The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 13, 1913, Image 3

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it Circulation Of Any
r In Harney County.
cl News.
ia tonight
ey was a visitor to the
Itmas trees may be so
ke Sweek home.
rters for Santa Glaus.
Dalton & Co. 4
prison waa over from
luring the week on
d visiting his family.
of dray work and
work withateam B.
one your orders to
tt and wife and Hoy
in the city the fore
Us week attending to
nupin, at one time a
this section, but now
is here for medical
lociti.r li'til Vila mil'1
ikiiii, huu ma jon
a horse falling with
F. Hissner left Sun
of Bend for outside
went to Seattle but
Ir expects to go out
next week to join
will go to southern
r the winter.
111 Mill
be the deciding factor
end deposit with the
Of Burns
Harney County Warrants
ere worth 100 cents on the
dollar at our bank and we
will pay that amount for
Heathcote, Presby-
ker located at Drew-
jsiness visitor to this
the week. Mr-
Has a large territory
Dm that point and
ttple kindly disposed
bm the frmce ot
rill furnish enter-
the people of Burns
on Dec. 23. The
and choruses, ap-
ostumed with some
ery, together with
will give a most en-
ling and one well
ipter, No. 40, 0. E.
lie following officers
keeting to serve for
year: Mrs. J. M.
M. ; C. M. Faulkner,
W. A. Gowan, As-
Mrs. G. A. Smyth,
Mrs. Allen Jones,
jnductress; Miss
ttson, Secretary ; Mrs.
Treasurer. .
innell and family
be last Sunday even-
l taken up their abode
)aker residence for
Mr. McConnell is
low checking up the
Br of Silvies River,
his interests in the
scheme he is work
ver the entire Val-
IcConnell and the
all enjoying good
to be back among
Tonawama tonight
We do job printing.
Herman Ruh and wife were in
the city Thursday from their
home near Lawen.
Eastman's Kodaks and East
man's Kodak supplies at The
Welcome Pharmacy.
. . N
Dr. Griffith performed an
operation on Henry Keiaenbeck
at the Cummins hospital Wed
nesday for hernia. The patient
is doing well at the hospital.
I. S. Tyler was up from Sun-
et Wednesday and toid ine
Times-Herald man there is going
to be a dance at the Sunset
school house on Christmas Eve.,
Dec. 24.
A. K. Richardson asks a chance
to figure on your winter supply
of goods. Will meet prices of
any outside house. Give him
your order and get his prices be
fore purchasing.
The date of producing the
music of "The Prince of Pillsen."
the benefit entertainment for the
library, has been set for Dec. 23.
It is one of the most delightful
entertainments ever attempted
in Burns and one that every one
should witness.
Henry Trowbridge and E. S.
Harrison, two substantial stock
men of the Izee section, are here
looking after some stock that
had strayed over from that sec
tion. Henry has been Kept Dusy
greeting his many old time
o-f old Object
ve two objects in view in this advertise-
first is to inform you that this store is teem-
full stock of fall goods in every line of
lise that belongs to this business and to
aation so interesting that you may be indue
up the iten; that engage you most.
ther object is to plant the germ of conf i-
ur heart of hearts, confidence in this store
ingnc.s to serve you fairly, even generous-
no question of its ability. Fall styles in
have no more thorough nor lavish ex
our show room and counters, at your
and get our prices on any foods you
fore sending off or buying elsewhere.
rare with you on your winter supplies.
leral Merchandise -
luilding, -
Burns, Oregon
Adam George is in town.
J. P. Withers is down from
Sauer kraut at Lunaburg,
Dalton & Co.
Bert Dunten was over from
Drewsey during th week.
W. H. Morrison and Chas.
Roper were down from Harney
Mrs. John Schenk will give
lessons in Irish Crochet every
Thursday afternoon at her home
in Burns. 4
A. T. Raycraf t Was up from
Valley View yesterday attending
to some land matters and look
ing after other business.
Early Christmas shoppers
should inspect the big lot of use
ful and beautiful presents now
to be seen at Lunaberg, Dalton
&Co. 4
Dr. C. C. Griffith arrived home
last Sunday evening from the
Willamette Valley where he was
called on account of the death of
his father.
