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The Biggest City In The Biggett
The Biggett County In The State
County In The State Of Oregon I
Of Oregon, Beat In The Weit
NO. 6
r, ..J
in Organized District in the Valley
ineteen Months Ago, Three now
'he Number. Manual Training
tnd Domestic Science Taught in
ne School. New School Houses
Has Oregon Products at-United States Land Show In Chicago
n months ago there was
fool district organized in
ralley. Today we have
47, 48 and 50.
is in the north end
lew school has recently
lit and school is in prc-
Ider the capable leader-
Mrs. Claude Richmond.
ready to give the right hand of
fellowship to new settlers.
Plans to Assist Land Seeker
In response to a request from
the secretary of the Central
Oregon Development League,
Hon. A. W. Orton, ex-register
holars are in attensance. j of the United States Land Office
1 board is composed of at Lakeview, now a resident of
loman, chairman; F. Portland, has submitted apian
and Claude Richmond for a Bureau of Information for
Munson. clerk. j Central Oregon. Briefly stated
on the west side is the Mr. Orion's plan is to establish
ssessor of a new build- the main office at Bend, with
ill cost completed about ' branches at Lakeview, Burns and
hundred dollars. The, other points throughout Central
has thirtv-four scholars ! Oregon. A field officer wouli
school is being conduct-, gather information and organize
the efficient manage- the several communities int
Miss Edith Peckley. settlers associations, boards of
traimnir ana domestic iraue, commercial ciuus anu ire
a part of the program.
tors intend to make the
t Al in every particular.
Bnce Lewis the librarian
the foundation for a
)lesome school library.
ars are W. R. Byram,
C. P. Borrowdale and
phart with C. Edwin
l clerk.
has just been carved
and 48 and have their
Ion complete. M-nooi
at Beckley in the near
th Oscar Stuart as teach-
Iboaro is Frank Clayton,
Udey and V. A. Stuart,
Jewett clerk.
khool advancement in
is in keeping with the
energy displayed bv
knu jn other lines. We
s, county roads, Tost
mail routes for the
land convenience of our
knd we always stand
like, something perhaps on tin
line of the Oregon Development
League. These associations wou'd
furnish all information concern
ing the lands in its immediate
! vicinity, and the main office
I would then be able to give the
incoming settler all information
The plan seems perfectly feas
ible, and if put into effect would
doubtless be of much value to
this entire section. Lakeview
Z ' s.
I 1 itiiimiii 1l4iVi j Ht utAttiH (tl a ii t . i .. Ma.m 11 In ,-t A.i i i t LHI I
If ii-Wi fffll m WmMbwMvflluwi
a IB r;j j'j J tiJJij i inpiki-fl H
' I I 1m& '. tfj HAfvBI hB BIa.1 I WM - VRraH nr HBtI
rKwR '3 Al'iV. .1 t. i7, , Ui ul V . S"IE ' 1 B aaB la. ..-)!
SttL&Bmba bHHHbP
Jr. xVHHMil BVUi V BrA. ai BBA m
v ktH I 1 PbT lflH bm 1
f M I I Al I fl bIJI. IJ1 - Ba W
Lb-'' imi niitiiiiiWr
I T BeiWi Mgp 0aa L sa'jIBaR DH HHs Hi I
ii mk laaa aAaaasa aUaaMStriaSaraMU ih im jia asahjw sb w awsaii ist iimWm
I I ' ilmW BV IbHi sffjBrJBHBni MmIbI ' 3 flSB ft0M,H RVflXjU ' JB 1
I I 'vflL h fl&Bi , iflB BBnyBBBj"BJ v4 UVAmmEm 'HHbI idftto- ' I 1
i - &dL JL I IbbI
LkaaHs" "" " '" ' ! ,MC,cSXaBk -
Entries Ever Assembled on Coast.
Nearly 1000 Entries and Premiums
Aggregating $15,000 Awarded.
Thousands Visit the Stock Yards
economy is to locate factories
close to the raw material, rather
than in the large cities. There
are many reas oris for this. Trans
portation charges are lessened,
and when the finished products
are consumed near the factories
these charges are saved. Sites Most Rrillianf A DAnMA.AMaa: C 1J
for location of factories are icpicacmaiivc I 1C1U
cheaper and more commodius.
Building material is more plenti-
lul. Interest on the investment.
taxi , and coat of repairs, are
inhur than on the city plants.
Labor is inure plentiful and sanli- j
tary. There is hardly a county ,
in Oregon that could not profit-
IlIlK' 'U I tl III IU L ,.11.. ..." ........ ..... '
facturing plant .
"Our resources are varied
enough to supply all our needs.
Already we are producing a little
of must
or wtar.
