The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 06, 1913, Image 3

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CirruUlion Of Any
Harney County.
CCMBER i. 113
El N ews.
ions was in from
Its was in from his
ne Thursday.
is been over from
for a few days.
for Santa Clans.
Dalton & Co. 4
of Follyfarm, was
the French Wed-
tr Kesterson was in
week looking after
Blew who has been
a severe attack of
lis reported improv-
of dray work and
vork with a team B.
Phone your orders to
will now have to
traps or shoot jack
the cold weather
Rhe birds to migrate.
ly has purchased 160
id from Ray Dickin-
kdjoining some of his
near the experiment
school students don't
halves. That bene-
(Tonawama last night
sllow student Cecil
worth while and
they can do when
be the deciding factor
end deposit with the
Of Burns
Harney County Warranto
ere worth 100 cents on the
dollar et our bank and we
will pay that amount for
ask Contractor Wol-1
I get the mail in just
hours earlier, if you'
is rather inconven-
khe stores closing at
good loafing place
ail is distributed.
lount of clearing,
fencing and other im-
been conducted
ithe valley this fall
favorable conditions
there will be con-
rw ground seeded.
nee of Pillsen" the
beinsr rehearsed by
i for a library benefit.
one most enjoyable
Ints ever produced in
Brute date has not
kut it will be given
st after holiday week.
Sutton of the public
Shirk of the high
left Thanksgiving
Portland, returned
hning. They had a
Hp, spending 36 hours
and the rest of the
kken up in going and
hey broke the car just
in town on a lower
Bitating help to get
Tonawama tonight
Alva Springer was in town
Local business houses are all
getting their Christmas goods
out on display.
A fine display of suitable
Christmas gifts may be found at
Lunaberg, Dalton & Co.
Among our visitors from Lawen
Wednesday were Ralph Catter
son. Henry Keisenbeck and
Price Cochran.
The cooler weather having
frozen the ground to some ex
tent has stopped fanning opera
tions for the present
Clean seed barley, the six row
ed variety, raised on new ground
and entirely free from other
seed, 1J cento per lb. - Vic.
Gibson, Burns.
W. D. Huffman was over from
his home near Andrews during
the week looking after business
affairs and visiting with his
many friends.
Wanted Plain and small
childrens' sewing. Infant cloth
ing a specialty Mrs. S. Whiting,
Burns. Mfc
The boys are sharpening up
their skates while dad is trying
to figure how he can get his sup
ply of ice put up cheaper than
last year.
A. E. Murphy was in the city
this week.
J. C. Turney is back from a
trip to Boise.
Archie Gibson is up from his
home near the lake.
Elbert George and Henry Otley
were in town yesterday.
W. R. Garrett made proof on
his homestead Thursday.
Carrol Cecil and his son Pat
are over from Silver Creek.
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Laundry. 4tf.
E. J. Catlow and P. L. Allen
were in from Oroville this week
M. S. Davies, the prominent
Princeton stockman, is in the
Eastman's Kodaks and East
man's Kodak supplies at The
Welcome Pharmacy.
J. F. Mahon was in town
R. J. Williams is over from
Silver Creek.
Fred Otley was in the city
yesterday from Ijawen.
J. T. Barnes was in the city
during the week visiting relatives
and friendB.
An opal pin was lost either at
Tonawama or on the street last
night, finder please return to
Mrs. James Lampshire.
Early Christmas shoppers
should inspect the big lot of use
ful and beautiful presents now
to be seen at Lunaberg, Dalton
A Co. 4
The Clay Clemens sawmill is
now at its new location and is
prepared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
lumber; buck teeth and any
special order given prompt at
tention. 32.