Delos Gould and family took
their departure Tuesday morning
for Dayton, Washington where
they will again take up their re
sidence. Mrs. Gould's health
was not good here and they de
cided to return to their former
home after an extended visit
with relatives and friends.
C. A. McMahan was over from
the Drewsey section yesterday
renewing acquaintances and call
ing on old friends. Mac. has
been farming in that section but
contemplates returning to his
farm in this Valley next season.
He was accompanied over by his
nephew, J. W. McMahan, of
Iowa, who is out on a visit and
wanted to see the big Harney
The ladies of the Library Club
have established a reputation for
putting on the best entertain
ments ever in Bums and the one
to be produced on Dec. 23, of a
musical character using the
principal solos and choruses from
"The Prince of Pillsen." will
prove no exception to past efforts.
In fact it is going to be one of
the most enjoyable ever under
taken by the ladies.
A telephone message was re
ceived Thursday stating that T.
F. Dunten was dying and it was
doubtful if he would survive 24
hours. last August while at his
home in Bear Valley he fell and
broke his neck. He has been in
a precarious condition ever since
although for a time it seemed
that he might survive. Some
time ago he was taken to Pendle
ton where he is at this time.
Blue Mt. Eagle.
Miss Clare Swain took her de
parture last Sunday by way of
Bend for a few weeks visit at
outside points. She spends a
week in Portland with Mrs, Julian
Byrd and children and will go to
Dallas to be present at the marri
age of her cousin, MisB Hallie
Coad on the 19th later going to
Wallowa where she will spend
the Christmas vacation with her
sister, Miss Bessie Swain, who is
teaching there, returning home
about the first of the year.
We do job printing.
Tonawama tomorrow night.
Pat Donegan is again in town
renewing acquaintances.
H. J. Jokisch of the Harriman
high school is in the city.
Butterick patterns at Luna
burg, Dalton & Co. 52tf.
Wm. A. Catterson waa in the
city this week on business.
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundrv. 4tf.
Mrs. Marsden and George were
over from Bear Valley this week.
Volney Officer waB over from
his Grant county home during
the week.
The usual big dance on Christ
mas night at Tonawama. Fine
The Welcome Pharmacy has a
fresh supply of Vaccine. Be
Bure and Vaccinate your calves.
Gail Barnes and wife leave to
day for an extended visit with
relatives and friends in Crook
Mrs. Robt. Irving was over
from her home near Harney
during the week, the guest of
relatives and friends.
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
for Bpecial attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Eyes
tested and glasses fitted. 50tf.
Gus Hard well left yesterday
morning for Voltage were he
goes for a visit with his sinter,
Miss Jessie, who is teaching in
that district
C. F. McKinney has gone to
Portland on business and may be
accompanied home by Mrs. Pur
ington and her daughter, Miss
Helen, for the Christmas holiday
The Clay Clemens sawmill is
now at its new location and jb
prepared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
lumber; buck teeth and any
special order given prompt at
tention. 32.
Rev. E. Benson, the new Pres
byterian minister who takes
charge of the chirch here, arrived
from Portland Thursday evening
and has been getting acquainted
with the people of Hums. He
is a very pleasant gentleman.
Clyde Weittenhiller left Mon
day for Spokane where he joins
his brother for the winter. His
father. P. S. Weittenhiller, who
with his associates has cleared
and gotten ready for seeding a
vast amount of land during the
past season, will also leave in
the near future to be absent all
A. E. Murphy and family have
gone to Seattle to spend the
Miss Cowgill will start a class
in dancing lessons immediately
after the holidays.
A fine display of suitable
Christmas gifts may be found at
Lunaberg, Dalton & Co.
Mrs. Alvin Hurlburt was the
guest of relatives and friends in
this city during the week.
Clean seed barley, the six row
ed variety, raised on new ground
and entirely free from other
seed, 1 cents per lb. Vic.
Gibson, Burns.
Trespassing of any nature on
mv farm at Dog Mountain is
strictly forbidden and will be pro
secuted to the full extent of the
law. - E N. NELSON. 3-5
The manager of this great re
ligious weekly wants the good
services of those who have an
influence with the weather man
to have the threatened snow
storm postponed until late next
week at least, as he hopes to have
his "flock" in from Portland by
next Wednesday.