The Pacific International Live- field corn. There was corn of
stock Exposition flung open its every description; com on th
portals at the I'ort'and Union C0D- in row" and piles; corn on
everything that we eat Stock Yards for the third time 8rUUKS 8ome of 'hem measuring
Some of our factories I last week in its annual show. 12 eet "'" There was corn in
are wondei fully successM. Such with the most brilliant and re- "UIK- vellow corn, white .orn.
are the woolen mills, paper millK, ' presentative field of entries in all re(1 corn .an(1 several shades be
chec se factories and a number of , classes, individuals.
Cured of Livar C
"I was suffering with liver
complaint" says Iva Smith of
Point Blank, Texas, "and decided
to try a 26c box of Chamberlain's
Tablets, and am happy to aay
that I am completely cured and
can recommend them to every
one. " For sale by all Dealers.
Tonawama tomorrow night.
CtticAUO, ILL. Knit- mate Tillman. iutr tim "Burtaaa of tiiu iry VstaUag World.' 4bwu Bm 'n ugo
In' left his ho mil In lOvainnlllc. Intl., brokou In l.mli Hint silrll. un.l lin m-nl weal In ijiu-Ht of lii'Hltli Ho
not only fmiml liculili, but won wi-altb Mini fume n well. Ho loralinl In Central OrrKon niul iiloneered It
um ii i-olllMitor f Hie dry fnriiilnu variety, lis workeil WUBdf, iironK everj HiIiik In tliu hIihimi of sralna
niul wki-IhIiIi-i that aru pruducud Willi more auiilu rnlnfnll
Tills your at tin? IntiTiiatlonal Dry KiirmliiK Kxioslllon In Tulaa. Okla.. Ki-ntrr, for tliu llilnl couaevullv time.
Mwopt tin- lK)iirils In roiuuetltluu with tliu i-xlilliltH of tiw entlio North Ainrrlrun innlliuMit Ixiula W. Hill, chair
man of tba board of directum of the OroOl NorthiTii railway, Inui liiMtalled a portion of th fauiuua Houtor eahlblt
In the (.'rent Northern railway' lioirl,li at the Inllisl Statea l.aml Show, wlihh opened Nov. Juih In tho Chicago
CoIImoiiiii. Iteiiter, nieanwhlle, la too busy K'"tttliK ready for his next yenr's nop to attend the Chicago show. Ho
In out to make It four i-onaecutlve "wurld'a i'hainplinihlM" by Improving his next dry farming rongreaa exhibit
it rally Located, Good Clean
leals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
Class Bar In Connection. Give Me A Call
IrVe have oonfined our business entirely to the
(White Front where we are prepared to care
for our customers better than ever before
.led Hay and Grain for Sale at Market
jt Tl tA 1. J EA D.M Tah
rices, uooa nay in mick n.ov rm iw.
delivered in Burns, $6.50 Per Ton
Burns-Vale Stage Line
6-Hiur rkhedulf front tailrpd
Cloae Connections Made With Train Et
Cofortablc Conveyances fpr prsaepgera.
Fare, $10. Careful Attention and Prompt
Delivery of Express and Freigha Entrust
ed to Our Care. Freight 2 l-2c. Per Pound.
L J. McKinnon & Son
Graduate of University of PoMnarlvasd
of Horses,
An Excellent Feed for Cattle
It is Interacting to note the
great amount of oxperimcntinK
going on in fattening cattle. In
the International Show tho other
day a yearling steer raised by J.
D. McGregor, of Brandon, Can
aka, was awarded first prise and
weighed 1,470 pounds. This
steer never had a kernel of corn,
but was fattened on alfalfa, oats
and barley.
This is what Mr. McGregor
says concerning him:
"Glenbarnock Victor II., has
never eaten a kernel of corn.
He is a triumph of economical
feeding. Barley and oats, ground
and boiled, have comprised his
fare, with some alfalfa to give
New Grade to Catlow Valley
C. B, Tulloch, U. S. Commis
sioner and general booster for
the Catlow Valley where he re-1
sides, was in this week accom
panied ny mrs. lullocn. He re
section and the importation of
these registered animals will
help materially. The Times
Herald understands there will
be several more of this 'stock
brought in during the coming
season. With that class of stock
ports considerable activity in his! local beef breeders may secure
vicinity in the way of develoi -, top prices for their product at all
ment and had already sent The, limes
Times-Herald an account of tin
This is the first shipment of
c:ittle ever brought in on auto
trucks and as the animals came
through in good shape it is likely
others will be brought in by this
method. Several shipments of
thus the people of h(,Ks mivu bcen madK "W trucks,
may now haul good both WUVH-
schools in that section. Mr.