The trucks and autos report the
road between here and Bend in
fine shape and if there isn't
another storm soon the road will
be solid for all winter, the only
thing to prevent travel would
then be the depth of snow which
is never very deep over that
Two-fold Object
lis Advertisement
fe have two objects in view in thia adVertise-
the first is to inform you that this store is teem-
a full stock of fall goods in every line of
tndise that belongs to this business, and to
formation so interesting that you may be induc-
k up the items that engage you moat.
r other object is to plant the germ of conf i-
lin your heart of hearts, confidence in this store
willingness to serve you fairly, even generous-
re is no question of its ability. Fall styles in
indise have no more thorough nor lavish ex-
than our show room and counters, at your
sure and get our prices on any goods you
before sending off or buying elsewhere.
us figure with you on your winter supplies.
General Merchandise -
nlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
Ben Mutter was in from Silver
Creek Thursday assisting W. It.
Garrett in making proof.
See "Bunny" at the pictures
tonight at Tonawama. Also one
of those popular Indian pictures.
A. H. Curry, the Harriman
Andrew stage contractor, was in
the city this week looking after
C. A. Harlan and wife have
moved into the new part of the
J. R. Gould residence recently
Mrs. John Schenk will give
lessons in Irish Crochet every
Thursday afternoon at her home
in Burns. 4
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
for special attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Eyes
tested and glasses fitted. 50tf.
Judge and Mrs. H. C. Levens
have taken apartments at the
French hotel for the winter
where they will be at home to
their many friends.
.-- ....a-,J . N
iicu i 'uwiiiuiu wan over irom
his farm home on Calamity dur
ing the week. He purchased
four Holstein cows from the
Harney County National Bank
herd while here and these will
form the nucleus of a fine dairy
herd of stock which he will build
up in the immediate future.
Four members of the state
game and fish commission have
resigned and Gov. West has de
clared the commission out of ex
istence as it requires a full board
to do business. Every warden
and employe of the commission
is out of a job until a new board
is appointed and placed on a bet
ter business basis.
Isaac Foster was in the city1
from his Silver Creek home
yesterday. The Times-Herald
was sorry to learn from Mr.
Foster that his son Frank would
have to quit school in The Dalles
on account of threatened lung
trouble. Frank will leave this
week in company with his mother
and grandmo her for Arizona
where he will spend the winter.
It is confidently expected by his
physician that there will be no
lasting or serious consequences
from his present trouble and a
few months in the right climate
in the open will completely re
store his health.
Mrs. J. C. Sevcik and little
sons and Mrs. Ira Mahon took
their departure Thursday morn
ing by way of Bend, the former
to her home in Spokane after a
nice visit with her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. John Robinson and
many friends, the latter to Port
land where she will spend the
holiday period with her parents.
Ira has gone to California with
his father on business and plea
sure and will return by way of
Portland where he will join his
Thomas E. Deegan, late of
Moscow, Idaho, arrived here the
fore part of this week and has
decided to remain permanently.
Mr Deegan has been connected
with some big real estate con
cerns in the nast and is a man of
energy who believes in making
things move. Later.!. M. Thomp
son of Mosvow, who has re
presented the Oregon & West
ern Colonization Co., for a time
and has made several trips into
this territory, arrivied here with
the intention of also taking up
his residence in Burns. Messrs.
Thompson and Deegan were for
merly associated together and
may resume that relationship in
business in this city, although
nothing definite has been an
nounced as to that. Both are
live men and will stimulate real
estate business here should they
get actively in the work.
Tin Gibson is over from Silver
Paul Plume is spending a few
days in the city.
Butterick patterns at Luna
burg, Dalton & Co. 62tf.
W. R. Dawson was among our
visitors from Sunset during the
Born Yesterday morning,
Dec. 5, to Mr. and Mrs. Mellie
Parker, a son.
Albert Oakerman and wife
were in the city this week from
their home on Silver Creek.
The Welcome Pharmacy has a
fresh Bupply of Vaccine. Be
sure and Vaccinate your calves.
P. A. Worthington arrived here
from Portland Wednesday even
ing on some real (state business.
Anyone wanting good solid
winter cabbage can get it from
Frank King at 2 cents per pound
delivered at Burns.
Don't miss the picture
grams at Tonawama.
California Woman Sarlouely Alarmed.