Mrs. Wm. Bennett was down
from her Silvies Valley home this
week visiting her new grandson
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Mellie Parker, and also her sons,
two of whom are in the high
school, another in the N. Brown
& Sons mercantile store and
Robt. on the farm up the river.
Don't miss the picture pro
grams at Tonawama.
California Woman Alarmed.
"A short time ago I contracted
a severe cold which settled on
my lungs and caused me a great
deal of annoyance. I Would have
bad coughing spells and my lungs
were so sore and inflamed I be
gan to be seriously nlnrmed. A
friend recommended Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, Baying she
had used it for years. I bought
a bottle and it relieved my cough
the first night, and in a week I
was rid of the cold and soreness
of my lungs," Writes Miss Marie
Gcrber. SaWtelle, Cal. For sale
by all Dealers.
Cured of Liver Complaint.
"I was suffering with liver
complaint" says Iva Smith of
Point Blank, Texas, "and decided
to try a 25c box of Chamberlain's
Tablets, and am happy to say
that I am completely cured and
can recommend them to every
one. ror sale Dy an Dealers.
W. J. Pinney, the Ontario re
presentative of the Colonization
Co,, has been here this week in
company with Messrs. Ballard
and Reeves. They were taken
out over a portion of the Valley
yesterday by Frank Johnson who
took (hem on to Juntura on their
way out
P. H. Aitkins, a man who was
at work for Road Master Vander
pool on the road, has his leg
broken last Monday by the bank
of a gravel pit in which he was
working caving in on him. Dr.
Griffith reduced the fracture and
the patient is doing quite well at
the French hotel.
Judge C. A. Sweek of Burns
left here this week for his home
with a four-horee load of fruit.
Mr. Sweek says that is the first
time in ten years that he has
hauled fruit out of the John Day
valley. It will be but a few years,
he says, when Harney county
will produce all of the fruit that
it consumes. Blue Mt. Eagle.
The Public Library benefit en
tertainment, the most popular
and catchy solos and choruses
from "The Prince of Pillsen,"
interspersed with specialties,
will be .staged at Tonawama on
the evening of Dec. 23. The
ladies of the Library Club are
putting forth great effort in ar
ranging this entertainment and
it promises one of the finest
musical programs ever under
taken in Burns.
Dr. Harrison was in to see us
during his visit yesterday and
informs The Times-Herald that
Floyd Easterday, an employe on
the big irrigation ditch being
constructed over there by J. E.
Johnson & Sons, met with a very
serious accident on Wednesday
by the premature explosion of a
dynamite blast His fore arm
was badly burned and the same
arm broken in three places above
the elbow. He is doing quite
well at this time, but is bo badly
injured that it will take a long
time to recover. Dr. Harrison
also stated that Dan Death waa
returning with him to Drewsey
to undergo an operation for the
removal of a prostate gland.
The doctor says Drewsey is lively
and building up quite rapidly.
Mr.. Millar ha. at ma H. M. Hortoa
residence aaraplea of work of
Mrs. Florence Powelaon
The ladiee of Burn, ami vicinity axe
invited to call and aaa them, day or
;' evening. Order, taken for any
character of decoration,
initial, ate
Teacher' Examination.
Nun. ia hereby glveo that the Count
Superintendent l Hartley County "Ore
gon, will hold the regular axaaiiuatiou
ol applicant fur Htate certificate at
llui ii", a follew: Commencing Wetl
nradnv, I'ci imhIht 17, 1913, at 9 o'clock
a. in , and coutlnuing until Saturday, tO, 1913, at 4 o'clock p. in.,
also at H. nlo, Oregon, on mm date.
Wedueeiiay forenoon Writing, U. K.
Ilialoiy, l'liyxlology ; afternoon Phys
ical tleography, Heading, OompotlUon,
Method in Heading, Mcllind in Aritb
n elio.
Thursday forenoou Arithmetic, III.
tory of Kduration. IVyclmlogy, Math
od in tleography ; afternoon- CJ ram
mer, (Inugraphy, American Literature,
I'hyaic, Method in Language
Friday forenoon Theory and Prac
tice, Orthography, Kngllah l.iieraiure,
I'heti'li'ry ; aflernoon School I-aw,
(ieology, Algebra, Civil Government
Saturday forenoon (inn ra' History,
L. M. Hamilton,
County Superintendent.
