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We want to talk to you about that
Overcoat you need.
The only way to enjoy this brisk weother it by
wearing an Overcoat.
Come In ann see us about it.
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
kt tows -$rtafd
On Vr.r
Si Monlh.
Ttm Meat!
this controversy but the West
should he jriven more voice in
the matter and the states havinr.
natural resources really be con
sidered. There is no disposition
upon the part of conservative
people to squander the great
benefits now in the northwest,
hut the eastern idea is not alto
gether to our liking.
iVL ' A .1 I !-!
neerruiness in rtuvcriiinj
There is no denying tl
ue of cheerfulness in bui
The proprietor of a business
always enjoys a better trade if
he has a sunshiny disposition.
What would we think of
salesman who is dull ana .-ul-len
around the store? Oreet-
ing customers with pleasant
words, good jokes or Btories
always has its righteous re
ward. It is just as natural for
customers to seek out a store
where cheerfulness and sun
shine prevails as it is for v
table life to seek out the real
sunshine. There is life to al1
animate objects in sunsnine.
Likewise there is life to all
business when the store till
ed with cheerfulness. It is an
invaluable asset to business.
We may say what we will
but the "jollier" gets the bin i-
ness. By jollier we do not
mean the foolish simpleton,
but the salesman filled with
A salesman with a real and
natural sense of humor can
approach his prospect with a
naturalness and prepared ss
that is not only captivating
and convincing, but result pro
ducing as well. He thu I g ta
into the very atmosiii
where sales are possible. A
salesman cannot sell goods to
a dummy and a dummy cannot
sell goods to a person. There
must be life in both buyer and
seller. The selling atmcsiilii-iv
can be created by the Miler
himself, as sales depend more
upon the seller than ui on the
The optimistic spirit is creat
ed by the successful sale .-man.
That is the spirit where ev ry
thing looks bright totbe raer
chant, business is good, his
goods arein great demand, and
success is coming his way.
The merchant who bri
this spirit into his business life
and his advertising is i
of success as life Itself.
In successful advertising the
optimistic spirit? is the domi
nant spirit. People like to
trade with an optimist. Per-
sistent and judicious newspap
er advertising creates the op
timistic spirit, and II I lie
very best way to create the
optimistic spirit relative to any
r" -J
Thcfe college bred hens tha
are making such a cackle over
me numoer or eggs laid ana ac
counted for have an advantage !
over the common barn yard
fowl for the reason that no one
is getting a salary to count their
lay Suppose a barn loft hen
should run the egg yield up to
"a egg per diem" who would!
know the difference? It is just
a question of advertising, and we
will agree that it pays, and the
college hen can have the highest
notch in the roost. If a hen
County High School
Football Game.
(Continued from first page, )
resulted in but a slight gain as
the All-Stars put up a stiff de
fense. The Sophs were also de
sperate and sent Foley over the
goal line for a touch down. The
try at goal failed hut the score
was tied (5 to Cand the Sopho
more supporters howled with joy
as hut a few minutes remained
to play and they were rather
dubious na to the outcome
The tStlM now played deser
alely in an endeavor to bieak
the tie. The All-Stars received
the kick ell' but failing to make
yardage, punted. N. Hotchkiss
received the punt and started a
return with C. Bennett running
interference. 1). Uutchkiss in
attempting a tackle, collided
with ('. Bennett with great force,
the former losing several inches
of cuticle from his face and the
latter receiving I fracture of one
of the bones of his leg below the
knee. This unfortunate occur
rence ended the game.
Tin' teams were evenly match
ed in Strength Hal the All-Stars
slightly out weighed their op
ponents. The difference in size
was especially noticeable in the
back field, where the Soph
averaged about 115 lbs. per man
and the All-Stars itiO lbs.
The Lineup.
Sophomores All-Stars
Blackmer I e r I). Hotchkiss
C. Bennett I t r Dickenson
P. Bennett I gr
Miller c
Hayes r g 1
N. Hotchkiss r t I
Swain r I
Foley I h r Smith l
Skeins r h 1 Voegtly i
leonard f Hagey
Geo. Marshall and wife are in
the city.
Don't miss the picture pro
grams at Tonawama.
Chns. f'omegys is in from the
farm visiting the family.
Scenic educational reels at the
pictures tonight at Tonawama.