"A short time ago I contracted
a severe cold which settled on
my lungs and caused me a great
deal of annoyance. I would have
bad coughing sprllH and my lungs
were so sore and inflamed I be
gan to be seriously alarmed. A
friend recommended Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, naying she
had used it for years. I bought
a bottle and it relieved my cough
the first night, and in a week I
was rid of the cold and soreness
of my lungs," writes Miss Marie
Gerber, SaW telle, Cal. For sale
by all Dealers.
W. S. and Pete Haley were up
from their home Thursday hav
ing some work done on their
Trespassing of any nature on
my farm at Dog Mountain is
strictly forbidden and will be pro
secuted to the full extent of the
law. -E. N. NELSON. 8-5
A pure bred Poland China
brood sow strayed from my Sage
Hen ranch recently. The only
mark she has is a dog bite in her
ham. A suitable reward for her
recovery. -H. P. Witter. 8-4
Frank Johnson of the Oregon
& Western Colonization Co. ar
rived here from Crook county
the fore part of the week. He
was accompanied by J. Mclnnis,
a timber man of Spokane, who
had been looking over the timber
holdings of the Company in Crook
county and decided to come on
over and see the Big Harney
county. After looking after some
business matters here Frank will
return to Prineville where he will
spend the winter.
State Tax to be High.
Benefit Dance Last Night
Last night the high school
students gave a benefit dance for
Cecil Bennet, the boy who had
his leg broken at the Thanks
giving football game, and it was
one of thejri most successful
affairs ever attempted in Burns.
As a result the young man is
something like $75 to the good in
his bank account today. The hall
and fuel were contributed by
Tonawama management; the
lights by the Light Company,
floor wax by the Welcome Phar
macy, printing by The Times
Herald, the high school students
the janitor work. The following
all contributed their services to
ward the music for the occasien:
Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Curtis Smith,
Miss Swearinger, Homer and
Clifford Reed, C A. Harlan, Alex
Kggleston, Donald Jokisch.
The young ladies of the high
school served a luncheon of sand
wiches, cake and cocoa. This
was als turned over to the benefit
fund the only expense being
some sugar and cocoa. The
boys in the check room where
wraps were cared for, gave half
of their earnings to the cause.
Those in charge of the affair
desire to extend their thanks to
the many friends who assisted
in making it a success.
Teachers' Examination.
Not Ire ia hereby kivcii Unit I In- County
KtiH-iiiiiriiilnnl ul lliu 1117 County, Ore
gon, will hold lliu regular examination
of applicant for Htate vurtinYatea at
Hurn, an (ullowa : Couiliiciiclng Wnl
urailuv, 1 ViriulitT 17, ll'lii, at U o'clock
a. in., and continuing until Saturday,
December HO, 1013, at 4 o'clock p. in.,
alao at I), niu, Oregon, on siumi dales.
Wednesday forenoon Writing, U. 8.
lliftory, riiyniology ; afternoon Phys
ical (ieograpliy, Heading, Oompniition,
Muthoda in Heading, Mrllioda in Arltli
ii utio.
Thursday foionoon- Arithuic'lf, Mm
tory ol Education, 1'ayclioloy, Muth
oda in (Ieograpliy; alteruoon-U rum
mer, Ooograpliy, Anieiumi Literal lire,
I'hyalci, Methods in Langouge
Friday forenoon Theory and Prac
tice, Orthography, English Literature,
Chemistry; afternoon School Law,
(ieology, Algobr.i, Civil Uoverniiient.
Haturday forenoon General History,
L. M Hamilton,
County Superintendent.
County Court has been in ses
sion for a day or two, the busi
ness that brought the court to
gether being the tax levy for the
coming year but they had not
made any up to this morning.
The court must wait until the
State Tax Commission has made
a report and this had not been
received this morning.
According to newspaper re
ports the state levy will be at
least 5 mills, much larger than
it has been for some time. With
the necessary levy to take care
of the county affairs, road,
school, high school, etc. it Jis
going to be a higher levy this
J year than in the past
Water Users Take Notice.