Price, at Mill for product!
Flour S. 50 in S-bbl. lot or more.
Bran $1.25 per hundred.
Rolled barley S1.25 par hundred.
Rolling barley $2.00 per ton ia ton lota
or more. Cuatomer in all eaee to
furnlah aacka.
Until further notice the following Caah
Price will prevail in aellinfl meat.:
Hog, whole or half, lie per lb.
Choice poik .teak.. ISc par lb.
" " loin, 20c.
Whole pork .houlder 12 1 .2c.
Lag of pork, ISc
Whole or half mutton, tic
Front quarter mutton, 10c
Hind quarter mutton, 12 l-2c.
Choice mutton for tew, Be.
Mutton chop, 15c.
Hind quarter beef, 13c
Front quarter beef, lie
Beef all cut at reasonable price.
Tha intention of the Company la at all
time to pay the heal price and U oa
clo.e.t margin con.i.tenl with good bu.l
ne management.
Feed Barn
H. ELLIOTT, .'top.
Horses Boarded by the
Day, Week or Month
Good Feed and
Reasonable prices
Hone 26c per Head In Barn
Haled Hay and Grain for Bale
Comfortable Camp House
With Cook Stove
South Main St.. Burn
Presents, the kind
you will be proud
to let your friends
A magnificent dis
play of Jewelry
presents that
would please the
severest critic.
BJ . "
Jjvery article is
guaranteed to be
just as represent
ed surely there is
something in that.
Think it over.
Special care has
been taken to get
the latest novelties
in Watch brace
lets, Cuif links,
Fobs, etc. Watch
this space for
You are welcome
whether you buy
or not.
My time is yours.
G. M. Salisbury
Jeweler & Optftton
Open Evenings After Dec 1st.
Hurna, Oregon, N oven, tor 14, Ivl .
Noll e la hereb) g,n; u (hat Thouiaa H. gleveue,
f I'r.tii ton, Oregon, who. on Hay V,
ll.ntireiead Kntiff No. 80M. Herlal No ivj.'.;, (or
wNWi, Sac. S3 and EjNK, Htx'tlui. SI,
ToWhiutp jfi S . Range M K . Willamette
Mr rl. Han. haa Sled imt Ire of Intention to n ake
final ttve-aar Proof, tu estaM.h claim to
tha land above ) rtbert, before HegUter-ind
Keretver, at Rurui, Oregon, on the VClnd day of
Oerenilter, 1V1M.
Claimant mmvi wltueeeee:
Karl lloratinami, Henry N. Mcaatirr.rhanuey
W Hlevene. Mat hew Davlee all of Prlueetoi.,
Wm. K-Hna. Kegliter.
Burnt, Oregon, November U, nl3 (
Notice la hereby given that t'haurcy Q
tevena.of Princeton, Oregon, who. on May ,
IWU7, made llomeatrad Kntry No. 3oiM, Herlal
So uaflrt, for WUMVYU, Bc. M'4 and K'.MK',.
See Sl.Towiiihlpfc H Mange .M K , W Ilia no 1 1
Meridian, haa filed nut Ice of I u tent ion
to make Dual five-year proof, to eatabltae
i laltn to the land alHve deat rlbed, before Ken
later and Haeelver. at hitrna, Oregon, M tbt
UuH day of m ember. IDIS.
Claimant natnea aa wltuaaaaa:
Karl Iloratmann Henry J. Meaaner, Thoe. H,
Havana, Malhew Davlaa alio! Princeton, Ore
gon Wm. K anus:, KtfUttr.
