The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 29, 1913, Image 3

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ClreaWtton Of Any
la Harney County.
ol News.
mit at Lunaburg,
le Kern was in the
ird is in town on land
centrifugal pump for
iry Messner was reg-
the French this week
falfa, timothy and red
led may be had at the
fed barn is south Burns
Schncr was down from
lis week delivering a
pure bred chickens
ahn Eichner flock.
Percival and D. G.
idependenee, arrived
are iart of the week I
iiness. iheyeacnare1
(a half section of Har-
land under the desert
limns, tne new pro-
, the Windsor Barber
ling the land office, is
do first class work in
invites a share of the
Je. Satisfaction in
ct 48tf.
Thompson, son of
It Thompson, arrived
Saturday from Salt
he had been attend-
while taking treat-
a specialist. He has
fcred his health. His
him in this city and
it to the home in his
be the deciding factor
and deposit with the
Of Burns
Harney County Warrants
are worth 100 cents on the
dollar at our bank and we
will pay that amount for
Always ready for job printing.
If it iant Eastman's it isn't a
Archie Forkin was in from
Silver Creek during the week.
Jess Bunyard was in from his
home near Wagontire during the
Stop at the Burns Hotel when
in this city where there is a fine
cook and very best accommoda
tes, tf 31.
Frank Gowan and wife are in
from Diamond spending the
Thanksgiving vacation with re
latives. Anyone wanting good solid
winter cabbage can get it from
Frank King at 2 cents per pound
delivered at Hums.
A 4x5 kodak was left at the
entrance of Tonawama Thanks
giving day. The party who
picked it up will please return to
Llewellyn Hibbard.
W. L. Best and son Wood and
wife, were here this week from
Silver Creek, the latter making
proof on some land. Ben Mutter
assisted as a witness.
Wo do job printing.
Tonawama tomorrow nijtht
Butterick patterns
burg, Da I ton & Co.
A. Egli is in from
spending a few days with the
The Welcome Pharmacy) ha, a
fresh supply of Vaccina, Be
sure and Vaccinate your calves.
at I.una-62tf.
Mi., Tii fin i
ihon was in from his
galley home early this
recently captured an
id made a present of
est and State Game
iley. It was placed
and shipped out by
by way of Bend to
ime farm at Corvallis.
ller, who has been in
for the past two
Ived here the first of
id was a Kuest at the
brother, Bart for a
lk has a Reed piece of
is vaney ana is nere
Br his interests. His
ich better than when
and he may remain
Hendricks came in
irt of the week alter
of several weeks
Iher parents in Wash-
le reports her mother
luch better health
kderwent an operation.
ricks is one of the
class of the high
year and has come
Bume her studies with
le class mates, who
welcome her.
Tonawama tonight
A. C. Vollmer was in from his
home near Iron Mountain this
Dr. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
for special attention to all dis
eases of eye, ear and nose. Eyes
tested and glasses fitted. 50tf .
W. T. Lester informs us they
have a new baby girl in their
family, born at the home of his
wife's parents in Kentucky on
the 12th.
the FIRST national bank of prewsey to Juntura. Connec-
We do job printing.
Eastman's Kodaks and East
man's Kodak supplies at The
Welcome Pharmacy.
Get the special prices at the
Steam Laundry on dry family
Furnished room with light and
heat for rent, also some cellar
room. See H. W. Mcliose at the
steam laundrv.
& Son have
stage from
R. J. McKinnon
established I daily
Pictures tomorrow night at
Tonawama. One of those popular
Indian subjects being the par
ticular feature.
Clean seed barley, the six row
ed variety, raised on new ground
and entirely free from other
seed, 11 cents per lb. Vic.
Gibson, Burns.
The supreme court has declared
the permanent registration law
passed by the last legislature in
valid and voters will register as
in the-past
Wanted-Plain and small
childrens' sewing. Infant cloth
ing a specialty Mrs. S. Whiting,
Rnrna 1-tf.
W. R. Garrett and wife have
been in the city this week from
their Silver Creek home a few
days this week visiting their
daughter, Mrs. Roe Buchanan.
every comtort possible.