Tulloch informs us that the Han
ley Company has just completed
a good grade up the famous 1
Ranch hill between here and
Catlow and
that section
loads over from this section. Tin
grade is less than III per ivnl
and is much appreciated by the
him hardiness. He has never many new settlers in 1 coun
been coddled or petted, but has try.
been treaded very much as the Mr. Tullock is very much in
otber stock on my farm. He terested in the development of
has been taken care of by a 17- the country and says his politics
year-old boy. I guess he proves henceforth is proper administra
that you don't have to feed corn tion of county affair Dial will
to a steer to make him big and permit of extension work along
fat. I believe that this cham- agricultural lines for the benefll
pionship and the other prjc of the new settlers, and old i.nes
that we are winning here prove t00' for thai matter, with the
that very superior cattle can be view of Betting the vast number
produced ut the lowest feeding of acres now idle at work. Mr.
,. iii iii-n iifiu I ii iiiiiii ii i.i mi
COSt WlUlOUt COm. '...".. " ""' T? vrvlulu rl.uwt.'t n.,.... "
,,. ., . ,. . ... ,, will find all progressive citizens ' ., ... 7,77'.,
This would indicate that tMU theiaine'Dolitlc- YH' "ald ht' ! believe in
lands of Malheur and Harney, I the widest possible use of made-
the high lands, where oats and in-Oregon products, and I con-
barley grow to perfection should J Registered Bulls By Truck sj(t1. my ,njH8jon t,0 jry i0 aj
soon hecoine the greatest cattle in bringing about Oregon fact.
fattening country in America. Hubert Smith arrived home ories to supply these products.
The sale of fat exhibition cat- IW" Wl'"k fl'0 Hip to ('took ( Too niuny of our raw materials
tie in carload lots brought to the county where he purchased five are sent out of the stat to be
exhibitors some very liigh prices, nuu "' young iiereioru buna, manufactured into finished pro
The Congress Hotel, Chicago, and brought them over on a. ducts and returned to us for our
paid Eseher and Hyan, of 111, truck. Ihese bulls are all re-1 use. Ihese window sashes and
$18.iJ5. P. D. Armour paid C. B1Brea ana nne Hpecunenis. doors were grown in Oregon
C. Jackson, Iowa, $11. GO. Several i Tney W'H ')(1 two yeais old in the , forests, sent to Sears & Roebuck
lots sold f'or$10.(X) The lowest sPr'bff and Hubert secured them where they were manufactured,
lor ins own neru. it has been then returned und put into tin
proven that it is economical to building.
improve the beef herds of this "The tendency now in political
Oregon Needs Factories
For Surplus Products
"Hack of the principles, a
wider use of Oregon goods, lies
the deeper problem of securing a
larger and more varied assort
ment of made-in-Oregon articles"
said Cojood K. Hofer in address
ing the class in economics at the
Oregon Agricultural College. Mr.
Holer has just been introduced
t the class by Dean Bexell, head
of the Commercial department,
as "a man with ideas with which
was $8.70. Vale Knter-
herds and
co-operative canning factories, carload lots that has ever been
'That these should be enlarg-, assembled in. this section of the
ed and many more established in country,
many parts of Oregon, I believe ' Stock that has never known
so nrmly that I have issued a call what it is to have their colors
for manufacturers and others in- lowered in defeat on this
terested to meet at Corvallis, tinent or in the United Kingdom,
January 14-15. to consider these animals that have swept every
uueslions. A large number have thing iu the way of awards at
already assured me that they the International Livestock Show
will attend, and it is not too much at Chicago, the National Dairy
to hope that we have reached tie Show at Chicago, at state and
time when discussions and iul- district fairs without number
dresses shall give way to action." were represented in that magni-
ficent symposium of livestock
Valley View News. aristocracy.
Portland was the mecca for all
The Valley View Grange held ' livestock men last week. The
a booster met ting at the school eyes of all stockmen of the west
house Sasurday, Dec. 12th. This were focused on Portland. Near
being the last meeting of the ly 1000 entries -not sinule
year, officers for the ensuing year animals, but individual herds of
was elected: Dr. Babbidge, varying sites and on up to tar-;
Master; Henry Huntley, Over- load entries, were listed with the
seer; Annie Babbidge, Lecturer; exposition that made the value!
George Raycraft. Secty., Vanilla: run well up into millions.
Cobb. Treas. There were elew n An aggregate of $15,000 Ull
application- iormemnersmp wnn premiums were awarded. No
more to follow at the next met- exposition of its kind has ever
ing. We have a membeiship . f attempted to do to much for ita
over sixty and are continually community, for the country
adding more members to the roll, tributary to it. or for the industry
The Grange is doing a great work ,t undertakes to foster. Thous
all over our state and we are and visitm! th unrHa t uo ii..
pleased to note the farmers of world's finest on exhibition and
.. ...
our district are beginning to ap
preciate this fact. Let us not
stop the missionary work until
Valley View is "Grangerized"
from onr end to the other. The
twe 'ii. Prizes iriven bv the O-W.
