miss Ellis, Mrs.
Gault and Mrs. McHosewill give
numbers form this oratorio.
Organ voluntary, "Largo," Han
del. Miss Ellis.
Processional, "Hark, the Herald
Angels sing." Chorus choir.
Anthem, "There Were Shepards"
Double Quartette with soprano
solo by Mrs Farre
Scripture lesson, Dr. Benson.
Hymn. "Joy to the World,"
Offertory, ' 'Pastoraie symphony ' '
from Messiah. Mrs. Dodge,
Miss Ellis.
J Recitation. "Then Shall the Eyes
oi i lie iiiinu oe upenea.
Air. He Shall Feed His Flock,"
from Messiah. Mrs. McHose.
Air, "Come Unto Me," from
Messiah, Mrs. Gault.
Halleujah chorus, from Messiah,
Hymn-anthem, "0 Little Town
of Bethlehem," Double Quartet.
Catholic Church.
1. On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10:30 a. m.
2. On week days Holy Mass
at 6:30 a. m.
All other services, besides
those mentioned above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-c-alls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. Pius Niermann. 0. F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Mr.. Millar ha. at th. H. M. Morton sample of work of
Mrs. Florence Powelson
The l.di.i of Burn ami vicinity ar.
invited to call and them, day or
evening. Order, taken for any
character of decoration, monogram.
initial., etc.
Price, at Mill for product.:
Flour $5.50 in 5-bbl. lot or nor.
Bran $1.25 per hundred.
Rolled barley $1.25 par hundred.
Rollins barley $2.00 per ton In ton lot.
or more. Cu.toruer. in all eaee to
furniah each.
Until further notice the following Caah
Price will prevail in telling meat.:
Hog., whole or half, lie per lb.
Choice pork .teak, 1 5c. per lb.
" loin, 20c
Whole pork ahoulder 12 l-2c.
Leg of pork, ISc.
Whole or half mutton, lie.
Front quarter mutton, 10c.
Hind quarter mutton, 12 l-2c.
Choice mutton for .tew, Sc.
Mutton chop, ISc
Hind quarter beef, 13c
Front quarter beef, lie
Beef all cut at reasonable price.
The intention of the Company I at all
time to pay the beat price and aell on
cloet margin conitent with good bui
ne management.
L. H. McPhail spent Christ
mas in Burns with friends.
The Welcome Pharmacy has a
fresh supply of Vaccine. Be
sure and Vaccinate your calves.
A. A. Tipton is in the city to
spend the holidays and attend
the Masonic installations tonight.
The Harney County National
Hank of Burns will have member
ship in the new Federal Hankinif
For Sale One Sawmill com
plete, with logging Sleds and
Trucks, with or without timber,
for terms see H. M. Horton.
List ft-W.7
NATIONAL KoHKHT NoIlM Is hereby gn m
tlml t In imiils dnsrrlhrd below, umbrai'ltis; u
rtirss. within the Mulhrur Nsthinal Purest,
lilfjgOB. Will In-stil-l'-'-l ti i am) t
Iry tiiiilcr thi irmtsitiiis of (lit home-stead
lawiof ih Cntii'il HUtes an the set of Jim.
II j l!H(i CM Hist , i J) Hi lilt' I lill.'il MtsU'S IrlMi
office at Kin ns on fronts y i 1VU. An set
tlr who us ai tiiHlly mimI in good fulih lalin
Ins any of sahl lamls for agricultural purpose
prior to January , ittun, aud haa not sliaml n
ml same, hai a pruferenes ri(ht to make a
hontrttearl entrv for (ho iimH actually occu
pled. Bald land were lilted upon the appllra
lions of the person mentioned below, who
have a preference tight subject to the prior
right of any such tattler, provided ueh
saltier or applicant It jtj all fled to make
home teed entry and lht preference right
It eii'M'Isnl prior In Kchrnsry 1M, )H
on which data the land will ha subject to
settlement end entry by stir (tiallfled perior.
The lends treat follows The MKW of NW4
HtMtlon 10. T . M .11 K. W M. lOnrrrt. ap-
pllcatlon of Thomas Van and), of Hurna, Ore
gon I .lfi vft7 Approved Nov. 21. IUIB, (', M
IlltiM'K. Atlttaut ' ommlMl i ol theUen-
eral l.&ud office.
Don't miss the picture pro
grams at Tonawama.
California Woman Seriouily Alarmed.
"A short time ago I contracted
a severe cold which settled on
my lungs and caused me a great
deal of annoyance. I would have
bad coughing spells and my lungs
were so sore and inflamed I be
gan to be seriously alarmed. A
friend recommended Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, saying she
had used it for years. I bought
a bottle and it relieved my cough
the first night, and in a week I
was rid of the cold and soreness
of my lungs," writes Miss Marie
Gerber, SaWtelle, Cal. For sale
by all Dealers.
Presents, the kind
Tr-kii iirill rr T-vv-vnl
to let your friends
A magnificent dis
play of Jewelry
presents that
would please the
severest critic.
Every article is
guaranteed to be
just as represent
ed surely there is
something in that.
Think it over.
Special care has
been taken to get
the latest novelties
in Watch brace
lets, Cuff links,
Fobs, etc. Watch
this space for
You are welcome
whether you buy
or not.
My time is yours.
G. M. Salisbury
Jeweler & Opt It Ion
Open Evening! After Dec. 1 at .
msmraantimmmmt: :tmtmmutmj
Feed Barn
Horses Hoarded by the
Day, Week or Month .
Good Feed and
Reasonable prices
Horace 25c uvr Head in Hani
Haled Hay and Grain for Salv
Comfortable Camp House
With Cook Stove
South Main St., Hum.
Hearty Christmas 5retittgs
and Vtst VJSIeft
for tf llttti nr
?-tni iicm County National 13atik
of fJttrne, Srgon
The Burns Hospital
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms. Good Care and Com
fort for Patients Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
- Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Hero
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service. Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
Christmas Tree
MechaJcal Toys,
Beaten Brass Goods
Fancy Vases
Carving Sets
Come and see
Many articles not
mentioned. Store
open after supper
Gifts of the last
ing kind such
as China, Cut
Glass. Dinner
Sets. Etc.
Sleds and Wagons
Skates, Small Bore
Rifles, Doll Dinner
Sets, Cuttlery, Etc.
fletsfr kTaf oL
tal Wlm if ) 2 JXsssV1'