$G. Freight, 1 cent per lb.
61 tf
Two-fold Object
'his Advertisement
. -- : - ' eW thSa mAvmrtimm.
re nave two oDjecia in view - mi .
the first is to inform you that this store is teem-
th a full stock of fall goods in every line of
indi.e that belongs to this business, and to
m as . .! - L a a a. J a r
formation so interesting tnai you my b .mv-
k up the items that engage you most.
ar other object is to plant the germ of conf i-
i in your heart of hearts, confidence in this store
willingness to serve you fairly, even generous-
re is no question of its ability. Fall styles in
sndise have no more thorough nor lavish ex-
than our show room and counters, at your
sure and get our prices on any goods you
before sending off or buying elsewhere.
I figure with you on your winter supplies.
literal merchandise -
lie Building, -
Burns, Oregon
Mrs. Nancy Clark, one of the
pioneer ladies of this section.
was in yesterday from her home
making proof on some land. She
was accompanied by her son-in-law,
Lloyd Johnson.
The Clay Clemens sawmill is
now at its new location and is
prepared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
lumber, buck teeth and any
special order given prompt at
tention. 32.
Otus Sizemore and family and
J. E. Sizemore were in from their
homes near the west end of Har
ney lake this week. Otus intend
ed making proof on his desert but
found he had not complied with
some of the requirements and
therefore had to postpone.
Mrs. Millar opens a most com
plete line of practical and season
able millinery including all the
newest ideas and novelties. At
the usual stand with I. Schwartz
in 'he Masonic Building. The
ladies of this vicinity are invited
to call at once.
Assessor Donegan, Receiver
Mothershead of the land office
and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Levehs,
came in Monday evening by way
of Bend from Portland. The
Levens' had been living in Port
land for several months and re
turn home for the winter. They
will occupy the Presbyterian
manse for the present, having
leased their farm home.
Special program of pictures
tonight at Tonawama for the
school children. "Yellow Stone
National Park" is one of the
particularly interesting scenic
reels, "Rare Specimens and Old
Friends at N. Y. Zoological
Garden" is another and "French
Naval Maneuvers - Chaffinch and
and family," a split reel, makes
a third one. This program was
asked for by one of the teachhrs
in the public school. Usual
E. N. Nelson is mourning the
loss of a very long friend his
old saddle hore. The animal had
been the property of Mr. Nelson
for many years and he had be
come quite uttached to him. The
other day he had been using the
horse and just had turned him
out to get water with the inten
tion of putting him in the barn,
but the animal suddenly fell
after coming out from the river
where he had been drinking and
with Mr. Nelson's aid he got up
again but immediately fell again
and died.
A pure bred Poland China
brood sow strayed from my Sage
Hen ranch recently. The only
mark she has is a dog bite in her
ham. A suitable reward for her
recovery. --H. P. Witter. 3-4
Dell Porter of Portland, was
in the city this week and his
sons, L. E. and wife, George and
wife, and Bert, all of whom live
in the Sunset section were also
in town.
Miss Ilelene Swain came up
from l-iwen Thursday and is
spending the Thanksgiving holi
day period with home folks. She
was accompanied up bv Lulu
Hayes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bailey Hayes, who is visiting
with relatives.
C? I 41 I,.. I. ..a. .1... , M twa-(.?...ll
miriiti ih iihi ummi (triivt'u
home Tuesday night from Salem
and Portladd. He brought Roy
Bunyard back was also accom
panied by G. W. Walker, a real
estate man of Portland, and
Gladys Byrd, the youngest of the
flock belonging to the manager
of this great religious weekly
came along.
Principal Shirk of the high
school and Principal Sutton of
the public school took their de
parture Thursday morning for
Portland to spend a short time
during the Thanksgiving holiday
period. They will return to open
the sceools again on Monday.
The trip was made to Bend in
Mr. Sutton's auto.
Horses fed by R. J. McKinnon
& Son at the White Front Barn
either in the barn or corrall for
26 cents per head. 51-3
For Sale Four head of A-l
milk stock and four pure bred
Poland China boars. Chas.