Met 6-W.7
NATIONAL KiHtKHl Noil.e la hereby given
that the landa deaorlbed below, embracing ti
acres, within tha Malheur National,
Oregon, will be subject to aeuleinenl ainl in
try tinder, the provlalona of the honwaeiid
lawanf tha United HUtea and (ha act of etuue
II. MO (84Hiat . i II, at the United Htalaa land
office at Burnt ou Kebruay In, iui Auy aei
tlar who waa actually and In faith claim
ing auy of aald landa for agricultural t.urt'Oe
nor in January i. ivun, ana nm itui anami n
ed fame, haa a preference right to inak
lit ry IO
Haiti landa were Hated uiun Ou- atipll
for tha landa atlu llv occ u
Itomcaiead eu
Hie. I.
thou of the peraoua mentioned below, who
navea preference rignt aniijert to " pri
r I glit of auy auou aetller, privMed au h
eeiller or applicant la '.ualltleil to mate
borne tend eudy ana ibe prefeieuce right
i- egerttaed prior to February 1H, i :i
on whloh da'a the landa will i.e aubjact to
autileuieut aud entry by any qualified perioi-.
1 be lauda are aa follewa: The hi ' ,,f s,4
Hettlon 10. T JOH.. It M K W.M, eDacrra.ap
plication oi Thomaa Van Zaudt, of Hurna, Orc-
6 on; Lialft-fST Approved Nov. Jl. ivi, f M
RI'CK, AaalaUul t oinmlaaloner ol iheUen
eral Land ofava.
tiHiTD titu i.ahi urriv
Burn, Orefeu, Muveuiiei In. mi
Null.' I. aivvii tbat in l.n.k. l.uir,
uroitiar aud b.irof Mylv.uii. l.urr, devvMrl,
ul Lawau, ureaou, who. oa Mar ."i, IW7. utadv
lluaiaatead Klltry No. Illv, Herlal Willi, fur
NWH, aeclluiitt. Tuwualilu 'it It.. Kaunt..
Wlllaiuall Meridian, lia. Hint DM lev of In
UuliuU tu na! Qv aar Vwol, u
I'laim tu the land above
bufure Hallr and Haralvar, at lluru. Orrgon
on tha JfllTi day of lleiviauer, ll
I'laliu.nt nam, aa wttna.ava.
lamal H Trier, of buma, ureaou. Ilinmaii
Hub, Oliver H. I'obb, tleotf M. tlubb, all of
l..vtu, Oreou,
We ReflXvr
tlNITIU HT.TB. l.,kli Drill . I
Hurna, Dragon, November ii, lull i
Notlee I b.r.hy alvao that IdaWbltlu. lor-
murlr Ida Turner, of Hum., tiregon, who, ou
March 4. 1INJ7. made llomaatead Kmri No itMi.
Herlal No. tMIM, ful HR1 Hoi'llon Do. fiiw.blu JB
., HailfaaulC , Willamette Merldlau, h.a tllod
nulhio of luleutluu to make Klnal rive-year
Drool, to aatabllah claim to the land abovi de
ai'rlbed, liatore Helaler and Heoiitver, at Hurna,
Dreaon.on the 6th day of iauuary, 1UU.
Claimant name aa wltnwaaf.
Uure K Wbltluf, Krauk T w l.liiu. rrank
Haker, frank O. Jarkauu. all of Hum, Dratou
We FAaal, Krelatar
of anything more acceptable
as a
showing a deposit for your child?
Even YOU, as a husband, could
be proud indeed of such a gift
for your wife.
Wouldn't she appreciate it?
Then as a gift to your child it will
bear with it one of the best lessons
you could teach that of Saving,
Carefulness and much else that
tends toward success.
Harney County National Bank
"Year Home Inatltution"
The Burns Hospital
Rest Surgical Room and Equipment
la the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms. Good Care and Com
fort for PatientsReasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
- Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Hkands Hero
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
OROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
IV4.aaf SB. aVaVw ' K . - l m
ZSE isBgn - S ? anigR Ht-bL"y - sC fjKrt
Ti-iVjlHBW 'JHkW ClaraaW jaBBaT ' J
0T' iSI JgA
We have the greatest display
of Earm Implements ever in
this section and prepared to
care for your needs. Plows
Harrows, Seeders. Wagons.
etc.,J Extras for machinery,
repair parts for vehicles, etc.
Pumps, gas engines
ammunition, paints
dishes, glassware
crockery, windows
doors, rootling and
builders' supplies
complete in all lines
Blue Ribbon Wire Fencing
In quantity any heigh th desired
,.... --;-