Mrs. Delos Gould was reported
finite ill this week but is improving.
v Kldou Johnson has urone to
Seattle where his mother is re
siding. Isaac Foster was among our
visitors from Silver C eek during
the week.
The Canyon Kagle reports ('.
A. Sweek in that place visiting
his sou John.
'A snow storm visited this
section yesterday evening: but
only a little fell.
Home gatherings with big
dinners was the order of the
day in this city Thanksgiving.
Judpe Wm. Miller and family
went over to spend Thanksgiving
with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kgli.
President Wilson has one less
important matter before him, as
his daughter was married Tues
day. Frank Johnson has gone to
Prineville to meet seme parties
who are looking for a large tract
of land.
Married Wednesday evening
Nov. 20, in this city by Justice of
the Peace Patterson, Hiram C.
Curry and Miss Alice Ada Clay
ton. The contracting parties are
residents of the Andrews section
of this county where they will
make their home. The Times
Herald joins in extending best
wishes for a happy and prosper
ous wedded life.
liiirim, Oragmi, Noremlier XI, IflU I
Nulli-r ! ln'H'hjr itlvall that Ma Whlllijf, lor
in.-rly Ida Turner, of Hiirna, Oregon
Map l 4, l'Hl7,mlf HouiMlaeil Knlnr No SMt.
"trial No. iMITi'i foi HK'i StH'tloii Wl, Towililii W
. I(iill(ll HO K , Wlllatnatla M.Tl.llnri, baa llli-il
in,! ln of iiilioiltoii to main flfi jraar
proof, to rllalillali Halm to ttm laoil etiv 'lr
arrlbad, liefort. Itilatar and Mm'rlvar, ai Burnt,
oroirnn.on Oic HI) ila of January, mil
i ImI moii I mmrlM wllm.aa.-a
UMr-tn K. Whiting I rank T Wlilllng. Frank
Maker, Ktank 0. Jai-kaiin, all of lluroa. ni-iin
Wm. KAaaa. Itrlalr
I .ak.'vli', Oininn, rloramlH'r 17, Ml a
nut coti. Laxna
rioUMll herehy given that t-'lereiice l.air
Wlitta, of Klfi. OffOBi who. on January It,
I'Mli, mail llnmraieail Kutrr (Ait r-.i I'-uui,
So IM, for hV. NVt',. MW NK'4. HK'..
i ', ',. ".., lion 17. Tiiwnahlll'Ji M , liana ifl
K Meridian, haa lllr.l noil, r 7 lu
i.-iiiloo to make Final I hrtn Year I'roof In
lalillali rlalio lo tin. Iat..l ntiovi. i,.m.-rl r.,-,1 ,
for, ehaa A. Hliarinan. I k ('oiiinilaalonar, at
Flf. Or-. on (In. luih U of January, MM.
Tit I man I llatni'a aa wltin HM
Jnavpli Hirio'l, Manlv llallour, K.lwai.l
Htifirt, John I'aiiieli all tit Mir, dragon.
Jaa Ucaiiaaa, Hailater.
Notice le Creditora.
In tlir matin ol the Katiitr of John II.
I illl H It, tlrvcuwil
Notice ia hereby ifireii that the uiiiln
aixnnl hna liren iiiiotiitril ndininUl rn
tor of the iil'ore Kntilied Court by order
..I the Hon, (null Thomoiiin, Jinl-eof
tin- futility Court or llnrnay ('ounty
OsSgea All eraona haviiiK eUlru
iiKiouai auul eatnlr nre hereby notified
School Suits for Boi
At Greatly
RANGE of AGES 5 to 15 YEAI
We are over stocked on the above
sizes and offer any suit in this
lot at a very low price
$2.50 and up for the entire m
The Quality Store j
to tireaent llirm itulv . ullr.l mm l.v hiw
Frank Johnson made atrip to riqiilfsd to tat AdMbristratar a iiurm,
l!ri,l n f A .V. t k l.n 1
......... juniuru me ions umin inuwi-c
Wilson , ( bring in some parties deeirin
Cawlfleldltolooka1 land.
Robinson , . . . .
r.. .. roiey, i ipkuh invni i
the land department, has been
in thin section during the week
10 a. m
11 a. m.
Sunday School.
and 7:: p. m. Church
knows enough to advertise
seams jls though a man would.
Mue Mt. Eagle.