Mrs. H. J. Jokisch, one of the
teachers in the public school, left
Wednesday morning for the farm
in the Valley View section in
company with F. H. Huntly,
where she will spend the Thanks
giving vacation with her hus
band and son.
Married -In this city Sunday
Nov. 23, Luther B. Tudor and
Miss Jessie Richardson, Justice
Patterson performing the cere
mony. The bride is a young
lady from Vale. Mr. Tudor has
been a resident of this county
practically all his life and has
many friends in this section.
He is an industrious young man
of many good qualities and his
friends are pleased to see him
get an "anchor" that he may
settle down to a home which
they hope will be a happy one.
The Times-Herald joins in ex
tending congratulations.
A Nlf hi of Terror.
Few nights are more terrible
than that of a mother looking on
her child choking and gasping
for breath during an attack of
croup, and nothing in the house
to relieve it. Many mothers have
passed nights of terror in this
situation. A little forethought
will enable you to avoid this.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
a certain cure for croup and has
never been known to fail. Keep
it at hand. For sale by all dealers.
Ted Hayes says he has brought
the biggest hog to the local
market yet this season, one he
brought in the other day dressed
411 lbs. That's some hog. The
packing plant is receiving a
large number of porkers at
present and the employes are
kept busy. That's the way to
market our surplus grain.
Married At the residence of
M. and Mrs. R. J. McKinnon, in
this city Wednesday evening,
Albert McKinnon and Miss Hazel
Spry, Rev. D. Loree performing
the ceremony. Both have resid
ed in this section for several
years, Mr. McKinnon having
been born here. He is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Jap McKinnon.
His bride is a popular young lady
with many friends. They have
taken up their residence already
in Burns. We join friends in
extending best wishes for a
happy wedded life.
Married Thursday, Nov. 27,
Mr. ("buries Curtis Lundy and
Miss Dora Edwards, Rev. Dr.
Babbidge performing the cere
mony. Both are well known
young people of this vicinity
where they have resided for
several years, Mr. Lundy being
identified with business interests
here. His bride is a lovely young
lady of amiable disposition and
winning ways and who has many
friends. The young people took
up their residence at once in Mr.
Lundy 's suburban home down
near the river. The Times
Herald joins in extending con
gratulations and best wishes.
Dr. Carl Griffith was called to
Marion county by a telegram an
nouncing the death of his father,
L. C. Griffith, at the family home
at Mucleay, on Tuesday. The
deceased was 84 years old and
his death was rather sudden,
Dr. Griffith not having been ap
prised of his illness and was
therefore somewhat shocked
when he received a telegram an
nouncing his death. The doctor
went out Thursday morning and
staled to a representative of The
Timea-Herald that he would re
turn in about ten days, or as
soon as he can straighten up the
affairs of his late father. Dr.
Griffith has the sympathy of
many friends in this section in
his bereavement.
I'm f, el Mill for predvcti:
Flour $5.50 in 5-bbl. lot or raoro.
Bran $1 .25 por hundred.
RplUd barley $1.28 por hundred.
Rolling barley $2.00 por ton in Ion lot
or moro. Customers In oil cases to
furnish sacks.
Until further notico tho following Cash
Price will prevail in selling meats:
Hogs, whole or half, lie por lb.
Choice pork steaks, 15c. par lb.
loin, 20c
WhoU pork ehomlder 12 12c
Lag of pork, 15c.
Whola or half mutton, lie.
Front quarter mutton, 10c
Hind quarter mutton, 12 1-Zc.
Choice mutton for etew, 8c.
Mutton chops, 18c
Hind quarter hoof, 13c
Front quarter hoof, lie
Beef all cuts at reasonable price.
The Intention of the Company i at all
time to pay the boat price and ell on
I cloet margin coaitant with good bui-
I ne management.
Presents, the kind
you will be proud
to let your friends
A magnificent dis
play of Jewelry
presents that
would please the
severest critic.
T i 1
Jiivery article is
guaranteed to be
just as represent
ed surely there is
something in that.