There will be a meeting of the
Silvies River Waters Users' Asso
ciation at the Masonic Hall on
next Monday, Dec. 8, at 1 o'clock
p. in- It is very necessary that
all be present as matters of par
ticular importance will be taken
up respecting the adjudication of
the water as now pending before
the State Board. Be present
Prices at Mill for preducts:
Flour 5.50 in S-bbl. loU or mora.
Bran $1.25 per hundred.
Rolled barley $1.25 per hundred.
Rolling barley $2.00 per ton in ton lota
or more. Customers in all oases to
furnish sacks.
Until further notice the following Cash
Prices will prevail In selling maetM
Hogs, whole or half lie per lb.
Choice pork steaks, ISc per lb.
" " loin, 20c
Whole pork shoulder 12 l-2c.
Leg of pork, ISe.
Whole or helf mutton, lie.
Front quarter mutton, 10c.
Hind quarter mutton, 12 l-2c.
Choice mutton for stew, 8c.
Mutton chops, ISc.
Hind quarter beef, 13c.
Front quarter beef, lie.
Beef all cuts at reasonable prices.
The intention of the Company is at all
tunas to pay the best prices and sell on
closast margin consistent with good busi
ness management.
Feed Barn
Horse h Boarded by the
Day, Week or Month
Good Feed and
Reasonable prices
Horace 26c per Head in Barn.
Baled Hay and Unlit for Hale
Comfortable Camp House
With Cook Stove
Mouth Main St., Buraa
Presents, the kind
you will be proud
to let your friends
A magnificent dis
play of Jewelry
presents that
would please the
severest critic.
Every article is
guaranteed to be
just as represent
ed surely there is
something in that.
Think it over.
Special care has
been taken to get
the latest novelties
in Watch brace
lets, Cuff links,
Fobs, etc. Watch
this space for
You are welcome
whether you buy
or not.
My time is yours.
C. M. Salisbury
Jeweler & Optltlon
Open Evening After Dec. 1 at.
Win up, Oregon, November 14, IVla
Soll'-s Is hereby slveu that Thomas H Hleveua
of Pitiicf-too. Oregon, who.on Ma) . ho, m.i!.
II iiiralra,) Knlijr No 30V3. Herlal No o.'i.T. lor
W,NW, Mil- h anil K'.NK',. Hoi lion si,
Ti'Wlishli St H , Kanee U 1 . Willaiiii'tlr
Meridian, haa nlel notice of lndanllun to rr ale
final lee-year I'iooi, to eelatill'h Halm o
id. I. ml above deeirtbctl, before Heal. ter and
Hecelvsr, st Burn, Oregon, mi the .".'mi day of
llecember, IVla.
t'lslmsut names a. witnesses:
Karl loretinaiin. Henry N, Meaaner, chance)
ii. "loci, a. Matbe Havlea all of 1'ilmeton,
Wu, Heglater.
IMlal. HTATKr. UM'llrPl. H,
Hums, Oregon, November M, IVla i
Notice is berch given thai t'lieurt'jr 0
" I'riin elou, Oregon, who, ou May y.
IVU7, u.a Hnim.tinil Kittry No. .UhM, Herlal
No tmU, for WUHVV'i. her. I, ami KhKl4.
Her !..,Towiiihl. ? I . lUnge.U K , W 1 1 tr
Mertdtau. ha. til. il notice of Intention
to wake final rl- m proof, to cut t. Ml...
claim to tbe lanil ahovt ileicr Intnl. in-fore lien
liter ami Receiver at Hurna, Oregon, on tin
.vui. .la, Of Hr i'iiiIm i . HUH.
cietiueni name, aa wltneaaea:
Karl lloretmem. Henry J. Mvuuur, i lion t
Htevena, alathew Oavleit all of I'rlucetou, (ire
Wu. Karrk, Keglater.