Natural Alkali Lake Soda
Distributed at Lakeview
F. L. Young, superintendent
of the Alkali Lake soda mine was
There will be special music ut
the Thanksgiving StTVMSS at the
Presbyterian church on Sunday
morning and evening. Sermorm
by Rev. I). K. Laurie. Morning
program follews:
Organ "We Sing Thy Praxes"
Miss Ellis
Anthem - "Praise ye the Father"
Double (juartet
Offertory Adagio
At night the singing will be
lead by a young peoples chorus
and the sKcial number will be
a duet, "Sabbath Kells" to he
sung by Mrs. (iaultand Mrs, Mc-
Miss Opal Hrown will be at the of the high school accompanied
organ. . Miss Mary Poujade to her home
at Cow Creek for the week end.
Catholic Church. NawspapST dispatches would
j indicate that lluerta is starving
1. On Sundays and Holy days ' out in Mexico and will soon have
on official busin
An opal pin was lost either at
Tonawama or on the street last
night. Finder please return to
Mrs. James Lampehire.
ladies Aid sale of fancy goods
at Mrs. J. M. Dalton's on Wed
nesday. Dec. 3. Articles for sale
will be suitable for Christmas
Trespassing of any nature on
mv farm at Dog Mountain is
strictly forbidden and will be pro
secuted to the full extent of the
law. - E. N. NELSON. 3-6
The annual open meeting of
the Ladies Library Club will be
held at the home of Mrs. I. H.
Holland this evening. The men
folks are invited and they are
going to be well entertained.
Several of the high school
students SJMt to their homes in
the country for the vacation
caused by Thanksgiving. Miss
Cowgill, domestic science teacher
Oftgoa, or to J. W. UiKK" MS utloriiey
al hit olhi-i- in Hunm, Orexon within ail
itioniha In mi the dale of the lie! publi
cation nl tin on In.
I uat puliliciitioii Nov. 32, I'.ila.
PA! I. lINKIi,
Adiiiiniiiiatoi l.aiad of John II liar-
ret I, Decerned.
Nolo , of K....I A. . .mnl
III tlie County Court ol the Stute of
(, (or llnlllry Colli, U
I ti that niiiturof the KalaUiof (Irortf
W. WBsoaSMa, llec'd-
Notice it hereby ;iviii Ihnl the under
ained hna Hied bi uivouut herein,
nnd tluit the Juilje of nnl t ourt hna
lued llie time lor hi.uinj- objectiona to
the iiiue loi Mi. inlay the 2'Jnd day of
l'...'ii.Ui Una, at llc hour of 10 o'clock
A. M, ut the Court Kouui ( aald Court
in Itiiina, OreKon
Hilled nnd lliat Noynnlwi
rj:. IBIS
l.l.lVI II CDI.I',
Adiniiiiatriitor of I In Malati' ot CeorRe
W WiUotaoii, drceuaed.
Tonawama tonight.
Hurna orriiiii. .Novamliar II. i'Jlll.i
Not toe la hrreliy Klvati that rrana Hllya. ol
Inatnotid, oraKnti. wlm nil OrinlMr .(, VMM.
tiiaitr llnliiral.'a.t Kntr. SoOTJO.Ior NK'NW'..
HW.NK'a. ami c'.SK',. Hnl.ili &, Tnwualilp
iM ltaiiai'M K . WilUumile Meridian, liaa ni.-.t
in, tin' ui ii.i.-tiiii.n to maaa final flvv-iaar
I'r.Hil. to aatatillah claim In the land almva dc
arrllH-.l, t fun- Koalatrr and Hrc-lm al Hurna,
oraann.iin lli.lotli day M tH-irmbar. 1911,
claimant natnta aa wltni-aara
K II. Union. A llawatfia. Iirin'in
1 A Hraflh all of diamond, Oregon.
W rianr. H. !'. t
rniTiiiMTTu .hj. orrn u. I
Htirna. Urrg.iti. NorrmVr U, 19111
Noltrc is lirr..jr llial Atiulu M.Mr
Kamlf, u( SintiMi, O'tgoii, who un i-ni l.v
!, nadt H.mesiral knit) No. uml,. for
Xr.. Hactln-i .I.TuWhililp f, H., Hniv K ,
WlHamrtin Mi r.lan has fllsMl tiutlci t.l 1 1-trillion
to inthr niialllirrv )iar I'roof, ratahlUli
rlftitn tn 1li Inli't ahur iltM flll, I fore Ki-sj
lilar ati'l RMjlfsV at Hii.hi Orrfutt. ..tiihc
iHrtlt1a ol lciai,ilif, i-i'
I'laintaiii uaiura aa wliunasH's
Ui Itliigrr, Mlih lilngn. rimrlia S 1
ham, Hi. ) 1m i sa 1 1 . all of Narrows, Otrgoti
Wm, (. K.gUi. r
ISpsHMtl HO 'i.l . Hiirns N". WVWI.