Think it over.
Special care has
been taken to get
the latest novelties
in Watch brace
lets, Cuff links,
Fobs, etc. Watch
this space for
You are welcome
whether you buy
or not.
My time is yours.
G. M. Salisbury
Jeweler & Opt It Ion
Open Evenings After Dec. 1st
I 1 B
Acquire The m
Habit I
And save a little of your salary SH
- .L. A t -i li MIL js39I
I every inuiuu. n. lew uuiiari un xBh
the right hand side of the ledger gSfi
will be a source of satisfaction to ?jH
you. You can start an account vsfm
with as little as ONE DOLLAR, 1
in our savings Department. Tjjg
Harney County National Bank
State Depositary i
,"" " ' , H
The Burns Hospital
Beat Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outalde of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for Patients Reasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Hero -
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
Oregon Agricultural College
December 8 to 13, ISIS
This will be a notable event in
the educational history of Oregon
Farmers' Co-operation will be
the leading topic of a stimulating
series of lectures. The week will
be crowded with discussions, and
demonstrations i n everything
that makes for the welfare of the
farmer and home-maker.
JaaaaMjr S la BO !
'I'lii' Collfga Iibh a pa red no effort to
make thin Ilia mort complete hort
rntirmt In it hiatorjr. A nrv wide
raiiKf of course! will be offered in (leu
"riil Agricultural Horticulture, Animal
lluxlmmlry, Dairying Poultry Keeping,
Mechanic Art, Domestic Helen and
ArC, (iiniiiterce, Korealry, and .Mimic.
u men in lecturea and dii-cuiiioui on
niiil iiln niil, mid will be a leading fea
ture. Make tli Ih a pleaaant and profltn
bte inter outing. No tuition. Aooom
ico latione rcrni iiiuhle Reduced ratoaou
i I railroad. I further information
II. M. TEN N A NT, Regialrar,
Corvallla, Oregon.
I'liniuir' lluaiueaa Couraea hy Cor
reapondouce without tuition.
I'NITKUKTATKX i.ANiinrrici, i
Hum. OftSMi November 14, 1911 I
Nullre Is hereby Riven that Trtninaa H Steven.
of I'tiiiii ton, Oregon, who. on May v, luur.mxlr
ItomealMil K.iiIit No .(OV.1. ferial No IUU7, Inr
V',NW.,. km. XI ami K'tNK1,. Heellmi : I.
T..tnalili .1. H , Range 14 K. Vtlllan
Meridian, has died nettee uf to trake
final nv-yr Proof, lo eetatltn rlalin to
the land above deacrlbed, iK'fore HeaUtiT "lid
He, elver, at Burni, Oregon, on iheriml d '
IhM elll'icr. IBIS.
rUliiiaiit natnea a wllueaaaa:
Karl llrtinaliii Henry N. Menetirr, rbanee)
t) Meveua, Matbew Ifavtea all of Princeton
W KtBNF. Keglitcr
lmTijiirouMiiniii. i
Hurnt, Oregon, November 14, I9i;t. t
Noilee la hereby given that rheurey 0.
htuvvna.of ri mi t-inn. Oregon, wbn, on May t.
rii. made lloiuealead K.nlrv No W1I4, Herlal
No IWJAH, (or Vi'.HWi.., Hee. S'J and K,HK'
Me it. Tea uali k. iiiukiji k . wiliamcite
Meridian, baa died notice of Intention
tn make Itnal five-year orool, lo aatabltaa
claim lo tile hunt above deaerllied. before Keg
later and Receiver at Burn, Oregon, on Ine
Mil day of December, 1WIH.
claimant nainea aa wltueeaee:
Karl Horatuaanu lleury J. Measlier, Tboa. H.