R. & N. Co., and others amount
ed to $1000. Entrii a from 200
individual exhibitors were re
presented. The exhibit was judged by
Professors KenHrlur llv !,,n airl
con- , " , ' ' . " .
rrencn. oi the Oregon Agricul
tural College, after which the
entire exhibit was shipped to
Portland and displayed for a
whole week by the railroad.
In Portland, thousands were
astonished to see the corn ex
hibited in the shock, on the ears,
in the sack, in thesilo and ground
into meal- this being the pro
duct of the state of Oregon,
where all was spread out in con- v
vincing profusion. And now,
Oregon, comes into the ranks of
corn growing states.
Market Report.
Receipt" for the week have
beenCattle-1656;Calves-2!; Hog3
7402; Sheep-3903.
An exceptionally good class of
cattle were handled all week,
the feature of the latter part of
the week being a very large
number of grass cattle from
Central Oregon. Top steers went
to 8 cents.
One of the largest days for re
ceipts was Monday, when nearly
unloaded. Not
withstanding, liquidation was
prompt and tops, 1400 of them.
Fit 111, Cat. Exactly
'.'When father was sick about
six years ftg( he read an adver
tisement of Chamberlain's Tab
lets lp the pap re that fit his case
exactly," writes Miss Margaret
Campbell of Ft. Smith. Ark.
He purchased a box of them
and he has not been sick since.
My sister had stomach trouble
and was also benefited bv them."
For sale by all Dealers.
Raw Furs, Hides and Pelts Bought
I pay higkait cah priest for ali kind of Raw Furt, Hido and
Poll!. Notify ma ithor by mail or telaphona if you have any
quantity and I will coma aftar tnain. Am prepared to advance
bounty on scalps, saving you tba trouble of coming to the Clark
Office in building south Burns hotel on trot leading to
court houseold Masonic buildingBurns, Oregon
installation of officers will take
place on the second Saturday in
January. There will be an all
day session with basket lunch
at noon. This will be an open
meeting and all the farmers in
the district are urged to be pre
sent Come and hear what the
Grange is really doing for you.
The Valley View Sunday School
meets every Sunday at 2 P. M.
Thomas Raycraft has joined
the big carpenter crew at Albrit
ton. Dr. Babbidge. the alfalfa king
of Valley View has on exhibition
at his ranch the finest crop of
cardinal whiskers in the county.
He claims they were grown with
out irrigation too.
Mr. Chas. Van Zandt is build
ing an addition to his house. We
are pleased to see improvements
of this kind as it denotes pros
The residents of this section
are wondering if the members
of the Hon. County Court are
aware that Valley View is really
located in Harney county.
Mr. Joe Willnecker was a visit
or in our section last Saturday.
Joe is a royal good fellow and
we are always pleased to see him.
Valley View is going to have
one of the nnest Christmas en
tertainments in the county.
There will be a big dinner, two
big Christmas trees and a first
class program. Santa Claws will
be on deck and we hope every
child in Valley View will be out
tp greet him.
Don't worry girls, Tom is not
going to work on Christmas.
Mr. George Bryning, peddler,
junk dealer, insurance agent
and general tradesman has added
another line to his stock.- George
is a full fledged trapper and is in
the market for all kinds of hides
providing the price is rigl;t,
closed Inar Sinf nrihi v urho wn.-i .
. . . f . . -- 4UIH) head were
ai entertainment nad been pro
vided for the school children and
I i ai i. r ntan Un aasjaai a- a .-. 1 iL
"-""? 7 wiinewwi Wentat8ciintutehpricere
awarding of the prise cups. ,mained Bt8ndard for thc ,veek.
That the Northwest has become Outlook steady,
the rival of the "corn states"! Sheep continue strong, both is
lias been demonstrated by the to numbers and price. Sales
first Corn Show held at Pendle- have been brisk. Outlook con
ton, a week ago last Friday. The'tinues firm. The lamb market
people of Umatilla
their first view of
County had
real Oregon
is very steady with an extreme
price at $6. 25 for tops.
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
.Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
i ai ly iiinc ourns anu i ran ic i uv
Canyon City
Prairie City
Hurnn 6am
Canyon City 7m
Prairie City 2:30 pm
Canyon City Tpm lim n-.
Fare, Iturns-Prairie City,
Round Trip,
Express Rates 2 1-2 Cents, Irairie to Runts
KM v in
III a in
IL' nun n
$ 6.00
A. ft- Ritthardson asks a chance
Ul figure on your winter supply
of goods. Will meet prices of
any outside house. Give him
your order and get his prices be
fore purchasing.
The Welcome Pharmacy
Haa some of the fineat holi
day goods to aelect from....
Hand Painted China
Cut' Glass, Toilet Sets
Kodaks, Pictures, Toys
Appropriate Gifta for old
and young and at pricea to
auit your purse. You are in
vited to come in and aee our
diaplay. No trouble to ahow
You are Welcome