I'MITRI) HI T fcJ I.AN't iiKlli I
Burtta, U;rfoiit Orthi r I th. 11;
Nollrr ! hrrrhy glvati that Naomi ( hihi.
err, Ai) mtn IK rt ria ol lb i-alair of T Kstamtun
llusrsj, ii -'!. i'V ( . r. Mmillmi, WHis
HutMlu, I'rtrila 1. (ton AUorury ot fm I.
has on in .1h lai ( Niinmkf IV1S (tied lu
thlsoffior api hratlon toals)rt timtar thr tro. I
alolia of the l i I i uligraaa anprui rd rvhiu
mrf II. I-'M. Il'uhllr Mt h.A '4 r. X T
'. H , H '. Kaat. and NW'.NC1. m-i T .
K A Kaat M M.
Any and all tHTSutia tUimlug advrrsrlythr
lands iliaci llifd. or daalrltia to uhlrrl Imi ausr
of tb mlnrral rharartrt of th land, stj Ut any
other rraann to Ihv dlaal lo a.j-lli ant gbottUI
HI Ihrlr affldavlta !( roirl In this osafro. on
or heforr thi-aih Uy H t emlar, f.i
Hit KtMlr Krgivii-r
I have on hand a number of work
home--gelding and mare' -for sale.
I have instruction to mil at once
and for cash and will make the
prices right.
I J. W. BIGGS, Burns, Oregon
And so is my full line of
Allover Lace, Embroidery, Flannel
Woolen Hose, Lined Gloves, Wafts
derwear and the
Work as. 19
For MEN, J
and CHID .
of the Rest St.
to be had anyir
II vi
l Jrk
Maw "n l ,ti
I also pack one
A. K. Richar
General Merchan
Potatoes Call
a business visitor in Lakeview jof obligation Holy Mass with
the fore part of the week. Asl8Crmon at l0:; tt-m-previously
stated in the Examin-' " days Holy Mass
-r some of this carbonate of soda ' at ii:M a- m-
in its natural form has been j Al1 other services,
placed in the local storeH for fr, Uhose mentioned ulwve
distribution. Mr. Young is par
ticularly anxious that the people
take advantage of this opportuni
ty in securing a test of the pro
duct. It is excellent for washing
and cleaning purposes in its pre
sent state and a free sample
may be had at the stores of
cither the Lakeview Mercantile
Company or Bailey & Massingill.
Mr. Young states that they in
tended to start hauling the soda
to Lakeview where it would be
stored and shipped out next
spring, but owing to the recent
storms and trouble with the auto
truck the first load was left at
Valley Falls. However, if weath
er conditions will permit some of
the product will be hauled here
yet this fall. Lakeview Examiner.
Herd of 91 Holsteins
Brings $37,000 At Sale
North Yakima, Wash,, Nov.
'. A record for the United
States was established at Grang
er yesterday' when Davis &
Marks at public auction sold 91
registered Holsteins for $37,000.
one heifer bringing $1800 and
another $1200. The first remains
in Yakima, while Calvin Philips,
of Tacoma, secured the second.
Dr. J, F. Weatherby, once presi
dent of the Portland Chamber of
Commerce, was a heavy buyer.
will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and instructions willingly
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. I'ius Niermann, O. F. M.
Pastor of The Church of the
Holy Family.
Notice to Stockholders.
To whom it may cencern:
All parties who bought Gold
berg Butts Stock from M. L
Iicwis and Tom Anderson are re
quested to send their names and
number of their certificate to J.
A. Morris of Add, Oregon, for
the purpose of entering your
names on the book, aslxiwis and
Anderson failed to furnish us
with your names and number of
GL C. Mi-Loiighlin and Herman
Thies arc going to give a boxing
exhibition at Tonawama on next
Thursday night, Dec. 4. There
will be two wrestling bouts as
preliminaries. Local sports are
taking Qttlts an interest in the
bouts and no doubt will be out in
good numbers.