Htevana, Malbew Davlea all of Prlnoaion, Ore
Wa. Kaaag. Keglaler
i HiTanSraTgs l.smiorii' g. I
Minim, Oregon, November 1 inil.i
Nnllce Is herein given that t'hgrl'a H Van
mult, ill lAwen, Oregon, who, ou May It, mi".
i ado Ho alead Knlry. No tUi'iKi. for K't
Mee. I.', Township -'I M . Range :ij', K . IV 11 1. In
ett Meridian, has (lied notice of Inlemlouto
make llnal i hfie yuar proof, lo estahllgh rlalin
lo the land above dcec rlhed. before Keglaler
and Receiver, at llnrna, Oregon, on Ibe'&lra da
of December. I'.'l .
Claimant nainea aa witnesses
Arthur Whitney, II I'. Hllnlley. Thomas
Kaicrnft, A. It Whitney, all of l.awan, Oregon
Wa. Kaaaa, Keglaler
Feed Barn
Horses Boarded by the
Day, Week or Month
Good Feed and
Reasonable prices
Horace 2Sc per Head In Barn
Haled Hay and Grain for Bale
Comfortable Camp House
With Cook Stove
South Mala St., Burn
Hums Orogull, November la IV it i
Notice In herel.) given that Ira I. fjaapai n
Harrluian.Oregon, wb.0. ou Hept. M, 1MIW me- i
Homi'Mead Ku ry. No IMM4 fnrNW', s, , J
Township 'i6H. Range SH K., Wills netle Me i
Han, ha filed nnllce ill Intent on lo nut. ,
dual three-veer Proof, to eatabllsh claim to
the I ind above deacrlhod. before Register and
Receiver at Mm us. Oregon, on the -ilh day ol
li '(ember, mi i
Claimant nainea aa witnesses
Julius B. .Iiiiiueimaii, Henry c. French.
John llalna, 1.. I. hmlth, all of llai i luiau. Ore
Wa. Ksagg. Keglaler
Hurni, Oregon, Novomliur IV. ivi.i i
NtitUe U hrly .Veil thai Orlando I uyvi ,
luulht'i and heir uf Hylvanua I.iiht, tluceast'il,
of Lawuii, (rifjjim, who, nil May JV 1107, mailv
Hoineatead Kntry No. mi'J, Hurlal OXtftt, for
NW4, Heotlou iff. Towitlhlu 'io B Itauue HI K.,
rt lllamettu Meridian, has filed uottua of In
Lao lion fo make final five year Proof, (o aa
tabllah claim to the land above deecrlhrd,
before Kead'er and Receiver, ai Hurni Orrifoii
on the J. Mi day or December, lv)U
Claimant names a wUOMMI
latiial M. Tyler, of hum, Oregon. Herman
Kuli, ohver li. i ulil, Oeurge M. Cobb, all of
l-awen, Oregon.
Wm. Kaagg. Hagliier.
UringD HTSTaa i.anii orrivg. I
Hums, Oregon, October W. lulu, i
Nolle Is hereby given that ltn Kelly, uf
Waverly, Oruguu, wlio, on June 1H. lkv, gnl
Feb. HI, IVOV, reepeotlvely maile Hngatrl
Kutry No. WUI1, Hurlal No 0-Ji.Sl and No u.'iT.iV,
lor WUNKW, KNW's. NV.'.4NW',. NWUK),,
NK'.SW'.t, Section J, and NK',N!'.. heelion .'8,
rowuahlp (7 H., Range M K Wlllauiette
Meridian, has tiled notice of Intentlnu
lo make Vlual Klve Year Proof, to eatsbllab
claim to lb laud bove deacrlhed, betor
Register aud Kulvr, at Itiirite. Oregon uu
the Hth day of December Hill.
Claimant names aa wllueaaea
Krad 11 feters. Qeurge Hall, cbarl.-a Labor
uo. Nlaa Halt, all of IVIueelun. Oregon
Wa raaaa. Kagisier
We have the greatest display
of Earm Implements ever in
this section and prepared to
care for your needs. Plows
Harrows, Seeders, Wagons,
etc. J Extras for machinery,
repair parts for vehicles, etc.
Pumps, gas engines
dishes, glassware
crockery, windows
doors, rootling and
builders' supplies
complete in all lines
Blue Ribbon Wire Fencing
In quantity any heighth desired
ggg. BftgVajfcM ii 1 l C MI
---aaaBJ, II