NATIONAL foHKHT-Notlce la hereby giten
that the lauila deacrlbeil below, embracing to
aerea, within the Malheur National Potest,
Oregon, will be subject to aottlenent ami en
try under the nrovlalone of the tiom'ateacl
laws of the United state and the act of June
11, luoti (lUHlat ,1 ). at the United Btele land
0 nice at Burns no hebrua y It, iwlt Auy set
tler who was actually and In good faith claim
ing any of aald lands for agtb ultntal puroeea
prior to January I, IttOo, and haa iiot abaud n
ed same, has a nrefcreure right to make h
homestead entry for the land a tu-llv oecu
lel. Bald lauds were iitnl upon tlir nujia
lions of tbe iremoui meniloueil below
lave a prererenee ti.m aunjen to mi
Ighl of any such settler, pr n .lr1
have a preference right anbjeci to the i.rl
Ight of any such autilor. pr nled mi
attler or anplM mil i , nn : i i- i to tint.
it ho
u b
home ifnd mil) and tbe nrele dice nhi
i exerciiiHi pi tor to ronruary in, rut
on which da'e the lauds will be aubject to
settlement and aulry by any .jualitled persni ,
The lauds are aa (ollowa The V of NVY'.4
HecllonlO, T. iH., k.Nl K W.M, aerea, ap
plication of Thorns Van amli , of Hurna, on -goo;
l.istt. u;.7 Approvid Nov il. 51
HKUt'K, Assistant Commissioner of the Om
ar! I.aud office.
n m i ne. Oregou, November lit, ..lit
Notice la hereby given thai Orlando l.uper,
brother and hen of Hylvauus l.ujter, deccsstd,
of Lawen. Oregon, who. ou May ."-' imt, . malr
Humeatead Kulry No, any. Herlal Ccm, for
NVi, Section ?, Townahlp tfi H,. Hauge & K
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice of In
ten i Ion to make final five year Proof, to ea
tabllah claim to the land above dago ri DM,
before Itegla'er and Receiver, at Hums Oregon
on the Jttlb da) of December, ll:t
Claimant names as witnesses:
latnal H.Tyler, of Hurna, orciton. u. iniai
Kuh, Oliver II. Cobb, Uor M Uobh, gllof
Lweu, Oregou.
Wit. Kamhk. Keglster,
Hums, Oregou, October W. If ill I
Notice Is hereby given that Ky Kelly, oi
Waverty, Oregon. Who, on June In, inn., gud
Pab. IV. liwu, rcape-ctlvolt made Homestead
Kutry No. miHH. Heilel No U'.'tiBI aj,d No Uu7..7,
for WUNKJ4, ltNW'4, NWLNW'a, NWUkKU,
NK',4Hv 4, Ae. Hon in nd N l?' M-:' Heetlon Jfl.
Township tl H , haugo :H K , Wlllamettu
Meridian, baa (lied uotice of Intention
10 make Vlnal Klve Year I'roof, to establish
claim to tbe laud above dea rlbed, before
Keglater aud Hot-elver, at Hurna. Oregou, ou
tbe tfth day of Decamber IVla
Clalweut uanieaaa wltneases
Pred II Peters, Uvurgu Hatl, cbarlaa Latmr
t'rluuetou, Oregon,
of anything more acceptable
as a
showing a deposit for your child?
Even YOU, as a husbands could
be proud indeed of such a gift
for your wife.
Wouldn't she appreciate it?
Then as a gift to your child, it will
bear with it one of the best lessons
you could teach that of Saving,
Carefulness and much else that
tends toward success.
Harney County National Bank
"Your Home Institution"
The Burns Hospital
Beat Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here -
suoe, Ntss Halt, all uf f
Wines, X.iquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
mr. farmer
We have the greatest display
of Earm Implements ever in
this section and prepared to
care for your needs. Plows
Harrows, Seeders, Wagons,
etc., Extras for machinery,
repair parts for vehicles, etc.
Pumps, gas engines
dishes, glassware
crockery, windows
doors, rootling and
builders' supplies
complete in all lines
Blue Ribbon Wire Fencing
In quantity any heighth desired
BaaeeBaeaaiaeeaaeiLV' 1 " w UT1T'WBbMI '
K'. agaaaaaaaa. l g Mf
yMegaeaaataaaaaSjeaMaatagesi Paaajgeja1--l
Wat rAasa, Ksflater