"Our Bill" Hanley madstbsn
"sit up and take notice" at the re
cent conservation MBfiass held in
Washington, but it didn't change
the policy of the organization.
Mr. Pinchot and his bunch were
too strong for the West. There
may be radicals on both sides of
Tonight, if you feel dull and
stupid, or bilious and constipated,
take a dose of Chamberlain's
Tablets and you will feel all right
tomorrow. For sale by all dealers.
Tonawama tomorrow night.
It ia tha intention of Ihc Burn, Flour
Milling Co. to pay 11-2 canta par lb. for
good, hard milling whaat naat yaar.
It muat ba good nnd aland a taat of SO
lb,, to tha buahal, free from othar grain
aaad and omul. Hard whaat will bring
IS canta par 100 mora than aoft whaat.
Tha Company recommenda Turkey
Had for fail aowing and Blue Stem, Min
neaota Red and Auatralia White Chaff
far anrina lawina.
seed wheat TOR sale at mill, responsible for the sick people
to quit. His soldiers are want
ing back nay and the rebels have
been victorious ih several battles,
therefore the Mexican situation
is rather encouraging for a speedy
P. J. Gallagher, the Juntura
lawyer and newspaper man. was
here this week noklnar afer Home
legal business. Mr. Gallagher
was boosting for his town and
says he wants the Burns people
to come out his way when going
to outside pointa, promising them
good treatment
Lester GotT, a prominent stock
man of northern Grant connty,
was found guilty of cattle steal
ing in the circuit court at Canyon
City this week. It was a cast
that attracted much attention
owing to the prominence of the
men involved. We understand
there are other such prosecutions
to follow.
Harry Smith came in the first
of the we k with the State
Veterinary and his deputy who
have made an extended trip
through the interior inspecting
several large bands of sheep for
scab. It has been reported that
scab has been showing up in
quite a few of the bands and the
inspectors found several well
defined cases. It W thought that
the desease was brought in from
Ihaho by people selling bucks to
the ranchmen. An investigation
will be made. Juntura Times.
The Thanksgiving ball given
by the Mothers' Club at Tona
wama lost night was a decided
social and financial success.
There was a large crowd present
and the music was exceptionally
good. Several who partook of
the luncheon served became sick
and it is thought it was from
ptomaine poisoning. The ladies
do not know how to account for
it unless it was the Deviled Ham
in some of the sandwiches.
Later It has been definitely
found that some doughnuts are
la still
See Him Before You Sell
The Owl for Busy Ft
Eacluaive for Surgical, Medical and Confinement Caara
"Succeea in Hoapital work ia only attained by cloae and akiltrd attention to
delalla by trained Attendant."
Dally train each way
between Central
Oregon points and
Portland. Tourist
sleeping car (Berths
LOO) First class
Save a Day Each I
From Central Oregon To Centnll
Leave Bend 8:30 p m Leave Portland
Deschutes 8:48 p m Arrive Madras
Redmond 9:10 p m " Metolita
Terrebonne 9:24 p m '! Culver
Culver 10:02 pm " Terreboa;
Metolius 10:20 pm " Redmond
" Madras 10:30 pm " Desihuts
Arrives Portland 8:10 am ' Ben.!
Fair Feed Yard
Timothy, Alfalfa and Red Top Hay
Baled Hay For Sale
Free Camp House and Feeding Privileges in Corral
or Barn. Customers Care For Own Stock.
W. A. GOODMAN. Adjoining Fair Grounds.
, Prompt dispatch of freight, between Central O.
ataaal Pa1J .J I?-... . -
""" "" aaataa crfawajra Cllira.
connections made in Portland to and from Will
Astoriu and Clutsoi, Heach nninta Pn,Mi v:.,,,,i ..
Colorado, St. Paul. Omaha, Kansas City and diicaji.1
hares, 1 ime Schedules, and other information M
R. H. CROZIER, j. h. Co
Aaal.Uen I faaa. Agent, Portland. Ore. Heat
W. C WILKES. Asst. Gan'l Fraight A Pass. Ago'
Rexall Drug Store
is now prepared to supply your
wants In every thing along the
Holiday Line.
Have a Look Before Buying
Reed Bros. Props.
Have arrived and we are now re
supply you with your requirem
have bean added and all goods will I
old at the VERY LOWEST PRK
The Burns Department!
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